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tv   Sunday Morning News  CBS  November 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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good morning, arizona. 6:00 on you you know, a lot of you probably up earlier than usual today. the phoenix 10k famous run, he's been doing for 41 years kicking off this morning. our brandon lee is going to be there this morning. man, she was facebooking and instagraming this morning. she has bronchitis, y'all. remember she had to go home yesterday because she wasn't feeling well. we could hardly hear her.
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all the runsers good luck. so run for her. >> reminds me of old sweet brown, so kimmie we wish you well. we'll be checking in just a bit. we hear he's stuck in an uber. >> but you also want to take a look at the weather because i know you're hoping for sunshine. even if you're not running, you want to see that. am i right? >> no doubt. >> so stepping up to the plate here, that's shout out for you. >> yesterday was gorgeous. nice little breeze. temperatures whether where they should be. today, almost a carbon copy of yesterday. so that's the good news. but we will start to warm up after that. so today, to start off the morning, temperatures are actually quite pleasant out there. temperatures in the 60s out at sky harbor but temperatures throughout the valley even a little cooler in some of the southeastern valleys. 57 in chandler.
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cooler up north as well, 57 in anthem. if you are going out whether it's for the 10k or you're hiking, anything outdoors, temperatures remaining in the 60s and 70s through about noon before we warm up into the lower 80s. but we could be flirting with near record temperatures later this week. >> not record temperatures. >> it's not good. >> all right. thank you, dean. keep us posted. right now we are getting you the very latest on fire at an apartment complex. look at those flames as it went up around 8:00 last night. possibly due to a gas explosion. >> this story developing quickly overnight while you were sleeping. so new for you this morning, we now know six people were hurt in that explosion. when you saw those explosions, you can see why. one of the people airlifted here to maricopa medical center in the valley. catching this video as they
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pay son. with a look at what's left. >> so jim, we're looking behind you. it doesn't look like there's much there. so what do we know now this morning? >> reporter: well, the fire crews have been here going on better than ten hours now. you can possibly see what's left of this two-story quadplex. it's still smoldering. i spoke to several cops who says a vast percentage of the force was gathered at the headquarters, that's just a few blocks away, detail. when they felt the building shake. the 911 call center was immediately flooded with calls about a huge fire that was right behind the ace hardware store on state route 87. the payson police chief told me there were a total of nine people inside the apartment building at the time of the explosion. six of them needed medical treatment, one as you said earlier, was serious enough to be flown to the medical center to the burn unit. and according to the chief, he's
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everyone got out alive. >> all right. >> reporter: so at -- yes, ma'am. >> i have a question for you. >> reporter: go ahead. >> i heard really -- the smell is pungent there and really just nothing left there this morning. >> reporter: well, as a matter of fact, it was really easy to find. i mean, i showed up here about three and a half hours after the explosion and it was really easy to i mean, the hole sky was glowing, being illuminated by all the lights and the smoke in the air. and the smell has subsided a lot but it was pungent with when i first arrived on scene. >> all right. jim, long time photo journalist for us here. >> he stays behind for us. he did a great job reporting. it is 6:04 right now. let's take a look at the white house. the race for the white house.
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interrupted with people shouting "gun" and the secret service rushing the presidential nominee right off of the stage. now trump was speaking -- here you go -- at a nevada rally with whether a man in the crowd says he went to hold up an anti-trump sign. secret service agent there's rushing the stage after someone shouted "he's got a gun". now the main was detained by police, later released though. here's his perspective of what happened last night. >> well, i'm actually a republican, so i'm aub republican candidates for quite some time. but i just don't support donald trump. and i've been fairly vocal during the primary process as well as now. and i just -- during my democratic -- what i believe is my -- my duty, you know, to show that i don't -- even though we're from the same party, even though a lot of the things he says may resonate with a lot of people and a lot of the supporters, you know, i agree with them on many, many different issues.
