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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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rain in the valley. we have seen quite a bit of it. and we will see how the rest of your day is shaping up. >> the saint mary's food bank hands out food to thousands of families.
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valley. . good afternoon, i am heidi goitia and bruce arians, the coach for the cards is in the hospital right now. >> reporter: the latest is that bruce arians is going to be okay and that it serious. we don't know what that is. >> the latest at team headquarters, after coming home from minneapolis from the 24-34 defeat. he was feeling chest pains. that's where he woke up this morning. all the results are coming back favorably. l:&pyd> that from the horse's mouth, really.
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okay. then the team here. they canceled the monday morning press conference did say though that the word is, he is fine. he will be returning to work and the question now is when will that ?;??happen. what is the protocol for him returning and remember, the team will be taking on the atlanta falcons for sunday will they they be there. and what caused this problem. and we do know arians has suffered health problems over he was hospitalized in san diego, suffering from chest pains as well. coach said he is trying to watch his weather and slim down. he has had health problems in the last few months. what sent him to the hospital overnight doesn't seem to be too big an issue. even though we don't know what that was. >> the big story is the weather. >> this is over the night and
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and no big traffic issues because of it. >> we are still seeing showers here and there and around town. this is what it looked like outside the studios. >> this is nine minutes ago. this is in the heart of central phoenix. and this is just up the street from us at seventh avenue and bethany holme. and it was the big question: is the rain going to stick around. the girl with the and can we go around and take the umbrella. >> reporter: as the evening hours come, we were drying outlooking for the thanksgiving holiday. little teaser to the forecast. we will get it straight outside and show you what you are seeing. cloudy conditions, especially in some parts of the valley. cool day. a lot of us are enjoy the change in weather. this is the doppler 360 as we take you threw and show you.
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see severe thunderstorms moving through the area as well. >> this is the fat-moving band and you can see where that is traveling. we are hearing reports of hail in some places like anthem and scottsdale earlier. right now. the showers and heavier stuff along 87. if you are going to places like payson and they are seeing some showers. right now. it is predominantly to the east and it is i-4089 monday. >> you will see on and off rain chances and it diminishes. >> 64 degrees out there. winds out of the west at 9 miles an hour. today, only get to 68 degrees. s significantly below average the big question is how does the thanksgiving forecast look like. we teased ahead. we will let you know. just what we can see for the turkey day in just a minutes.
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office sports bar in mesa. this is broadway and gilbert roads. he was taken to the hospital. he is arrest. >> it is not clear if they know each other and right now. either one is talking to police about it. >> police standoff in phoenix is over right now. they have cleared the scene. they were called earlier this morning. in sweet water. to a reported shooting there. nobody was actually shot but the person refused to come out of his home and it appeared that he suffered a he said. he had been bitten by a dog. police did not end up arresting him. >> they are looking for the person who shot a man in phoenix last night. it happened this a neighborhood near the phoenix children hospital. this is just south of thomas. witnesses told police, a group of six people were fighting when one of them just started shooting. >> 35-year-old victim died at the hospital. so far. no description of the shooter. >> police chase came to an end
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morning, the man in the car shot at her and near 51st avenue in mcdowell. she called police and they caught up with the suspects and eventually though. they made it to the loop 101 at 64 street. and bailed out of the vehicle. >> this is what the scene looked like at the news chopper at 6:30 this morning. they tried to run off and they were able to catch them and figure out how this all started. >> well, thousands of arizona families ll happy thanksgiving dinner. thanks to the food bank. >> the food distribution began this morning. and marc liverman was there. >> reporter: very incredible program going on over the next three days. talking about helping more than 10,000 families. every single one of them getting a full thanksgiving meal. >> this is something you have been doing for years and years. how big difference is it making in all their lives. this is a traditional
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thank you to everybody who donated. this is the fruits of your labor. >> we are talking about 300 volunteers. >> doug ducey is here making that much of a difference. they are in need of turkey. 1600. >> you can don't naitd at the saint mary's location. back to you. a man is behind bars. threatening to light gas pump it is on fire. >> pinal county sheriff's during his arrest, steven sane admitted to setting several vacant homeless on fire up in the bay area. they are now investigating the claims of arson. >> for now, they are booked into jail with making threats and drug proation. scrks a seer era vista man is being held on weapons charges. michael ramirez goes by killer mike. >> it is more like drug dealer
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a hotel room and they found evidence that he was selling heroine and meteorologist out of the -- meth out of the hotel. brian martinez. jeremy brand and they were all called to a home where a man armed with a machete was threatening to hurt himself. >> gabriel parker charged at them. they felt threatened and opened fire. >> they didn >> they could have had other ways. >> i know, he posed a significant threat to the officers, trying to use less lethal force and then continued to pose that threat and charged him. which called them to use lethal force. >> now, they are on paid administrative leave during the investigation. president-elect donald trump is in new york city today to meet with more potential members of his cabinet.
