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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. shelters in the bay area, the glitch that left some homeless out in the cold. leave your change at home. the holiday treat you'll find all across one bay area city. good morning? >> it is thursday, the 25th of november. happy thanksgiving. i'm sydnie kohara. juliette has the morning off. and it is another chilly start to the day. let go to tracy humphrey with a look at your thanksgiving forecast. good morning, and happy thanksgiving, tracy. >> good morning, sydnie. happy thanksgiving to you, as well. freeze warning in effect again this morning for the north and east bay valleys. frost advisory for the san francisco bay and the santa clara valley until 9:00 this morning. temperatures expected to be in the 21st century and 30s. so just how cold is it? we'll take a look at your current temperatures coming right up.
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back to you. it is 6:00. charities all over the bay area are trying to make sure that the homeless have a warm thanksgiving meal on this holiday. let go to anne makovec who joins us now from san francisco, which has a huge homeless population to feed. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving. for anyone out there preparing a thanksgiving dinner, yeah, imagine doing it times 5,000. that is what they are doing here at glide memorial church. it is on ellis and taylor downtown san francisco. [ very scratchy voice ] they are feeding 5,000 people and hundreds of families as well. here are some of the volunteers lined up. you can see they are chopping away at vegetables and ham. they are getting ready for thanksgiving dinner that start at 9 a.m. i'm here with yvonne one of the 500 volunteers and she has been doing it for a couple of years. why do you keep coming? >> because of the volunteers. just working with them and the people, just giving back. giving back to -- i have been
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blessed with so much. >> reporter: what initially motivated you to come and sign up? >> one of my friends sang in the choir and she kept saying that she was singing in the choir and i thought i would come over and see what she was doing and i'm hooked now. every easter, christmas and thanksgiving. it's a wonderfu place. >> reporter: i came to volunteer one day myself. that's the important thing, you come on other days besides the holidays? >> definitely. definitely. and it's the people that you meet i think. just the feeling of helping i think for me, uhm, and also the volunteers. they have some great volunteers here. >> reporter: wonderful. yvonne, thank you so much and thank you for volunteering. we appreciate it. if you want to come out and join everybody for thanksgiving dinner it runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and at 10 a.m. they have a rousing celebration in the chapel here at the church and everybody is invited to that, as well. sydnie? >> it is a wonderful way to give thanks. anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in san francisco.
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all three cold weather shelters for the homeless in santa clara county should be open by tonight. ehc life builders opened two shelters yesterday near downtown san jose and at the national guard armory in gilroy. but the armory in sunnyvale won't be open until tonight because of a national guard deployment. the facilities normally open for the season on the monday after thanksgiving. but it got chillier much earlier. well, some shoppers will scrape the ice off their windshields so they can get an early start this morning. that's right. there are some stores that are making thanksgiving day a shopping day. let go to sharon chin in union city at a store that is already open. sharon, good morning. >> reporter: yes. good morning. there are a few dozen people here coming in and out of the wal-mart superstore which is open today and for 24 hours today for those shoppers. let's take a look at the video. these are the people who braved the temperatures in the 30s, possibly scraped their windshield to get here. most people have come for the convenience of having a store open today at least that's what
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they tell us. and they came out getting necessities like medicine or groceries. others say they are getting a jump-start on holiday purchases. >> you came to do some shopping this morning? >> yes, i did. >> what kind of deals did you have out here? >> i'm not sure. i'm just waiting to see what kinds of price are in store for me. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> so you're going to do this before you put the turkey in the oven? >> uhm, that'sright. i have a lot of nieces and nephews to shop for. yeah. >> reporter: she was last seen looking at little bicycles. okay, here are some of the stores only for business. wal-mart superstores open 24 hours. regular wal-mart stores will open at midnight. kmart opens at 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. sears opens at 7 a.m. to noon. this is the first time it's opened on thanksgiving day in its 124-year history. the gap, banana republic and old navy most of the stores open at around 8 a.m. that's not counting the stores that plan on opening tonight.
