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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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get ready if you thought it was chilly today. tomorrow is going right cold. more winter weather is going to hit our state. >> we're talking snow tonight. look at that. that's the i-17. up in the high country. the weather is canceling classes for some students. >> and our neighbors, in the eastern part, snow. and a lot of it. this is video from all of the snow in pine top. >> and here in the valley, let's look, this is what we
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and the low hanging clouds. these amazing shots of camelback were taken by our pilot this morning. and tonight, flagstaff is issuing a snow day for tomorrow for all schools in the unified school district and they're on a two-hour delay for the government offices. we've got more answers for you tonight. >> snow covering everything here in flagstaff and enough to make snowballs. on was a lot of rain and we took a detour through sedona. look at the video. just past sedona, drivers met with slick roads and a wintry mix. it made everything glisten in the snowfall keeping the white stuff on side walks. but snow flows cruised as the
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anyone from heading out for a night on the town. >> i think it's pleasant. i love it, i've been here 10 years. nice for the forest. not so many fires. kind of fun. nice and pretty. >> i had to ask everybody, how they stay warm here and the number one answer that i got from everyone, that they drink. >> oh for everyone. a lot of snow showers falling across the area of show low and you can see out towards holbrooke. and still that overnight. it's cold up north. you're going to need a warm drink. 26 and expecting temperatures to drop to the teens. 55 here in phoenix and how long will the cool weather stick
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the weather, look at our team on "wake up arizona." starting at 4:30 a.m. a big waste of time, that's what some people are saying in buckeye. they thought they'd get answers but left high and dry. cbs news was the first to bring up the issue and we have from the meeting. >> it affects here and a hundred or so families. their water bill shot up to $600 for one month of usage. many gathered where water rates were on the agenda but the council postponed the water rate set to take place in january.
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and have no answers. some did get refunds or credits and many didn't. they fear another huge bill could hit next month. >> i want to cry right now. i had a guy call me with a 700- dollar bill and he's a truck driver trying to support his family and i'm struggling and trying to make ends meet and then this city still doing anything. >> take his case, he had a $125 normal water bill and shot up to $600 after they found no leaks he got a credit. it's a case by case basis. we have the special phone number and e-mail on our news app. live in buckeye, cbs 5 news. stay on top it.
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determine why a 18-year-old drove into people and then cut them with a butcher knife. the suspect was shot and killed by a campus police officer after he didn't drop his weapon. 11 others hurt. that attack at ohio university made us look into security here at asu and we have answers. we have a number of blue light emergency stations can report an attack within seconds. the school has an emergency alert system that is similar to the one ohio state used today. that immediately sends out texts and e-mails to students and staff notifying them of an emergency on campus. >> i know it's a possibility, but, i think if you think about the potential disasts that can happen, you would drown in fear.
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the right safety protocols to protect us. >> asu police encourage student to watch online safety training like this one to here. >> donald trump is still mulling over his choice for secretary of state. a new name added, david petraeus met with him for an hour and rudy giuliani met with him and mitt romney. evacuation orders for people in colorado. it's burning on green mountain near lakewood, west of denver. 300-acres already destroyed. a woman opened up the emergency door on her flight and got onto the wing of the plane and jumped 15 feet down to the tarmac. it was a plane om houston to
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didn't stay a word before she jumped out. she was taken into federal custody. tonight, you can help a valley couple, they put on comedy acts to cheer up kids and military veterans. their gear and truck were stolen. >> and someone slashed the tires on their car and stole $10,000 worth of stage equipment. their back drops and stage rigging and even a will cover but they're out thousands of dollars. >> we're just barely keeping a roof over our heads. a hit like this, and at christmastime. >> christmas is over. there's no money to spend. >> a good fund me account is set up, find the link on our mobile app.
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the posse will ride again. it kicked off today and includes deputies and k-9s and helicopters and horses. it's more important than ever he said with the threats of terrorism lately. >> we have no violent activity in the malls in 24 members will donate 3,000 hours to patrol 8 malls across the valley. if you were planning ongoing to the big block party in tempe, there's a smaller celebration. the city decided to scale back on a party that used to bring in 100,000. the trouble began when the fiesta bowl left tempe.
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sustain the event. >> i think last year was great but they might not have made money and they can't operate at a loss. the businesses will be fine. >> it's not going to be as good as it could, of course. >> despite a scale back, the city is encouraging people to head to the downtown area to celebrate at the many restaurants and pubs. colder temperatures are moving in and it's time to winterize your home. we caught up with parker and sons as they serviced a heater. many won't start because of dirt and dust in the system. it's important to change those filters. and have the units cleaned to promote airflow and they recommend leaving the maintenance to the pros. >> you can cause more damage to
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melt wires. >> and seal out leaks as well. and wrap exposed pipes to prevent freezing and paul, it's chilly out there. perfect time for the reminders. >> very good timing. love the pictures, mountains north of tucson and ian stays warm with this. nice fire and a beautiful evening for that. and temperatures, we've got freeze from globe and national forest and a watch down from casa grande to tucson. temperatures approaching freezing in the south and we're dropping to the 40s and high of 57 today, 13 degrees below of average. average is 70 and now 55. low pressure brings in cool air and temperatures are dropping.
