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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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we talked to the mayor's office earlier today, and there's a simple reason for that, he never agreed to show up in the first place.
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it gets interesting. my photographer and i ended up later getting kicked off the property after we asked questions about the treatment of veterans living in that shelter. catholic charities manna hosted this thanksgiving event and they were offering free meals for the down and out veterans who live there. several veterans quietly pulled me aside and started criticizing the program and how they were being treated. the staff refused to answer our questions. shortly after we started asking about the allegations and the treatment of veterans there, we got kicked off the property. >> just asking if anybody is gonna come back -- >> take me off the camera. you're not aloud to have -- this is private property. sir, take me off the camera.
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wanting to talk to us. i spoke to several other veterans and they had nothing but praise for the work there and the program. developing stories we're following tent. a man under arrest for trying to set a dps patrol unit on fire. this happened in mesa near broadway and dobson. troopers said he rolled up some newspaper, opened the car's gas tank and tried to light the an off-duty maricopa county sheriff's deputy and his wife remain in the hospital tonight. they were both hit by a van early this morning. the airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition. the deputy in serious condition. the cause of this accident still under investigation. investigators do not believe that alcohol was a
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we have learned the name of the man killed in this crash along i-17 yester mosur and his family were on their way out of town. a truck blew a tire near pinnacle peak road. he was driving but not wearing a seatbelt. he died from his injuries. another wrong-way driver on the loop 101 near grand this morning. the driver was not impaired, just really confused. the trooper gave the driver a citation and led them back in the right direction. buckeye police could be the first law enforcement agency in the valley to carry narcan. it's a drug that can save people suffering from a heroin
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free training and the medication as well. >> if an officer encounters someone suffering an overdose, right now they have to call firefighters to come out with the nasal spray called narcan to help that person. one retired cop didn't think about that helping someone he loved until he had to face his son's addiction. another thanksgiving together that almost didn't happen for sean and his dad jim humphrey. >> we get a phone call f told them they were afraid our son was gonna overdose. i didn't even realize he had a drug problem. >> i was raised right. i had a good childhood. there was no overt things that happened to me. i just had uncomfortable feelings about myself >> reporter: he was 15 when he started taking pills. >> those took those feelings away from me, and i felt okay, and i felt comfortable. and a lot of those anxieties that i had in my life were removed. >> reporter: when pills got too
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his life spiralled out of control. >> we just kept thinking we could fix it. >> reporter: as a phoenix police officer, he dealt with addicts all the time but didn't know how to help his on. >> we felt this tremendous guilt, tremendous shame over what did we do wrong? >> reporter: he found the support group parents of addicted loved ones. >> we're getting call, three to five a week asking how they can get a attitudes about addiction are changing. giving others the chance to one day get clean. >> there's a lot of good people doing a lot of good work to remove that stigma. i don't think anybody is hopeless. >> reporter: i have information on how to get in touch with "parents of addicted loved ones" if you are interested in
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a lot of people posting pictures on social media, high thin clouds pushing through area was show low. high today of 77, breezy -- we'll see conditions cool down to the lower 60s by 7:00. changes ahead, include something rainfall. served more than a thousand meals at a thanksgiving block party in southern california. there was a bigger gift waiting for some lucky guests. >> reporter: one of the largest thanksgiving dinners for the homeless in los angeles. grandmother pamela brooks is leaving with much more than a meal. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: financial challenges left brooks homeless
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custody of her four granddaughters last year. because her daughter was struggling with drugs. >> i was living with my son and we were in a 1-bedroom, and it was too many of us. so they were gonna evict him if we didn't leave. >> reporter: now she's driving away in an s.u.v., packed with toys for the girls, thanks to a team of technicians who volunteered their time t the highest rate of unsheltered homeless in the country. and people here now firsthand how something like a car can be life changing. >> we were on the bus for a while. now we can drive to our location and be on time. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this has been a big week for the retired grandmother. she just found a place to live and landed a new job. >> this has been really exciting. when all this comes at
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: with a new car, this family has one less worry this holiday season. >> this is so nice. >> cbs was one of the sponsors are that meal. the cars given away are part of the national auto body council recycle ride, the program that connects technicians and businesses in the collision industry to repair and donate working vehicles to help people in need. the new world record for the longest basketball shot ever. and toys for the adults. the valley auto show. and
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one sick basketball shot. this is a trio of australian youtube personalities called how ridiculous. they set the record for the greatest height where a basketball was shot. one of the members nailed the shot from
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parents may be focused on their kids and toys as they shop on this thanksgiving night. this weekend is about the toys for adults. the arizona auto show is in town this weekend. they're giving you a first look at the latest models from gm, chrysler, dodge, jeep, fiat, you name it. you can take all the new cars out for a >> everything is unlocked and open. can you bring the kids down, see how they fit. >> you have to be 18 years or older and have a valid driver's license. the auto show will be at the phoenix convention
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but she's not doing it for the money. >> turkey, stuffing, and potatoes are all thanksgiving staples.
