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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? i'm never at a gas station, i have an electric car like everybody should have, what is your name. >> rachel, i knew it. >> hi, how are you, sir? what is your name? >> nicholas. >> okay, good, i like that, what is your vectork victor. julia we have a heart for you.
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sign up. save lives.
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wilfert. look at that person you may be flitting -- flirting with online. a attitude that claim -- dude that claimed to be a lady robbed two people. >> i'm told the suspect was using meet up, there's an app that connects you to activity.
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lady that lived at the address where he was setting up his dates. she wered the door whether a man was looking for a girl he set up a meeting. >> she believed the man wound up at the wrong house. the mix up was no court documents said jenkins pretended to be a woman and told them to meet at this address for a ride. >> i don't know why he choose this house. >> court documents offer an explaination. jenkins lives around the
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comment. court paperwork says he admitted to rob two men. >> lateaseia learned to be more aware. >> just want to make clear, we have nothing do with that. >> jenkins was looked into jail on two counts of armed robbery. light now tolleson police are looking for this accused of taking a package off someone's front door. he rings the door bell, when no one answers he looks inside. his back leg is kicking the package over, he reaches down and takes off. if you have seen this suspect call police. scary moments for people in that car, it burst into flames. this was on the westbound lanes
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made it out of the car safely. developing tonight, state police used a massive stockpile of webs -- weapons and ammo from a surprising location. these are pictures of guns and boxes and boxes of ammo from the department of economic security. 45 handguns and 84,000 rounds of ammunition. this happened last week of the governor fired tim jeffries. one state lawmaker called this a very disturbing story. >> to have 80,000 rounds of ammunition in the agassi
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poor that's shocking. with holiday popular location for thieves. stealing this light is not worth your life, along with an armed snowman is the message for crooks. they are armed and watching. the family put up the special decorations after hearing thieves were targeting area. the neighbors love it. >> we put a sign up as a joke but a little serious, it's a little red neck. the neighbors get a kick out of it. >> the family is using electrical tape and zip ties to secure their decorations. president-elect trump continues to fill his cabinet.
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i -- mattis. he told a crowd that he's narrowed his pick to the supreme court to 3 to 4 candidates but didn't reveal those names at this point. >> one of the tucson police officer shot in the line of duty has been released from the hospital. the other still in critical condition tonight. those officers and tequida. gomez started shooting at the officers when they tried to arrest him. the officers fired back killing gomezism another life has been taken by the -- gomez. in tennessee another body. 14,000 people are out of their
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soccer team to crash. the pilot said the plane ran out of gas. 71 people died in the crash. friends and family of a missing valley woman believe someone knows what happened to her. they are begging anyone with information to come forward. she's been missing since september of 2015. she was last apartment. that's where she lived with suges, he's in jail on an unrelated violent crime. >> there's no way this was nothing other than someone that has been hurt and taken against her will, foul play. there's no way, no way she could have ever just walked away. >> there is a reward for information on this case.
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silent witness. body cam video of the arrest of a man who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry and walked into a dorm on asu tempe campus. >> king is taken out of a dorm in handcuffs arrested for trespassing. he claims to be a student but that's not the truth. as he's placed in the possessions, what stood out this briefcase, a fancy louis vuitton, they find a lot of jewelry, he's booked for trespassing, while this is going on. news breaks about a jewelry heist at talking stick resorter. the jewelry belongs to the deejay.
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looking for. boom. >> what happens when you -- >> king is rebooked with a charge of mary. king claimed he was -- burglary. >> he is part of the family and plays a big role is helping a arizona veteran. >> the service dog is missing. the 4-year-old pit bull is michael walkers service animal. zeus go out near 21st avenue and cactus and has not been seen. they scoured the neighbor hood. without zeus walker is more anxious than ever. >> i haven't slept but a couple hours in 48 hours and a couple hours are not peaceful sleep. worrying about him and when i
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he needs to come home. >> we're told zeus, he's microchipped and friendly, if you see him take him to a vet or shelter and his owners will be contacted. tomorrow arizona highest chair lift will open, this is snow bowl in flagstaff of their new lift that will take you over 11,000 feet. these are pictures. snow bowl will be open tomorrow from nine in the afternoon. great to see all the snow. >> this is a picture from my buddy joe, he was up at snow bowl. headed to flagstaff early in the morning. got out there when the resorter opened up. it will be very cold. a gorgeous shot of the sunrise. there's a slight chance of
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a live look in our neighborhood. clear conditions, a weak disduring tushance. temperature -- disturbance. winds nice and calm. you can see light snow showers across flagstaff, toward the white mountains. for us clear conditions until tomorrow morning. we're going to wake up around 7:30. take a look. high a few spotty off and on snow showers along the rim and in the afternoon. we'll see the winds pick up as the low pushes to the east. clear skies expected saturday. here's the temperature, mid-40s in the morning, 63 degrees, around 2:00, the 7-day forecast, a few clouds tomorrow and nice sunshine on saturday.
