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tv   Saturday News at 10pm  CBS  October 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:05pm MST

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after being hit by a car. this is a live picture near 7th st and the loop 101 freeway. we're told the driver stayed on scene. the area will be shut down for the next few hours. for the next few hours. arizona's former governor ... causing a political firestorm this weekend. good evening, i'm jared dillingham. and i'm lindsey reiser. welcome, to our viewers on cbs -5. when former governor- "jan brewer" was asked if she thinks arizona's large latino population will turn the state blue... she said- get out and vote." brewer says low voter turnout in the hispanic community is a fact. but her comments have many .. now working to prove her wrong. prove her wrong. 3 tv's carissa planalp is here with the latest on this unfolding story. unfolding story. jan brewer sounded off again on this topic-- today-- talking about voter turn out stats. latino activists are suggesting she take a closer look at the numbers. look at the numbers. says, "17:59:37--51 she has been someone who has ignited fear anger passiion
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continue to ignite passion and energy and action amongst latino families and young people ." tony navarrete of promise arizona hitting back at brewer's comments to the boston globe-- questioning the power of the latino vote. the former arizona governor taking to twitter after those comments made headlines. this afternoon-- she sent this tweet saying "in 20-12 hispanic turnout in az was 40-percent. caucasian 62-percent. it'd be great to have 100-percent turnout for all demographics." backtracks saying she want to see 100 percent participation rate, well so do i ." navarrete says promise arizona has helped register some 50-thousand new voters since the group formed in 20-10. and it's encouraging every one of them to cast a ballot. every one of them to cast a ballot. in the 20-12 presidential election-- latinos accounted for 17-percent of arizona voters. that's according to one-arizona that's tracking
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carissa planalp 3-tv carissa planalp 3-tv the election.. now just 17 days away. the two candidates made stops in swing states through the evening. through the evening. donald trump held his own "gettysburg address" in pennsylvania... making headlines on 2 fronts. first, he threatened to sue the 11 women who've accused him of unwanted sexual advances. he then laid out his plans for his first 100 days in (sot donald trump 12:37:49) "with the full understanding that the country of mexico will be reimbursing the unites states for the full cost of such a wall" hillary clinton also spent much of the day in pennsylvania, with her running mate, "tim kaine." her message targeted younger
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assistance... green jobs... and steps to combat climate change. and steps to combat climate change. tomorrow... former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her hubsand, mark kelly... will host a "get out the vote" rally for hillary clinton in tucson. hillary clinton in tucson. giffords and kelly will talk about the importance of early voting... and how to get involved during the final weeks of the campaign season. the event at the pima county democratic headquarters.. starts at noon. headquarters.. starts at noon. the countdown to election day continues! and er the very latest from the campaign trail .. and a full break-down on all the candidates... on our 3-tv news app.
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with this warm weather... it doesnt feel like november is right around the corner. people who run pumpkin patches.. rely on people getting into the fall spirit... to make a living. the heat.. made today... a bit of a struggle. lauren reimer is live tonight in glendale to explain. in glendale to explain. a slow start to the day. but a
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people avoiding the heat.. choosing to rather pick 1:19:36 (nats little girl lifting pumpkin)
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(nats camera clicking... nats continue ) gates here closed at 10.. so they're not letting in any more visitors. but even up until the last minute.. that line was stretching all the way to the parking lot. in gilbert.. lr. 3tv. in gilbert.. lr. 3tv. a lot of construction at sky harbor.. but another makeover might be in the airport's future.
