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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:05pm MST

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caught...but that all changed saturday night when she got the phone call she had lost hope in ever getting... why and i know who ant those main things that haunted me for so long, i didn't know why and i ddint' know who and i do."as for scott junior...who's now 12 and a half 3 looking at photos' his thoughts on the man who left him a suprising and powerful one "he's a really bad person, but
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might get a death sentence and i just thought that no one deserves to die...even though he killed my grandma and my dad."melissa and scott say they finally are at peace...and although todd kohlhepp is the accused man who took her husband and scottie's dad...they refuse to let him take anything else. (melissa) "he didn't ruin me, he hasn't ruine my son, we're gonna be ok.son, we're gonna be ok. melissa says authorities told er committed those motorshop murders.. because he was a disgruntled customer.right now.. he is linked to at least 7-murders. for more on this whole story...stay tuned to "cbs this morning" tomorrow morning starting at seven live in the newsroom liana 5 news. new video tonight... of a car that crashed into an apartment in scottsdale.the fire department tweeted out these
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osborn.luckily... no one was word on what led up to the crash. the payson area... rocked by an explosion.. is recovering tonight.the blast left several people hurt... and homeless.
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home.. 4:40:41 when i was reaching for that door handle.. i mean the floor.. just up lifted.. you fly into the air.. you don't think things would happen like that in real life.. 4:56:17 i felt like everything in my life was gone.. everybody that was in that apartment was gone.. savannah is trapped in a bathroom.. 4:41:09 it wouldn't physically open.. and my mind just thought its over.. i'm done 4:57:53 scariest feeling think i would get to her.. tried as hard as i could to break that door down.. their home is pitch black.. filled with smoke.. fire.. dylen gets their son.. 22 month old cameron to safety.. but they cant find nathan.. their five month old.. 4:42:11 i was just screaming nathan! nathan! he's five months old.. he's obviously not going to respond 4:42:40 my mind goes.. he's gone.. can't find him.. i don't know what i'm going to do all the while.. the heat.. flames and smoke intensify..
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tucked into he couch.. i think he was dead you know.. they all get out with minor bumps and bruises.. little nathan is ok.. 4:45:35 i don't even care what happens with all this.. its like.. so amazing that we are alive.. 4:59:24 our lives will change forever.. don't take anything for granted.. looklive tag:: fire investigators say they are looking into the possibility of a gas leak.. as for the family.. they are getting help.. and a go-fund-me page has been set up.. which you can see on our website.. van sant 3tv 3 3 today.. hillary clinton's former rival.. bernie clinton's former today.. hillary today.. hillary clinton's former rival.. bernie sanders.. was here in the valley... at "central high school."he not only gave his
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>> in 2 days there will be the most consequential election in modern history in the united states. >> senator touching on many issues these days including how close this presidential race is. >> it is no secret that arizona is one of states in this country. >> hilary will win if the voter turnout is high. she will lose if the voter turnout is low. let's make sure that arizona has the highest voter turn up in its history. >> sanders touched on many issues including immigration and minimum wage. he says we can
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>> i find it incomprehensible that today after all of this struggle we have a republican candidate for president whose corner stone of his campaign is based on big tree. >> he also gave his $0.02 on a highly contested case here in maricopa county. >> not only must be defeat mr. trump, but >> as part of the final push, both candidates are busy rallying their support. hillary clinton in new hampshire saying it's between unite. donald trump is blasting the fbi after the hillary clinton e-mail investigation is over. more on that in the next half
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each to visit four states. >> we are your go to station on the election. you can watch it right here on cbs 5 online or our free mobile app. the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous for election day. we'll talk about that in your 7-day forecast in just a moment. today we have a high of 84. 42 for you in flagstaff. you are a little bit more 20 hours ago. 59 in sedona and winds out of the southwest. we are dealing with an area of high pressure building over our area. it is allowing a few areas of clouds through our northern states. we'll continue to see that because of the system pushing into the the pacific northwest.
