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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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...made with real fruit and now with more of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning. it's monday, august 30. >> september almost over. where did the month go? good morning. i'm sydnie kohara. >> august is almost over. >> yeah, i'm way ahead of myself, aren't i. elizabeth is not ahead of herself. she has a look at traffic. 880 in oakland everything is good. southbound 880 towards hayward there is an accident just reported at winton. we'll continue to watch t one
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lane is blocked. south carolina 880 approaching winton avenue. slowing on our sensors really picking up now out of the altamont pass. stick clocking in at 17 minutes westbound 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. the forecast, yeah, we're coming off of a really nice weekend weather-wise. and minor changes once you factor in today. out the door a clear start inland. temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the mid-40s. some low clouds expected around the bay for the morning and also for the coastline with fog. temperatures ranging from the lower 50s to the upper 50s for the coastline and for the bay for the morning. for the afternoon, the coastline 60s and 70s at the bay with mostly sunny skies.
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like that. plenty of sunshine inland today with mild temperatures just near 80 degrees in our warmest spots. we'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. a fremont police officer is in critical but stable condition this morning after he was shot in oakland friday. anne makovec is at highland hospital in oakland where the officer has been in surgery twice. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and he is expected to undergo a lot more surgeries, as well. right now, doctors are saying it's more of a patchwork situation. they are just trying to make it so that he is all put together and is going to be able to survive for a while. he's in stable condition. reconstructive surgery will take place over the next several weeks at the least and he is expected to undergo more surgeries within the coming days, as well. here is his picture. officer todd young a fremont police officer been here since he was shot twice in the abdomen on friday afternoon. he worked 16 years as an officer. he was trying to serve a warrant
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friday in east oakland when he ended up in a shootout with the suspect outside a home. police say 20-year-old andrew barrientos, shot another man, hijacked a car and almost got to mexico but was arrested near the border on saturday afternoon. we spoke with the san diego police department this morning. he is still being held down in san diego and questioned there before he is send back north to face charges here. we are expected to hear more about when that's going to happen this morning at 8:00 a.m. while many officers are looking forward to having him begin the justice process, of the fremont chief says his thoughts are with young. >> our hope is that he will fully recover and come back and be a full-time productive police officer. right now, we just want to get through it a step at a time. >> reporter: now, a lot of people have been donating blood in officer young's honor this weekend. we'll hear more about that coming up in the next half hour.
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he has already gone through 60 pints in his surgery and again, he is expected to have more surgery. one little piece of good news. we are told young has been able to move his feet which does show some good signs when it comes to the potential of any paralyzing injuries. sydnie? >> anne makovec in oakland, thank you very much. young's friends and fellow officers have set up a facebook page to ask for blood donations. updates on his condition will also be posted there. and you can send him messages of support. a man who tried to kill himself with a nail gun was shot and killed after a standoff with san jose police. the 42-year-old man reportedly confronted officers with a 10" knife. police were called to a home yesterday by a woman who said her estranged husband was trying to commit suicide. when the man approached police with a knife, they shot him. standard procedure, the three officers who fired their weapons have now been placed on paid administrative leave.
