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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 27, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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they're working on it. we'll tell you what people around the area have had to do, though, to get by. >> they think they found the source of that salmonella that sparked the recall of more than a half billion eggs. a lot of people nervous about this. plus we talked yesterday about what they are going to do with these eggs so you can still consume them. >> yeah. and a burglar who gently opens the screen and steals doggie snacks. >> i bet if haagen-dazs was in the freezer he would have been in there. [ laughter ] >> hey boo boo! it's the weekend, so let's get started. get you off to work. >> we actually have a couple of accidents to tell you about. first out to palo alto, northbound 101 at oregon expressway we have an injury crash right there and they had two lanes blocked. sounds like one lane is blocked now but it is so early that we're not seeing any big delays on our live traffic sensors. down to watsonville, we have a
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serious major injury accident here. overturned big rig. northbound 101 is completely shut down between highway 156 and highway 25. so cars are being detoured off to eastbound 156. you can use 25 to get back on 101. all right. that's a check of your traffic. let's get a first check of your forecast with tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. well, this morning, more clouds out there, fog at the coast, some low clouds at the bay and inland. get out of my way, john kessler! [ laughter ] >> temperatures this morning ranging from the upper 40s to the upper 50s. that's going to be as you head out the door. your seven-day forecast, sunshine expected later on today throughout the bay area. temperatures mid-60s for the coast, mid- to upper 60s around the bay and the mid-80s inland. tomorrow more clouds, maybe even a little precip for the north bay. temperatures cooling down. sunday we warm up. and we're back in the 90s, yeah, by the middle of next
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week. so if this was a rude an abrupt change to the warm weather that you kind of liked or you loved, don't worry it will be back next week. >> summer made a brief appearance and then -- >> yeah, very brief. >> we're trying to keep everybody happy. some folks who like the warm weather and others who say i love the cool breezes. >> we have something for everybody. >> thank you. see you in a couple of minutes. this morning, crews trying to repair a ruptured underground pipe that leaked thousands of gallons of raw sewage on the peninsula. that pipe is near davett lane and anchor circle in the redwood shores. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: they are working to repay the line right now. we are right by redwood shores. the problem is that a lot of the sewage is already leaked
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even though by this point it's stopped leaking. crews have been working throughout the night to try to repair the line. they are going to be here all morning long. it ruptured on wednesday spilling raw sewage into the street, lagoon and to six people's garages. it's a 14" line and yesterday they excavated it and began diverting it to a treatment plant. while the spill is over, the aftereffects are far from over. the water in the lagoon is contaminated with toxins and bacteria. >> we did some water quality testing that's with the lab and there currently are high levels of e. coli and total coliforms in the water. >> reporter: they don't know how much. city crews also have not been
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able to determine what caused the pipe to burst or how much sewage has made it into the san francisco bay. they also don't know when the people is going to be repaired. but they are keeping everyone around this area informed by doing automated phone calls. they sent some of those out yesterday and will continue as they get more information on this spill. sydnie. >> thank you, anne makovec in redwood city. it is 5:04. trash day is returning in san mateo county. a two-day garbage strike ended last night. more than 500 allied waste collectors in solidarity with a dozen strikers. they refused to cross the picket line. this is a landfill in half moon bay. the company will be two days behind schedule handling the overflow of trash. fires in san jose putting the spotlight on recent layoffs of 49 firefighters. fires early yesterday morning burned two homes on the city's west side and a construction
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company building near downtown. in the afternoon, there was a 40-acre grassfire in the santa teresa area. some firefighters say the thinner staff made their efforts more difficult. today results are expected from a vote by members of the firefighters union. they are deciding whether to take a nearly 9% pay cut to allow the rehiring of their laid off colleagues. oakland police still have no suspects in the murder of a teenager a week before his 14th birthday. friends and family holding a vigil last night for jimon clark, he was shot wednesday night on bancroft he was. he was a star athlete who enjoyed doing magic tricks and religious activities. >> it weakens you in the knees that here again we're back on stage one with the violence and the corruption, you know, in
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our community. laying off 80 police officers, they should be adding more police officers to help circumvent the crime that's still out there on our streets. >> jimon clark was shot as he and his 15-year-old brother walked to a gas station to help a friend. investigators say the gunman went through the teen's pockets and stole $2 before running off. 5:06. it's not the chickens. it's what they eat. that's believed to be the source of the salmonella contamination that may be linked to 1500 illnesses. the fda found salmonella in chicken feed used in the recall of millions of eggs. some have questioned why so many eggs. critics say the fda doesn't have the resources it needs to prevent problems. >> the agency acts more like a fire department waiting for the problems to emerge and then going out and inspecting the facilities.
