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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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police are searching for if gunman two shot and killed a than right in front of his own home. yesterday cardinals coach was in the hospital. we'll tell you how he is doing today.
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his wheelchair. good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us here at noon. we begin with break nothings. firefighters rescued a legally blind man in a wheelchair two fell into this canal. this happened at baseline. rescuers say the man got too close to the edge of the canal. he fell right in. luckily he was able to stay in his chair until help firefighters say he was slightly hype thermic. he refused a trip to the hospital. a man was shot and killed on his doorstep overnight. police are searching for the person who pulled the trigger. we have more from the scene near indian school and long view. police have been here for seven thundershowers investigate -- hours investigating looking into two the shooter may be.
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at large this this morning. the shooting happened at midnight where a man came to the door and was shalt -- shot in the apartment. his girlfriend was in the apartment. a child, a toddler lives in that same apartment. no one else was hurt. it was midnight. neighbors say they were jarred away and afraid when they heard multiple gunshots. >> i really don't know what time it 2:00 something like that. >> what did you hear? >> i just heard shots. i heard shots. i knew it was real close. that's all. >> reporter: no one else hurt here. we are told the victim is hispanic man in his 30s. police are not releasing the victim's name yet. they are looking for a description to the suspect they can give to us. again, the shooter is at large and on the run this morning. police and investigators are piecing together what happened
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a woman was rushed to the hospital after getting shot in her leg during a driveby shooting. he was walking with a couple of guys near 43rd avenue and maryland when a dark green four door car drove up and started shooting at them. the woman was the only one hit. he is expected to be okay. so far no one has been arrested. new at noon, another legal challenge to the loop 202 south mountain freeway has failed. the ninth circuit court in junction to stop the construction. construction on the freeway is scheduled to start early in the new year. adot says it is the forty time a legal challenge to the freeway failed. there is fallout from the jodi arias trial. her defense attorney is banned from practicing law. after areas was convicted he wrote this book trapped.
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writing the book out her permission painting her in a negative light and including confidential and private discussions. he the declined to talk about the ruling. her new attorney released a statement thanking the bar for taking his law license. president-elect donald trump is holding more meetings in new york as he works to fill positions in theup coming administration. while his transition teams work to fill his cabinet. there is some news about wh his former rival hillary clinton for her e-mail scandal. he talked about that in the campaign. kenneth craig has the latest from outside trump tower. >> reporter: one by one more prominent republicans made their way into the gold elevators at trump tower this morning as president-elect donald trump holds another day of meetings about staffing his administration. no announcements have been made in week, senior trump advisor
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pursue charges against hillary clinton for her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state 123450 there is a tradition. >> american politics that after you win an election you put things behind you. that's consistent with the historical pattern. >> reporter: last night the trump transition team released video outlying plans for the first 100 days in office. prioritys include a withdrawal from the trans pacific nation's visa program. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american work efficient. >> reporter: there was no mention of a border wall or repealing obamacare. mr. trump is also meeting with the new york times before heading to florida for the holiday. this morning the president- elect tweeted because he
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times changed the condition. something the paper denied. kenneth craig cbs news new york. we first told you yesterday at noon cardinals head coach was in the hospital after he had some chest pains. we are happy to tell you this afternoon that he is now home and he is doing well. he started feeling chest pains after returning home from minnesota after the team's loss to the vikings. cardinals travel next to atlanta to play the falcons he was back at work today-'ll be at practice tomorrow. he'll coach the time -- team to atlanta. a couple hours ago he posted this message on twitter. we have not been told why he had the chest pains. this is the second time he's been in the hospital since august. the sale of chase field fell through. today we are hearing the teams
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a private investment group backed out of the deal. they say the d backs refused to meet without a number of unreasonable and rather dubious preconditions. d backs say they are offended by the claims. in two days 4,000 people will have a chance to go home with a full stomach and a full heart. salvation army will be providing a traditional thanksgiving meal to those in need all over the valley. it takes a lot of work to prepare for this. we have mo convention center. >> reporter: absolutely incredible thing going on at the phoenix convention center. we are on day one of three of volunteers preparing meals with the salvation army for more than 4,000 people in need all the over the valley. we have joe here to talk us through how this works. where do we start? we have volunteers doing corn. take us through this side.
