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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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captioned by media access group at wgbh >> thanks so much. i'll see you soon. ? ? ?
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[vo] how to go live if you're not outdoorsy, but sometimes you find yourself outdoors. sure, you're inside right now but you know when you're outside and you're thinking my friends should see this did i get up here? well next time that happens just pull out your phone. open facebook, hit this, and go live. tell everyone where you are then maybe do a little spin to show off the view
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the breaking news we are tracking is out of ni baby inside. the child was later dropped off at a helmet down the street from where was taken. this is a live look at the area where we are told this all took place. >> police say the truck was taken near the first avenue and indian school in the child was left at a home near 69 avenue and highland avenue. police are looking for the truck as well as the suspect. we are told the child should be fine.
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that is in the mouth on someone's hands or in the noses . >> a powerful and dangerous drug could harm your kids and those sworn to protect us. >> for some law enforcement agencies they call it an unprecedented threat because that threat against drugs is changing. >> that means k-9 officers have to change the way they do their jobs as well. >> reporter: this drug is not anything new. we are talking abouf powerful opiate that headlines -- made headlines over this past year because it is the drug that killed prince. the dea is saying that officers and canines are coming into contact with it during the drug raids and that is having deadly consequences. >> you have not just a partner but it is almost your best friend. >> reporter: the fight against
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as more synthetic ones hit the market and access to them gets easier. >> fentanyl is a very dangerous synthetic opiate. people are familiar with things like heroin and prescription pills. this is in the same family. >> reporter: and becoming deadly for these guys. if fentanyl is loose in a home or car it can spread out where a dog can absorb it through his pads or he could sniff it up to his jowls. >> it >> reporter: in order to keep them safe training of the k-9 dogs has changed over the past few years. before the dogs -- >> they would scratch and lunch. >> reporter: it is a passive approach. >> they alert and make either handler and the use it as a passive motion and look at what they have detected.
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>> it is too dangerous for a human we would never put the animal at risk. >> reporter: we reached out to local police departments as well and they said they follow the same protocol. officers security checks and visual checks for powders in any other items that could potentially harm the canines prior to having the canines connect their searches. we are following the latest developments in a deadly was hit by a car. this happened near seventh street and broadway in phoenix. the driver apparently pulled out and hit the little boy. the driver told the boy's parents who rushed into the hospital where he later died. police say the driver stayed on scene and is cooperating. look at this video. from kansas city missouri. were a pipeline explosion led to this massive fire.
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sky. this is happening in the town of smithfield which is west of the kansas city international airport. crews are trying to figure out what led to this explosion. no one on scene was hurt. this is some dramatic new video coming in tonight from tennessee. what you are seeing is video shot by two brothers as they try to escape a massive wildfire that has claimed three lives. mandatory evacuation orders are in place for 500 people in the town of pigeon forge. 30 structures have burned in the red cross now helping people find shelter. some homeowners in buckeye are tired of waiting for answers from the city council. they are asking that the state attorney general's office get involved. >> we broke the story about soaring water bills. homeowners are fed up with bills that are hundreds of dollars over the normal amount. with no explanation. the city set up a special hotline and now at least one
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some arizona businesses say the minimum wage increase approved is forcing them to close their doors. >> owners of assisted living homes say the impact even though it does not go into effect until january 1 is already hitting them especially hard work --. >> reporter: we are talking about small homes were caretakers making minimum wage provide all services for elderly people. >> we are not saying we don't want to pay our caregivers. we want to pay our caregivers. >> reporter: she owns an assisted loving home in phoenix said she cannot afford to. >> as things stand right now. >> reporter: 100 assisted homeowners met in chandler all acknowledging the minimum wage caregivers work hard. >> we cook and clean and do medications. >> cleanliness and toilets. changing people. showering. >> they say the state medicaid
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to cover the higher minimum wage voters approved through prop 206. >> i cannot pay more because they amount we get reimbursed is very minimal. it is not enough. >> reporter: she plans to close her two care homes in south phoenix. >> it is making it clear for me that it is a business that is impossible to could do. >> reporter: they cannot raise rates on people who live on a fi the phoenix police officers streaming video a woman with pepper spray. this happened last year. the officers each served six weeks of unpaid suspension. this is the video. they were facing criminal charges but the charges have been dropped after county attorney decided not to go
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phoenix police need your help finding a murder suspect to shot two men killing one of them. this happened on sunday night at the late registration -- light rail station this video is released of the suspect on his bike at the station. police say two men were at the station when the suspect out into an argument and he laughed. by came back and shot the man. admit romilly -- romney lead the state department? trump and romney dined in new york. also on the shortlist is rudy giuliani and david betray us. with the democrats losing the majority in the houses and the white house there is a power struggle for who will lead the party. tomorrow the democrats will hold a leadership election and this time it's a blessing is facing a serious challenge by
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talking about on social media. president-elect trump suggesting that burning the american flag should be a crime. even though the active protest is protected by the first amendment. >> anyone who burns the flag should face a year in jail or lose the citizenship. a vietnam veteran feels strongly about the flag and what it represents. he understands the importance of the first amendment that he thinks there should be some kind of consequences for burning it. >> it says you have freedom of speech. you have freedom to assemble and you have freedom to protest . but nowhere does it say that you have a right to burn the flag. >> flag burning and other things like cross burning and things like that are offensive. they are unpopular. that does not mean that we make them illegal. the first amendment unquestionably protects unpopular speech.