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it's really a backwards system. >> the farm's owner is being asked to testify before congress next month. he paid millions in fines over the last 20 years for various health, safety, immigration and environmental violations. former president jimmy carter is due back in boston from north korea today along with an american whose freedom he helped arrange. carter traveled on a private mission to secure a pardon for 31-year-old molly gomes who was arrested for trespassing in north korea. there is no indication that carter actually met with kim jong-il. but that country's news agency says kim granted carter's request to leniently forgive gomes. another toyota recall that may linked to a few accidents. a short-term break for bart riders to save more than $2 million. operate a separate warehouse in emeryville. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. an injury crash in palo alto is cleared so it's a nice ride along the peninsula. coming up, we still have that stretch of 101 shut down in watsonville. we'll have details on that in a few minutes. it is 5:10 right now. thank you, elizabeth, we'll see you in a couple of minutes. approved. ikea's plan to operate a separate warehouse in emeryville. they applauded? the empty warehouse is a few blocks away from the ikea furniture store. the site would be used for storage and customer pickup of bulky items. people who live near the site on hollis and 53rd say they are worried about an increase in traffic and noise.
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>> we are so close to this. i personally and all of emery bay village are so close to this. go over there and look how close this is. there's no way it's not going to drastically reduce our quality of life. >> there will be no product sales out of this building. we won't sell anything out of this building. no food. no services. come pick up your stuff. load it in your car. and you're on your way. >> the planning commission approved the project. it was a 4-3 vote. the proposal now heads to the entire city council. bart rewarding riders' loyalty by delaying the next fare hike for six months. the transit agency has regularly scheduled fare hikes every two years to counter the rate of inflation. the next increase was set for new year's day 2012. now it won't go into effect until july of 2012.
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the move will save riders $2.2 million. it is all part of a larger rider appreciation package from bart's $8 million surplus that includes replacing seats and installing realtime departure signs. toyota recalling 1.3 million cars because of stalling engines. it covers corollas and matrix hatchbacks from 2005 through 2008 model years. three accidents and a minor injury have been reported but toyota isn't positive the accidents are linked to the engine issue. toyota will begin mailing notification to cussers in in mid-september. in sacramento, passengers scrambled down emergency chutes. this was jetblue flight that had made a rather hard landing. the tires under the right wing apparently caught fire. bumps and bruises but no one was badly injured. so our question of the day,
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what was your scariest moment in flight. the first pictures of the trapped miners in chile. >> and weekend is almost here. >> it's the longest week ever with that mini heat wave earlier. the weekend is just a day away, folks. i think you will like the forecast. i have the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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metering lights. no construction. just a nice easy ride all the way across the span. a couple more traffic cameras. this is where we are seeing a problem far south over in the watsonville area. there was an overturned big rig around midnight and they still have that stretch of northbound 101 shut down between highway 156 and highway 25. cars are being detoured in the area. they have to use eastbound 126 to get you back on northbound 25 as you can see from our map and that gets you back on 101 from there. but still no estimated time when they are going to get that stretch of northbound 101 re- opened. southbound lanes are open to traffic. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. friday forecast we'll also take a look at the weekend because hey, it's just a day away. our daily planner for this morning, you're heading out the door. you're wondering, okay is it going to be cold today, is it going to be hot today, what's going on? well, partly cloudy conditions for the morning. that should give you some indication of what will be happening. temperatures ranging from ther 40s to the lower -- from the
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upper 40s to the lower 50s, even fog at the coast. in the afternoon, sunshine and mild temperatures which continue to cool down inland. yesterday, antioch in the lower 90s today, the mid-80s. mid-70s to mid-80s inland. sunny at the bay, 50s and 60s. satellite and radar, we have something to show you. clouds moving in right here. this is a small disturbance that's going to be pushing into the bay area tomorrow giving us more cloud maybe even a small chance of light rainfall especially in the areas in the north bay. so if you walk out and say hey, where are these clouds, that's where they are coming from.
