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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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>>reporter: yes, that's right, no new year's eve block party this year. when the fiesta bowl moved out, it took the sponsors with it and tempe has tried different things they've not been able to make a go of it. there will be no fireworks and no stages and no countdown with the ball or whatever dropping and no mass event and one local owner said he thinks it will have a negative effect and one owner said he's disappointed but it is what it is. >> they understood the difficulty and the hard place we were in and they were supportive of the version and we're going to encourage people
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what they do best. >> at one point, this event attracted more than 100,000 but over the last few years, 17 and 25,000 attended. >> is this absolutely, positively off or could a sponsor step in at the last moment? >> well, it's interesting, tempe tried three different models. sponsor. even though they tried to find one and this year, they didn't look for one and they feel like maybe things have changed and so, maybe tempe outgrew the block party. let's talk weather, flagstaff, receiving a good amount of snowfall. and the roads are icy and residents took out their
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mind. >> i was excited to shovel snow. >> it's just fun and different. >> it's summer, spring, fall and winter. >> fresh powder fell on mount lemon, and thispicture is from the sheriff's department. up to four inches of snow fell above windy point. that's at 6,000 feet. and we're just learning, state route 89 conditions. plan ahead if you have plans. let's take it to valley pinpoint radar. snow showers and quiet conditions and light showers in the north part of scottsdale. but from flagstaff and thin along the rim from white river
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average high is 70, we're at 13 degrees below average and temperatures are going to drop to the 40s by 9:00. how low will we go tomorrow? >> just in, the body of a missing phoenix man has been found. that's at sequoia national park in california. he was seen 9 days ago after going for a he was supposed to return in time for thanksgiving but never made it become. his death is under investigation. three boys have life- threatening-injuries after a crash. a driver crashed into their van near 87th avenue and a 12-year- old was killed and two adults have serious injuries. the suspect, 23-year-old amber sloane was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment.
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developing, investigators trying to determine a motive in a stabbing attack at ohio state university. 18-year-old abdul artan drove into a group of people and started cutting people with a butcher knife. officers shot and killed him. 11 people injured and the school alerted student about the attack through text and twitter telling them to shelter in place. this attack has people questioning what type of security at asu. we found jason barry live. >> these attacks can happen anywhere and at anytime. we've seen them across college campuses and they're one of many that have security measures in place to respond to an active shooter or crisis.
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emergency in seconds and they have an emergency alert system in place, similar to the one hi state has. it sends out texts notifying them of a crisis. most of the students we spoke to are not overly worried about an attack happening here. >> i know it's a possibility, but if you think about the potential disasters, you would drown in fear all of the time. i trust that right safety protocols to protect us. >> and asu encourages students and safety to watch online safety videos online. the better prepared, the more
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that you heard. that's in downtown phoenix. a bomb squad blew up a backpack. it posed no threat to the general public. preparing for the unexpected. that was the goal for the firefighters in the west valley. they took part in a hazmat drill. it was a simulated emergency response rescue and how to contain a chemical and a pesticide leak. >> we want to train for the things that may never happen and have a team that's ready. >> they said these types of drills help them develop relationships with other agencies through the valley. firefighters from arizona
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600 fires. half-dozen firefighters flew out over the weekend. around 40 firefighters from across the country are going at the request of the israeli government. these fires in israel are blamed on people who are purposely setting the fires for political reasons. you'll see more security at malls through the valley. it's the 23rd year for the sheriff's mall posse. itin and marked vehicles and helicopters and horses an k-9s. it's more important than ever he said. >> we've had no violent activity, let's knock on wood, that i can remember in the malls in the last 24 years. >> the sheriff tells us about
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donate 3,000 hours of volunteer hours to patrol 8 malls in the valley. coming up, icy reception and outrage. thousands of fish frozen for a new skating rink. how they're handling the public outrage. they're paid at 20 dollars an hour. >> extra money and you can pretend to be sick and get
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actor patients. you act out the symptoms after getting the script. >> look to go create that realistic environment for the students and so we give them a script and then we have them really focus on how to improve the student's ability to communicate and have interpersonal relationships with the patients. >> sometimes people only hours a week. if you want more information, we have it on our website. that's on the front page of >> $10,000 worth of property stolen, why the sudden theft couldn't at a worse time. >> it's like "willy wonka," bud light sending out thousands of golden beer cans and how you