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despite what president-elect trump in others think about making flag burning a crime it is very unlikely the us supreme court decision allowing flag burning whatever the overturned. this is a crime that seems to happen all the time. taking packages from people doorsteps. >> with tomorrow being national protection package day you need to know that this is becoming a huge problem your >> a buckeye woman knows that. she caught a person stealing a package from her driveway. with a system that alerts her smartphone when someone rings the doorbell. so when a package arrived she asked her daughter to pick it up. it was already gone. >> he picked it up and he looked at it. it looked like he looked at it. and he took it. >> a lot of people don't have heart in this world. >> the postal service ups and fedex say the drivers are all trained to call police if they see suspicious behavior.
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online and customize their deliveries. a cooler day today. temperatures around 62 degrees. that is 8 degrees below average. it is 53 currently. we will see temperatures drop tonight. freeze warnings around here. keep that in mind as you are waking up around the outl temperatures with clear conditions dropped down to the lower 40s. some areas getting into the 30s. tomorrow morning mostly clear skies and in the afternoon we will see the temperature climb. we will get to the mid-60s tomorrow. your average high this time of year is 70 degrees. some clouds coming on thursday with a slight chance of showers on friday. 41 in phoenix. eight in flagstaff.
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stay cool and cooler than average through friday. if i chance of a shower and snowfall in high country. temperatures return back to normal on sunday. you may have all the answers you need for tomorrow but stay with us as we show you more of this video of a woman vandalizing his car for over six hours. where this took place is coming up. would rival tesla is coming to arizona. answers of what this could mean for jobs in our state. we are not the only ones enjoying winter weather. a homeowner caught elk hanging
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caught on camera in california. a woman vandalizing a car. what makes this interesting is she was doing that for six hours. she ripped off the windshield
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scratch words all over the car. >> you saw the woman jumping on the roof. she takes a nap on the windshield. the lapd were able to track her down. she is under a 72 hour psychiatric hold. the word is out in arizona. we can stand toe to toe in attracting the kind of good paying manufacturing jobs that every state in the nation is hungry for. >> a brand-new electric car manufacturing plant is coming to casagrande any to bring jobs with it. >> they need thousands of workers to build the cars and i could mean new opportunities for a lot of people in the valley. >> we have the new plans tonight. >> reporter: i think this is a really exciting opportunity for people in the valley. there is a ton of technical colleges that focus in on the automotive industry.
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opportunity to not only work on the cars but to build them. >> we are testing to see if the catalytic converter completes the test your >> reporter: this is an automotive program at gateway community college. students learn all about toyotas and hondas. >> giving them bumper-to-bumper training. gives them the skills to be successful in the trade. >> reporter: students were to become a certified mechanic. it takes skill and a love of cars. >> you see them everyday driving a car. from personal experience i love it. going fast are going slow. >> reporter: they will eventually fix hondas at the dealership they may have an opportunity of a lifetime. not just fixing but building cars. in casa grande a new factory will soon go up building electric vehicles for a california-based company called lucid motors.