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potatoes and salad. we have pumpkin pie that will be served to everyone that comes in for the dinner as well as the packages prepared and sent to homes. >> reporter: one point i want to drive home is all of these people might not be able to have a meal at all if it wasn't for you guys doing that. there is a companionship amongest each other that people get to experience. >> we find there are a lot of families that come out it is an event. it is not just a sit down dinner. you have a lot of seniors. who normally would not have any family visiting or anything like to that. they come out for the fellowship and companionship. >> reporter: 14 locations over the valley will prepare these meals more thursday. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's talk about the weather. rain is out of the way. >> it is gone. it was chilly this morning. we have a fantastic day out
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outside. >> i like fantastic. >> look at this time lapse. this is neat. once we get the sun up you'll see something you have not seen yet this ann. look at -- season. look at the snow on the mountain. san francisco peeks coated. not really a lot of snow in town in flagstaff. snow bowl did well. 20 inches of snow at snow ball overnight. great for them. they had the snow guns working. they got a nice nature.. cloud cover is zip when it comes to precipitation. that's the case for not just northern arizona but also central and southern arizona. our storm system is on the move. it is now in the great plains. it is bringing snow to places like denver. you have a flight later this afternoon or tomorrow still may be some snow on the ground there. and chilly temperatures. we are feel fantastic in the valley. how about 64 in lichfield park?
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66 skyharbor. statewide it is cool in flagstaff. 47 there. 43 in gila bend. today the temperatures will be wonderful. that's why people come to arizona this time of year. there is downtown phoenix in the background. a lot more sunshine than yesterday. we had clouds and thunderstorms rolling around about this time. we'll take it up to for your high. 63 at 6:00 p.m. we'll be in the 50s by 8:00 p.m. what about that thanksgiving forecast? we'll tell you everything you need to know coming up in just a few minutes. >> sounds good. thank you very much. five kids were killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. raising the question why don't those buses have seat belts? dennis rodman was arrested for driving the wrong wrong
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his lawyer said it is not his fault. later in this newscast we'll give away a four pack of tickets to see zoo lights.
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later in this news cast we'll give away a four pack it of -- pack it of tick its see zoo lights. this morning a tow truck how manied away the wreckage of a school bus that carried 35 elementary school children. it flipped over on its side and wrapped around a tree killing one boy and four girls. a mother who lost one of her three children told cbs news the driver asked the students if they were quoted ready to die moments before the crash.
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the bus flipped that he was speeding around the curve. pries police arrested 4-year-old john walker and charged him with vehicle hall -- vehicle lar homicide. head of the national highway traffic safety administration says three point seat belts that go across the shoulder and waist should be on every school bus. there is no federal mandate. six states require seat belts on school buses. only california meets the recommendation. this administrator says his agency has been weighing there to mandate bells on school
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challenge. we are looking at everything from research to funding to figure out how to help everybody nationwide to get their kids safer. >> reporter: four children die every year in large school bus crashes. it believes seat belts would reduce those deaths by half. this seat belt manufacture's roll over test shows the impact of a crash on unbuckled children. >> the belts are good. they from certainly good in a roll overwhere you night be ejected if you didn't have that belt. >> reporter: last predicted it would cost $7300 to $10,000 to retro fit each school bus with seat belts. with an estimated half million school buss in service the cost it would be in the billions. the administrator suggested new buses could come off the assembly line standard with as well as. >> manufacturers could do this on their own starting now. >> reporter: in part because of the cost it could take up to a decade or more if ever to get a
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seat belts. n.t.s.b. believes three this point seat belts would improve school bus safety. cbs news washington. 17 people were killed in a massive pileup on a highway in china. look at these aerial pictures. this is awful. another 37 people were hurt in this crash. drivers say the roads were slick and there was heavy fog in the area. two cars crashed and turned sideways blocking the road. it triggered a reaction. former nba star dennis rodman has been charged with hit-and-run accused of causing a crash while driving the strong way on a freeway in california. he was driving in the hov wrong way of the i-5 through santa ana when a driver crashed into a wall trying to avied him. this happened july. rodman's attorney points out his client didn't hit anyone.
