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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  August 29, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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. he is out there defending us it shouldn't be too much to ask to come in and donate blood or -- >> a community comes out to support a wounded officer. how he is faring after a second trip to the operating room. >> a celebration of survival and a determination to rebuild. how the gulf coast is marking the anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> prices have gone down especially on aircraft like this that consume a lot of fuel, and consume a lot of fuel it does. >> for all those top-gun wannabes, how you can own your own jet fighter. the news starts now. >> announcer: this is cbs5 "eyewitness news." >> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a wounded fremont police officer remains in critical condition tonight after a second round of surgery. the man suspected of shooting him, 20-year-old andrew
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barrientos was arrested yesterday in san diego trying to knee the country. he is expected to be returned to san francisco soon. don knapp is at the hospital with the latest on how the community is jumping to the officer's aid. >> reporter: we're told officer todd young has a successful bladder surgery earlier buttery minutes in in intensive care in critical but stable condition. the community is turning out to show support by donating blood. here is how east bay residents show their support for a police officer shot and critically wounded in the line of duty. they turned out in remarkable numbers without appointments to give blood. >> about a third of the people are people who said "i've heard the news the last two days and i want to come in and help out." >> joaquin county medical teams used 60 pictures of blood as as they worked to save treatment police officer todd young's life. he has worked 16 years as an
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officer, he was shot twice in the abdomen friday afternoon as he and another fremont officer tried to serve a warrant on andrew barrientos. he was captured yesterday afternoon near the mexican border. the wounded officer's dramatic blood loss caused a huge turn out in pleasant hill. >> on friday, when an officer in the community has been shot and used so much blood, there has been a great outpouring especially from the families of police departments. >> reporter: dennis johnson a former police lieutenant in richmond came to give. >> even though they are with another city they are still our fellow officers, our brother officers, and i had to do something. >> reporter: susan car was prompted to action by the news reports of young's shooting. >> he is out there defending us, it shouldn't, it shouldn't be too much to ask to come in
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and donate blood or volunteer to do something else. >> reporter: barrientos shot at and missed the driver of this car in a failed carjacking attempt then took another happen car at gunpoint to make his getaway. >> our hope is he is going to fully recover and come back and be a full-time productive police officer. right now we want to get through it a step at a time. >> reporter: supporters are optimistic about officer young's recovery but he does have a long way to go. he faces more surgery this week. ann? >> don knapp in oakland, thank you. young friends and fellow officers have setup a facebook page to share updates on his condition. san jose police are investigating a double murder. they say two groups got into a gun fight outside an apt building in the 300 block of san antonio court. two men were shot in the head and died at the scene, a 19- year-old woman was also shot but the wounds were not serious. police are looking into whether
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the shootings were gang reallied. the third murder of the weekend was friday night on morris court. a 28-year-old woman was found shot to death after neighbors reported hearing gunfire. police have arrested 25-year- old gannon cred isboard as a suspect in the shooting. the victim's identity has still not been released. in hayward police are searching for the suspect in a fatal shooting. officers found a man shot on cottage park drive about 4:00, he died at the hospital. police say the victim was started but they are not saying why. this is hayward's 12th homocide this year. and a san francisco woman has died after leaping from an eighth floor balcony while her apartment burped. it happened in the tenderloin on o'farrell between poke and larkin about 5:30th morning. we have a report on how the fire may have started. >> reporter: the fire here at the trinity towers apartments at about 5:30 this morning is
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888 o'farrell street, just across the street from the great american music hall. one person, a male described as an asian male mid-30s was injured, he is hospitalised. a woman -- and they have no identity on this woman -- actually jumped or fell a full eight floors hitting this tree before falling to the sidewalk below. this according to san francisco police spokesman troy danger field. >> the female is a jane doe at this point and that's all we know at this point because there was no identification on the person. >> reporter: the fire was contained to just the one eighth floor unit. we're told that there is extensive damage. with investigators now trying to figure out who this female was. they say that she did not have any id. in san francisco, tim ryan, cbs5. a fire in san jose turned up a familiar source. inside the house on plains field court was a marijuana growing operation. the investigators suspect the
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flames were sparked by faulty wiring. it appears png service had been bypassed and internal wiring was tinkered with to avoid detection. no one was at home when the fire started. it's a new orleans tradition and never was it more appropriate than today. ♪ [ music ] . >> people of the ninth ward formed a second line and marched through the streets to mark the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. it's a ceremony usually reserved for funerals but, for many today, it marks a rebirth. manny gallegus on how the city is still trying to stag struggle to its feet. . >> reporter: bells tolled and the city paused to remember the 1836 lives taken by hurricane katrina across the gulf five years ago. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: earlier at a traditional jazz funeral in the french quarter mourners agreed it was time to bury that old
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girl katrina and their grief with her. >> put away all the memories. put away all the memories, starting new. >> reporter: but the memories of the storm's fury are still everywhere. from the markings left by search teams and the 50,000 homes that still stand vacant. president obama assured a crowd at louisiana's xavier university that rebuilding is still a priority. >> president obama: my administration is going to stand with you and fight along side you until the job is done. >> reporter: the tourists who were here this rainy summer weeknd have certainly put katrina behind them although they say tourism is down 5% from what it was five areas ago. it was standing room only for the jazz performance, leroy jones says five years later, most of his fellow artists are back. >> the musicians who experienced katrina and that have returned to new orleans are playing the music with more passion and more devotion than they have ever played with before.
