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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's friday, august 27. they are gearing up for everybody taking showers and hitting the can this morning in redwood city. there was a sewage spill, pipeline had busted and they haven't been able to get it fixed yet. so they have a number of trucks there to ship it out. >> but unfortunately, it's got nene some garages, into the bay. so still trying to deal with that. we'll give you an update. we have our glamourous anne makovec. [ laughter ] >> they have lowered a camera down into the mine in chile where the miners have been
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trapped. the miners took us for a little tour of the conditions in which they're living. we'll give you an update on when they will get out. >> that's the most incredible story that they have been able to survive this long and still so far getting along and it could be a long time before they're rescued. remember this video? just incredible. it's amazing that the teenager driving that car is still alive. >> yeah. >> apparently, he was -- this was just 20 minutes after he was released from police custody. we'll tell you why he was under arrest and what's happening with him today. first, we hope our compute doesn't look like that. >> no. we have lots of good drives. just want to get through this friday so our drivers can enjoy this beautiful weather. >> yes, i'm all about it. friday light traffic conditions so far except for highway 4. it is always bad at this time of the morning. first out to chopper 5 live over oakland near the 880-980 interchange. so thank you, chopper 5, showing us how great traffic
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looks as you head out of downtown. there you go. out to highway 4, we are seeing a lot of slow traffic. 24 miles per hour now passing a street and looks like that all the way to somersville. pittsburg then things look okay. one way traffic control west of saratoga through the santa cruz mountains. car swerved to avoid a deer, car in a ditch. so one way traffic control at 35/9. overturned big rig overnight northbound 101 still completely shut down between 156 and 25. so you are going to have to use the detour in the area 156 to get back on 25 to get you back on to northbound 101. >> wow. >> a lot of detours i know. i'm choking as i say it. so all right. here's tracy with a check of your forecast. >> okay. things not as difficult in the weather department this morning. [ laughter ] got some low clouds inland around the bay even along the coast with some
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fog. temperatures for the morning a little cool ranging from the upper 50s to the upper 50s. heading into the afternoon, we continue to cool down inland antioch yesterday in the lower 90s today mid-80s. 60s inland, mix of sun and clouds at the bay. clouds at the coast, 60s. weekend forecast, you got plans, you want to do something outside? sunday is your day. saturday more clouds, cooler. and then sunday we warm up. and with that warmup, take a look at monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. they are all getting in on the action as temperatures rebound into the middle of next week. so not a bad weekend expected. >> yeah. looking better. >> thank you. back to you guys. 6:03. this morning, crews still trying to repair that ruptured underground pipe that's leaked thousands of gallons of raw sewage on the peninsula. the pipe is near davit lane and anchor circle in the redwood shores. anne makovec is right there with an update on repairs and clean-up. anne, good morning. i have to ask you, can you smell it? >> reporter: you know,
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actually, when we arrived just before 5:00 a.m., my photographer and i were noting to each other that we couldn't really smell anything. we were very glad for that. but now as the hours have been progressing, the smell has been increasing. you can see over here we have an exposed hole and that's where they are drawing sewage up from right now taking it into those tanker trucks and taking it away. i'm guessing that now because people are wake up, showering, using the bathroom, there's just more exposure to that sort of stuff coming up through the hole so i think that's what we're smelling right now. let me tell ya, you should be glad you don't have smellevision. it's not so good. the pipe ruptured on wednesday. a little background on this stingy situation. crews have been working nonstop to repair it. it's still broken. on wednesday it spilled raw sewage into the street to the nearby lagoon and into six people's garages. 5,000 gallons of raw sewage
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total. yesterday they excavated the pipe and gandhi verdicting the sewage into the tanker trucks that we just saw. but while the spill is over, the aftereffects are certainly not. the water in the redwood shores lagoon is likely contaminated with toxins and bacteria. >> we have called all the residents in the area to make them aware of the overflow into the lagoon. we have done some water quality testing that's with the lab and there currently are high levels of e. coli and total coliform into the water. >> the city crews have not been able to determine what caused the pipe to burst or exactly how much sewage has made it into the lagoon or by this point into the san francisco bay. they also don't know when they are going to have the pipes fixed. but again, this spill has stopped. they just need to continue work on the pipe around here. in the meantime we are going to be seeing these trucks taking
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the sewage away. they are keeping everybody updated with automated phone calls in the area. >> yeah. this is one situation where i don't think there are a lot of looky-loos around. they are avoiding this area. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's not good. i'm telling you, it's getting nauseating. >> thank you, hang in there. anne makovec in redwood city. trash day is returning in san mateo county today. a two-day garbage strike ended last night. more than 500 allied waste collectors refused to cross the picket line in solidarity with a dozen or so fellow workers. those fellow workers striking at a landfill in half moon bay. the company says that pickups will be running two days behind schedule as it handling the overflow of trash. results are expected today from a vote by san jose firefighters. they are considering taking a 9% pay cut that would allow the rehiring of 49 colleagues who were recently laid off. the san jose fire department had an especially busy day yesterday. we started telling you about this early in the morning.
