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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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? julia we have a heart for you. when you choose to be an organ and tissue donor, you're saving more lives than you know. sign up. save lives.
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i'm calling family and friends mikey by any chance? >> a 6-year-old little boy from mesa left alone on a school bus for hours. >> now that boy's mother wants the bus driver fired and criminally charged. live at the boy's preschool at gilbert and southern with this exclusive story. >> reporter: today was like any other day. he gets on a bus and it taken to another school where
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today he didn't get off the bus to go to class. he is discovered later still buckled into the bus parked back here at the preschool parking lot. >> i know i dropped him off. i know he's there. >> reporter: michelle garcia knew there was a problem when she got an e-mail from michael's school saying he didn't show up for class. >> is someone i don't know picking him up? i'm on the freeway calling. >> reporter: panic sets in. >> did you pick and no one knows. >> reporter: daycare workers found michael in the parking lot on the bus. >> it had returned, it had been there for a few hours all right. >> reporter: michelle has filed a report with mesa police. she wants the driver charged. >> if that was me, right away dps is gonna be called, they're gonna be drug testing me saying
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>> reporter: the thought of losing him again frightening. >> my son hasn't had an easy life. so to not know where my only son. >> reporter: the says the driver has been with the company for more than five years. nothing like this has happened before and the driver was immediately suspended today. they are thankful little mikey is okay. >> things back to normal at the scottsdale airport after a plane veered off evening it ended up in the gravel off the runway. the two people on board were not hurt.
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on the loop202 red mountain freeway after this massive backup during rush hour. lanes were shut down after a man threatened to jump. a place where privacy is a must. a 20-year-old valley man is facing charges after he was busted for recording other men while they used the bathroom. >> this happened after a september and earl october. >> reporter: police say the suspect recorded as many as 40 men using the restroom in locations across the valley. in some cases, his own coworkers. >> reporter: police say brandon sorrentino had worked at the tempe xerox office for just three months when another employee allegedly caught him
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>> reporter: employees there were not familiar with his name or what he's said to have done. >> i'm a single parent so that stuff is very touching for me. i got a 2-year-old daughter. this is the only time i've heard about it close to home >> reporter: police found dozens of videos with potentially more victims on his phone. those videos were taken at talking stick resort, option pavilion, and a phoenix hotel over charges could be coming. investigating animal abuse after more than 30 animals were found in a mesa home. dogs, snakes, even spiders and other
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conditions. joe arpaio says this is not a fundraiser for those protestors get something backlash tonight. they're taking some heat. >> reporter: it is strange, coronado here, they had nearly a perfect rating from their customers. last weekend people who have never been here before started leaving 1-star reviews. >> all we did is say hey, let's donate a little money. >> reporter: the owners of the coronado in phoenix held a fundraiser for the protestors on friday. >> it was crazy, a line out to the sidewalk
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attention. pipeline supporters started leaving scathing 1-star reviews online. their negative reviews ranged from shame on you to the worst food and service. >> we didn't engage. they can say what they want to say. >> reporter: they were called "misinformed hippies" "terrorist supporters." negative reviews can sink a restaurant's reputation. >> we can have all of north dakota hate us, and we'll still be doing our things. >> reporter: once word of the backlash spread, positive reviews started rolling in even faster, drawing more attention to the cause they care about. >> way outweighs any negative stuff that trolls might say
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>> reporter: they held monthy charity events at the restaurant anyway, and they have emerged determined and inspired to keep doing that in the future. crews in tennessee still working to control the massive wildfire that has now claimed seven lives. the fire is burning in the great smoky mountains it. has destroyed hundreds of buildings in historic towns like gad lynnburg and pigeon gatlinburg and pigeon forge. president elect trump may be looking at sarah palin for veterans affairs secretary. trump's transformation team has been in contact with palin. if picked she will have to sort out the long wait times and delays of care that have plagued the v.a. and
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investments in roads and bridges will be a top priority on regulatory side. he hopes to strip parts of dod frank, landmark law. the maricopa county attorney wants the trump administration to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries. >> bill montgomery it's time to end what he called the charade. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. 28 states including arizona have some form of legalization. >> i think the next attorney general of the united states through their respective u.s. attorneys in those jurisdictions can issue a cease and desist order through a letter. >> sessions is now a senator and a fierce opponent of
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administration has not said how they intend to deal with pot. literal me saved my life. >> it is an amazing story of survival tonight. >> a man lost on mt. lemon outside of tucson for three days. he managed to make his way back surviving off the land. she an avid hiker but a couple weeks ago, he sent out what was supposed to be a 20-minute hike. after f that he missed the trail and he was lost. he kept warm by starting fires and ate prickly pear pads for nutrition. >> they tend to swell up. and hard to chew.
