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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this holiday. mayor stanton serving hot meals to homeless veterans. but turned into a thanksgiving day debacle. >> the first thing that went wrong is that the mayor never showed up for this event. it turns out he was never scheduled to attend even though the charity put his name on this press release here. later we got kicked off the property after questioning the treatment of vera phoenix. the catholic charities manna house hosted this event to down and out veterans. but before they started dirk out food, several veterans pulled me aside privately to criticize this program and how they were being treated. i cannot give you specifics because the claims cannot be independently verified. manna house also refused to answer questions on the record. after we started
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>> i was just asking if anybody is -- >> take me off the camera. you're not allowed to have -- this is private property. sir take me off the camera. >> reporter: i do want to also note that i spoke to several other veterans who had nothing but praise for this charity. st. vince end de paul is doing its part. hundreds woke up early today helping thousands of valley families fortunate enough to have a meal on their table on this thanksgiving. >> a lot of times families have a hard time putting a meal on the table. no one should be without a meal. >> they were able to feed 4,500 people today. and it just takes one act. kindness to make a difference. that's what two maricopa county
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clark and carolyn lane spend the day cooking up a big feasted for two needy families. >> this is who i am. this is what i do. and i walk the walk and i talk the talk. i provide -- i try to be a good, good person to the people that i meet. >> they hope to continue this tradition for many more years to come. the thanksgiving feast doesn't always include your and pumpkin pie. thousands of people in south phoenix had a mcdonald's thanksgiving. this franchise served up more than 4,000 free breakfasts to people in south phoenix, part of their 23rd annual community celebration. >> 23 years of uniting the community in south phoenix, bringing families together. especially bringing the children. showing the children
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for the future. >> volunteers and workers spent months preparing for this meal today. they started cooking as early as 3:00 am. an off-duty maricopa county sheriff's deputy and his wife both rushed to a local hospital after being hit by a van outside of harold's corral in cave creek. the couple were just watching in a crosswalk when they were both hit. the airlifted to a local al was taken to a hospital by ground. investigators do not believe alcohol was a factor. keith moezure of phoenix and his family on their way out
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he was driving and died from his injuries. another wrong-way driver on the loop 101 earlier this morning. someone was travelling southbound this the northbound lanes around 5:00. this was on the westbound near grand. this time it appears the driver was just really confused. the trooper gave the the correct direction. a dozen valley workers say they won't have food to put on the thanksgiving table because they haven't been paid in over a month. today they were rallied. some say they were given a check but when they went to cash it, it bounced. they walked out yesterday after demanding their paychecks for thanksgiving. >> it's not that they don't want to work.
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pay. >> no word from the owner of paradise car spa. there were some traffic restrictions tonight because of a fuel leak. a fuel truck ran into some road debris and damaged its fuel valve. the off-ramp and frontage road closed for a bit. family and friends unite around the dinner table for thanksgiving, president elect trump is hop country. it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and is move forward as one country strengthened by shared
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it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. >> this was trump's second message posted directly to youtube. yesterday he chose nikki haley as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. despite her criticism of him during the election. betsy devos was named trump's secretary of education. governor ducey sent out his thanksgiving wishes. he said she thankful for having the honor to serve the best state in the
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an estimated 3.5 million spectators lined the streets of manhattan for the iconic thanksgiving day parade. members of the u.s. military academy marched along the route of the macy's parade to the delight of hillions right there on the street streets -- millions there on the streets. they came away. felix the cat has returned. he first appeared as a float on poles in 1927. security was was tight this morning. an isis magazine called the parade an excellent target, but it didn't seem to detour the crowd. >> it's always something in the back of your head being a parent. i feel pretty secure
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were assigned to the parade route. and that weather was gorgeous. >> it was. they're sea sooeing some rain -- seeing some rain. did you cover that parade in new york? >> i did. i sat in studio 1a while al roker was out there, and i was the person if the satellite went down, i would have to fill. [ laughter ] >> not a bad seat though. 90 years! let's get on with our forecast. here's what i love. everybody is posting pictures to their outdoor patio. we hit a high today, close to 80, upper 70s. eric says "thankful the weather cooperates." temperature-wise, pretty warm out there, 76 in phoenix. 37 in flagstaff.
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weekend. tomorrow just a few high clouds. a gorgeous sunset taking place. mid-70s. winds light. this evening down to 71 by 7:00. mid-60s by 9:00. 62 by 11:00. a chance of rainfall arriving. the driver of the school bus crash in tennessee had only been on the job for four months and this was
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the driver had only been on the job since august and had already been involved in an accident before this one. police believe he caused this one intentionally.