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these fires burning two homes on the city's west side and a construction company building near downtown. in the afternoon, there was a 40-acre grassfire in the santa teresa area. >> oakland police still have no suspects in the murder of a teenager a week before his 14th birthday. friends and family held a vigil last night for jimon clark. it was near 61st and bancroft avenue. jimon was shot wednesday night. those who knew his described him as a star athlete who enjoyed magic tricks and religious activities. >> it weakens you in the knees that here again we're back on stage one with the violence and the corruption, you know, in our community. laying off 80 police officers, they should be adding more police officers to help circumvent the crime that's
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still out there on our streets. >> jimon clark was shot as he and his 15-year-old brother walked to a gas station to help a friend. investigators say the gunman went through the teen's pockets and stole $2 before running off. it is 608 time. bart announcing what it's doing with its budget surplus. the reward for riders. toyota recalling more than a million cars. the problem and the models that are affected. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have had a couple of incidents so far on the roads this morning but overall our freeways look great. live look at westbound 80 traffic out of albany. only 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. traffic in six minutes. >> thank you. traffic and weather coming up. ikea in emeryville is a step closer to expanding. last night the emeryville planning commission approved the plan to open a separate warehouse. [ applause ] >> this was during debate last night. that applause for the opponents of the plan. the currently empty warehouse a few blocks away from the ikea furniture showroom. the site would be used for
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storage and also customer pickup of bulky items. nearby neighbors worry about traffic and noise. >> we are so close to this. i personally and all of emery bay village are so close to this. go look how close this is. there is no way it's not going to drastically reduce our quality of life. >> there will be no product sales out of this building. we won't sell anything out of this building. no food. no services. come pick up your stuff. load it in your car. and you're on your way. >> the planning commission approved the project that was a 4-3 vote. this proposal now heads to the city council. 6:12. bart rewarding riders by delaying the next fare hike for six months. the transit agency has regularly scheduled fare hikes every two years to counter the rate of inflation. the next increase was set for
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new year's day 2012. but now it won't go into effect until july of 2012. the move will safe riders more than $2 million. it's all part of a larger rider appreciation package from bart's $8 million surplus. it includes replacing seats and installing realtime departure signs. getting busted for a certain traffic violation may soon cost you less in california. state lawmakers have approved a bill to reduce the base fine for turning right at a red light without making a full stop. if approved by the governor the base fine would drop from 100 to $35. the dmv says an incomplete stop on a right turn is the most common red light violation. toyota is recalling 1.3 million cars because the engines may stall. the recall covers corollas and matrix hatchbacks. model years 2005 to 2008. three accidents and one minor injury have been reported.
