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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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of the dorm, walked into the dorm room of someone he didn't know and that student called police. you can see him getting inside the police car, then they turn their attention to his belongings. and the briefcase there doesn't belong to him. inside the case is about $400,000 in jewelry. so it turns out that king went to the concert with that toolbox somehow and took off with the when they realized they had something that connected him with the heist. so he went from trespassing to burglary. he claimed he was high on pcp and marijuana when he went to the concert and that dorm and he is set to appear in court in february. two police officers recovering tonight in tucson, one in critical condition at this hour. those cops were trying to arrest a man with a warrant when both were shot.
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suspect was killed. >> reporter: it was a tough day here in south tucson, where two of tucson's police officers were shot during an early-morning gun battle with a felony suspect. the suspect killed, the two officers hospitalized. >> it's a dangerous job and these officers go out there and do that every day. >> reporter: the dangerous reality of police work playing out in south tucson morning. two tucson police officers, members of the special unit that serves felony was went looking for a man wanted for aggravated assault about 7:00 am. >> they did locate the individual at an apartment in the complex. we're still trying to find out the exact details of what happened when they made contact. when they were attempting to take him into custody, gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and the
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fatally wounded in the exchange of gunfire, pronounced dead at scene. both officers also struck by bullets and rushed t hospital where one, reportedly in good condition, the second shot in the shoulder and the chest. his condition is said to be more serious. >> i the house. >> the they remember everywhereless of the doesn't. >> reporter: the story continues to play out across the country. >> i think it's awful. >> we're here to answer calls
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community safe. >> reporter: we're still waiting for the suspect and the officers to be identified. a chandler man arrested after posing as a young woman over social media and robbing two men. he admitted to police that he lured them to circle-k, pointed a handgun at them, and took their wallets. he told police he needed the money to help his family. police in surprise are investigating a vicious death of someone found near san ysidro and 163rd around 11:00 last night. detectives are talking to
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>> we have a team on the ground, sorting throughout evidence, pour through everything, and we'll be able to have those answers soon. >> detective are trying to to figure out in the man died where he was found or if the body dumped there. foul play is suspected in the sdpeernsz of a psychologist -- disappearance of a scottsdale woman. theyn disappearance of a psychologist -- disappearance of a scottsdale woman. they joined together tow plead to the public for help. >> reporter: her driver's license, cellphone, pass board, car and another -- passport, car and other possessions were here at apartment where she was staying. her family suspected foul play all along. now that police have confirmed it, they're making a public appeal. >> every time the phone ring, we're hoping it's her or someone that knows where she is. [ crying ]
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mother of three the victim of foul play. >> there's always hope when you love as much as this family has loved her and how much she loved them. >> reporter: the group gathered in hopes tugging at the heart strings of anyone who has information on what may have happened to krabl. she was last known to be in her apartment, september 10th, 2016. >> there's no way she have ever just walked away. >> reporter: she was living at the apartment with convicted felon jolanny suggests. police interviewed him at the time and consider him a person of interest. suggs is in jail awaiting trial on an unrelated violent crime. >> with all our hearts and soul we believe that this person has taken advantage of her and has
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her come back home. >> reporter: and they're waiting for someone to tell them what they know. >> she needs to come home. >> reporter: there is a reward being offered in this case. if anybody has any information, you're asked to call scottsdale police department or silent witness. police are investigating a report of drug activity at a west phoenix home. they may have operation. this happened at 67th and mcdowell last night. one of the men was illegally in possession of a gun, then they checked out the house and found 22 people inside. homeland security has been brought in to investigate. new developments in the exclusive story that we first brought to you late last night at 10:00. a 6-year-old little boy left for hours on a valley school bus.
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we're live from outside sunrise preschool in gill bore. >> reporter: every bus driver at sunrise is supposed to have a check list like this one with the names of every student they pick up and drop off when a student gets off the bus, the driver is supposed to look at the name, the space, then check the bus. clearly that's something that didn't happen here. >> reporteic keeping an extra close eye on her son michael. can't blame her. the mesa mom got the scare of a lifetime yesterday when michael was nowhere to be found. >> they were telling me my 6-year-old wasn't at school. and no one knew where he was. that's heartbreaking. >> reporter: michael had been left behind on a school bus at sunrise in mesa for several hours.q7m- he had fallen asleep and never gotten off the bus to class.
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which are put in place to keep track of every kid and make sure no one gets left behind. michael's mom doesn't think that's enough. she believes the driver should face criminal charges for what she calls careless and reckless behavior. a police report has been filed. >> i know there's more needs to be done, if i did, it everyone would be expecting me to face charges. and dps would be getting involved and i probably wouldn't have all three of my children. >> reporter: preschool's vice president tells us children are their no. 1 priority. and additional efforts will be made to ensure that something like this never happens again. >> reporter: driver s here are also supposed to do a final sweep of their bus when they finish their route to make sure no one is still on board. that procedure appears not to have
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how the swaet team was able to get inside -- s.w.a.t. team was able to get inside and bring a suspect o in handcuffs. >> december is a month for buying, gifts for you or others.