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and keeps the weather makers going towards the north. this is a huge system coming through. let's walk through your day with tomorrow we'll start with temperatures in the 60s in the valley. by noon 82 degrees and a high of 87 is what we in phoenix. 76 for sedona. and we are expecting 89 in downtown. there might be one or two cities around the valley that might hit the 90 degrees mark. temperatures are slightly cooling down. i like the slightly cooling down that goes into the low 80s.
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with cloudy skies. now you have everything you need to know on this sunday night. >> up next, mom's to be predicting the weight of their unborn babies. we'll explain how. >> plus recycled groceries that has shoppers buying food others
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough,
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress.
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"o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. >> billions are tossed out each year around the globe. >> they are putting food on design for the dumpster on supermarket shelves. >> this is the third time in 2 weeks that sarah glover has shopped at what's being called the anti-supermarket. anti-because many of these items
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>> we are all wondering where this goes. >> each month nearly 20,000 pounds of groceries arrive in england. the real food process showcases how much edible food is being discarded from supermarkets to restaurants and cafe. >> do you think this concept will work in the united states? >> yes, this anywhere. wherever food waste is. >> we want to get the food out and offer it to people. >> they are smelling and visually inspecting the food. if it's bad, they throw it away. since all the items are donated customers pay whatever they want. >> absolutely brilliant. it's like all the stuff is being saved from going into landfills. >> the real food project hope this is a start of a global
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think twice before tossing. answers tonight for you parents out there who have kids allergic to peanuts. a team in texas is working on a patch that delivers small doses of a peanut protein into the body. they hope to train kids to handle small amounts of peanuts. this isn't a cure, but it's a good start. now researchers are looking at long-term effects. a urine test weight of their newborn. lifestyle changes can make a big difference. they looked at the life styles of over 100 women. they say impact of food affects the baby the most. increase in enriched meals could mean a weight gain about 2.5%.
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these metabolite to ensure a healthy birth weight. >> this includes chicken, fish, lentils and beans. they are grateful after they came back from a trip. dennis had collapsed. officials two of them rushed over to do cpa and they used the defibrillators to jump start his heart. if they wouldn't have stepped out to help him, he wouldn't be here today. >> mainly just thank you. how do you say that to somebody you saved my life.
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at sky harbor airport and airport officials say they have saved 39 lives. what is to be arizona's original road race. >> it turned 34 today. we are at the event in downtown phoenix. >> they came from far and they are off. 5,000 runners participated in this road race. >> it's a good time for a half marathon and fall training. >> i haven't run it before. i'm excited to try this. >> i'm out here with all of these runners. >> for the flagstaff cross country team, they have this run in the bag. >> are you going to run with them? >> i'm going to run with them. >> are you going to be the
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>> me. >> how long have you been training for this? >> 10 months. >> they founded the phoenix marathon in 1996. >> i'm shocked it's still going on after all these years. all the money stays in arizona and goes towards education of children. comprehensive programs and diet and exercise. yay. >> for the kids their raising the funds for the miles. >> how was it? >> it was good. i have never run that much in my life. for the last 2 miles i sprinted as fast as i could. >> he finished his first half marathon. >> you earned it.
