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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 30, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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balance the city's budget. don knapp now tells us what it means for the people who count on them to come to the rescue. don. >> reporter: that's right, juliette. with all of these stories we do about city budget cuts and job losses, there is the political side and the personal side. and today it got very personal for 49 san jose firefighters. a group of san jose firefighters arrives at the training center to turn in gear part of 46 men and three women all with a year or less of service who have lost their jobs as the city trims budgets. for michael hidalgo, he is devastated. >> i never thought this would happen. came here with the intention of serving 30 years for a career and continue to serve the citizens of san jose. and to be honest, i'm just completely dumbfounded right now, just absolutely cannot believe that this is happening. >> reporter: firefighters say they have offered the city $9 million in wage cuts and medical and pension savings but the city says the real savings
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are only $4.5 million. four fire engine companies and a truck company have been cancelled, a firehouse closed. there may be more talks and a chance down the road to bring the firefighters back, but for now, san jose is losing 49 firefighters from a force of 753. >> 80%, you do the math, it's about, what, 13% of the firefighting force in san jose just went away and we were already rated the lowest firefighting force in big cities in the country. >> reporter: firefighters lingered to say good-bye to other firefighters after turning in gear, including the not yet seated new fire chief who came down to wish them well. >> it's very emotional for everybody. we consider ourselves a fire department family. we find the nature of our work on scene, we depend on each other not only for to get the job done but also our lives. >> reporter: san jose's loss could be another department's gain. training a class of 30 firefighters costs about $1.5 million the union says. and the union says there have
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already been calls from contra costa and santa clara counties and even burbank. some consolation and opportunity for the future perhaps, but today firefighters are going home hurting. >> i told my wife it didn't work out. see what we can do. >> reporter: the layoffs have not end the bickering between the union and city hall. city hall is saying that the firefighters could have made greater concessions. the union is saying 49 firefighters' jobs are sacrificed to make a political point. elizabeth, i know it's you back there, elizabeth. >> thank you, don knapp live for us in san jose this afternoon. that's tough. well, some tense moments at children's hospital in oakland this morning after a man with a gun grabbed an employee. >> a gentleman came into the hospital, appeared very disoriented, just, you know, appeared like he needed help. and he ended up actually
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pointing a gun at an employee and held the employee with a gun for about three minutes. the opd responded, and disarmed the situation and within eight minutes, the situation was over. >> it happened in the emergency room area shortly after 3:00. police were able to get the situation under control quickly. when officers arrived, the man laid his gun down and nobody was hurt. a woman reported seeing the man jumping on the hood of her car minutes before the hospital situation. now, police tell us the man is a transient and is scheduled to have a psychiatric evaluation. a tampered gas line is found at the scene of a powerful explosion that killed two in los angeles at 6:15 a.m. at a welding shop. the blast clapped part of the two-story -- the blast collapsed part of the two store building. a gas company spokesman says the meter was shut off and someone hooked up an illegal line that sent natural gas into
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the building at dangerously high pressure. it threw two workers into the street. one was you understand a car when firefighters arrived. one of those two are among the dead. workers say the building shook and the black came from nowhere. >> just came crashing down. >> a second man died after he was electrocuted by a power line that got knocked down in the blast. investigators searched the building and don't think anyone else is trapped inside. also in los angeles, eight people are recovering after a commuter train collided with a bus. it's not clear what caused the crash. but you can see the collision knocked the bus over on the sidewalk. four people had to go to the hospital, but none of injuries is serious. right now, firefighters are battling a wildfire that has exploded near los angeles. karen brown is in palmdale, where flames are threatening
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homes. karen. >> reporter: yeah, elizabeth. today is really all about the air assault. in fact, they have brought in a massive dc-10 to drop fire retardant. the next hour is critical as the firefighters try to get the upper hand before the return of the high winds. >> flames swirled out of control through the dry hills of los angeles. fire jumped the concrete and ignited a transmission station and raced through seven miles of brush. authorities describe it as 5% contained, meaning firefighters have made just minimal headway so far in controlling the outbreak. >> we're experiencing cooler temperatures than normal for this time of year. we are going to try to use that to our advantage and do as much as we can today. >> reporter: in nearby communities, residents saw the danger from the windows. >> the sky had changed color and, you know, the wait it glows into the house was different so we knew there was a fire. >> reporter: with the flames burning out of control, fire crews evacuated about 2,000 people. you can see what's left of this
