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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  October 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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it's pretty big. >> reporter: not just any stolen pet. >> a pet that they're probably not qualified to handle. >> reporter: a south american tiguys. >> a 4-foot, and couple inch lizard with sharp teeth. the person had expertise or they were nuts. >> reporter: dean who was rescued six years ago is known for eating ice cubes in night. early the next morning, this was the only trace of the lizard. shoe prints make him think thieves hopped the fence and stole him while the family was sleeping. >> they can't get out. you see sheet metal put in what could be compromised areas >> reporter: the owner says his exotic lizard is well known in the community for his visits to
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>> who steals pets? who steals pets? >> reporter: dean is peaceful but can become a dangerous predator if he becomes agitated or hungry and set loose by whoever took him. >> if he runs into a cat or dog or young kid, they're going to the hospital. >> reporter: with no sign of the lizard so far, brave dlert man is offering a cash reward & even return. the search is on for three puppy snatchers. they were taken from the arizona animal shelter at 40th and washington sunday night. security cameras there on-scene caught two men and a woman stealing the puppies from their kennel. they were being treated for upper respiratory infections and need to be returned right away.
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through a west phoenix neighborhood. officers say she was malnourished and someone was keeping her as a pet. she can never return to the wild. >> unfortunately fortunately because she was taken from the wild at such a young age and she's been raised around people, she thinks she's human so much she can't be released. she doesn't even know she was a deer. so she's gonna be committed to a lifetime in captivity at a sanctuary. >> leave chances are its parents are nearby and will end up taking care of it. an update on just a horrific case of child abuse. melissa lloyd and michael dugger are charged with beating and starving their 9-year-old daughter. >> tonight we're hearing from lloyd's adult daughter who tells our mark taylor her mother's history of child abuse has been
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>> reporter: there are very disturbing details in this child abuse case. police say they found the girl with broken bones, bruises and scars. according to melissa lloyd's older daughter who is now an adult, she called the accusations false and blames dcs. >> reporter: court documents accuse melissa lloyd and mi douger with nine count was child abuse saying their daughter was beaten an the garbage. >> they're making it seem like she's just a criminal that abuses her kids even though her kids are saying she's not being abusive. >> reporter: her 9-year-old sister has severe mental and behavioral problems and is allergic to certain foods that she would eat from the trash without her parents' permission. >> we're taking this out of proportion. she's allergic to almost everything. she can't eat certain foods >> reporter: she also denies that she was ever abused by her mother.
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on lifetime probation. she says her mother dotes on her daughters. >> my mom's a good mom. i just don't understand what's going on right now. >> reporter: they have a history of abuse with the couple that includes removing the children from the home in 2006. once both parents completed support service, they were reunited in 2009. dc s did not specify lifetime probation with no monitoring. >> you could have an adjudication very muching one child but that does -- involving one child but that doesn't carry over to children in the family later on, and it's an area that i know we struggled with. >> reporter: all four children
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valley high school team will appeal its ban. notre dame was prep wasnw6? penalize forwad having this summer pe class tweeted out on social media. the aia ruled it was just extra practices with pads in their opinion. it was also a recruiting violation. parents have been calling on the school's president and head coach to resign, hoping that the self-imposed punishments will convince the ban. an emergency meeting is scheduled for friday where a decision is likely. the playoff brackets will also be released on saturday. for the first time, we're hearing joe arpaio being interviewed about his criminal contempt of court charges which were officially okayed request. in an interview with kusi in san diego last week, arpaio called the whole thing political. >> they got what they wanted
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started. to try to embarrass me and make me lose the election. that's the bottom line. >> the charges stem from arpaio's failing to stop immigration patrols even after a federal judge told him to. if convicted he faces up to six months in jail. two people were hurt in a serious crash on 43rd avenue just north of mcdowell. firefighte life to get one of the victims out. that person was severely injured. we're still waiting for an update on their condition. two teenaged girls remain in critical condition after a freak accident in north phoenix. the girls were in a car that broke down. they got out and began pushing the car up a hill near i-17 and cactus. that's when they were hit by another car. the girls were trapped between the two vehicles.
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they were not hurt. police say the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. prop 205, arizona's initiative to legalize recreational marijuana and regulate it like alcohol just got some unlikely supporters. a group of doctors and nurses from across arizona. they stood outside the capital building this morning to voice their support. they say right now underaged kids seekut street dealers who doctors say have financial incentive to get them to try more dangerous drugs. >> under prop 205, marijuana would be sold, regulated, in monitored shops. and is those shops are required to facility rules. and one of the rules is you cannot sell marijuana to minors. >> dr. patterson also say thaun like alcohol and other recreational drugs, overdosing on marijuana is unheard of. a
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to steal more than $800 worth of playstation controllers from valley stores. police say that oscar ruiz was confront employees at the target at sfiflth and thomas -- 75th and thomas. he had a playstation game controller in his pocket and hidden underneath his child's stroller. he admitted to stealing controllers before and selling them online. an update tonight to a y yesterday. phoenix police say they arrested two people who they say have been tied to 20 cases of stolen patio furniture. police tried to pull over 35-year-old john north and 33-year-old ivan romero, the two took off and ditched the truck. both were caught. army outrage. many are still angry over plans to take
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guard soldiers. pen gone is now weighing in. >> if you have plans to get the perfect election day selfie,
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fire crews have been called to banner medical center in casa grande. the fire started in a wing under construction. the flames contained. investigators trying to figure out how that fire started. the pentagon will suspend its effort to get back bonuses given to thousands of california national guard members who served in iraq and afrgs. >> a new process will put as little burden as possible on any soldier who refers an improper
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shook central italy two months after a powerful quake. punched that principal and facing assault charges. islamic state militants appear potential human shields as iraqi forces move closer to mosil. the united nations general assembly has adopted a resolution to end the u.s. embargo against cuba. the ultimate frer tale
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. lts, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough,
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just 13 days left until the general election.