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a man suspected of killing a mormon church official was shot and killed by police. the man was shot in visalia. police say the suspect walked into the administration building and asked for the church's leader. the suspect shot him. the two men don't appear to have known each other. >> as far as i've heard, there is no indication that that man was associated with the church in any way or that he was known to clay. >> about 20 minutes after the shooting, police got a call from the suspect who told them where he was heading. officers respond. the suspect was shot in a gunfight. he died at the hospital. there is no word on the identity of the suspect or a motive. a fatal high-rise apartment fire is being called suspicious. it broke out yesterday morning at an apartment building on
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o'farrell. police say a woman jumped to her death from the 8th floor. this happened in san francisco. a man who also lived in the apartment was taken to the hospital with serious burns. he is in serious condition but is expected to survive. preliminary investigations show the fire started on a mattress. a fire in san jose led to a familiar discovery inside the house on plainfield court, a marijuana growing operation. investigators suspect the flames were sparked by faulty wiring. it appears pg&e service was bypassed and internal wiring tinkered with to avoid detention. no one was home when the fire started. former major league pitcher roger clemens has a date in federal court in washington this afternoon accused of lying to congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. i never took steroids. >> clemens expected to plead not guilty to six counts in a
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federal grand jury indictment stemming from his testimony in 2008 that he did not use drugs. but at the same time, this man, his former trainer, claimed he injected clemens with those drugs more than 30 times between 1998 and 2001. >> throughout the course of the years it was winstrol also known as stanozolol. there was testosterone, steroids and hgh. >> roger did not use steroids, he didn't use hgh, and he didn't lie to congress about it. >> the 48-year-old clemens could get up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted. it's 6:07. we'll tell you what parents are doing to keep some east bay child care centers open. >> and for sale. an authentic cold war jet. what it will cost to be your own top gun. some parents have announced ,,
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. westbound 237 your ride through silicon valley crash approaching zanker road. coming up we'll update you on an early-morningier accident in hayward as well as your mass transit. traffic in 6 minutes. some parents have announced plans to keep a pair of child care centers in the east bay open. they say they plan to occupy the golden gate child development
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center starting tomorrow. it's one of seven originally set to close because of budget cuts. five child care centers have been spared at least for now. but parents say they want the state to come up with the money to keep them all open permanently. >> we want public education for every young person in oakland. and we want the little ones, you know, age 3 to 5 and after- school programs to exist for children to develop and have an equal start in life. >> state budget cuts have forced the oakland school district to reduce funding for early childhood education by $13 million. that is almost three-quarters of the total state funding. theirs the economy may be causing women to think twice about having children. birth rates dropped in 2009 for the second year in a row since the reception began. the centers for disease control estimates roughly 4 million children were born but that's down 2.6% from the 2008
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estimate. besides finances, experts say a decline in immigration to the u.s. may also be to blame. gas prices are dropping according to the lundberg survey. the average price of regular gasoline is $2.70 per gallon nationwide. that's a drop of more than 7 cents in the past two weeks. san francisco still has the nation's highest gas prices though at 3.13 a gallon. the cheapest, got to go to st. louis, 2.39 a gallon. it's 6:12. it's for sale. >> a cold war era fighter jet is for sale. bargain price, too. wolf aviation in stockton offering a swedish interceptor for $175,000. the fighter can blast through the sky at mach ii and fly as high as 60,000 feet so your commute will be a lot quicker! but at more than $5 a gallon for fuel, few can afford to feed it. >> prices have gone down on aircraft that consume a lot of fuel.
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it does. >> yeah. the plane blows through 100 gallons a minute going supersonic. that adds up to $5,000 every 10 minutes. >> they could send it out for birthday flights? >> cool, what's this handling? [ laughter ] 6:13. coming up, expedition titanic. we have new images of the world's most famous shipwreck. >> monday back to work, mild temperatures to greet you for the beginning of the workweek but i got plenty of sunshine to go along with it. we got today's afternoon highs and warmer weather, seven-day forecast coming up. ,,
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the doctors can do their best to cure the cancer, but it takes all of the other stuff to make you a whole person again. i've been given a second chance. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit good morning. we had a couple of hot spots and they quickly disappeared. two accidents were cleared to the right shoulder. the 880/237 interchange, we have a camera and traffic was backing up towards zanker road. good news, they cleared it out of lanes so right now it's all clear. it's amazing how quickly that accident moved out of the way. right now your drive time 18
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minutes from hayward towards 101 -- from milpitas to 101. so there you go. another accident hayward southbound 880 approaching winton. this accident was also cleared to the right shoulder quickly. busy commute spot towards the san mateo bridge. right now we are just seeing a little of our usual slowing there. not anything, you know, atypical for there but once you get across the san mateo bridge, we can show you a live look at what conditions are like there. this is westbound 92 towards foster city and the peninsula. looks like our drive time is up dating. it should be about 14 minutes in these westbound lanes. coming off the high-rise eastbound lanes heading towards hayward, equally good. so no problems there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are seeing slight delays but still no metering lights as of last check a minute before i came on air so just small delays in some of the cash lanes. mass transit everything is on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm.