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rental car center .. and add gates to terminal four. add gates to terminal four. it's all part of a 950-million dollar plan . the money will come from existing passenger fees and other airport revenue. officials say this will help reduce the traffic inside and outside the airport. if phoenix city council approves the plan .. you can see the new renovations in see the new renovations in 20-21. we are watching three developing stories right now... a man... accused of running a red light... and killing a woman... is now behind bars. police say 26-year-old randall nelson ran the light... and crashed into another car ... that had two women inside. the impact.... pushed that car into a semi. one woman died on scene. the other is still in the hospital tonight. nelson is facing several charges including negligent homicide. police also believe he was impaired and speeding. impaired and speeding. we've learned a man shot and killed by a nevada highway
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investigators say 28-year-old javier munoz carjacked a woman on wednesday in downtown las vegas. troopers spotted him on the highway driving erratically... and tried to stop him. munoz refused to stop... and eventually crashed the car. a trooper claims he and munoz got into some sort of struggle... and shots were struggle... and shots were fired. police are still searching for inmate who escaped a hospital in the valley... then carjacked a woman in scottsdale. 27-year-old "rodolfo avalos" was in prison for seven years and just got out in june. he was arrested again yesterday on a number of felony charges. police say avalos was handcuffed to the hospital bed... but was able to free himself and get past a security guard watching the room. room. driving around this weekend, you may have noticed that a-dot.. is trying to reach drivers.. with a unique message. their latest round of overhead freeway signs reads.... "your family travels
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in the state. in the state. says, "you're giving them the ability to have something that we take for granted everyday. we all take our hands for granted every single day" hands for granted every single day" an impressive group of service-minded teenagers volunteered their satuday... building prosthetic hands for children they'll go to help kids who were either born without them.. or lost them in an accident. and they say today's project.. is just the project.. is just the beginning.
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it's the ultimate satisfaction" coming up next... celebrating life.. and culture. how valley families are coming together to mark "the day of the dead." mark "the day of the dead." too close for comfort. why wildlife officials may have no choice but to euthanize a bear... roaming
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near a mountain trail. and the end of an era... how people in arizona are saying goodbye to the iconic "huey" helicopters...
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says, "they're on to a better life and we celebrate the fact that we were blessed to have them in our life ." to have them in our life ." it's still about a week away... but the "mesa arts center" is already celebrating the day of the dead.. or dia de los muertos. it's their 10th annual event.
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gives us a glimpse of what you can see in mesa. what you can see in mesa. desiree salas says, "i
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in mesa, karla navarrete for 3 tv. 3 tv. in southern arizona.... game and fish officers may have no choice.... but to getting too close for comfort. getting too close for comfort. hikers recently took pictures of the black bear. it has approached several people in the santa rita mountains... and in one case, the bear charged at three hikers. game and fish says .. there may be no other option. may be no other option. says, "the inaccessibility of the area the bear has been frequenting, the possibility that--even relocated, it's going to try and get back and come into contact with people. > (sot 8:41-8:49) < hart: if we tranquilize the bear, and it runs off and we lose it, now we have a
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several trails remain closed in that area. fortunately, no hikers have been hurt. fortunately, no hikers have been hurt. thousands of helicopters helped the military in vietnam... and now they're ....retiring. tonight, yuma is saying goodbye to a fleet.... of goodbye to a fleet.... of iconic "hueys". "above the ground, just flying.
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coming up next... no clowns allowed. where local leaders have been forced to ban the costume .. this halloween. costume .. this halloween. plus... helping veterans get back on their feet. the tiny project... making a huge impact.
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trending tonight.... some halloween costumes ...are now- illegal. in one mississippi county... local leaders have banned clowns ....until after halloween. it's all because of the clown sightings, which have been scaring people all over the u-s. anyone caught in a clown suit that county....can be arrested... and face a fine. arrested... and face a fine. all new at 10... tiny houses are becoming a growing trend across the u-s. but for veterans in kansas city... tiny houses will be more than just a place to call home. they'll be.. a fresh start. natalie davis reports. natalie davis reports. 10 tiny houses all in a row.
