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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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st it's hailing. lack. there's hail everywhere. >> and as you heard right there, it was hailing in parts of valley. before received some welcomed showers, it was windy. and it got very dusty. >> and safety was a big concern this heavenning. as a massive du into the valley. from globe to flag staff and here in the valley, take a look at all of this. tonight's storm was just stretching across the state. >> we have answers on where the rain is right now and what is? store for your weekend as well as tomorrow. >> and tempe tonight, police trying to figure out what happened as a car careened into a canal. this is near arizona mills mall. this happened as the storm was hitting. the driver was the only one
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safely. but whether really causing a number of problems. ashley demarttin pop. >> it's definitely quieted down for us here in the valley. we are just seeing the east part of the valley getting some very light rain for us right now. but to the north of us, we are seeing another big batch of rain. that is moving through on its way up toward flag staff. we've got another storm cell right here that'll continue toward flag staff. as that rain moved in. but throughout this evening, we had stayed with temperatures in the mid-60s here. even up in flag staff. you haven't -- flag staph. -- you haven't budged in temperature. we are going to have overnight showers for flagsta if f. we'll take a look at how much rain is expected coming up.
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>> and lauren, this was nice, but rather an inconvenient chain for a ton of commuters just trying to get home tonight. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. talk about timing. like a lot of drivers on their way homes tonight, we were caught in all of this that. the storm coming in first with strong winds and blinding dust. and then hours of rain. the streets behind us, now finally getting a chance to dry out. >> right at rush hour, started to get un into the valley. rain, soaking the roads, delaying the commute home for drivers. very bad visibility on the freeway. i had my wipers on full pretty much the entire way. >> traffic slowing to a corral at times. cause -- crawl at times. cause back ups at merge intersections. >> not use to driving in the rain. >> some people finding themselves unprepared. >> yeah. this is a -- it came out of
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>> after several weeks of unusually warm weather, summer is now finally replaced by what feels more like fall in arizona. >> the rain doesn't bother me at all. you know, i'm from seattle. >> the storm dropping evening temperatures into the low 60s. >> it's a good thing, though. >> you like it? >> i love it. >> i love it. >> yeah. for how strong this storm was, tonight, y quiet now. >> the first storm hit this morning leaving behind a mess. a huge tree fell right on top of the honda. this happened nearly 48th street and indian school. the tree was so big it also damaged this nearby suv and also a truck. storms like today can build quickly anded to stay on top of weather updated on a track the rain from our radar straight into your neighborhood, you can
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cbs5 minute mobile app. >> developing, another wrong way driver on i-10. near chandler boulevard. this is was a scene from our adot camera just a short while ago. they tell us the person was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes. he pulled over on his own. troopers talked with him before helping him get turned around. we're waiting to hear whether or not the driver got a ticket. she traumatized. she told us she's been locked in that container for two months. >> gruesome details about a gruesome crime that happened in south carolina. with details that are just still so hard to at this thunderstorm. >> reporter: a man accused of keeping a woman captive for months. >> cbs5 lind see riser joins -- lindsey riser joins us live with answers tonight. >> reporter: and we have
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15er yas -- years in arizona. convicted with the very charge he is now facing again. kidnapping. >> and for all of our officers to open the container up and see her chained like a dog, that is incredible. >> reporter: investigators are coming 100-acres of south carolina property for evidence. after kayla brown was found chained in alive in a 30 by 15- foot container. >> it's pretty horrible. we got deputies down e went and heard this lady banging on the contain per. >> investigators got a tip there could be as many as four bodies on the property. >> we're trying to make sure that, you know, that we don't have the a serial killer on our hands. >> we're learning more about the suspect todd colep. court documents she served 15
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accused of forcing a 14-year- old girl in his home at gunpoint and raping her when he was 15 and living with his father in tempe. during mental evaluations. doctors found he had severe family issues. and admitted he "raped a girl and got caught." in addition to that kidnapping charge, he could now face charges had depending on -- checked on the outcome of the -- depending on the outcome of the investigation. >> thank you. a toddler on life support. his caretaker accuse. >> police tell us this woman, now facing felon child abuse charges. she is the girlfriend of the baby's father. investigators say they responded to this home in surprise yesterday afternoon and found a toddler not breathing. she told officers the child had a been ill but later confessed
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he wouldn't eat and kept crying. >> he said she picked the child off of the ground and threw the child and picked the child up again and threw the child down on the ground one more time. >> doctors say that little boy suffer and serious brain injury. currently at the children's hospital on life support right now. tomorrow is the last day early polls will be open residents are worried they won't get in time to vote. >> that because the wait time is two hours. and in some places, it's even longer. back in july, a nonpartisan voter's rights organization says they met with county recorders to tell hyster that they were not enough early voting sites. >> i called them this morning and i asked what they're doing to try to reduce the wait times so that people who are work and have families or whatever don't
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i was told they are doing everything possible to make the lines shorter. i asked what that meant, i couldn't get any details. so it's really frustrating. >> there's 23 early polling sites but on election day. 724 polling place open in the county. >> and donald trump on the campaign trail tonight. he can't message what the u.s. would be like if hi clinton were the commander in chief. he will hold another rally florida. >> and the two previous presidential nominees from the gop were side by side tonight right here in the valley. mitt romney joined mccain. trying to beat democratic congressman for his seventh turn in the senate.
