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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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>> reporter: it's been a long day for the dogs, reptiles, birds and more were surrendered by the homeowners after they found the conditions inside unacceptable. crime detectives shot this video showing 15 breeds cramped inside crates too for them, with no water or food, litterd with feces and urine. >> they haven't been fed properly, no water day. very sad. >> reporter: deputies found snablgs, lizards, hedge -- snake, hedgehogs, and birds. the three adults living in the home were raise the animals as part of a business operation.
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raising these animals to sell to pet stores. so this is a money type operation. >> reporter: one neighbor said she met the woman who lived in the home about a month ago. >> she kept talking to us, and i thought she was odd. she did not ask me if i wanted a pet, she asked me if i had a pet. that's all she said to m team check today out, photographed it, took blood and stool samples. >> we're able to look at number of animals we find homes and get them out of this situation. >> reporter: as bad as the conditions were inside the home, most of the animals should be okay, and hopefully they will be
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just have to go on. [ crying ] a 1-year-old little boy killed when he was accidentally run over by a neighbor backing out of his driveway. >> we spoke with that neighbor who is just as heartbroken as he was backing up his truck at his home around dinnertime last night when he hit and killed xavier hernandez. he jumped out of the truck, picked up the little boy, and called for his parents. the little boy was raced to the hospital where he died. >> what you're looking at again is a slow-moving accident where a vehicle was backing up, and you're also looking at a child who was -- may have walked away, just for a few seconds.
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us they harbor no ill will toward their neighbor. they know this was a tragedy for everyone. there is a page set up to pay for funeral costs. police are search for the person who -- searching for the person who stole a truck with baby inside. a woman dropped that baby off. the >> she just came to the car, and she was about to get in, but we saw that the car kept passing, and she just left the baby right there, told my dad's friends to call the cops and left. >> police officer s obviously still trying to track down the person who sold that truck and the woman as well who dropped
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say they have very little to go on. >> i pulled the curtain back over there, and i seen the flames. so i jumped up and put a pair of shorts on and here a seeing flames coming from mobile home are trying to figure out what exactly started this fire. paying respect to a soldier overdue. daniel hunt died
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rest. his funeral will be friday at 1:00 at the national memorial cemetery of arizona in phoenix. an arizona hiker lost for three days is talking about the ordeal for he had some a lighter, water, and some experience. eventually all of those failed. >> you don't think about the past, mistakes that i made to get me there, or the very real possibility that i might not make it out of this situation. >> he says his will to survive gave him the strength to set out on a gruelling hike thursday morning. he kept moving for ten
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help him. >> we have had cold days around southeastern arizona. chilly temperatures, freeze warnings issued across areas of tucson, mt. lemon, the catalina foothills until 10:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures below freezing in a lot of locations, even in the high country, expecting single diggids near flagstaff and the grand canyon. clear skies, cold air mass over the tempe police arrested a man they say recorded dozens of men inside restrooms across the valley. police say brandon florren tino took more than 40 videos.
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cellphone shining beneath his stall. police found 41 videos on his phone. now that arizona voters have said no to legalizing recreational marijuana, is the future of arizona's medical marijuana industry in doubt? >> the incoming trump administration has the authority to crack down on dispensaries. dennis is live in the newsroom. >> the incoming administration has not said if they plan to crack down on st legalized marijuana. his next pick for the next attorney general have raised concerns for those in administrate. >> reporter: medical marijuana remains a booming industry in arizona. >> we employ more than 100 full-time employee >> reporter: a new administration moving into the white house has the power to shut it down. >> there's always a concern with any type of political
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marijuana laws in violation of federal law. >> reporter: pot paul says he doesn't see trump moving against states. but bill montgomery believes they should. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. the obama administration has taken a hands-off approach. recently picked jeff sessions to be the next attorney general. he happens to be a very strong opponent of marijuana. >> the next attorney general of the united states can issue a cease and desist order through a letter giving people 90 days to turn their inventory over to law enforcement for destruction. >> reporter: even if the trump administration decides to enforce the law, they are betting arizona will be a low priority. >> the lowest priority would be the medical states. there are
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adult use. >> during his press conference today, montgomery said he was open to rescheduling marijuana from a schedule 1 drug to schedule 2. this would open marijuana up for more research. a thief on camera hauling off a bucket and walking down the street. >> looking for a traffic light? a fire hydrant? where you can find a deal on an unusual gifted. and the city of phoenix says the spirit of the season what compelled them to say yes
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a christmas victory for phoenix hikers. the city says they will let them have a tree on top of camelback mountain after all. >> it was carried up last weekend. after vandals chopped off the top half, park rangers removed the rest the next day. city parks and rec argued it was a lot like old water bottles or flags, considered litter. in the spirit of the season, they