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following this morning: following this morning: sunday we will begin to rebound with more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. and temperatures will continue to rebound monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the weekend is almost here, folks. a festival of the arts is going on saturday and sunday. nice conditions partly cloudy for saturday with temperatures just near 70 degrees. sunday mostly sunny skies with a high temperature of 71 degrees. that is a look at your weather this friday morning. back up to you. >> get it out, tracy. 5:19. let's take a look at some of
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the stories we are following. no word when a sewage pipe will be repaired in redwood city. sewage flowed into the garages of six homes and into the bay. people are warned not to come into contact with the water in redwood shores lagoon. tainted chicken feed is what federal investigators think is behind the salmonella contamination. leading to millions of eggs being recalled. they found the salmonella in feed in two of the farms involved. 1500 people have gotten sick from bad eggs. in his new video from chile showing the 33 miners trapped half mile underground. footage came from a camera that the government sent down a hole used for communicating with those miners. we'll have more on their story at 5:30. it is 5:20. apparently we are worshipping at the church of apple again. apple creating some buzz. they are going to have a press
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conference next week. they don't know what it's going to be about. but heck, we'll be there. they are having a news conference, we don't know what it's about but we're going to tell ya. some people believe apple will unveil a new ipod touch which could be resigned -- or redestined to look like the iphone 4. of course that's what some people say. but we don't know. there may also be a new ipod shuffle. but we don't know. something else apple may announce. a new service to allow music streaming over the internet without having to download it. but we don't know. >> it's exciting to think about. >> boy, you bet! >> we'll be there. >> apple farts, we're on top of it. coming up, the burglar that steals dog business schedule snacks.
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when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. we have a beautiful picture here of the transamerica building and forecast later on today, nothing to sneeze at. look at those temperatures. upper 60s in san francisco, a mix of sun and clouds. plenty of sunshine in berkeley with a high of 67. 81 in pleasant hill. more sunshine to go around. 81 in san ramon and 85 in
5:25 am
antioch. clouds over the course of the weekend, maybe even a few sprinkles. which of the two weekend days will be the cooler of the two? i'll let you know. that's coming up. >> thank you very much. we'll see you in a couple of minutes. 5:25. nice park job. >> that wasn't me. a couple of suspected car thieves are under arrest this after a high-speed chase through the oakland streets. police say they spotted a stolen pickup near macarthur and pearson. that was just before noon on yesterday. when they tried to stop the driver, he sped off. then the driver crashed the truck into a car near 20th and 12th and then plowed into a power pole. the driver and the passenger tried to make a run for it, but they were caught. >> is it on a fire hydrant or something? >> or what's left of the power pole. bristol palin -- there is the car again huh? bristol palin has agreed to join dancing with the stars for the upcoming season. >> a report on the e channel's
5:26 am
website says the 19-year-old single mother and daughter of sarah palin will join david hasselhoff, singer brandy and mike sorrentino from "jersey shore." >> the hof ] >> -- the hoff and the situation on the same show? >> scary. bristol palin has been supporting herself independently and living apart from her mother. this morning "the early show" has an exclusive interview with levi johnson. they will talk to him about his political aspirations and reality tv show as he runs for mayor of wasilla. is he running for mayor because he wants to be mayor or this new reality show? >> good question. doesn't matter, really. >> no. >> is he going to get elected? >> he going to make some money? people living along the american river canyon in auburn are on alert for a bear that broke into a home. the home owner says a 6-foot
5:27 am
bear very gently removed a screen door. >> a little screwdriver? >> by the hinges. >> and then he helped himself to a snack. a bag of dog biscuits. the owners tried to scare him away but apparently the bear did not budge. you talking to me? [ laughter ] >> eventually he left on his own. no one was hurt. neighbors are keeping a lookout, though, for a hungry burglar. >> i heard up in tahoe they get into your freezer and get things like haagen-dazs. >> you cannot stop them. 5:27. coming up in the next half hour, they still don't have their luggage. >> when passengers on the jetblue flight that made a rough landing in sacramento can expect to get their belongings. and for the first time we are going to see what life is like underground for those 33 miners trapped in chile. and a nasty spill from the streets into the waters reaching the san francisco bay. [ signal breakup ] how they're keeping people informed coming
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the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. and i'm sydnie kohara. good morning. it's friday, august 27. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. 5:30. let's go ahead and get you out the door. elizabeth, how's it looking? >> not too bad. we'll start off this friday morning with a bridge check. no problems on any bay area
5:31 am
bridges. light traffic including across the golden gate bridge. they did the lane change. so everything is flowing nicely as you approach the pay gates. same thing at the bay bridge. no more roadwork on the upper deck and san mateo bridge, no problems. no issues. let's go to our maps. we heard about this situation right there on highway 9 and highway 35. just came up on our chp reports so it sounds like a car tried to swerve to avoid hitting a deer. sounds like the car may be is gone off the shoulder. so chp may have to do one way traffic control in the area. freeways in the south bay out of downtown san jose no problems. seeing top speeds all along 280 as you head towards cupertino. now, i mentioned this. we have been talking about this. this is on overnight accident. major injury crash overturned big rig and they still have the northbound lanes of 101 shut down between highway 156 and highway 25.