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that's for the very latest, greatest traffic information. they got it on the 8s. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> latest and greatest? >> yes. >> how's that for a plug? >> i like that. they also have your latest, greatest weather updates for the morning as well and the afternoon at kcbs radio. out the door, clear starts ranging from the 40s to 50s inland. low clouds around the bay and low clouds and fog for the coastline, temperatures in the 50s. this afternoon, forget the 50s. 70s, upper 70s. sunshine and mild in the warmer spots near 80. temperatures in the mid-60s and lower 70s around the bay with mostly sunny skies. sunshine, low clouds for the coast, 59 to 64 degrees. it will be a mild start to the
6:19 am
week. 70 in san francisco, 77 degrees concord 9 degrees off the mark. 74 in san jose. 64 in san francisco. more mild temperatures around the bay area: seven-day forecast, we have a slight warming trend building in through thursday. and we'll take those nice
6:20 am
temperatures into friday. as we move back into the 90s, yeah, 90s moving back into the forecast by the middle of the workweek. temperatures around the bay will be near 80. and the lower to the mid-70s along the coastline. don't get too used to the warmup. it will be cooling down in time for the weekend. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. it is 6:20. let's take a look at today's top stories. a fremont police officer shot in oakland had a second surgery yesterday and will likely undergo more procedure. todd young was shot and critically wounded while trying to arrest a man friday. the suspect was booked yesterday at a san diego county jail and could return to the bay area as early as today. a man who tried to kill himself with a nail gun was shot and killed by san jose police. officers went to the home yesterday after a woman said her estranged husband tried to commit suicide. when the man approached police with a knife, they shot him. and roger clemens due in federal court in washington
6:21 am
this afternoon. the former major league pitcher is accused of lying to congress about his use of performance- enhancing drugs. clemens is expected to plead not guilty. it is 6:21 right now. heavy seas and high winds have chased scientists away from the wreckage of the titanic on the floor of the atlantic ocean but before they left they got some new pictures of the ship that went down in 1912. they used two robots to take thousands of photos and hours of video. expedition titanic is not collecting artifacts. but it is checking the large debris field around the wreck. last night the team wrote on its facebook page that they went back for one last dive and are now on a 36-hour voyage back to home until the weather improves. it's 6:21. >> we'll tell you what rescue crews are doing starting today for those miners trapped underground in chile. >> also ahead, it's been dormant for hundreds of years. but now it's coming back to
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more sunshine in policeman with 72 degrees. 72 at milpitas and 57 degrees in cupertino. warmer temperatures, 90s, moving back into the forecast. i'll let you know when in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> and we'll check on traffic, as well. speaking of which, there is a new freeway connector ramp that should be open by now in the east bay. the ramp from westbound highway 24 to northbound 13, that's in oakland, just west of the caldecott tunnel, the old ramp shut down this weekend. the new ramp is farther west making it easier for drivers to merge into traffic. this charge is part of the caldecott tunnel project and caltrans says they moved up the ramp opening to accommodate fans attending cal's opening football game next saturday. the americas cup could be sailing into san francisco before you know it. the city has already announced it is interested in hosting the sailing competition. but now, it's looking for
6:26 am
financial backing to put in a bid. bay area business leaders will be meeting today to recruit sponsorships. supporters will need to convince the bmw oracle racing team and its billionaire owner larry ellison to defend the cup in 2013 or 2014. we have new video from the mine in chile that shows trapped miners sending greetings to their families and telling them not to worry. it's been now more than a week since the 33 miners were found alive. they were trapped down there -- nothing known about them for two weeks before that, but it's still likely to be three or four months before they are rescued. today they will start to drill a pilot hole to the men. that hole will eventually be enlarged so the men can be lifted through but the process will drop thousands of tons of rocks into the mine that the miners will have to move. up to 10,000 people have been evacuated now from the
6:27 am
slopes of an erupting volcano in indonesia. mount sinabung roared back to life on friday after 40 years. it's on the north end of the island of sumatra. the eruption sent hot ash a mile into the air. the government has distributed gas masks to refugees but so far, no airline flights disruption from the volcanic cloud. a deadly shooting in the south bay. coming up, why police opened fire on a man they say was suicidal. and a local police officer finishes his second round of surgery but he is not out of the woods yet. we'll tell you his condition and when we can expect the suspect, the man accused of shooting him, back in the bay area coming up. getting busier at the bay bridge toll plaza. but the metering lights have not been activated. coming up, we'll have your back- to-school commute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's elizabeth wenger with a look at traffic. good morning. monday mornings the 30th of august. let's check in with elizabeth and see how traffic is moving this morning. >> kids are back to school so we may see more traffic on the roads when the morning commute gets under way. in vallejo off-ramp closed westbound 80 at columbus
6:31 am
parkway. no big impact on freeway traffic. off-ramp blocked for the past hour. westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange, that's what it looks like towards tassajara. this is what it looks like coming out of the altamont pass. drive time 20 minutes. typical, from the altamont pass to 680. another slow spot highway 4 speeds under 10 miles per hour especially as you pass a street where it bottlenecks and all your approaches to the bay bridge still look okay but still no metering lights just small delays and only in cash lanes. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for the morning including just a few clouds as we move into the afternoon more sunshine expected to cross into the bear. upper 70s in fairfield and in napa. 75 santa rosa.