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but toyota says it's not positive the accidents are linked to the engine issue. toyota says it will begin mailing notifications to customers in mid-september. apple creating a little bit of buzz in our newsroom. the cupertino-based company has scheduled a press conference for next week. it's not saying what it's going to announce. some say it may unveil a new ipod or roll out a new service to allow music streaming over the internet without having to download it. [ clearing throat ] >> related item ben & jerry's is announcing a new flavor, too, but they aren't saying what it is. [ pause ] >> sorry. 6:14. >> police say he was going 100 miles an hour. and he is still alive. >> we'll tell you why the teen driver under arrest less than an hour before this crash. and coming up on this weekend, we got one event. if you are into cars, you may like this one, especially
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vintage cars. it's the 24th annual goodguys west coast nationals bringing 3500 classic cars to the bay area. it's going to be held in the alameda fairgrounds. 100,000 people expected to be in pleasanton. conditions nice, saturday 74 degrees. sunday 78 with partly to mostly sunny skies. we'll take a look at the rest of the bay area's weekend forecast coming up. ,,,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton.
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good morning. let's go back out to clop. showing us a live shot of the upper deck of the bay bridge. heading out to chopper 5, definitely busy on the upper deck. still no sign of the metering lights. no wait approaching the pay gates. chopper 5 is heading into san francisco for today's hi-5 coming up at 6:45. so stay tuned. it involves pizza! that's all i'll say for right now. it's going to be a good one. all right. let's go to our maps show you more live traffic cameras. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. just a small wait there in a couple of cash lanes. good down the eastshore freeway, 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 880 oakland no problems, as well. we haven't had any major issues across the bay area, across our major freeways. those taillights that's northbound traffic heading towards high street. we are just seeing our usual congestion around this time of
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the morning as usual. 18 miles per hour past a street in antioch and sluggish slow and go out of the altamont pass westbound 580 towards the dublin interchange but it looks okay once you hit tassajara. so nice and quiet approaching the dublin grade. mass transit is all on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. you can also tune into kcbs radio for your constant weather updates through the morning and afternoon. bay bridge, you can see it but you can also see something else today, clouds overhead. not many low clouds or fog in the bay area but plenty of clouds. daily planner clouds expected inland. clouds around the bay. and even some low clouds and fog for the coastline. temperatures for the morning as you head out the door a little chilly. 40s and 50s. mild conditions this afternoon
6:20 am
in the bay area. bye-bye heat wave, hello 80s. mid-70s and 80s well inland today. 60s and 70s around the bay with mostly sunny skies. mix of sun and clouds at the coast with a few clouds thrown in for good measure. speaking of clouds, take a look at our satellite and radar. we have more clouds on approach with a minor system giving us more clouds for saturday, cool us down a bit and maybe a few sprinkles. for today, however, temperatures upper 70s in santa clara and san jose. mid-70s in sunnyvale. mid-70s in palo alto and the lower to the mid-60s in pacifica and half moon bay. speaking of the bay, upper 60s in berkeley, 70 in oakland, 68 degrees in alameda. lower 80s expected from concord to pittsburg to danville to livermore and the mid-80s in antioch and in brentwood. north bay locations, pretty nice today. 75 in novato, 77 san rafael. 80 napa, sonoma, petaluma,
6:21 am
santa rosa and expecting upper 60s in sausalito to san francisco. so i showed you that minor disturbance well off the coast. that's going to give us more clouds for saturday. also drop down our temperatures a bit. doesn't stick around for long because by sunday, more sunshine, temperatures warming up. and we'll take those warmer temperatures into monday and they will continue to warm up tuesday, wednesday and thursday. it is the eat real festival which encourages you to eat regional foods. jack london square at oakland going to be going on saturday and sunday. conditions for the weekend mid- 60s saturday. upper 60s sunday. partly to mostly sunny skies. we had a discussion yesterday, what is this? it looks so good. billy and i concluded they are cookies. don't they look good? >> yeah. >> really nice cookies. >> wit bacon? >> yeah, we had to throw some bacon in there for you, john. >> that looks great. 6:21. let's take a look at today's top stories. this morning crews still trying to repair a ruptured
6:22 am
underground pipe in redwood shores. they want to do it quickly because it's been spewing thousands of gallons of raw sewage around davit lane and anchor circle. the pipe apparently ruptured wednesday. no estimate yet on when it will be repaired. oakland police still have no suspects in the murder of a teenager one week before his 14th birthday. last night loved ones held a vigil for jimon clark near where he was shot wednesday. investigators say the gunman apparently went through the teen's pockets and stole $2 before getting away. trash day returning in san mateo county today. allied waste employees had been honoring picket lines since wednesday over stalled contract talks. that ended last night. the company says pickups will be running two days behind schedule as it handling the overflow of trash. it's 6:22. we are learning more about what led up to a teenager's high speed car crash in ohio.
