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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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broke confidentiality laws that should have protected his former client. well a traffic nightmare is now over on the southbound loop 101 over in scottsdale. >> yeah a series of crashes that left one person dead and a part of the freeway closed. we're going to give you a live look right now from our adot camera near loop 101 and raintree. all southbound lanes have reopened happening about an hour ago. but there were three separate wrecks involving more than our penguin plumbing news chopper flew over the accident late this afternoon in the initial crash. one person died in that accident. it also caused two chain reaction crashes within minutes. we're told the weather and the slick roads may have caused those crashes. we are following a deadly school bus crash.
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this is in chattanooga, tennessee. at least six people are dead and 20 others injured. the bus was just mangled around the tree. 35 students were on board ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. let's take you back to the valley where some of you or many of you would have wet weather in your neighborhood. we sure did. this is a look at our cbs5 studios near bethany home road with a good downpour in our parking lot allowing some pretty strong winds. >> and the roads were slick, our mobile unit was driving around in the middle of e storm this morning. meteorologist paul horton joins us a little early. >> it looks like a lot of the showers are tapering out there, chris. we will take you to the valley radar and show you a lot of the showers as i mentioned passing through areas of north phoenix and the last half hour, they are starting to quiet down with light snow showers across areas of flagstaff and still a threat for a few snow showers up in the high country. but take a look at their rainfall totals, pretty impressive with .8 inches of
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glendale over .3 inches. .1 inches at sky harbor with a live look out there with their clearing skies. those temperatures will be dropping quickly right now roaming around 65 degrees. let's look for the upcoming holiday and that answer in a few minutes, chris? >> all right, thank you, paul. and today's storms didn't just bring rain, but look at that, yup, it brought snow in the high country. >> it came down today in flagstaff. making it just a great day for skiers and borders who were able to get -- boarders who jason barry is live where people are really enjoying the snow. jason? >> reporter: yeah, all of those skiers and snowboarders have gone home for the night. i have a hunch many will be back tomorrow. we got a good bit of snow up here today. a lot of it is still on the ground, which is exactly what everybody around here was hoping for. snow bowl is initially open for business. a lot of folks played hook key to go -- hookie to go play on
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crowds roll for the big thanksgiving holiday. a lot of people came from the valley today. there's still a limited number of runs open, but nobody here seemed to mind one bit. >> the scopes -- the slopes were high. >> i'm skipping as many classes as i can. >> is that a good thing? >> because i get bored. >> i've been watching them, my fiance especially. we're going down with a big day off. let's do this. >> you took a day off to come to the snow? >> definitely. >> reporter: you just came down the mountain how was >> reporter: what do you like best? >> just being able to ski fast. >> reporter: love to see the kids up on the slopes. now one of the big attractions this year is a new chair lift called the grand canyon express. it's suppose to be twice as fast as other chair lifts to get people up and down the mountains faster. the big thing is that it will make those lines move a lot faster, which is good news for skiers and snowboarders. we've had about 10 to 12 inches of snow up here at snow bowl
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we've even had a couple of light flurries in the past hour or so. everybody wants to see more snow in flagstaff. hoping for another storm after thanksgiving. reporting live at snow bowl jason barry cbs5 news. >> thanks, jason. looks cold, but inviting out there. you can always get the latest weather updates straight to your phone. just download the free cbs5 mobile app through the app store or google play. developing now it's back to step one to find someone who wants to purchase chase field. investment group has backed our of the deal. backed out of the deal. back in the summer the diamondbacks said they wanted to get out of their lease at chase field citing millions of dollars worth of repair work. they are scheduled to play there for at least another 12 years. well tonight cardinals head coach would remain in a local hospital. he started to experience chest pains after returning home from minnesota. now he told the players he's fine, he's resting comfortably,
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>> he is doing well, a lot of people have been acquired. i think he'll be getting out of the hospital here pretty soon. i saw him earlier today. he looked good. he's been texting back and forth this afternoon and seems to be in good spirits. >> would you anticipate a discussion with them on the sidelines? >> i think that it will be fairly soon and that everything has checked out pretty good. >> now the cardinals would ravel to atlanta to play the falcons on sunday. no word on whether coach will be at that game. two people have been arrested after a shooting and a high-speed chase. it started near 51st avenue and mcdowell. phoenix police say that someone shot up a vehicle with a woman sitting inside. she followed the suspect's car on loop 101 as they continued to fire at her. officers and troopers caught up with the suspects in scottsdale. >> detectives are piecing together some form of a story that indicates that maybe these men would have a theft occur at their apartment last night in
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believe they recognize this as a suspect vehicle. but in fact that's completely wrong. it appears that this woman just an area resident on her way to work, wrong place wrong time. >> the woman is is okay and boy is she lucky. her car was hit by at least half a dozen bullets. all new here at 6:30 a phoenix woman has pleaded guilty to the shooting death of her husband. amanda miller will be sentenced next month on charges of second- degree murder. back in january she told police that she shot calindo. there was a history of domestic violence between miller and her husband. there new rules on how to treat pregnant women jailed in maricopa county. officers are now banned from restraining inmates while they are in labor and for two weeks after having the baby. this comes after the county agreed to pay $200,000 to settle a lawsuit by a former inmate. she said that her rights were violated in 2009 when officers restrained her before and after she gave birth.