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know, he's very dangerous for the country. >> well, he went on to say trump supporters were assaulting him. he says when he pulled out his anti-trump sign, people started attacking him and then he was tackled by secret service agents. he also added that a crowd's reaction is one of his reasons for not voting for trump. well, trump then did go back to the podium. he did punish izz -- finish his speech last night and law enforcement officials say no gun was found last night. in a crucial state of pennsylvania, hillary and clinton had -- philadelphia and clinton had a cup of coffee. while in philly, clinton got some star-studded support. singer katy perry took to the stage for the nominee. perry not the first celeb to perform for clinton, as you know. jay-z and beyonci had a concert on friday. james taylor will perform at
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new hampshire. and that's going to happen tonight. . all right h you probably recognize the people you're looking at there. that's clinton's running mate senator tim kaine joining bon jovi on stage. kaine showing off his skills with the harmon can a. scare ry moment for kaine after a bus in his motorcade was hit. no one was hurt. and the bus only had that little bits of minor damage there. but it happened while the motorcade was heading to the airport. ff lines short on tuesday as they plan for a big rush in voters. right now there are about 2 million registered voters in maricopa county. 1 million have cast early ballots. some advocates believe another voting fiasco could turn off voters. so to avoid getting stuck at the long lines here at the polls, it is recommended to avoid peak voting hours.
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morning and then again from 11:00 to 1:00 in the lunch break and 4:00 to 7:00 as people head to the polls after work. arizona not the only state with long early voting lines. parts of california, people were forced to wait hours there. the line at the north hollywood library took nearly six hours to get through. people lined up just after 8:00 a.m. were finally able to vote around 2:30 in the afternoon. what a day. well, from nevada to oklahoma, to indiana, waits of at least an hour to early vote. an hour sounding rather mild. >> well you know i mean, it's you don't want to see that. but it's also good, though, that we are seeing so many people turning out for early voting. >> a lot of interest. just dropping that early ballot in the mail, that was luxurious, indeed. it is now 6:08. and we have a great show ahead for you this morning. next up, a check of the forecast. >> we got a little teaser there saying we're flirting with some
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse.
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endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. . 6:11, beautiful shot of downtown phoenix as runners converge. it's over by the police museum that folks are going to be meeting forethe phoenix 10k this morning. but let's take you out to china this morning. this is where dense fog forced several expressways to shut down
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the weekend. many drivers who reached the toll stations were turned away there. china that's a three-tier warnings system for fog with yellow being moderate, orange moderate, and red being severe. no worry about fog here this morning. but temperatures very pleasant out there right now. 64 degrees. some of our areas in the southeastern valley checking in with temperatures in the 5 above where we should be. it should be right around 80 degrees this time of the year. but we've been above normal. what a nice cool start to the morning. up around flag, checking in at 29 degrees. nice cool 39 in payson. still checking in at 64 in sky harbor. clear skies and relatively light winds. generally out of the east-southeast a little breezier
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hour. it will be like that throughout much of the day out of the east and southeast. and nothing but clear skies throughout the state this morning. from north to south, we're not going to see much in the way of cloud cover, maybe a little bit of high cloud cover as another storm system pounds into areas of the pacific northwest. that will drive a cool front relatively speaking, a cool front here as we head into tuesday night into wednesday morning. that will pick the winds up. but it really won't drop the temperatures a whole heck of a lot. of the storm system we had that ago, that is now pushed off into areas of the midwest giving them a good soaking rain. here's that cool front i was talking about. this is situated still well to our north. it will slowly dip to the south and then as we head into monday night and tuesday, that's when it starts to approach. high pressure then will build in as we head into tuesday night and to wednesday that will kick the winds enter on the breezy side briefly from tuesday night into wednesday morning. but notice, lack of moisture.
