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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  August 29, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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shortage. a south bay home . a gunned-down officer in and out of surgery, how his condition is creating a east bay shortage. how a room full of marijuana plants caused a fire. if you have ever had dreams of being a top gun fighter pilot we have a deal waiting for you on the tarmac. i'm an note a rang low and the news starts now. . >> announcer: this is cbs5 eyewitness news. another surgery today for the fremont police officer who was shot on friday. the suspect an toes bar res toes was arrested yesterday in san francisco. he was as he and another officer were trying to serve a warrant. he underwent surgery and
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received 60 pints of blood. he remains in critical but stable condition. that surgery and today has depleted the blood supply. today volunteers turned out to donate blood. his bladder was fixed. the red cross issued a critical appeal for blood monday, august 23rd, and there hasn't been a great outpouring based on that but when friday, when an officer in the community has been shot and has used so much blood, there has been a great outpouring. >> doctors say officer young will have additional surgeries later this week. police and firefighters are investigating a deadly high- rise fire in san francisco's tenderloin district. it started when a mattress caught fire in one of the apartments, they report two people were inside at the time. >> reporter: the fire here at the trinity towers apartments at about 5:30 this morning at 8880 fairly street across the street from the great american music hall, one person, a male described as an asian male mid-
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30s was injured. he is hospitalised. a woman, and they have no identity on this woman, actually jumped or fell a full 8 floors hitting this tree before falling to the sidewalk below. this according to san francisco police spokesman troy dangerfield. >> the female is a jane doe at this point and that's all we know at this point because there was no identification on the person. >> reporter: the fire was contained to just the one eight- floor unit. we're told that there is extensive damage, with investigators now trying to figure out who this female was, they say she the not have any id. in san francisco, tim ryan, for cbs5. san jose firefighters made an intoxicating discovery when they arrived at a house fire this morning. they say four rooms of the house on flames were dedicated to growing marijuana. they say the fire may have been caused with faulty wiring associated with the plant growing operation. it appears pg&e service had
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been bypassed and internal wiring was manipulated to avoid detection. no one was at home when the fire started. five years ago today hurricane katrina slammed into new orleans leaving behind devastation that is still evident. the city has recovered in some ways but is still struggling to rebuild. manuel if a leg as is in new orleans where president obama helped mark the anniversary manny? >> around new orleans there were ceremonies to remember the 1800 people killed in hurricane katrina. they gathered to mourn the past in a way that only happens here. [ amazing grace ] >> a french quarter funeral new orleans style for katrina. mourners say it's time to bury the old girl and, with her, the grief of the past 5 years. >> just bury the memories. >> come out, a big part have the celebration. >> reporter: the government
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invested $15 billion to build a 15-mile perimeter of flood gates levees and pumping stationings. tourism is back in the french quarter, about 80% of what it was five years ago. and another trend, many of come here to find opportunity, like twin brothers matt and dan res steve oh who have more heating and air work they can keep up with. >> i'm hoping this is going to be a great neighborhood by the time we're done. >> but how long is that. >> reporter: but even as new houses are being built it's estimated about a third of the city's liveable homes, some 50,000 like this one, are vacant. and, now, the population is down about 100,000 compared to before the storm. more than 800 louisiana families are still living in fema trailers and the decaying remnants of katrina are everywhere, not just in the lower ninth ward. on this five-year anniversary the president told a crowd at louisiana xavier university the government is committed to rebuilding. >> president obama: my administration is going to stand with you and fight ahonk side you until the job is done.
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[ applause ] >> president obama: until new orleans is all the way back. >> our lives were forever changed. >> reporter: and as the preacher told the mourners at the jazz funeral, the spirit of new orleans will never be broken, come hell or high water. and tonight there is a memorial with city leaders with music and prayer to monday or those who lost their life and, ann, tomorrow it is back to the business of recovery. >> and manuel, you talk about this spirit can't be broken; do you get the sense they are hope they'll they can rebuild? they still have a long way to go? >> reporter: absolutely, they are used to adversity and they are resilient people, all is adversity they've had with the oil spill. depends who you talk to. the tourists are having a good time, here to celebrate, we saw a bourbon street packed, but 6,000 people without permanent places to live. so when you start getting out of the french quarter into the other areas that are so run down they have a long ways to go. >> they have been through so
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much. manuel gallegus in new orleans, thank you very much. a tour bus collided with a car at busy san francisco 2010 this morning, the accident happened around 11 this morning at the corner of broadway and battery. they tried to dedivert traffic around the accident, the explosion blue the hood out of the toyota but there were no major injuries. this 2010 has been the scene of several recent accidents. there is a one of a kind gift that will make an impact at christmas, you can be an owner of a real cold war fighter jet that is now going for a cut rate price. >> reporter: now, admit it, every since the movie "top gun" you've wondered what it would be like to fly a fighter jet like this swedish interceptter seen here at the reno air shows. in today's economy that fantasy may have just gotten a lot cheaper [ radio chatter ]
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>> reporter: wolf aviation in stockton now has that fighter jet and it's trying to sell it at $175,000 still. still, takers, so the price just keeps dropping. >> we're actually essentially to get rid of it less than our ask price. >> reporter: in fighter jet can blast through the air at mach 2, fly 60,000 feet high. so you've got your big screen tv and your big barbecue pitkanen. how about something manly. your fine european fighter jet. buying it isn't the issue, however. at over $5 a gallon for fuel, few can afford to feed it. >> the prices have gone down, you know, especially on aircraft like this that consume a lot of fuel, consumers a lot of fuel, it does. >> reporter: it blows through 100 gallons of fuel a minute going super sonic. that's $5,000 of fuel every 10 minutes what type of person are
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you looking for to buy it. >> a person that has the discretionary income to enjoy it. >> you mean rich. >> yes. >> reporter: it still turns heads of every pilot that walks by. >> i don't think i could afford to taxi that. >> reporter: randy parent is a military historian and by lot. he knows how rare it is to have a full war jet fighter. and he says a thing. >> put it on display, let people see a fly-pie, hear it, see it, touch it, that's what it's all about. so the current generation can see something like this. >> it tells you where you can go super sonic, over mexico, international ocean waters. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: and edwards air force base. >> let's see, if we sell both our houses. >> it's protecting stockton, absolutely. >> maybe that fantasy is still just a fantasy. in stockton, don ford, cbs5.
