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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 26, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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dana. certainly there are a lot of people who think what's going on is caused by muni and electrical charges from the light rail. but three years of asking questions have failed to produce answer. and as you pointed out, the leaks continue. water gurgles up from under the pavement at 15th and u loa, again. it's the latest in a string of mysterious water line breaks dating back three years ago, breaks that are caused by muni's light rail line, they claim. while the weight and frequency of the trains at this busy corner may or may not contribute to the pipe problem, neighbors say stray electrical currents from the trains travel through the ground and set up corrosion and buried water pipes causing them to leak. >> we changed the pipes four times over the last i would say three years or so? >> reporter: so often, the family left a sidewalk cut open so they could check on and replace pipes as needed. >> kept breaking and breaking
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in short increments of time t wasn't like a year or two went by. it was like within a month or two. >> reporter: they replaced the copper pipe with heavier copper pipe, replaced that with copper pipe wrapped in insulation and replaced that with pvc, plastic pipe which doesn't conduct electricity. slabs of new concrete along this stretch of 15th show where water pipes have been dug up and replaced repeatedly. cbs 5 investigated the mysterious pipe leak incidents three years ago and interviewed experts who agreed that the cause of the leaks may be muni's light rail system. laszlo at the time worked on corrosion issues for pg&e. >> i think it is possible that the large number of leaks on the water service pipes are generated by stray current corrosion. >> reporter: in 2007 after cbs 5 brought the pipe problem to the city's attention, the water department paid out $5,000 to residents in this one block to cover water bill overcharges
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related to 30 leaks and pipes. but a promised closer look at the problem by the city never happened, never solved the mystery and never produced payments to neighbors who say they spent thousands fixing pipes. >> i do remember receiving a letter saying the problem is the residents's house, they say it's your fault because your house is not grounded down correctly. >> reporter: the city attorney's office told us three years ago it would look into the matter. today it told us it's no longer handling the case and referred us to muni. >> we're looking at ways as to how this happened and how to prevent it in the future near term and long term. and if -- whatever it is, we're here to help and we're here to rectify the problem. >> reporter: muni remains noncommittal on the question of whether or not electrical current under the ground is the culprit. but it says as it has been saying for three years, we're working on it. dana. >> yeah, it is such a huge mystery and muni runs all over the city yet this is as far as
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we not only area where this is happening. is that correct? >> reporter: only area in san francisco. but apparently, in past reports we have learned that it has happened in other parts of the country, there have been similar electrical issues that have caused problems with pipes. so it's not a unique problem. obviously it's very difficult to sort out. >> thank you, don knapp. we have some breaking news coming out of solano county. all lanes of i-680 are closed due it a grassfire burning along -- due to a grassfire burning alongside the freeway near gold hill road. the chp first shut down the southbound lanes but now has closed traffic in both directions due to smoke blowing across the freeway. that fire is now under control, but as you might imagine, the traffic is very slow in the area. anything but a routine landing at sacramento international airport this afternoon. this is home video of the plane being evacuated. pun passenger shot this right after a jetblue flight landed
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in the tires under the right wing caught fire. you can see the flight attendant trying to make sure passengers get well clear of the plane. a group of people also standing between the runway and the taxiway and you can see smoke from the hot brakes and burning tires. tonight jetblue says five people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and the airline's customer care team is taking care of the rest of the passengers. but sandra hughes has more on what happened. >> reporter: the jetblue airbus from long beach california was landing in sacramento when passengers said they heard a loud bang. >> the flight attendants came over the speaker system and just said get off the plane. i dropped all my stuff and i was the second person off the left hand chute. so got out to the tarmac, ran to the grass and then turned around and you could see the tires in flames. >> reporter: the airbus a320 landed about 1:00 p.m. blowing all four tires on the right-hand side of the jet starting a small fire. officials with the airline say the plane experienced problems
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with the brakes. the crew deployed the emergency slides to evacuate the plane and witnesses say that is how most of the injured got hurt. >> one lady had come off the chute and landed on her tailbone on the tarmac. and then one other lady i think maybe had some injuries to her ankle. >> reporter: 86 passengers and five crewmembers were on board. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. flights into oakland international airport and mineta san jose airports getting a little more dangerous. the faa reports oakland and san jose rank fourth and fifth, respectively, in the number of laser strikes on aircraft. these are national rankings now. laser strikes have been on the rise in recent years. earlier this week, a san jose police helicopter was hit with one of those laser beams. shining lasers at planes is dangerous because the light can temporarily blind pilots. a 13-year-old track star about to start his freshman year of high school was shot and killed a few blocks from his home. the boy was walking near 61st and bancroft in oakland.
