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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 26, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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county. >> yes. it wasn't you ladies. no. [ laughter ] >> trash. it is not being picked up in a lot of san mateo county and it all started with a couple of dozen workers who said we're fed up not having a contract. we are going on strike. but then there were hundreds of fellow union members who said, well, we are going to honor your picket lines we'll tell you where that stands and when your trash will be pick up. >> then across the bay we go to oakland. the police officers union there is saying crime is up. 80 police officers laid off last month. but the city is disputing that. >> the city says you're only looking at a couple of crimes and overall crime is down. >> exactly. >> so we'll take you over there. there is a new car that stops if you're about to hit something. >> if you're texting or puttingon mascara, it will stop for you.
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[ laughter ] >> it's from volvo. it's a joke. no one is texting or putting on mascara. >> no, never. we are going to talk about fires right now. we have three fires burning in the same area of san jose. one at the 1 delmonty, 921 rockdale and near moorpark and win clester. a couple are structure fires. we are getting more information about what's going on but may actually cause a traffic impact if you are on city streets. main lines of the freeway across the south bay actually look okay. out to pleasanton now, eastbound 580 approaching 680 a car fire. blocking the right lane. no traffic impact. it's going against the commute. no light rail on the l taraval line between west portal and san francisco. traffic is light on the bay
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bridge toll plaza. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> i like the heat. >> it was for me it was too warm for my liking but today, if you thought the heat was too much and you like the typical san francisco weather, today's your day. partly cloudy with low clouds inland, also for the bay. low clouds and fog along the coastline this morning with temperatures ranging as you head out the door from the mid- 50s to the lower 60s. later on today, inland locations, boy, you're definitely cooling down. yesterday in the triple digits. today, you're hottest spots 90 degrees. upper 60s around the bay, mid- 60s for the coastline, with a few low clouds expected. the cooler weather remains in the forecast friday, saturday, sunday. and then temperatures rebound monday, tuesday, wednesday. so last couple of days a lot of people walked by the weather department like, what's going on with all the heat? it's cooling down. >> like it's your fault? >> no.
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>> now give me my accolades. [ laughter ] >> you the woman! [ laughter ] >> go, tracy! >> yeah. >> okay. it's 602 right now. trash will be piling up for another day on the peninsula. anne makovec is in san carlos, one of the cities hit by a strike by garbage workers. anne, good morning. >> reporter: sydnie, i have a very glamorous job this morning. i'm standing next to bags of garbage all that comes with it, diapers, food scraps, yeah, this is the scene that is repeated up and down city streets all over san mateo county because of a garbage strike. now, this started when 12 workers at the ox mountain landfill in half moon bay called a 48-hour strike over stalled contract talks yesterday. they also set up a picket line at the garbage transfer station in san carlos which serves all of san mateo county. more than 500 employees have
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refused to cross the picket line causing a stink among the 36,000 customers the company serves. >> they are lucky to have a job. i can understand their health issues but i disagree with t they should be doing their jobs. >> reporter: workers don't plan on collecting garbage today but service should resume tomorrow and then the collection will be a couple of days behind. you just heard that guy mention healthcare. that's one of the sticking points in the negotiations workers saying their healthcare is going to be trimmed. they are also concerned about having to pay into the pensions. we'll hear from a union worker coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you, anne makovec. it's an aromatic mess in redwood city where public work crews are dealing with a busted 14" sewer people. the trouble began yesterday
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afternoon at anchor circle in redwood shores. it sent hundreds of gallons of raw sewage into the streets, several garages, and into the redwood shores lagoon. it's not clear what caused that pipe to burst or just how much raw sewage went into the san francisco bay. firefighters expecting to fully contain the curry fire on mt. diablo sometime today. it started tuesday afternoon near curry canyon road. that fire was 90% contained late yesterday afternoon. flames ripped through a half square mile. some homes threatened for a time by the fire none burned. two firefighters have been slightly injured though one sprained his ankle the other a cut on the leg. 6:05. a deadly shooting in oakland last night marks that city's fifth hospitals this week alone. meanwhile the oakland police officers association says robberies and assaults are on the rise there. since 80 police officers were laid off last month to reduce