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crossed the finish line, you finished, right? >> no. >> regardless, you did a great job today. how was it? >> it was great. it's great weather. it's my fourth year doing this event. so, there is an early morning photographer mike behind the camera that makes us look good. there is brandon, there is me. >> you are still standing. >> i'm kind of waddling. should i get pizza or something else? >> you earned it. >> we weren't the only once. checkout new york city. >> on your mark >> huge crowds there. tens of thousands of runners took part in the 46th new york city marathon today. one of the
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in tucson finished third place. he's from somalia and went to college before he transferred to the university of arizona. an amazing accomplishment. congratulations to everybody. >> all right. back to the serious stuff. we are spending 24 hours on the campaign trail focusing in on the people and the issues shaping the outcome of the election on tuesday. >> it is a big week. dennis welch and morgan low have more on the big unfolding right now. >> the senator. >> i'm sorry i'm late. >> he is not well liked anymore as he once was. >> is this election rigged? >> no. absolutely not. we did have a computer that was hacked in one of our counties. >> a lot of voters are angry. >> this has been a campaign season like no other. from the top of the ticket with
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piles of election bids. we are spending 24 hours on the campaign trail to bring you the stories that you have not heard like what happens when your vote is challenged. >> how many are tossed out on average? >> not many. we may end up calling people like we do a lot of times. >> this time they are concerned about voter hackers. >> they are already at it. >> we know they are going to keep trying, in fact probably trying right now. >> we'll show you how the democratic party is trying to turn arizona blue now and what they are doing to turn the democratic seats. >> i'm david welch. >> we'll have more tomorrow. >> as we spend 24 hours on the campaign trail. >> those guys will be up bright
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tomorrow. coming up tonight. turning the tables on body shamers, and how they use it for
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>> one phoenix teen is getting horrific comments on social media after posting a picture of herself. >> now she is firing back against this cyber bullying in her own way. >> she came to this park to take a picture to show the halloween costume and posted it on facebook. then she couldn't believe what she saw. and this one says find the differences. it has a very big -- animal next to me. >> this is negative all because she dared to post a picture. >> comment after comment of people i have no clue of who they were. do i look like that, mom? i was like no, then why are you paying attention to it. >> her mother said she should not have been so shocked when
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comments herself to turn the tables on the bully. >> i see a strong woman. >> she plans to use her new facebook page to help her. she's working on a video where she can share the message she has received from use who have been bullied. >> i think i looked good and i think i rocked that thing. i don't think people should be scared to post things because of
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>> his vision of america is so it's not the america that i see. >> i have been here many times as you know and hilary doesn't even, i mean she doesn't even bother to come here. she should be penalized. don't vote for her. >> the campaign trail is in force through the battle ground states. >> and the fbi wrapped the investigation into the hillary
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clinton has been cleared again. >> fbi director james comey sent a letter to a congressional committee sunday saying we have not changed our conclusions that we have expressed in july. that's when he announced hillary clinton should not face criminal charges for her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. investigators released the same conclusion after releasing a new the estranged husband, clinton's top aid. >> hilary toured the busy state in new hampshire. >> it's a choice between division and unity and between strong leadership or a loose cannon. >> since clinton's e-mails were
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end the gaps in the national polls. >> trump hitting seven states including handful he believes he can turn from typically democratic to republican. he continued to question whether clinton can be trusted. >> hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long long time for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democr >> the polls shows trump has a 1% lead. >> it's possible that these people could have strangled me and killed me right on the spot. >> chaos inside a donald trump rally in reno last night. we showed you this video. trump was rushed off the stage by secret service while a man was skoertd from the rally. austin said he pulled out his republican trump sign and he
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violent. >> i get tackled by all of these people who were just kicking me and grabbing me in the crotch and beating the crap out of me. >> a person in the audience shouted that someone had a weapon, but none was found. women are paying tribute to her legacy in this special way in the c they are putting "i voted" all over her grave. she led the suffrage movement in the 19th century. she died before the women earned the right to vote. >> this election has been downright nasty at times. >> how is it being handled in the classroom. a high school teacher in mesa says this time around the
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down controversial emotional issues. she says discussions in school are as crucial more than ever. >> we need to make sure our students are aware and what is important to them so they can understand the issues that are important for them. >> she says they are more engaged in this election than ever before. a word that an arizona soldier has been jordan. 30-year-old staff sergeant kevin macro from tucson was killed in a campaign from isis. they were killed after the convoy came under fire. tonight more on the wrong-way driver who led police on a chase across the valley. tony gutierrez is in jail.