6:32 am
77 in concord, 57 in livermore. mild temperatures quite nice. 69 in oakland, 17 in fremont. 64 san francisco. crows to what we had yesterday. 71 in fremont. so today it's mild, but look at what happens. just around the corner. our warming trend tuesday, wednesday, thursday. temperatures warming up. close to 20 inland, around the bay temperatures 80 near midweek, lower to the mid-70s expected along the coastline. that warming trend is fleeting. it won't stick around long. temperatures will cool down. that's a look at your weather. back to you. it is 6:32. a fremont police officer is facing more surgery, with a second surgery over the weekend after being shot on friday. good morning, anne.
6:33 am
>> reporter: good morning. officer young is here at the hospital. he is under heavy sedation we're told in critical but stable condition. this weekend he had his second round of surgeries on his bladder and there are more surgeries expected this week so he is not out of the woods yet. this is police officer todd young, shot twice in the abdomen friday afternoon. he worked 16 years as an officer, 39 years old. he was trying to serve a warrant in east oakland when he was in a shootout with the suspect outside a home. police say 20-year-old andrew barrientos then shot at another man, hijacked a car and tried to escape to mexico. in fact, he almost got there but was arrested on saturday afternoon. we spoke with the san diego police this morning, that's who is holding this man. he is still being held and questioned in san diego. he is going to be sent back eventually up north to face charges here and we are expected to hear more about exactly when he will be returning here at 8:00 a.m. back here in the bay area,
6:34 am
two other people were arrested accused of helping hm escape. back here in the bay area, people have been coming out in droves to donate blood in officer young's name. doctors have already used more than 60 pints in young's surgeries. this was the scene in pleasant hill yesterday as people came to give back. >> you know, they are with another city they are still our fellow officers, our brother officers. and i had to do something. >> he is out there defending us. it shouldn't be too much to ask to come in and donate blood or volunteer to do something else. >> reporter: the red cross is grateful for the outpouring of support. they had issued a call for more donation last week before this shooting because supplies were critically low. if you would like to donate in officer young's name, just go to your local blood site. they don't want everyone to crowd into the blood donation sites around here so go to your local site and tell them that
6:35 am
you're donating in officer young's name. >> anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in oakland. and young's friends and fellow officers have set up a facebook page as well asking for blood donations. they will also give us updates on his condition and you can send some messages of support. a san francisco woman has died after leaping from an 8th floor balcony while her apartment burned. the fire broke out early yesterday morning along o'farrell street. a man who also lived in the apartment was taken to the hospital with seriousburns. he is in serious condition but is expected to survive. the fire appears to have started on a mattress. firefighters are calling it suspicious. crews are making progress against an 850 wildfire in yuba county. cooler temperatures helped firefighters get a line around
6:36 am
60% of it. it broke out friday in the tahoe national forest and quickly spread. the governor has issued a state of emergency for that area. 30 homes are evacuated, no buildings destroyed. the cause is not yet known. a battle over bags brewing in sacramento. lobbyists for the plastics and oil industries will try this week to block a bill banning plastic carry-out bags in california. it's passed the assembly so lobbyists are pressuring state senators to kill the bill because they say it will cost jobs. supporters argue that plastic bags are a burden on the environment. the california assembly is reviewing its dress code for women hondaer the chamber. assembly leaders say they want to enforce appropriate business attire for women who enter the chamber. officers have notified women that they must wear a coat or sweater on the floor. for many years men have been required to wear a coat and tie but the code for women is
6:37 am
unsubjective. >> bet it will get the state budget passed. 6:36. crews in the gulf plan to start removing the temporary cap on that blown-out well. once the cap is off, they will be able to raise the failed blowout preventer from the sea floor. the valve considered a key piece of evidence in what caused the oil rig explosion back in april. hurricane earl is gaining strength as it moves through the northern caribbean. a hurricane warning is issued for more than a dozen islands and right now the eye of the storm is 50 miles northeast of st. martin. winds top out at 105 miles an hour. earl could grow to a category 4 strength later on this week. forecast, say residents from the carolinas to new england states need to pay attention to this storm because earl could get close. it's expected to approach the north carolina coast on thursday. hurricane danielle is gradually weakening but is still bringing rip currents to the east coast.
