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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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101 just reopened after a three hour closure after a series of crashes including one that was deadly. amanda goodman is live on the scene. >>reporter: obviously a welcome sight to see and traffic is flowing on the southbound 101, we saw adot on their twitter say that all of the lanes from hayden down to cactus which was closed is all reopened. that back up is going to ak from a crash that happened near rain tree and the 101 at 2:00 p.m. and several other crashes happened as a result and one fatal crash. we don't know the case but there was a storm system moving through and the roads were wet. they're going to investigate this, but again, major headache
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and this major chunk of the 101 was shut down, it's a good time for people to remember there's going to be heavier traffic. pay attention, be aware and take your time, so you don't end up in a situation like this. and we have new information coming into our newsroo the deadly bus crash in tennessee. they said 6 people were killed in that crash. it happened in chattanooga. that bus you see was carrying 35 elementary school children, two dozen people on board were injured and it's not clear what caused the crash. but that bus was the only vehicle involved. a hawk spotted several times in a neighborhood swooped down and attacked some pet
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>> it got stuck here inside the parakeet cage. this is a bizarre incident. it was captured on cell phone video. >> all year-long, they keep their birds inside from the heat but with the weather so nice, the cage was kept outside. not knowing a hawk was looking for its next meal. >> this is the attack aftermath. the cage is a mess and in feathers and at 9:30 she heard banging, a large hawk got in and killed the 3-year-old parakeet. they was able to reach in and save another parakeet from the hawk. >> the bird was upside-down and his foot stuck out, wondering what he got himself into and was trying to go to are her but
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>> the hawk came back 15 minutes later but by then the family took snowy in and this is video of petey not too long ago. they said he was the more friendly bird and snowy was the mean one, they think her toughness helped her survive. snowy perches alone now, but they'll first have a memorial for petey tonight. just in time for the holidays, look at this, rain and showers and there were some heavy downpours but beside the crashes, there was not too many traffic accidents. and outside our studio, this is near 7th and missouri. that's in central phoenix. it's not just rain that we're
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conditions but the rain is tapering off. we had light rainfall move in through north phoenix and south of black ca?on city and a few showers and we had a live shot with jason barry and we saw snow bowl, they got 10 inches of snowfall and with the satellite, the bulk of that moisture is well to the east and behind it cooler air, temperatures tomorrow morning an outside, 67 and gorgeous sunset. and winds at 9 miles per hour and 60 by 9:00 and 57 by 11:00 and what is coming up for the holiday, that's next. a decorated phoenix police sergeant faces criminal charges now. and the loss of a job for alleged domestic violence. the 25 year veteran has been placed on desk duty and the
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for a while. >> we understand that the department learned about this at the end of september but sergeant was on duty and led a squad full of officers and then he was placed in a nonenforcement capacity while the investigation takes place. >> this is leroy getting an award from the police chie dedication. >> potter and several others honored with the medal of merit for helping two teens. >> they were able to distract the suspect. >> phoenix police said potter is now a suspect in a criminal investigation into domestic violence. internal affairs is
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police policy. potter took out two separate orders of protection against his live in girlfriend and was arguing with her after they were drinking and sought the orders because he was concerned she would hurt him or his children. they give no insight into the criminal allegations made by the girlfriend that resulted in the current investigation but sources confirm he's being ke >> the department spokesman didn't have an explanation as to why he's on full duty after the allegationings. he did say that once it was learned he was placed in a desk capacity.
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the food bank, doug ducey handed out things. they handed out everything from turkey to canned goods to produce. >> to have a normal thanksgiving meal, a comfort feeling that one day things aren't has bad. >> st. mary's need 1,600 more turkeys. you can donate at bank. and it's time to think about holiday shopping, which
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it looks like people in gilbert will spend more than people in other arizona cities. that's one ever our five stories in 55 seconds. >> wallet hub looked at how much each city should spend. gilbert is expected to spend $1,100 on gifts and scottsdale and chandler rounded it off with $800. >> wal-mart is making it competes with amazon, and the black friday deals starts on thanksgiving day. >> apple will replace batteries in their 6s models because it shuts down unexpectedly. it only affects a small number and these phones are not a safety risk. >> toys r us stopped selling the tonka dump truck.
