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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 18, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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i'm not authorized to tell you that. you need to leave. >> camera s and crews forced to leave by federal agents after they spotted something strange downtown. >> this video shot around 7:00 this evening. several people waiting outside the federal courthouse. we were met by federal agents telling them to leave or they were calling the cops. we called police ourselves. phoenix police tell
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exercise. the same drills that we reported to you going on all week. a traffic stop turnings into an immigration bust. deputies discovered more than a dozen people hiding inside a pickup truck. >> cbs 5 news was there. deputies turned over 14 men at u.s. customs and border one of the men had already been deported three times. that happened around 4:15 this afternoon in casa grande on the i-10. deputies pulled the driver over for a traffic violation and found a number of men hiding under a blanket in the back. the men had several water jugs painted black. they also had shoes padded with carpet.
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the desert, wherever their origin is, the carpet is used to cover their tracks as they're moving through the desert. >> finding 14 people in one truck is common. get ready for a morning, temperatures drop in the 40s in the valley. freeze warnings up north, kingman, payson, pace to winslow. mostly clear skies. with the clear conditions, temperatures are gonna drop quickly. overnight lows in the upper 40s peer in the valley -- here in the valley. this is the video that
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against a flagstaff police officer and put him on leave. he punches the woman while trying to arrest her. this was yesterday. tonight the officer is claiming the woman attacked him first. she was telling the officer she doesn't have a warrant against her. >> you are under arrest. >> i am not arrest for anything because i did nothing wrong and i don't have a warrant! you can hear her arguing with him. today we got body altercation. he says the woman kicked him and kneed him in the groin. her wasn't had been taken care of and she did not have an outstanding warrant. a valley football team should be celebrating tonight but they're blocking and tackling racially insensitive comments. >> reporter: these
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the chandler bears are a pee wee football team. >> they don't have everything handed to them. they gotta earn everything they dochl >> reporter: including paying their own way to the national championship game. >> it costs about $40,000 to get the entire team there. >> we've been out to the games. >> reporter: it was at the suns game that at least one fan looked half the color of their uniform. >> they were met with some adversity. some pretty negative things were said to the boys. >> reporter: the game was on wednesday night the day after the election. >> i do think emotions were high, and everybody was a little exhausted from tuesday. >> reporter: no one will repeat exactly what was said but the coach and team say they've moved
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from football, it's that everybody is equal. they have an opportunity, they're all on the field, they're all wear the same jersey, and we're all the same people. >> the suns say this goes against everything they stand for, and they donated some merchandise. there is a go fund me for the team as well. >>ti disturbing look at the yes or no of domestic violence in our state. a new report released only to cbs news shows one arizona onis killed by domestic violence every three days. this is the first time the arizona coalition to end sexual and domestic violence has put this report together. they found that over
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have died. >> the top-10 nationally for domestic violence related fatalities. and we have a really high amount of deaths as a result of the domestic violence. higher than the national average. >> the coalition said their report does not include deaths on tribal land. domestic abusers often stalk their victims. i'll tell you about the problem stalking victims are having keeping their jobs. attorney is facing a 4-year suspension from the arizona bar over the book he wrote about on his infamous client. the suspension is not a done deal.
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>> >> vandals are ruining the holiday spirit after someone ripped the head off some christmas decorations in phoenix. the family put up decorations on sunday. the next day they found the deer ripped apart. their young kids were left in tears. >> it's just very frustrating, sad that somebody has to come and vandalize and break your christmas decorations. >> the family report. they were able to put the deer back together. they're worried the vandals will return. president elect trump is offering michael flynn the position of national security advisor. he's been a sharp critic of president obama. and a surprising naming tossed around for secretary of state, mitt romney. he will meet with the president elect to possibly lead
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other names on trump's short list are causing concern. >> early on in his campaign, donald trump brought up the idea of having muslim immigrants register to a database. he moved away from that idea after backlash. some worry the talks could be resurfacing because of who the president elect seems to be surrounding himself with. the man with the beard the southern poverty law center has labeled one of islamophobes. >> local reaction to the local development. >> reporter: there are about 50,000 muslims who live in arizona, and most are in maricopa county. for them the idea of a database is not new. but it is something many of them are preparing for. >> we want to make sure that these types of things don't happen once again, that history does not repeat itself.
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arizona is talking about japanese internment camps, and the controversial no-notice lists after 911. >> you have people who have never been charged with a crime, somebody may just have a common name and. there are 4-year-old children who show up on no-fly lists. >> reporter: he worries the past attempts to monitor american citizens might not be the last. with donald trump working on form his transition team now, the them so close to the white house is causing concern for the muslim community. >> this type of appointment would be extremely dangerous for all american muslims. >> reporter: some have wondered if a muslim registration database might come next. >> reporter: >> we need people to stand up and to be vocal and to speak
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as americans here. you can't have those taken away. at the same time we can't rest on our laurels. >> reporter: "there is no registry of muslims proposal whatsoever." all over social media, #cbs5az. tomorrow temperatures going to drop into 40s. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. satellite and radar, cold front, behind that area of low pressure, has moved to the north and east of us. a lot of snowfall, area was denver, snow into the dakotas. for us mostly clear skies. with the clear condition, we'll see that temperature drop quite a
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here late day on sunday. we'll get this chance of rainfall. here's your day in detail. down to the upper 40s, around sunrise, 7:00 am, 71 at noon. mid-70s by 4:00. and the 7-day forecast, the first ten minute, 76 on your friday, 81 saturday. lower 80s on sunday. a chance of rain, late sunday into monday. pretty good chance of rain on monday get ready for your friday. you've got what you need for tomorrow. >> stay with us. you gotta hear this. a valley man waited to sell his home until after the election. and then he sold it within hours. >> adot has artistic mans for
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unfortunately this employer is now just as much a perpetrator as the people who raped me. >> the victim of a stalker speaks out about how she was treated by her employer. >> how often stalking victims get fired for being stalking victims. >> no one would ever have of my life. >> reporter: we're hiding this woman's face because she's sharing her story, what she survived when she was a little girl. how she left home and became successful. >> i was known as a leader among my peers. >> reporter: and what happened the day her rapist reached back out to her.