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like that with dry conditions and yes, unfortunately, temperatures approaching near record levels as we head into tuesday. don't think we'll quite get there, but needless to say, i think we're all ready for some cooler weather. high's today across the valley checking in at lower 80s. everybody checking in with low to mid-80s. another pleasantly cool night overnight tonight. southeastern valleys checking in with temperatures in the 50s. we'll take that and then lower 60s in andun phoenix. and then here comes the warmer temperatures. today not too bad. we'll take it. sunny skies. again if you're going out for the run today, 10k run, it's going to be a nice one. won't warm up into the 80s until later this afternoon. so 60s and 70s throughout much of the morning. then tonight we're looking at clear skies dropping in the lower 50s and upper 60s. here comes that warmer weather. election day, close to 90
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into the end of the week. veteran's day looking pretty nice as well with temperatures just a little bit above where they should be, in the lower 80s. >> thank you. so you may notice that's not kim. kim not doing weather today. she is sick and so bummed that she is missing the big phoenix 10k and half-marathon. she's been training for a while now. >> but -- who is this handsome gent. what is harder, the you're running today or waking up this early? >> reporter: oh god. lena. good morning to the both of you. what is harder, training fort marathon or waking up at 5:00 a.m.? i -- you know, when that alarm went off, i would say definitely waking up at 5:00 a.m. it was a challenge this morning. >> so voice is a little groggy there, brandon. >> reporter: i am going to confess, i'm -- i am so going to confess right now.
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for this half-marathon two weeks ago. >> oh, no. >> reporter: yeah. >> stop it. >> reporter: so -- and you know, kim was like b, you've got to get some runs out in the street. i'm so sad right now. if anybody is facebook friends are kim please go on to her facebook page today, she went to the intensive care unit last night. she was supposed to be out here with me. we were going to be running partners today and she nexted me it morning. she's like b, i am not doing good, i am not feeling here today. but if i ever start to break down during this race, i'm going to think of kimmie and say i'm going to do this for kimmie. i'm so sad she's not here. >> is this your first half? >> reporter: it's super fun. okay. so all these people are just now starting to register right now. so they're like picking up their t-shirts, they're picking up their numbers. here's the other thing, swing the camera around to your right. okay. see these guys with the sticks and little numbers on top of
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race in three hours, you stand next to the dude that's running carrying that stick. now if you want to finish in the race in 1:30. this is going to be my ideal goal. i am going to try. i am going to really try. because listen, the race starts around 7:00, so i have to finish in two hours, just so i can do another live segment with y'all. >> we appreciate that. >> reporter: more like 2:15. more like 2:15. >> it's a four-hour s out here. look at all these people out here getting ready for this. ladies, are you running the half-marathon today? >> the half. >> reporter:. >> half. how long have you been training? >> seven years. >> seven years. seven -- >> i love running. >> seven years, so two weeks is not -- what would you say to somebody who has been training for two weeks? >> it's going to hurt. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: it's going to hurt.
