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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the woman here was very frightened. her husband goes inside and finds a young man ransacking the place. he reportedly attacked the homeowner. but the homeowner fired and hit the suspect in the leg or arm. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. we spok t the man who fired the shot. >> all he told me was he found him in the garage, and he was going through stuff in the garage, and he already went through stuff in the bed they got in a confrontation, and he came at him so he shot him. >> reporter: the brother-in-law saying that that young alleged intruder will think twice now about coming back to this home.
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man is 18 years old, transported to the hospital, injuries not thought to be life-threatening. investigators have been on-scene for much of the afternoon. this investigation continues and we'll continue to monitor. mike watkis, cbs5 news. a creepy reality for people in ahwatukee. there has been a spike in scorpion sig a >> neighbors have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: it started not too long ago. this new project in this neighborhood it. has unseasonably warm out here. in an area with dry dirt like this, you would expect to see
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neighborhood, neighbors say that hasn't been the case untila, dot's temporary -- until adot's temporary nursery. >> around the garage, and thern through the back -- then through the backyard >> reporter: fearless scorpion hunter. [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't go that far. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all to protect 2-year-old amir. he is not the only one. >> at one none and all of a sudden i found two in the garage in the last week >> reporter: they blame stings on pets and people on what's across the trees. >> they weren't here before the brushes. >> reporter: a temporary adot nursery removed for the construction of the southbound freeway. once it's built, everything in the nursery will be replanted there. adot says the temporary nursery is unlikely to increase scorpions in the area because the ground
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>> adot says it's not the trees. probably nobody from adot lives over here. they can say what they want to say about what's causing temperature it's here now. >> reporter: with no answer to what neighbors call a scorpion invasion. >> it was pretty painful. so i can only imagine if something happened to my chile >> reporter: with the weather getting cooler, chance of scorpions around. once the freeway project starts early next year, a developer will keep tabs on the pest situation. >> zahid, you mentioned the cooler temperatures, and is we've got a front passing by, brought us the cloud cover today. temperatures cooler today, highs in the mid-70s. we're sitting at 76 degrees, right where we should be this time of year. winds are nice and
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country, along the rim, toward flagstaff. upper 60s by 9:00. if you see military helicopters flying low over the 63 tonight, it's all part of military training exercises weeks. our chopper saw them last night and again this afternoon. this training will take place downtown and at different locations throughout the valley. talk about a disruption. students cannot did back to their dorm for at least five days. this is an update on the flooded dorm at barrett honors college at asu. 150 students are
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pipe on the 5th floor, and is that caused a huge flood of water. one student said it was a pretty bad situation. >> the water was running out of the entrance doors to the dorm hall, and it was coming into the court yard. you could sethe water seeping through the concrete walls as high as the 5th floor. people were on social media posting videos of water run throughout hallway like a >> the affected students will be relocated to hotels and other housing oncampus. [ yelling ] this was some pretty memorable video on cellphone here. bond recovery agents surrounding the home of then phoenix police chief joe ioner last year. it turned out it was a very bad tip.
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guilty to reduced charges in the case. farlel be sentenced next month. five other people sentenced in the case also pleaded guilty. not in my backyard. that's what homeowners in a west valley neighborhood are saying tonight. >> their hoa is looking to ban level 1 and 2 sex offenders from their community. this is legal? and will other hoas do the same? >> reporter: keeping offenders out of hoa communities is something that's been talked about for years. and why not? it helps families feel safe and boosts property value. it also raises some serious legal questions. nobody wants a convicted sex offender living in your neighborhood. but what can you do about it? a west valley homeowner's association wants to ban convicted sex offenders from buy organize renting in their community.
