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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the freeway is going to open s soon. we'll keep you updated on when the 101 will re-open. it's in the heart of rush hour. and now paul horton, this may be weather related. >> we did have pockets of heavy rain. it's been a while since we've had rain out there. the roads are slick. keep it slow out there. and leow isolated rain taking place, the radar here, you can see spotty showers, taking place along the 101 in the west valley and heading towards the 17. this is just light moisture falling. keep that in mind. most of the rain is starting to taper off and snow showers around flagstaff. and the culprit is an area of low pressure now pushing
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moving around new mexico and along the border here towards winslow and now rainfall totals are impressive. an inch of rain in whitman and 3/10 in scottsdale and glendale and a 10th in sky harbor. temperatures are cooler than averag hour and look at the 7-day planner coming up. and paul was telling us about the rain and snow up north, check out snow bowl. it's already received 3 inches. they can get 11-inch before the day is done. the resort was making snow so the runs are open. we're going to take you up
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right from your smartphone. download our mobile app and click on the interactive radar on the home page. overseas, new video from japan, it's been rocked by another major earthquake triggering a tsunami. that's because this struck just off the same region in northern japan battered by an earthquake in 2011 and a tsunami, residents told to flee the coast and get immediately to higher ground. just a tragic story, we're told there are several people dead among the nearly 2 dozen injured in a school bus crash
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it was carrieding 35 elementary school children. the bus was the only vehicle involved. and we're going to continue to follow this story as it develops. back here, we're also watching developing news about bruce arians. he was hospitalized overnight and taken to the hospital after complaining of chest s. >> kris, we're at the rescue mission and they're having a turkey give away. i talked to a member of the organization and right now all of the tests are favorable. and he remains in the hospital. chest pains upon his return from the game. you look at this video from the
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the officials. he's 64 and the second time he's been hospitalized. this year. >> makes you appreciate life. what happened in minnesota, it sucks, we would have loved to win. we are human beings and at the end of the day we love the coach and want to see him healthy and li and that's what it's about. >> again, he returned last night and experienced chest pains and his wife took him to the hospital where all tests have been favorable. the cardinals president is due here and hope to hear from him on the condition of bruce and any updates on cbs 5 news. thanks, tim, a judge denied
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the murder trial, that's the former police officer who shot and killed a man inside this motel in january. you might recall people were called in, a report of a man pointing a rifle out of the a motel window. it was a pellet gun and he grabbed for it and he faced charges of second degree murder. a man was shot overnight in the sports bar the suspected gunman is under arrest but not clear if they know each other or what led to the shooting. right now neither is talking to police. and a man who shot a man in phoenix near phoenix children's hospital near 16th street. witnesses told police a group of 6 people were fighting when one started shooting.
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two people have been arrested after a shooting and a wild high-speed chase that played out on this stretch of roadway. a woman said she called 911 when those suspects shot at her car. those suspects then refused to pullover when police caught up with them. >> it was a wild morning an started with breakfast in this west phoenix mcdonald's. at 5:00 a.m., a woman from th area on her way to working pulls in and police said somebody drives by and shoots at the woman as she's in her vehicle, the shooter then allegedly circled and fired again. and then police said the woman starts pursuing her assailant on the freeway and westbound on the i-10 with the shooter continuing to fire at the
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catch up with her and the alleged bad guys kept going. freeway cams picked it up and the two young men bailout near scottsdale rd. and 68th street and taken into custody and after talking to the two young men, police now believe it all started with the case of mistaken identity with the two young men firing at woman's car here at mcdonald's. >> they're being uncooperative but the detectives are piecing the story together indicating that they had a theft occur at their apartment and they believed they recognized this as the suspect vehicle. but in fact, that's wrong. this woman just an area resident on her way to work. wrong place, wrong time. and a case of mistaken identity. >> the woman said to be okay.
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police said she was trying to get the license plate of the car as she pursued the bmw, but the woman's car was reported hit by half a dozen bullets but again, she was uninjured. and the two young men taken into custody this morning, well, they're behind bars facing a variety of charges. in west phoenix, cbs just 60 days until president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office and see who is being considered and which jobs they may have come january. plus, we're talking about a price hike.
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police in texas said an
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targeted because of his uniform. one of our stories tonight. >> he shot him as he sat in his patrol car. a missouri governor pledging tougher penalties. wants an alert system to track systems. >> 500 workers at the o'hare airport going on strike but not until after thanksgiving. they don't want to mess up holiday travel plans. pope francis is allowing all priests to absolve women who have had an abortion. >> going to cost for more your cold drink and muffin at
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up to 10-30 cents but 90% of the menu didn't see a price change. black friday is a few days away and online retailers have a few tricks to get you to spend more. how to stay out of the trap. >> and connected with us on
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tonight, a big chunk of the country digs out after the first major snowstorm of the season. upstate new york was hit with 15 inches of snow. the chilly contrast from the day before when the >> not ready for it. too soon. >> parts of massachusetts and connecticut also got a foot of snow. and this all started in the midwest. michigan slammed by snow and several inches of lake effect snow on the west side of the state. >> and we're seeing snow here in the grand canyon state. >> but not here in the valley.