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hurt so good later on today. >> how are you guys doing this morning? >> good. >> good good. are you excited about the race? >> i don't know. maybe. >> what are you running today. >> the half. >> you're doing the half. how long have you been training for the half-marathon? >> not long at all. >> girl, you and i are right there. knuckles, knuckles. we're going to be pacing each other today. >> reporter: the finish line is somewhere over there, we'll take you to the finish line in just a little bit. but i don't know, do you guys >> well, i'm curious, is this your first half-marathon? >> reporter: jamie, this is the furthest dance i would have ever run if i cross that finish line today. >> oh, you will, come on. >> reporter: i've never run 13 miles. i've never done it. the furthest i ran was training last week and i did ten miles. >> oh you're almost there. you're almost there. what if we promise you snacks? >> reporter: i got my number. el oh, you know what i -- i
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they're actually over there. my snacks are these -- they're like these gu packs. these little gels that you down as you're running. >> that sounds delicious. >> amazing. brandon, so i have to tell you. >> reporter: i'm a little nervous. >> you asked for a piece of advice. his son-in-law is jason beggs from american pie. last year -- >> rreporter: i heard about that. the dude from "american >> he claim he took an uber to the finish line. there's always that option. >> reporter: so i took ab you'll -- took an uber down here. i said hey can i get your cell phone number in case i need you to pick me up along the route. she said not a problem. i had no idea jason biggs did that last year. but no joke about 20 minutes ago, my uber down here, i had that same conversation with my uber driver. so i don't want to -- i don't
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>> if we see you without any sweat, we're going to know. we're going to call you out. >> you better look dirty my friend, and exhausted. >> reporter: lena, lena, are you kidding me. i will take a bottle of water and i will dump it over my head and make it look like sweat. i'm going to do it right if i'm going to do it. >> go big or go home. >> knock them down, my friend. thanks for getting up early. >> reporter: i've got to go stretch. >> can we watch that part? >> reporter: hopefully i'll y'all in a lil' bit. >> thanks, b. >> reporter: jamie, it is early in the morning on a sunday. this is darn family show. >> not really. thanks, brandon. >> not anymore. >> reporter: i love you ladies. >> knock them down. well, here they are. the vase on right here in new york city. tens of thousands of runners are set to take place in the 46th new york city marathon today. and one runner hoping to raise a whole lot of money for a worthy
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of late actor chest fer reeves, he is participating for the very first time he is chasing $35,000, guys, for the christopher and dana reeves foundation. he died in 2004 at just the age of 52. his wife died 17 months later and their son, will, was only 13 years old at the time. >> well good luck to all the runsers there a new york marathon. i know batman is running. we still have a lot more coming up for you on good morning arizona. at 7:20, find out some of the very special ways that you -- we are saluting our military this week. >> our debbie hernandez getting a garage door running smoother and maybe just with a push of the button on your cell phone. >> yes, please. and then jeff's dad is here answering your questions and
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chicken dinner to be moist and
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. good morning, everyone. it's time foreyour cub of j-o-e. the wildcats coach is as frustrated as he's ever been in his time. the squad had lost five straight
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the ball not producing consistently leading to numerous, numerous painful saturdays. number 25, washington state, arizona, not enough horses on defense. luke falk shuffled pass. eight yard touchdown. arizona chairing the game. two-yard touchdown. arizona down 24-0 after one. four touchdowns, this awful. arizona get hammered. 69 to seven: the bulldogs hosting number four texas a&m. nick fitzgerald, fred ross on the receiving end, a 60 yard touchdown, bulldogs led 21-7. christian kirk making things happen on the punt run. open space. down the sidelines and he is gone. a 93 yard return makes it a 14-point game.
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picked off by mark mclaurin, bulldogs with the stoner in starkville 35-28. a three-4-1 record, doesn't have the arizona cardinals waving a white flag. big red can still make a run for the division title. the coach will go with what he's got and try to make that happen. >> right now, just putting the pieces together that we have, good game plans for each guy to be able hopefully prepare well enough and play on sunday. i've been pleased with the preparation. the preparation hasn't been a problem. it's the execution of the plan. >> two-way playoffs, phoenix christian. cougar's season mat hawking over 400 yards andism touchdowns. he's adding to it. rips off a touchdown, cougars with the early lead. cougars just feeding the beast
6:27 am
a saturday night special for another score, phoenix christian flying high, advancing 33-19. eagles quarterback jack miller only 14 has sicks skills, ten-yard touchdown. eagles up 31-7. miller not con. letting it -- not done. litting it fly. 25 yard touchdown, eagles move on have a fantastic sunday. >> boy he's out there the way he was running. >> i know. >> you've got to stop some time, my friend. still ahead we have the latest news for you.
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. i almost got caught dancing. >> we don't want to wake you up that way. >> we don't want to do that. we like you. instead we're giving you this. >> the beauty. thank you mother nature. it is sunday and welcome. let's do this thing. >> it is november 6th today.