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said they're investigating. the harry potter spin off was the top draw, it earned $75 million, sounds great but that's the lowest debut for a jk
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online retailers have special and sneaky ways to get you to spend more than you would otherwise. > us how e-commerce tricks can cost you if you're not paying attention. >> the psychology behind online marketing is more complex. and these are a list of sneaky tactics. the abandoned cart e-mail. if the business sends you a reminder about the item in your cart, you're likely to complete
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why you abandoned the cart and think about it before you click buy. >> and many offer products in threes, and the middle represents a compromise between the free and the more expensive one. only one left in stock, that doesn't represent as we know the true inventory. most times it's a ploy to create a false sense of urgency. >> limited time only put pressure on the customer. without taking time to decide >> a huge e-commerce tactic, list the product's original price and the savings. $100 marked down from $200, it creates a false sense of value. they ask if you want it
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if shipping is free on $60 or more, you'll likely spend more, watch these online retailers tactics. we know that arizona cardinals and fans and flares are concerned. >> this is a fluid situation, bruce arians, hospitalized after returning from the away game. >> his health is priority number one. we've been following this and we have >> as a player, you feel responsible for what is happening and the stress and you now him not feeling well. >> a solemn larry fitzgerald after coach is hospitalized with chest pains. >> you appreciate real life. we would have loved to have win, but we're human beings and at the end of the day we love
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live a long live. >> bruce arians was visibly stressed. >> when things like this happen, it shows how fragile life is. when you're in the midst of a season and things aren't going the way you want, you lose sight. >> this is the second hospitalized. >> he said don't allow this to be a distraction. we need to focus and win. >> but doubts about his immediate future. >> i don't think we have the right to tell him to stay away. we're wired to do the job and coach, he's the most fiery out
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>> of course, we wish coach a speedy recovery but the season goes on. no bye-weeks. >> you hate to see them put stress on them. >> there's so much expectation. tonight at 6:30, one
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well, an active day for monday, and active yesterday. had about a 0.10 of an inch of in tapering off. and snow showers around flagstaff and from show low out towards the eager area and seeing clearing out there, and the clear skies and beautiful sunset. today was a high of 70. winds at 9 miles per hour. the culprit of the moisture is this big batch of rainfall.
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are going to drop to the 50s to start the morning. and tonight, mostly clear, and still leftover showers along the rim there and then tomorrow, clear and the temperatures start to climb as we get closer to thanksgiving. >> overnight lows 52, and 40 in sedona. and flagstaff, that 7-day planner up north, 47 for tomorrow and 4 and lower 50s for the holidays, and thanksgiving on thursday. and our forecast here in the valley, temperatures looking nice, 70 for tuesday and thursday and looking good for black friday and high of 75. right, now your top stories. southbound lanes are reopened
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the loop 101 and three separate wrecks involving 20 vehicles, one person was killed. >> japan rocked by another major earthquake triggering a tsunami. the 6.9 quake was off the coast of fukushima, the same region battered by one back in 2011. a judge denied a motion for new evidence to be introduced into the murder trial of a shot and killed a man inside of a hotel and said the man was grabbing for his waistband when he shot him. >> connect with us and use the hash tag cbs 5az. >> walter cronkite was a friend of mine and i'm no cronkite.
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receiving the walter cronkite excellence for journalism and he said true journalism where fake news stories are cropping up is more important than ever. >> the dividing line is between journalism and it's snake oil. these people are charl la tans. no concerns about the facts. that is the dividing line i think. >> he pulled no punches as to what journalists face in this age of unchecked news. he talked to a packed ballroom
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cronkite award winner. >> the folks at home need to have quality, unbiased clear information to make decisions in their own lives and the lives of their families and the country. it's the only way a democratic republic can working it's the lifeblood of freedom and that's what's being taught at asu. >> he said there's a the quality of the journalism because he said has never before more bad information been available. >> determining the truth is so daunting and complicated, that people go to universities and study how to determine the truth. it's called journalism. >> i suggest to you today, that the quickest more direct way to
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the information, those are the stakes that we have to address. >> they're high, and he said when it comes to deluge of one- sided reporting there's hope. >> bias reporting closes minds. journalism is meant to open them. >> such a treat to meet him, so engaging whether with us or the executive producer steve cappas. >> evening news is coming up
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news: children have been killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. also tonight, a contender for secretary of homeland security failed to secure his plan to enforce a major trump campaign promise. >> i've got an officer down in from the of headquarters. >> pelley: the manhunt for a cop killer. and one of the most dangerous places to be this holiday season. >> how well do you think people drive in parking lots? >> not very well at all. i think it's cut-throat. >> this is this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. scott pelley is reporting tonight from phoenix, arizona.


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