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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. a jeep rolls over, tossing its driver and shutting down a major valley freeway. a big road construction project is finally getting ready to open on the west side. plus, the chief of police takes action against a flagstaff police officer caught
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the face. this is cbs5 news. good afternoon. i am yetta gibson. we start with breaking news, traffic is flowing again on the u.s. 60 after a severe accident this morning. the penguin air and plumbing news chopper flew over this scene in the westbound lanes, a man driving a jeep lost control, police say, and rolled over. he was thrown from the vehicle, and pretty badly hurt. the jeep was demolished. the westbound la should be returning to normal at this hour. a flagstaff police officer is now on paid leave, and under a police investigation after video showed him punching a woman in the face while she resisted arrest. according to the woman's boyfriend, they were being evicted from their apartment yesterday when an officer, jeff, tried to arrest the woman, who had a warrant out for her arrests. she refused to go with the
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happened. >> [ inaudible ] >> that is really hard to watch. morse was arrested for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. the flagstaff police chief addressed this incident in a news conference just 90 minutes ago. >> i am as concerned with what is shown in the video as i know many others are. i have heard your concerns and the department is taking this incident very seriously. the officer wale removed from his police powers, and placed on administrative leave. >> and now the chief says that internal affairs is looking at this and is there an independent investigation into this officer's actions. copping up, a construction project will be finished up in the west valley. mark liverman has more.
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participant of this bell road grand avenue construction project being complete. we are talking about this overpass that you see right overhead here, this is going to be open to traffic on tuesday, and this is a big part of a bigger project that is going to be done early in the new year. and i want to show you some video from overhead and show you how big of a project it is baa that we are talking about, because this comes after seven plus months of a $41.9 million interchange, adot experts to have the entire bell grand project done in type of spring training baseball. it is going to get rid of delays caused by trains and keep grand avenue free flowing. and once bello roe is back open, the rest of the work will be focused on finishing researches that connect bell road with grand avenue--ramps
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grand avenue. >> it is going to be so much nicer for bell road traffic to be able to use the overpas and clear both the railroad tracks and grand avenue. it is also going to ease travel along grand avenue because anyone who is passing through here, they are able to move and not even have to stop for any traffic signals. >> reporter: and that area in the middle of the overpass, that is actually going to be getting an ark over it, right next to a de will be done over the next couple of days. one of the final things to get done before this opens up on tuesday. and in terms of funding, that is coming from a county wide half cent sales tax. back to you. >> mark, thank you. great news for folks who travel in that area. a disabled vet in tempe says that someone stole her service dog, because of her brain injury, aimee has seizures. her dog is trained to sense
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he disappeared a few days ago while aimee was working in the garage. she believes that someone took her from her tempe driveway, since he is train today stay with her at all types. >> i am not supposed to leave the house without him. and i do not ever leave the house without him. i have not been able to sleep, i have not been able to eat. all i think about is just what happened to him and i just want him back. >> so sad. she filed a police report. he does have a colory and is micro chipped. if you thin please call the police. japan's prime minister is visiting president elect donald trump in new york today. it is his first meeting with the foreign head of state since winning the election. he is also focusing on his inner circle, as he and his team continue to build the administration. kenneth craig has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump jr. posed with security guards at trump tower this morning, as the president elect's transition team continues its
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former secretary of state, henry kissinger and south carolina governor, gov. nikki haley. >> he is just governor--south carolina gov. nikki haley. >> he just loves the roll. going through paperwork and forming his cabinet. >> reporter: published reports say that mr. trump's son-in-law is being considered for a top level white house roll. cbs news has learned that there are five front runners >> it is a great tran fission. >> reporter: the former director of the defense is the favorite for national security add advisor. mike pence met with republicans to talk about moving the trump agenda forward. >> going to rebuild the military. >> reporter: later today president elect donald trump will meet with japan's prime
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optimistic tone in her first appearance since last week. she told supporter toss stay engaged. >> that is how we get through this. >> reporter: she spoke at children's defense fund, where she started her career. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. a federal judge in tucson says that the civil rights of immigrant detainees are being violated. he is now ordering the border patrol not to deprive immigrants sleep at den centers. three former detainees have filed a lawsuit, claiming they do not have activity so he says head care tear--access to medical tear. and maricopa county inmates can say good-bye to the pink under wear because the new sheriff is getting rid of them. he also plans to scale back on the old time chain gangs that sheriff joe arpaio is currently using. a neighborhood is now