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for her birthday. she made stops in the bralths ground state of florida. >> i want us to choose a path that is confident and optimistic. i really believe america's best days are still ahead of us. >> battleground blitz continues for the rest of this week. she has event plans in pennsylvania, north carolina, and is ohio. donald trump cut the ribbon at his new hotel in washington dc. it's built post office. >> return to property. and new sums of money of the federal government to a major revenue producer and job creator. this is what i want to do for our country. >> and is trump told cnn today he is expecting a victory on election day despite trailing in most polls. poll s do show hillary clinton on the verge of a possible victory over donald trump. >> some stilt believe you can't
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businessman just yet. >> let's start with another national poll that came out earlier today. a fox news survey showing that this race is closer than what the ap is reporting right now. fox news has this race neck in neck nationally with clinton leading trump by just 3 points. and there is some other good news for mr. trump. he's also leading in some of those other key battleground states. trump up by 2 points right now. in another key swing state, ohio, a recent poll has trump up by 4 points over hillary clinton. let's move over to iowa where the des moines register has trump leading by 4 points. and right here in arizona, trump holds a slim 1-point lead over his democratic rival. even if trump was to sweep all those state, he'd still be short of
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needs to win. in a volatile election year like this, it's hard to predict what's going to happen. >> i know that people who don't normally vote are going to vote this election and they're going to vote for trump. they don't normally vote because they don't believe their vote matters. and they believe there's no difference between the parties. but this year, there is a stark difference. >> more good news for mr. trump, a poll show ed trump are in a dead heat. social media is helping people impress their excitement about voting for this year's election. if you take one of these inside the booth, you'll
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yesterday when he snapped this photo at a booth in tennessee where that's illegal. and right here in arizona, it's against the law to snap a picture within 75 feet of the ballot box. a law which was put in place long before cellphones. >> the idea goes back to the concept of the secret ballot. people are not gonna bribe you to vote one way or another because you can't prove that's how you voted. >> if you can take a picture a law passed last year allowing the posting of early bloods to social media. great news for people who are looking to sell a house. home prices kept rising in august and september in most major cities. this actually has some analysts worried. they say that that could cause the housing bubble to burst. this
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the one in 2008. google is halting plans to expand its high-speed internet service. it will not expand its fiber internet service to new cities as it deals with the loss of more than $859 million in the last quarter. >> congratulations. >> does in man deserve a round of aplaza? [ cheering and applause ] >> more than a quarter million dollars raised for big brothers, big sister was central arizona. >> amazing. >> proud of the volunteers out there. >> 4:30 am to 7:00 pm every night. >> we had a good time. and i expect for about three days all
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>> great weather lapse, a little warm, again today. 96 our high officially close to a record. and is let's show you quickly. there it is. here's a look at the valley pinpoint. sky cam, beautiful shot, mostly clear skies. the heat is the big story. 95 currently. winds out of the west southwest at 6 miles per hour. i want to show you this. national satellite and radar. about the rainfall in cleveland tonight. game 2 of the world series. they moved the game back an hour. but so far so good big story around cleveland, look at the temperatures. the 50-degree difference in temperatures. cleveland right now, 45 degrees currently. right now we're sitting in the mid-90s here in phoenix. a lot of people posting on social mediaure kidding me! they're -- media, you are kidding me!
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four story -- wearing three or four layers out there. we'll continue to see the heat tomorrow. close to record highs tomorrow. mid-70s 6:00 am, lower 90s by 10:00. high of 98. 90s friday, cooling saturday and sudden. monday, temps in mid-80s after sunset. cooling back down to the 80s next week. rz mysterious lights were spotted in the valley sky last night.
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discard nals started the -- cardinals have to dig themselves out of a hole. a very interesting back and forth today
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cards' field goals. it's bad for a team. it's bad for football. then i can see that. >> bruce arians said right there we don't have a cadence. sherman wearing halloween costume. the card wills are headed to carolina for the first time since last january. this season the panthers are coming off a week off. still dangerous though. >> looking at them obviously, you look at one side of the ball, it's a great core of guys. but they have had some is
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they won 15 games last year. sole you know what to expect. it's a good football team. >> they don't look like a team that won one game. they look pretty dominant actually. game 2 of the world series underway. moved up to beat the rain tonight. cubs got a 1st inning run off fowler. >> thank you mark. the news at
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the video does not do it justice. >> residentsep changing from white to orange and pinkish red. >> most anomalies can be explained. >> reporter: the initial explanation for the 1997 light, a military flare exercise. doctor lynn is not convinced. >> flares drift and drop with the wind. they have huge smoke trails that are illuminated by the flare itself, which you do not see here. >> reporter: these new lights


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