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the fumble weed christmas tree in chandler. they will light the 33 around 6:00 -- tree around >> it's 10:10, you have all the answers you need for friday. we're going time to look at the noise ordinance in fountain hills and the proposal may mix their comm arizona. >> the city is trying to go green switching out their streetlights with led bulbs, how the city will controls with neighbors. >> are you asking santa for a fit bit or smart fitness device. we have answers on how you can
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. i hope you stayed up for
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wonders has a new look. crews flipped the switch on a new led lighting at niagara falls. this is expected to bring more night visitors to falls which is very busy during the day. >> those look so much more vivid. >> the length of the falls lit up. >> gorgeous. back here in phoenix, they diwa and there's conditions about the proposal to replace the streetlights with bright leds. >> after objections the city and neighbors came to an agreement. >> for the last several months the city has tested out new led lights to replace the street lights. some thought these were too blue, they asked for a warmer
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phoenix will be getting. >> out with the old and in with the new, as the costly old street lights flicker into the past, the city wanted to replace them with led bulbs, there was a problem. a lot of neighbors hated them. >> my eyes are sensitive to that, the health impacting and the neighborhood groups have been petitions with the city to try a warmer type of bulk before making a $30 million investment that could affect the way streets look at night for decades. >> they are not as invase i. >> -- the -- invasive. >> phoenix listened.
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city will replace all 90,000 streetlights within city limits. >> i hope people see that neighborhood voices matter. >> the city says these new lights will save $22 million over the next 14 years. people up in found -- fountain hills are getting over noise ordinance. a lawyer opposed to the ordinance was heard at council meeting [music] i think you can see it's difficult. >> would you turn that off please. >> i think he made the point. the proposed change would raise to accept able level of noise
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fountain hills the noisiest city in arizona. next, it looks like we're tracking your tomorrow when a -- we're on a story to treatable use genes , hall use genes, problems. to help cancer patients. doctors say it's a breakthrough when it comes to treating pain and anxiety. >> doctors are using a chemical extracted from magic mushrooms. they followed 80 patients for six months. a single dose reduced anxiety.
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were known to induce spiritual or mystical phase of consciousness could help. >> those who have used the treatment say it happened threely as their body heal there's treatments the recovery is not stalled by anxiety. fitbits are the rage. maybe you're not sure worth the price. >> tonight there's details on a program at the library that let's you try it before you buy it. >> rows of books and a hushed setting may be the last thing you think of when it comes to staying active. that's changes at the main branch of the mesa library. in the past few years the library started offering stuff
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hiking kits, >> moms say she's in love with the new program. the only one of the kind in the valley. she's tried out a fitbit her son has asked about. >> you want them to form good health habits now, later on down the road they are not experiences health issues. >> the program has been around the fitbits are checked out. >> it's not just fitbits. >> the cuff, the electronic monitors. >> blood pressure monitors are available. they are the original sharing economy and she's thrilled people are taking notice they over ways to improve your mind and body. >> it's amazing, it's a great
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are advancing themselves and staying in tune with what the neighborhood needs. princess cruise line was hiding a dirty secret and they will pay millions. the cruise line created a special pipe to get rid of oily waste into u.s. ports. the fine is $40 princess has taken steps to comply. . we are tracking your tomorrow. the largest gun show is coming to the valley. crossroads of the west opens tomorrow. it will go until sunday. the school district is holding a job fair for nonteaching positions. it will be off 138th avenue and
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morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. tomorrow night valley metro is bringing holiday cheer to light rail and bus rider as they deck the train and buses with lights and ornaments. a kayaker got close the wildlife. that sea otter jumped into the kayak and went for a ride. the couple who took the pics whether shocked when the otter jumped in and hung floating around the bay. a fisherman in north carolina reeled in this monster. this doesn't look real. it's a 112-pound catfish. it took him 30 minutes to reel it in. when he did. he was absolutely shocked that his line held up.
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lighter than the state record
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not catching passes, dropping interceptions or jumping offside at the wrong time. the cardinal making mistakes. the cardinals go from facing one of the best offense to the redskins who may be without
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the play outs. self-destructing, they held a players only meeting. >> we seen this before, we want to make sure guys don't fall by the wayside. we wanted to call players meeting and just make sure we get it off our chest and the guys new to the team understand. >> it's been something we talked about and the point emphasis has been about accountability. not only to yourself but your teammates. the cowboys police cot and elliott -- prescott and elliott coming through. dez bryant, 56-yard hook up. leads to elliott, his 12th rushing touchdown. dallas wins ugly and goes t o 11-1.
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he had won four of the last six against hollywood's finest. he facing the kings for the first time this needing offensive help. hansell so hot. second of the night. l.a. ties it. nolan for the nine advantage reeder. even at three. off tommy turn -- thome turnover. tough night in glendale. tiger woods making his long awaited return. tiger on six forbid birdie. but he drug emed on nine -- struggled on nine.
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bogeys 18.
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weather making things dangerous for drivers in mill creek washington. it's the weavers -- beavers, they are damming up local creeks and causing crews to close the roads. the law prohibits removing the beavers and dams, they are only allowed to clear the debris the beavers leave behind. those pesky beavers. not as cool, a low of getting up to 64 degrees. >> sounds good. gilmore girls loren graham up
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