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folks are pointing fingers at a temporary nursery that has been put in bier adot,--being put in by adot. but they are saying that the new planter has not changed the ground. >> adot says it is not the trees and then probably nobody from adot lives over here, either. so they can say what they want to say. it is here now. >> the neighborhood near the path of the future south freeway, which is why adot is working in this area, to help with the problems, some are doubling up on pest spray and doing daily black light checks around the house. all right, skiers, keep an eye on the weather forcast, because you might be able to hit the slopes tomorrow. a ski resort said that a winter storm is rolling in and
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on friday. let's talk about that. you know, it is pretty quiet out there right now. so we are crossing our fingers that it works out. but you know, as the front moves in, the temperatures are dropping, but not really seeing much as far as precipitation is concerned. so the ski bunnies, we are not going be able to hit the slopes. oh, darn it. and now the satellite and radar forecast, as you can see, pretty quite out there really around the valley and around the rest of the state. we do have some changes coming in the forecast, more but first, let's look at what we are seeing outside right now, 38-degrees as you watch us from flagstaff. 50-degrees in winslow. 52 in sedona and just 67- degrees in phoenix. so finally, it is feeling a little like fall here in the valley. a lot of people in the jackets and the boots today. and it is breezy out there, as well. so you notice the winds, they are out of the west, northwest. and we are not going to change
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71-degrees, we have not seen a day this cold in quite some time and like i mentioned, we do have changes coming. we are talking rain in the forecast. yes, congratulations if you were able to wear the booths today, it has been a long time coming. investigators are trying to find out what caused a gas leak that triggered a deadly explosion, it happened in illinois. >> plus, do you get a lot of news on the presidential race from facebook? well, it turns out there is a the news was fake. >> all right, grab your phones, later in the newscast, we are giving away a four activity of tickets to the arizona
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investigators are trying to determine the cause of a deadly gas explosion in central illinois. at least one person, we are told was killed, 11 other
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downtown canton. if i recalls say that an utility worker was killed when a building exploded. debris from the damaged building was in the streets here, while emergency workers tried to help any of the people who were hurt. people are now boarding up broken windows and cleaning up all of the affected businesses. a minnesota police officer is expected to appear in court tomorrow for the deadly shooting of a black man. he is degree manslaughter for the death of kaitlyn steel. ramsey county prosecutor says that the police dash cam video shows the officer shot the man seven times within # 0 seconds- -within 60 seconds. he was pelt belted into his--he was belted into his seat and provided his insurance car. and then he told the officer he had a firearm. the officer said okay, and then pulled out his own gun.
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and he responded i am not pulling it out. moments later, the officer started shooting. >> i told him not to reach for it. i told him to get his hand out. >> no reasonable officer would have used deadly force under these circumstances. >> minnesota's police and peace officers association says that the police community is disappointed in the charges. the officer is expected to plead not guilty, the hanahan did have a per permit to carry, and minnesota is an open carry state. people who got their election news on facebook might have been looking at more fake stories than real stories. buzz feed reached that surprising conclusion after analyzing the last three months of campaign coverage. the website studies how facebook users engaged with bogus news stories and compared them to real stories. and we look at the findings and what they mean for voters. >> reporter: you might have
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facebook feed back if n september, a headline saying pope francis shocks world, endorsing donald trump for president. you may have shared the article or just clicked like, or wow, or made a comment. the problem is that the story was false, joining the ranks of other fake, highly shared oral liked articles. and there was an art which saying that--article saying that buzz feed news said during the last three months of the presidential campaign, of the top 20 fake election related articles on facebook, all but three for anti-clinton and facebook users engaged with them using a share, a like, or a comment more than 8.7 million times. but that he engaged with the top 20 election related store riffs from real news outlets
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7.5 million times, according to research, 66% of facebook users say they get their news from the site. but at a tech conference last week, the facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg dismissed the issue. >> i think that the idea that, you know, fake news on facebook influenced the election in any way, i think it is crazy. >> reporter: but a few days later in a post, he said that into ways to flag hoaxes and fake news. experts say it is hard to filter out fake news. but facebook and google have new plans to prevent fake stories from spreading but restricting advertisements with websites that spread fake content. cbs news, new york. shocking. sunsstar devon booker has
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cool while getting kicked out of a game, watch. >> is that it? [ laughter ] >> he looked cool. he got his second technical towel last night in the loss. --foul last night in the loss. but he givings thumbs up to the ref, de---he gives a thumbs up to the ref and then saunters off the floor to the dressing ro [ laughter ] >> this, just beleigh me, when i say this is what happened. he stopped to sign an autograph for a nuggets fan. he just kind of played it off. the suns lost 120 to 104. >> you know, i love him. i have never met him before, but i want to be friends with him. >> you know, he would be friends with you, he is that cool. >> and he is a rising starer. >> yes, i think he is going to be a big star.