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community center right now" that was natalie davis reporting. the timeline for the project is fluid. everything depends on how much funding they how much funding they get. coming up in our next half hour... searching for answers. the cold case police... a valley family... hopes you can help crack. valley family... hopes you can help crack. american companies hacked. who could be behind the cyber attack that impacted websites in the u-s. websites in
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legapaul babeu exposed in a damning home video. pinal county sheriff paul babeu. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. right now... a plea for information from a family who lost a loved one to violence. 27-year old jermaine johnson was shot and killed 10-years ago. carissa planalp has the latest on this cold case. the latest on this cold case. says, " 10:44:41--46 this time of the year is real hard for us, it's very very
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justice for my son ." cp 3 tv cp 3 tv police need your help finding a thief who stole a pricey piece of jewelry from a valley store. this happened in september .. at the jc-penney's at "christown spectrum mall." mall." the su and asks the clerk to see a 7-thousand dollar ring. right when its handed to him ... he takes off. police hope you can help catch him. police hope you can help catch him. says, "he's wearing a hat .. sweater .. and shorts and hes running out of a store .. so maybe those things will jog someones memory." someones memory." police are also searching for this couple.... who they say threatened a fry's employee ...with a box cutter. investigators say the couple was walking out of the store when a security guard
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something. the man pulled out the box cutter... and then the two took off. anyone with information about either of these crimes should call police or silent silent 480-witness. crews are cleaning up tonight... after a massive fire tore through a southern california recycling plant. it sent up a cloud of black smoke .. that could be seen for miles. the plant stores wooden pallets and cardboard.... which only helped fuel the fire. hu evacuated... because the flames were getting too close to their homes. crews are still trying to figure out what started the fire. figure out what started the fire. and remember that major fire in gilbert last weekend? well, investigators are now offering a 30- thousand dollar reward.. to find the arsonist who caused it. it happened at an apartment complex near guadalupe and gilbert roads. no one was hurt... but it did cause more than 10-million dollars in damage. if you know anything about who started it.. you're asked to
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a disabled girl in mesa has been denied entry to her school. her mother is calling it discrimination. she's been attending the school for the past seven years ... but is now being told... she can't return for eighth grade ... when she's set to graduate. 3tv's mark taylor reports. reports. says, " ." 12;01;49;21 shes
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in mesa mark taylor three tv. this week... the president touted increased graduation rates... so we took a closer look at arizona students. we found the graduation rate... is actually down slightly in the past five years. slightly in the past five years. nationally, the rate is up to 83 percent... from 79 percent back in 2011. but here in graduation rate is closer to 77-percent....a drop...from 78% in 2011. white house stats show--- arizona's graduation rate dropping off every year since 2011... until this year, when our rate bumped up... when our rate bumped up... just a little. college graduates are leaving school with more debt... than ever before. "the institute of college access and success" ... says the average
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loans last year. these students will pay about 300-dollars a month... for more than 10 years. the report did not include for-profit colleges. and many of them have been under fire.... for their student loan practices. student loan practices. new tonight - the feds are trying to figure out who unleashed a wave of cyber attacks friday... that temporarily shut down some of the largest websites in the u-s. largest websites in the u-s. millions of hijacked machines... flooded the web with fake requests. twitter, netflix and hit. security officials say... this type of attack is old .. but has new twists..... allowing everything from baby monitors.. to thermostats.. and even d-v-r's .. to be hacked without your knowledge. .. to be hacked without your knowledge. says, "(sot dan ackerman/cnet section editor) "this is a large scale version of it that affects a lot of people and no doubt we're going to see a lot more of this going forward."" tonight... a group called "new world hackers" is claiming responsibility for the cyber attack.
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in your consumer watch.... the a-t&t and time warner mega-deal... is official. both companies agreed to a 85-billion dollar deal today. this move will help a-t&t expand beyond wireless and internet services... giving it programming control of channels like c-n-n and h-b-o. the deal still needs federal approval. approval. wal-mart is investing in china's largest online grocer. the coporate giant says it will put 50-million dollars into the business... and will offer a two-hour deve items. the online grocer has more than 25-million customers ... and delivers to more than 300 cities. the deal will increase walmart's footprint.. in china. "the canadian space agency" has awarded a montreal company a 2-million dollar contract to advance technology on a smart shirt for astronauts. "astro-skin" collects data on vital signs, activity and sleep quality. the shirt will get a test run on the international space
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inner wear... turned into outer wear today.... and hundreds of people took part. lina deflorias takes us to the annual "undie run" ... in downtown phoenix. downtown phoenix. boxers...briefs....shirts...and shorts.