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sherry hu tonight on the boy who everyone agreed was just a great kid. reporter: jimon clark left his mark on frick's middle school track. he and his twin brother won more gold medals than any other student in the history of frick sports festival. >> when i got the call last night what happened, i'm glad i was laying down when i heard it because i was floored. >> reporter: floored that jimon who just graduated from frick had been shot to death a few blocks away. teachers say jimon was not only a stellar athlete but inquisitive and fondness for performing magic tricks. he was about to start high school and his murder cast a pall on the school year. >> when is it going to stop? if ever? emotionally upset. when is it going to stop? and i don't see it anywhere in the near future. >> reporter: oakland police say jimon was walking with another teenager last night when someone shot at them.
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>> heard six or seven shots, then people screaming and making noise out here. >> reporter: police say jimon died. luckily the other teen wasn't hit. motive and suspect are the unknowns. >> anytime we have a violent crime or any crime in oakland, it's the citizens that will finally say enough is enough and give the information to the police department so we can solve the case. and i think in this case, we are going to get that information. it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: jimon was supposed -- >> jimon was quiet, never gave me problems of any kind. >> reporter: now, police say that jimon is the 56th person murdered in the city of oakland since the beginning 246 year. and dana, jimon was supposed to start at skyline high next week and celebrate his 14th birthday on wednesday. >> the coach said it. when is this going to stop? last wrong with people?? all right. sherry hu, thank you. -- what is wrong with people??
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all right, sherry hu, thank you. alameda investigators say they found the body of a man this afternoon working on a cold case. they found the body near niles canyon road near fremont. the spokesman said that the body had been there for a month or more. investigators are not identifying the victim other than to say that he was an adult male or revealing how he died until his relatives are notified. a sewage leak on the peninsula is now a lot bigger than originally thought. julie watts in redwood city. what a mess. >> reporter: the lagoon is typically tranquil but tonight could be toxic according to public works officials following a 5,000 gallon raw sewage spill here at redwood shores in redwood city. it's continuing to cause problems this evening. we are here at redwood shores in redwood city. >> we have called all of the residents in the area...
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to make them aware of the overflow into the lagoon. we have dug done some water quality testing with the lab and there are high levels of e. coli and total coliform in the water. >> reporter: public works instructing the people should avoid all contact with the water until further notice. this gage at 3:00 yesterday when pressure from a broken pipe forced raw sewage to come up through the ground flooding six nearby garages and then into the lagoon. original estimates were hundreds of gallons, now it's upwards of 5,000 gallons. public works says they have now stopped the sewage flow and they are just finishing up work on the broken pipe. i was just talking to crews a moment ago, who told me they should be turning things back on and getting the flow started once again within the next hour and that's when they need to be
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especially cautious because there could be another break down the line at a weak spot. they will continue to do water testing on the lagoon. because it flows out to the bay, they do think that eventually the toxic sewage will naturally dissipate on its own. >> for the home owners the stuff got into their homes mainly the garages, is it up to each home owner to clean it up or is the city helping? what's going on? >> reporter: no. the city will be helping. and what they have told me is they are waiting for the pipes -- the work on the pipes to be finished and then they will begin work on cleaning out the garages. as far as we know, the sewage only seeped into the garages and didn't make it actually inside the homes. but again, as i mentioned, once they turn this it all back on, once they fix this pipe, there is a little concern we could see another break somewhere farther down the line. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, julie watts. one year ago she escaped 18 years of captivity. how jaycee dugard will be marking the commemoration of her freedom. another brush fire in the
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bay area today. how you can get some help protecting your home if you think it might be vulnerable. san francisco mayor gavin newsom has been avoiding -- >> and california's race for lieutenant governor. who just played the crazy train card. ,,,, b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners.