5:32 am
southbound 101 is open in the area. but as far as northbound traffic, you are going to have to use this detour getting onto 156 and using 25 to reconnect on northbound 101. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. it's almost the weekend. how about your temperatures? they will be pretty mild. lower 80s in concord. 100-degree territory for most of the week. 82 degrees in livermore. 70 in oakland. 75 in fremont. 77 degrees down in san jose. 76 in redwood city. and the mid- to upper 60s in san francisco. lower to the mid-70s in vallejo and san rafael and upper 70s in napa and 79 in santa rosa. seven-day forecast. sunshine expected for today. more clouds filter in for saturday as temperatures cool down. sunday more sunshine and temperatures rebound monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you.
5:33 am
>> thank you. it's 5:32 right now. the mess, it's still being cleaned up on the peninsula. a sewage pipe near davit lane and anchor circle in redwood city is broken. anne makovec -- [ laughter ] -- sorry anne. you look good out there! >> reporter: yesterday it was garbage, today it's sewage. i'm really glad it's friday actually. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but the city here in redwood shores still working to fix this pipe and clean up the mess. you can see they have been working throughout the night here. but what's more interesting about the scene is the trucks here on my side, there are four tanker trucks another one just pulled up. they are ready for the busy morning period when everyone is showering and using the restroom because all that sewage is going to be taken into the trucks and then driven away to a sewage treatment plant because the pipe is still broken. [ signal breakup ] >> she was going to say the pipe is still busted and from
5:34 am
what i know, they will be doing that hopefully trying to get it repaired later on today. that pipe did spew thousands of gallons of sewage into people's garages throughout the neighborhood and it did -- it is believed to have gone as well into the nearby reservoir there. no word on exactly how much made it into the bay, though. we'll try to reestablish contact with anne and get you updated on that. trash day, it returns to san mateo county today. a two-day garbage strike ended last night. more than 500 allied waste collectors had refused to cross the picket line in solidarity with a dozen or so fellow workers. those fellow workers were striking at a landfill in half moon bay. the company says the pickups will be running two days behind schedule as it handles the overflow of trash. oakland schools are trying to find money to keep seven daycare centers open after today.