6:23 am
the car was going 100 miles an hour outside dayton. only 20 minutes earlier the 19- year-old had been released from custody. he had been found with a 15- year-old girl in a car an unopened can of alcohol and a trace of marijuana. police stress he had not been drinking. he underwent surgery and is in critical condition. they are still trapped. but they are alive. >> our first look at life underground for those miners in chile. ,,,,,,,,
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>> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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it is 6:26. there is new video this morning from the mine where those 33 men are trapped in chile and it includes them singing the chilean national anthem. [ singing ] >> the miners shot the video with a camera that was sent down through a communications tube. some of them even recorded messages for their families and for rescue workers. chile's government is asking nasa now for tips on surviving in extreme confined conditions. >> alienating environment. you're very isolated. there is a sense of not belonging to the earth anymore. >> the miners are getting food, water, medicine, games an clean clothes through a hold the diameter of a grapefruit. the men are advised to lose weight so they will fit in the rescue tunnel that's being
6:27 am
drilled. it will be about 26", 28" wide. tainted chicken feed is believed to be the source of the salmonella contamination that may be linked to nearly 1500 illnesses across the country. the fda found the salmonella in chicken feed used at two farms in the recall of millions of eggs. some had questioned why so many eggs? critics say that the fda doesn't have the resources it needs to prevent problems. >> the agencies acts more like a fire department waiting for the problems to emerge and then going out and inspecting the facilities. it's really a backwards system. >> the farm's owner is being asked to testify before congress next month. he has paid millions of dollars in fines over the last 20 years for various health, safety, immigration and environmental violations. more evidence that breast- feeding benefits moms as well as their babies. a new study found that women who did not breast-feed their children were almost twice as
6:28 am
likely to develop type two diabetes later in life. type 2 is directly tied to obesity. and there is some evidence that women who breast-feed lost protectcy weight quicker and led an overall healthier lifestyle. cigarette use among kids continues to drop. a government report finding smoking among middle school students has dropped by more than half since 2000. among high schoolers dropped, as well. most adult smokers pick up the habit before the age of 18. coming up there was a scare on a sacramento tarmac. the problem that caused plane passengers to evacuate. what these trucks are lining up to take away, a stinky toxic mess continuing in redwood shores. we'll be right back. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's friday, august 27. >> good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara. john kessler here. elizabeth and tracy also with us to get you out the door as we start this friday. good morning, elizabeth. >> good morning. we have chopper 5 with us, as well. everyone is here on friday morning. showing us live traffic conditions, this is 101 near
6:32 am
hospital curve. headlights moving northbound towards downtown san francisco. nice and light. moving fine. no issues, no problems all the way into san francisco. an earlier issue in richmond westbound 580 approaching bayview avenue. a car disappeared from the chp reports but now it's back. a tow truck is there blocking one lane of traffic. they needed about 100 feet of cable to get a car out of a creekbed. so far not seeing any delays on westbound 580 so no big issues again. it's still light and early. so we are watching that. we'll tell you if there are any big delays through the area. show you some more live traffic cameras. the golden gate bridge, some fog that's about it, nothing else going on for marin. southbound 101 nice from novato through san rafael into san francisco. at the bay bridge, there's still no metering lights. just checked a couple minutes ago. so there's only slight delays and only in the cash lanes. fastrak users getting by fine. really no big delays so far in any sensors up the incline.
