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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  August 28, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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how authorities caught the man one was armed with a pistol. he was disarmed and both were taken into custody. >> busted at the border, how authorities caught the man suspected of shooting a freemont police officer. honoring the legacy or hijacking the dream? the message from conservatives on the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. a lot of people suffering and it's best to share what we have. >> and keeping up community connections in the midst of anti-sentiment, how one east bay group is succeeding. the news starts now. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. the suspect has been arrested in san diego. new developments tonight in the shooting of a freemont police officer. the suspect has been arrested in san diego and the officer who remains in critical but stable condition has been identified as todd young. 39 years old, he's a six year
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veteran of the force. prior to that he served 10 years on the newark police department. he is married with two children. don knapp is in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: police officers and family members continue to come to the hospital room of officer todd young or at least the quarters outside the room holding a vigil for his recovery. meanwhile oakland police officers are already in san diego preparing to bring back to the bay area the man they believe is responsible for young's injuries. border guards were already on alert for andrew barrientos after he allegedly shot a freemont police officer yesterday afternoon in oakland. san diego police and the california highway patrol caught up with him and man driving the car he was in as they headed for the border. >> one was armed with a pistol. he was disarmed and both were taken into custody. >> reporter: investigators have been following a cell phone signal from the suspect's vehicle. an officer told the san diego union tribune. barrientos surrendered without
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incident. driver of the vehicle gustavo silva was arrested for aiding a fugitive. >> we asked them to shut down the border so we could do a car search. they closed the border down and were going through checking cars when he fled from one car and was later taken into cust ditch. >> reporter: 20-year-old andrew barrientos is held on a number of charges including attempted murder. >> he was armed with a .9- millimeter handgun. we aren't sure if this was the weapon that was used to shoot officer young. we're still in the process of investigating that. >> reporter: freemont police officer todd young, 39 married with two children was shot as he and a partner were trying to serve barrientos with a warrant in oakland 2:30 friday afternoon. he is sedated at highland hospital in critical condition after surgery that required 60 pints of blood. barrientos started firing as soon as he saw the freemont officers trying to serve the warrant outside his auseon avenue home. police returned the fire and young was hit twice in the
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groin. barrientos fled after the gunshot shooting out the windows of this car he was trying to carjack. the driver was injured by flying glass glass but not hit by the bullets. barrientos took a 1999 green mazda which was found saturday in tennyson park in hayward. misconducted searches in homes throughout the area. one in union city this afternoon as a manhunt focused in a neighborhood near ninth and g streets. >> we started hearing a big bang and there was at least eight, maybe 10 and to me they had to have been tear gas. >> reporter: police broke into the house after handcuffing the woman owner who told us police held her in a police vehicle several hours. she was not arrested and later returned to the torn up house to finish a party cookout in the miss of the mess as tear gas lingered in the interior. barrientos expected back in the bay area sometime tomorrow with police officers. meanwhile police say they'll have a more detailed discussion, news conference,
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monday about this case. >> don knapp in oakland. thank you. san jose police made an arrest in connection with a murder of a young woman. witnesses on morris court say they heard a woman screaming last night and then gunshots. the 20-year-old victim was dead it at the scene. her name and the identity of the suspect are being withheld. a man died after being hit tonight by a muni bus just after 6:00 at the busy intersection of larca and south venice. a witness riding on the bus says the victim lunged in front of the bus. the victim died at the scene. police say he appears to be about 24 years old. in the shadow of the lincoln memorial and on the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech glenn beck called on thousands of tea party supporters to restore traditional american values. the rally was billed as a
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fundraiser for military families. we'll hear why many see it as much more. >> hello, america. >> reporter: glenn beck bounded onto the stepp of the lincoln memorial to greet -- steps of the lincoln memorial to greet an estimated crowd of almost 100,000 people. >> america today begins to turn back to god. >> reporter: the crowd waves flags and chanted in support of the conservative broadcaster's restoring honor rally held on the same day at the same spot where martin luther king jr. gave his i have a dream speech 47 years ago. >> he just wants this country to get back to the basics of constitutionality and i'm 100% behind him. >> reporter: back and fellow tea party leader sarah palin praised men and women who have overcome challenges and honor members of the military for their service. both stayed away from overly political statements. >> we must restore america and restore her values.