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recovery room and she was restrained with the chain attached to her leg. new tonight the governor is offering to let an indian tribe operate a full-scale casino in glendale. in exchange the tribe would not build anymore casinos in the phoenix metro area. >> there is just one problem to the autonation that isn't on board. dennis welch is in glendale to explain. >> reporter: this is all part of a much bigger agreement that would allow the state's indian gaming tribes to expand their operations. as long anymore casinos like this one here in glendale in the phoenix metropolitan area. now the governor and the other tribal leaders would hail their agreement as a way to, "modernize arizona gaming." and now under this agreement the tribes would expand their number of poker tables at their casinos and double the number of the games. in return that the tribes would not build anymore casinos here in the valley. now the one exception, the desert diamond casino in glendale.
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their facility about a year ago in a limited capacity and it has been admired in legal fighting. now if they would agree to this deal that the state they would let the tribe expand their operations in glendale and they would end that litigation, but it's not a done deal yet because they have not signed on yet. >> we would love to have you at the table and we would love to work with you on what's next for the state of arizona. they've been a part of their discussion and their negotiations ongoing and they're welcomed to be here. >> reporter: the team released a statement saying th concerned about the lack of communication with the governor's office, but that they would review this proposal in hopes of moving forward. in glendale dennis welch cbs5 news. coming up travel troubles. you want everything to go well while on vacation, but why more people are ending up in the emergency room. sometimes people judge. and they must be chilled out and stuff like that. >> that mediation or meditation i should say at the workplace.
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meditation. there are one company encouraging workers to relax. the benefit wills be a part of the shifting culture. a feast for the beast. it's thanksgiving for animals at the phoenix zoo. we're going to tell you i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won?
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new tonight it seems that more people are ending up in the emergency room while on vacation. doctors in florida say that one in four vacations include a trip to the e.r. they say that travelers should keep important medical information on their phones, keep refill prescriptions and carry-on luggage. here is a big tip. if you are sick before you leave, stay home. and also new tonight it's a way to better focus and gat >> a california-based company is urging its employees to meditate at work. head space helps produce a medication app that is now practicing what they preach twice a day. the team will get together and meditate for ten minutes, they created areas designed for quiet reflection and relaxation. now the bosses believe that it will improve productivity at work. >> there is a shift in culture for most companies now, but people will expect them.
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will be an optimum working environment. >> i mean we're not judging that we could use something like that. they believe that meditation helps to lower blood pressure, we could all use that, reduces stress, and boosts concentration. >> i would love to see that in the newsroom. good stuff. all right after the showers today and yesterday, will we see anymore rain tomorrow? that answer is coming up. the bird was upside flapping around with -- upside down flapping around with his foot stuck up. >> a woman hears a noise, but it wasn't her parakeet. how a hawk got stuck in her backyard.