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the individuals. >> how did this person contact you? >> social media. >> reporter: one out of every three women will suffer from sexual harassment or violence. one out of seven will become the victim of a stalker. for some of them, telling their employers makings it worse. >> did the company treat you different differently? >> yes. there were changes. and the changes were not positive. >> reporter: our investigation found example after example just like that one. stalking victims report to their employer and find themselves out of a job. >> is it illegal in arizona to fire an employee because of stalking issues? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: dan bar is an attorney who has represented stalking victims. >> employers don't have to make their workplaces armed
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provide safe workplaces and reasonable accommodations to people when they're being threatened by stalkers >> reporter: according to experts, this is an underreported problem across the country. >> i have personally had numerous people where the employee was terminated or fired because they disclosed there were a victim of a crime. >> reporter: pam is who helps business development procedures for crime and stalking victims. making accommodations is a hassle stalkering be a danger to other employees. stalking by former domestic partners is a leading cause of workplace violence. this shooting inside a chicago department store in 2014 was traced to an ex-boyfriend turned stalker. >> what the workplace needs to
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more people feel comfortable coming forward with this type of information. >> i wanted to know at first that this was only happening to me. >> reporter: in phoenix the woman who spoke to us said her job died a slow death. glowing reviews turned bad, managers turned cold, a romsing career stopped short. >> unfortunately this employer is now just as much a perpetrator as the people who raped me. >> that woman told us her trouble at work started the day she told her boss about her stalker. and things were never the same again. other states like california have employment protections that are specific to stalking victims and written into their laws. the housing market seems to be heating up again. >> it slowed before the election.
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>> reporter: when ricky tailor decided to sell his phoenix home, he was not expecting what would happen next. >> it was very surprising to me. i expected at least to be a couple months or so. >> reporter: by sundown the same day he listed, his home was in escrow. >> it was sold in 24 hours. >> reporter: it's happening all over the valley. >> simple, modern, contemporary homes. >> reporter: real estate agents say now that homeowners know who will number the w their house. >> any presidential year, there's usually a pull back on the market. >> reporter: listings like this modern built more home are once again in high demand. >> we had some records on the amount of people coming through our home >> reporter: while it's too early to tell how quickly the market is rebounding, he says the numbers should follow. >> people that were holding
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it looks like adot wants the south mountain freeway to have a very distinctive own look. they're going with a frank lloyd write inspired design. they chose this design from a wright designed resort at >> interesting. from spiders to scorpions you may see more creepy crawlies inside your home this winter. >> those critterce want inside as temperatures cool down. valley winters don't get cold enough to kill off the entire population. many will try to make it inside to nest for the
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>> i thought this morning i was gonna need a sweater. [ laughter ] >> the scorpions need a warm spot too. close those doors. chilly temps tomorrow. we have a big opening for you in the west valley. us-60 grand avenue and bel bridge is just about done. portions of it did reopen today. it'll be completely open next tuesday on the 22nd. everything should be done then. just in time for your thanksgiving holiday. and of course your
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record heat yesterday. silverthornee, colorado, two hours west of denver, snowfall slow-going. you can still see some snow falling in that area. satellite and radar, this is that area of low pressure that brought with it the cold front. cool things down here, and snow showers pushing out toward the dakotas. for us, temperatures dropping in the 40s for overnight lows. teens in flagstaff. 24 in prescott. highs tomorrow where we should be, in the mid-70s. 46 in flagstaff. chance of rainfall late into the
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with youth comes much-needed patience. a combined 2 goals. tip and crew at vancouver. canucks host 11 of the last 13. brad richardson gets things going. mar out front, scary moment. a hit from trimken. a lower body injury. right now tied at 2. 1977, john travolta dazzled us all disco style. it was the last time the cardinals won in minnesota. big red won't be staying alive if they can't get
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road. larry fitzgerald has never won in minnesota. >> i haven't bun in buffalo. i haven't won in green bay. never won in pittsburgh as a professional. there's some places besides minnesota. [ laughter ] >> it's something i would like to change obviously butt carl edwards banging the drum, bringing in this one off the panthers. fantasy owners ued everywhere. panthers keep their faint playoff hopes a
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13-yard touchdown. later a little trickeration. a first-yard score. louisville's playoff hopes are over. 36-10. arc su going after three, start against northern iowa. graham banging inside. he had 19. panthers take over from there. cook, fake, sfak, bam. cubbies won the world ri capturing 29 first place votes.
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srp kicks off their annual canal dry-up. several will be affected. crews will be removing spills, replacing liners and fixing gates. the work is expected to last until december 18th. video from south dakota of one of the biggest buffalo roundups in almost 50 years. the
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corralled, vaccinated, branded. more than 30 million used to roam the u.s. they were nearly driven to extinction but have seen a major comeback. >> incredible to see them. >> look at this nice setup right there. highs tomorrow around 76 degrees. the overnight low into the upper 40s. bundle up!
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