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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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all right. get ready for a major cool down. >> we are in for a winter weather advisories. >> we had a very for us. and we have been watching this storm system develop the past couple of days and move closer and closer toward us. here's what we are seeing right now. we definitely have the cloud cover out there. we knew we would have that southerly flow for today. but the moisture and the bulk of this system is mainly in california right now. stretching from northern california into southern california. the mountains there getting some snow as well. and all of this is going to start to move into arizona. in our overnight hours. so here's what we're expecting.
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in the valley. going to have that snow in the high country. 1-6 inches of snow. with snow levels dropping down to about 5500 feet. and temperatures are going to connuas well. the winter weather advisories is in place for the high country and it begins at noon tomorrow. we'll take a look at the seven day coming up. and if you want answers on what the weather is going to be like in your neighborho app. >> all right. i'll take from here. thank you. other headlines tonight a police officer shot and killed a man this morning in surprise and police, moments ago, identified him as 20-year-old derica doma of surprise. they haven't released many details but we do know it began when someone reported a suspicious car in that neighborhood. karla has more. >> reporter: this is the car at
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officer involved shooting in surprise. police say they got called around 1:00 this morning from people in the area about the suspicious white four door car with white on the back. >> our neighborhood communicates pretty well about anything suspicious. we have a neighborhood facebook page where people report that and to the police. so i know at least one or two people had seen that car before. >> daniel miller was awoken by the commotion going on outside his front door. >> putting up the crime scene tape and actually at that moment, they were loading the officer in the ambulance in front of my house. >> all we know is the officer used his service weapon to shoot at least once to the person sitting inside of the car. >> the subject inside side gauged in altercation with the officer. >> they're still in the process of gathering information on what transpired. in the altercation, the officer was sent pot hospital and
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the man inside the car, dead on the scene. in surprise, cbs5 news. the green party has initiated a recount of the president election results in wisconsin and is eyeing several other states. now the group has a new supporter. hillary clinton. cbs news correspondent reports from new york on today's announcements. >> reporter: team announced today it will participate in a recount of president election results in we. grain party candidate jill stein is calling for recounts in several states that helped donald trump win the white house. her party has raised almost $6 million and filed paperwork friday we do not take money from corporations.
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been initiated. if jill stein follows through as promised and pursues recounts we will take the same approach in those states as well. the president elect called it ridiculous saying "this a scam we the green party for an election that has already been conceded and the results of this election should be respected." instead of being challenged an jill stein is doing" clinton's team says it has not found any evidence of tamper or hampering with the election technology. but now that's it happen, the campaign says it wants to ensure it's leal legally representative -- legally represented in the process. and take a look at this. nearly 5 million it americans want -- million americans want some members of the electoral
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they are calling on 149 electors to make the switch. they have until december 19th to make a decision. >> it's not a demonstration. it's a celebration. >> been in miami 30 years. i have been wait for a long time. it's sad to celebrate the death of a person but he was so destructive. it's a relief. >> the news of fidel castro's death broke this hour it still remains the most talked about topic. >> castro was an icon. he survived 10 u.s. presidency. but for so many he was just a dictator. who stood in the path of freedom. >> our senator jeff lake released a statement this afternoon saying fidel castro's death follows more than half a century of brutal repression and miss re. the cuban people deserve better in the years ahead. >> the death races the big question, what's next for
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cuban. arel barnett reports. >> reporter: fidel castro resigned as president of cuba in 2008 because of his ailing health and was proceeded by his brother. in 2014 pope francis made talks with cuba and president obama. >> today, the united states of america is change the relationship with the people of cuba. in the most significant changes in our policy in more years. >> reporter: the deal freed american electronics lick consultant, allen gross. who was held in cuban president for five years on charges he was spying on the regime for the u.s. he was released in 2014. the same day mr. obama announced renewed ties between the two nations. last august, the american embassy reopened in havana for the first time since it was
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on hand for the reopening. >> the leaders in havana and the cuban people, should also know, that the united states will always remain a champion of democratic principals and reforms. >> reporter: but the future of relations between cuba and the u.s. will soon be in the hands of president elect donald trump. during the president campaign, trump threatened to roll back concessions made by president obama in a series of executive orders. >> the agreement obama signed we get nothing. the people of cuba get nothing and i would do whatever is necessary to get a good agreement. >> reporter: trump says he could reverse those orders and might break up at diplomatic relations between the two countries. >> it really is an open question. if president elect trump will follow through with campaign promises to undo president obama's work. we don't know exactly what
