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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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>> after a long rough campaign, all the speeches, all the campaign stops, all the debates. it all comes down to this. it's election day in america. >> this is cbs5 news. >> good afternoon everybody, thanks for joining us here at
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the polls have been open six hours now in arizona with another seven to go. people are lining up to cast their vote for president and settle key races here in the state. just how long are the lines today? lena, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: actually, things look great right now. the longest lines i saw here at this location unshent avenue and bethany is really right before the the half hour before they opened the door. you will see that the line is nonexistent, but we are seeing a steady stream of people here including half a dozen trump supporters with signs outside of this polling location. but we did get several calls into the news room from your fellow cbs5 viewers saying they were seeing long lines and delays and problems earlier this morning at various locations around valley. so we drove around verifying
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representative with the county recorder's office. she said there was a problem with the electronic check-in machine at some locations but that problem has since been fixed. to verify, we visited multiple locations where we saw no long lines. and arizona secretary of state michelle reagan says we have seen a huge turnout this election cycle. >> people are excited and happy. it is looking like we are going to have amazing turnout then already, the latest numbers, 1.7, early ballots have been mailed in. >> reporter: she referenced when the day is over and the day is over at 7:00. so make sure you are in line by then. if you have your early ballot at home, bring that with you. you can drop that off and skip the line altogether if there is one and where you vote matters. this is precinct based polling so you have to go to a specific location.
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so, we do have all of that for you right at your fingertips with our cbs5 mobile news app. as you know, that is where you will find the very latest on not only the presidential election, but, the measures and officials here in arizona, back to you. >> thank you lena. the lines are not looking too bad here in town yet. but there are long lines across the town country. craig boswell is at a voting with a look at this long and ugly campaign coming to an end finally. >> reporter: supporters mobbed hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton as they filled out their ballots in their hometown in new york. she greeted voters waiting outside and said she feels humbled. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this. and, so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. >> reporter: her running mate
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casting his ballot 6:00 a.m. in richmond, virginia. donald trump voted a few hours later in new york city. based on a cbs news analysis. clinton leads trump in electoral votes but a number of states remain up for grabs and the outcome will likely depend on voter turnout. trump got off to an early lead when the first voters cast ballots in some parts of new hampshire just after midnight. then, in the early morning hours, there were long california from maine to miami. >> i really definitely think it is important for me to exercise my right to vote. >> it was the choice for america. >> while there were no perfect choices in this one, i feel like one candidate was clearly above and beyond the other. >> both clinton and trump plan to hold election night parties in new york city to watch the results. craig boswell, cbs news, sterling, virginia. >> well, there are several key statewide races that we will be
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marijuana. the other would gradually raise the minimum wage in the state to $12 an hour. among the other races we are watching is the fight for maricopa county sheriff. joe arpaio is running for a seventh term against democratic challenger paul penzone. he lost four years ago, but polls are showing he is leading this time around. we caught up with him before he voted early this morning. >> i feel good. all you can do is put in. and leave it in god's hands from there and the good people of this community, hopefully we have enough. >> another tight race, the u.s. senate, republican john mccain is seeking his sixth term. his biggest challenger is representative ann kirkpatrick. also on the ballot is gary swing representing the green party. senator john mccain and his wife cindy cast their votes this morning. it will be a long night before
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senate. but he feels good about his own race. >> we are confident we have had a great campaign. and a lot of it has to do with all of these young people you see behind you here who have been so supportive and active. >> in the reporter's race. the democrat is hoping to unseat helen purcell. she is in the hot seat after her office was at the center of several voting issues that happened back in march. we will also fight for arizona's first congressional district ann kirkpatrick running for the senate. now, county sheriff and republican paul babeux will go up against tom o' halloren. he served as a republican on the state legislature before switching affiliation. if you are headed to the poll. we have a reminder of what to and not to bring. you will need id for sure.