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>> you wonder who is gonna buy it. all right. hundreds of akers ablaze, what is helping firefighters get a handle on a major fire in the sierra foothills. mostly clear a little breezy with increasing company coastal clouds but a bit of a warmup on the way. i'll give you details coming up. ,,,,
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900 acre wildfire that prompted the governor . crews are making progress tonight against a 900-acre wildfire that prompted the governor to issue a state of emergency, the blaze in yuma county is now 20% contained. >> reporter: 875 acres have burned brush near bull yard's barn. firefighters with several different agencies including cal fire and the u.s. forest service worked day and night to get a handle on the fire burning in the tahoe national forest northwest of grass valley. some had been working since about 3:00 saturday morning. >> we save the day. >> thissen meat crew was among three strike teams that crawled in the can you're near the north yuma river to cut a line around the fire to prevent it from spreading. this as we watched a hot spot
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flare up just down the road. just second ago this craft was the only thing burning in the area. this proves the fire can take off in just a matter of seconds. but firefighters did get some help from mother nature. >> with the higher humidities and everything it does give dam per conditions. >> fire conditions brought cooler temperatures, calmer winds and light rainfall, allowing firefighters to finally gain the upper hand. >> fire-wise a lot of smoke in the area but flames not too much. >> linda municipal ma, cbs5. more than 10,000 people have beanie vac jailed from the slopes of an erupting volcano, mount sin a ba roared back to life on friday. it's on the north end of the island of sumatra, the eruption sent hot air -- hot ash, excuse me, in mile into the air. the government has issued gas masks to people. one of the world's largest
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cemeteries is now filled with hundreds of flood refugees in pakistan, they escaped with their homes with none of their belongings and they now sit in the historic susi graveyard with no food or freshwater t death toll from floods is now more than 1600, relief agenciesest some 160,000 are are homeless. special interests flex their muscles. the lobbyists give a last-ditch effort to kill a plastic bag ban in california. blue skies over the valley for mount vac a skycam this evening. warmer changes on the way, i'll have the details coming up. ,,,,,,
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block a bill banning plastic . well lobbyists for the plastics and oil industries will try this week to block a bill banning plastic carry-out backs in california. the assembly passed the ban in june and the governor indicates he may sign such a measure. the lobbyists will pressure state senators to kill the bill. they say it will kill jobs, but backers say it is killing the environment. more than a million plastic bags end up in san francisco bay each year. julie watts in tonight for lawrence and we are hearing there may be a warm up. is it still heading our way. >> as of right now it looks pretty good. low 90s by thursday of this weekend. as of right now a few days out and these things can change a bit but typically, thursday looks to be the warmest day this week. let's head outside. blue skies over san jose, a
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little bit have a light breeze, mainly blue skews, the story throughout the night. even along the coast head to go the beach, hazy sunshine the story today, really more of the staple is on the way. take a look at the daily planning, you'll notice not a lot of change, just a tiny bit of gradual warning as we head into tomorrow. mostly clear inland tonight with a bit of a breeze, we'll see light west winds by the bay, fog will develop along the coast as we head in the evening, and those winds maxing out about 20 miles per hour. as we move into the monday morning commute we'll see coastal clouds for the morning with show showers along the bay. mostly sunny and mild inland with highs in the low 80s, get ready for a 10-degree up the jump by mid-week. starting out mild as we wait for this trough to continue to push off to the east but just behind it a ridge of high pressure building, warming us up as we head into the workweek. again the warmest day going to be thursday, with temperatures
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in the low 90s, tomorrow mild however, upper 70s in the south bay, campbell and los gatos, mid-60s to half moon bay, 74 mill pete isand fremont. mid-80s for brentwood, antioch, upper 60s, right along the bay, alameda, oakland and berkeley. north bay some mild temperatures, the that are they are you travel the warmer you'll see. 79 fairfield, 79 napa, 70 or the citizen son beach and 78 for san francisco. some pretty tra 3459ic warming over the next few base, 81 on monday to 91 on wednesday, peaking mid-week on thursday. but not very long-lived. just as you get used to those warmer temperatures we're bringing them back down again, in fact we'll see cooler temperatures back into low 80s by sunday and before you go and take a quick look at your my pay for the dies. >> okay. >> baker, half moon bay sunset,
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you won't see, you will see many of these over the next week as the haze is lingering. >> give us triple digits away from the inland folks. we appreciate it. >> i think we'll be able to keep you out of trouble, you might get close on thursday. >> really? >> yeah. i'll tell you in a couple of days, it's a ways away. >> thank you very much. so if you're appeal a's fan you know your team is trying to stay in the game. right dennis. >> they'll not quit. remember joe cap. the bear will not quit, the bear will not die. neither will the oakland a's. i'll show you why. i got an update a few minutes ago on jason campbell. the giants immediate needed a win to a void a sweep from the d-backs. up next. ,, b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct.
