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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 1, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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us home.
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some are calling it an unfair trick on halloween. a free haunted house in glendale that offers religious themes. >> one valley couple basically says this amounts to an derek staahl live in glendale to explain the controversy on this halloween night. >> reporter: hell's revenge haunted house looks like any other haunted house from the outside. you can see there are spooky lights, spiderwebs and music. on the inside, critics say there are overt religious themes which they consider religious propaganda. >> id to go to the click and get that taken care.
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then there's a botched abortion and the 16-year-old girl finds herself in hell. >> we're scanned the coming here to think we're going to a haunted house.>> reporter: this couple were so upset that they went back and recorded it. >> i'm religious but the way they did it made me uncomfortable. they were honestly tried to get scare tactics for antiabortion clinics have nothing. jagow they brought allen's mom to see it. her concern, all the kids in line. >> with its children being introduced to this and seeing it, how can you be okay with that. they told all the small kids in line that they are going to hell . >> reporter: turns out hell's revenge is run by the nearby victory chapel. the pastor said he didn't want to stoke extra comfort to receive by speaking a camera
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parent. the perform its ends with an invitation to pray. >> they're allowed to have their opinion and do what they did. they should inform people what they are doing. >> reporter: right over there is victory chapel. you can see it's very close to where the haunted houses. the pastor defended the decision not to overly tell people about the religious themes inside. he says, ultimately, haunted ou right now, for people in the hospital after a bad crash in south phoenix. this was seventh street and broadway, two kids taking the phoenix children in serious condition, two adults and a local trauma center with more serious injuries. this appears a car t-bones that van sending it onto the sidewalk. we learned the winslow police officer involved in a deadly shooting earlier this
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in march, officer austin shipley shot and killed a navajo woman after he said she threatened him with a pair of scissors and refused to drop them. the city was a tells us shipley resigned after he found out the result of an independent investigation into that shooting . we're still waiting to hear exactly what those results are. phoenix police officer arrested for domestic violence two years ago is in trouble again and this time it's costing him his job. he retired in lieu of being fired after failing a drug test. he claims his ex-girlfriend secretly fed him drugs while he was in mexico. that same girlfriend accused him of domestic violence two years ago while they were in sedona. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, he received a 24-hour suspension after an internal investigation. they return to work, he was a 20 year veteran of the department. arson investigators trying to figure out to burn down to
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it happened late friday or early saturday near gilbert and chandler boulevard. the homes are just across the street from each other. we're told these fires are not related to a huge fire burned down condos under construction a couple weeks ago. >> caught on camera, crooks break into a family's garage. they managed to get away with more than $10,000 worth of items. >> we show how the guys are able to get in the garage so easily. into cars out front and on the open they needed to get inside. they parked their car right here and used these wishes to hide the crime. little did they know, someone was watching. it was all caught on camera. the six minute video shows a pickup truck pulling into the driveway. the two men, one in a pink shirt and one in a striped shirt gets out and look around. they walk off camera into the garage.
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forth carrying boxes of tools and other items. at one point, the video shows one man ducking down and hiding as a car goes by. according to mcdowell, the men got away with nearly $15,000 worth of his property. >> i was mad. there's a lot of bad people unfortunately. how can we stop them? i'm trying to hopefully help stop these people. >> was semi-valuables being stolen, it's good to have something to give to the police's and hopefully get them behind bars. >> reporter: mcdowell says he will no longer leave this opener inside his car. he's also going to be using an extra locking device on his garage door. please ask if you recognize the man in the video to please contact them.
