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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  August 29, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. . this is cbs5 "eyewitness news." another surgery today for the fremont police officer critically rounded in oakland friday. the suspect fled and was
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arrested yesterday in san diego. officer todd young was shot several times and underwent emergency surgery that night. don knapp is at highland hospital in oakland with the latest on the officer's condition. don? >> reporter: ann, we have learned from fremont police officer todd young has undergone surgery for a bladder repair. we are told that surgery has been successful, however, he remains in critical but stable condition. meanwhile the public is showing its support by turning out to donate blood. a chip and cell phone signal tracking helped an alert police officer catch up with antonio barn toes and the car they were in at the mexican border yesterday afternoon, he was wantedden attempted murder charges following a friday afternoon shooting of a police officer in oakland. he reunited nations in stable condition having lost 60 pints of blood to save his life. he was in oakland trying to
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serve a warrant on berrien toes when they say berrien toes opened fire. the dramatic blood loss prompted a huge turn out to donate at this red cross blood bank in pleasant hill. >> when friday, an officer in the community has been shot and used so much blood, there has been a great outpouring especially from the families of the police department. >> reporter: dennis johnson, a former policeman in richmond came to give. >> even though it's another city, it's our fellow officers, brother officers. is i had to something. >> reporter: sharon car was prompted into action by the news reports of young's shooting. >> he is out there defending, it shouldn't be too much to ask to come in and donate blood, or volunteer to do something else. >> reporter: police say barientos shot at and missed the driver of this car in a failed hijacking attempt. then took another car at gunpoint to make a get away.
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fellow officers put him in a police car and took him to hospital. >> our thoughts is he is going to recover and come back to be a full i'm productive police officer. right now we want to get through it one step at a time. >> reporter: optimism among supporters but officer young has a long way to go. more surgery scheduled this week. ann? >> oakland, thank you. police are investigating a confrontation that led to two deaths last night. the incident started when two groups encountered each other outside an apt building in the 300 block of san antonio court. when police arrived they found two men with gunshot wounds to the head. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. a 19-year-old woman was also shot. she was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released. none of the victims have been identified. police are trying to determine if the shootings were gang related. san francisco fire and police are calling a fatal high- rise apt fire suspicious tonight. police say the fire broke out this morning at an apt building
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at 888 oh ferrell street. an unidentified woman either fell or jumped to her death from the eighth floor. a man who lived in the apt was taken to hospital with serious burns. preliminary investigations show the fire started on a mattress. someone's home grown business in san jose went up in flames this morning. firefighters say four rooms of the house on plainsville drive were dedicated to growing marijuana. investigators say the fire may have been caused by faulty wiring associated with a pot- growing operation and it appears pg&e service had been by passed and internal wiring was manipulated to avoid detection. no one was at home when the fire started. paris hilton's lawyer says her cocaine arrests should be dealt with in the courts and not in the media. hilton and her boyfriend were arrested when a motorcycle
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officer smelled marijuana wasting from their escalade. hilton pulled a tube of lip balm from her purse, a packet of cocaine fell out. she was arrested on suspicion of felony company cane possession, her boyfriend was arrested on d.u.i. charges. hilton's lawyer asked people not to rush to judgment. the first city in california to allow a pot shop may order a moratorium. they want to hold up on any new facilities after the election when they could legalize recreational marijuana use throughout california. passage of prop 19 could change how they license marijuana sales. traditional pride are told to have like something old, something new, something borrowed, sewing blue. as lindy reports many environmentally conscious brides plan to add something green. >> reporter: here she comes dressed in white. but, these days, a bride's wedding can also be green.
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>> definitely nice to see that they are making an effort to do something like that and be conscious. >> reporter: that is the point of this wedding fair today, could sponsored by palo alto, a green-powered city. every exhibit tore offered something to save the environment. for example some tables are made from recycled plastic bottles. why not buy all your lip fence made out of recycled bottles. >> not all of the linens can be died or made into certain prints and patterns. >> reporter: a table of bridal gifts or supplies are 100% natural, no dies used. >> made out of plant starch. made out of corn, the candle is soy-based, burns more than 40 hours. >> reporter: and 20% of the proceeds also go the to the non- profit of the bride's choice. the emphasis here is lowical, sustainable and recyclable.