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6,000 american service members are celebrating thanksgiving in iraq. for some of those troops, the deployment
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home. some are just 19 years old on their very first tour of duty. >> the first one, you know. i came out of baseball, straight here. >> you could have to use your life to protect senior officers. is that scary? >> no, ma'am. not really. helps support and train iraqi forces in the fight against isis. a thanksgiving feast doesn't always just include your traditional favorites. some people in south phoenix had a mcdonald's thanksgiving. this franchise served more t,000
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south phoenix. >> uniting the community in south phoenix, bringing families together, showing the children that unity is the hope for them for the future. black friday shopping already underway. toys rus open at 5:00 am. we were there w parents there braved lines to get their first shot at toys. most people go into business to make money. jason barry introduces us to a valley woman who would rather ease the pain of others. >> reporter: jennifer woods runs a small business inside her home in surprise.
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fine with her. >> it would be nice to make some money but i'm not -- that's not really my top concern. yeah. it's helping people who need help. >> reporter: a couple years ago the mom found a way to ease her own pain. jennifer suffers from lupus, a disease that causes extreme aches and discomfort all over her body. jennifer created a homemade heating pad. >> it helps relax my muscles so i'm able to get >> reporter: close friend mandy steph tells us jennifer was so excite body her invention, she made more, and waldo's warmers was born. >> it keeps cool. >> reporter: jennifer gives away many of her warmers and cooling pads to folks in need. >> she'll see moms who are struggling and instead of knowing they can't afford her product, she gives them her product.
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team management. >> reporter: mandy contacted cbs5 to pay it forward to jennifer. >> i reached out to channel 5 for everything that you do for your friends, your family, your the community. i reached out to pay it forward, and on behalf of channel 5 and myself, i'd like to thank you and present you ! adot has been giving us signs reminding us to buckle up and drive safe. today's message had a thanksgiving theme. mashed potatoes not your head, buckle up.
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signs all over the valley. think twice before doing anything behind the wheel. holiday meals can vary significantly based on where you live. recipes each state doing witheled most -- googled most. the most searched recipe in arizona? mashed potatoes. some of the more bizarre ones in wyoming, tomato soup. in new >> what's flan? >> the stuff that you get with ice cream at mexican restaurants, right? >> oh. [ laughter ] >> steve provided us with -- [ all talking ] >> and
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stuff. >> it was great. fantastic. >> and we had a thanksgiving miracle here in the newsroom. we found some pie hidden away. so we had some extra. [ laughter ] >> people were very excited about the extra pie that i found found. >> mostly clear skies, high today was incredible, up to 77 degrees. a lot of folks took some picture, eating out on the 73 if you're heading out and about, getting some line for some shopping this evening. enjoy it this evening. we've got some big changes ahead. this area of low pressure is bringing a good deal of rainfall. power outages in portland, oregon. heavy rainfall toward seattle. this system will affect our weather later this week.
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temperatures in the lower 50s, cloud cover rolling in on saturday. chance of rainfall late day sunday in the forecast. there's your low, 52 in phoenix. 16 up north in flagstaff. and your 7-day planner, here it is, 78 for friday. 75 on saturday, and then temperatures drop, good chance of rainfall here in -- snowfall up in the high country, 62 your high on monday. and rain should come to an end with clear skies on thursday. everything is all-new. no
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arc su researchers -- asu researchers are developing these 3d print hearts. how they're helping valley doctors with life or death surgery, after an all new "pure genius" at 10:00. phoenix suspect. this man, alton taylor, forced a woman into his dhaur morning near 35th and thomas. the victim has since been located. police are still looking for taylor and his car, a red chevy monte carlo, license plate bfz-41111. dps has identified the man
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keith moezier was partially -- mowsier was partially ejected from his truck. a man facing arson charges for trying to set a patrol unit on fire. he rolled up paper and tried to light it on fire in the gas tank. the paper did not cause a fire. connect and share thanks to cbs for providing all-new original programming for us tonight. >> that's cool.
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am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas six miles on a lonely highway? or is this a metaphor for how i'm constantly pushing myself to make a tastier sandwich? like my new pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken. but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car. there's gotta be a better way to get new customers.
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