6:33 am
that's usually our first indication they will turn the metering lights on. so far no seeing that. mass transit is on time. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. cloudy conditions are expecting this morning with cool temperatures. temperatures still fairly cool along the coastline today with the lower 60s in pacifica. mid- to upper 60s here in san francisco. 7 7 degrees in san rafael, 70 oakland. well inland today, no more 90s. the 80s. lower 80s in concord and livermore. upper 70s in san jose. and temperatures in the upper 70s in napa and santa rosa. seven-day forecast, workweek ends on a nice note. if you have weekend plans a big difference between the two days. one cloudier than the other. one also cooler than the other. saturday plenty of clouds expecting, maybe a few sprinkles across parts of the bay area as a minor disturbance pushes through. sunday it's out of dodge. we have sunshine, warmer weather and temperatures will
6:34 am
continue to warm up, rebound monday through thursday. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. a filthy mess still being cleaned up on the peninsula. a sewage pipe near davit lane and anchor circle in redwood city is busted. anne makovec is there on the scene and loving every minute of it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yes, i have the glamorous job of delivering this report and smelling this sewage that is now being pumped up from the broken line into these trucks here behind me and then those trucks are hauling it away. we have seen several trucks coming in and out of this neighborhood on davit lane this morning so far. crews have been working almost nonstop to repair the line that ruptured on wednesday spilling raw sewage into the streets, the nearby lagoon and into six people's garages. 5,000 gallons total. the city went to work cleaning and disinfecting people's property yesterday once they got a handle on the broken pipe. but it is still not fixed and
6:35 am
the troubles with the nearby lagoon aren't over. the waters of redwood shores are considered contaminated. >> we do know there was a spill of some sewage. we know that there's raw sewage in the water. people should not swim or boat or kayak or have any contact with the lagoon water. >> the good news is it's not spilling out anymore. they have a handle on that. crews haven't been able to determine the cause of the burst pipe or how much sewage made it into the san francisco bay at this point. they also don't know when they are going to get the pipe repaired. they are keeping people informed with phone calls. >> thank you, anne makovec. a decomposing body of a man was found yesterday down an embankment a mile east of
6:36 am
mission boulevard in niles canyon road. the body has been there for more than a month but wasn't visible from the road so wasn't discovered. they found the body while investigating a cold case but aren't ready to go public with details. >> taking all the information you connect all the dots certainly seems possible that it is person they are looking for. however we have been in this business long enough to know you can be fooled sometimes. >> sheriff's investigators are treating it as a homicide. in sacramento, passengers had to scramble down emergency shutes after a jetblue flight made a rather hard landing. this is home video from yesterday's evacuation. the airbus landed just before 1:00. the tires under the right wing caught fire because of a brake problem. jetblue says the crew decided to evacuate as a precaution. there are 87 passengers on board. many of them said they didn't know anything was wrong until the crew told them to get out.
6:37 am
>> about 50 feet the plane just abruptly stopped. then the announcement came on again you need to evacuate. but it didn't sound like anything serious, just a flat tire >> i was a little bit frightened. i thought the plane was going to blow up. i didn't know what was going on so i was confused but i realized that it was okay when i got off. so i was a little bit scared but excited. it was really kind of fun at the same time. >> jetblue says five people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. customer service took care of the other passengers. two suspected car thieves under arrest after a high-speed chase through the oakland streets. police say that they spotted a stolen pickup near macarthur and pearson just before noon yesterday. and when they tried to stop the drive, he sped off. the stolen truck crashed into a car near 20th street and 12th avenue and then plowed into a power pole. the driver and a passenger did try to run for it.