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january 20th. and back here in the valley tonight, a string of robbery suspects on the run and police hope you can help catch them. >> they were all caught on camera. our jay jamie takes a look. >> reporter: we start the phoenix. this is where someone robbed an extended stay. this surveillance vehicle code section -- video shows the suspect entering the lobby and confronting a clerk. he then somehows the clerk a gun and demands money before walking out out front door. >> anyone who knows this guy, when they see th this video, or the color of the shoes, the pink or red shoes, that's going to be enough to jog someone's memory. >> at 7th street and mcdowell. we have video of this robbery suspect. accused of stealing money from a walgreens. this video shows the man bringing ing pa of gum to the register. that's when the suspect took out a ungo, demand cash, and then drove off in a maroon
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sunglasses and camo style sweater. >> hoping you can identify these suspects. police say one suspect pointed a shotgun at employees and demanded money. while another store several grocery items. both of the suspects left in a white van. if you know anything about any of these cases, call silent witness 480-witnesses. cbs5 news. some answers tonight on your health. scientists linked short and fragmented sleep with worsening kidny function. now, they found the risk of developing kidney failure dropped with only an extra hour of nighttime sleep. a new study on mortality shows men still have some catching up to do when it comes to life expectancy. and international team look and the birth and death records
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found, despite huge jumps in longevity, men still are not living as long as women and no one knows why. >> all right. coming up next, she runs a small business. but she's not doing it for money.
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most people go into business to make money. >> but in tonight's pay it, forward jason introduce us to a senior high school lee woman who would much rather ease the pain of others. >> jennifer woods runs a small
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in surprise. but she'll never strike it rich. and that's just fine with her. >> it would be nice to make the money, but i'm not -- that's not really my top concern. yeah. it's helping people who need help. >> a couple years ago, the west valley mom found a way to ease her own pain. jennifer suffers from lups. a disease that causes extreme aches and kiss comforts all over her body -- and discomfort all over her body. she invisitted a homemade heating >> helps relax i had muscles and it helps take the pain away. >> reporter: close friend tells us that jenner if it was so excite -- jennifer was so excited she made more and waldo's warmer was born. but instead of focusing on sales, she gives away many to folks in need. >> she'll see moms who are struggling and instead of knowing they can't afford her
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be able to afford main management. >> she contacted cbs5 to pay it toward to jennifer. >> i reached out to channel 5 and for everything that you do for your friends, your family, for the community, through waldo's warmers and you never ask for anything in return. and for that, i reached out there their pay it forward program and behalf of channel 5 and myself i would like to $500. >> thank you. >> reporter: jason barry,cbs5 news. >> thank you jennifer and thank you jason for that. if you would like to nominate someone for next week's pay it forward. head to our website. did you know if you look up an item online and you look up
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holiday shopping is far from over. it's really just beginning and on monday, people looking for a deal online, will see a lot of different retailers offering up a lot of different deals. >> but on this cyber monday, the price you see on your computer, may be different from what other people see.
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let's say you walk into a store at the exact same time someone else does. you both pick out a gallon of milk. same brand. but when it's rung up the price is different. this would never happen a grocery store. but when shopping online -- it can happen. >> i never even thought of it. >> reporter: as a busy mother, she does a lot of her shopping on the internet. she was skeptical when we saw her the price she sees are not always what everyone else sees. >> i always assumed that the prices would stay the same. >> reporter: and so we gave her a list of items and at the same time she looked them up on her computer, we had six other people looking them up. same item. same website same time. most of the time everyone's screen showed the same price. but not every time. when owens looked up a night state at hotel in orlando on travel lossty, her price -- >> 132. >> but look at this. we did the same search sitting
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and the hole tell 1 -- hotel -- $119. in fact, we found several cases of this on travel lossty. travel website says it does sometimes offer lower price for people who use a smart phone. we found something similar with we found software. >> i think that's shocking. >> reporter: sometimes it was where you were logged on from. when owen priced this cast tree on home with free home delivery her price was $399. get our producer in boston and minneapolis saw the price of $438. home depot says sometimes it does offer different online customers different prices based on where they're logged