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and so many people up. you can almost feel the energy. >> there's a lot going on. >> there is a lot going on. you do have to be aware of the block aids around town, because when i was coming into work because of central phoenix, that run. >> so we do have a runner in the race in this race. we have our brandon lee who is stretching out right now. and more kim has bronchitis. so she's not able to run. so send her good vibes. so we did call in the calvary. >> dean with us. dean says i've got a little scratchy throats from the cubs game. >> that's nothing. all right. >> two days ago. >> we're going to have sympathy but not anymore. everyone is with you on that one. >> absolutely. i hope kim feels better. i wish she could run today. but great, great weatherer for the runners out there. it doesn't get much better with this. with temperatures this morning, generally in the lower 60s, not too shabby out there as we have plenty of clear skies. 64 degrees out at sky harbor but some of the outlying areas, southeastern valley is still
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a light breeze out of the east-southeast. that's not too bad. you can see those temperatures 60 in scottsdale. 59 in tempe. it's nice. open those windows, enjoy if you're out doing the running today, it is going to be a great day for the 10k with temperatures only warming up into the 70s towards noon. but there is the possibility of at least coming close to approaching record heat as we ahead throughout the week. >> just leave that last part off. >> we didn't need to hear thatpa we are getting you the very latest on the very scary situation in payson. >> can you imagine this, an apartment complex blew up. a huge explosion. >> this right here is cell phone video taken just after it happened. you can see the flames, hear the sirens, as the fire trucks started to arrive. >> nine people were in that four-flex at the time of the explosion. six people were hurt. most of them taken to banner health. >> one person was hurt seriously
6:33 am
the valley. >> and we pick up the story from there. so it's hard to believe that nothing more serious happened. do we know the condition of this person? >> reporter: you know, not yet lena. i can tell you that our cameras were here when she got here from the payson area. we know that it is a woman and as i mentioned earlier, we don't know exactly what the extent of her injuries or how badly she was burned. these are some of the first pictures into that area. the two-story, four-flex complex was basically reduced to rubble. it was still burning when we got on scene. it smoldered throughout the early morning hours as several fire departments worked to guest the hotspots out. we're told nine people were home at the time as you mentioned. most of them made their way outside when rescue crews arrived. the police station is very near to where that apartment complex is. and some of the officers said -- officers in that area said they
6:34 am
but they're not ready to say just yet if it was a glass -- gas explosion or not. >> obviously, that's going to be the determination of the investigation. obviously we're going to look into all matters and attempt to determine just exactly what transpired because that explosion. we certainly don't have those answers at this time. >> we know that gas investigators are on scene trying to get what happened. and also those fire crews remain there as for the victim, we're waiting to hear back exactly what her condition is. as soon as we find out, we'll be sure to bring it to you. reporting live at the maricopa medical center, back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. in your other top stories this morning, secret service agents had to rush donald trump off stage at a rally in nevada after someone yelled "there was a gun". witnesses say it all happened when a protester raised an
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the stage. supporters apparently attacked that anti-trump fella. the man was detained by police. but later released. a short time later, trump returned to the stage to finish his speech. the man who was detained at the rally says he was assaulted by the crowd before being tackled. he says he was kicked and hit by trump supporters before he was forced to leave, removed by police officer. he was detained for about an hour before being released. no charges were filed against homestretch here. we're talking about hours until election day. not days anymore. we're 48 hours from election with arizona being a major battleground state this time around. so both presidential nominees are pulling out the stops to get your support. today, hillary clinton's former rival, bernie sanders, will be here in the valley. the vermont senator will campaign for clinton at value high school in phoenix. that rally starts at 11:45 this
6:36 am
on the republican side, donald trump got some support from a former foe as well. dr. ben carson held two rallies for trump here. we have more for you. >> i really do believe that on tuesday, all the pundits are going to be scratching their heads. >> reporter: carson who is known for his quiet demeanor, took a meg phone to speak to the crowd. >> we've been sitting down and keeping our mouth shut. it's time to stand up and open our mouths. r trump compared car southern's personality to that of a child molesters and called him super low energy. for weeks now, carson has been traveling through battleground states like colorado and iowa on trump's behalf. the retired neurosurgeon talked about repealing the affordable care act and replacing it with a not-yet-announced new plan. >> it is a responsibility for responsible and compassionate society and we are that and we