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>> reporter: beck's rally drew criticism for its timing. thousands of others led by the reverend al sharpton held their own rally in march aimed at taking back the day and its message. >> they may have the platform, but we have the dream. >> reporter: there were thousands on a three mile through the streets of washington where the civil rights leader's site martin luther king jr. is under construction. >> we're here to carry it on. >> reporter: sharpton's march ended a brief distance from where the beck crowd was. there were no problems. here in the bay area democratic volunteers rallied in oakland before canvassing neighborhoods for votes. the volunteers are part of a campaign to reef out to people who voted for the first -- reach out to people who voted for the first time in 2008 as well as newly registered voters. less homes in the bay area and around the country have
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been feeling the repercussions over building a mosque in ground zero. many have felt forced to defend their faith and lifestyle. we'll hear how some went even further today in the east bay. >> reporter: at poplar park in oakland members of the east bay muslim community gathered to help the less fortunate. >> hard times right now, a lot of people unemployed, a lot of people suffering and so it's best to share what we have. >> reporter: school supplies, clothing and food were distributed. >> thanks for coming. >> reporter: the second annual humanitarian day give-away was hosted by several groups including lareed named for the arabic word for restore. organizers say events like this one reflect true islamic principles of civic duty and helping others. >> a lot of the negative stereotypes that are being portrayed in our nation about islam, the best way to debunk those myths is by going out to things like this to do positive things.
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>> reporter: recently protests have been sparked all over the country by the proposed construction of an islamic community center near the site of the 9/11 attacks in new york. >> think the attacks on muslims in specific is hurtful. i think, like i said, it divides the country to a certain extent. >> reporter: local muslims hope more conversation furthers more understanding, but her folk with us charitable events like this one is giving back to her community. >> i would say that the reason that we're doing this is that there's people in need and we saw a need and we tried to fill it. i think in us doing this it may counteract some of the negative things that are being said about oakland. planting oak trees around the eight- acre plaza that will se a special occasion today at ground zero in manhattan. crews began planting oak trees around the eight acre plaza that will serve as a memorial
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to the thousands killed in the 9/11 terror attacks. the 16 trees planted today are the first in more than 400 that will line the plaza creating an overhedican by for visitors. the gulf coast tries to bury the memory of katrina literally. how some people are marking the fifth anniversary of the deadly hurricane. discover the drugs. paris hilton arrested in las vegas for cocaine, how she apparently helped police discover the drugs. >> after an autumn day we have sun on your sunday. we'll pinpoint the neighborhoods that will warm up the most as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,
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broke in redwood shores earlier crews are running tests this weekend on a newly repaired sewer line that broke in redwood shores earlier this week. crews are also cleaning out garages where raw sewage spilled and repairing damaged asphalt and landscaping. people who live in the area are still being warned to avoid contact with the lagoon water. cooler temperatures and light rain are helping firefighters down at the wildfire that has been brewing in the tahoe national forest since yesterday. so far the fire has burned 875 acres. 30 homes have been evacuated but so far no damage.
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a man whose parents live in the area said he was on the phone when they had to evacuate. >> my dad was yelling we got to go. so i don't know. i just wish i could have been up there. >> no injuries have been reported so far. the cause of the fire, still under investigation. the victims of hurricane katrina mark the five-year anniversary with a unique ceremony today. hundreds of mourners placed notes, cards and letters into a casket in a symbolic burial meant to close the chapter on katrina and begin their new lives. we'll hear why progress still feels painfully slow. >> reporter: ruth creasy sits in front of her renovated home in new orleans' infamous lower 9th ward. her view five years after katrina, mostly empty lots and grim reminders. >> the ones across the street right there, they died in the
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flood. they wouldn't leave, so they all drowned, a mama and her daughter. >> reporter: ruth and her husband reinvested in her community expecting more development by now. >> i'm just hoping that it gets better for the next generation. >> reporter: it's estimated some 100,000 people, about 1/4 of the new orleans population have not returned. nearly 1/3 of the city's homes are vacant. the french quarter is thriving. more tourists are returning, but venture just a few blocks in any direction and there's decay. lana sultun tried to rebuild his home but said he was cheated by shady contractors. a common problem in the city. he still lives in a fema trailer. others have been able to make the best out of what's been lost. entrepreneurs are starting businesses here at a rate far above the national average. >> it's still really raw. >> reporter: simon bruni lost everything. now she's the demo diva. her trademark hot pink ebbing