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the city's budget deficit. the union told the tribune, robberies and assault were up 8.5% in a one month period ending august 13 compared with the prior year but department officials and the city council say the bigger picture is much different. they are look at a broader range of crimes, which is actually down 16%. san francisco police could be close to making arrests for the killing of a tourist earlier this month. police chief george gascon says he believes they have identified the suspects. a 50-year-old woman from germany was walking with her husband near union square when a stray bullet hit her in the head. the bullet was fired in a shootout between two groups of people outside a private party. more than $6 million, that is how much bart has spent related to the killing of passenger oscar grant by former officer johannes mehserle. the "chronicle" obtained those specifics. bart paid $1.5 million to
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grant's 6-year-old daughter. 1.4million went for overtime and special pay to investigate the shooting and to handle protestors. bart has paid about a million dollars to pay for and cover six other officers who were at the shooting scene. other expenses include lawyer fees, training costs and new equipment. in about an hour and a half, protestors plan to demonstrate in santa cruz county to say we do not want smartmeters in our neighborhood. opponents of the meters say that the installations are forced and that residents were not given a say before the wireless meters were installed. others claim studies show that the meters may have serious health risks. similar demonstration was held in san francisco earlier this month. a bay area sky diver falls to his death but his body isn't recovered until the day after. we'll tell you what it finally took to realize something terrible had happened. and it is more than just a search engine. how google is going beyond the typical phone calls. ,, ,,,,,,
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910 del monte. fire crews are on scene and smoke and flames may actually be visible from the freeway if you are traveling on 280 coming out of downtown san jose. so our news crews are continuing to gather more information. chopper 5 is heading to the scene so we'll bring you live pictures coming up in a little bit. an experienced skydiver from the bay area was found dead this week, his body not discovered until the day after his jump. 54-year-old was on his second jump of the day when his parachute failed to open. he was found in a field near the byron airport landing zone a day later. his equipment reportedly was inspected but there seemed to be no reason why the parachute malfunctioned. now lawmakers are calling for stricter regulations. >> we need to look at standards, practices and protocols, what maybe could we do more? is there something as simple as pulling a number off when you go up in a plane at the end of
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the day? >> the victim reportedly owned an packed and own equipment and didn't have to check in with anyone once he landed. officials say there is no indication of suicide or foul play. >> people who jumped at a chance for free money to upgrade old appliances now say the state is taking way too long to dole out the cash. that program started back in april. at the time, rebates were expected in 6 to 8 weeks. for one man in concord, though, it's been four months and he still doesn't have his refrigerator rebate. >> i'm actually kind of surprised that it's been as bad. i thought it would be a simple thing of i send it in and six weeks later i'd get the money back. >> we acknowledge there have been some issues with this program. we have received over 100,000 applications since the program has began. >> the california energy commission hired two subcontractors who handle the rebate program. it says last week, one of those
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companies added 20 more staffers. the commission also says about one quarter of the applications for appliance rebates were incomplete, had missing information or documentation or both. 6:13. google is making it easier to reach out and call someone from your computer. anyone with a google email account can now make a regular phone call from their gmail page. the person you're calling doesn't need a computer, just a phone. the technology isn't exactly new, but experts say it is a game changer. >> the past you actually had to set up a time to call your friends on skype. now right in your email you will be able to place a real phone call to your contacts without having to leave the page and in just a few clicks. >> all domestic calls are free and a few cents a minute for international calls. it is 6:13. a rock legend returns to the warfield. >> concert a treat for bob
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dylan fans. what was done to make sure scalpers didn't profit. and today's forecast i think you're going to like it. plenty of sunshine expected but all those hot temperatures, they are gone. they're leaving. cooler weather building back into the bay area along with the fog. i have today's forecast coming up.