6:38 am
but they were caught. it is 6:37. a fremont company in a very good place right now. it is right in the middle of a bidding war between two computer giants. matt bigler joins us from kcbs radio's silicon valley bureau with more on the company that hp and dell are fighting for. matt, i just saw an alert that says the offer has been upped again. >> reporter: it's now $1.88 billion. the story this morning was going to be that dell had matched hp's latest offer of $1.8 billion for 3par this little known fremont company and now this morning in the last couple of minutes i went in to get some coffee and my newsroom called and said, well, hp has come back with another offer for $1.88 billion for 3par. so right now hp has the highest build. the ball is back in dell's court. they have the right according to their contract with 3 par to match the highest offer. so it's going to be up to them
6:39 am
whether they want to match $1.88 billion. what the heck is 3par? that's the question we put to kcbs technology analyst larry magid. >> it makes the storage systems but the operating system and the management software needed for data centers. so with the growth of cloud computing, this is an increasingly important area. >> reporter: cloud computing basically storing large amounts of data on the internet that you can access over the internet. it's as simple as something like facebook. where do all these birthday pictures that you upload to facebook go? they go to a cloud, to data centers that you need to access. 3par according to the company makes accessing that data faster and cheaper for other companies like dell and hp so it's so valuable. again the ball is now in dell's court once again whether they want to match this latest offer from hp for $1.88 billion. >> and what did they start at, matt? before all this bidding war
6:40 am
broke out, the price now is what three times what the company was valued at? >> reporter: it's about $27 a share now. it was trading for about $12 a share a couple of weeks ago. so it's more than doubled its value since this bidding war began. >> good news for investors and shareholders. >> reporter: oh, yeah. >> thank you matt bigler at the kcbs radio silicon valley bureau. former president jimmy carter is due back in boston from north korea today along with an american whose freedom carter helped arrange. carter traveled to pyongyang on a private mission to secure pardon for 31-year-old aijalon gomes, arrested for trespassing in north korea. there is no indication carter actually met with north korean leader kim jong-il. but that country's news agency says kim granted carter's request to leniently forgive
6:41 am
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good morning. it's friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza. all your approaches still no big delays anywhere. know problems, no metering lights, just a few cars in the cash lanes. later on tonight, giants versus the arizona diamondbacks, 7:15. that's by at&t park. critical mass bike ride at 6:00 p.m. so watch out for delays later on in san francisco. in the meantime we'll show you one more live traffic camera. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge where everything is moving along fine despite low clouds making it harter to see. looks great towards the peninsula. we are going out to san francisco for the hi-5. north beach neighborhood we have a staff from tony's coal fired pizza and slice house. they have italian favorites from new york to naples. they actually just opened the restaurant last week.
6:45 am
and it boasts the first coal fired oven in northern california. there is roman style pizza by the meter and chicago style italian beef subs. so thank you so much for the folks from tony's coal fired pizza and slice house. and i have been looking at the website all morning, tracy, it's just making my vanilla yogurt that i brought in for breakfast, it's not cutting it. >> you mean that meatball sandwich is knocking your yogurt -- >> or by the slice. looks so good. they are within walking distance. >> get a slice down here for elizabeth. that poor little yogurt isn't making it! thank you guys for waking up this morning. glad chopper 5 had an opportunity to get up and out this morning. we do have fog at the coast but it didn't hamper chopper 5 showing off tony's this morning. here we are live look from our mount vaca cam. it is 6:45. our sunrise under way this morning. our daily planner well under way, cool temperatures clouds expected along the coastline around the bay and again some low clouds for the coastline
6:46 am