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the cork and the glass. we'll show you the trendy way to drink your wine. to drink your wine. world series, here come the cubs! the impact the team's success is having on valley is having on valley businesses. chicago cubs nation is sky high the team is heading to the world series for the first time since 1945. in game six of the nlcs the squad pummels kershaw to move on to face the indians face the indians over at sun devil stadium, homecoming for the sun devils. quarterback manny wilkins healthy to start the game, but he wouldn't finish
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your favorite wine is getting a makeover.... and no glasses or cork screws are necessary. danielle nottingham has the
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pretention out of wine. pretention out of wine.
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cb california. extreme weather .. could be putting your favorite bottle of wine at risk. the harsh weather across the world is blamed for one of the worst years of production in more than a decade. global wine production is expected to fall five- percent this year. now.... places like australia, the u.s. and spain will have to make even more wine to overcompensate. overcompensate. expect to pay more for orange juice! florida is dealing with the worst orange
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have devasted the crop. the department of agriculture predicts this year's harvest will produce 14-percent fewer oranges than last year. 14-percent fewer oranges than last year. we have an update tonight on a gilbert teenager... who found himself out of 6 hundred dollars in cash... and his hoverboard 3 on your side's gary harper has the latest. harper has the latest. harper 3 on your side tries to hold a company accountable when
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tonight... the chicago cubs
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the world series since 1945. the cubs... and chicago have had a big impact on the valley. several windy city restaurants have opened locations here... and a lot of families spend their spring break watching the cubs at sloan park in mesa. with the team's continued success this post season.... valley companies... who celebrate chicago... are seeing an uptick in business. seeing an uptick in business. deb blakey, chizona's pizza i dont think there are too many people you could ask that ... not being from chicago... that they appreciate good food... chicago cubs. the chicago cubs. this is a live picture outside wrigley. fans are still hanging out... riding high from tonight's win. the cubs haven't won a title since 1908. joe has more on the cubs... in joe has more on the cubs... in a
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the last thing asu coach todd graham wants to do is to lose to washington state. cougars coach mike leach was fined ten grand by the pac-12 for accusing the sun devils of stealing signs. those two won't be exchanging christmas cards. exchanging christmas cards. homecoming for the sun devils against the cougars. asu opening drive takes control, 11 plays 59 yards, manny wilkins calls his own number, hops over a defender gets asu on the board first. cougars counter with a field something happen gets hit and gets knocked out of the game with a concussion. asu treading water for a bit, out of the sparky, kalen ballage busting into the secoindary 52 yard touchdown run 14-3 asu. couagrs offense takes control of this one, luke falk deep gabe marks goes 52 yards makes it 37-21 cougars
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bring asu back on the punt return, he is gone 70 yard return makes it an eight point game. devils get the ball back, cruicial third down play deep in cougars territory, dillon sterling cole to nleal, incomplete, defender los they settle for a field goal and don't see the ball again. asu loses to the cougars in tempe for the first time since 2001. tempe for the first time since 2001. at penn state, number two ohio state in town. buckeyes tyler durbin going for the field goal to pad the lead, gets blocked. grant haley scoops it up and goes 60 yards for the touchdown. penn state pulls off the stunner. buckeyes twenty game road winning twenty game road winning streak is over! two squads with an intense rivalry, squaring off to be the biggest bird on the block. sunday night in primetime at the nest, the cardinals and seahawks knocking heads. big red can;t
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game behind first place seattle. beating seatte starts with containing quarterback russell wilson. deadly accurate, he's thrown a 158 passes since his last interception, third longest streak in the nfl. if arizona slows wilson down and contains tailback christine michael, big red could move within a half game of first place. move within a half game of first place. says, "...on the football field ." says, "...on the football field ." a statue of cubs general manager theo epstein should be coming to chicago anytime soon. epstein has built a power house team. entering tonight, the cubs on the verge of getting to the world series for the first time since 1945. for the first time since 1945. cubs had to beat clayton kershaw in game six of the nlcs. chicago jumps on the dodgers ace in the first, kris bryant going the other scores