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he took off. the chase came to a stop an hour later when the police used his car to ram the suspect's car. police identified the little boy who fell out of a window and drowned in his family's pool this weekend. 4-year-old richard wilkins was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. we are told the fence around the pool was closed. but of ways inside the area. what was supposed to be secured ending up back firing. the move confused a lot of seniors. >> i thought it was a scam. i thought it was click bait. >> john was skeptical when he got they mail about his social security benefits. >> something about a one time only text code.
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code to sign in to their online account. >> at the e-mail seemed wrong to me. how do they even know i have a smartphone. >> trying to make on line more secure. the social security administration installed a form of communication and text code. but not all seniors have social security side, a, probably don't have a smartphone and b, won't be able to understand the setting up. >> social security administration realizes it
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>> they are moving away from using text message because they can be intercepted. they are working on a better plan. they are asking doctors to ditch healthcare altogether. they are switching to a model called primary care. physicians see fewer patients but get to know instead of co-pays and deductibles, patients get to be seen. >> they allow me to do the type of things i got into medicine which is to help people change their lives. >> membership at this office starts at $40. doctors say direct primary care
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like diabetes or hypertension. >> job seekers are welcome from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. many are hiring on the spot so don't forget to dress to impress and bring your resume. some things were taking place i didn't believe were >> his assignment as the interim police chief in ferguson, missouri. he's back on patrol here in glendale. >> he shows us what he learned and believes the concept of community policing can make everyone safer. we are looking at his approach. >> ferguson, missouri, 2014, a
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fatal shooting of michael brown. >> from day one there were protest and i was right there. >> the man sent to restore order, glendale police commander andre anderson who went to ask to spend 5 months there as the interim police chief. >> we just want to be as patient as possible. >> when i got there on the ground even where mike brown junior was shot, i went on the ground and talked to the >> the assignment had a profound effect on this law enforcement veteran. >> it was a good experience. you know, i talked to people about ferguson all the time. it's changed my entire life quite frankly. anderson said ferguson sought him out with his success in glendale with community policing. >> our people are great.
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have great personalities. >> this is what building great communities in glendale. what's up? members of 85301 squad as they are called doing community policing. >> community policing is a philosophical approach to the way you are doing your job. it is very important for officers to get out of their car. very important. >> how do officers do >> part of the 85301 squad is making multiple contacts with people. >> sergeant donald brown gave us a look at a closet with shoes donated to the department so officers can give them out to adults and children while they are out on patrol. >> these are pretty nice. if i gave them to somebody, they
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people happy? a few times a year, police take boxes of donated pizza to the local boys and girls club. >> the glendale police department is doing a number of things to help build community bridges and as an african american man and police commander andre anderson has a unique perspective when it comes to race and policing police growing up. >> he said i didn't like them. i didn't respect them and i didn't like the police. >> he says they have been profiled by police and anderson isn't an exception. >> i haven't known a person that's black that hasn't been racially profiled. for me, i chose to do something about it.
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>> anderson hopes his passion helps change perceptions in communities like glendale. >> my part and the glendale's police department is to show and demonstrate that we really care. well, researchers say she found the strongest possible case showing the link between traumatic brain disease and lou gehrigea they studied the brain of former nfl turner. he was the leading lawsuit against the nfl. turner died this year from complications from als. researchers show he had the most advanced disease they believe developed after taking so many
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the cubs have finally won it all. >> and with that, the chicago cubs ended their record championship drought at 108 years. so this means, there is a new team with the longest active streak and that dubious record now belongs to our arizona cardinals. >> a look back in carnal history and they find an important connection collectibles in mesa, owner mark weber says he has a couple cardinals pieces. >> i have pieces of all the major players. >> how many collectibles from the era the cardinals last won the championship? that was the year before 1947 and the team with some cardinals.