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cha vitter is tearing down con -- ebbing cha vitter is tearing down con -- excavator is tearing down condemned homes all over the city. as we talked a rainbow appeared over the pouring rain. >> now that's a good sign. >> reporter: a ray of hope as new orleans rebuilds. oh, paris hilton in trouble with the law again tonight. the 29-year-old socialite arrested last night in las vegas on suspicion of felony cocaine possession. she and her boyfriend were pulled over near the wynn hotel when a police officer smelled marijuana smoke coming from her car. as police questioned the boyfriend hilton was taken in a security office to be taken away from the growing crowd. officers say she was pulling lip balm from her purse when a packet of cocaine fell on her floor. she was released a short time
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later without posting bail. >> roberta, she always has the best mugshot. she does. roberta gonzales filling in tonight. good to see you. >> thanks, good to see you, too. what a day today, very interesting. we started following this trough on monday and sure enough, computer models were spot on in bringing it through the bay area producing some mid and even high level clouds over the mount vaca area where the high temperature was near 76 degrees, but did you notice the winds? they were gusting out of the north and northeast up to a good 30 miles per hour during the daytime hours. let me show you what it looked like on our satellite. we did range from 62 in san francisco to 76 degrees in our inland areas. there is that trough right there. let's go ahead and rewind it one more time, right there and now it's going to back into an easterly direction as it heads inland. behind it we still have a lot of cooler air mass. so our temperatures will still be well below average for this
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time of year. we'll bottom them out pretty much in the 70s, a few temperatures near 80 degrees. tonight overnight look at these numbers, 49 degrees in santa rosa to 56 degrees across the santa clara valley, 50 in vallejo. the winds beginning to subside backing off 10 to 20 miles per hour. daytime highs tomorrow 50s and low 60s around the immediate seashore, 70s common around the peninsula to 73 in san jose when typically we should be right around 83 degrees this time of year. east of the bay, numberwise from 60 in richmond to 20 degrees warmer heading due east in our inland areas, 80 degrees in brentwood for the outside numbers. i hope you join me tomorrow for day in the park at camp arroyo, air temperature 78 degrees near livermore for this wonderful fundraiser. hope to see you there. it's going to be partly sunny for the most part. meanwhile other doings in and around the bay area including
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to the north of the golden gate bridge 71 degrees in santa rosa, low 70s around san rafael. meanwhile today we had a high temperature of 74 degrees at the alameda county fair grounds for the good guys west coast nationals. the cars were gorgeous. tomorrow will be slightly warmer under the partly sunny skies. meanwhile and maybe this is more your speed, today again it was 64 degrees. for the rural festival, i see you looking over here, it was delightful, 66 tomorrow with lots of sunshine under partly to mostly sunny skies. meanwhile your cbs5 and seven- day forecasts calls for a modest warm-up tomorrow. these temperatures are still well below average, but we begin to see a bump up in the numbers by tuesday and the roller coaster weather will continue with temperatures soaring into the low 90s by wednesday and thursday and n our inland areas.
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-- in our inland areas. we received this pictures from one of our internet viewers from aspen colorado. we want to see your picks right here at isn't -- pictures right here at isn't it beautiful? >> it is beautiful. kim coyle has had a busy day out watching the 9ers and raiders. >> the battle of the bay. it was not like a preseason game. i thought well, they're going to meet again, so it's kind of a preview of what's to come later in the season. the struggles for the giants pitching staff continue and full highlights from the battle of the bay and the latest on jason campbell's injury next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be ready for the season opener... aubrayo franklin finally signed his one year $7 million contact. the 49ers nose tackle be ready for the season opener. frank gore picks up 59 yards on two carries in his preseason debut and for the second week in a low jason campbell and the raider march down the field in their -- raiders march down the field in their opening drive. darrius heyward-bey one of three catches. 7-0 raiders. 2nd quarter the 9ers may finally have fund their punt returners. >> look out. he's got to make one play to make the football team, adams may have just made it.