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good morning. let's go out to chopper 5. right now fire crews are dealing with four pretty significant fires on san jose's west side. you can finally see all those smoke and flames. it sounds like the largest fire burning right now is at 910 del monte. it's a three-alarm fire at the intersection of del monte and lynn oaks. but we also have several other fires within just minutes of that area. 921 rockdale, also at the intersection of south winchester in moorpark. and at the intersection of moorpark and cyprus. if you are traveling in the area your morning commute takes you through that part of the city's west side, fire crews will be blocking city streets. too soon to see the cause of these fires but we have crews heading out to the scene now so we'll have more information as soon as that becomes available. in the meantime let's go out to 280 show you a live traffic shot. smoke and flames may be visible from the freeway because a lot
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of fires are close to the 280 so out of downtown, watch out for that in san jose. one more traffic camera, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where no metering lights yet, but we are starting to see a backup especially in the cash lanes so maybe a 10- minute delay to get you on to the bridge itself. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, we have clouds out there folks. we have low clouds and we have fog and most importantly, we got cooler temperatures for the morning and also for the afternoon. bay bridge there, you do see most of it -- you see all of it but you also can see some clouds hanging over, as well. our daily planner for the morning, cloudy skies are expected along the coastline, also into the bay as well as inland. partly cloudy conditions. temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the lower 60s. we move into the afternoon and take a look. mid-70s to 90 degrees. talk about a change! talk about a big change. yeah, those temperatures much
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cooler today. mostly sunny conditions around the bay with cooler temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the mid-70s. and a mix of sun and clouds along the coast with temperatures from 59 to 65 degrees. speaking of your temperatures, yesterday it was hot! concord at 106. santa rosa 103. san jose 100. san francisco 74. well, today that sea breeze comes in and, boy, look at the difference. 84 in concord the forecasted high. 78 in santa rosa. 82 san jose. 65 degrees in san francisco. temperatures falling 25 degrees in santa rosa in the span of 24 hours. yeah, that's cooler. temperatures in hayward today lower 70s. also in union city, 80 in milpitas, 80 in santa clara, 88 in morgan hill. and the mid-70s from palo alto to redwood city to 77 degrees in los altos. east bay locations, well out into the east bay 90 degrees in antioch and brentwood. mid-80s in concord, danville,
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84 in san ramon. 87 degrees in pleasanton. and just along the bay the mid- 70s in richmond and berkeley. 70 degrees in oakland and 69 degrees in alameda. north bay locations, the 80s. looking forward to that. 82 sonoma, 82 napa, 76 mill valley, mid-60s in sausalito and san francisco. the cooler weather, yeah, it's going to be in the forecast for friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures will rebound however monday, tuesday and wednesday. we are moving into the weekend just a couple of days, and this event is going on friday, saturday, sunday in jack london square in oakland. the eat real festival. saturday's conditions 64 degrees and sunday 66 with partly to mostly sunny skies. just in case you're looking for something to do over the weekend. looks nice. >> are those pancakes? >> it ain't real if it ain't got bacon. [ laughter ]
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>> i don't see any bacon. >> looks good. >> you got it. thank you, tracy. 6:20 right now. bob dylan gave his bay area fans a flashback. for his show at the warfield in san francisco last night, fans had to show up in person to get tickets. everybody must stand in line ♪ 60 bucks per person. but here's the interesting part. no convenience fees, no presales, no internet, no credit cards, no scalpers, cash on the barrel head. >> that's the way it should be. there is no middleman, the right people are getting the money and giving the money. and i think it's really great. >> oh, yes. >> first time in 20 years that dylan played the warfield. he is 70 years old now the. >> that would have been a great concert. >> i was thinking about it. it was a school night though, so... imagine you're driving and suddenly you see a pedestrian right in front of you. what do you do? >> the car designed to stop itself.
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of all those half-billion eggs that have been recalled... not all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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these are live pictures from chopper 5. fire crews tackling not one but two separate house fires burning in san jose this morning. the locations less than two miles apart. one fire started an hour ago at 910 del monte place after a possible explosion they say in the garage. that fire has grown to a three- alarm response and it is since spread as you can see to a nearby home. crews are also working on a smaller fire at 921 rockdale drive. we're covering that one, as well. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. these are live pictures again from chopper 5 in the san jose area. if you would like to continue watching that we are streaming the helicopter video on our website, of all those half billion eggs that have been recalled, not all are going to waste. some will end up on store shelves in your neighborhood market. they will be in a different
6:26 am
form, though. recalled eggs are being sent to processing facilities along with fresh eggs that infected hens are still producing. the eggs will be cooked and pasteurized and used in products like ice cream, mayonnaise, cake mix, cookies. it may sound disturbing but even a consumer reports scientist said there should be no problem. >> taking the action to kill the bacteria, then it's fine to put it into these other products. so i wouldn't be worried about eating apasteurized egg product that came from these recalled eggs. the egg debacle is prompting more calls for tougher regulation of the food industry. one bill tied up in the senate would be the first major overhaul of u.s. food safety laws in more than 70 years. volvo's created a car that it says helps protect pedestrians. it wasn't the driver that hit the brakes. the car stopped itself.
