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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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people in bahamas were awakened bring tornadoes. people are turning to gatlinburg, tennessee to see the devastation left behind
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hurt as a fire sweeps through her east valley home. good afternoon. thank you for joining us here at noon. this afternoon a woman is fighting to survive after being found unconcious inside of a burning home near apache junction. this fire broke out near loop 202. mark liverman has more. >> reporter: a woman is in critical condition after being taken to the hospital. he was air lifted to the hospital after a fire te you can see what the damage likes like all over the place. glass all over thestairs. broken windows. the smoke damage all alooking -- along the side of this mobile home. the front door along the side of this driveway. firefighters had to pull it out to get inside and rescue this woman. here's what we know so far. 11:00 a neighbor noticed smoke coming from the trailer and called 9-1-1. sheriff's deputies were the first to
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and noticed a woman had collapsed on a floor. firefighters rescued a 60-year- old woman who collapsed from smoke inhalation and burns to her body. we spoke to a neighbor, the person who called 9-1-1. >> the flames were going straight up in the air. they were going this way and that way. they were going straight up. which is a good thing for the neighbors. here, if there is any good news is no no one ax?else was inside. no one else was hurt. were seeing shards of glass along the front of the home and windows on the side and front of the home. the cause of the fire is under investigation. back to you. >> thank you very much. an eight inch water -- water main broke in phoenix.
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traffic issue. repairs will extend into the afternoon. we are getting our first look at a man accused of driving the wrong way on a valley freeway before slamming into another car. this happened on the 117 near anthem. the man was in his truck going southbound in the northbound lanes when he crashed head-on into a couple's subaru. they are all expected to be okay. he is facing multiple charges including dui. >> almost every time you see impaired driving is involved with it. that is a very difficult obstacle to ercome. we are telling folks we can not prevent every one of these crashes. what we have to focus on is how do you reduce the risk of something like this happening. >> adot says steps are being taken to reduce the risk. there are big wrong-way signs on the state's freeways. adot hopes to develop a
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sensors along the i-17 next year. every time we report about a wrong-way crash we get calls and e-mails from viewers asking why they don't install spike strips. the answer is simple. speed. spike strips are for cars going 5 miles per hour or slower. cars on the freeway are going faster. a 1-year-old boy is dead after he was hit night. it happened at 7th avenue and broadway. he was with a group of people outside of the home. a driver was backing up and hit the toddler. the boy was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> it is stuck in my head that he was a little boy. there is little kids crying because they saw what happened. they were crying. it is really sad. >> very sad. police say the driver of the
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cooperating with police. the second victim has died from a shooting at the light rail station near 24th street and jefferson. take a good look at this video. it may show the gunman. police believe the man on the bike got into a fight with two other men sunday night and pulled out a gun and shot them. one man died that night. the other died this several others hurt after a tornado touched down in northern alabama this morning around midnight. national weather service said the tornado packed winds up to 60 miles per hour. a 24-hour daycare center was destroyed leaving four people in critical condition. it was closed at the time. the people who operate the business took shelter there. yesterday we showed you the unbelievable video of people driving through an inferno
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tennessee. now people are returning to see what is left of their homes. in many cases, unfortunately, it is not much. four people were killed in this. hundreds of other homes and other buildings were destroyed by the fire. 14,000 people evacuated this area. many spent the night in red cross shelters. sherry and daniel moved to gatlinburg from mississippi about a month and a half ago. they only had time to 14-month-old son, william and his diaper bag. >> we don't know what to do. or what we are going to do if we don't have anywhere to go. >> officials say more than 400 emergency workers from multiple departments are working on putting out the fire completely and cleaning up the debris. gatlinburg mayor warner is trying to aid his community while dealing with his own devastation because he lost his he and his business in this