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touchdown 49ers. >> seventh round pick phillip adams takes it 83 yards. 10-79ers. campbell's night would get cut short after he gets taken down from behind. he leaves the game with the stinger but should be okay for the season opener. alex smith played the entire first half including his first touchdown of the preseason. he finds a wide open josh morgan. 17-79ers. end of the half bruce gradkowski provides the magic once again and he's got plenty of daylight. 74 yards later the 9ers lead is cut to three. gradkowski throws two touchdowns and appears to have won the backup job. you can't have a 49ers preseason game without an anthony dixon touchdown. the rookie gets it across the goal line for his third td in three games. the 9ers win the battle of the bay 28-24. >> this game say little more important than a preseason -- is a little more important than
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a preseason game because we play these guys again. we got to live in their backyard. >> it's so much fun to see us coming together and fighting for each other. everybody was out there fighting doing their job all 11 of them. it just came true at that moment. >> we learned a lot about ourselves tonight. we have a chance to i think have a very good football team, but we have to do it our way. we have to do it all out all the time. >> it could have been a lot worse at the time it happened. we don't think it's anything that's going to be really serious, but thank god it's something we got to take care of before the season starts. the diamondbacks have lost 78 games this season, but based on the last two night you would have thought they were the ones in the playoff race. andres torres can consider himself lucky if he couldn't see much of the 1st inning. bases loaded for miguel montero. he crushes one the other way off barry zito. it clears the bases 4 -0 d-
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backs. zito gives up nine runs in 3 2/3 innings. they weren't all his fault. stephen drew hits a pop-up that should have ended the inning, but jose guillen drops. two more runs scores. pablo sandoval hit his 12th homer of the year but it's his foul ball in the 2nd that's worthy of the highlights. brian roberts flips into the front row to make the catch. for the second night in a row adam laroche blasts one. the giants 7-3. the giants now a game and a half behind the phillies for the wildcard and six games back in the nl west. former a rich hardin throws 6 1/2 things his first start. 3-0 a's. kurt suzuki enters tonight hitting just .143 in august. so it's about time he got a bloop to fall. barton scores again, a four-hit
11:25 pm
night for suzuki. dallas braden had one of the leagues best offenses all night long throwing a four-hit shutout. yanks win 5-0 and despite being 8 1/2 wins back they're still thinking playoffs. >> i want to play baseball in october and that's the kind of attitude we're taking down the stretch here. there's no oh boese lady and she ain't singing yet. so -- no obese lady and she ain't singing yet. so i'll see you at the end of this. still to come why a minor league manager won't be called upset 1st and it looks like tiger's drought will last at least another week. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
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thursday's opening round 65... but two tiger woods had everyone convinced he was back after thursday's opening round 65, but two days later it's clear the title drought will continue. tiger could have used this little guy to search for his ball. he hits his opening tee shot into the trees and it didn't get any better when he found the ball want tiger tripled bogeys and ends the day with a 1-over 72 and is nine shots back. martin laird reeled off four straight birdies on the front line, shoots a 65 and moves to the top of the leaderboard at 12-under. sanford jr. david chung three holes down entering the back 9 of the amateur sunny finals but then the 20-year-old caught fire nearly holding the approach on 14. with the match all squared defending champ ben auhn misses
11:29 pm
the putt on 18. so chung wins the hole and match. he'll play for the championship tomorrow. on the ladies side round 3 of the canadian open, michelle wii is 18 hole as way from her first win of the year. opening game of the world championship for team usa only up two after the first. 26-6 in the 2nd quarter. 2nd half stefan curry finds kevin love for the reverse layup. team usa wins 106-78. and after seeing this meltdown you get the feeling it's been a long season for state college manager gary robinson. as if covering the plate with dirt wasn't enough to make a fool out of yourself, robinson takes first base, pulls out a
11:30 pm
pen and signs it. some lucky pan went home with an autographed -- fan went home with an autographed base. i'm sure that will be a big hit at school monday. lou piniella, we've seen some great knockdowns of him. >> reminds me of billy martin days. >> he went on for a while, long tirade. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they can take home a bit of history. as part of the annual event, nothing like a beatles convention liverpool to bring out the fans, especially when
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they can take home a bit of history. as part of the annual event they held an auction. there were original photos of fab four, guitars, vintage beatle dolls and then there was this right there. john lennon's toilet. it was removed from his former estate during renovations and john suggested a worker take it home and plant flowers in it. the worker kept it in his shed for 40 years. he put it up for auction. winning bid? $15,000, 10 times what the dealer expected. incredible. >> that's it. thank you for watching. we'll see you back here tonight at 5:30. have a great night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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