6:27 am
volvo giving a demonstration last night in san francisco of its pedestrian detection with full auto brake technology. can you say that? >> not this morning. >> nice name. the device has a radar and cameras that watch for things in front of the car. >> when it does determine that it is a person, it's looking for behaviors, movements and if it sees that you're approaching it at a speed up to 22 miles an hour it will apply the full auto brake. >> if the car is moving faster than 22 miles an hour, the car still attempts to slow down. the system is only available on volvo's 2011 s60s. the world's largest collection of robots and unmanned vehicles now on display in denver, colorado. from remote controlled cars to airplanes, you could fly them all at the colorado convention center. >> oh, cool. >> wow. bones being used more and more for -- drones being used more
6:28 am
and more for border security. it won't be long before there is a robot in every home. the convention showcases 400 exhibitors and continues through tomorrow. americans more pessimistic about the country's economy than they were last month according to a new poll from cbs news. in fact, the last time americans were this pessimistic was april of 2009. so we have been asking, how do you describe the nation's economy? jean says, sorry, but i must use a four-letter word. pits. it's the pits. and it doesn't appear to be getting any better at least not quickly enough. >> kerry says, bleak. gas is high, food prices out of control, and millions are without a job. >> and paul says simply, it sucks. thank you, paul. send your answers to we're also on facebook and twitter. >> short and simple. >> yes. ikea versus a bay area
6:29 am
neighborhood. >> why some are pleading with one of the bay area's biggest employers, please do not expand. and fire crews are still working on putting out two separate residential fires in west san jose. smoke is visible from the 280 freeway heading out of downtown. we'll tell you what this is doing to the morning commute, that's all coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ]
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chopper 5 in west san jose or over west san jose, a house fire that just -- they obviously have control of right now but they say it started with somebody heard an explosion in a garage. the house caught on fire and then spread to another home, as well. >> let's get the latest from elizabeth before we get to other news. what's happening? >> the worst fire is the one that chopper 5 is over now. it looks like they are getting it under control. it was a three-alarm fire. this is reported at 910 del monte place and as you said word that it spread to a nearby residence. there was an explosion in the garage. less than two miles away from this, there was another house fire at 921 rockdale drive. both fires were reported just after 5:30 this morning. so fire crews have been busy. not a huge traffic impact. this is on city streets.
6:33 am
let's go to the maps. i can show you where this is, just south of 280 near 17. so earlier we got reports from some members of the kcbs phone force that smoke was visible from the 280 freeway. right now we can show you a live look at traffic coming out of downtown san jose. so far okay and not really impacting your drive time. 11 minutes from 101 towards highway 85. so we are continuing to watch that area of san jose see if there is any delays, could have an impact on city streets if you are in the vicinity of the house fires. no metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza so okay but definitely getting busy and all across the upper deck. mass transit i said earlier there were muni delays? everything is back on time for bart, ace and muni. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, you won't be dealing with the excessive heat that we have for previous mornings. today it's cooling down a bit and we have some low clouds and
6:34 am
some fog already along the coastline as well as into parts of the bay. temperatures for the afternoon, mid-60s in san francisco, that is almost 10 degrees cooler than yesterday's high temperature. san jose 100 yesterday. today the lower 80s. you'll enjoy that. 87 pleasanton. 90 antioch. 87 fairfield. 82 sonoma. santa rosa coming down from the triple digits yesterday to today 78 degrees. 76 in kentfield. so today we cool down even more. nice sea breeze cools down the area. cooler weather in the forecast friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures rebound monday through wednesday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. firefighters expect it fully contain the curry fire on mt. diablo sometime today. it started tuesday afternoon near curry canyon road.