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flagstaff and that 7-day planner. below average through friday and changes ahead. thursday into friday, increasing clouds and a chance of showers and breezy conditions and then things warm up, highs of 71 on sunday. you're now ready for your tuesday and if you use public wifi, maybe today, the crooks are using a small device to set up fake hotspots, and they take your information. that's next. and answers for your tomorrow, we take you to yarnell for memorial, to honor the hotshots. a story online that is trending, they're testing out
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sean mclaughlin and kris pickle you're watching news at 10:00, cbs 5. attracting visitors to arizona and helping students, an online auction happening now.
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>> if you browse, or clicked and bought something online. you're in good company. >> our biggest day of the year. last year we shipped 54 million products. looking to get the slightest piece of the pie. >> the campaign is to get visitors into our state. >> stay in arizona is an auction that doubles as a fundraiser and offering one-of- a-kind arizona experiences. a trip to the cactus bowl at rock bottom prices. >> a five night stay to the tombstone area and complete with horseback riding and meals to local resorts. >> added today, just in time, a spring training package at
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again, they start very low and the goal is to make as much money for the educational program. >> you can even sign up and bid right from your phone. >> type in this, stay in az and text it to 2400 and it gives you this link your own information. >> this is is one deal you can take advantage of after today, through december 5th. and if you would like to check out those experiences, we have made it very easy, we've posted it on our free mobile app, cbs 5. it's been more than 2 years since the hotshots lost their
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flames and a unique memorial will open to the public. it's a 7-mile trail and brand new parking, this is the beginning and at each stop, a memorial bench as well as 19 plaques honoring these men. we will be at this dedication, tune in tomorrow when we'll have continuous coverage, we'll have answers for you on "wake up arizona" at 4:30 a.m. fake wifi hotspots created by crooks to steal your information. they use a small device, it's called a wifi pineapple. it sets up a fake hot spot and it looks identical to access points that you use every day. and your signal is rerouted to their device and so is your
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to protect yourself is not use public wifi access points. there's another way that crooks are stealing your identity. right on your smartphone. using the apps and emojis that you send against you. fake apps for dillard's and jimmy chew and more. it's hard to catch which is fake, some of the counterfeit apps seem so real. >> some of these apps are so good, they give cart experience. everything through the congratulations and here's your order number and then you never get them. >> as for the emojis, be careful, there are some that gives them access to all of your contacts and even your passwords. google play and apple insist they scan every app for
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apple's next iphone will look like. it's a curved screen. lg and samsung have them. and the pressure is on, the tech giant to deliver something different for the smartphone's 10th anniversary. the company may release more than just one model. a consumer alert. uber drivers are going to protest as they call for fair wages. they want 15 bucks an hour. and they'll take to the streets al care workers who also want raises. we'll get answers from governor ducey on big news that is coming to arizona. we're expecting an announcement around 12:30 and we'll push it out on our news app when it happens. and if you are looking for a new job, chase bank is hiring 200 people at a big job fair. going to take place tomorrow.
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experience. the company said they're looking for people who have had face-to-face customer service experience and are bilingual. >> a valley school wants to pay you for pretending to be sick. they're hiring actor patients. they give you a script and you student health professionals trying to diagnose you. >> that realistic environment for our students and then have them focus on how to improve the student's ability to communicate and have interpersonal relationships with patients. >> this is not a steady job.
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we linked the website to ours, it's on the front page of and this is something up to check out. domino's pizza in japan. this town is testing out reindeers to delivery pizzas. trainers trying out the service or is the reindeer trying them? they're tr this area is mountainous and they navigate it well. it will be a safer way for the company to get deliveries in the area. >> that doesn't look safe. >> you know where that could work, flagstaff? >> i like it. great thing, the only tip you have to leave is carrots. no tip for the driver.
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winter-like weather has arrived. look at thie the mountains. and bruce shot this while cruising for "wake up arizona." you can see this at 4:30, and clouds, a few left over but quiet conditions, just a cooler temperatures, dropping down to 44 degrees here in the valley and a high of 62 and across the
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in prescott and upper 50s in casa grande. they're going to be down here asking for $200 million. they're wanting to build a sports facility. >> i'm a big fan but haven't heard anything about this. >> politics unplugged. doing work for the sports department. the state capitol, tough month for valley sports team. and the basketball team, how they did against kentucky. and then cuts the lead to 4 but there, kentucky turns on the jets and ed rice, the 6'10" freshman right down broadway
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by 43. and malick to win. that's the highlight. kentucky wins it, 115-69 over asu. >> and how about josh? he didn't play in the second half against southern illinois. russell to cut it but the cougars had an answer. trey harris for three and back to louisville on saturday. >> and cardinals starting with super bowl expectations but appear to be playing out the string this holiday season. they're not eliminated but it will take a christmas miracle to get the to playoffs. michael floyd, another drop and another game it cost them.
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don't look at big pictures until the whole season is over. to think we're trying to lose to get a better draft is asinine. they got in a group and stayed there. and he drops it in the bucket to adams. and the soccer club with branding, now known as phoenix rising sc and the development of a new stadium at mcclintock
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tracking tomorrow's traffic, from the hastings traffic center. they're working on that south mountain freeway so there are lane restrictions during the day. pecos and desert foothills will be narrowed down so give
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heading towards the i-10. that's the only restriction we have going on. enjoy your night and join me on "wake up arizona." all right, thanks, heidi, look the your forecast, cool and starting at 44 degrees and highs tomorrow, 62 degrees. it's 8 degrees below average and we're going to stay in the 60s all week long. >> have to remember to grab the >> not bad. first lady, michelle obama is up next with stephen colbert.
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