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including. 2012 republican nominee mitt romney. we have more on the transition team outside of trump tower. >> former massachusetts senator scott brown was among the latest job seekers to meet with president-elect donald trump in trump tower today. former texas governor and one time gop rival rick perry is expected to meet with mr. trump. over the weekend, he hosted other high profile republicans at the golf course in ne jersey. >> it is chris christy and mitt rom rom is also being considered for secretary of state. >> there was a great deal to discuss. mutual respect and a great conversation. other members. billionaire invest tor. ross for secretary of commerce. and former goldman sachs secretary of treesry. >> they believe the meetings here in trump tower and new
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transparent during the process. >> transparency is not the trouble, the diversity is. >> they have concerns about the administration. from the get go in terms of the way it was prosecuted and so on and looking at the current array of choices. it is a very monochromatic group. >> he said it will be filled with people of all backgrounds. including women. >> kenneth craig. >> cbs . there is a massive manhunt in san antonio looking for the man who shot and killed a detective right in front of police headquarters. >> plus the cast of hamilton read this. does this constitute bullying. and donald trump thinks so. >> we are giving away a four pack. >> it runs
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. tre struck a crowded mosque and killed at least 27 people. graphic pictures from inside appear to show a number of children among the dead. this is the latest in the series of attacks targeting the shiite minority. back in july. more than 80 people were killed during the shiite demonstration. >> isis claimed responsibility they quickly condemned today's bombing saying they had nothing to do with it. >> at least four police officers were shot this weekend in unrelated attacks across the country. >> inside st. louis and outside kansas city, both officers are shot and expected to survive. massive manhunt is underway for the one who killed a detective. detective marconi was shot and killed right outside
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who may have more information about the shooting. >> we consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous and clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. >> detective marconi pulled over a driver in front of headquarters. he parked his vehicle behind his car and approached the driver's side window. he shot him twice in the head. before running back to his vehicle and driving the louisville campus is coming down. >> they began dismantling it on saturday. it is being moved to brandonberg, kentucky. they announced several months ago they wanted to relocate the monday flewment. it has been at the current location since 19:54. >> president-elect donald trump's latest war of word is with the cast of the musical "hamilton." >> he called the stament to
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said they are spending to the call for an apology. we have more now from new york. >> it was the actor who played aaron bur who delivered this. and he was leading the performance of hamilton. >> we are dwersz america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> president-elect donald trump took to twitter calling the show overrated and accusing the c on cbs this morning. brandon rejected his call for an apology. conversation is not harassment. there is nothing to apologize for. >> it has drawn so many fans because of the divorce cast. the show's producer has called the election painful and pressing for the actors. >> dixon said cast and crew agreed they needed to accepted a message. >> the nature of the show demand that is we make statements when there is important issues facing us as a
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spread a message of love since the election. he responded on face the nation. >> i wasn't offend pped by what was said. i will leave it to others to decide if it was appropriate to say it. >> he said. art is meant to bring people together. >> cbs news. new york. all right. it is 12:16. we will check in on wall street. dow jones up sitting at a very healthy 18,937. well, alp is offering free replacement batteries to six s users. whose phones shut down. >> very small devices made between september and october are affected. >> the group in china launched an investigation into the problem. >> apple said this is not a safety issue. first major snowfall of the season dumped more than a foot