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at this point. you know a nice day to play basketball outside, but it is breezy out there. hopefully you dent get kicked out of the--you don't get kicked out of the game. you know, i will see it finally felt like the holidays are coming, you know, by our valley standards, it was pretty nice outside this morning. but you definitely needed your boots and a coat, layers, that is the key for this kind of weather. and now a look at what we are seeing much in the valley. 68-degrees in scottsdale. 67-degrees in sky harbor airport. 69-degrees in pee other yeah and in litchfield. so, here is a look at some weather headlines, below average temperatures, finally, we are below average h is very nice. the average for this time of the year is about 75-degrees. and today, we will be at 71. and we are preparing for a very cold friday morning. this is going to be the coldest morning of the season tomorrow. so, the outlying areas in the
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definitely want to layer up for tomorrow. and then rain is moving in sunday night into monday. so we think we are going have a good shot of getting precipitation here in the valley. today, you will probably notice it is breezy out there. winds right now at about 13 miles per hour in phoenix. in some places, we are seeing more wind, solo, 18 milesser hour. bull head city, lake halvasue, 24 and 23 miles per hour. so we will continue to see breezy conditions this afternoon and all in all, changes with the rain. 42-degrees in flagstaff. 57-degrees in sedona. 71 here in the valley. 64-degrees in globe and 71 as well in tucson. like i mentioned, overnight tonight, it is going feel cold, you may need the heater at your house. 50-degrees in the valley. 17 degrees up north in flagstaff. 38-degrees in sedona an 43- degrees in tucson. and now a look at the next seven days and i have to say, we have a little bit of
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today, we get through today, tomorrow, is in the 70s. saturday, in the 80s. so a very nice day on saturday. i have a friend getting married and i was like okay, that looks good weather wise. but sunday night, we have rain chances on sunday night and a really good shot at rain on mound morning. we could get half an inch or an inch in the valuing i will. so we will be watching that. but as of now, just enjoy the weather and be ready, you will probably need the umbrella on monday. >> and your heater. >> yes, it is >> yes, a first in my house. it is weird. all right, a new disney film is setting recordsnd it is not in--records and it is not knot even in theaters yet. >> right now, a look at this
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start dialing, we are
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international auto show. it is at the phoenix convention center. 1877755cbs5, the fifth call erwins. well, it is not coming out for another five months, but disney's live action beauty and the beast is already looking like a huge hit. >> come into the light. >> yes, disney just put out the first tyler here on the internet and it has already set a record, million views in its first 24 hours online. emma watson posted it on her facebook paining, accounting for 27 mill--page, accounting for 27 million of the views. and wine lovers in japan are bathing in a wine. they had an all you could drink wine tasting and for $26, you could set zit in it, too.
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bottle, not from this bathtub. a bomb said it was very relaxing and very--woman said relaxing and very--woman said it was very relaxing and very ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. all right, here is a live look out at the peaks. and we are getting into the temperatures where you can go hike any time. you do not have to get up early in the morning and do it.
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after work, do i go for a run or take a nap. i think i am going for a nap. sorry, i know, i am sorry. but it is 71-degrees. >> it is perfect for running or whatever you want to do outside. >> yes, it is breezy but beautiful. tomorrow, 76. saturday, 8 #. and--81. and changes coming sunday night so monday. i think we have a good shot of seeing rain here in the valley. >> okay, thank you. and thank you for choosing cbs5. we will see you back here tonight at 5:00 p.m. have a are hotel and motel employees spying noun. >> there's a hidden camera
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? >> bill: [ exhales sharply ] your turn. >> r.j.: [ chuckles ] >> ridge: that i want to start my day. >> brooke: that's why bill came to my house and not to yours. but if it makes you feel better, r.j. gave him a hard time. >> ridge: that's my boy. >> brooke: don't encourage him. i want the two very special men in my life to get to know each other. that's why i'm having them spend the day together. >> eric: quinn?


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