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in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea. in santa teresa county park under control. it started about 2 this but cal fir san jose fire crews have a vegetation fire in santa teresa county park under control. it started at 2:00 this afternoon but cal fire says it is 100% contained. it spread to 15 acres. no injuries reported, no structures damaged. today's cooldown was welcomed by many bay area residents especially fire officials. the combination of the heat wave and dry brush this week
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resulted in multiple wildfires. alex montano shows us a program in the north bay that's helping residents defend their homes. >> we have lined the whole street with brush. >> reporter: before we take a look at that street, you need to see the big picture. >> that's definitely a house that we would go back to and write up, requiring 100-foot clearance and limit of all trees. >> reporter: these are the trees of hill valley. battalion chief scott barnes is looking to defend them from fire and that's why the city has the chipper program. you cut it and leave it by the curbside and they will load it, chip it and haul it away. and it's all for free. >> last year alone, we've cleared roughly 148 tons. >> reporter: that's 148 tons of flammable vegetation that will not be burning around homes in the city of mill valley. the program has been going on
6:15 pm
for years and for home owners, it's a great incentive. >> clear vegetation around the home is very expensive. to have a contractor come in and cut and remove it, i'm alleviating some of the stress and cost by offering up that he hauling and shipping away free of charge. >> reporter: sandy ross and her nations always take advantage of the program. >> it's a very good thing because you need to encourage people to get rid of the brush from around their house. >> reporter: the program operates year round and is made possible by a city service tax. when they are not helping residents, crews are busy keeping power lines, roads and even fire breaks clear. >> for instance, on that ridgeline, we got 75-foot of clearance on each side of the ridge. so it's a total of 150 feet. if a fire is burning into or out of mill valley, we can make a decent stand along that ridgeline. >> reporter: whatever mulch isn't used by home owners goes to the landfill for compost. in mill valley, alex montano,
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cbs 5. the fire danger dropped, but it's not over, is it, roberta? >> no, it's not, allen but it was incredible to see the drop in fact temperature today. i haven't seen this kind of a drop in years. yesterday 106 in concord. today, we had a 25-degree drop in temperatures. bested by santa rosa with a 30- degree drop. look at that right there. san jose with a record high yesterday of 100 dropped to 78 degrees today. and san francisco no record, but still 13 degrees cooler than it was yesterday during the afternoon hours. mount vaca today's high temperature 86 degrees. down from 106 yesterday. lots of clarity there. but compare that with the coast where currently it is 57 degrees in ocean beach and you couple that one a robust wind out of the west at 14, it feels downright raw. so bottom line, if you are out and about on this thursday evening, you need a jacket if you are next to the bay of water or the seashore.