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attorney travis if it's legal. he says a community like palm valley in goodyear can prevent sex offend frerz living there. if it changes its ccnr's. but stopping them from buying a home could present some problems sfloochl if i'm a buyer -- >> if i'm a buyer in that community, my main concern might be to get my property house. if i have a willing buy who are qualifies and you're saying no, i can't sell to them, that might be a question of enforcement. will sex offenders already living in the community be allowed to stay? will potential buyers need to disclose their sex offender status prior to the sale of a home? >> i would have a challenge for that. >> reporter: nicky lass is president of golden valley property management. >> from an implementation standpoint, i think that it puts a real burden on the management company. and you're gonna have to have very clear
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and i don't think it's gonna be successful. >> reporter: amending an hoa ccnr or bilaw is difficult requiring a 2/3 majority of all homeowners. many homeowners don't vote on neighborhood issues because they just don't care that much. whether or not this particular issue gets folks more involved, we'll keep you posted. the power of social media, a man shot by police, streamed on facebook. the punishment handed down against that officer who pulled the trigger. >> and big brother to the rescue. a 9-year-old makes a
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a police officer in
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man. >> he is face second degree manslaughter charges. the shooting in july was streamed on facebook. president obama is reassure allies about president elect trump. later this week he will fly to germany to meet with leaders there. several thousand demonstrators are protesting president obama's visit to greece. the violent clashes erupted as the police used teargas and grenades to the crowd. the leaders of the gop and democratic parties have been picked. senate republicans are sticking with mitch mcconnell. democrats returning to chuck shumer, replacing harry reid. bob dylan won't be in stock home to pick up his nobel prize for literature. he says he wishes he could be there in person but other commitments make it impossible. going to grandma's house
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who thought she was communicating with family. >> tarsz may not always work for police officers. -- tazers may not always work for police officers. trick bad guys are using to try to beat the stun gun. >> and connect with cbs 5 on
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a high school senior was in class on monday. he got a text from a woman he didn't know. and she invited him for dinner. >> what happened next has gone viral. >> reporter: a mistaken identity and an invite to thanksgiving dinner is now an internet sensation. a phoenix woman named wanda had intended this message to go to her grandson. but she got the wrong number and sent it to jamaal hinton saying hope to see you all and signed off your grandma. >> i asked for a picture and she sent a picture. so i sent one back so she could confirm that i'm not her grandson. and it went from there!
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the invitation still stood, he asked jokingly. >> she said i could have a plate and i'm actually invited now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's what grandpas do, she said, feed everyone. jamal took a screen shot and put it on twitter it. has been retweeted over 150,000 times. >> with all the donald trump and stuff going on, and all the racial comments, i guess, it's people out there. >> he does intend on going to meet wanda and her family. the mixup happened because jamal got a new phone number one that used to belong to wanda's grand son. a 9-year-old boy saves his little brother right there who fell off of the changing table. mom turned away for just a
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brother rushes in and catches him before he hits the floor. >> i was just getting everyone ready for bed. and at first i said i messed up i did something wrong remember then i realized that really it was just a miracle. i must have done something right to be this deserving of this little guy running in at the right time and catching him in the right moment. >> what an observant brother. the mom wants to get the video out. she is hoping it will be a lesson for other parents. >> it can happen that quick. the oxford dictionary has released its word of the year for 2016. it's posttruth. it's annage tiv defined when objective facts are less influential in public opinion. it rose 2,000% this year because
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some great pictures this evening. gorgeous shot out there, beautiful day for a hike. the outbound posting pes hikes across arizona. from 86 on monday to start off the workweek, 86 yesterday, 79 today our official high. and highs tomorrow around 71 degrees. that's a 15-degree drop. when temperatures get to the 70s, can you expect sweaters to come out here in the valley for sure. nice to see the clouds out there, hardly any rainfall across the state. we'll show you the satellite radar here in just a second. if you're heading out and about this evening, 76