6:35 am
that fire is now 90% contained. flames have burned 375 acres of brush and grass, half a square mile. some homes were threatened by the fire but none has burned. two firefighters have been slightly injured, one with a sprained ankle the other a cut leg. extreme fire danger forcing the closure of alum rock park for the second day in a row. san jose extended the closure despite forecasts of cooler temperatures today. the decision is based on weather conditions within the park and the availability of fire personnel. the 700-acre park has rough terrain and just one exit point. the city closes it for safety reasons during the heat waves. it will re-open tomorrow. a big warehouse store in the east bay is trying to add another warehouse to its operation. tonight, the emeryville city planning commission will consider ikea's plan. ikea has a showroom store on shell mound street in emeryville and now wants to use
6:36 am
a nearby existing warehouse a blocks away where customers can pick up large items. some neighbors are against that. >> i love ikea. i have ikea items in every room in my house. i just doesn't want to live next to an ikea. and it's chaos. people trying to put large items on the top of their cars, or they have these hatchbacks where they try to stuff things in and then have to pull everything out and try to get it back in. >> oh, yeah. next thing you know, they will be making you speak swedish. ikea says it expects about 100 customers a day to pick up merchandise at the proposed facility. ikea has agreed to reduce signage and build a sound wall but isn't budging on the warehouse. in about an hour, protestors plan to demonstrate in santa cruz county to say we do not want smartmeters in our neighborhoods. opponents of the meet, say that the installation are forced and that residents were not given a say before the meters, the wireless meters, were installed.
6:37 am
others claim studies show that the meters may have serious health risks. a similar demonstration was held in san francisco earlier this month. one of the people injured by a runaway suv in san francisco is in critical condition this morning. three other victims are in serious condition. a fifth person has improved and is now described as in fair condition. the victims were in a bus stop in visitacion valley tuesday afternoon when the suv hit them. the 24-year-old driver cited for driving without a license or insurance. that driver told police her suv had mechanical problems. more than $6 million, that is how much bart has spent related to the killing of passenger oscar grant by former officer johannes mehserle. the "chronicle" obtained the specifics. here they are. bart paying $1.5 million to grant's 6-year-old daughter. $1.4million went to overtime and special pay to
6:38 am
investigating the shooting and handle protestors. $1million to pay and cover for six other officers who were at the shooting scene. other expenses include lawyer fees, training costs and new equipment. san francisco police could be close to making arrests for the killing of a tourist earlier this month. police chief george gascon says he believes they have identified the suspects. a 50-year-old woman from germany was walking with her husband near union square when a stray bullet hit her in the head. the bullet was fired in a shootout between two groups of people outside a private party. a deadly shooting in oakland last night marks the city's fifth homicide this week. meanwhile the oakland police officers association says that robberies and assaults are on the rise there since 80 police officers were laid off there last month to reduce the city's budget deficit. the officers union told the tribune that robberies an assaults were up 8.5% in a one
6:39 am
month period ending august 13 as compared with the prior year. but department officials and the city council say that the bigger picture is much different and they are looking at a broader range of crimes which is down 16%. 6:39. >> another politician out of closet. a former republican who says he just realized he is gay. a local h-i-v - aids center, serving san francisco is shutting down after 35 years. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:40 am
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our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined.
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i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. live pictures from chopper 5. this is the del monte house fire. this is the worst fire burning right now. a three-alarm blaze both happened within west san jose just within 20 minutes of each other. this is the worst one. still burning and smoke is visible from the 280 freeway. this is the least affected from the fire and this one is at two- alarm fire burning at 9:21 rockdale. this is just two miles away from where the other fire is still burning. both fires were reported just
6:43 am
after 5:30 this morning. crews still on scene no injuries reported so far with either fire but here's a map for the location. they are south of the 280 freeway close to the highway 17 interchange. this is a busy traffic area for a lot of folks heading out of downtown san jose. so far traffic is okay. we haven't seen any slowing on any of our sensors. here's a drive time for the stretch towards cupertino. still 11 minutes from 101 towards highway 85. both separate residential fires for a while so expect delays and roadblocks on city street. in the meantime quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. they turned on the metering lights just after 6:30. we are seeing delays no problems on the upper deck. a lot of cars heading into san francisco. so we have 10 to 15 minutes to get on the bridge itself.