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starting tomorrow. park facilities along the north rim and the highway that leads to it close down for the winter. state route 67 scheduled to reopen in mid may. according to the national weather service, the north rim averages more than nine feet of snow every single year. >> oh, boy. >> nobody wants to clean it. let's just shut it check out the south rim. it was cold this morning. >> it was really cold this morning. >> yes, queen creek got down to 32 degrees. flagstaff 32 degrees. look at the time lapse from arizona state university. you are not going to see much out there. definitely no clouds. we have clear nights. that's when we see the
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mountain. how about another favorite mountain. camel back mountain crystal clear skies. no clouds. we had a couple of clouds yesterday. tons of sunshine for today. don't look for any rain or snow. we are clear not just in phoenix, but for a good portion of the state. lots of sunshine. as we look to the pacific northwest that's where the next rain maker is going to come from. even snow maker. we'll talk about that in a bit. gosh, it is cold up country. 34 in flagstaff. 43 prescott. 45 globe. 57 phoenix. many locations in the valley are in the 50s still. 55 scotsdale. 54 chandler. 50 queen creek. dew points are in the 20s. we'll take it up to 63 for a
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temperatures. into 6:00 p.m. we'll dial down into 56. coming up, we'll talk about when we could see snow falling. this may be the most low- key heist you have ever seen. this guy running off with a five gallon bucket of gold. plus, the latest on the strange case of a california mom abducted for three grab your phones. later in this newscast we'll give away a four-pack of
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this man was walking down the street in new york city.
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he grabs the bucket and hurries off down the sidewalk. well, that 86-pound bucket was filled with gold flakes. it is worth $1.6 million. that armored car driver is probably in a lot of trouble this afternoon. police are still looking for that guy. president-elect donald trump tweeted about the future of his business empire and announced two more cabinet he spoke to reporters at trump tower this morning. >> our number one priority is going to be the economy. get back to three to four percent growth. we believe that's sustainable. >> he is a former goldman saks executive who was financial director for trump's presidential campaign. they announced billionaire willber ross will be commerce
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december 15th to discuss his plan to leave his business empire while in office. president-elect is celebrating a deal to prevent hundreds of job losses at a major manufacturer. carrier planned to close two indiana facilities and move 2,000 jobs to mexico. now the company says it will keep a thousand of those jobs in indiana. saying it reached a deal with trump and mike pence. trump had talked about the campaign. >> companies like carrier, simply fire their workers and move their operations to mexico. guess what? not going to be so easy to do anymore. >> details surrounded the agreement haven't been made public. unitedtechnologies pulled a number of government contracts including a $2 billion deal made over the summer to produce
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fighter jet. the election season has been tough for tiffany. sales on the avenue next to trump tower are down. there have been protests outside of the building. streets and sidewalks have been blocked off by extra security making it hard for shoppers to get in the store. that location brings in 10% of the company's total cells. kelloggs cereal it said in a statement it does not want to advertise on sites not aligned with his values. it is considered a right wing website with a controversial populace in anti-immigration leaning. former executive chairman steve bannon was president-elect donald trump campaign ceo. he is now the chief white house
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case ended happily on thanksgiving morning when this mother was found by the side of a major highway. she had been missing three weeks. this strange story has some on social media speculating she was not abducted at all. police and her husband are rejecting that. here's more. >> reporter: investigators analyzing the clothed sherry was wearing when she was found on this northern california highway. >> she was in different clothing that he reported missing in. and the evidence that was recovered may contain dna evidence. >> reporter: detectives are reviewing private security cameras that may have caught her abductions. they searched 20 warrants on cell phones, cell towers and computers. >> the biggest piece of evidence is sherry.