5:35 am
the childhood development centers were originally set to close at the beginning of august. but the district found $400,000 to keep the seven centers open through today. those centers serve about 500 preschool and elementary age kids. the "chronicle" is reporting state funding cuts have forced oakland schools to cut nearly three-quarters of their funding for early childhood education. 5:35. three people have been found shot to death in a west hollywood apartment. people nearby called police about 9:30 last night saying they heard gunshots. sheriff's deputies still on the scene. they aren't saying much at this time. there is no word on a motive or any suspects. they survived a hard landing and the emergency chute but now some jetblue passengers want their luggage back. this is home video of what happened at the sacramento airport yesterday. 15 people were injured including five who had to be taken to the hospital. most of the injuries came from sliding down the emergency chute. as the airbus landed, the tires
5:36 am
under the right wing caught fire due to a brake problem. jetblue says the crew decided to evacuate as a precaution. >> about 50 feet the plane just abruptly stopped. and then the announcement came on again, you need to evacuate. but it didn't sound like anything serious, just flat tire. >> i was a little frightened. i thought the plane was going to blow up. i didn't know what was going on on. >> the luggage won't be available for 24 hours. it's 5:36. no progress record after a meeting involving the main players in the california state budget talks. governor schwarzenegger held his first meeting with legislative leaders in nearly two months yesterday. they talked for less than an hour. democratic senate president pro tem darrell steinberg said it
5:37 am
was a positive conversation. senate minority leader dennis hollingsworth say republicans support the governor's plans for deep cuts but against democrats' calls for tax increases. the race for lieutenant governor is heating up in the state with the release of a youtube video from the campaign of abel maldonado, the republican incumbent. it features clips of his democratic challenger san francisco mayor gavin newsom. >> it's gonna happen, whether you like it or not! whether you like it or not! whether you like it or not! >> what does the lieutenant governor do? for the life of me i don't know! >> newsom calls the 8-minute ad a personal attack. not only on him but also on san francisco. >> i think anyone could splice, pick and choose, particularly someone up front on issues that doesn't sit back again and play in the caboose so to speak in terms of public policy. >> i think what's important here is for the people of
5:38 am
california to know what his governing style is. and his governing style is, "whether you like it or not." governor schwarzenegger appointed abel maldonado as lieutenant governor and he was confirmed a few months ago. polls show newson with a narrow lead in the race. new video of the 33 miners trapped a half mile below earth's surface in chile. randall pinkston reports some of the miners finally spoke to their families. >> reporter: 2300 feet underground the 33 trapped might beers are doing everything they can to keep their -- 33 trapped miners are doing everything they can to keep their spirits up. "i'd like to say hello to my grandchildren and my family." these new images offer the best look yet at the conditions for 22 days. the footage was shot with a camera that rescue crews sent down through a borehole used for communications. the miners appear to be perspiring but overall they seem to be holding up.
5:39 am
yesterday, they learned they will likely stay trapped until christmas. still, they are encouraged by the round-the-clock rescue effort. it takes courage to not leave us abandoned, says this miner. we know everything you have been doing outside. chile's government is even seeking help from nasa. officials have asked for survival tips in extreme confined conditions and they are even thinking about sending down food rations to the miners similar to the ones astronauts use. >> it's very alienating. you're isolated. there is a sense of not belonging to the earth anymore. >> reporter: on the surface, crews are using a small hole to lower food, water and medicine. but keeping the miners healthy is only part of the challenge. along with advising them to lose weight so they can fit through a rescue tunnel, officials have encouraged the men to keep each other entertained to pass the time. at one point, in the newly released footage, the miners can be seen singing chile as
5:40 am
national anthem. [ singing ] >> reporter: morale they will need to keep up in order to get out. in washington, randall pinkston, cbs 5. and now we learned there is a chance that those miners will not be paid after they get rescued because their company is in danger of going bankrupt. that company not involved at all in this rescue operation. that's being handled by a state- owned mining company. hurricane danielle is a category 4 in the atlantic. the storm's maximum sustained winds near 135 miles an hour. it may get stronger. forecasters say swells from the storm could reach the u.s. coast, the east coast, by the weekend. right now, danielle's eye about 500 miles southeast of bermuda. this weekend marks the five- year anniversary of hurricane katrina and many people are focused on the recovery efforts in new orleans. but nearby mississippi residents have also faced a
5:41 am
tough recovery. about 94,000 homes were destroyed on the mississippi coast. more than 5,000 hurricane victims remain homeless as of today. only one in eight homes in the area has been rebuilt. many people won't ever call the mississippi coast home again. high insurance costs, stricter building codes and a slow economy are forcing them to permanently leave the area. 52% of americans say they do not think new orleans has recovered yet from katrina's devastation. a cbs news poll also found 63% think the federal government could have done more to help in the wake of the hurricane. and 72% of americans now have a good image of new orleans. that's up from 49% four years ago. it is 5:41. we found two things in your refrigerator that can make you sick. fruit pops and cheese. >> and a northern california fourth grader in trouble for sniffing hand sanitizer.