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mobile home here at this ranch. now, the mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. but residents are being warned that they may have to leave again after a moment's notice. >> just packed up our valuables and we have our grandchildren with us, and we're on our way to a friend's house. >> reporter: as winds die down, fires officials hope the flames will stop racing. smoke lingers in massive clouds over the fireline. >> that's just blanketing the entire antelope valley. folks are going to be smelling this for days. >> reporter: this is just the latest in a series of fires that have strained southern california this week. crews have finally taken control over two wildfires further north. but as firefighters work their way through the smoky foothills here, the end is nowhere in sight. in fact, firefighters say that they are not only trying to protect homes, they are also trying to protect some critical firelines. in fact, we are going to go ahead and take a look at some live pictures. along those firelines are in fact power lines that could
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affect the entire state of california if they go down. fire officials say they are keeping a very close eye on them. again, this fight is far from over. reporting live in palmdale, i'm karen brown, now elizabeth back to you. >> thanks, karen. concord police are looking for two men who tried to kidnap a woman yesterday. she says they were in a white car, possibly a four-door honda sink with a black rear bumper with a red temporary registration sticker on the rear window. the woman said she was walking along sunshine drive when the passenger ordered her into the car. when she refused, he grabbed her arm. now, she said he let go after she punched him in the face. more than 100 people are under arrest in a massive marijuana raid in the sierra foothills. agents seeds more than 430,000 plants. get this. street value, $1.7 billion. authorities say the pot farms are run by organized crime
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rings based in mexico. a bay area company in legal hot water with the feds. how the government says it was shortchanged by oracle. why one oracle employee could cash in on the lawsuit. and believe it or not, kids like it and parents do, too. why they are raving about the health benefits of donkey milk. okay. let's talk about your weather today. we got plenty of clouds still in the bay area. here's a look at our satellite. clouds still pushing into richmond, berkeley, yeah, for now they are. but sunshine is on the way. how much sunshine in today's forecast and we'll take a look at your weekend temperatures in just a few moments. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? president obama is pointing
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to the auto industry that the economy is turning around. he is in a factory in detroit today. one recently hired 1,000 people. the president said his administration's bailout of u.s. car companies helped save more than one million jobs. >> today this industry is growing stronger. it's creating new jobs. manufacturing the fuel- efficient cars and trucks that will carry us towards an energy independent future. you are proving the nay-sayers wrong. >> the white house estimates that detroit automakers could add 11,000 new jobs before the end of 2010. the president is scheduled to stop at a ford facility in chicago next wednesday. dna test results are expected today on grizzly bears suspected of attack three people at a montana campground. one man was killed and two other campers were hurt wednesday near yellowstone national park. one adult and two of her cubs
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were captured yesterday. the third was found in a trap this morning. the dna tests are expected to determine which ones are actually responsible for the attacks. one of the bay area's biges companies is facing some legal trouble from the feds. matt bigler now on the fraud charges against oracle. reporter: this is a lawsuit brought by the justice department against oracle. what the government is claiming in this case is that they were basically overcharged in a software contract related to the general services administration. under the terms of that contract, oracle was required to disclose to the government about these commercial discounts and since the government didn't know about these discounts that were normally applied, they were overcharged and taxpayers were paying more money than they should have as a result of this software contract. oracle hasn't said anything about this. they are not commenting on the case. we want to note that this is a whistle-blower lawsuit that was originally brought by a whistle- blower at oracle and under the federal false claims act, that
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whistle-blower is eligible to receive 15 to 25% of the damages in the case. so he is looking at basically a hefty reward if this case goes forward. i'm matt bigler in san jose for cbs 5. palo alto police have released a sketch of a man they think teams up with a young boy to rob homes. investigators say he waits in the car outside while the boy, about 10 years old, enters the houses. police say the boy is involved in at least three incidents earlier this month. so far the only thing known to be stolen is a skateboard. new state rules are making it tougher for utility companies to just shut off customers' power. the new regulations took effect yesterday. they have to tell customers when customers are close to having their power cut off and the customers must be given at least three months to catch up on past due bills. utilities are no longer able to require late paying customers to make additional deposits. as for customers who do get
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disconnected, they can pay the deposit with a credit card instead of actually having to come up with the cash. calling it quits, why ellen degeneres says she is leaving "american idol" and who is rumored to be taking her place. and we are expecting a warmer weekend. that's right. temperatures moving back into the 90s across the bay area. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast in just a few moments. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. after one season, degeneres says she's leaving. s simon is not only "american idol" judge who won't be returning next year. ellen degeneres is out. she is leaving after one season after finding it difficult to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings. there are rumors that jennifer lopez is close to signing a deal to be a judge, and that might not be the only shake you know. judge kara digardi is not under contract for next year. no word or whether she will return. you're up on all this hollywood gossip. >> j-lo. >> jessica simpson rumored too. >> but there is nobody like simon. >> i know.
