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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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of people who had soft tissue injuries from being hit by the car. >> none of the injuries are life threatening. the suspect was killed by police. and right now, authorities are not ruling out this may have been a terror attack. but, again, this is currently under investigation, now the incident at ohio state, it raises questions here at home. safety on our college campuses. >> the conversation focus on what is being done to keep students and we spent the day at asu looking at answers. >> one of the big things we noticed was how fast police responded and how quickly news spread, a tribute to the training and preparation and it's similar to what is going on here. >> she felt uneasy today, and with good reason.
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violent attack at ohio state, her friends go there. >> it's close to home for me, and terrifying, it does hit a cord in your heart, you worry. >> despite the random acts of violence, most students we spoke to aren't real worried about a similar attack here. >> i was in class earlier today. >> he believes asu does a good job at making students safe. they have blue stations across the campus and an emergency response system similar to the one at ohio state, they send out text and e- mails notifying of an active shooter on campus. >> makes me feel better, in case they have an incident, you can avoid the area. >> they encourage students to watch online safety training videos like this one. they can learn what to do if a
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campus. >> i do worry, but i feel safety and i feel it's a big campus and very protected. >> we've learned that asu police officers trained and conduct drills year round owned how to respond to a major crisis on campus. but the better informed the students and staff are, the safer everyone will be if something terrible happens. cbs evening news. it's starting to feel like winter. and last night it was the rainfall and tonight the chill. temperatures get down to the 40s. and we saw rain here and up north, it's snow. a live look at snow bowl. the snow is falling tonight and this morning, flagstaff schools
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>> all week long, below average temperatures. and in snow bowl, 7 inches of fresh know in the last 24 hours and starting to see quiet conditions across the valley. and snowfall up to the north and fresh snow across areas of flagstaff and even the show low area. temperatures-wise, highs in the 50s, well blow the average. and how long will it stic around? that answer coming up. and remember, track the weather anytime and any place on your phone, just open the cbs 5 mobile app and click on the interactive radar. and the holidays are here. and tonight, the sheriff said his passi will make sure you're safe. >> and an historic season and
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voted out of office. >> yes, it's officially the holiday shopping season and for the 24th year in a row, the maricopa holiday posse is out and they're making sure everyone is safe and sound and the sheriff launched this nearly a quarter and one of his first high- profile initiatives and after losing, he presides over his final operation with the holiday posse. the ceremonial launch here in central phoenix, he %%?%?%?%?%%8
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but with an increase in terrorism, it's c1tt: than ever. mzrcvt: before i became sheriff, they had violent acts in the malls and so then i decided in 1993 posse to the malls. fortunately, knock on wood, x?wk have had no that i can remember in the malls in the last 24 years. >> the sheriff said some 300 members will donate 3,000 hours protecting valley malls this holiday season. several streets in downtown closed after a suspicious
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inside of a parking garage. >> you z xheard it, the bag fou near 4th and washington, a bomb squad w detonated it. the streets weren't evacuated. one of the hottest places in jy?the country p?gxto spend year's. the tempe new year's eve block party. big news, it's ?c?been cancelle that's right. you heard it? party. lojoins us details. >> this is hard to >?r?(q&ieve hard to wrap your head around. vendors and no :eas vlr8with fo? big countdown to a big #$7;drop either a ball or anything. you heard right, tempe is not going to be putting on and
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this year. the reason, no sponsor ? without one, the downtown tempe? said it's not sustainable. 100 people in the past but since @ it's changed and the bars an restaurants have hzhad great years because of it. and the owner of 414 pub different this year, eyb?but he trying to take it ut and do karaoke but no set downtown tempe block party per se. >> times l9?4xchange, and we fo that over the years the attendance dropped drastically since the bowl game isn't here. and z?reso we're struoq??"with !5?
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closing down mill avenue to car traffic and the bars will do their own thing, it will be a busy place but nothing like it b has been one of the other restaurant owners that 9ri spoke with, asi from spencer, this other restaurant owner didn't want to ??o" feels that everyone will be hurt by it. donald 6rcytrump is u!?%n?h president-elect interviewed
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"gtrump is working on
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explore candidate at the trump tower. he's criticized the recount effort under way. we have more from new york. >> former cia director ?x&is th latest pick to meet with donald trump monday. secretar >> he wod of the variety of challenges and some of the opportunities as well. >> the retired general followed a number of @gk?other trump to visitors including advisers and other hopefuls. he resigned in 2012 after admitting to extramarital affair and mishandling classified information and trump will mq?:?with .n?former rival mitt romney despite
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nomination. >> i'm astonished at the volume lose z+? >> he's yet to announce, despite dozens of meeting. but the incoming president spoke out and used twitter to attack hillary clinton's campaign 8?%?for joining ;'?>qt recount effort led by jill pennsylvania and michigan. independent fact checkers found no iy? the claims that fraud ?l?'d?cos the popular v vote. >> we reached out to the secretary of state to get answers about voter fraud5mf:li our state. she didn't respond at this point. i?-??winning r1?[with otters
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the man vnvoaccused of kill nine lmepeople inside a black church in charleston, south
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own owner and the request was granted. he faces 33 federal charges and they're seek the death penalty. a nine day period of mourning in havana were crowds ugto pay tribute to fidel castro. fidel castro. died friday p$?sat the age of 9 cuban ,0?iexiles are hoping for betr respects ??n?and main cried 7rfc saluted ")mythey passed the memorials. there's a two day ceremony in revolution plaza. the loss is painful said some she
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wasville vied. many admire him avz revolutionary who e?'pstood up the united states but the reaction in miami is k) his passing brought celebration and activism. >> the exile community called b?a freedom for their people. b?a >> co?evwe need %ntunities for everyone. >> he handed control to his brother 10 years ago and for now they're focus b procession will carry his $ at the birthplace of the revolution. the first commercial :?