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developing tonight, a valley couple whose comedy act helps veterans, someone slashed their tires and they stole $10,000 worth of stage equipment from a trailer. that includes back drops and a sound system, their convinced they're out thousands of dollars. >> we're barely keeping a roof
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at christmas. >> christmas is over. there won't be money to spend. >> they spent their money replacing the tires and that local comeiedians are gathering props so they can perform again. >> the driver of this sedan pulls up and backs into a parking spot at mcdowell walgreens. it was morning. the suspect walks through and brought a pack of gum and gave the clerk money to pay. when the clerk opened the drawer, the suspect pulled out a pistol and demanded all of the cash from the drawer. and he walked out and returned to the car and then took off. >> the suspect is a black male
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a hooded sweater and sunglasses and armed with a auto pistol and drove a dark four-door sedan, possibly a sable. call silent witness if you have information. if you want to join in the hunt and help cops catch crooks, download the news app and click on the monday section. update on the recount efforts in wisconsin. it could start this week. jill stein is spearheading the effort. some members of the campaign for hillary clinton joined the campaign. clinton lost wisconsin by 20,000 votes and stein's team filed a petition to seek a recount in pennsylvania. michigan certified trump as the
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electoral voters is getting inundated to go rogue and cast his vote for someone other than donald trump. he's the sergeant at arms for the state republican party and received 28,000 e-mails all asking him to reconsider a vote, his vote when they meet next month. he's getting phone calls and stopped at the grocery store but change his mind. >> all of us, we respect the choice of the people and the choice for donald trump, he won the electoral college and going to be the president of the united states in january. >> arizona has 11 votes, that get cast december 18th and now
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taking on the phoenix city council. they'll haul another christmas up to camelback mountain. park rangers removed it, they cut it in half and cited it as a fire hazard. when they tried to take up another one, they were stopped by a park ranger. we'll keep you updated. >> going to be get taken playoff hopes dwindle. even the wild-card, that's a long shot. their latest setback was yesterday in atlanta. they were missed interceptions. >> once we win one, we'll be fine. and add them up at nine and you
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we'll play some of those teams in the same spot. >> we got to win one and to think we'd tried to lose to get a better draft choice is asinine. their next game is sunday here at home against the washington redskins. >> speaking of football, you could win super bowl tickets for life. you need to finds on gold bud light cans and take a picture and then post it on social media. bud light chooses 6 people who get season tickets and from that, the grand prize winner is selected and the promotion starts today. it's a "willy wonka" kind of thing, a golden ticket. >> chocolate bar, beer. >> [laughter] that makes me happy.
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>> send your e-mails. >> [laughter]. >> buy an extra 12-pack. >> a great christmas. >> give a headache. >> and the weather, cooler temperatures and that's the big story and see, still seeing a few straight light showers. pushing through in the valley. and scottsdale, along the 101 and fountain hills and snow showers. and that's around flagstaff and we're heading up there for a report and you can se show low and white river. temperatures, high of 57, 13 degrees below average, winds out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. all of the pictures up north and here's our good buddy, our morning meteorologist, nice fire on the campfire. you can see, nice little set up. and the satellite and radar, the wrap around moisture, see
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that tonight into tomorrow morning, temperatures are in the 40s and 14 in flagstaff and temperatures in the 20s in payson, below average, through friday. mostly clear and temperatures gradually warming up and friday, the next chance of rainfall and over looking for some fun? the tumbleweed christmas tree and a nice light parade at 6:00 in the evening and then the light the tree at 7:00. temperatures, above average on sunday. and everything you need to know before primetime is next in the takeaway. first, a look at what is
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. sedona and the grand canyon and countless resorts. arizona is filled with great vacation spots and some of them are up for auction in an effort to get more visitors to the state. we have answers that you want to know at 10:00. and the takeaways, the state park honoring the hotshots open to the public wednesday. 19 hotshots died while fighting the yarnell hill fire. a special dedication ceremony
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no fireworks and no countdown. the tempe block party is cancelled. they couldn't find a sponsor ever since the fiesta bowl pulled out of tempe. the holiday posse mall patrol kicked off. 300 members will watch over 8 malls. the operation has been running for 23 years. connect with cbs 5 on facebook and instagram and share your story and use the hash tag, cbs 5az and more on the snow tonight. >> chilly up north. i left my window open to listen to the rain. i won't do that again. >> see you at 10:00, have a
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