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there you have a slate of temperatures. it's still 80s inland. pinpoint forecast calls for deep layer of low clouds and fog pushing all the way inland towards the central valley making it out towards mountain house. otherwise tomorrow morning, sun-up at 6:33. nobody will see it. we have clearing at the coast tomorrow due to an approaching trough north of us. tonight 50s and 60s winds west- northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow westerlies kick up to 20, as well. numbers in the mid-60s at the beaches, to the mid-80s inland. these numbers are actually quite seasonal. 79, however, unseasonably cool in san jose. but going up to 81 degrees in santa rosa. the extended forecast, the warmest day of the weekend coming up will be on sunday. that's still not too warm. all due to an approaching trough that will bring us partly cloudy skies each day. and then allen, this time next week, temperatures begin to rebound again so the roller
6:18 pm
coaster ride will continue. >> whoo, hang on. all right, roberta, thanks. glamour spills on the highway. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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years of captivity. a year ago today jaycee dugard was freed from 18 years of captivity. she was 1 when she was taken off a south lake tahoe street in broad daylight. for years she and her two daughters, fathered by her abductedder, were kept hidden in a backyard compound at a home near antioch. although dugard and her daughters have received a $20 million settlement from the state, the family says they are still in therapy. last week a spokesman for the family blasted a photographer who secretly took pictures of the three saying they are victims of crime not
6:21 pm
celebrities. registered sex offender phillip garrido and his wife nancy are in prison awaiting trial on kidnap and rape charges. two suspected car thieves are in oakland police custody following a wild police chase. just look at the pictures from chopper 5. police say that they spotted this stolen truck near macarthur and pearson just before noon. when they tried to stop the drive he sped off. witnesses say it was something out of a movie. >> when they passed me on foot hill and fruitvale the guy was doing 80 miles an hour and the police was right on his butcher. >> police say the stolen truck crashed into another car near 20th and 12th avenues then plowed into that power pole. the driver and passenger tried to run, but the officers caught them. emeryville city planners are considering the request of ikea to take over an existing warehouse a few blocks away from its showroom. that facility would be used by
6:22 pm
customers to pick up large items. but some neighbors are concerned about the traffic and noise. >> i love ikea. i have ikea in every room in my house. i don't want to live next door to ikea. it's chaos. people are trying to put large items they try to tie them to the top of their cars or they have these hatchbacks where they try to stuff things in and they have to pull everything out and try to get it back in. >> ikea says it expects about 100 customers a day would pick up mountains at that proposed facility. garbage service should resume tomorrow in san mateo county after a two-day strike kept trash piling up in the hot weather. a dozen or so allied waste employees striking over stalled contract talks. more than 500 allied garbage collectors and other workers have refused to cross the picket line. the company says pickups will be running two days behind schedule as they try to handle the overflow of trash. it's not a pretty sight on.
6:23 pm
80 early this morning. stacks and stacks of the october issue of glamour magazine spilled on the road in rockland. chp says one big rig driver wasn't paying attention and smashed into another big rig. magazines as you see littered across the westbound lanes of the interstate. that clean-up we're told took about three hours. you know the race is on when you see things like this. >> this time, like it or not. >> i'm gavin newsom mayor of san francisco. >> and it goes on like that for eight minutes! gavin newsom's response to the lengthy and what some would call personal attack video. the very high-profile planned parenthood used by tens of thousands in the bay area. why some of those clinics are losing their sponsorship and what that means for patients. and from a life of fame to a bay area zoo. where you can see these new retirees. ,, ,,
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race for governor, and a nationally watched senate race. right now, california finds itself with a tight race for governor and a nationally watched senate race. but don't overlook another slot on the ballot. the race for lieutenant governor. as joe vazquez shows us, just got a lot hotter and a little
6:27 pm
ozzy osbourne. >> it's gonna happen whether you like it or not! whether you like it or not! >> reporter: it's a highlight reel of some of gavin newsom's worst moments. >> what does the lieutenant governor do? for the life of me i don't know. >> reporter: while there are some mention of policy disagreements, the 8-minute youtube video focuses most of its time and attention showing the san francisco mayor dodging reporters over the last several years, on personal issues and questions about why he dropped out of the race for governor. >> off the record, i'm disappointed. >> reporter: some of the clips were taken directly from cbs 5 broadcasts. >> i guess that was the case. >> reporter: frankly kind of awkward. >> reporter: the ad was produced by lieutenant governor abel maldonado's campaign. he is of course newsom's opponent in the race for lieutenant governor in november. [ laughter ] >> there is my response. [ laughter ] [ more laughter ] >> san francisco mayor gavin newsom has been avoiding cameras. >> he is holding up your behavior in this video as an
