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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  October 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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says, "the silent majority is back. in 10 days, we are going to win the state of arizona, and we are going to win back the white house" moments ago... donald trump just wrapped up his rally in downtown phoenix. downtown phoenix. good evening, i'm lindsey reiser. i'm jared dillingham. traditionally, republican candidates don't have to worry about traveling to arizona, to shore up the base, the week before a presidential election. but with polls showing a close race... trump's team thought a stop here in between weekend rallies in colorado... was important.
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opponent, hillary clinton. this comes a day after the fbi reopens her email scandal case. donald trump: her criminal action was willful, delibertate, intetional and purposeful. hillary setup an illegal server for the obvious purpose for shielding her criminal conduct from public exposure. she setup the server knowing it put our national securit security at risk." former arizona governor jan brewer also took to the podium. brewer was an early trump supporter, and a surrogate now, traveling the country to support his campaign. again today, brewer's target... was hillary clinton. target... was hillary clinton. says, "let me tell you something. i've ran in several elections during my life and
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to vote for me because i was a woman ." anyone to vote for me because i was a woman ." she wasn't the only arizona republican there to cheer on trump... maricopa county sheriff, joe arpaio also joined her on stage today. our dennis welch will show us more coming up at show us more coming up at 5:30. a staple of many of these rallies.. have beee protests outside. those for and against the candidates... arguing their opinions... lauren reimer joins us live from outside the convention center.. with a look at what's going on. going on. at past rallies... trump supporters and protesters have been kept seperated.. by a fence or a street.. today they met on the same corner... right across from the
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the phx convention center. with the election just a little over a week away... this could be the last time trump visits the valley as a candidate. tens of thousands of arizonans have already voted early.. including many of these supporters and protesters. so they tell me... their attensance.. is less about making up their own minds.. and more about this is trump's 7th campaign stop in az... this is a dance... a lot of these folks have gotten used to. a lot of times, its the same faces at these demonstration s... they've gotten to know each other by name.. so even though they digagree strongly with one another...
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today. 14:23:11 "i'm here to support trump, im here to support our police." 14:36:28 "donald trump, he acts like he's the only one that has concerns for veterans and police, but that's far from the truth." 14:24:30 "it gets a little heated but you know, ive got a right to say what i want to say, she's got a right to say what she whats to say, it's called the first ammendment." this demonstration ended once the rally began... with many going inside to listen to the speaches. and just in-- we've learned former arizona governor, janet napolitano.. will be here in the valley tomorrow... to campaign for hillary clinton. she's stopping at the arizona democratic headquarters at 12:30 p-m. napolitano hopes to encourage people to vote... and
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by monday. by monday. clinton..herself is making one last stop in the valley before election day. just as we live-streamed trump's event on our 3tv app... we'll do the same on wednesday... when clinton holds an "early vote rally." it's going on from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. her campaign is still sorting out the details.. on where it will be held. where it will be held. an arizona ban ...on ballot harvesting... will stand. a federal appeals court... ruled in favor of the law. those caught doing it... will face a felony. "ballot harvesting" describes the practice...of collecting and dropping off ballots.... for voters who can't make it to the polls. the ruling is a blow to democrats ... who hoped the judge would block the ban on harvesting. they say - it's often difficult for minorities... and people in poverty.... to get to polling poverty.... to get to polling places. tomorrow... all of arizona's living former governors will be in downtown phoenix.. to honor the life of an arizona legend and governor. as you know.. governor rose