6:38 am
6:37. it has been five years since hurricane katrina devastated new orleans. the city spent the anniversary remembering the lives lost and taking a look at the progress that's been made since the storm. [ bell tolls ] bells rang throughout the big easy honoring the 1800 people who died in hurricane katrina. while a traditional jazz funeral helped survivors put the past behind them, signs of the storm are found throughout the city. president obama told them that rebuilding is still a top priority. >> my administration is going to stand with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. >> put away old memories, start anew. >> a levee system in the city that could stand the storm the size of katrina will be finished next summer. 6:38. your moneywatch report coming up next. >> plus the emmy goes to -- the big winners and the jokes made
6:39 am
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with a nail gun... was shot and start you out with the bay
6:42 am
bridge toll plaza. today is no exception with back to school, so with every passing week we have seen more and more traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. right now the metering lights are on for 10 minutes so we are starting to see backups grow. it's almost backed up to the very end of the parking lot in all lanes so a good 10 minutes wait to get you on the bridge and then it looks okay across the span. a little slow traffic on the san francisco side of the bridge. if you are coming up the peninsula, 101 and 280 look great. this is a live look near candlestick. nice an quiet, easy drive towards downtown san francisco. 101 and 280 a smooth ride along the peninsula. check of the south bay, it's been problem-free in the south bay. we had a couple of accidents earlier this morning that chp was working but everybody is clear and out of lanes. this is a live look of traffic out of downtown san jose by the 880 interchange. and it continues to move well towards cupertino. your drive time still holding
6:43 am
steady. right before i came on air i heard about an accident on westbound 237 approaching north first street. it sounds like it's off to the right shoulder. so we are not seeing any big delays right now coming out of milpitas. actually i particular that back. maybe a little slowing on our camera but again, activity is all out of lanes but it is on westbound 237 approaching north first street. so we'll update you in the next traffic hit if anything changes. that is your traffic. for another check of your forecast, here's tracy. >> thank you, elizabeth. well, our sunrise at 6:38. it is 6:43 and this is from our camera high atop mount vaca. and that's what you call a pretty nice looking sunrise, folks. yeah. nice day. not a lot of clouds well inland this morning. so you will reap the benefits of that with plenty of sunshine to greet you for the day. and we have even more sunshine in store for the afternoon. our daily planner as you head out the door, clear start inland, temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the mid- 40s. a few low clouds around the bay and low clouds and fog at the
6:44 am
coast in the 50s. this afternoon sunshine, mild temperatures ranging from the 70s to the upper 70s. mid-60s lower 70s at the bay with mostly sunny skies and we are going to keep low clouds in the forecast along the coast and those temperatures won't be as warm up to the mid-60s. speaking of not as warm, our temperatures pretty mild to start the week. concord average daytime highs this time of the year late august into september, 86 the average high. 85 santa rosa. 82 san jose. 70 san francisco. well, we are nowhere near that in concord. just a little bit. 77 degrees in concord, 9 degrees cooler. 10 degrees off the mark in santa rosa. 8 degrees in san jose. and san francisco six degrees cooler than average. so mild start to the week. plenty of location will still have those temperatures. 73 los altos, 64 half moon bay, 75 campbell today. lower 70s from hayward down to fremont including milpitas and santa clara. east bay locations, mid-60s in
6:45 am
richmond, near 70 oakland and alameda. 70 in san leandro. temperatures about five to seven degrees warmer in pleasant hill, dublin, pleasanton, livermore, brentwood, antioch and pittsburg near 80 degrees. north bay location, mild temperatures a nice afternoon. mid-70s in santa rosa and petaluma. upper 70s in sonoma and napa. lower to the mid-70s in san rafael and san anselmo. cool instin ton beach. 59 degrees. 72 mill valley. 36 degrees today in sausalito. 75 degrees in kentfield. 63 degrees today in sausalito. our seven-day forecast, we begin the workweek on a mild note. but we'll make up ground in temperatures, warming up tuesday through thursday to the mid- to upper 90s inland. temperatures back to near 80 around the bay and mid-70s at the coast by thursday. temperatures will peak toward the end of the week and then by the weekend, into the workweek. then as we move into the weekend we will begin to cool down. that's a look at your weather.
