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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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they're still looking for the suspects. both shaken, not hurt. i posted this video facebook page and our station page. share it with your friends to get the word out, to get these men caught before they strike again. >> so dist video. >> wow, yeah. a hiker has taken a deadly fall on lookout mountain in phoenix. >> witnesses said he went off the trail, and it was a trail that he was very familiar with when the accident happened. lauren rymer is there live. what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest is phoenix fire has recovered the man's body from a very sharp, steep incline on the side of
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hiking trail winds around. his body was taken off in an ambulance. the only way to bring him off the mountain was by helicopter. he went for a hike by himself this afternoon. witnesses say he strayed from the trail and fell off drop. they wanted to be sure before removing his body from the mountain. >> i feel so sad and sorry for his family.
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he could learn his name shortly. >> thank you lauren. phoenix fire says this was a family helping out to their annual thanksgiving trip. the father not wearing a seatbelt was partially ejected from the truck. the truck blew a tire and crashed into the median. there was a small fuel leak that firefighters put out that. crash blocked several lanes but they have reopened. a heads-upif sunday night. eastbound i-10 will be closed between state route 80 and 90. it could begin as early as 10:00 sunday night and last for up to four hours. an oversized load will be travelling at a very low speed. mesa police are searching for this hit and run driver who killed a bicyclist.
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eric gilbert was dragged up to 90 yards. the driver eventually got out. that's when they ran away. >> that could have been anybody, you know what i mean? we all know somebody that rides a bike, walking. my son gets dropped off on the bus. people don't take consideration of other human beings. >> deputy ies say the suspect vehicle is a mazda mpv. if you know anything about the vehicle or the incident, office. or schenn witness. a lockdown is over in a gilbert neighborhood. police served a search warrant for a robbery suspect but he refused to come out. s.w.a.t. teams used gas canisters and a remote control robot. mccoy surrendered and was arrested. he lives in the home where he was hiding out. governor ducey has forced
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the state agency, tim jeffries stepping down as the department of economic security. this comes after several controversial firings at the social welfare agency. there was also a party where he allegedly paid for alcohol for his own workers. problems at the maricopa county morgue. there has been a large increase in the numb unexplain the medical examine serasking for an extra $300 -- examiner is asking for an extra $300,000. >> reporter: a grim new reality at the examiner's office. sharp rise in dead bodies filling up the morgue. >> between january and november, we've seen a 19% increase in the number of cases we handle over the same time the previous year. >> reporter: jeff johnson is the chief medical examiner for the county. he has a theory about what's driving the bleak
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drug-related deaths. that's the most likely cause. we won't know until we get the cases completed. >> reporter: if it turns out heroin is the cause, maricopa county wouldn't be alone. regardless, johnson will ask county leaders on monday for an additional $278,000 to hire two more examiners and helpse massive backlog of open cases. >> right now we have about 1,700 open reports. that's not bodies left to examine. but we've increased our case load about 19%. from about 95 cases a week to 112 cases a week. don't fall for the scam. that's the word from aps which has seen a dramatic increase in bogus phone calls.
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complaints within the last week. criminals are demanding immediate payment on a prepaid card or they will turn off your power within the hour. aps would never require payment with a prepaid card. if you're a college football fan, you know what this friday is, the territorial cup between asu and u of a. controversial shirt going around says "make arizona great again, build a wall, tucson as part of mexico." we talked with students getting their reaction. >> the joke is funny but a little, yeah, distasteful. >> people are gonna be dumb and do what they want. >> there's no reason we need to relate the political things to just a simple football game. >> the man who made the shirt did not get back to us today for
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phoenix zoo lights. >> paul horton is there for all the festivities. paul? >> reporter: guess what day it is! guess what day it is! >> are we going there? [ laughter ] >> reporter: isn't that nice? this is dale. hoar at the phoenix zoo -- phoenix zoo. and his trainer aaron. and you can get a nice camel ride here at the phoenix zoo. and this 2,000 pound animal can hold a family of five. can you imagine that family photo if you come out to the phoenix zoo during the holidays? lulet's talk about that weather. what a beautiful night tonight, if you're heading out and about for the phoenix zoo, wherever you're going. doors are gonna stay open until about 10:00. and over
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700 sculptures. we're gonna show you the 7-day planner and what's ahead for thanksgiving coming up. good work, dale! >> happy holidays. we'll be checking back in with you! [ laughter ] bruce arians returns to the field. not in this video. we'll show it to you. what he said about his health scare. >> i hate to say this to you. i'll probably never see you again. >> he always loves the lyme light. we have a one-on-one interview with joe arpaio about his plans for the future. >> senator flake meeting with mexico. this is him arriving at the airport about an hour ago.
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bruce is back, returning to the field this morning. >> he gave us all a scare before spending monday in the hospital. >> reporter: after a scare on sunday night, the cardinals thankful to have coach arians
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hospital after experiencing chest pains. >> i'm not on the injury report. i'm full go. no questions about that. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm full go, brother. i'm fine. that's what i do. [ laughter ] >> that's what i do. >> he's as tough as they come. he's as tough as any player in that locker room. and whatever happened, happened. and got it checked out. and he looks great. and it's business as usual for him and >> we're grateful to have him back. any time we get that kind of situation, we will hope that those situations motivate us. so we have had that obviously with bruce this week. we're glad he's back. and hopefully we can use that as some motivation to eep gethim a win. >> reporter: arians will be back on the sidelines in o sunday in atlanta. and he
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return as well. life after office. no seventh term for sheriff joe arpaio. >> they just want to come out and be with us. and it es to show the joy of pets. >> we're not the only one who
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have wondered what is next for sheriff arpaio? >> we had a chance to ask him during an exclusive interview. >> because i hate to say this to you, you're a great guy, i'll probably never see you again. because the day you leave office, you're dead and buried. you think i don't know that? if you think i'm a publicity hound, an end, okay? i can put up with that. >> you're waiting to trump to maybe call you for a cabinet post. >> i'm not waiting. >> trump could -- could call you for a cabinet position. >> or any other position. >> don't you just want to retire at the age of 80? >> that's a good question. when the president calls, everybody says i have to do it. they want the job.