6:37 am
and i've been in contact with multiple healthcare officials. we have some dynamite plans after tuesday, you're going to see them. >> definitely has an impact in arizona. our rates are going up substantially. >> reporter: trump says he hopes carson will play a role if this his administration. people here hope the same. >> i really think he will be an awesome secretary of hhs. >> reporter: as for whether arizona will turn blue for hillary clinton, carson said this to us on his at all. as this a scary scene broke out near the white house yesterday. a secret service officer noticed a man walking along pennsylvania avenue with a gun. when the officer confronted him, a fight broke out and the man was arrested for carrying a firearm without a license, also for resisting arrest as well. this is sad news out ever mesa this morning. a little boy has died after police say he fell out of a
6:38 am
family's pool. officers say the boy climbed out of a window, fell into the murky water where his father eventually found him. emergency crews gave the child cpr, rushed him to the hospital. you saw the family hugging each other there. it was just too late, though, we're told a fence around the pool was closed, but the window the boy fell out of was inside that fenced area. and this morning, you know, a train derailment in phoenix. investigators are looking into what happened tha up falling over yesterday morning. union pacific workers spent most of the day cleaning up that mess and making repairs and believe it or not, thank goodness, no one was hurt there. we need your help to find a serial robber. he's right there. he's hit several business. this is video of the suspect entering a cvs farm sy last movement you can see him go to the cash impolite he appears to have a weapon under his shirt. he demands money, then walks out.
6:39 am
. >> the fact that he's hutting numerous locations and is either has a weapon or simulating a weapon that could be dangerous for everybody involved. so we want the information to get him off the street as soon as possible. >> police say he's robbed not just stores but motels as well in both phoenix, chandler, along with tempe. and police say they need to track down an armed robbery suspect and need your help. take a look at these pictures here. this guy dressed head to to in cardinea walgreens near 67th avenue and happy valley last month. everything seems fine as he's checking out and even gives the clerk some cash to pay for his stuff. but when the clerk opens up the register, that's when the guy pointed to something from under his shirt and demanded all the money. he did take off in a black model chevy tahoe with a slight lift. if you have any information,
6:40 am
well, happy sunday morning to you. i want to warn you about the weekend construction out there before you head out on this sunday. i-10 westbound due to be opened once again at 9:00 this morning. westbound from the i-17 split, that's where the two freeways come together over by sky harbor airport, up and around the corner to seventh avenue. i want to take you to the east valley. the 202 red mountain freeway due to be shut down through monday morning over to g then we take you to the u.s. 60 between wool road and the i-10. expect that it could be shut down in either direction for short durations until 10:00 this morning. 6:40 now. it was a night to remember for an oklahoma thunder fan. >> yeah. been there. >> so after he made a shot deemed the most impossible, look. >> all i remember is just seeing the court and i just stayed
6:41 am
made it. >> this is a once-in-a-life lifetime thing right now. what are you going to do next? >> cool. >> very awesome. congratulations. >> so yeah, he can try out for the basket team maybe. >> i think that's a great idea. i saw a rumable in there. >> i used to love that little mascot. >> rumble. >> now we always get his -- somehow we get his attention. this is the first time in the thunder game. so after being picked to try to sink that shot from all, made it, walked away with a memorable experience. >> well that's fine. >> and $20,000. >> nice. >> that's a little more memoriable. >> i love he through his -- threw his entire body enter that shot. . >> we could use yeah. coming up next, we have a little something from you. jamie would love. >> you're going to love it because it has a christmas
6:42 am
i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
6:43 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
6:44 am
. is it really time tore christmas already? well it is in the full swing at rust et stuff home right here in scottsdale. this place is just enveloped in
6:45 am
new trees here. they have 43 different christmas trees all dolled up from 30 vin yes, sir for things for you to choose from. this is the cat and mouse tree. >> this tree was inspired by this painting right over here. it was found about a year ago and then we developed the theme around it. mark roberts this year did cat burglar dolls which we have incorporated into the tree. it's just a super fun theme and, you know, exciting. >> what ase from the king and queen cat. so it's kind of where we -- where we ended up with it. yeah. >> it's so fun. you can tell a story with your christmas tree. this is just the beginning. you guys need to come check it out. they do this every single year here. in fact, they started decorating back in early september is when they started pulling out their christmas decorations for you. another favorite tree here is the vintage tree.