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a little breeze expected this afternoon as a front starting to pass on by. some showers along the rim here north of flagstaff. seeing some shower activity. pretty quiet here across the valley of that ridge of high pressure pushing offer toward the east -- off toward the east. tomorrow morning, clearing skies, and temperatures dropping into the 50s tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow, lower 70s. and that sunshine is gonna stick around as we start out friday and the weekend. and then we'll see another system roll in, looks like on monday it' us a chance some of rain. so your day in detail, 6:00 am temps in the 50s, 55 degrees by 10:00. high temperature tomorrow, 71 degrees. we'll cool down quickly to around 62 with an overnight low friday morning dropping down into the 40s. clear skies expected friday into saturday. 82 on saturday. looks like a terrific weekend. increasing clouds late day on
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forecast. improving conditions tuesday and wednesday next week. tazers other go-to less lethal weapon for just about every u.s. police officer. but there are times when the stun guns miss their targets or just don't drop the suspect. >> morgan lowe tells us some of the bad giers trying to figure out if they can beat the tazer. >> reporter: finally back in comfort, it turns out police had tazed this guy on his way out the door. with no luck stopping or dropping him. >> one of the tazers apparently
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or whatever, and it didn't have any effect. >> tazer, tazer, tazer. >> reporter: the tazer stun gun has gone through a lifetime of advances since then. it is credited with saving ten was thousands of lives. data collected by cbs5 investigates from police agencies across the state show officers still having trouble connecting with the tazer. in yuma county, they miss as often as 27% of yuma police miss 12% of the time. glendale police also miss 12% of the time. another 19% need a second shot to take down the suspect. >> there's a number of things. >> reporter: kevin but cher believes tazers are an irreplaceable tool. they're supposed to work like this. one tazer shot and he is down and in custody.
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brandishing a knife. one tazer shot and there goes the blade. not all situations work out like that. crooks are trying to figure out how to beat the devices. >> some are practicing just a flail move where they just try -- as soon as they know the tazer deolympics they flail -- deploys, they flail to try to break the leads. or they'll stop, drop and roll and that will pull the leads apart as well. phoenix restaurant shows what it looks like. >> can crooks beat a tazer by flailing? >> reporter: steve huddle is a vp at tazer. >> it's very difficult to beat a tazer. >> reporter: while he hears about it happening occasionally, if the police officers are smart, it becomes close to impossible.
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out-wait them and say all right, keep flailing your arms all you want. >> tazer officials tell us their newer model has increased effectiveness because it can fire twice and has two laser sights that help with aiming. they are an important tool but they are not infallible. the most dangerous toys this holiday season. three that could hurt your child. >> and the arizona
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a consumer alert. the list
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has been released. among them body bumpers which offer no protection for children's heads or legs. this nerf gun has a warning for eye injuries, and a slingshot. the nonprofit world against toys causing harm released that annual list. the cardinals are set for their toughest stretch of the season. >> they're taking on one of the mark was at team practice earlier today. >> reporter: a month ago this would have been a daunting task but the vikings are really banged up on the offensive line and have lost four straight. on the injury front for the cardinals, a veterans day off
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and we've made some. i thought the throw to mike coming up out of the end zone was big-time that. feather throw to larry over the to big-time. >> got a long way to go; especially this week, this is one of those game, very difficult environment, very good defense. i gotta play my best game to date and i expect in the forecast in minneapolis this weekend, but it's not gonna matter. cardinals making their first trip to brand-new u.s. bank stadium dooirns. stadium indoors. managing your money, answering on how successful
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a man shot in the back during a triple shooting at a motel 6 in june. >> along with that is the chilling video that shows the shooting. donna rossi is in our newsroom. very tough to hear and see.
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made the 911 call is survived, but -- survived his serious injuries, but two people died in the shooting. the video does capture most of the events. >> phoenix 911. >> i got shot. there were call by wounded jose gonzalez alerted police to the mass shooting that took place at the motel 6 on shot in the chest and the arm. >> reporter: this is lobby surveillance video. man in the shorts is a hotel guest being helped by gonzalez behind the counter. you can't see him. also behind the counter to the far left is a motel security guard. the police report indicates the suspect got into a confrontation in the motel parking lot and fired a shot in the direction of his longtime girlfriend and mother of his kids. that woman


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