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those flakes falling and jason is at snow bowl and people are celebrating it. >> yes, when we drove in around 1:00 p.m., there was just a little bit of rain and that is all and then snow bowl, and bam, we got hit by serious snow flurries. that's good news and exactly what everyone around here was hoping for. >> you could excitement with every skier that came down the mountain. >> i'm going to skip as many classes as i can. >> is that a good thing? >> i get to board. it's open for business. brooke is an art teacher in phoenix who saw the slopes were open and came right up. >> i've been watching them, my fianci said it's snowing, let's go. day off, let's do it. >> i took the day off.
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>> one of the big attractions this year is snow bowl's brand new chairlift, it will get people up and down the mountain faster. >> the capacity going uphill is more, twice as fast. and travel speed and people get more seeing in because of the ride time being cut in half. >> 10% is currently open but nobody here seemed >> how did the run go? >> awesome. >> back out here, everyone here was hoping this storm would last but it's not going to happen. the good news, there's enough snow from today and yesterday, 10-12-inch along with a man made snow that it will remain open and in the past couple minutes, a few more flurries
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little piece is good news for the folks in flagstaff. and jason, i won't be that meteorologist to do a snow angel. >> thank goodness. >> kris could. >> and give you an update, sunrise had snow. they're going to open on thanksgiving. but, very nice pictures. snow bowl at 10,000 feet. so nice and pictures from the governor, he tweeted this, a view from the capital. doug ducey is a weather buff and he's got a rainbow in the distance. and here's the way it looks. a few stray showers still falling across the valley. just light rainfall. right along the 51 around areas of cactus and up towards bell and seeing showers there and we have snowfall around snow bowl and up around the high country.
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through the evening and then expecting to see clearing skies and a look out west. the sun is setting and here's is the culprit, an area of low pressure brought us rain and today the bulk is east of us around new mexico an heavy snow across portions of colorado. for and by 10:30, mostly clear and sunshine as we get closer to the big holiday. thanksgiving looks good. day in detail. cooler than average. average is in the 70s and lower 50s in the morning and 70 by 4:00 and then the 7-day planner. thanksgiving on thursday, 72 on wednesday and then 76 on
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temperatures looking nice through sunday. president-elect donald trump will spend thanksgiving here at his resort in florida. spokesperson said the family will all be there and he'll take a break from his planning. mike pence spends his holiday in mississippi where his son is stations. your political views from the past year could get you banned from the thanksgiving table. twitter is flooded with pos uninvited from thanksgiving due to their political views. experts said the best way to avoid it is to leave the politics at home. if it comes up, diffuse the tension with humor. and today, trump is new york city meeting with more cabinet candidates. >> he hosted several contenders
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opened to a steady stream of high-profile candidates being considered for his administration, among them scott brown a choice for secretary of veterans affairs. >> he's going to take my application or interest under consideration, i'm glad he called and he's going to obviously meet other folks and we should know after thanksgiving. >> republicanh also met with the president- elect. a possible pick for interior secretary. >> we discussed a wide range of issues and his plan for america and how i might be able to help. >> and he's considering rick perry for the same position. >> over the weekend he hosted other high-profile republicans in new jersey and met with chris christie and mitt romney,
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state. >> the president-elect met with anchors and executives from media outlets. the transition team has 4,000 federal jobs to fill before inauguration. he'll take the oath of office in 60 days. kenneth craig, cbs news new york. and several hawks spotted in a west valley neighborhood
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welcome back, macy's getting into the holiday spirit with the legendary window
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city. >> that's an unveiling. fireworks and everything. >> look at the theme, believe. macy's said it's not only to celebrate the season but to promote their brief campaign, it's raised money for the make- a-wish foundation and they brought snow, and they've been raising money for the past 9 years for make-a-wish. health issues and his wife took him to the local hospital and he remains in the hospital for continued evaluation. in august, he was admitted while the team within san diego with a stomach ailment.
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tell him to stay away. we're woo erred to want to be able to participate and do your job. and i know coach, he's the most fiery out of the group. >> unfortunately, the team's playoff hopes are dimmer. they drop to 4, 5 and 1 after losing a winnable game. a pick 6 and 104-yard kickoff. no one is more disappointed than the manager. >> when it's play in the game from your play makers, the guys that you count on, and we haven't done that. and that is no secret and we've let our fans down. >> the arizona coyotes have heavy hearts. craig cunningham collapsed before saturday's home game. he's in critical but stable condition. >> the doctors and people
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serious situation. so, we're all just thinking and praying for him and hoping for the best. >> we'll monitor that situation. the news a the 5:30 is next
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news. >> following several stories, coming in right now, the private investment group which hoped to buy chase field has backed out. they announced the plans in august but today notified the stadium board they're no longer interested. d-backs want out of their lease and they need millions and are under contract to play there until 2028. the lawyer who defended jody arias disbarred. it comes after kirk nurmi wrote a tell all book as her lawyer. the state bar said arias never gave permission for him to publish secrets from the case. he opted for disbarment rather than face discipline. she's severing a life sentence for killing her boyfriend travis alexander.
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101 just reopened after a three hour closure after a series of crashes including one that was deadly. amanda goodman is live on the scene. >>reporter: obviously a welcome sight to see and traffic is flowing on the southbound 101, we saw adot on their twitter say that all of the lanes from hayden down to cactus which was closed is all reopened. that back up is going to ak from a crash that happened near rain tree and the 101 at 2:00 p.m. and several other crashes happened as a result and one fatal crash. we don't know the case but there was a storm system moving through and the roads were wet. they're going to investigate this, but again, major headache


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