6:44 am
also 10-minute bart delays at the civic center station. there is a person on the tracks. bart official have to deal with that issue and so right now 10- minute delays in and out of the civic center station. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. get the very latest on any situation or updates on the san jose fire, you can listen to them once you hit the road. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. we also have constant weather updates on kcbs radio, and for today weather-wise, we have some big changes. temperatures falling again. cooling down close to 20 degrees inland today. here's a look at our sunrise compliments of our camera from mount vaca. clear skies there but closer to the bay area we got clouds in the forecast this morning because the marine layer is back. filtering in all that cooler air driving down temperatures and giving us some clouds this morning. heading out the door temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the lower 60s. for the afternoon, check that out. much cooler conditions inland
6:45 am
today plenty of sunshine but temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to near 90 degrees. bay mid-70s sunny and cooler. coast, mix of sun and clouds. take a look at the difference between yesterday's highs for four locations to today's highs. concord 106 yesterday, santa rosa 103, san jose 100. 74 in san francisco. boy, today 84 in concord, 78 santa rosa, 82 san jose, 65 degrees in san francisco. these temperatures close to 25 degrees cooler in just a day's time in santa rosa. here's a look at some of the cooler conditions at the coast. the lower to the mid-60s. mid-70s in palo alto and mountain view. 78 degrees in sunnyvale. 80 in santa clara. and the mid-70s in union city with 78 in fremont. we'll continue along the bay with the mid-60s in richmond, 66 in berkeley, 70 degrees in oakland and you move inland what was once the triple digits
6:46 am
are now the 80s. mid-80s for concord to danville, 87 down in pleasanton and 90 in antioch. 90 degrees in brentwood. north bay locations, you're taking in -- you're getting in on that cooldown, as well. 82 in napa, 82 in sonoma. 79 in petaluma. 75 in novato. 74 san rafael. 65 degrees in sausalito and in san francisco. our seven-day forecast, we're cooling down today and tomorrow. saturday and sunday still looking at cooler conditions and temperatures will be rebounding monday through wednesday. we are coming up on the weekend and we have a lot of great activities going on. good guys west coast nationals. in pleasanton at the alameda county fairgrounds close to 3500 classic cars. it will be friday, saturday and sunday but this is a look at the weekend conditions. mid-70s saturday, 77 sunday, partly to mostly sunny skies. they are expecting close to
6:47 am
100,000 people. i think admission is around $1 8 for adults. back to you. >> thank you. there is a local hiv aids center that serves san francisco. it's shutting down after 35 years. new leaf will close october 15th. the center's executive director says the reason, high costs and the economic downturn. other organizations say they will expand to help clients losing services at new leaf. centers offering services are the lyon marin health center, san francisco aids foundation and aids health project. history for california's highest court. a judicial commission unanimously approved governor schwarzenegger's nominee for chief justice of the state supreme court. that's tani cantil-sakauye selected to replace retiring chief ronald george. voters still need to approve her nomination in november. but if that happens, she would be the high court's first
6:48 am
filipino-american justice and second female chief justice. >> and i see myself as doing the best job i can encouraging people to do the best job they can and to never think about barriers because they don't exist unless you start thinking about them. >> if approved in the november election, she will serve a 12- year term. former rnc chairman ken melman has come out of the closet. he told atlantic magazine he wants to talk about it publicly to become an advocate for same- sex marriage. he said, quote, it has taken me 43 years to get comfortable with this part of my life. he went on to say that his friends and family have been very supportive. melman was also the republican national campaign manager for president george w. bush back in 2004. california one step closer to some of the toughest safety requirements on the slopes. one bill heading to the governor's desk would require skiers and snowboarders under
6:49 am
18 to wear helmets. violaters would face a fine up to $25. lawmakers have also approved a bill requiring ski resorts to repair annual safety plans. the oakland as and supporters of a downtown san jose ballpark are giving us a better idea of what that stadium would look like. the group baseball san jose has posted computer generated images of the proposed ballpark on the website showing how the field would look near hp pavilion and the diridon train station. they also give you perspectives from inside the stadium with views of downtown and the east foothills beyond the outfield. the as and the city are still waiting for word from major league baseball on whether they can pursue a san jose ballpark. americans were more pessimistic about the country's economy than we were last month. that's according to a cbs news poll. the last time americans were this pessimistic was april of 2009. so we have been asking this morning, how would you describe the
6:50 am
nation's economy? >> eva says, can you say in the crapper on tv? we'll find out, eva. seems like we all know someone out of a job who has had or has had their hours cut. middle class no longers exists. there are only the poor and the rich. >> until something is done to create actual jobs, it is not going to get better. people can't spend money don't. have a lot of this is about jobs for people. >> yeah. and lee says, it's really weird. i have had so much work i had to hire three employees and will hire two more soon. >> we'll have to find out what lee is doing. >> hey, lee... [ laughter ] 6:50. the san francisco zoo welcomed its newest addition. >> but what exactly are they? i'm chris wragge. coming up one of the closest people to tiger woods on tour speaks out. what we can expect from his golf game this week and how he