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>> reporter: but many older musicians who relocated after katrina have not returned and new arrivals are taking their places. part of the changing landscape of this historic city. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new orleans. the fight to save east bay child care centers, what some parents say they plan to do now to keep the centers operating. and who needs a fast car when you can go super sonic. how you can be the proud owner of a fighter jet if the price is right. . mild temperatures for monday but big changes on the way. how warm we'll get by mid-week, i've got that, coming up. ,, . >> announcer: all news, all the time, 24 hours a day. all news 740 and and 106.9. ,,
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between a double decker tour bus and car. the accident happened around 11 this morning . a busy san francisco 2010 is the site of another accident, this time between a double deckered school bus and a car. the accident happened at the corner of broadway and battery. the impact blew out the window of the tour bus and caused extensive damage to the hood of the toyota but fortunately there were no major injuries. a new ramp connecting highway 24 west and 13 north will open tomorrow just in time
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for the morning commute. the old ramp was shut down this weekend. the new ramp is farther west, making it easier for drivers to merge into exiting traffic. this change is all part of the caldicott tunnel project. they said they moved up the ramp opening to accommodate fans attending cal's opening football game next saturday. parents announced their plans today to keep a pair of child care centers in the east bay open. they plan to occupy the child development center starting tuesday, one of seven originally set to close due to budget cuts. five have been spared, at least for now, but parents say they want the state to come up with the money to keep them all open permanently. >> we want public education for every young person in oakland and we want the little ones, you know, and 3 to 5 and after school programs to exist for children to develop and have an equal start in life. >> state budget cuts have reduced the oakland school
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district to reduce funding for early childhood education by $13 million, that's almost 3/4 of the total state funding. if you have ever wanted to own your own jet you're in luck. one is on sale for what they say is a bargain price. don ford on how you can own a genuine cold war jet. >> reporter: now admit it. ever since the movie "top gun" you have wondered what it would be like to fly a fighter jet like this swedish intercepter seen here at the air show. that might have gotten a lot closer. wolf aviation in stockton now has that fighter yet and it is trying to sell it at $175,000, still, no takers. so the price just keeps dropping. >> well we're actually to even essentially get rid of it for sea essentially less than our
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ask price. >> this jet the fly through the air at mach 2, fly as high as 60,000 feet. you've got your barbecue pitkanen and your back yard patio. how about your fine european fighter yet. at $5,000 a gallon for fuel few can feed it. >> it consumers a lot of fuel and consume a lot of fuel it does. >> reporter: it blows through 100 gallons of fuel a minute going super sonic, that's $5,000 of fuel every 10 minutes. >> reporter: what kind of customer are you looking for to buy that. >> a person that has the discretionary income to enjoy something like that. >> you mean rich? >> rich, yes. . >> reporter: it still turns heads of every pilot that walks by. >> i don't think i could afford to taxi that. >> reporter: randy parent is a military historian and by lot.