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but two cameras this afternoon. a guy starting a package from a phoenix home a ups driver had just dropped off seconds before the homeowner was inside having lunch and had just gotten a text from ups telling the package had arrived. when she went outside, it was gone. she merely checked the security miss. if you recognize that man you are asked to please call police. watching to developing stories. parents rented by classmates by their pressing assault charges tonight. it also want the high school to take more action against the student. school and ministers decided the bench the football player for writing its games for violating the campus code of conduct. he however participated in those last game festivities. debbie still investigating what happened. police need your help find the suspect who shot and killed a father of five and he thinks
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one of three people shot outside the break room bar and grill this weekend after he tried to break up a fight. if you know anything that could help please, please call silent witness. tonight, it's either shock or glee. democrats reacting to the timing of the fbi's renewed investigation into hillary clinton's email practices. agents analyzing what to be hundreds of thousands of emails f laptop. he is the estranged husband of clinton confidant and a campaign stop. couldn't stop short of going directly after fbi director james comment. >> why in the world, the fbi would decide to jump into an election without evidence of any wrongdoing we just days to go. that's a really good question. >> trump has spent the weekend
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>> if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president. this is just what we need. >> former fbi agent told cbs news is highly unlikely this investigation will be completed before election day. >> there are concerns over voter intimidation at arizona polling places. there arizona democrati organizing republicans together at minority heavy polling sites on election day. democrats have now filed a lawsuit against the gop. they're worried this will lead to voter intimidation, scaring people away from the polls. the gop denies any such plans. the battle for our design is alive and well. rated candidates make their way through our state this week. hillary clinton is holding a
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. her running mate tim kaine will be here and in tucson on thursday. he plans to deliver his entire speech in spanish. we're just learned donald trump's running mate mike pence is coming to the valley. he will hold an event at the mesa convention center also on wednesday. >> is not just a presidential election, mitt romney will also be in phoenix campaigning for senator john mccain. he was begat sloan park thursday night of everything you need to know locally and nationally, before heading to the polls, be sure to download our free cbs5 news news africa >> happy halloween. we hope everyone had a wonderful halloween. there's a sunset out there. 86 degrees, be careful tomorrow . melting candy. we'll start to see cooler weather. a live look outside,
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degree days. +26 days, finally nice to see temperatures in the 80s. 76 currently and went out of the west at 10 miles per hour. a few piping clouds. we'll wake up tomorrow morning with often on cloud cover. by tomorrow mostly clear conditions. an area of low pressure will affect us later this week. press, mostly clear skies and with that low moving north we were see temperat start to cool down with 82 degrees. stay into the 80s for the rest of the work week into the upcoming weekend. we'll see temperatures warm up a little bit. by thursday, showers filter in. rush hour forecast. tomorrow we wake up into the lower 60s, sunrise on 6:46 am. lower 80s for tuesday, 85 wednesday, slight chance of
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over the weekend. it's 1010, yet everything you need to know. you're all hopped up on halloween candy. stay up with is because up next legalizing recreational pot here in arizona. >> with answers how it could impact crime in our state.>> invasive or creative. some voters upset about this flyer. discriminating drivers. some could be using more than just your location when they decide whether to pick you up.
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we are one of five states deciding whether to legalize recreational marijuana. or states have already done so. one of the big questions is whether it will lead to more drug related crime or less. >> we have answers time. we rest 50,000 people every
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drug and jurgemeyer supports legalizing marijuana. he says all those arrest art any better than prohibition of hundred years ago. >> probation hasn't worked. 84 years ago, arizona voters overturned alcohol prohibition be a ballot initiative because it was a failed policy. took a while legalizing marijuana would reduce crime rates by eliminating arrest for possession, maricopa county attorney bill montgomery says it not the whole story. >> the initial law enforceme possession. we still have contacts with law enforcement out there engaging folks. trigger colorado saw 1% drop in 2014. the first year regression of use was legalized there. that also corresponds to falling crime rates nationwide. supporters say this could have a bigger impact on a bigger crime. drug smuggling. >> we're talking about 75% of all revenue for the drug
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trigger some reports show a dramatic rise in the price of marijuana as states legalize pot but doug coleman, dea agent in charge for arizona says that is not about to put cartels out of business. >> we still sees close to 1,000,000 pounds every year coming across. trigger they're not just smuggling. >> in colorado and washington, the cartels move into those states. >> that's why regulation is so important. >> they encounter facility that is unless they can move forward and prosecute. >> these are sophisticated billion-dollar businesses that hire professional people to infiltrate legitimate businesses with their criminal activities. he says marijuana is not the only profit center in cartels. >> another important thing is the cartel significantly ramped up production and dissolution of methamphetamine and her one as people start legalizing
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make sure it's what you really want. >> if we legalize it federally and throughout the country, once you legalizing can take it back. in that recur in colorado lawmakers are calling arizona's anti-pot as inaccurate and it would've taken off the air. color has been collecting taxes since 2014. much of the money is earmarked for public education. but nearly half dozen ads running here claim colorado schools have it seen that cash according to those democratic lawmakers, is a that's not true. as a $139 million in tax revenue from pot went to the colorado department of education. we get election fires in the mail all-time people just throw them out. one in particular has some people really upset. it's a voter report card that compares the voting records. he gives everyone a letter grade based on how often they
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with some women that received the fire. >> that's communism. that's big brother watching you. i think the misused the information and shouldn't do it again. >> democratics sent similar mailer but left off the voters there. it's public record whether but you cannot see who they voted for. >> keeping kids safe by keeping tabs on sex offenders. adult probation route tonight making sure registered sex offenders were in compliance. it's part of what's called operation safe treat which is an annual event. sex offenders cannot participate in halloween. no decorations, no handing out candy. nothing.