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havana. other airlines offer flights in the coming weeks. y8d? questions about american/cuban relations and donald trump will roll back the changes put in place by president obama. >> i boil it down to a personality conflict between 10 u.s. presidents and presidents and when we got to the 11th president, able to move zv?forward with diplomatic relations. >> change cc?[?in cuba since !+a? castro has been out of power since 2006 but dz?w#z administration ij religious and political freedoms for the people. a new park to honor the
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the trail honoring k1?ol?the hoy m yarnell fire. a special dedication for the park i8??by ?2vt?the governor w held i?iotomorrow, hwujwe'll be starting tomorrow at 4:30. to battle 600 z half a dozen firefighters flew u.s. firefighters who will make that o??wtrip at the israeli government's request. a sl?9couple of drinks a da are good for your health. a report said people who have 1- 2 drinks a day reduce their than eru
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risk au?by q?f14%. a california animal sanctuary, and otters and children uk?)?are swimming ?u?t therapy. >> 7-year-old n,)uhannah evans? having a t two new friends. poppy and lily. >> it was at the pool and having fun and it was like being so cute. >> she has disorder and her play pals are therapy k2tvotters. >> the hands-on 2a?b-perience w s great. nds-on 2a?b-perience w >> the make-a-wish l?zfoundatio arranged her visit and kevin is one of the founders. >> give them a positive day ydai where they're free of thinking about maybe the pain or the illness or the treatment. >> super important to have
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good outlook when you're in pain. >> the swim gave her a boost. >> the otter, they were, that was cute. >> a memory her parents say she'll carry close to her hearts on days she needs comfort the most. >> this is how you spin everybody! cute, we got a nice sunset to show you, and yes, is setting, it's 5:20. and temperatures hit a high of 57. your average is around 70. 13-degree difference, and we're going to stay cool. winds out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. and the valley pinpoint, still a few stray showers and some
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country. skiers are loving it in flagstaff. steady showers towards show low but a live look and the rainfall totals in the last 24 hours. over 6/10 in fountain hills and 3/10 in north phoenix and 2/10 in sky harbor. culprit is an area of low pressure to the east and bringing stray showers. but this continues to move east, look at what happens tomomo see the clearing conditions, temperatures are going to drop below average. overnight lows in the 40s and sunshine, highs in the 60s and then below average as i mentioned through the west of the workweek. 44 in phoenix and 29 in sedona and 13 along the south rim and 7-day planner, sunshine, tuesday and wednesday and
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gradually warming up and changes, a chance of showers on friday and looking good, sunshine returns and temperatures near average by sunday. imagine getting super bowl tickets for life.
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look, the christmas tree arrived in washington, d.c., and it's being raised into position in front of the capital building. it's from the national forest and took three weeks and 4,000 miles to get it to the capitol. did is it just break? >> hopefully that was on purpose.
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>> you just scared me. >> it's a fresh cut? >> it's like when you get roses. >> ceremony is a week from tomorrow. >> how about a bud light? super bowl tickets for life. see the gold can, distributed across the country. if you find one, post it on social media. that's what they're asking you, season tickets to their favorite team and one of them will get super bowl tickets for life. >> need to start drinking bud light. >> a nice treasure hunt. >> you might want to give that to cardinals fans. and the loss, it's time to start looking to next season. the cardinals are not going to
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missed opportunities are the story of sunday. michael floyd, a critical drop and that cost them another game that they had to have. bruce arians on where they go next. >> we win one and we'll be fine. we'll add them up at nine and you got a great shot. we're going to be playing some of those teams in the same spot we're in. >> we got to win one and don't look at big pictures in the whole season is over. cardinals coach believes, and the coyotes. they're off, if they could play the oilers every night, they might go undefeated. haven't heard much from the
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governor about it. >> they said they're going to be down here asking for $200 million in tax money to build a sports facility. >> i haven't heard anything about it. >> they've not talked to you? >> they've not, no. >> interesting comments. stay tuned, tiger woods preparing for his return, more
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this is cbs 5 news at 5:30. a valley couple whose comedy act helped raise money for charity but thieves stole $10,000 worth e the show can't go on. >> they found their tires slashed and then realized the thieves didn't something worse. >> they stole their livelihood. although brad and brenda are masters of the smile. >> it's a gut punch. >> thieves took that from them along with $10,000 worth of


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