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even down to the wedding dress. >> what i would do is i would i dye the whole skirt. >> reporter: they also offer brides the option to redesign and do another dress, perhaps for a friend or relative. >> and then no more material is wasted. it also can have special meaning for other people in the family to have part have the pride's dress used for other occasions. >> reporter: the average wedding is expected to cost anywhere from 20 to $30,000 these days. it helps to recycle. >> weddings often-times can be really extravagant and a lot of things, you do just use once. >> brides are thinking green to save green. in palo alto, linda yeah, cbs5. lobbyists for the plastics and oil industries will try this week to block a bill banning plastic carry-out bags in california. the assembly passed the ban in june and the governor indicates he may sign such a measure so lobbyists will pressure state
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senators to kill the bill. they say the ban will kill jobs. the backers argue plastic bags are choking the environment. the group "save the bay" says over a million plastic bags end up in san francisco bay every year. all right. calling all top gun dreamers, the military jet that could be yours, what it would cost to own your own fighter. . and hazy sunshine the story right now outside. breeze picking up along the coast. will it continue as we head on into your monday morning commute and will you see warmer temperatures on the horizon? i've got the answer to those questions coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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equipment are also being . with the last u.s. combat troops now leaving iraq millions of pieces of military equipment are also being withdrawn. the pentagon says it wants to get 2.2 million tanks, troop carriers and tanks out of the country. u.s. troops ended their combat role in august and the remaining 50,000 u.s. troops officially move into an advisory role on september 1st beings providing support and training for the iraqui army, and police forces.
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a remnant from the cold war is up for sale and, as don ford tells us that, you can get get a genuine fighter jet for a cut- rate price. >> reporter: now admit it. ever sips the movie "top gun" you have wondered would it would be like to fly a fighter jet like this swedish interaccept tore seen here at the reno air show. that fantasy may have gotten a lot cheaper [ radio chatter ] >> reporter: wolf aviation in stockton now has that fighter jet and it's trying to sell it at $175,000. still no takers. so the price just keeps dropping. >> we're actually even willing to essentially get rid of it for essentially less than our ask price. >> reporter: in fighter jet can blast through the sky at mach 2, fly as high as 60,000 feet. so you've got your big screen tv and your big barbecue pitkanen, how about something
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manly, your fine european fighter jet. buying it isn't the issue. at $5 a gallon for fuel few can afford to feed it. >> what kind of customer are you looking for to buy that. >> a person who has the discretionary income to enjoy something like that. >> reporter: you mean rich? >> rich, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: it still turns heads of every pilot that walks by. randy parent is a military historian and by lot. he knows how rare it is to have a cold war jet fighter that still flies and he has some advice for those who buy it. >> take it to air shows, fly- byes, hear it, see it, touch it. that's what it's all about. so the current generation can see something like this. >> it tells you where you can go super sonic, mexico, international ocean waters and
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ed wards air force base. >> reporter: maybe if we sell both of our houses? >> maybe that fantasy is still a fantasy. don ford, cbs5. well trouble for tourists. the sightseeing bus that ran into trouble at a san francisco 2010. and the week ahead of labor day, a long-range look at the holiday forecast next. ,, [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about.
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if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. at&t. rethink possible. . pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. we invite you to rest easy and save money on our truck load mattress sale. all news all the time, all news at 740, now we're headed up to oregon to visit my parents. the riveras are taking their first family vacation.
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of broadway and battery. police had to divert traffic around the accident while they cleaned up the site. the impact blew out the window of the tour bus and caused extensive damage to the hood of the toyota but there were no major injuries. this 2010 has been the scene of several different accidents. julie lawrence in, apparently the rides continue, but a kiddy ride. >> it's a two-day peak and back down, you know. we're again a warmup mid-week for about two days, and then we're gonna cool again. >> okay. >> let's take a live look outside. hazy sunshine the story pretty much area-wide. we're going to start off with a look from mount vac a. as you can see a lot of blue skies and haze off in the distance. really just a picture-perfect day, temperatures running a little below average this time of year but we'll pup 'em up as we head on into your workweek. here is a look at ocean beach. lots of blue sky, a little bit of haze, temperatures a little
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closer to average this time of year than what we have been seeing lately. taking a look at the daily planner we'll talk a little bit about what to expect tonight if you're heading out and about, maybe going out for a bite to eat. you're gonna notice a bit of a light breeze especially by the bay and along the coast. mostly clear skies though area- wide, inland all the way to the coast. along the coast we'll see west winds gusting near 20 miles per hour. so not real high winds buddy enough to, well, make it a little chilly if you're eating outdoors. now as you head on into the monday morning commute similar conditions, i do think we could see a few coastal clouds but increasing sunshine the dominant story. hazy sin shine the story by the bay with mild temperatures again close to the average and what we have been seeing lately. and the same is true for inland locations, mostly sunny and mild, highs in the low 80s, but if that's not warm enough for you, wait a couple of days, i'm going to bump things up a good 10 degrees by mid-week. what we're waiting for right now is the passage of this