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get two in the first. chicago adds to it in the second, dexter fowler single into left scores addison russell. three-nothing chicago. bottom four wilson contreras pumping up the wrigley crowd driving kershaw out of the yard 4-0 cubs then in the fifth anthony rizzo, solo blast, ruthian blast off clayton kershaw. cubs end the world series drought as they advance to face the indians. to face the indians. says, " ." the cubs look great and could be even better if slugger kyle schawrber joins the team in the world series. schawrber is fully recovered from a knee injury he suffered in
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season. he made his arizona fall deut tonight for the mesa solar sox going oh for three against
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check this out... this man... not only belting out the national anthem... but also painting a portrait. "joe everson" took center ice.. at a hockey game in toledo. he managed to complete the painting... in the amount of time it took him to sing our anthem. anthem. have a great night.
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- you are being watched. the government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. i know because i built it. i designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything... violent crimes involving ordinary people, people like you, crimes the government considered irrelevant. they wouldn't act, so i decided i would. someone with the skills to intervene. hunted by the authorities, we work in secret. you will never find us. but victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.
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- our mutual friend needs help, detective. he's downtown. - i'll be there as soon as i get finished here. - i hate to be rude, but it's an emergency, detective. we need you now. [line goes dead] - carter. i need you to come with me now. - but i have this thing-- - not anymore, you haven't. it's an article of faith for me - you want to tell me what this is all about? - man in the suit? we got him. - morning, finch. - mr. reese.
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sco. - does he really need any help in that regard? - i'm encouraging him to show ambition, to climb the hr ladder. - afraid it'll have to wait. we got a new number. caroline turing. - oh. she's a lot prettier than fusco. - and much more discreet. her online profile is carefully managed. - think she's got something to hide? - many things, i would expect. she's a psychologist. from what i can determine, she specializes in the high-end clients, while i dig deeper, you get close to her, see if you can work out where the threat is coming from. - she could be the threat, finch. - i'm sure you'll work that out too. - next. - sorry.
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- yes, lionel. - i think i'm about to meet a few of the big hitters from hr. - i'm thrilled for you. - i thought you'd want to be there. we could take these bastards down. - all in good time. - it's my balls in a vice here, all right? plus carter keeps giving me the stink-eye. now we need to wrap this thing up. - and we will, lionel, when i say so. meantime, i want you to look into someone else. caroline turing. sending you a photograph. get back to me when you got something. - do you think i'm not understanding you? - yeah, i do. giving me signals, putting words in my mouth. and i'm concerned about the things i've already confided in you. i thought we agreed no notes. - we did. um... sorry, old habits. - the things i've told you, if anyone else heard them, that could be a big problem, understand?
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you understand me now? - councilman larsson, detective romano, captain lewis. this is detective fusco. - we hear you got dirty fingers, fusco. in the damn trough. - city council and the district attorney no longer tolerate any malfeasance by nypd officers. what do you got to say for yourself? - you know, i-i don't know, uh... [laughter] - here. no social niceties. what's on the docket? - we got a contract.
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speed is the only stipulation. you gonna pick the shooter, simmons? - my guys are all solid. fusco here will run interference with homicide in case there's any questions. - if i'm gonna look after somebody, i'm gonna need to know their names. - no. you don't. now the question is do we trust the rich guy? - i trust his money. it's already in escrow. here is a down payment for expenses. - i'm sorry, but in order to help you, i have to have your trust. clearly i don't. i'm referring you to another therapist. - you're firing me?


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