6:46 am
back up to you. a man who tried to kill himself with a nail gun was shot and killed after a standoff with san jose police. the 42-year-old man reportedly confronted officers with a 10" knife. police were called to the home yesterday by a woman who said her estranged husband was trying to commit suicide. when the man approached police with a knife, they shot him. standard procedure, the three officers who fired their weapons have been placed on paid administrative leave. americans buying more cars helped push consume erp spending higher last month and personal income was also up. let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and rough couple of weeks for the market. >> good morning. it has been rough of late. had a decent day on friday which ameliorated some of the loss last week but not a lot of optimism on wall street about the direction of the economy. a little bit of good news this morning. consumer spending rising .4% in
6:47 am
july. that was the best showing in four months after three months of basically flat showings for consumer spending. august is the back-to-school spending season so that's critical for retailers. the market is down a little. dow lower by 11. nasdaq off by 1. s&p 500 down by a fraction. speak of buying sprees, intel is certainly picking up its share. just a couple of weeks after buying mcafee for $7.7 billion, they are buying the wireless solutions business from infineon technologyings out of germany for $1.4 billion. it's an important deal for intel. they are trying to make a push in getting chips into smart phone devices, something they have really not been able to do and that's exactly what wireless solutions does. they have the big customers, namely apple, they get their chips in iphones and also
6:48 am
blackberry maker research in motion. another silicon valley company that will be in the spotlight is hewlett-packard. they are authorizing up to $10 billion word of buy-backs or owned shares. hp has also been very busy of late. they are in a bidding war with dell to buy fremont data storage company 3par. the latest bid there is $2 billion from hp. now it's up to dell to come back to the table this week to top thp getting a boost from the buy bac announcement, hp up 3.5%. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and a supernatural thriller tops at the box office this weekend. >> we are going to go and get you in the car... it's about a little girl possessed by a demon, and a reverend who tries to perform an exorcism on her.
6:49 am
the film barely edged out "takers," which had a 21-million dollar debut. rounding out >> wasn't there a movie the exorcist? >> this is the last ex-oracy . then they will come out with the exorcism before the last exorcism. the film barely edged out talkers, which had a $21 million debut. so rounding out the top five: competition between comedy at the prime time emmy awards last night, there was some stiff competition between comedy newcomers and celebrated dramas. sandra hughes reports. reporter: while the emmys kicked off with a glee like dance to honor the show nominated with the most awards, "glee" wasn't the big winner. instead, "modern family," the mock ument try about a dysfunctionally funny family took home the top comedy prize. >> we are so happy you have let us into your families. >> reporter: eric stonestreet won for best supporting actor on "modern family" but "glee" wasn't empty-handed. the show director won as did the cheer coach jane lynch.