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opportunities if not for the manufacturer directly or for all the suppliers. the engineering world will grow rapidly. >> reporter: the cars will compete with german luxury vehicles like mercedes. it is high-end stuff to build these vehicles the company is looking for 2000 workers. >> i would love to see how cars are assembled and how they are produced. and how they are made. >> reporter: we are not very far off. this plant could be fully operational by 2018. tracking your tomorrow. the granite mountain hotshot memorial opens to honor the 19 men who died battling the fire your today the governor dedicated the new memorial. it is the latest tribute to the deadliest fire in state history
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dedication. the site includes a hiking trail with memorials to the firefighters along the way. >> my nephew was one of the hotshots the passed away. even though it was three years ago it is still tough. >> the hike is about seven miles. it can take several hours to complete. it has not quite made his mark in arizona yet. wanting helps to create a very big fan base. as they are starting with his brand-new stadium. the arizona united soccer club rebranded themselves. they will be known as the phoenix rising. the new owner hopes the new name logo and players and the new stadium will bring more people out to the masses -- matches. >> it is a fantastic group of guys that really want to push
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the time is right. i am really excited about the logo and the plans we have now. to have a home in phoenix. >> the new home will be at mcclintock in the loop 202 freeway. we hope to have the stadium built for the beginning of the 2017 season. were you able to pay it forward today? it is giving tuesday. a day when people take a break from their holiday shopping and donate to their favorite charity. companies are doing their part. fines and t-mobile made sizable donations. one example patagonia which made a $10 million donation to charities that support the environment. maricopa's trail and park foundation launches its new maintenance program with the help of retailer rei. the valleys trail need a little
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a new trailer and some tools to help fix the trails. if you are a veteran looking for a new job tomorrow 1200 positions from 40 different companies will be available on a special job fair. it goes from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 in the afternoon at gateway community college. thousands of workers across the country and in the valley took to the streets calling for a $15 an hour minimu airport and homecare workers joined fast food employees for tonight's protest which marks the fourth anniversary of the fight for the 15 movement. americans are feeling confident about the economy. than they have in a decade. the latest index jumped 6% to 107. that is the highest level since 2007. some analysts predict that means consumer spending will continue to rise this year.
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have a much better outlook on the finances after they won the $420 million powerball jackpot. the winners work at a medal manufacturing plant. if they take the cash payout it is $254 million. that gives each of them almost $13 million before taxes. this is the sixth powerball jackpot in tennessee. good for them. around arizona we may be known for our wild west history but according to the review website tombstone is the biggest forest trapped in our state. why? reviewers say tombstone and the okay corral are not worth the time or the money. the site said the gunfight only last 30 seconds and they are overpriced. the reviewer says tombstone is only worth the money if you are a true cowboy fanatic.
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the wildlife. look at this video. >> you mean the elk are screaming? >> that is the sound of love. >> i thought that happened in the spring. >> you don't put time limits on mom. you heard me digits in a high country.
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and with the clear conditions temperatures are dropping into the lower 40s. outlying areas across the valley in the 30s. even cooler up north. single digits in flagstaff. we will see a low of 20 in prescott. warmer tomorrow with mostly sunny skies we will get to 63 degrees in the afternoon. in the pac 12. the coach was let go. his parting gift and $11 million buyout. 32 days until the college football playoffs takes place in glendale. the second to last installment of college football's playoff rankings released today. alabama number one. ohio state
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an ohio court has dismissed to bring charges against an asu linebacker. his arrest made headlines after he said he reached an agreement to play for the cincinnati bengals and the team said otherwise. he played three years at asu. the suns will host the hawk he hands out free tickets to the sixers game on december 23. >> you are like a superhero to some of these kids and all you can do is give back. that is what i try to do in the community. if it is not hospitals or schools it can be tickets.
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get healthy for saturday when the little comes to campus. they are without three starters. >> we had a phone call a while ago and he wanted to make sure that he had his reps. he does not have a lot to worry about. san jose. 2nd period it is the fourth the sick season. the sharks later in the period.
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check out this video. decked out for the holidays.
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>> we will start out the morning at 41 degrees. with a tomorrow around 63.
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