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trail and walked to the highway where he flagged down a car. he only suffered some minor injuries. unbelievable story there. >> thank goodness he found the highway. mt. lemon is a place you don't want to hike tomorrow morning. freeze warnings across the areas of southeastern arizona. tucson to casa grande again for tomorrow morning. make some soup out there! all over social media, first fire of the season. valley dropping into the upper 30s and lower 40s to start the day tomorrow. right now outside, mostly clear skies, temperatures 51 degrees, winds are calm, and the satellite and radar, we've got clear skies. storm tracktory the north of us, a few clouds and snow showers across areas of nevada and utah. high temperatures a little warmer, and by friday we're gonn
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and just a few clouds as well. 41 for an overnight low. nen flagstaff. 23 in prescott. 25, chilly down south in tucson. and the 7-day, with the weak disturbance north of us, a bit of a breeze, a few high, thin clouds, temperatures through friday. then the weekend, highs in the upper 60s near average saturday and sunday. >> looking good. it is cold outside so stay >> a man pulls up to a hotel lobby and floors it into the front door. where this was caught on camera. >> the must-have holiday toy may lead you to a disappointing decision. >> are you a traveller or just worried about your data? netflix has a surprise for you before the busy christmas travel rush.
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a viral sensation for his carpool karaoke. there's a way that you can win a spot next to
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watch that s.u.v., goes right into that motel lobby. a man got into a fight with a guest then tried to run him over. the couple who owns the hotel was also inside at the driver took off, hit a street median, was later arrested down the a nearly blind german shepherd finally has a new home. >> he was the only dog that didn't get adopted during a major adoption event. someone saw this guy and she knew her home would be the perfect fit. >> reporter: he's only been
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already feels like this is his new home. >> he's smelling everything. he's bumped into a few things. just being real content. >> reporter: 5-year-old brian is nearly blind, getting used to his new digs. >> he's very quiet and just exploring everything. >> reporter: it's a rags to riches story. brian came from the arizona humane society. between black friday and up until monday, more than flea hundred cats and dogs are adopted. brian had story on our morning show. >> i just knew we needed to go get him. >> reporter: within hours brian is home enjoying life and his new toys. patty isn't new to having a disabled dog. their last german shepherd lost the use of his legs and she hopes others will look past disabilities. >> just go meet them and see if it's a good fit. they have so much love to give. and they
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>> truly is a lucky dog. gas will cost you more next year. opeck decided to cut oil production by more than a million barrels a day. this is the first time they agreed to cut production in the past 15 years. the announcement sent oil prices up by 9% to the average price for a gallon in our netflix is giving you an early christmas gift. you can now watch some content offline. the service is available through the app which predownloads movies and shows so you don't have to worry about service or data.
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they other absolute must-have, yet impossible toys for this season, catchables. and crooks and con artists are using them to rip you off. morgan lowe is live in the newsroom with what you need to know. >> these toys just went on sale all over the world. kids are going crazy over them. they arrived inside an egg, they hatch, and you teach them how to speak, walk, and play. they retail for $50 if you can find them in a store. on craigslist, you'll find them going for $150 to $200.
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online. krooshgs unloading knock-offers and they do not work. if you try to buy one on craigslist or ebay, look at the package in person before you buy it. they have a distinct paeshs. -- appearance. if you have to buy it and have it sent to you, snoift using paypal. the biggest -- insist on using p if you've got a sto to check out, head to tempe's mayor is expected to highlight the redevelopment boom. that meeting takes place at 7:15. tomorrow valley women can get a real bargain at the annual
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everything is either $5 or $8, from 9:00 to 5:00 pm. if you need a job, head over to mesa. a national career fair is holding a job fair at the windermere hotel off of main street from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. several companies on-hand. customers is key to keeping your heart healthy. but the type of exercise do you important of death cut in half, swim big 41%, and aerobics by 36%.
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prescribe specific groups for patients. consistency is key. >> it's important to find one that's good for you and that you can do in a normal period of time. >> one in four deaths in the united states is caused by heart disease. >> two , one, go! [ cheering and applause ] >> a the holidays have arrived lights on that tree. a -- this is exciting to see. if you look at 3473 students from the avondale elementary school district created the longest high-five
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school in taiwan. they really blew that record away. congratulations to them. >> part of the fiavenue bowl charity events, great. if you're one of willt millions who loves james corden, now is your chance to become a viral sensation. >> the red project helps raise money to find a cure for hiv. as part of the contest, you get a chance his vips and sit alongside him for a c see both you guys doing that. >> you better be a good singer. >> lady gaga. [ laughter ] >> big contest right there.
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the sky glows orange behind the gorgeous. this was shot from the news chopper, cruising through the valley this evening. beautiful stuff. mostly clear skies. we'll continue to see clear conditions overnight tonight. temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. chilly around the valley. globe 29. flagstaff 10! highs tomorrow a little warmer.
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still below average. at least we have the phoenix suns. the good news is after last year's 23-win season, anything in the coming months an improvement right there. looks like 2008 right here. brazilian blur! booker had 13. the suns took an 11-run late. suns win it 109-107 tonight. texas in town, another big night for the finish. heel not
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the freshman cody simmons and raleigh alkins who finished -- well, the cats guard is out for a considerable amount of time. patrick peterson agreed to a contract restructuring that will free up millions heading into the offseason. cardinals getting ready for the redskins on sunday. john brown not practicing again he want left sunday. this has impacted the season. >> obviously it hurts not having him. he said been in and out of the lineup. it's definitely been a big loss in productioning, and some of the stuff we do. everything looks good going forward
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blake barnett will visit asu tomorrow. he is interested in enrolling. the no. 1 high school quarterback in the country in 2014. he began his career in alabama. he is now seeking to call a new school home. major league baseball secured a major piece for the next five years, a new collecting bargaining agreement hours before the current deal
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>> highs tow low in the lower 40s.
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