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he knows how rare it is to have a doled air jet that still flies and has some advice to the new owner. >> fly it to air shows, put it on display, let people see a fly-by, hear it, see it, touch it, that's what it's all about. so the current generation can see something like this. >> reporter: it tells you where you can go super sonic, over mexico, international ocean waters. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: and andrews air force base. >> if we sell both of our houses. >> reporter: now it's protecting stockton. >> protecting stockton, absolutely. >> maybe that fantasy is just a fantasy. in stockton. julie watts filling in for lawrence karnow and she has our forecast for the workweek. >> clear skies, a lot of the same as we head into the workweek. let's check out that daily planner beings as we head through the rest of this evening mostly clear skies, a bit of a light breeze, the winds picking up by the bay and
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the coast. they'll die down during the overnight hours and we will likely see a more mild condition as you start off that monday morning commute. speaking of the monday morning commute expect mostly sunny conditions and a little hazy sunshine by the bay. and we could see a few coastal clouds but increasing sunshine really the dominant story from the coast all the way through our inland location. highs tomorrow a bit closer to average than what we have seen lately so we're talking low 80s inland and 60s along the coast. 0 0's, or at least near 70s, by the bay. let's look at the satellite picture and talk about changes heading our way. going to stay mild for our monday as we wait for this trough to pass off to our east. as it does we'll make way for a big ridge of high pressure building in behind it. this warmer air mass is going to bump our temperatures up a good 10 degrees by mid-week. in fact we're talking low 90s by thursday of this week. in the meantime not quite so warm but definitely warmer than what we have seen over the last
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few days. we're close to average. with 79 in las galt osand 78 in campbell. mid-70s, places like santa clara and san jose. head to the coast, of course conditions are a tad bit cooler, in places like half moon bay, daily and pa can i have ca. 74 mill pitkanen as and 69 in. and inland, the farther you travel, 81 for brentwood, 81 antioch and 79 pittsburgh. by the bay a little cooler, 70 for alameda, just employee that for oakland, and then a low to mid-60s for richmond and berkeley. 76 tomorrow in livermore. taking a trip up to the north bay, temperatures looking pretty nice for you as well. wine country, temperatures in the upper 70s, sonoma and napa 79 in fairfield, 68 vallejo and 66 in salsalito, 68 for san francisco and hazy sunshine. again, i think we'll start off with coastal clouds but plenty of sun and story throughout the
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day. that will increase as we move along through the workweek. a big bump in temperatures, starting in low 80s, bumping to low 90s by wednesday. thursday the warmest day of the week. but as quickly as we warm we cool down again. too take a look at this. this weekend your holiday weekend, cools that temperatures back down, adding a few more clouds, low 80s by your holiday weekend. back over to you. >> julia, thank you very much. something else to consider before you say "i do." how future brides and grooms can keep their wedding day eco friendly. and the winners are the best in prime time tv revealed at the emmys. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lobb plastics and . a battle over plastic bags is brewing in sacramento. lobbyists for the plastics and oil industries will try this week to block a bill banning plastic carry-out bags in california. it's already passed the assembly so lobbyists are pressuring state senators to kill the bill. they say it will cost jobs but supporters argue plastic bags are a burden on the environment. green is becoming a more common color for weddings. that's because there are more pride and grooms who want to be eco conscious. we have more on how to get hitched and help the environment too. >> reporter: here she comes
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dressed in white. but, these days, a bride's wedding can also be green. >> definitely nice to see that they are making an effort to do something like that, and you know, be conscious. >> reporter: that is the point of this wedding fair today could sponsored by palo alto a green powered city. every exhibit tore offers something to save the environment. for example, some table linens are made from recycled plastic bottles but they are only available in limited colors like natural or white. why not buy all your linens made out of recycled bottles. >> one of the reasons is not all the linens can be dyed and made into certain prints and tables. >> reporter: a table of bridal gifts or supplies are 100% natural. no die is used. >> made out of plant starch. made out of corn, the candle is soy based, burns more than 40 hours. >> reporter: and 20% of the proceeds also go to the non-
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profit of the bride's choice. the emphasis here is lowical, sustainable, and recyclable. even down to the wedding dress. >> you know what i would do is i would dye the whole skirt. via net salon makes wedding gowns but also offers brides the opportunity to redesign into another dress perhaps for a friend or relative. >> and then no more material is wasted. >> it also can have special meaning for other people in the family to have part of the bride's dress used for other occasion goos the average wedding is expected to cost anyway from $2,030,000 these days. it helps to recycle. >> weddings often-times can be really extravagant and a lot of things that you do just use once. >> reporter: brides are thinking green to save green. in palo alto, lynn take yee, cbs5. television's best is honored tonight in hollywood. who walked away winners at the prime time emmys. and nobody is better when it comes to air guitar with the
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world champion air guitarist says is the secret to his success. about to...m ." 19: . >> i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up on "game day," the raiders loss a key football player for up to six weeks, we'll tell you who that is. former giants third baseman mike williams might still be in arizona but his colors are still black and orange. mike williams is on the show tonight. and if you're san jose state. the head coach of the spartan joins us in studio on "game day" in just a few moments, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. and the the emmy goes to -- "madmen.""madmen," the advertising agency saga set in the '60's, earned its third con sec'tive award at tonight's emmy awards. modern family took the comedy trophy for its first season, the top acting awards went to brian cranston for best actor in a drama series and karen message wick for a best actor in a drama, edie falco took the best actress in a comedy award. >> now can you hear me? >> yes. nothing to be nervous about. >> a photo finish at the box office this weekend with the
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supernatural thriller "the last door civil" opening with $23 million. it barely edged out takers which had a $21 million debut rounding out the top 5 were"the expendabilities" with 9 1/2 million, "eat, pray, love with 7 million, and"the other guys" with 6.6 million. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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