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not soliciting anything. he knows that. so the president's call irk must go for the country. that's true in a way. but trump is different. and how i feel towards him. so how do you turn somebody down other than just being the president? how do you turn him down? that's a problem i may have. >> if you don't get a phone call, you are out of the lyme light. you said you would be. and not working? >> i'm not gonna be out of the lyme light. i have many people that want me to give speeches. and i've been doing it on weekends, rush over, because bauz i still run this office. so i expect to be able to still give speeches and -- actually
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you can speak a little more. although i'm pretty controversial when i say things anyway. maybe i can say a few extra things i normally would not say if you're in office. see i'm not going anyway. i guarantee you. >> senator jeff flake, not so much a supporter of donald trump. he just cme mexico, reassuring their commitment to stay in the transpacific partnership. >> and also to let the mexican government know we want a secure border but we want a border that is open to commerce as well. that's a great benefit to arizona and to mexico. >> the tpp aims to deepen economic ties between a dozen countries include the u.s. and mexico. donald trump has vowed to get out of the partnership
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office. a lot of us will be spending time with loved ones for thanksgiving. thicame early for dogs at a shelter in maricopa county. they received bones stuffed with turkey, green beans and pumpkins. hundreds helped prepare the safe to eat meals for all the an mals. >> it'll keep their minds busy and they'll be tuckerd we wanted to show hithankful we are for them and do something special. >> this was put together by the arizona humane society and maricopa animal care and control. the 21st anniversary of the phoenix zoo lights. >> we're there to mark the big celebration. meteorologist paul horton is at the zoo. how going? >> reporter: the night before thanksgiving, a lot of families
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opened up. through january 8th. one of the newest additions here. let's talk about the evening. mostly clear skies, absolutely beautiful. that ridge of high pressure continuing to hold strong again tonight and tomorrow for thanksgiving. and as you can see to the us. that's where that storm track lies, future cast, a few high, thin clouds in the forecast tomorrow morning as you're waking up. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. in the afternoon, sunshine and warmer temperatures for thanksgiving. you could have dinner on the patio. then pie friday and saturday, we'll see a s filter in. temperatures down to 57 in phoenix. 41 for our friends in globe.
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25 in flagstaff. and the 7-day planner, here comes the holiday weekend for a lot of folks. temperatures in the upper 70s for thanksgiving. 79 degrees on friday. saturday we'll see temperatures at around 74 degrees. chance of rainfall on sunday. my good buddy linda harwick is here. and we've been out and about with these live shots seven years. so exciting. and there are some great additions this year. >> we really wanted to do something special for 25 years. we behind us. we have an alligator that has a chomping mouth. [ laughter ] >> 2 d candy cane, some butterflies as well. we really wanted to hit it big this year. >> reporter: for sure. and the staff here has been working on this strong since july, gang! and already it's set, we have had a lot of folk comes through the gate. come on out! they'll
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10:00 this evening. >> looks beautiful out there,
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president elect trump's plan helped him win the perez danny. we continue to look at the logistics of that wall, focusing on the potential roadblocks from landowners all lanes back open after a deadly crash. a family was heading out for thanksgiving but the truck blew a tire, crashed into the median and killed the father who was not wearing a seatbelt. another person. also injured. aps has received 100 reports of a new scam involving prepaid cards. they threaten customers over the phone to immediately shut off their
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arizona's largest agency is being forced to resign. tim jeffries will no longer be the director of the department of economic security. he was marred by controversy, including buying alcohol for workers at a party in nogales. be sure to connect with cbs5 on facebook, twitter, instagram, share your story with us using #cbs5az. a lot of people are out travelling, it's the start of the holiday. make sure you remember patrols, they are out in full-force. >> we'll have a live report of what's happening at sky harbor as you're waiting for some folks coming in from back east, midwest. gonna be pretty wild. >> thank you
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor," there are three idols in play, held by adam, david and jay. >> it's between me and you. >> jeff: after the merge, chris, bret and sunday saw jessica as the biggest threat. >> i'm worried about jess. >> jeff: but the majority had already made their decision. >> it's the safest the votes between taylor and jay. >> this is the last meal. >> jeff: with little hope left, taylor revealed adam's secret. >> adam has an advantage in this game. >> jeff: but the tribe couldn't forgive him for stealing food. >> you ate it? >> me and jay ate it because we thought you were voting us out. >> jeff: sending him to the jury. taylor, the prescribe has spoken. 11 are left, who will be voted
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>> man, that was some tribal, huh? >> that was insane. >> if i can just say, i am very sorry to all of you for not telling you. it was not possible because taylor knew about the advantage that i didn't want to reveal to that's why he's gone. let's look at the bigger picture here. >> oh, man, taylor and jay dragged my name through the mud, and now everybody knows about my advantage. i want jay out of this game so badly i can taste his blood in my mouth. >> is there any food left from the feast hidden somewhere? >> i do know where it is. he said he proved -- moved it.


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