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last month at the age of 94. jaime cerreta tells us about the legacy.. mofford leaves behind. leaves behind. she was arizona's very first female governor... known for her big hair and big personality. "the thing that impressed me most..... rose mofford ." govenor mofford took office during a difficult time in our state after governor evan mecham was impeached in the late 1980s. she brought a stability to arizona and won back the voters' trust. former arizona attorney general grant woods served with mofford during her tenure at the state capitol. , "i saw people like rose... totally arizonan" mofford -- was a democrat and was governor for three years. she was serving as secretary of state when she took office. an arizona girl... mofford was raised in globe and could have played professional softball after high school .. but gave it up to persue politics. she will be remembered
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jaime cerreta 3tv. jaime cerre held at the orpheum in downtown phoenix. doors open at 12:30 pm.... the ceremony starts at 1:30. and instead of bringing flowers... they ask that people donate to st. mary's food bank.... st. vincent de paul.... and hospice of the paul.... and hospice of the valley instead. right now-- a man who barricaded himself in a home... is in the hospital. firefighters initially swarmed the house near 107th avenue and camelback... because it was on fire. police later learned ...... the man inside.... set that
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he suffered minor burns and dog bites.. but is expected and dog bites.. but is expected to recover. new information on a man .... killed by a police officer in kingman. 34-year-old kenneth kennedy.. was pulled over for a traffic stop. when he tried to take off... he hit two patrol cars in the process. a deputy says- he opened fire... when kennedy started driving the car at them. the suspect's wife was also in the car at the time.. but was not injured. was not injured. phoenix police detectives... working two separate....dea dly crime scenes. both happened along mcdowell road, in east phoenix- near papago park. karla navarrete has more from the scene. more from the scene. it was around 1;30 this morning...the break room bar and grill along mcdowell road and 48th street is where it all happened. 3 people shot, 1 dead on the scene and the other two rushed to a local hospital. phoenix police detectives quickly blocked off the street and began their investigation. little is known
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say the suspect is quote unknown and are asking the public's help to find the suspect, asking them to call 480 witness with any information. meantime, just 20 blocks down mcdowell road, phoenix police had another homicide to investigate. the two incidents are not related. in this case, officers found a woman in her early 20s dead inside a trailer. they say they believe the woman was killed at the trailer but could not give any further details about who shan or not she lived here. in phoenix, karla navarrete 3 tv/ cbs 5 news. navarrete 3 tv/ cbs 5 news. do you recognize this man? police say he's walked away with money that wasn't his. at the "desert schools federal credit union"... near 32nd street and bell... he showed the teller a check - drawn from another customer's account. the teller
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have any information, you're asked to call silent witness... at 480-witness. witness... at 480-witness. a teacher in tucson... behind bars tonight... accused ... of being sexually inappropriate with a 15-year- inappropriate with a 15-year- old girl. police say 48-year-old "eddie rodriquez"... made "sexual" contact with the "cholla high school" student earlier this month. she told the school about it.. and police arrested him this week. the teacher was arrested on-- suspicion of felony sexual abuse. the school district put rodriguez on un-paid leave. rodriguez on un-paid leave. caught on camera-- a student brawl at westwood high school in mesa. westwood high school in mesa. some of the kids were recording with their cell phones... when the fight erupted. you'll see one kid fly off the table... and slam his fist.. into someone's head. no word on what started this .. or how many people... if any... were hurt. all the school would tell us.... is that all the students involved have been disciplined. also caught on camera--- a truck
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today. you can see the bright orange flames.. and thick blame smoke off to the left. this happened in the southbound lanes at colter .. just before noon. the driver was able to get out... and was not hurt. it's cleaned-up at this hour. thank you to viewer sam asaki.. for sending this to us. you can do the do the same if you see breaking news you see breaking news ... and it's safe. coming up on good evening arizona.... it's a staple.. in creating a mysterious fog for halloween parties. but it can be harmful.. if not handled properly. why you shouldn't be clowning around when it comes to dry ice. comes to dry ice. and tesla is turning from car maker.. to roofs. the new product brightening their future next.
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selor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough, but doesn't keep us safe. if you see zombie's walking around downtown... don't be alarmed.. the undead are resurrecting...