with some fog expected. by the afternoon a micks. mid-70s in the bay. mostly sunny skies 80s inland plenty of sunshine and mild. clouds on approach. those clouds will be coming in throughout the day tomorrow giving us more clouds for saturday. cooler temperatures may produce some light sprinkles across the bay area so just a heads up about that for your saturday. for your friday, however, upper 70s from santa clara to san jose with plenty of sunshine. mid-70s in sunnyvale and redwood city, 60s in daly city, pacifica and half moon bay. also, expecting temperatures to be in the lower 80s today from concord to danville to pleasant hill also down in pleasanton in the mid-80s in antioch to brentwood. just along the bay here upper 60s in berkeley, 70 oakland, 68 in alameda. san francisco today, upper 60s as well as sausalito. upper 70s in san rafael,
6:47 am
kentfield and san anselmo. and temperatures in the same ballpark just near 80 degrees in napa, fairfield, sonoma, petaluma, and again expecting those temperatures to continue to be pretty nice today. as we move into tomorrow, take a look at what happens. clouds build in, we cool down sunday. things kind of reverse themselves. more sunshine, higher temperatures and we'll take those warmer temperatures into monday and extend into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. this weekend the palo alto festival of the arts, partly cloudy saturday 69 degrees. sunday mostly sunny skies with 71 degrees. that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, fed reserve chairman ben bernanke will be giving a speech. >> expected to talk about the direction of the u.s. economy. his words will be closely followed by people on wall street many of whom are concerned the economy could get
6:48 am
back into recession. this follows a string of negative statistics. do we have a look at the dow right now? >> yeah. for the first time in nearly two months, the dow opening this day below 10,000. up 32 points over the 10,000 mark. people see that as a psychological barrier as to where the stocks and the economy are headed. so we'll keep an eye on that for you. passengers scrambled down emergency suits -- chutes after a jetblue flight made a rather hard landing in sacramento yesterday. no one was badly hurt. >> so we have been asking you this morning, what was your scariest moment in flight? barbara says we were come home from cancun lightning outside seemed really close. i was thinking as long as we don't see a little man on the wing -- [ laughter ] >> -- we will be just fine. from twilight zone. >> david says, my army unit was flying into fort irwin back in '74 when hydraulic power was lost on the landing
6:49 am
gear of our c-130. the crew chief whipped out a hand crank and lowered the wheels. >> marian writes a flight to edmonton, british columbia, lost an engine, emergency land, whoo! down the slide. >> everyone was safe. there are new signs sarah palin has some influence on republican primary races. and details on the money and perks involved in her recent speaking engagement in the bay area. >> phil matier is here to talk politics with former assembly speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. i get to say it rarely so i will say it loudly and over and over again, you were wrong! [ laughter ] >> you were wrong! [ laughter ] >> on this show, months ago you predicted sarah palin was done. she was over. she had lost her mojo. she made $75,000 at a speaking engagement at cal state stanislaus and her candidates from kentucky to alaska seemed to be ringing it in winners on
6:50 am
the republican primaries. [overlapping speakers] [ laughter ] >> she's back and bigger than ever. >> bigger than ever. as a matter of fact, at this moment, if there was an election of republican nominee for the presidency i think she would be appropriately placed. >> what is going on? what is sister sarah's big secret? >> well, i think she has withdrawn from the fray on a full-time basis. she speaks only to people who speaks her language. and she has adopted a rare position and that is, watch out who is going to win and help them. >> okay. so she waits until the 4th quarter and hops in the game, is that what you're saying? >> absolutely. let me tell you, i'm good at horseracing. if i can bet on the last quarter. [ laughter ] >> that's right. she went in and she actually -- was -- started to -- she started to endorse one person
6:51 am
and then switched, right? >> in alaska. >> switched the race in alaska. >> that is correct. and she and first dude ended up being the top people to get out the vote and now she is taking full credit. i would suspect that joe miller, who actually won, or appears to have won, is not going to ultimately give her full credit because after all, he steered that ship all the way to the 11th hour before she showed up. >> but nonetheless, she does appear to be the one capturing the anti-incumbency feeling and she has the -- the tea party is taking over the republican party in many cases. >> i think that's exactly what the tea party intends to do. i think they intend to become the most influential unit of the republican party if not the only unit of the republican party. you know, one time people thought because nancy pelosi and the democrats had done so well in 2006 and better in 2008 with obama winning they