6:50 am
>> so i want to thank my, uhm, lord and creator ryan murphy for creating this role of a lifetime. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: edie falco said she couldn't believe she won for best actress in a comedy for "nurse jackie." for a third year in a row "mad men" took home the prize for best drama. the most poignant moment time when temple took the stage when hbo was receiving its fourth emmy for the movie made about her life and struggles with autism. george clooney was given the bob hope humanitarian award for his work on haiti relief. a newcomer on the cbs show "the good wife" won for best supporting actress in a drama. and he is not a new comer but when jim parsons won for lead actor in a comedy series for his role in cbs "the big bang theory" he ended alec baldwin's two-year winning streak. >> this feels absolutely dream- like and i mean that in the
6:51 am
mostlymost literal sense of the word. >> reporter: by the end of the show, it was time to celebrate. >> time to party at betty white's house! >> reporter: white won an. -- an emmy for hosting "saturday night live." sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. british comedian ricky gervais was among the many award presenters last night. he drew quite a few chuckles from the crowd's took a few shots at the film industry and the telecast. >> his biggest laugh line came at the expense of mel gibson. >> mel gibson -- come on, now. come on. [ laughter ] >> i'm not going to have a guy. he has been through a lot. not as much as the juice. -- not as much as the jews. >> gervais went on to ask if anybody wanted beer and handed out bottles to people in the audience. >> that's the way to get them on your side. time for a look at what's coming up on "the early show" this morning. harry smith joins from us new
6:52 am
york. >> good morning. i have to confess that was my favorite moment last night when the waiters came out with the bottles. let me tell you what's coming up on our broadcast this morning. there was a tragedy over the weekend at the indianapolis motor speedway. as people work their way up the ranks there are always these levels of competition. this is for teenagers. motorcycle racers. they are going over 100 miles an hour. this young guy loses control and there he is, he is saying, look, i within the over my handle bars but i'm okay. look out for me, i'm okay. and then as the pack caught up, unfortunately, he ended up dying. we are going to speak to some fans who were eyewitness to that crash. plus a quick-thinking subway motorman here in new york city stops his train as he is coming into the station just in the nick of time. wow, what a story. we have him in the studio. mrs. a complete wrap-up of last night's prime time emmys, who won, who should have won. and who looked good doing it. because isn't that really the
6:53 am
most important thing? >> absolutely. >> excellent. sounds like a great show. see you at 7:00, harry. >> thanks, harry. a check of today's top stories when we come back. >> and an air guitar champ is crowned. today's top stories: a fremont police officer ,, a fremont police officer hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate.
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and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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shot in oakland had a second surgery yesterday. todd young le check today's top stories. a fremont police officer shot in oakland had a second surgery yesterday. todd young was shot and critically wounded while trying to arrest a man friday. the suspect was booked yesterday in a san diego county jail. san francisco fire and police calling a fatal high- rise apartment fire suspicious yesterday at an apartment building on o'farrell. an unidentified woman jumped to her death from the 8th floor. and crews in the gulf of mexico planning to start work today removing the temporary cap on the blown-out well. once the cap is off, they will
6:57 am
be able to raise the blown-out preventer from the sea floor. westbound 237 very slow right now towards zanker road. this is our usual congestion pricing at this time of the morning but there is also an accident northbound first street. it is on the shoulder so not blocking lanes. but just causing extra slow and go headed towards silicon valley. wow, can't really see the bay bridge toll plaza very well anymore because of all the sunshine out there. it's almost a fall-like traffic pattern. it's back to school for folks so it's backed up towards the 880 overcrossing already. the metering lights were turned on a half hour ago. this is our bright spot. 880 traffic past the coliseum in oakland. no problems up towards downtown. and a quick marin county check. you are good to go. 22 minutes between novato and san francisco. our camera giving you a live look out of mill valley. that's the your traffic. here's tracy. i saw a lot of sunshine. >> a lot of sunshine expected in the forecast today and if you like the weekend, especially sunday, the warmer of the two days, you are going
6:58 am
to like today. very similar temperatures expected. this is san jose this morning down in south bay plenty of sunshine a little haze this morning. our seven-day forecast, later on warmest spots up to 79. 66 degrees around the bay, 64 along the coastline. and look at what a difference a day makes. tomorrow 79 goes to 89. thursday 97 degrees inland. 79 around the bay. mid-70s for the coast. the temperature roller coaster continues. we also have a mypix photo. this is sent in of the civic center in san francisco. go to to upload a photo. >> hope that's not something like from craigslist. >> right. bj b-1 9... >> code name. >> mm-hm. >> thank you both.
6:59 am
>> welcome. it is 6:59. he is world champ again. >> again. ♪ [ music ] >> he performed as gunther love. >> he won the world air guitar championship second year in a row he did it. beat out a field of 18 national champions including a 10-year- old boy before thousands of fans in finland. gunther takes home a clear flying finn guitar as his prize. and no surprise, he credits his success to those gold lame' pants. if you have a story idea or a comment you'd like to share with us: emai ht there. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email >> and check out brian's daily briefing weekdays at 11:00 on


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