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let's look at the big board. dow sitting at 41 up. earlier today we hit a record 19,000. looks like we are only less than one point away. now it is 19,000. record numbers here. statistics are showing nearly two million americans are addicted to prescription drugs. painkillers morphine and oxycodone. behind statistics there are real stories of people you would never expect. >> i tell the same story over and over. i could not remember anything else. >> it is obvious we are in an epidemic. >> tonight on cbs5 at 6:30 answers about the prescription drug abuse epidemic and local guidelines. how many doctors feed the dosing limit for these powerful drugs?
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japan lead to a strange site this morning. look at this. those are waves being send up a river by the tsunami. the magnitude 6.9 quake was an aftershock of that massive earthquake that happened in 2011 that devastated this area. three people were hurt by the quake. the tsunami was relatively small. wow! >> just a trip. tsunami means harbor wave. i saw the alert and i thought oh my goodness. luckily not a big deal. let's take a step outside our weather. it is not a big deal. not a cloud in the sky. do you see one? >> no. i haven't seen nothing.
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bottom area of your screen. it is calm out there. the calm after the storm if you will. we have cloud cover on the eastern side of state. we are done when it comes to rain and snow. statewide it is looking great. that storm system that brought us not just rain and lightning and thunder also hail for places like new river and fountain hills. here's the system bringing snow to denver. eventually it will push into the midwest. they'll be dealing with some rain and thanksgiving. no major crippling storm systems. our weather could not be better when i. comes to thanksgiving. future cast shows the storm moving in the plains as we get going into tomorrow. a weak system is just to the north. it will stay in utah. we stayed dry into thursday. we'll see a ridge of high pressure building in. that's going to mean very clear conditions throughout the state of arizona. if you have to hit the road
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nevada you are fine. you don't have to worry about rain or snow that will partly sunny skies you up on your drive. now, the kids, that's another story. just kidding. taking a look at temperatures. 66 degrees out there. the wind is calm. dew points 45 degrees. still a little moisture in the air. not enough to start any showers. around the state chilly. we are in the 40s. we'll top out around 47. 70 phoenix. which is two degrees belo 57 in sedona. 50 flagstaff. seven-day forecast looks like this. we'll take it up to 73 for wednesday. 76 for thanksgiving. 76 on friday. your saturday looks great. maybe you'll go see a movie with the family. just kick back. probably still be in a food coma. but the weather is great for whatever you are doing. i guess there is one cloud out
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>> either way it is gorgeous outside. chilly by fantastic. thank you very much. >> i found a cloud. >> how are you doing cloud? it is a thanksgiving tradition. see how they are getting ready for the they is i -- macy's parade. we are giving away a four pack
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start dialing. we are giving away a four-pack of tickets to see zoo lights from november 23-january 8 at the phoenix zoo. the number is on your screen.
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good luck! stars from the music tv and theater worlds came together in new york last night to rehearse for this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. rockette's rehearsed. the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade starts at 9:00 new york time on thanksgiving day. still to come on cbs5, ian will have a last look at your forecast coming up. first, here's a look at what is coming up later ton cbs5. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media...
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how about a live picture of camel back mountain? >> pretty. >> perfect day for a hike. >> 70 degrees. 73 wednesday. 76 on thanksgiving. and your weekend is looking great. >> everything is perfect about this week. don't dry -- screw it up. >> i don't to thank you for choosing cbs5. join us here tonight at 5:00. have a great tuesday!
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>> quinn: first i want to thank you both for helping out with the festivities. >> pam: well, thanksgiving is very important to eric. >> quinn: and eric is important to al of us, isn't he, pam? >> pam: he's very, very important. >> steffy: okay. it's his favorite holiday, so let's just get through it without any drama, oka >> quinn: yes, and, on that respect, you are reaching out to the family, making sure everybody's invited? >> steffy: yep. granddad invited them. i will make sure that they are here. >> quinn: thank you. >> steffy: i'm doing it for my grandfather, quinn. >> pam: same reason i'm making a big, fresh batch of lemon bars for him. >> quinn: oh, pam, do you really think that's a good idea? you know, doctor's orders... >> pam: a couple of thanksgiving lemon bars aren't gonna kill the man. >> steffy: i think he'll be


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