6:28 pm
example why somebody should not vote for you. >> i don't know about that. i think anyone could slice, everyone can pick and choose, particularly someone that's gotten out front on issues that doesn't sit back again and play in the caboose so to speak in terms of public policy. >> reporter: these clips aren't about policy, mr. mayor. he is showing some of the interviews where you walked out and -- >> in the midst of public debate, in the midst of getting involved in controversial issues, that's a challenging environment. actually governing is challenging. sitting on the sidelines is easy. >> i'm not going after his personality, not whatsoever. i think what's important here is for the people of california to know what his governing style is. his governing style is, whether you like it or not. >> whether you like it or not! >> when a reporter asks you a question and you decide not to answer in and you think it's a cheap shot or you think that it's not fair game, you know, it's part of the job. >> anyone can go back 15 years
6:29 pm
and slice this, slice that, slice that and create any narrative they want tie to play the politics of personality because he can't run on his record. he just passed largest tax increase in california history and the biggest cuts in education one of the worst environmental records of any legislature. just objective facts. that's all this is. >> reporter: but does your behavior enter into the voters' minds? >> i think the fact that the voters of san francisco re- elected me with close to 75% of the vote, i think belies that. >> reporter: the ads attacks on the mayor's policies got the attention of the "san francisco chronicle" this week. >> it's an attack on one of the cities that the current lieutenant governor happens to claim to represent. >> reporter: i showed maldonado the editorial suggesting he quit bashing san francisco. >> i'm not attack san francisco. i like san francisco. i like its charm. i like its people. i just dislike the way gavin newsom policies he puts on the city of san francisco. this is a statewide race. people need to know on a
6:30 pm
statewide basis what mayor newsom's policies are. >> we have an eating and drinking problem in the united states. >> reporter: expect more spots from both sides as statewide voters will have their chance to decide in a little more than two months. joe vazquez, cbs 5. some major changes are coming to clinics that serve thousands of people, especially low income women. linda yee reports money troubles at planned parenthood are leading to upheaval in half a dozen bay area cities. reporter: it's the reproductive health clinic of choice for thousands of young women especially those who need subsidized care. but because of financial problems for the golden gate division, planned parenthood has cut ties with clinics in six bay area cities including san francisco and oakland. >> up in chico? >> reporter: now that concord and san jose clinics will expand and find new clinics to take over the golden gate health centers, it won't be easy. >> it takes time. we want to be very community-
6:31 pm
minded. we are actually reaching out to all the other healthcare providers in the communities that we're looking at, including the department of health services, to find out from them where they think the most need is going to be. where are there gaps in services? >> reporter: the cutoff is effective next week and new clinics are still months away. but the severed golden gate affiliate clinics will not shut down. interim president and ceo therese wilson said in a statement they will operate under a new game, golden gate community health. had we elected to close it would have directly resulted in a lapse of service in the bay area for some time and the golden gate affiliate said that was unacceptable. planned parenthood's golden gate division has seven clinics around the bay area, including this one in san francisco, oakland, hayward, san mateo, san rafael and rohnert park. the plan is all of them will remain open under that new name
6:32 pm
and a different organization. but they admit it will be tough and will be a struggle in this economy. under golden gate community health, or planned parenthood, these clinics serving young women with little or no health insurance and it's not just for birth control. >> reproductive health service include cancer screening. we do preventative healthcare is what we do. and so here in contra costa, for example, we also do prenatal care in three of our health centers. >> reporter: the clinics are vital and an anemic economy has a direct effect on their futures. in concord, linda yee, cbs 5. truly great performers know when it's time for the final curtain call. for these two, that means moving a little closer to you. you will never guess who is atonight leaderboard at the pga golf tournament. i'm dennis o'donnell. the giants' third base coach puts down the bat, picks up the guitar coming up. have
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stepped up the number of violent attacks in the country. many fear the recent increa as the u.s. draws down combat operations in iraq insurgents have stepped up attacks. many fear the increase will erase the security gains made over the past years. joel brown reports from washington. >> reporter: iraqis are left to sift through the rubble after insurgents led a coordinated string of 13 bombings and shootings that left dozens dead from one end of the country to the other. >> it's about terrorists trying to make a point, trying to challenge the security forces, put doubts in people's mind on the withdrawal. >> reporter: six members of a government backed militia were ambushed and killed north of baghdad on thursday the latest victim of insurgents trying to show their might now that u.s.