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this week they scored 38-runs in three . good luck trying to figure out the giants, earlier this week they score 38 runs in a three-game set against the first-place reds, today they are trying to avoid being swept by the last place diamondbacks. meet the newest member of the giants bullpen. i hear he is a real bug bulldog on the mound. i'll be here all week. thank you. he strikes out mark reynolds to end the inning. andres torres hits his 42nd,
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eli whiteside scores. giant started the seventh with a 5-2 lead but after adam derosa's two run double they trailed 6-5, rbis number 7 and 8 for la roach this weekend. bottom of the seventh aubrey huff skies one to left. car a going back wondering where is that san francisco fog. he losses it in the sun, a ground rule double. huge play. next batter josi guillin back up the box, 2-1 score, the giants retake the lead and they hang on for dear life 9-7. now the phillies swept the padres this weekend, the phillies remain a game and a half back of the wildcard race and 5 back of the padres in the west. matt williams still remains the giants last home grown position player to make an all-star team. he points to the challenge in baseball as a reason why. >> guys move around so much that, by the time you get to the big leagues, you go through the minor league system, get to
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the big league system, you work yourself into an everyday player and then eventually an all-star, that takes some time. and often-times these days that time just isn't there. i would venture to guess that you've got one behind your home plate right now. that's probably going to be the next one? >> yeah, he is talking about buster posey. but williams, i think, is one have the more popular giants, anyway he'll be on ""game day"" tonight. matter of fact matt mcintyre, san jose state, opening his schedule next week. dallas braden reminding nehme still has a shot. >> she ain't singing yet so i'll see you at the end of this. >> gio did his part giving up 2 runs in 6 innings, picked up his 12th win of the year. 1-1 game, mark ellis goes deep for the first time since mid- -june. only the third of the season for ellis. the a's would combine to hit 5 railroads this weekend, kevin kouzmanoff hits one half-way to
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corpus christi, the a's win 8- 2, they pull to within 7 1/2 games of the rangers. but the season opener just two weeks from today it is uncertain whether or not the raiders will have their starting quarterback and running back healthy enough to play. michael bush broke his thumb on his final carry of the game and jason campbell has a right wrist injury that tom cable says is more serious than the stinger that knocked him out of last night's gym. >> in the heat of the battling so it got a lot worse, felt worse at the time it happened. thank god. we don't think it's anything going to be really really serious but at the same time it's something we have to take care of before the season starts. >> just a hand, i mean hopefully i'll be back, a hand to a leg totally different. i broke my leg, i with a bounced back, i'll do the same from this. >> final round of the barkleys in jersey. tiger finished with a 4 under 67 for 12th place. his best finish since june. martin laird needed this putt
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to win the tournament. th that wasn't even close. not even close. so that's his girlfriend, fiance, excuse me. that setup a playoff hole between laird and matt kuchar, first playoff hole, his approach is brilliant. rolls back for the hole, sets up an easy tap for birdie, a good month for kuchar who was named to the ryder cup team, he picks up his first win of the year. michelle wie tied for the lead going into the final round of the canadian open. she shot a 2 under par 3 to breeze to a 3-shot victory, her second career victory and her first since last november. after seeing this meltdown you fit the feeling it's been a long season for state college spike manager gary robinson as if covering the plate with dirt wasn't enough to make a fool of yourself, robinson takes first base, pulls the pen out. pulls the tee out, gives it to a fan. and then probably, as we speak,
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on ebay. . >> what was this over? >> obviously he thought it was a disputed call at home plate so he took it out on first base. >> home plate or first base. >> coming up on the news at 6:30, how easy is it being green. if you're a bride. aimed at making weddings environmentally friend he, what that means when it comes to "the dress," will going green mean giving up a white gown. that's at 6:30 right here after "the cbs evening news." >> that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30, we'll see you back here in a half our and of course until 10 and 11:00. have a good night.
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