5:42 am
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good morning. we are going live out to sunnyvale. this is northbound 101 traffic right there by the lawrence expressway. and everything is moving along fine on this friday morning. 101 and 280 both look good. so thank you to our photographer jake standing out there giving us a live traffic shot this morning.35/9 interchange car tried to swerve to avoid a deer. the car is on the right shoulder. chp is on scene. they are doing one way traffic control in the area so the northbound lane of highway 35 closed right now in order to clear the scene. so watch out for that for the next half hour or so. back outside live look at the nimitz freeway 880 traffic through oakland. right by the coliseum.
5:45 am
no problems, no issues towards downtown. and mass transit is all running on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. here's tracy with your forecast. >> why are you laughing, liz? what's going on? >> i'm all distracted. we were talking about other things. [ laughter ] >> is it the weekend? >> a few minutes ago. it's the weekend. my brain is focused on saturday. >> she is all obsessed about the weekend. i'm sure many of you are especially with the weather temperatures going up and down. not a lot of fog in the bay area, because we can see the bay bridge but we have some clouds out there. for the morning as you head out the door, plenty of clouds are expected. even some fog along the coastline, with temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to the upper 50s. for this afternoon, sunshine, mild temperatures inland ranging from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. around the bay mostly sunny conditions. temperatures in the mid-60s to the mid-70s. and a mix of sun and clouds and cool along the coastline, upper 50s to the mid-60s.
5:46 am
here a look at the satellite- radar. we have something worth talking about. small low pressure system well off the coastline here is going to be moving through the bay area. that's going to cool us down saturday and also cool down your temperatures in addition to giving us more cloud, maybe even a few sprinkles. here's a look at today's highs. lower 60s in pacifica, mid-70s in palo alto, and sunnyvale. upper 70s in santa clara san jose. lower 80s out in morgan hill. also plenty of lower 80s from concord to danville, also down in pleasanton. mid-80s in antioch and brentwood. closer to the bay mid-50s in richmond, 67 berkeley, 68 alameda, 70 oakland. north bay locations upper 70s in napa, sonoma, petaluma, santa rosa. upper 70s in san rafael, san anselmo. upper 60s in sausalito and in san francisco. many of you are probably waiting anxiously for the weekend. weekend forecast, more clouds coming in saturday. cloudy maybe a few sprinkles. sunday definitely the warmer of the two days.
5:47 am
that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. some of the stories we're following right now, we have the first -- well, actually new video from a half mile underground in chile. the government sent a camera down the communication hole to the 33 trapped miners and they provided a tour of the area where they are holed up awaiting rescue. the salmonella contamination that forced half a billion eggs to be recalled was apparently from chicken feed. the fda has found salmonella in the feed at one of the iowa farms involved in the recall. crews in redwood city are continuing to work to repair a broken sewage pipe. the pipe apparently broke wednesday. it has leaked raw sewage into some garages in the area and
5:48 am
into the lagoon at redwood shores. frozen fruit bars being recalled in california, arizona and texas because of concerns of typhoid fever. they were distributed since may of last year. they were made from contaminated pulp that another company recalled two weeks ago after an outbreak in california and nevada. so far no illnesses from the bars have been reported. production of cheese made in a missouri dairy is stopped after traces of potentially harmful bacteria surfaced in california. the halt in production and distribution involves cheese made by morning land dairy in missouri. the dairy sells several types of cheese from raw cow and raw goat milk. tests for bacteria came back positive yesterday. this morning, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will give a speech. he is expected to talk about
5:49 am
the direction of the u.s. economy. and his words will be closely followed by people on wall street many of whom are concerned that the economy could dip back into a recession. this follows a recent string of negative statistics. [ opening bell ] and one sign that the economy is on shaky ground, take a look at the dow jones industrial average. it begins trading today below 10,000. that is the first below that mark in nearly two months. the dow lost 74 yesterday to close at 9986. the s&p standard & poor's down 8 points. the nasdaq composite dropping 23. it's 5:49. a fourth grader in the sacramento area suspended from school for sniffing hand sanitizer. the boy says that friends at dingell elementary school told him to sniff it. >> dare you, double dare. >> you can you see kids? dog dare you. he says he did it occasionally but this time he was caught by a teacher and was suspended.