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trough going to push over the east. mild the story for monday and again close to average. by mid-week high pressure building in as the ridge takes over with its high air mass, thursday of this workweek the temperatures jump up. here is a look at what to expect over the next 24 hours. campbell, loss galt os, much of the south bay in the mid-to upper 70s, mid-60s, half moon bay north of daly city, crossing the pond, 73 fremont, 69 in union city. the farther east you travel the warmer those temperatures get topping out at 85 in ingredient wood. 81 antioch, and close for the bay cool things down. places like oakland and alameda at 70, 67 in berkeley. head to go the north, a similar temperature trend, the closer you get to the bay those cooler temperatures are, 66 in salsalito, 63 san rafael, you get to napa and sonoma you're in the upper 70s, near 80 for
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folks in fairfield tomorrow, 68 and a hazy sunshine for you in san francisco. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, starting out the next three days where you notice a big jump from 81 monday and 91 on wednesday, and that little peak in those temperatures does last a couple of days where the low 90s through thursday, quickly as we warm, cool again. low 80s by next weekend. dennis? >> okay. updates on the injuries to the raiders' starting quarterback and another wild one at att arc where the sun gave an assist to if giants. see what happened next. . >> into the stands, ray sanchez would have scored easily. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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three games against the first . good luck trying to figure out these giants, earlier this week they score 38 runs in three games against the first- place reds. today they were trying the avoid being swept by the last- place diamondbacks. meet the newest member of the giants' bullpen, yes, he is a real bulldog on the mound. thank you very much. >> ba dumb bump. >> and mark reynolds strikes out to end the inning, arizona up 1-0 andres torres, his 42nd double of the season, eli white shocks scores part of a four- run inping. they started the seventh with a 5-2 lead but after adam roach's 2-run double they found themselves trailing 6-5, all the i's number 7 and 8 for roach this weekend. aubrey huff skies one to left.
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per ra going back, looking up, where is that san francisco fog if you need it. a ground rule double for huff. it hurts because the very next batter, josi guillin, base hit, back up the box, 2-runs score and the giants retake the lead and hang on for dare life 9-7. the giants remain a game and a half back in the wild car race and 5 behind the padres in the west. matt williams still remains the giants' last home grown position player to make an all- star team. he quotes the changes in baseball for the reason why. >> guys move around so much. you get through the minor leagues, into the big leagues, eventually an all-star that takes time. often-times, these days that, time just isn't there. i would venture to guess that you've got one behind your home plate right now. >> yeah right. >> that is probably gonna be the next one. dallas braden reminding gio
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gonzalez the a's still have a shot at the playoffs. >> there is no oh piece lady and she ain't singing yet. so -- >> he did his part. picked up his 12th win of the year, 1-game in the fourth with mark ellis, going deep third time this season, the a's would combine to hit 5 home runs this weekend. kevin kouzmanoff hits one half- way to corpus christi. the a's win 4-2 and pull within half a game of the rangers. with the season opener two weeks from today it is uncertain whether or not the raiders will have their new quarterback and running back healthy enough to play. bush broke his thumb on the final carry of the game and the quarterback has a wrist problem that the coach says is little more serious than the stepping they are thought it was. >> thank god, we don't think
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it's going to be really really see service just, but in the meantime it's something we've got to take care of. >> it's just a hand. i mean hopefully i'll be back, a hand to a leg is totally different. i broke my legs, i popped back from that, i'll do the same from this. >> final round bark jays in jersey. tiger woods finished with a 4 under 6712th place. ar ton laird needed to ink this putt to win, the nerves got the best of him, and that forces a playoff. there is his fiance. that setup a playoff between laird and that man, matt kuchar, on the first playoff hole ar couch ar's approach is great. it was a good mod for couch ar after being named to the ryder cup team, he picked up his first opinion of the year. michelle wie tied for the lead going in the final round of the lpga canadian open, she shot a two under par and
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breezed to a three stroke victory, her second career victory and second after november. after a serious meltdown, you get the feeling it's a long season former gary robinson, as if covering the plate wasn't enough, takes first base, pulls a pen out of his jersey, signs it and gives it to a fan in the stand, somewhere, it's a cross between lou piniella and to. and you know, somewhere, that is on ebay tonight. . >> it almost looked choreographed, didn't it. >> if you have got a pen in your shirt it is choreographed, yes. >> the scene is outrage. teachers and parents desperate to save their children's schools. 7 child care centers in the east bay threatened with closure over budget problems. some have short rebriefs but parents want more assurances. what they are threatening to do starting next week to keep doors open. that's tonight at 10 and 11:00. that's going to do it for this
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edition of "eyewitness news." 60 minutes is next. you can see your news and weather. >> can i mention who is on the show tonight for ""game day"." the coach for san jose scheduled, the team he is playing against, alabama, the number 1 team in the country. his first game. good luck to the spartan. >> okay. 11:35 on cbs5. i'll take a cut of that. have a good night. ,,,,
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