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11 people taken hostage in a credit union branch in florida. >> no hostages were hurt. they were held team. they rushed in when the suspect was distracted. he is in custody. investigators on the scene of the deadly plane crash in columbia say there is more evidence that the jet liner simply ran out of fuel. they have found no fuel in the engines or fuel line. 71 people were killed. buzz aldrin is in new zealand after being evacuated
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reasons. he was individualing as a tourist. doctors expect him to recover. a thief caught breaking into a florida gun store, stealing dozens of guns and a lot of ammo. large group of people there lebron james has been picked as sports illustrated 2016 sports person james delivered cleveland its first championship for years. >> the entire city of chicago is crying right now. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> maybe just on the north side. donald trump hitting the road kicking off what he is calling a victory tour across
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the recount of the election in wisconsin is underway. they requested the recount, no chance of picking up the roughly 1.3
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ensure that ballot tabulating machines were not compromised by hackers. trump is kicking off his victory tour before he settles in at the white house. >> the first stop, indianapolis where he negotiated a deal to keep jobs at a plant. >> reporter: president elected donald trump got a tour of the to keep about 1,000 jobs in america. then he rallied with some of the workers around the plant. >> companies are not going to lead the united states anymore. without consequences. >> reporter: according to fortune mr. trump called greg hayes, ceo of united technology, and promised corporate tax rate reductions which would dwarf the $65 million a year the company
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outsourcing to mexico. the carrier announced it was closing the plant in february. >> monterey mexico. [ audience booing ] >> reporter: mr. trump talked about carrier in his campaign speeches and pledged to make it harder for the company to leave if he became president. >> he stood up for us. from the get-go. >> reporter: for the workers and their families, the announcement is a big relief. >> how big of a deal this is for you that carrier it's exciting move. just last week we were still sitting down thinking what were we gone do? >> reporter: while a thousand jobs will save, nobody everyone will be kept on. >> it's just coils and furnaces. but the coils are going to mexico. >> reporter: hundreds of jobs are expected to be outsourced.
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mike pence was interviewed by scott pelly from cbs. the main topic, immigration. >> just since the election, president elected trump has reversed himself on prosecuting hillary clinton and on deporting 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. did he just say those things to get e >> i think what the american people know they someone who speaks straight from his mind and straight from his heart. and on the issue of illegal immigration, i promise you as we were meeting yesterday on capitol hill with leaders of the house and senate, we're gonna straight to work. >> and you'll see the entire evasive interview on the cbs news with scott pelly. the death toll has grown to
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in gatlinburg, tennessee. this is drone video. the fire. about 75 others have been injured. officials say they are making progress in the search for survivors. 14,000 people from gatlinburg and pigeon ford forced to evacuate the area monday night. more than a dozen confirmed tornadoes hilt louisiana, ss alabama. at least five people are dead, dozens more injured. >> there's so much that needs to be done, i don't know where to start. >> reporter: connor hughes like many here in jackson county has returned to what's left of his home. he's struggling to scrape up the essentials of life. >> collate some bowls and stuff so i can get something to drink. >> reporter: hundreds of structures were levelled and
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jim smith lost his business. >> my business is gone. no big deal. i'll get it all together and restart! >> it's coming right at us. >> reporter: you can see the path of destruction and ruin. the severe weather system began in alabama, blew into tennessee, georgia, and headed for the carolinas. 100 miranda rights north in tennessee, athens is recovering from extensive property damage. >> we that we have not had a fatality at this point. >> reporter: the mayor emotional. >> they made it to the hospital first this morning. we had 20
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>> let's give a look down south. pretty calm conditions. even down south where we had the storms the last couple of days, improving conditions, snow showers across the mid-west. and another storm system moving into the pacific northwest. and that storm system will affect our weather. looks like later on tomorrow afternoon, we'll start to see the windsic bit. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles an hour. a lot of folks posting some pictures up north with frost on the windows. if you noticed some smoke up north, i know a lot of that, those are planned burns. and they had a few clouds and a
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today. here's 7:00 am with some cloud cover. temperatures in the mid-40s. then in the afternoon, we'll start to see it warm up as we get closer to the weekend. and close to our average high was close to 70. in the morning up to 63 degrees by 2:00. and that 7-day planner, looking good, saturday into sunday. a few morning clouds saturday. and then we cool down before with a few clouds monday and tuesday. >> >> it's not worth your life. >> frosty the snowman is getting his corncob pipe and grabbing a shotgun. why the
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wait further last-minute deals to finish his christmas shopping. he just goes right through the aisles of the dollar store in maryland. animal control removed the beaver from the store and returned it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. [ laughter ] crazy the uk. it started as a fender bender. after a heated argument between the driver, it turned into a wrestling match. it ended when the flatbed truck smashed into the other vehicle's windshield. well, the guy backed up the truck and got out and started break the windshield with a shovel. police in manchester -- there you see it. >> wow. >> they have located the
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video will identify the suspect. he's a cool dude. [ laughter ] >> the cardinals get a break. jordan reed, one of the best in the league will most likely miss sunday's game recovering from a separated shoulder. the cardinals face wong of the best offenses in the falcon who is have weapons galore >> we want to make sure guys don't fall so we make all sorts of plans. so we just wanted to call a players meeting and just make sure that we got that off our chest and make sure the guys leading this team understand we still have a shot.
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we've always talked about, in the point of emphasis with the coach, there's always been a lot of accountability to yourself and your teammates. patrick peterson took a stab at josh norman after a video was posted of him getting beat in a one-on-one draw. he is the highest rating lol maddon to the maddon video game. >> where i'm at, what i'm done, and they can't take that away from me. it really doesn't matter to me. just gotta go out there and try, and be that attack guy, and do what comes up at the end of the day. >> looking forward to that.
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>> reporter: what makes this so unusual is this is not a law enforcement agency. this is deals with stuff like food stamps or cash assistance for the poor. here are some of the images of what the police seized. dozen was handguns, ten was thousands of ammunition. 45 gun, 84,000 rounds of ammo were taken. these weapons were stored in several locations through


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