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eight year, we have had a president that when it came to helping people in the country, he haven't had a clue. and once againen we i -- again, we rely on people with experience and judgment like senator john mccain. >> he went onto say the inwither would need a man like the john mccain in the senate. and it's been a month since we have seen any inch at airport. but take a look at some of the rainfall numbers with he around the valley. you can see pretty much everywhere got a taste of the some rain. with most totals between a quarter of an inch to almost an inch of rain. around the states, florence had the most. .30 and then we had flag staff at 2700th of an inch. here's what it looks like outside right now. just light showers moving through the east part of the valley. not a lot behind this.
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this evening. heavy rain heading up towards williams. this storm cell right now making its way toward flag staff in the next 30 minutes. the storm cell itself is sitting right here. but it'll move to the east, northeast. off and on showers expected throughout the evening. we are expected to see the heaviest amount of rain stretching through to we start off the day with heavy, heavy rain for the eastern and northern part of our stat low pressure begins to move out of the state. so it's going to be a very wet day for some as the valley, is staying nice and dry. all of the way through the evening. we're going to push most of it out of here as we head into our overnight on saturday and into -- into friday and into saturday. 85 on your saturday. 86 expected on sunday and for election day on tuesday, plenty of sunshine, no excuses not to go vote. 9 is the -- 89 is expected high.
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it's 10:10 and you're ready for friday. but stay up with us, because did you now proposition 205 lowers the penalty for explosive drug lapse. so will this endanger your family or make neighborhoods safer. evidence with answers on both sides of the argument. >> if you love classic cars but think there's no way you could afford one, think again. i'll show you how can you can own a piece of automotive history without loosing your shirt.
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well, arizona's climate and snow bird population make a great place to restore a classic car. >> tells us how you can get started without spending an arm and a price tags at car auctions may make it seem like owning a classic car is out of reach for regular working stiffs. but just poke your head into a garage like tempe's then and now automotive, and you macon collude that just about anyone can own a peace of automotive history. >> how's business? >> business is good.
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>> felicia peters owned this place. she says the most important, pick the right car. she recommendations one that's mass produced. >> they were looking into a muscle car, i would direct then to a chevelle. >> reporter: it's going to cost money but you can make it affordable by taking your time. start with the engine before you move on to the body. which is the most expensive part to restore. >> how long does that take? >> 18-24 months total. >> and you need to watch out for scams from garages that over charge to autobrokers. >> there's definitely and under belly to this entire industry. >> attorney robert tillis says you can't count on the cops to go after the bad guys if you get ripped off from a car deal.
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attorney. but doing your home work, ahead of time, choosing the right store and restoring it slowly may just be your key to owning one of these classics. for a budget job, experts say a realistic time frame to restore could be from 1-5 years. back to you. thing is this is one of the worst initiatives to make it to the ballot. >> instead of keeping the amateurs get them an avenue to do this professionally. >> prop 205 would legalize recreational marijuana in arizona. but the least talked about part of the law talks about drug will be as. critics a i it'll lead to more explosions in neighborhoods. while support esay it'll bring safety through regulation.