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with vehicular homicide. a deadly construction site collapse in china has killed 67 people. the platform of a power plant's cooling tower collapsed. china's president is urging local authorities to step up their rescue efforts. jill stein challenging the election results. the green party nominee has raised just over $4 million in about 24 hours now in a push for a voter recount in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. hurricane otto has landfall in nicaragua as a dangerous category 2 hurricane, just north of the costa rican border. tokyo residents woke up to the first november snowfall in more than 50 years! the snow caused some minor train delays. did you know if you look up an item online and look up the
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might be getting totally different prices. and be sure to connect with cbs 5 on this thanksgiving night on facebook,
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>> reporter: let's say you walk into a store at the same time someone else does. you both get the same brands. when it's rung up, the price is different. this would never happen at a grocery store. when shopping online -- >> i had no idea. >> reporter: it can happen. >> i never thought it. >> reporter: liz does a lot of shopping on the internet. she was skeptical when she told her the prices she sees are not always what everyone else cease. >> i assume all the prices >> reporter: so we gave her a list of items. and at the same time she looked them up on her computer from her home in south lake. we had six other people looking themmip, same websites, same -- them up, same website, same time. when owens looked up a night stay in orlando, her price -- >> $132. >> reporter: we did the same
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listed at $119. out of our group, we found several cases of this on travelocity. we found something similar when we searched rosetta stone. shopping on a desk top, the price was $249. on a mobilece >> reporter: sometimes it was where you were logged on from that made the difference. when owens priced this christmas tree on with free home delivery anywhere in the u.s., her price was $399. our producers in boston and minneapolis saw a price of $438. home depot says sometimes it does offer different customers different prices based on where
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>> you really have no idea why it's showing you what it's showing you. >> reporter: a team of researchers tested 60 online retailers and travel sites and found customers saw different results and prices. when you saw onto a website, companies can see your search history, click, the type of computer you use, even the location where you're logged on from. >> companies are always experimenting. >> what can you do to figure out if the price you see is the lowest price? there's no different solution. look it up on your desk top along with your mobile phone. if you knowledge shopping in -- think shopping in private or incog niddo is going
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to hide your identity, it doesn't. >> no one wants to throw away money. >> reporter: after seeing how price may be different, the way she shops online from now on will never be the same. you probably heard of reports of e-cigarettes exploding and bursting into flames. that doesn't prepare you for how crazy it looks. this is surveillance video from york. bam! sparks and fire erupt from inside the pocket of his pants. a coworker says he thought he was carrying fireworks. he was rushed to a local hospital. there was almost nothing left of the device. >> he feels terrible he can't spend thanksgiving with his family at home. he's gonna spend it in a hospital bed. >> his attorney says the video reveals another disturbing
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it actually explodes a number of times. this isn't the first time something like this has happened. >> painful. >> really painful. >> let's talk about something nice. a beautiful day today! beautiful sunset. we're thankful comfortable temperatures we experienced today. temperature-wise, highs today around 77 degrees. can't clicker to work. oh, i had the traffic computer. wait a minute. this one is not working! i'll just hit the spacebar. >> i used traffic yesterday. blame it on me. [ laughter ] >> from
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76 degrees. working on a holiday, some of the neat things you can see here. [ laughter ] >> wind s out of the west southwest at 5 miles per hour. national satellite and radar. you mentioned the nice weather earlier today in new york city, now they're seeing some rainfall across the east coast. and there's a batch of rain, the pacific northwest, my parents eating dinner out there in portland, they have power outages throughout the city with strong winds. rainfall stretching up north to seattle. it's that area of low pressure that's gonna affect our weather starting later this weekend. sunday we'll see a pretty good chance of rainfall. for the day ahead tomorrow, and also saturday, we're gonna see some nice sunshine. temperatures tomorrow morning, mostly clear skies. in the afternoon, high temperatures in the upper 70s, close to 80. then by saturday, saturday night, showers creep in, and we'll see a pretty good chance of rainfall on sunday. overnight lows, 52 in phoenix.
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51 in flagstaff, and here it is, your day in detail, 75 at noon. highs tomorrow, some areas getting 80 degrees around 2:00. and your 7-day, glad the computer is working, mid-70s saturday, and then we'll see some big change, drop in temperatures, chance of rainfall, good chance especially sunday afternoon through the overnight hours. morning hours on mbdz, temperatures only around 62 -- monday, metabolisms around
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instead of airplane mode, the federal government wants smart phone makerers to come up -- makers to come up with
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it is part of the volunteer guidelines from the highway traffic safety administration aimed to prevent distractions behind the wheel. drivers could make calls and use gps but could not text or surf the internet. because of the holidays trash collection is on hold for some neighborhoods. tonight there is a warning that you might want to make sure you don't set anything out to attract critters. some neighborhoods are seeing a lot of raccoons. >>ep answering calls to catch raccoons all across the valley. even though recent sightings in central phoenix are surprising, they are coming here for a reason. >> walk in, walk network hit the metal pad. >> reporter: joe allen is checking his traps before his pest control company breaks for the holiday. >> i had some corn bread and gummi bears. they like the sweets. >> i thought they were cats. and i looked at them more
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raccoons for months now. >> they were not aggressive. they were afraid and they were timid. i was a little surprised. it seemed hike more of a country thing. >> reporter: she knows yet nocturn creatures are winding up in her yard. >> i have feral cats that i take care of on my property. and they were eating the cat feeders. >> reporter: food and water will attract raccoons. game and fish have taken 17 calls this year about phoenix metro, a thb they describe as typical. >> in spite of what we've done to harm animals and our rapid expansion, there are the animals that are gonna make a go of it. >> reporter: secure the lids of your trash can. you can use rope, a bungee cord, or something heavy on top to make
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black friday used to be the start of the christmas shopping
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some retailers are moving it back but not all. >> reporter: shoppers have been coming in for the last 40 minutes, a lot walking out with some great items. continuics are always pop -- electronics are always popular during the holiday season. everyone waiting in line, some for days, are now inside this the 400 people in line were funneled calmly into the store in increments. everyone was well behaved and ready to spend some money. some told us thanksgiving dinner was ready and waiting for them at home. others were on a shopping marathon after this stop. and eating, it could wait.


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