6:36 pm
troop levels are below 50,000. the 18-month-long reduction of troops was ordered by president obama last year. on tuesday he will mark the end of combat operations with an address from the oval office. the morning after the president's speech, operation iraqi freedom gets a new name, operation new dawn. the u.s. troops that remain will be there primarily to assist iraqi forces who are now the prime target of insurgents. attacks on police stations are routine. >> they can't stop it all but neither could we when we were in the lead. >> reporter: august has been the deadliest month in two years for iraq's security forces and the country is counting on them to regain chrome. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. this weekend will be the five-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. the struggles, recovery and rebuilding of new orleans has been well documented. but as manuel gallegus reports,
6:37 pm
residents in nearby mississippi have also faced a tough road to recovery. >> reporter: life has dealt billy gilmore a tough hand the past five years. >> i don't invite people to my house because i'm ashamed of the way i have had to live. >> reporter: hurricane katrina left her home under 30 feet of water. she moved into a fema trailer and later a government cottage. then hurricane gustav flooded the cottage and gilmore was forced to live in her storage shed. now at 76, she is not sure what's next. >> i'm just too old to keep starting over. >> reporter: katrina damaged or destroyed more than 94,000 homes in coastal mississippi, more than 5,000 storm victims still have no permanent place to live. >> everything here was gone. >> reporter: kathleen johnson came here to help mississippi's elderly and poor after katrina and never left. >> this used to be a tendency to want to celebrate this anniversary? the truth of the matter is there is not a lot to celebrate. >> reporter: in large areas of coastal mississippi, only about one in 8 homes has been rebuilt. the landscape is a mix of
6:38 pm
weeds, remnants of the storm and new construction. with sky high insurance costs, stricter building codes and a slow economy, many couldn't afford to stay. there is some progress. juanita steele lost her family home in katrina. she saved her insurance money and for about $60,000 camp victor ministries is building her a new one. >> this is where i need to be. i been here 57 years. and it's like somebody rips my heart out every time i leave. >> reporter: she will be moving into her new home by the end of the year. manuel gallegus, cbs news, gulfport, mississippi. well, their time as entertainers has come and gone. but now you can see them in retirement in a bay area zoo. 30 degrees, it was up to 30 degrees cooler today in many of your inland neighborhoods and you can blame it on that right there. now the effect the marine layer will have on your friday and
6:39 pm
your weekend as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,
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okay. main not as big a star as him. no, i mean, really, him, that arraigning tang right there. but a pair of rescued chimps is finding a home in the bay area. the brothers once started in movies and tv ads. now jennifer mistrot reports the chimps are playing a whole new role at the oakland zoo. >> reporter: it's hard to tell just by looking. this is retirement. >> want a couple more? we have two new chimps here, males, bernie and eddie. eddie is 20 and bernie is 16. and they are brothers. >> reporter: bernie and eddie are the new kids on the block. these entertainment vets have been in movies and commercials. now this duo has booked its last gig at the chimpanzee exhibit at the oakland zoo. >> there you go, mr. man. good boy. they just amaze me every, single day. we make a real effort to spread this -- >> reporter: the zookeeper is passionate about her chimps. she says there are around 2,000 adult chimps in the u.s., many living in sanctuaries and private homes.
6:43 pm
>> do you guys have any other questions? >> reporter: she wants to get the word out that chimps don't make good pets or movie stars. >> that they are sort of funny animals for our entertainment. when you see them in film or tv you're seeing a young chimp. we don't realize that they are cute as babies but they grow up and a full grown chimp has five to six times the strength of an adult man and you can't manage them. the males are a little bigger than the females. >> reporter: ernie and eddie got too big to be handled but their new digs are a perfect fit. they share their space with a half dozen other chimps, both guys and gals. no babies are expected here though. the zoo wants to keep spots open for other chimps needing to retire. in oakland, jennifer mistrot, cbs 5. bernie and eddie. but zookeepers say chimps are difficult to rehabilitate so bottom line they look cute but they don't make good pets.