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aspects that have to be investigated. that includes the restraints she was found in. >> reporter: in a statement obtained by "people" magazine tuesday, her husband revealed his wife's body was covered in multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings. she was branded and weighed only 87-pounds. he also pushed back against those who questioned her story accusing them of malicious subhuman behavior. >> for the naysayers or those hoax, we don't have that information. >> talking to her three times, has there ever be a point where her story has changed? >> not to my knowledge. >> that's essential. >> it is. >> reporter: deputies are looking for two hispanic females as suspects and they are considered armed and dangerous. they are working to get more information about their
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let's look at the numbers on wall street. we have a lot of green on the screen. that's good news. we are up. arizona wine lovers have something to toast to today. you can now order wine and have it shipped directly to your house. this is thanks to a state law approved in march. before today if you wanted to purchase wine vineyard you had to specifically visit one. this is a win for all the vineyards in the state. >> you can get anything delivered. >> pretty much. >> cheese, crackers and wine. you can sit there and never leave the house and always watch us. >> there you go. >> we'll go to the desert botanical garden. you can see some of the lights they put up.
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corner. the holiday season is definitely in full swing. they have a cool exhibit where you can see the illumination ating night. there is a look at the peek. it is clear as it gets out there. we are not seeing a lot of wind. trees in the bottom of your screen are not moving. but boy, what a cold start we had. we are keeping an eye on a storm system still in the pacific northwest. it is hard to make out here. it is about there. places like portland and washington state. it is going to bring us a shot for some snow. it is not going to be as potent as our last storm. as we get going into this evening clear skies over arizona. for thursday we'll introduce a bit more cloud cover. first on the west side of the state then over central arizona. this is the 5:30 picture. no rain or snow. we can start to see the jet stream dipping and our storm taking shape as we get going
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snow. here's our storm system dipping down right there. we'll see storm chances or snow chances for the white mountains and the rim. but just a slight chance for some rain in the valley. i think it will kick up the wind a little bit along the colorado river. this is a dry one. don't look for a lot with it. it will bring snow chances to new mexico and parts of southern colorado. great news for the resorts there. get ready for another chilly night. we'll be in the low 40s upper 30s when morning in phoenix. another day of teeth-chattering cold in flagstaff. 11 the overnight low. we are talking 17 winslow. 57degrees if you are stepping outside. not bad. a light jacket isn't a bad idea. it is a little crisp out there. 48 sedona. 36 flagstaff. we'll top out at 63 in phoenix.
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mentioned. it is on friday. really, don't get too excited about it. it should not mess up your weekend at all. by saturday we'll be great. 67degrees on saturday. then 69 degrees on sunday with mostly sunny skies. all in all no major changes. >> just more fabulousness. >> did you turn on the heater yet? >> ye
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start dialing we are giving
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the nutcracker. the fifth caller wins right now. good luck to you. the star wars film rogue one has broken a box office record and it isn't even in theaters yet. the hollywood reporter says rogue one, a star wars story has the biggest number of ticket presales for 2016. variety says first stand star wars adventure is tracking to open above the $130 million mark december 16th. pope francis met with film director and his family in a private audience this morning. he is screening his new film silence in the vatican tonight. it has been his passion project for 27 years now. it tells the story of two priests looking for their lost
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christianity was forbidden. the broadway musical hamilton broke another sales record. it generated more than $3 million in eight shows last week. hamilton is coming to arizona. it will be here for asu 2017/2018 season. still to come on cbs5 news we'll have a last look at your
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it looks like it will be warm out there. we are in the upper 50s. if you are heading outside maybe a light jacket. we'll go up to 63 then 65 for thursday. down a bit for friday. we'll warm up a little bit for the weekend. if you are not a fan of the below normal weather a little relief is on the way. >> i can not wait. >> it is still it is better than 97. thank you for choosing cbs5. join us back here at 5:00. enjoy your wednesday. >> attacked by a bear in her >> attacked by a bear in her own driveway. >> i have been attacked by own driveway.
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? >> brooke: [ sighs ] ridge. what have you done? >> ridge: you're not leaving me. i'm not gonna let that happen again. >> brooke: [ chuckles ] >> bill: it's a done deal, steffy. as soon as brooke walks through that door, we'll be headed for the stella maris and a lifetime of wedded bliss. >> steffy: you're not married yet. brooke is still with my dad. and she's been with him for a while. >> bill: she's saying a final goodbye. leave it to mr. drama to drag out his final curtain call.


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