6:46 am
here. tell me about this tree. >> this is my personal favorite. this brings back, you know, old family memories. so we collect vintage ornaments throughout the year. we add to it with new things and we find in our shopping -- our travels. and every year we have a version of a vintage tree. this year, it's on a flocked frosted tree. i think it's amazing. my favorite. >> open house is a really big deal. through the month, what's going on? >> we throw this people come from all over the country. mark roberts, who is known for his christmas fairy he's, he will be here for a signing. we teach people out to make bows with real special ribbons. how to make wreathes and garlands. we have seminars on how to pair chocolate with champagne and wind. >> it is called rust tick stuff
6:47 am
for more information go to our website. >> we need christmas. >> this is not feeling like christmas. it is pleasantly cool this morning. it's not too shabby out there. temperatures are scour degrees. we'll warm up about another 20 degrees from where we're at now. gorgeous shot out there. nothing but clear skies. the marathon, a lot of people out there for that. temperatures remaining in the 60s and 70s through about noon. it starts to warm up close to 80 by noon and then into the lower 80 t so if you're out running, good luck, have fun, temperatures pretty nice. at least to start off the morning. temperatures nice and cool in flagstaff. 29 degrees checking in below freezing. 38 in payson. 64 out at sky harbor. a little bit of a breeze out there. not much. winds generally light out of the east-southeast. anywhere from five to ten. a little breezier in sedona, but not by much. nothing but sunshine out there,
6:48 am
temperatures a little bit above where they should be for this time of the year. there are some clouds out to the west. these will be approaching the area mainly staying to our north. no moisture associated with it. but what it's going to do is drag a cool front towards our area as we head into tuesday night and wednesday morning behind that cold front we'll see some breezier conditions. the rain that we saw a couple of days ago, that that has moved off. here is that cool front off to our north and west. temperatures behind us, we're really not whole lot. the thing we'll notice the most is the high pressure builds in here towards tuesday. that's when our winds will pick up out of the east, becoming a little bit breezier towards wednesday morning. and then we'll slightly cool down towards the end of the week. but temperatures still above where they should be for this time of the year. today, yeah, we should be right around 80 degrees. a good three to four degrees above that. lower 80s in the east valley.
6:49 am
tonight pleasantly cool. this is great sleeping weather. open up the windows. east valley into the 50s, lower 60s. mid-50s up in our north valley towards anthem. so today, not too bad of a day. 84 degrees. sunny skies. it will be a warm one for this time of the year. then tonight another pleasant night, lows down to 62 and again some of the our east-southeast areas will drop off into the 50s and here comes the warmer weather for election day, out and vote. temperatures approaching 90 degrees. where is fall? well, we do cool down a little bit towards the ebbed of the week but only down into the low to mid-80s. -- end of the week. but only down into the low to mid-80s. >> we had to linger on that for a little bit so we could get used to the idea. so if you're just waking up with us, do send your well wishes to kimmie. she's not here this morning. she was planning on running the half-marathon this morning. she's been training for months.