10:42 pm
year that jackie robinson broke the big league. >> he runs the site >> he says back in the 30s, the chicago cardinals played in the fields of the cubs, wrigley good for the cardinals future. >> for not winning, the more publicity arizona cardinals get. >> all right. the arizona cardinals get back to work for the west title. first up for az, the 49ers
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>> okay, new tonight. a program in 10 months is finally action in texas they partner with dogs in the animal center. >> the program dogs 101 gives inmates a time to spend with dogs. >> a letter from the animal center from behind barbed wire. the woman in the letter is the
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101 program. a program between the sheriff's office and the animal center. all must go through a background check and must be without assault charges or pending assault charges. they learn to help dogs become more possible to be in an environment. >> sometimes they show them realtime where it's a lifesaver. >> the first men's class is now under way. >> for the letter? >> they were each absolutely perfect. i hope they all find a home. >> i feel i have found my calling. you get a little emotional because you strive to do something really good and
10:47 pm
much more important. you were truly incredible. >> a new friend with a new purpose. >> let's talk about what we are going to see weather wise for tomorrow morning. a few clouds and breezy as well. 62 and 7:00 and 64 at 4:00. outside right now we are sitting at 72 degrees in phoenix. 42 in flagstaff. we have 70 for you city. we have a light breeze around the state. heading into late tuesday and wednesday, the winds are going to be gusty at times. we have a few clouds moving in but we are going to be very dry.. storm system is long gone. it's over texas now. we are nice and warm. we are going to be seeing that ridge of high pressure building.
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6:00 tomorrow morning. take a look at this. nothing coming our way for tomorrow. the storm system stays far to the north and stays that way into tuesday morning and tuesday evening. very little cloud cover for us. we are dealing with a little bit of that wind. the forecast highs for tomorrow. 87 downtown, 85 f and scottsdale. flagstaff, 61 is the high. 75 in globe, 88 expected in bull head city. take a look at tuesday. we'll start at temperatures in the mid-60s for us. we'll warm to 89 degrees. that will be the warmest day of the week.
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mid-80s expected. heading into next weekend, partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 80s. the arizona cardinals get sick when they look back and think about the games they gave away, the issues between the patriots and seahawks cost them two wins and the first place in nfc west. you can't cry about it. matthews nursing injuries. ariz h 5 on the road. coach bruce aaron says, let's do it. >> we are not happy with the first half of the season. but for the second half of the season to be a game or game 1/2 whatever the numerical is, knowing we are going to play them again. if we can take care of our business. that game should matter. we are in the hunt for our division which automatically gets us into playoffs.
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>> 49ers, the breeze and mark ingram busting into the end zone. 21-3 new orleans. 49ers tried to make a game of it. kaepernick and harris has room to run. 47-yard touchdown. makes it 21-10. ingram was in the doghouse after farming he's ripping a 75-yard touchdown. 41-23. >> panthers, carolina pulling it together. carolina wins 13-10. rams dropped 13-5.
10:51 pm
matt sends it to over time, gets it done. in the extra frame, matthew stafford to pure hustle up and over. 21-yard game. the vikings have lost three straight. cowboys are good, dallas are not. they find jason witten, 27-yard touchdown. dallas with ptt elliot dives in for six. elliot with two scores on the day. later it's prescott and now 35-10. a good group of young talented veterans are battling the coach's timed rotations and so far everything is buying in. they are facing the lakers.
10:52 pm
lead to five. warren with 22. how about deven booker. 38, knocks down the 33. it's a two point game. booker not done, driving the beautiful floater in the lane. beautiful plays, one down, 39 points. but jordan clarkson nails a three and tj worn after the turnover and 4.4 play. they lose 119-1010. lorie mark in with a three and then coming back on the break. checkout kobe simmons. back to football and the playoffs. scott feeling good. eagles jack had some skills.
10:53 pm
hooks up with jacob and 25 touchdown. >> i don't think anybody can stop us. i think we stop ourselves. as long as our guys are willing to work together with teamwork and unity, i think we are going to continue to make noise. >> we are going back to play the santa >> congratulations to the eagles and all of those out there still inviting for the championship. good luck to the cardinals. eight games lest. the nfc west is wide open. and they are not playing good football. russel wilson is getting beat up. they are scoring a lot of points. anything can happen. >> too bad they don't play
10:54 pm
cleveland is not. for all of you browns fans, no e-mails. i'm stating the obvious.