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by using your computer's i-p. address. >> you really have no idea why it's showing you what it's showing you. >> reporter: he and his team of researchers tested 16 online retailers and travel sites and founded on nine of those, customers saw different results and or prices. wilson says when you log onto a website, companies can see your search history, your click, the type of computer you use, even the location where you're logged on from. all of can had can be >> companies are always experimenting with different strategies and alga rhythms. >> so what can you do to figure out if the price you see is the lowest price? there's no perfect solution but here's a start. when looking for the best deal. look up on your desk top along with your mobile phone and if you think shopping in private or incognito mode is going to hide your information, it doesn't. what will is using a virtual private network or vpn. some you can download for free,
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around $20 a year. >> no one wants to throw away money. >> reporter: she says the way she shops online from now on, will never be the same. brian new, for cbs news, dallas. >> and fur looking to become your -- if you are looking to book your next vacation, cyber monday may be the best time to do it. hotels and resorts are hoping to cash in on what is traditionally the biggest online shopping day of the year. smaller, stand alone properties. they're offering steep cyber sales. some up to 50% off rooms. >> time for a vacation. in tonight's consumer watch, the biggest could start costing you more. likely will go up because of an oat harvest problem. bloomburg reports rain and snow delayed the harvest and
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20%. obviously, have it right here. big tv, does not fit. in a small kia. >> not with all that foam there too. this is a lesson a lot of people are earn willing. >> if you're going to all out on black friday, make sure you go prepared. this couple wishes they did. >> i think we dented the ceiling a little bit. but we're going to get it home and we're going to have a tv to show for it. >> everything for it was mom there who came to the rescue and they finally left with their 60-inch tv, but the other issue, they're not from this area. so the couple now has to figure out how to get that new shiny tv from illinois to their home in arkansas. all right. so black friday is over-- over now. how about some toys for the adults. the arizona autoshow in town this weekends. they have more than 5 # 0 vehicle -- 500 vehicles on display. giving you the first look on
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tougher prairies. and perhaps the best part of all, you can take them out for a spin. >> no pressure. a nonfilling environment. soiveen tower you're test -- so even though you're test driving with an expert, it's not a sell. it's more a experience. you want to try a truck, you have never driven a truck, it's a great chance. >> autoshow at phoenix convention kids under 12 get in free. and tomorrow might be a good day to be inside since we're expecting to get a chance of showers that'll be moving in. storm system right now hammering california. they have got rain now from northern california to southern california and a lot of snow that is falling in and around lake tahoe if them right now. all of them will be moving into our area. that's when we get that first chance to see a little bit of some snow developing in the high country. speaking of the snow.
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tomorrow morning. the winter weather advisory begins at noon and goes until 6:00 a.m. on monday as this first little wave of moisture begins tomo in. so we -- to move in. so we jump ahead to 10:00 tonight. the valley not really having to worry about anything. but we'll already start to see a little bit of a within the remix in bull head city. then we start to see more of a wintery mix as we head into midnight where we'll see the snow that moves into the grand canyoned. we right around 7:00 a.m. we start to see more developing up in the high country as we head into 4:00 in the afternoon. according to the models right now. the valley gets a chance to see some rain from 5:00 to 7:00. scattered light showers that'll be out there for us. and a lot of snow. that moisture moves in. snow accumulations, we can get anywhere from about 1-6 inches of snow.
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inches of snow. it'll cool down temperatures as well. today's hague was 70. -- high was 70. 61 on monday. and temperatures staying in the 60s through next weekend. everybody was bugging me. when is it going to get cooler. here you go. >> 24 hours from right now. things will be happening up north. >> yes, they will be. >> all right. thank you. that'll do it for us right now. we'll see you back here at 10.
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narrator: our story begins in the north, north of the northlands and the coldest northest lands. even norther than that. there. coldchester, the town at the north pole. as you can probably tell, it's august, and at the north pole, august is when the bus comes. there you go. thanks a lot. whoa. ooh! hey. whoo! whee! (chuckles) uh-oh. (gasps) what is that? it's a... uh... it's a thing.
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and endangered species. cool. let's kill it. prancer, no. hello. call me robbie. 'cause... i am. of course, we've been expecting you. i am blitzen. any problems, come and see me. if you don't have any problems, see me anyway and we'll celebrate your lack of problems. (chuckles) uh... and this is, uh, prancer. hey... robbie. this is vixen. d, i'm sure. this is... the rest. all right. hi. hello, bob. hello, robbie. and together we are... (humming ?william tell overture?) the sleigh team! (humming) oh, sorry. so, come to join the team like your old dad did? yeah, the boss wanted a navigator. i can find my way anywhere with this nose. it's great. splendid. let's see it in action. okay, robbie.


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