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with your name and address on them like a utility bill, a bank statement, something like that. remember, though, firearms never allowed at polling places. and leave those i'm with her and make america great again hats and shirts at home. because you won't be allowed inside with those on. federal officials are investigating potential terror threats linked to the presidential election. local state law enforcement have increased security across polling scythes across the country. several federal agencies are watching out for potential cyber attacks in states across the country. this command center operates 24 hours a day. seven days a week. any sort of cyber related disturbance is flagged in an instance. a month ago, they accused russia of trying to interfere
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to affect the political process. i any he is just happy enough to do what i said just to be messing with our heads. >> well, in recent weeks, officials have called the accusations nonsense because voting machines are not connected to the internet. a cyber attack could not affect the vote total tonight on election night. again, if you have not already done so, download our free cbs5 mobile app now. we have all the answers you need. just click on the campaign 2016 results right to your phone as they come in with our breaking news alerts. you can also check the weather. >> yes you can. it will be a little warm. luckily, there's no issues like rain or snow in the mountains to slow you down. a lot of sunshine and a bit of a breeze. let's take a step outside. this will be the time lapse from the arizona science center looking toward scottsdale and the mcdowel mountains and in
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a live look outside showing nothing. okay. take a look at phoenix now. we are clear. we had dust earlier to the south. it was not a big deal like a massive dust storm, but some of the breezes kicked up a little dust. you might have noticed that. but look at that. we are clear of any rain in southern, central, and northern arizona. we are under a large ridge of high pressure. there is is a weak system to the east kicking up the wind in an 24 miles an hour sustained winds there. 18 in gila bend. it is really favoring the southern half of the state. it is not too bad up in flagstaff and window rock and the grand canyon. and kingman. temperature wise, well, originally, i was going with 89. but i will bump that up a little bit. because, many locations are already in the upper 80s . good year sat 88 degrees. i think we will land in the low 90s witness it is all said and
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possible above the record for today. 70 in payson. 70 in prescott. 89 in yuma. 82 in tucson. 88 currently in sky harbor airport with an 18 miles an hour wind. we will take it up to about 92 which is 12 degrees above normal for this time of the year. so, what about this wind? i will tell you, it is not going away right away. how long it lasts, that answer is coming up next. >> thank you ion. there is much more after the break. including a terrible accident. it happened in south phoenix. it took the woman. we have the latest from that scene coming up. >> plus, not your ordinary sink hole here. an entire road just disappeared. we will tell you how this happened. >> also, grab your phones. later in the newscast, we are giving away a four pack of
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find the person who shot and killed a wild horse near the salt river. the colt was found dead october 21. witnesses say the person who shot this horse was wearing a green shirt and black shorts and was with two other people at the time. if you have any information, please call the maricopa county sheriff's office. a 92-year-old woman was struck and killed crossing the road this morning in south phoenix. >> reporter: police continue to investigate after a pedestrian s early this morning here near 20th street and broadway. they have crime scene tape up across the road here. police are on scene. for a couple of blocks you see they got closed off. and, that is the car that was involved there. you see that silver sedan extensive damage to the windshields. to the front of that car as well. it almost looks like it was involved in a wreck with another car. but it actually hit a 92-year- old woman and we have sergeant full here with phoenix pd to
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tell us kind of how this all happened. >> this morning about 6:35, we received a phone call of a personal car collision. a 92-year-old woman was crossing the roadway south to north heading to what we believe is the church. there is a church event here on the north side of the road. she was not in a marked crosswalk. as she is crossing we ha morning traffic and a 26-year- old young lady was westbound in the curb lane of broadway. did not see the pedestrian crossing the road and struck her. >> reporter: the sergeant tells us the 26-year-old involved so far is not being charged but of course, the investigation continues. back to you. >> that is just heartbreakerring. a man in a wheelchair was hit and killed in chandler.
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the man was crossing the frac along arizona avenue. when he was struck by a black pickup pulling a trailer. that driver pulled into a nearby shopping scepter and called the police. the victim was rush today the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. let's take a look at the big board on election day. looks like the dow is up 77 points or so. sitting right at 18,337. a lot of green an the scre enforcement have raided the headquarters of samsung. they are looking into an abuse of power scandal engulfing the south korean government. samsung is accused of making illegal contributions to politicians. in south korea, samsung is a lot more than just a smartphone manufacturer. there are samsung hospitals, amusement parks, apartment complexes, and even a dog adoption center there. we will keep you posted on that. a five lane road in japan