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the event is more than dress-up. money raised supports programs for people with blood disorders. admission is free... if you make a 5-dollar donation to the "arizona hemophilia association." the gates are already open! the walk starts at dusk....near 4th street and jackson. jackson. and there are a ton of halloween events happening tonight.. for all ages around the valley. from peoria, to tempe, and scottsdale. we have a full list online. it's on the bottom-right side of our homepage.. at side of our homepage.. at dry ice is not something you usually hear about until this time of year. some might be stocking up on it as we speak for a party tonight.... leah freeman tells us how you can keep your party spooky.. and safe... with dry ice this halloween. ice this halloween. colton collen sales manager, reliant dry ice . " it's something that's out of the just makes that spooky look...." who wouldn't want fog as part of their halloween decorations and that's why dry ice is a popular item as october
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year, people use it for get that fog effect...almost like a witch caldraun if you know you can get that to come out nice and pretty....for me....i use it for a pumpkin....come s out the pumpkins mouth." but what exactly is dry ice and how does it make a fog efefct? "dry ice is carbon d ioxide....uhhh....compressed.... . ..and it makes a solid form...." "you're going to take the dry ice....and you're going to try to make it into two to three pound you're going to put that in your caldroun....or whatever you want to fog water....on top of the dry ice....and that's going to create the fog." it lasts about two to three minutes per pound of dry ice...and of course it's fun to play with but there some precautions to keep in mind when using it... "so what you wouldn't realize when you buy dry it can burn you...uhh it can burn you bad, it's negative one hundred and nine degrees farenheit." and it could cause frostbite in less than a minute.... "when you're handling're always going to want to wear gloves "make sure that at....your skin...may be exposed to dry know long sleeves...great idea...gloves
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sleeves...better idea." and when you're transporting it--it's recommended to roll down the windows..... "you do not want....the dry ice to stay....because if it....if it's a confined space and there's no room for exit... you will inhale too much "you need to get out and get good oxygen." get good oxygen." the best place to store dry ice is in a cooler... not the freezer. the freezer. nearly two dozen buckeye residents are getting an early halloween fright.. their water fright... from their water bills. some were as high at 12- hundred dollars. homeowners checked for leaks as the city instructed... but found nothing. one resident asked city crews to come and check for themselves. turns out.... her water meter failed d she has the paperworkd to prove it. the city of buckeye replaced the equipment.. and gave her a 180 dollar refund... but she's still stuck with a thousand
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any other possibilities, but they have enough people now that have invested their time and their money into proving that they don't have a leak, what is the city of buckeye, what are they going to invest to determine what other problems could exist that is creating this phenomenon." last week, buckeye city council approved just over a million dollars... to upgrade all of its customers' water meters. by summer of next year... residents will be able to log onto their accounts online to check on their home's water usage home's water usage new at 5-- tesla's bright future.. is becoming a reality. the ceo... announced the electric car company ... will soon be selling its own line of solar panels. they say it'll allow homeowners to replace their entire roof .. with solar panels that blend in with the tile. tesla hasn't released a price range for it yet... but the expect installations to start next summer.
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weather with ashelee... says, " what goes better with a cold beer than a couple of sago worms, perfect pairing, right? ." one man is turning creepy crawlers... into a booming crawlers... into a booming business. as halloween approaches.... just about anything scary, gory and gross is in big demand. and apparently... so are edible bugs. are edible bugs. everything from worms.. to crickets.. to scorpions. a recession-era pink slip turned the owner into an entrepreneur. now, tarantulas and bugs have become his bread and butter. bread and butter. says, "if you would've talked to me 7 years ago.and told me that i would be not only selling insects, but also eating them on occasion, i'd tell you that you were crazy ."
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that would be a tarantula. that would be a tarantula. coming up-- we're going to take you to a bachelor party...unlike any other. this bachelor's heart stolen... by need! the
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trending now on twitter-- national cat day. the creator of this day says the best way to celebrate the best way to celebrate to adopt. some are giving arizona's favorite grumpy cat-- tardar sauce-- shoutouts online. here's a look at a few we found. one says "you're the reason i never turn my frown upside down." some paid tribute
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carving "grumpy cat" pumpkins. pumpkins. when you think of bachelor parties, you think.. vegas... drinking... and maybe some mischief. well... that's wasn't the case for a group of michigan bachelors. their getaway to a "cabin in the woods"... was hijacked... by puppies! by puppies! the men were cooking bacon with the door open... when a dog got a whiff.... and came to the door. the group could tell she just had puppies and was malnourished... . so they fed her... and followed her to see where she was hidi sleeping in a giant hole. each of the men decided to adopt one of the dogs, including the mom. including the mom. that's it for us at 5. if you're watching us on our sister station on cbs... your "evening news" is up next. or you can keep it here on good evening arizona... good evening arizona... coming up-- why putting your house up for sale... may not be the best
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we'll explain. paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us.
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: campaign 2016 enters the final stretch. the candidates take their closing arguments to the battleground states this weekend. also tonight, did the head of the f.b.i. go against the wishes of his boss when he reopened the clinton e-mail investigation? new allegations of voter fraud and a ruling on selfies in the ballot booths. veterans say it's payback time for national guard troops who were forced to surrender enlistment bonuses. and what could be a landmark case for transgender rights moves to the supreme court. >> the school is saying, "we don't believe who you are is legitimate."


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