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northeast. >> high wind and heavy snow ripped across western new york. >> watertown, new york was imlaing ged with more than half a foot of snow. >> it was a contrast where they were basking in a record high of 72 degrees. it move it is across the miss second and binghamton, new york. had received 15 inches. >> wow. the snow of course, just holiday travel. >> everybody there. that's why you come here. >> you make friends with asians. >> our thanksgiving is looking perfect. >> we will talk about this. and what we have seen over the last hour. >> this is a look at just the totals in one hour. >> this is picking up a pretty good amount of rain and they picked up a little bit more
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rain. and same as make corm mcranch. and downtown phoenix. >> you picked up some rain in the last hour. we will run you through and show you what we are seeing on the satellite and radar map. >> this is, as you can see. things are moving by quickly. >> don't rule out a mit of hit or miss shower. >> there you can see the shower it is moving quickly to the eats. >> we will show you where the action is right now. and south of payson with the 87. >> you can see the line of showers. moving off quickly. >> it is producing heavy rain and hail. and if you are watching from the payson area. >> probably for the next hour or so. as the line moves through and seeing lightning associated with this as well. >> take you up north where we are seeing them fall. >> just to the east of the
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now. we did have rain turn into snow earlier in belmont. and this is just to the west of flagstaff or the national weather service has their story. >> we are getting into the winter months. and starting to feel like a lot more like the holidays. and sharps. and clouds for the valley. >> hit or miss showers and diminish as the afternoon tips. we will be dry by this ev >> but. they are giving us a little bit of snow levels dropping to 6500 feet and then we are drying out for tomorrow. so making way for a nice thanksgiving weekend forecast. >> 38 degrees insist flagstaff. and it is 49 degrees in sedona and 68 degrees in the valley. and 70 in tucson. >> we will run you through the overnight lows and if you are watching from the high country.
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tucson. >> finally. here is a look at the forecast. and it is breezy again and we can could see more this afternoon. >> and it is drying things out. >> making for a beautiful week ahead. >> the weekend looks great. >> can i just say. that i like you took the turkey off of thanksgiving day. >> kept putting it in. >> it was a big decision. >> i went through all th >> they have issues. it is nicer for the community. this provided a boost in business for japanese company. we will tell you why coming up after the break. >> plus, would you pay thousands of dollars for a better looking selfie. >> you will meet a woman who is doing just that. >> this is the technique that
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. this is a four pack of tickets that runs through december 23rd through january 8th. >> the fifth caller will win. election is good for business. their business is making donald trump masks and there you go. they are making the masks as quickly as possible hoping to keep up with demand. he said he has mixed feelings. the election of donald trump may not be good news for japan. but it was good news for his company. how cute is this. >> the zoo in australia introduced three babies last
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guess. >> they are called puggles, they are the first to be born at the zoo. they are one of two mammals that lay eggs and notoriously difficult to breed in human care. >> they will be automobile to explore until early next year. they are pretty cute. >> still to come. >> kylee will be back with the forecast.
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. welcome back. live picture of camelback mountain. it is nice out there. the rain, keel lee. >> we are dry -- kylee. >> we are on the bee line highway right now and wouldn't rule out seeing a hit or miss shower. it diminishes as the evening goes on and then look at that. a thanksgiving couldn't be better. mid-70s. black friday looks good for your shopping. >> we will see you back here at 5:00. have a great afternoon. >> >> why are they gassing your steak at the supermarket?
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? >> ridge: i will always love you and cherish you. i treasure us, our connection. and this is our chance to recapture the magic that we used to have, and that's what mom wants. she wanted us to be together and family. this is our shot, logan. >> bill: i hope you enjoyed our day together. >> r.j.: it was...okay. >> bill: "okay"? maybe i need to take you on the tour again so you have a full appreciation of exactly what i've built here. how about we start in the safe room? you can take another big whiff


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