6:44 pm
residents along the american river canyon in auburn are on the alert for a bear that reportedly broke in a home. the 6-foot bear very gently removed a screen door according to the home owner. he helped himself in a snack of dog biscuits. the owner tried to scare him but he didn't budge. he recently the intruder left on his home. nobod was hurt. people are keeping an eye out for bears that like dog treats. >> maybe they are getting in from the heat. it's been hot. >> unbearage. [ laughter ] >> oh, ba da bump. [ laughter ] >> very nice. >> unbearable! >> i guess it's close to the end of the week. >> it is, isn't it? >> we had a 30-degree cool down in santa rosa down from the record-breaking event of 103 yesterday to 73 today. this is the scene out towards the city of san francisco. currently it's 57 degrees.
6:45 pm
low clouds, fog, west winds at 14. compare that with san jose where again yesterday record high of 100 degrees, today dropping down to a high of only 78. but beautiful clear skies. 75 in los gatos. pleasanton 79. foster city in the mid-60s. 57 degrees in san francisco. you need a jacket next to the bay of water or the coastside where we will not see that sunset at 7:44 due to the blanket of low clouds and fog. every moving inland all the way towards mountain house and overnight hours. we'll have localized drizzle due to the depth of the marine layer. about 2,000 feet deep. but notice the coast is clear by the midafternoon hours. that's because of this right here. this is an approaching cold
6:46 pm
front and as it does slide down into a southerly direction it breaks up the marine layer a little earlier than today. some of the neighborhoods that will bump up the temperature for friday. 86 sacramento, 98 fresno. 70 in the high sierra where we have a red flag warning in effect through the weekend. and on sunday because of the approaching trough we have a 50% chance of rain showers. look at the overnight low in tahoe on sunday. meanwhile, tonight, overnight, temperature-wise in the 50s and in the low 60s. the winds will begin to die down out of the west and northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures, 60s at the beaches, 76 degrees in sunnyvale but jumping up to 84 in saratoga and los gatos. east of the bay, 60s and 70s from richmond through alameda. and one of the outside numbers will be 86 in brentwood. by the way in oakland over the weekend, it's the big street fest and it will be chilly.
6:47 pm
make sure you have a jacket. but maybe this is more your speed? the goodguys west coast nationals in pleasanton at the alameda county fairgrounds, saw a couple of the cars already in town this weekend. boy, they're beautiful. and the temperatures kind of pretty, too. in the 70s. all right. there you have your north bay numbers. stacking up from 58 degrees in stinson beach with partial clearing to 82 degrees in sonoma. the extended forecast calls for partly cloudy skies over the weekend and unseasonably cool on saturday, brisk windy, slight bump up in the temperatures on sunday. monday the coolest day, seasonal temperatures return next week. allen have a great evening and everyone out there too. >> sure will, roberta. thank you. coming up at 10 and 11, a week before starting a new chapter in a new school, earlier we told you about 13- year-old jimon clark shot and killed on his way home last night. tonight on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 here on cbs 5, we are going to hear
6:48 pm
from friends who are holding a vigil tonight in his honor. with training camp almost over a key 49ers decides it's time to show up. and three days after his divorce was final tiger woods -- you have to see what he did coming up. ,,,,,,
6:49 pm
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it's preseason. a lot of people looking forward to 49ers/raiders this weekend. >> it will be on at 9:00 on the cw cable 12. so there you have it. not our fault. 49er defensive coordinator told me he wasn't concerned about nose facle abay area i don't franklin's holdout and that his star defensive lineman would be in football shame come opening day. he is going to take his physical tomorrow. he will sign on saturday. he is key to the 9ers defense because his presence shuts down the opposition's run game and he can pick them off, too. saturday night will be a reunion for the quarterback
6:52 pm