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get out. let's take a look at this. isn't that amazing? it is about 90 feet wide. 100 feet long. and 50 feet deep. this hole is filled with water from all of those broken pipes. the collapse knocked out power to 15 major buildings out there and 157 other buildings. investigators believe construction work in this area may have triggered this enormous sink hole here. new delhi india is dealing with the worst air pollution to hit the p officials are trying figure out what they can do to clear out the crippling smog. it is smoke from burning farm fields, fireworks from a festival, dust from construction sites, and of course, vehicle exhaust. as bad as these pictures are, it was a lot worse the day earlier. the wind picked up overnight and it is blowing some of it away. well, surf is up on owahu's north shore. life guards rescued five people from the water yesterday in the
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high. 30 feet? why would you go in that? >> oh my gosh. >> just stay in your room and look at that. >> wow. >> a steady drizzle and strong winds helped to keep the crowds down at the beach. a high surf warning is in effect until 6:00 tonight. so ... some tasty waves, brah. i don't know about 30 feet though. how tall is a story? 20 [ laughter ] a story-and-a-half or so? >> oh my goodness. no thanks. >> we don't have that issue here. >> no, maybe a little wind. >> but no huge wavers. >> no huge waves. we would be coming in a more panicked fashion to you. let's take a step outside. a little bit of cloud cover this morning in flagstaff from the walkup sky dome. looking toward the san francisco peaks. and, no snow on there. we have been dry for a little bit. and we are going to stay dry as
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there is superstition mountains. a lot of blue out there. tons of sunshine. so few yo are watching us and you are going to go to the polls later on like i am, maybe grab a hat or something. if you are standing outside, you will get plenty of sun. let's talk about past election days. what is the hottest day we have ever seen for an election? 94 degrees. the coldest election we have ever had, that was 63 degrees. and never, since we have been keeping records, have we seen rain on an election day. so, maybe arizona just try to keep it real satellite radar shows us clear for today. no rain on this election day. so i will make that 25 i think. take a look at the big picture. clear in phoenix, tucson, flagstaff. just about everywhere you go. we do have the wind to deal with. and, it is pretty breezy. mainly south of i-40. or actually, south of payson. we are going to see that wind stick around for today. we are having sustained winds at 18 miles an hour in the valley. we could see gusts as high as, say, 20, 25.
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here is the 2:00 look. and we are seeing the yellows in and around phoenix. that is in the 22, 25 miles an hour range. the oranges down by tucson. that is approaching the 30 to 35 miles an hour range. as we get going into the evening, 6:00 right here, things do relax. if you are going to the polls after 6:00, they close at 7:00, you can still vote if you are in line at 7:00. much less wind for the evening voting. by 10:00 a.m. less wind, but da here is the 8:00 a.m. picture. and especially down by tucson and globe. southern gila county. pretty gusty conditions. wednesday afternoon, 12:00, breezy, then we relax those winds in the afternoon. a couple of breezy days ahead. and that is it. i think we are going to land around 92, 93 degrees for today. but, this is the warmest day of the week, things get much better by the time we get to friday. which is another important day. veteran's day. sunshine, so, if you are doing
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events, statewide, you are not really going to have any issues as you head out to honor our veterans and the weekend is looking great as well. low 80s and sunny. >> yeah, the entire week. a little warm today. but the entire week is pretty fantastic. >> all right. >> thanks ian. well, nothing was going to prevent this woman from casting her vote. not even that little guy. who showed up early! right now, here is a look at
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>> start dialing, we are giving away a four pack of tickets to see cirque du soleil. it is going to happen at talking stick resort ar the number is right there on your screen. 1-877-755-cbs5. the fifth caller wins. good luck to you. all right, crazy story here, a colorado woman wasn't going to let anything stop her from voting this election. not even a new baby. sasha was cue to have her first child on election day. but the baby couldn't wait. she started going into labor on friday. but, before delivering the baby, she stopped at the
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her ballot first. >> we ran over there. and, kind of made it just in time. because, like, shortly after that, i was like okay, if it is time. we got to get to the hospital. >> oh man, in labor and all. well, she gave birth to this little girl named bella rose. and she is a cutie. well, still to come on cbs5 news, ian will have a last look at your fabulous forecast coming up. first, here is is a look at what is coming up late tore
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>> all right, welcome back. oh boy. some wind whipping around out there on this election day. >> that's all right. it won't be too bad. maybe 20 miles an hour wind or so. high temperatures, low 90s today. but, today is the warmest day of the week. everything is better after that. and, veteran's day, friday, 82 degrees and tons of sunshine. the weekend is looking pretty good as well. not too hot. normal this time of today we are way off base, but not the rest of the week. >> no excuse. get out there and vote. we will see you back here at 5:00.
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and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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? >> bill: done. call list? >> alison: i can return most of these myself, but you're gonna have to deal with joe armstrong. >> bill: i'm sick of pulling that guy off the ceiling! what else? >> alison: i was eti to hear from someone by now, but radio silence. >> bill: who's that? >> alison: brooke. silence is getting a little loud. are you concerned? >> bill: no. you think i should be? >> alison: i can't imagine how it felt, i mean, especially for a heartbreaker like brooke just being left at the altar. >> brooke: nice of you to stop by. >> katie: you're not even supposed to be here.


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