10:55 pm
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
10:56 pm
>> take one more look at your sunday forecast. sunshine coming our 89 on monday and tuesday. >> this is a once in a lifetime thing to happen. what's going through your mind? >> school. >> congratulations. tony. >> this is when we all feel a little jealous.
10:57 pm
fans first time at oklahoma city thunder game. >> he earned $20,000 for making that shot. do they call it a hail mary? >> i liked what he said he's using it for school. >> thanks for joining us.
10:58 pm
paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us.
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bell: holmes? holmes. thoughts? well, your working theory is obviously that this man was interrupted in the performance of his duties by the thief, who then brained the unfortunate mortician and made off with all of his clients' jewelry. so how, then, do we explain these bite marks? is it not? especially for a transaction conducted solely in the name of the profit motive. yeah, we thought it was weird. maybe the robbery was just a cover? you said the owner found his body exactly like this, right? mmm. (knocking) excuse me, detective. leslie loughlin, from the 5-3 squad. oh, i'm detective bell. this is holmes, watson, our consultants. what brings you down from the bronx? the m.o. you got here. in the last couple of weeks,
11:01 pm
bite marks on their shoulders. looks a lot like a pair of killings we thought we closed back in '05, but... now i'm starting to think we got the wrong guy. excuse me, you said young women with bite marks on their shoulders? was this in pelham? yeah. anyway, i figured if my guy did this, maybe the nypd only needs one vampire hunter. this is not a murder. it's an accidental death. mr. robertson was standing on the table, and he fell off and hit his head. the robber broke in several hours later. ing) this... scent. do you smell that? honestly, i've been trying not to breathe. well, if you did, you might detect the faintest trace of... (sniffing) ...marijuana laced with embalming fluid. when your toxicology report comes back, i'm quite certain it will confirm that our young mortician here was experimenting with "wet." the kick is something like, uh, pcp. so i'm told. so he was high. how, uh, how do you explain the biting? this young lady here.
11:02 pm
his shirt off as quite a... quite a sensible precaution against the stink. he fell against her open mouth, the weight caused her mandible to clamp... oh. is the pin important? oh, crucially so. we know that our robber gained access via bathroom window, but there's no evidence whatsoever that he gained egress from the building. i think he stumbled upon this scene just moments before the owner. not wishing to have to explain his role in this... the burglar sought a place to hide. aah! sorry. i mistook you for a corpse. the good news is, you won't be charged with the murder of the mortician. but i'm guessing that the jewels in question are still in your possession. hmm? wow.
11:03 pm
me. officer: this way. this way. detective loughlin. that case in 2005... did it involve someone named aaron colville? actually... yeah, it did. do you remember it? can i take a look at your files? colville copped a plea to the two homicides back in '05. he died later that year. now, to me it looks like the bite marks in these two most recent cases match the marks from '05. which, considering colville's been dead going on ten years, argues against him being the doer. can i make a copy of these files? sure. uh, do you mind if i ask your interest here? were you involved in the original case? man: so the world wants us to be solemn. right? we tackle big problems, we're surgeons, and so people feel better if we have just the right demeanor. and that's fine, that's fine out there. but in here?
11:04 pm
now, the solemnity of the surgeon's work follows us into this room no matter what we do. and it'll eat you up if you let it. so part of your job is... not to let it, okay? dr. karthik? ? ? dr. watson. my gosh, it's been years. yes. so... it's nice to see you. uh... how's your practice? uh, actually, i haven't practiced medicine since 2011. oh, really? well, um... i'm sorry to hear that.
11:05 pm
about aaron colville. okay, i... i am... not discussing colville. what happened that night? nothing happened that night. i treated my patient. i was there. he might not have killed those women.


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