6:51 am
is handling his recent divorce. plus, how to protect yourself, your kids of, your pets and your wallet from bedbugs. we have everything you need to know from a panel of experts and sheryl crow soaks up the sun and had some fun on our plazas our early summer concert series continues this morning all ahead right here on "the early show." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
san jose fire department still very busy trying to put out two separate residential house fires in west san jose. you can see that maybe they are getting some of this under control. the smoke was really billowing about a half hour ago. this is the one -- the worst fire at del monte place and lynn oaks. then we got a second smaller house fire just around the corner at rockdale drive. recently the san jose fire department has been in the news a lot because they had to lay off about 50 firefighters due to budget concerns. so we are continuing to watch both of those fires right now. it's close to the 280 freeway. let's go out to a map show you
6:55 am
where this is. it's close to the 280/17 interchange. smoke we were told from some members of the kcbs phone force was visible from the freeway. this is a live look at traffic heading out of downtown. no delays on the freeways. so city streets, watch out for fire crews blocking lanes but the freeways, 880, highway 17, 280, all look good and not reporting any delays in that area. out to mass transit we are reporting bart delays. bart police were able to get a man off the tracks near civic center but all mass transit is now on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. cooler forecast sounds good. it's going to feel good, too. here's a look towards the transamerica building and there is our fog. it's back in the forecast covering up most of the transamerica pyramids there. it's going to be covering up some other things later on today a few low clouds at the coastline. so cannot promise you a completely clear coast today. here's a look at our seven-day forecast. and here's a look at the
6:56 am
temperatures. mid-60s at the coast, upper 60s at the bay, near 90 degrees inland. that's close to 25 degrees cooler inland today. we continue to cool down friday and saturday and sunday. temperatures rebounding monday, tuesday and wednesday. this weekend, the palo alto festival of the arts is going on. saturday 68 degrees, plenty of sunshine. a mix of sun and clouds. and sunday 70 degrees and the oakland street fes going on this weekend, saturday, sunday. partly cloudy. cool temperatures, mid-60s. more sunshine sunday highs of 66. if you are looking for something to do, those are two nice events to take in. >> sounds good. >> great weather. >> cool for some people like elizabeth but it will be okay. [ laughter ] back to san jose, we have been telling you -- elizabeth has been telling you about those two house fires and we have moved our reporter anne makovec. >> so she joins us with an
6:57 am
update. >> reporter: we just arrived at the scene so i don't have a lot of information. firefighters aren't giving out much information right now. the main goal is to make this area safe west san jose i'm at one of two fires that broke out recently. this one is at 910 del monte avenue. at one point there were reports of flames coming out of the roof as well as a potentially ruptured natural gas line. so i see pg&e here on scene as well as several fire trucks and several neighborhood blocks are closed to traffic, as well. i see some neighbors standing around trying to figure out exactly what is going on. a lot of fire personnel here. the other fire this morning, it was smaller than this one, it was on rockdale, not far from this area. so of course, no clue as to whether or not these are connected. i would doubt it. but we are waiting for information. i'm told that the fire captain who will give us that information is going to be out here at 7:00 a.m. but he has to figure out what's going on, as well. again, the main goal is to make
6:58 am
sure this fire is out. i don't see a lot of smoke in the area but i'm told that there was some very recently. so it does appear that much of the fire is out at this point. and we just need to figure out exactly what happened in this neighborhood in west san jose. >> and just to let viewers know that this is video from a while back. we weren't able to get chopper 5. but ann is saying not much smoke in the area. >> some of the last pictures we saw were the shell of a home. thank you, anne makovec in san jose. anne will give us a quick report -- here's chopper 5 now. we just got the pictures back now. >> wasn't it reported as four fires? >> it was earlier reported as four fires. that sounded suspicious. but then, yeah, two were confirmed right now. >> all right. anne will give us an update 579:25 when we cut in -- at 7:25 when we cut in for some local news updates. >> can we do the zoo? >> they have some new
6:59 am
residents. >> take a look >> you know what they are? >> only because i read it. but they are giant guinea pigs. >> no they're not. no. >> mm-hm? >> it's capybara. >> talk about rodents. we were talking about rodent problem earlier. these are the largest rodents in the world. >> good eating? >> they are found in south and central america. they love the water. you guys quit laughing. i'm trying to tell people that their names are rosemary and barrel. >> they are 2 years old and full grown at 100 pounds. and the zoo might put them in an exhibit with the anteaters if they get along. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email


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