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>> one and only. >> how about this weather? >> now, i haven't been outside much today. it was really cold this morning. i got coffee and it was really cold. >> it was cold this morning. i was trying to use a transition. the weather is probably not your one and only because it hasn't been all that great lately. the afternoons have been, but the mornings have been been full of clouds and cool temperatures. so here we are, san jose, life look outside. plenty of sunshine in the south bay. here's a look at our planner. this is what you can expect for the afternoon. sunshine in inland, temperatures near 90 degrees. mid-70s around the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. and also expecting along the coastline partly cloudy conditions where temperatures are in the mid-60s. elizabeth, i'm going to kill you if you don't turn that prompter back so i can see it. tonight, partly cloudy with areas of low clouds. low clouds and fog with possible drizzle. that will be for the bay. low clouds, fog and drizzle for the coastline, as well. so let's see what's going on. here's our satellite. we are clearing out in the north bay, the east bay and the south bay. yeah. i'm going to kill you. there you go. >> i know. i'm sorry. >> a few clouds still trapped
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in the bay. and that's going to give us again late-day sunshine so temperature are still cooler around the bay area. low clouds expected with sunshine. 60 in pacifica, 76 sunnyvale, 75 fremont with 77 degrees in milpitas and santa clara. forget the 70s. how about the 80s? mid-80s in walnut creek. 58 san ramon. 89 in antioch, 89 brentwood but we can't forget the other parts of the bay. 65 with berkeley and 62347 alameda. speaking of the bay, 62 in san francisco. 63 in sausalito. you move inland and temperatures start to change as well as our colors. nice contour map here. we go from green to yellow to orange to let us know we're warming up. mid-70s in santa rosa, 78 in sonoma and napa. 97 in redding and 92 in
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sacramento, 63 in monterey. seven-day forecast, we are moving into the weekend, right? somebody said it was friday. you got that right. tgif. weekend looking good and near seasonal temperatures expected sunday, monday and tuesday. the sonoma county fair kicked off earlier this week and goes until august 8. if you are thinking about going this weekend, saturday and sunday both days in the mid upper 70s. mild. the berkeley kite festival temperatures in the mid-60s in the chavez park. a music and wine festival in milpitas, 79 degrees sunday with plenty of sunshine expected. i love you, elizabeth. >> i know. i thought i was controlling just my camera. i'm used to standing where you are. [ laughter ] >> she is like oh!! >> yeah. we can hash it out on monday. [ laughter ] well, it sounds like a punch line straight out of heehaw but experts are actually take a serious look at donkey milling as an option for folks who can't tolerate
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cow milk. europeans have been drinking it for years. >> reporter: little eleanor is a happy healthy 2-year-old. when she was just 5 months, her parents discovered she was highly allergic to cow's milk and goat's milk. and she refused all other milk substitutes. her desperate mother, an american living in italy, heard about donkey milk. but first she had to persuade herself it could be the solution. >> if it's heard of in europe, you know, it's something that is not absolutely, you know, unthinkable. it's not as bizarre as i thought. >> reporter: donkey milk has been consumed in italy for centuries. this hospital has been giving it to patients for six years. study results doctors say are outstanding. over 90% of the children tolerate donkey milk and thrive on it because it's the closest to human milk
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according to experts, low in saturated fat and high in vitamins. because it's sweet, children like the taste. the hospital gets its milling from the largest donkey farm in europe. over the past 18 years, the farm has provided milk to over 4,000 children. he says, i feel joy when i see a healthy child and a relieved mother. but relief comes at a price because donkey millk is so rare it's $20 a quarter, but parents are happy to pay it. the cat is finally out of the bag. why the worst kept secret in new york is no longer a secret. economy. everywhere you ,,,,,,,,,,
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with my friends we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free.
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look, taxpayers are being asked to pay more. but there's one group in the bay area that actually want to do it. coming up tonight at 5 where you look taxpayers are being asked t pay more. one group in the bay area wants to pay more. plus the new treatment that makes spider veins disappear. that and more at 5:00. it is no longer the worst kept secret in new york. president bill clinton was spotted this morning walking the streets of reinbeck where his daughter chelsea's wedding is supposed to take place tomorrow. she is marrying her fiance marc
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mezvinsky. rumors were swirling but the president being there puts the conspiracy talks to rest. 500 guests are invited. the price tag is $2 million. >> i got an invitation. >> are you going? >> i couldn't make it. you had other things to do. [ laughter ] >> that's it for the cbs news at noon. our next newscast is at 5:00. don't another get, eyewitness news is always on have a great day. ,,,,,,,,,,
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