6:52 am
really thought the republicans would go away and rethink what they should do. they thought that john mccain types and the rockefeller type republicans would literally emerge as the new competitive republican party. but that obviously is not true. what is emerging is those so- called right wing crazies are becoming the mainstream of the republican party. >> final question on this topic then we move on. $75,000 for her speaking engagement in the central valley. is that over or you and what you get? [ laughter ] >> okay. now, on to another little topic san francisco mayor gavin newsom's run for lieutenant governor is hitting stormy weather. his opponent abel maldonado has released a video he put together online that slams mayor newsom for a number of things, mostly about his personality and sort of flip- flops. i think we have a flip from t can we show it? >> it's gonna happen whether you like it or not, whether
6:53 am
you like it or not, whether you like it or not! >> what does the lieutenant governor do? for the life of me i don't know. [ laughter ] >> there's my response. >> your reaction? >> i think it's good because you see, it keeps gavin newsom in san francisco. ync. the should be far more entertained and far more impressed with the clips about newsom than they are with the kind of made-up stuff that we politicians do about each other. he looks good. he sounds good. and they know that he is, you know, not serious. [ pause ] >> what you sell sometimes is absolutely amazing. absolutely amazing. [ laughter ] >> you know he is not serious. >> absolutely amazing. >> whether you like it or not. oh, come on, give me a break, phil. now that the public is far more energized by that. >> who is leading in the polls right now. >> gavin newsom is leading.
6:54 am
newsom is going to win. >> right. >> the horse picker mayor brown here in the 4th quarter is going to put the money on the guy, right? [ laughter ] >> all behind gavin. there you go. >> the last furlong. >> thank you very much, phil matier and willie brown. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:57 am
these are some of the first pictures of what life is like for those 33 trapped miners in chile. the miners made this video. they sent a camera down to them through a communications tube. it's only just a few inches wide. one miner says they play dominos and cards and they have meetings and they pray daily. they have been underground for 22 days and probably will not be rescued until christmas. all right. let's go out to chopper 5 live over the bay bridge toll plaza right now where you can see there are no problems at all. it's definitely friday light this morning. you're good to go in san francisco right now. flight to catch at sfo, no delays in any lanes, no
6:58 am
metering lights. slow up the incline but not a bad ride into san francisco. 880/237 this is how now it's a good morning commute. 880/237 that 237 ride towards silicon valley so far not slow at all. and quick check of the south bay this traffic coming out of downtown san jose, no problems up towards cupertino. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. it is going to be a good morning. i saw some sunshine in a couple of the last traffic cameras that elizabeth had up. plenty of sunshine expected today especially inland. temperatures do continue to cool down, however. mid-80s expected upper 60s around the bay with a mix of sun and clouds and a few low clouds will be lingering along the coastline with highs in the mid-60s. cooling down saturday with more clouds expected maybe a few sprinkles across the bay area. don't worry, things will rebound sunday, conditions and temperatures. and we'll take the warmer weather into monday and also into thursday. nice weekend expected. >> sprinkles. haven't heard that in a while. >> we don't stay that often around here this time of year. 6:58. a couple of retired entertainers are hanging out
6:59 am
at the oakland zoo. >> yeah. >> bernie and eddie. 16-year-old bernie, 20-year- old eddie, they have been in movies and commercials. well, now this duo has booked their last gig at the chimp exhibit. they are brothers and they share the space with a half dozen other chimps. kind of retirement community there. >> for entertainers. [ laughter ] >> guys, move over. i'll be joining you soon. [ laughter ] >> i'll come visit. >> thanks. [ laughter ] got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email it is fire shirt friday. contra costa and san ramon valley fire departments. giving a shoutout to those people. oh, got the hat, too. oh, man. email >> and check out brian's daily briefing weekdays at 11:00 on hope it's a great weekend for ya. >> going to be beautiful. enjoy it.


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