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nondecorated tree. if you just started your christmas shopping, there's a place in the valley that has more options than you could ever think of and a pry that you can't beat. >> and a valley 8th grader making a difference. >> temperatures this morning in
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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a man walk down 48th in new york and ends up stealing a bucket of gold! he noticed an armored car unattended, peeks around, grabs it, and off down the sidewalk. the bucket weighed 86 pounds, filled with gold plates! >> how much is that worth? >> about he walked off with a bucket of gold! police are >> only in new york. a warning to valley businesses about a very specific theft ring, 12 jewellers and artists have been hit so far by the same scheme. >> reporter: this weekend a group of six to eight people walked into high desert creations studio at the same time. one occupied the artist and others were covered for two in the group to swap something worth $450. >> this was a group. so it was
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>> reporter: saturday morning kathy turner says the con artists posed as customers. >> they were trying on necklaces, moving around, they were asking me questions. >> reporter: instantly a group of 6 to 8 people, white and hispanic, ages 20 to 40, were suddenly gone. so was the sterling silver cup. >> there were 12 studios hit by this group. and it's very sad. >> reporter: each item worth least $150 taken during the studio tour and sale event. >> this is the case where the pendant went missing. >> reporter: she was also along with two others that morning. >> there's karma. >> reporter: as a precaution, many artists are considering putting up surveillance cameras
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money, especially for a small business. they believe their safety is worth it. >> reliners, office chairs, toys, electronics. >> i wouldn't mind a recliner either. that would be a good christmas gift. >> i'll start making a list. wait till you see the stuff the city of mesa's surplus to offer >> open up the main page, and you can do your holiday shopping right there. >> they have a little bit of everything going on. [ laughter ] >> you can go buy golf clubs. >> that's amazing >> i want to see the fire
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a team led by a u of a astronomer has discovered the smallest known asteroid. they did that using earth-based telescopes. it is one of the brightest and fastest spinning, completing a rotation every two minutes. a valley 8th grader is holiday season. 13-year-old is on a crusade to keep people in need warm. and she's doing it one coat at a time. >> reporter: take a look at this. piles of coats and jackets collected by a valley 8th grader determined to make a difference in our community. 13-year-old mckenna has taken on quite an after-school project. the teenager from surprise is going
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the homeless. all the clothing items she collects are donated to the phoenix rescue mission. she saw a tv news story on homelessness and the challenges many people face during the cold winter months and wanted to do something about it. >> most people feel like a coat is not that big of a deal. but to someone who has very little, that is a big deal. >> it's interesting seeing a wants to give back, who wants to help who, realizes she can make a difference >> reporter: last year she collected more than 800 colts and jackets, and this year she's determined to get even more. her goal is 1,000. and she's well on her way. >> a lot of people are grabbing their jackets tonight.
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bam! here it comes. december, everybody. and i know you're not ready yet, but christmas lights all over the valley. >> nice! >> we're safe tomorrow, first day of december. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to be like annelf. [ laughter ] >> a n absolutely gorgeous prescott, drive-through light display folks at the phoenix zoo. zoo lights that will be open through the first week of january. record crowds so far this year with the nice weather, and the best hot chocolate on the planet. mostly clear skies, temperatures cooling down quickly after a high of 62. 8 degrees below average. pretty light, calm weather pattern in our forecast. we've got some snow showers as well north of
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tomorrow morning, temps dropping, freezing in country. a few thursday and friday. flagstaff, the mogollon rim, a chance of showers, snowfall. 10 degrees for the morning low! 30 sedona. 27 in payson. mid-30s in tucson. bit of a breeze on friday. snow showers up north. and things warming up over the weekend. looking pretty nice, saturday, sunday, highs average on sunday. then we'll see a cool-down next week by wednesday. we'll drop to 59 degrees. the gifts just keep on coming. first willy nelson, now
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road next year with his 50th anniversary world tour for the general public go on
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pauly the goat is going viral because of her duck costume. apparently it helped ease her anxiety. [ laughter ] >> kind of cute. >> very cool.
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merry christmas
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor": at the last tribal council, there was a rock draw. reveal. >> jessica was sent to the jury. and willed her legacy advantage to ken. nine are left. who will be voted out >> tonight was just very emotional. to have people pick a rock rather than vote me out of this game and then to have jessica pick the black rock, it's an
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thankful, and i-- i just feel awful. i just watched someone-- everything get ripped because of a rock. >> don't put this all on yourself. >> we all took the gamble. >> we all made a choice. i'm really angry at myself. i burned my idol at tribal for no reason. and now, i find myself in a minority with hannah, ken, and adam. so i need to find some crack somewhere. otherwise, the fives going to pick us off one by one. , starting with me. >> bro, i told you, i told you. >> the tribal council was amazing! i loved it. i loved it. man, i felt like a warrior.


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