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dangerous individuals are keeping their doors shut and lights off. in the marshalls office tell us everyone on their list was in compliance tonight. more a shipping container apartments are coming to phoenix. the crane is set to drop them off near portland and second street in the morning. phoenix saw its first project last year. we're told this new development the last. >> all new, could over and lift drivers be disseminating against their riders. tonight that's exactly what a new study is suggesting. researchers have three different universities looked at 15 rides in seattle and boston and their study says uber driver's were more than twice as likely to cancel rights of passengers who had quote, african-american sounding names.
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30% longer and driver stepien of passengers for longer, more expensive rise. kids at phoenix jones hospital got the chance to be like any other kid. 11th annual celebration was hosted by real estate brokerage firm home smart but hundred 50 patients got to play games, decorate pumpkins and trick-or- treat. >> if he tried to sneak out re be friday crisp. >> everyone got in the spirit of the maricopa county justice including the justice of the peace and the guests. three couples got married. with some coming dressed in the costumes they were when they first met on halloween and they joke it's about making the day they feel their doom a whole
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happy halloween. a lot of trick-or-treaters are in bed but take a look at the forecast. nice to see the cloud cover finally in the 80s start the morning comfortable. 60-62 degrees in phoenix. mid-30s in flagstaff. highs tomorrow below average.
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they'll happen around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 27 flagstaff, 56 basket, district press kits three games played before tonight already delivering as much sentiment value as we got all last season. let's go to los angeles at the they can get that win. paul pierce dressed up as rick james. there is devin booker in a shirt and coat. he didn't play after a toe injury. brandon knight was a jumper that keeps the suns within five. the clippers have their way when it counted. wesley johnson, the former son, clippers of 13. john trae -- deandre jordan slamming up.
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a tough loss for us to the offensive line. they gave up eight sacks on sunday. 360s with a shoulder injury. honey badger hasn't been himself after blowing out his knee last december. he played in every game. eight games left. cardinals still not out of it. >> we're not happy with the first half of the season. for the second half, to be a game or ga then we'll play them again. if we can take care of our business, that game should matter and we are in a hunt for our division. with a ton of stuff to practice and prepare for. monday night football, the bears get jay cutler back and it took a while for him to get his aim locked in. then a deflection playoff.
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it's cutler to jeffrey. which a much more cohesive connection. bears minutes 20-10. was one of those sports moments . it comes winning game five of the series. in the last time wrigley field. you can hear this a mile away. away if they win game six or
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we were laughing earlier. >> good reason. these are cheaper shoes. >> but they are awesome. >> of these shoes well in the dark.>> he can't turn the
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been good information 10 minutes ago. they are not the most comfortable. i have a bit of a bone spur right here. it's fun stuff. >> you get credit for being the only one who dressed up for halloween. >> i don't want to go there. >> alexly? >> there 100% elastic. if you look for these, spear halloween is we can take a look, your forecast high 82 degrees. the lower 60s will stay in the mid-80s to the rest of the work week into the weekend. back to the 80s as a start out november. stephen colbert up next. >> hope you had a very happy
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