6:50 am
>> she's sick at home. thousands of people downtown including our own jessica. getting ready for this run, including brandon lee. so did you get a gander of that man stretching out his calves? >> reporter: hey, guys. he looks so good. you know, he was stretching so we don't want to bother him right now. but look what i made for our brandon. >> awe. >> reporter: just a little show of support. i'm so sad about kimmie. she's but look at this. it's really cute. go-go, kim q. right? i have to tell you the underneath out here is to electric, i've never been out here before so this is a real special treat for me. this race started in 1976. it is the grandfather of all races. of course the guy who founded it is our very own dr. art mull lynn. >> good morning. you know, brandon i understand is going to break the world's record in this half-marathon today. he's really planning to come in pretty good.
6:51 am
for it. >> you said that the turnout today versus the turnout in 1976, talk about the difference there. >> it's spectacular. the race started in 1976 on the canal bank at 40th street. we anticipated 500 runners, we wound up having 1500 runners. we handed out actually tong depressors at that time instead of the timing systems which are so activity indicated now. and after 500 -- fist indicated now. >> now -- i mean look at this >> we have over 5,000 people here today. it's spectacular. we have of the 5k, 10k, the half-they're monday. interestingly enough, people are out there and they want to bring their kids out to run in this one-mile fun run, there's still time. they can get down here. that doesn't start until about 9:30 today. so come on out and join the party today. >> and there's a lot of new stuff featuring this year, for instance, people can win money,
6:52 am
and if you're going to come down here, you know, it's a big party. there's access off of seventh street. you're going to want to kind of stay south. there are a ton of parking garages open and available. so come on down. >> come on down, join the party. it's going to keep going until about 11:00. even come out just for the awards ceremony which will be about 10:00. >> this half-marathon starts in about 15, 20 minutes. 7:00? >> absolutely. it all benefits the m foundation for the prevention of childhood obesity. so it's a really good cause that you're contributing to. so be part of this event. >> absolutely. we are so excited to see brandon take off, guys. we're going to send it back to you. >> yeah, we can't wait. say hi to the doctor for us. up next, it is one thing to make fun of donald trump when maybe your -- with maybe your friendsory family. >> right. but it's another to do it to his
6:53 am
6:55 am
happening today, more than 40 arizona artists will showcase their works of art at the sherman family arts festival. of the artwork will include drawings, paintings, glass work and more. instructors will also be leading interactive children's art fist. admission is $7 per person or $20 per family.
6:56 am
call the number on the screen. and then st. mary's basilica are partnering for the third annual festival. so it starts at 11:00 in the morning. goes until 6:00 tonight at the plaza right next to the basilica. and you'll see children's activities, vendor booths, local artists, food trucks. that is free by the way. but they are asking for some canned food donation. today kicks off our turkey drive benefitting the salvation army. you can donate nonperishable food items or make a donation right there at the register. and be sure to join us live tomorrow. we'll be at the fried food store. the big give turkey drive runs through december 31st. also today, the feen ex cotillion hosting its annual fall fashion show. so that starts at 1:0030.
6:57 am
the benefits do benefit the charity. scott passmore on the golf course for the third annual swing for kids cancer empty. that's taking place today in scottsdale from 2:00 to 5:00. the event raises money for children and families affected by pediatric cancer. other celebrity guests include d-backs star paul gold some mitt. we are just getting started here on good morning arizona. welcome review. well on 7:20. asu is showing a special salute for our veteran. >> it's something you can pay a pretty penny for. we'll show you how to fix some automatic garage door problems. >> chef dad answering your cooking questions like making sure your eggs don't crack while making hard-boiled eggs. >> you know it's getting closer
6:58 am
these. we'll have more, comin putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... anand everyone's getting dresse donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either.
7:00 am
captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i am jane pauley and this is sunday morning. the battle for the whit white he is going down to the wire. and if you are thinking it has been a particularly long campaign, you're right. november 8th is the latest date an election can be held. zoo where are we with just two days to go? martha teichner has the big


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