class of 2005. alex smith and jason campbell of the raiders were both first round picks that year. smith is expected to play the first half saturday while campbell is expected to play into the 3rd quarter. here are the numbers. campbell has been better than smith across the board. he has even played for more offensive coordinators than smith who has had five since joining the 49ers. >> have you guys bonded over the fact that you've both have had so many offensive coordinators over the years? >> last i heard he had more than me. he's deep. i heard something like nine and nine or something. >> how difficult is it to not have stability with coordinators and coaches and to be successful? >> it's very tough. a lot of time people don't realize that. it's just like, you know, once you-a language, you know, you know it and then, you know, something comes along say you have to change it a every and put away everything you just learned instead of building on everything you just learned you pretty much are thrown to trash again. >> he is again with the raiders. of course, you can see the
6:53 pm
batful of the bay once again saturday at 9:00, game didn't sell out so cw 44/cable 12 ♪ a wise man once said there is a secret to successful investing is to keep your first wife. tiger lost that one. but he may have found his golf game. tiger woods was the first guy out of the course at the barclays and gave everyone else a blueprint for how to shoot. he had a 6-under 65 the lowest round of the year. two days after the divorce is finalized tiger is tied for the lead which supports the theory he may miss his ex-wife but his aim is better. >> the best 18 holes you played in 2010? >> absolutely. not even close. i had that one stretch. nine holes at the u.s. on saturday but that was it. today did i all 18. as an indians just finished up in cleveland. matt laporte that hits a two- run shot off macero. indians 3-2. that's how it ended 3-2. silver lining,
6:54 pm
macero into the 7th making it a franchise record for that starting rotation after he made it into the 7th. this is our exclusive cbs 5 cliff pennington play of the day. the shortstop throws a one hop strike to first from the outfield to get matt laporte. sometimes a horse with no name is best. >> my wifenos everything. they are one two, outside thewifedoesn'tknow mywife nos. everything. >> one more time. >> my wife knows everything is owned by tiger woods by the way. i'm just kidding! no. nobody was busier this week than giants third base coach tim flannery waving in 38 runners over three days with hard work. but with the team off today, he is probably playing a different
6:55 pm
tune. ♪ long ago when i was young... ♪ [ music ] >> somebody says make a choice baseball or music that's like for me, making a choice of water or air. >> reporter: consider tim flannery a lucky guy. his passion for baseball landed him in the world series. ♪ there's just one thing for certain ♪ >> reporter: his love of music places him side by side with some of the greats. >> i have been very fortunate to share stages with jackson brown and merely haggard. i could go on and on. willie nelson. >> reporter: his involvement in music began when he was just 12 and was fostered by a family who all shared the same interest. >> my sister and i played okie from must ceo guy and she played the banjo at the talent show that year so we learned
6:56 pm
our three chords and off weather went. >> reporter: he recorded 10 albums. he estimates he sold around 20,000 copies. >> garth brooks once said my album was cardboard. >> reporter: but music became more of a priority eight years ago when he was dismissed from bruce bochy's coaching staff in san diego. >> when i was fired in 2002, i started playing all those summer festivals and shows and it -- it allowed me to pay the bills. i mean, i got three kids. i only hit nine home runs in my ten years in the major leagues. i don't have a lot of money. i have to work. >> reporter: 31 years in professional baseball, the faces, names and ballparks have all changed. the melodies chords, and lyrics have not. his six-string friend remains one of his closest, one of which makes every road trip -- >> once the game starts as coaches, we hope, all we do is hope. oh, we hope it works. music, if you walk out and you
6:57 pm
suck, it's your fault. you know? it's my fault if in fact i go out and can't remember lyrics and it's nice to have something like that in my life that you don't have to hope. >> fascinating story how he lost his job which forced him to go on the road. >> that's great. >> supports the theory everything happens for a reason and i think that dark time at least in his professional life when he needed money turned out to be -- >> opened a door. >> happened for a reason. >> he was always a fan favorite in san diego. i remember when he was sharing that base with craig nettles and luis salazar and he was with bruce bochy behind the plate and there was steve garvey at first, roberts at second, templeton at short storm and mcreynolds. >> and the mighty casey struck out. >> wow. look out, dennis. >> love my padres. bye. welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science.
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