5:50 am
i didn't know huffing hand sanitizer was -- anyway, the poison control officials say they have never heard of anyone getting high from smelling sanitizer. and mateo's mom thinks the school should use this as a lesson. >> this is happening in this grade and it needs to just -- they need to have a school assembly or something and talk about this. because it's in the going to go away. >> district officials say that will happen and an apology will be made to mateo and his mom. >> i mean, peer pressure, it is so tough that age. you know, dare you, double dare you. >> triple dog dare. >> you kiss that girl or go -- steal the dodgeball. >> yeah. >> sniff the hand sanitizer. coming up, what tiger woods says about being back on top of the leaderboard. [ laughter ] look at you.
5:51 am
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hey, looky there. no fog there. any fog around, tracy? >> along the coast but not much in the bay. >> there you go. >> going to be a nice day and it has cooled down quite a bit. there are nice cool breezes back. >> it's 5:53. tiger woods admits his divorce made golf's put it a lot more difficult than i was letting on. >> all right. but now that that divorce is final, it was finalized earlier this week, he appears to be regaining top form. he was the first player out on the course at the barclays and shot a 6-under 65. that is his lowest round of the year. tiger tied for the lead. and he says this is the best he
5:54 am
felt on a course in months. >> feels good. it feels good to be able to control my ball all day like this. i haven't done that. the only time i hit the ball like this was the nine holes at the u.s. open on saturday. this is how i hit it. but i hit it all day like that. i hit it all day, today. that feels good. it feels good to -- >> golf networks certainly excited about that, huh? they were losing a lot of viewers. yesterday, woods said he felt like he was hitting the ball flush and through the wind for the first time in many months. more sports news. former baseball pitcher roger clemens will be formally indicted today on charges that he lied to congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. clemens told a congressional committee he had not used steroids but that conflicted with testimony boy clemens' trainer and a teammate. now clemens faces six federal counts of perjury, false
5:55 am
statements and obstruction of congress. today he is expected to plead not guilty to all the charges. in sacramento, passengers scrambled down emergency chutes after a jetblue flight made a hard landing but no one was hurt. not badly. so we have been asking apparently some people hurt coming down the slide, what was your scariest moment in flight? ye bad turbulence. >> is that -- never mind. >> you all have potty minds. [ laughter ] >> email us your answer to we're also on facebook and twitter. >> you know what i think is interesting about that? you know, you get on a plane, you're so busy doing your thing you don't really talk to the people around you and then as soon as something like that
5:56 am
happens, you're like -- >> you're best friends! [ laughter ] >> it's all you got. >> exactly. >> as soon as i get on a plane i am aware of every bump, noise, i am totally -- >> really? >> yes, i am. >> i fall asleep before we leave the gate. >> are you really? >> yeah. >> there is something about the plane just the vibration i'm just like hm. oh. >> so friday morning commute not too bad. >> yeah. >> not too bad. we have a couple of little situations going on. >> situations. >> situations. >> all right. this is in richmond westbound 580 approaching bayview avenue. a car went off the road in a creekbed. two tow trucks are needed and 100 feet of cable. chopper 5 may be going there so we may have live pictures coming up. they are doing one way traffic control west of saratoga at highway 35 and highway 9. a car swerved to avoid hitting a deer went into a ravine. the tow truck driver says though needs chp to help block a lane to get the car out of
5:57 am
the creekbed or ravine so one way traffic control still in effect there. but let's go outside and show you a live look at 101 traffic because we have a photographer standing by right there by the lawrence expressway. as you can see, everything is moving along fine. [ laughter ] >> those headlights are northbound traffic towards mountain view and palo alto. tracy -- >> just ignore him. i can see all the mothers and fathers. just ignore him. >> but he is so funny. kind of hard. >> but that makes it worse if you start laughing. >> it does. >> okay, tracy. get it together. seven-day forecast mild temperatures today, 85 inland, 60s at the bay and the coast. saturday the cooler and definitely more cloudy of the two days saturday and sunday. temperatures rebounding monday through thursday. >> all right. 5:57. coming up in the next half hour, a teenaged driver going 100 miles an hour. we'll tell you why he was under arrest less than an hour before this crash.
5:58 am
>> and coming up, we'll tell you what nasty mess these trucks are lining up to take away from one bay area neighborhood this morning. stick around. ,,,,,,,,
5:59 am
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