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this surveillance video caught what police believe is the same armed robbery suspect holding up two different circle ks last month. both along 40th street in southeast phoenix. in both cases the suspect entered the stores, pointed a gun at clerks and demanded money. backpack. the suspect is described as a hispanic male about 27 years old, five-feet ten, 180 pounds with black hair, brown eyes, and a goatee. he has a large tattoo on his right thigh, and some sort of a name tattooed on the left side of the neck. he carries a black handgun. if you have any information on this armed robber call silent
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480-tosigo. download our free cbs5 app and click on the man hunt monday section. for man hunt monday donna rossi cbs5 news. caught on camera a man falls from his truck while leaving a club. 28-year-old william edwards fell out of the driver side and his truck rolled over his legs. that truck then crashed into a house and injure add woman who was sleep -- injured a woman who was sleeping inside. edwards was drunk and the security at that club tried he is now facing several charges. in -- in peoria a bizarre incident. if you look that hawk right there got stuck in a parakeet cage. the owner keeps the cage outside because the weather is is nice, but something this morning went wrong. the hawk got in and actually
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parakeets. >> the bird was upside down with his foot stuck out wondering what he got himself into. he was probably trying to go for her, but she got a little beat up herself. >> becky says that their second parakeet snowy is the tough one, believing that it was her who helped to fight off the hawk and that is why she was able to survive. new tonight if you know someone who has a nap for helping others, now it's time to apply for a the medical department is hiring more firefighters. they'll accept applications through sunday december 18. you'll need a valid emt or paramedic certification with the state of arizona. now the department plans to hold another hiring event next spring or summer. well thousands of families in the valley will now have a thanksgiving dinner. st. mary's food bank is holding their annual holiday food distribution event near 31st avenue and thomas road as they handed it out today more than
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the food drive ends on wednesday, but they are still accepting turkeys, food, and cash as you can drop off those donations at st. mary's food bank. new at 6:30 thanksgiving isn't just for all of us. workers at the phoenix zoo are making sure that the animals are enjoying the holiday also. it is called feast for the beef. they created a big set up this morning for their female bear. she got a gelatin cake, biscuit, pears, cooked carrots second. it took a second longer. but at least she had a good time and it was something different that she would be able to see it every day. this is the first day that we were set up for them. >> entertaining and delicious. the monkeys, elephants, cows, the tiger, and the tortoises, they also got to enjoy the thanksgiving meal. >> you just saw him on the cbs evening news downtown phoenix because scott pelley was here in the valley to accept a very
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newsroom as he said that it is more important than ever to distinguish real journalism from fake news on social media and he continued that theme as he accepted the 2016 walter cronkite award for excellence in journalism. >> it doesn't matter if you're writing on a glass tablet or a stone tablet. the values of reporting and journalism are immutable. we ask ourselves is is it fair, is it honest? >> pelley is the 33rd recipient. he joined the news in 1999 and became the anchor of cbs evening news back in 2011. >> that award meant so much. you could tell that he was choked up. >> very emotional today. >> think of the asu students and how lucky they are to witness that. >> they got to talk to him yesterday asking him a ton of questions saying that is the highlight of his trip. [ laughter ]
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he? he talked to kris all morning long. >> he was so engaging with everyone. >> yes, he was great. >> good stuff. hey some rainfall out there. luckily during his live shot at asu a lot of the rain showers had tapered off. as you could see valley pin point doppler radar a lot of the showers still taking place north of us, still a few strays, snow flurries up there. but it looks like a pretty quiet night expected. all the pictures are coming in. skiers are loving this. i just found this one. this sunrise just greer. look at the whiteout conditions out there. they received some nice snowfall. they're planning on opening up thanksgiving day. then a gorgeous sunset out there. everybody is taking pictures with the few clouds in the distance. temperature wise, well right now we're in the mid-60s after the passing showers. 36 in flag staff. we'll see the overnight lows drop down below freezing up north. here is that area of low pressure that you can see it spinning counterclock wise and moving to the east. bringing a good deal of rainfall across areas of new
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yeah around 11:30 mostly clear skies. then we'll wake up tomorrow morning with plenty of sunshine and temperatures dropping down to the lower 50s. then we're going to start to see that temperature warm up perfect timing for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. 52 degrees will be the overnight low. we will hit a high tomorrow around 4:00 at 70. then here is that seven-day planner an important one. yeah 72 on wednesday. we'll be up to 76 on thanksgiving. mostly clear skies. staying comfortable through the weekend. that's the average high at this time of the year staying sean, kris? >> thank you, paul. everything that you need to know for prime time is coming up next. >> but first a look at what's
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here are tonight's takeaways, at least six students are dead and more than 20 others were injured after a school bus crash in
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in age from kindergarten through fifth grade. investigators now say that speed may have played a factor in this crash. >> the defense attorney has agreed to dispar them choosing that option over facing a four- year suspension as he would represent jodi arias in her murder case several years ago. the tell-all book broke client confidentiality laws. bruce arrions remains in the hospital tonight experiencing chpa are told that he is doing okay. and all of his tests are coming back with what they are calling favorable, but no word if he would travel with the team to atlanta this weekend. >> that'll do it for us here at 6:30. >> we hope that you'll join us here at 11:00 and that you have a great night.
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