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explosions, the effects can be devastating. a new type of drug lab is surging in popularity. by tape is used to strip the narcotic part of the plant. what's left over is an oil. >> it's more than enough to make two people high for three hours. >> these labs #??:gare volatile the highly flammable gas can pool. any spark, even explosion. >> you're afraid you'll see a lot more drug labs. >> top 205 drops the penalty from a class 2 felon that can carry up to 12 and half years of prison to a class 6. which is often negotiated down to a misdemeanors and a fine. >> we are saying, under our criminal law. we don't think this as dangerous or as serious. and that just flies in the face of what reality is and what
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>> chemical extraction labs reich this already being busted in valley on an almost weekly basis and whale it reduce the penalty, both california and colorado recently increased their penalties. laws were changed after more than 30 exemployeesesemployeeses were linked to labs in colorado. in can california, one hospital treated 6 children from burns -- 68 children from burns from these labs in three years. >> what is a equipment? >> there is -- this is some of the equipment we have recovered. >> reporter: several areas at the county evidence locker are packed with illegal labs busted in neighborhoods across the valley. the concern for law enforcement, reduce the penalty, even more people will be willing to take the risk. >> they're going to be typically amateurs. >> reporter: detectives say think of these labs like having a meth lab next door.
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more. as hazardous if not more. >> if you reduce the penalty, won't that increase the likelihood more people will do this? >> no. because again, all they have to do is go get a business license. that's a very low burden for them to be able to do. >> reporter: attorney ryan hurley backs prop 205. he says a different part of the law would lead to more regulation. proponents say fewer people would risk lans if they could operate a business. >> i think if they're facing a potential year and half from prison for doing this. >> $15,000? >> absolutely. >> legalizes recreational marijuana but how it's written includes fine print and other changes in law. to penalties for under age possession. we have done a serious of reports and you can find those
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well, like the song says, it was sweet home chicago. and they returned world champs after 108 very long years. take a look as the cubs stopped at wrigley field. early, early this morning. where thousands of fans were still waiting up. cub fans stayed relatively calm as the trophy was raised high. >> you think that's because they were still recovering from celebrating the night before? the morning before? >> i think they have lost all sense of time there in windy city. >> as the cub's victory ended their rain as the prosports team with the longest championship drought. >> and now that belongs to the arizona cardinals. yes, the cardinals haven't won a championship since 1947. here's the picture. back then they were called the chicago cardinals. we called some sports memorabiliashot shops to see if any place carries items from that era. the owner of the hall of fame collectibles says he did have
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about 12er yas ago -- 12 years ago. he thinks the team should play up their newfound title. >> the more talk about history and not winning for the more publicity the arizona cardinals get. >> all about more action. the cardinals haven't won a championship now in 69 years. right behind them, the cleveland indians at 68 years. >> and they're not number one.
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heavy rain has moved to the
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the valley for us. showsshows you exactly where it's raining at. what we're going to be seeing for tomorrow morning is still northern and eastern arizona seeing heavy rain here in the valley 64 at 7:00. 69 at 8 am and 72 degrees at 9:00. afternoon temperatures will stay right around seasonal average. 55 flag staff and 83 expected for phoenix. arizona coyotes coach dave tippen will never use injuries as an excuse. whoever is in, has to produce. youngsters gain their ice time tonight with center marchty han, is el and. tippen looking for a second straight win against the predators. arizona gets it going. making the most of his pt. his first nhl goal. third period, coyotes down one, shot on goal.
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two. it goes to a shoot out. the season vet beats renee and then on the other side, stones johanson. they get the 3-2 win. >> awesome to contribute and get the two points. >> getting a win tonight is something special. we have a great group of guys and. >> accord to ussa, the chi monday backs will hire thei of days. deciding 2002 between two. little sleep. champagne, soap and fully lited. cubs return to chicago before the sun rose this morning. and of course, their fans were there to greet them. this week's sports illustrated is already out. there's the cover. the chicago cubs world series champions, 2016. the arizona cardinals ended bye
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mentally. beat down in carolina. not out of the division race. trailing first place seattle by only a game and a half. >> we're not happy with the first half of the season. but for the second half of the season to be a game or game and half, whatever, but knowing that we're going to play them again, if we can take care of our business, that should matter and we're in the hunt for our division. which automatically gets substance abuse the us into the play off. >> at tampa, falcons and buccaneers. hanging early. jameis winston. dropping back. and he's going to heave hoe to mike evans. bucks up 14-13. too much. matt ryan. big night. julio jones. approve 6-3. 43-28. exhibition hoot hoops
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clark. clark with ten points on the pretty dish right there.
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message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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ssage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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no rain expected for tomorrow. 83 the afternoon high. with partly cloudy sky. >> looks beautiful and comfortable. >> really does. thanks, ashley. and thank you for joining us cbs5 news tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a great night, everyone. paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them.
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