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for example, toys 'r us, from 10 p.m. for 24 hours. and then of course the online sales if you want to go that route. >> i heard like kohl's is opening at 3 a.m. trying to get jump but these big stores got the jump today giving people something to do if they aren't in charge of cooking or watching football. >> reporter: yes. and they're already coming out. >> thank you very much, sharon chin in union city. if you are staying in the bay area for thanksgiving, you can park for free in san francisco. that's almost worth an extra trip just to enjoy that. parking meters and street sweeping fines won't be enforced today. for details, you can check the city's website or call 311. did you feel it? parts of the bay area shook for a few seconds last night. it was a magnitude 3.3 quake around 10:30. hundreds of people from the santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains went to the u.s. geological survey website to report that they
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felt it. but no one has reported any damage or injuries. well, you can feel it. it's a cold start to thanksgiving. tracy, how's the weather looking? >> it's going to be a little chilly today, sydnie. first though, we are going to start off and take a look at what many of you may be dealing with if you you are traveling this morning. and that's going to be a little hang-up possibly in chicago with snow showers. dallas a chance of thunderstorms. atlanta, also a chance of showers in the forecast. and new york city looking at a chance of showers, as well. for this morning, we do have a frost advisory in effect for the san francisco bay area and for the santa clara valley. freeze warnings for the north bay and the east bay valleys. both of those warnings and again that advisory will expire at 9:00. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. so let's take a look at some of those temperatures. we have not seen the 20s so far. it has not been as cold as yesterday morning in napa, for example. got down to 28. this morning at 31.
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31 in vallejo. 33 in santa rosa. 35 degrees in oakland. whoa, that's cold. 36 in fremont. 31 in concord. 33 in livermore and 45 degrees in san francisco. comparatively speaking 45 looks really mild. doesn't it? but it's not. it's chilly here in san francisco, as well. that's a look at what's going on currently. we'll take a look at today's highs as well as your weekend forecast, there could be more snow on the way for the sierra. i'll fill you in, in just a few moments. >> wow, they are already open and enjoying it. all right. thanks very much, tracy. it's 6:07. the next mayor of oakland booted because of parking tickets. her defense as to why they went unpaid. plus, we are talking turkey. the butterball hotline answers some of the most common questions about thanksgiving cooking. and they're back by popular demand. what many shoppers are now opting for at the cash register. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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it's going to be a wonderful but cold thanksgiving. this morning a freeze warning but after that for the afternoon, mostly sunny and temperatures ranging from 50 to 56 degrees. have a wonderful thanksgiving. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast. there could be more snow on the
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way for the sierra. that's all coming up. >> all right, sounds good, tracy. thanks very much. it is 6:10. welcome back, everyone. this morning, people in oakland are getting a bit of a chuckle out of a parking boot on jean quan's car. the incoming mayor had more than $1,000 worth of unpaid parking tickets. the boot was placed on the toyota prius on tuesday. people say it's nice to know that politicians aren't above the law. >> i think it's great. i think that she has learned her lesson. >> if they are going to set policies about parking, then they have to abide by them, them, as well. >> she said she and her husband got the tickets during her mayoral campaign which kept her very busy. the boot was paid. republican steve cooley conceded the state attorney general yesterday to san francisco district attorney kamala harris. she will become the first woman
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and the first minority to serve as california attorney general. harris will replace incoming governor jerry brown. it's not clear yet though who will replace harris. then in the east bay, the 11th congressional district race is over now. democratic incumbent jerry mcnerny has been re-elected to a third term. he holds a lead of just 2500 votes over republican challenger david harmer. coming up, your questions answered. a live turkey day interview with the folks from butterball. >> plus iphones, ipads, now. this the big purchase apple has just made. and we take a look at the san mateo bridge, elizabeth sleeping in. has the morning off. but you can see there's not a lot of traffic to speak of at this hour. 6:12. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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(announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year. septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair.
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] to call. the ladies at the butterball hotline have been tackling turkey troubles 6:15 now. if you have a thanksgiving emergency, they are the ones to call! the ladies at the butterball hotline have been tackling turkey troubles for three decades and i know a lot of you are up now looking at that big bird on up sink going, what do i do now? so joining us on the phone is sue smith. sue, good morning. >> good morning. and happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you.
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>> thank you. >> what is the most requested information from you that people call in for? >> year after year the number one call is how to thaw your turkey or what do i do if it's not completely thawed the day before or the day of? >> and so what do you tell them? do they still have time if they are just taking it out of the freezer right now? >> they do. 6 a.m., and if you have time put it in cold water original wrapper breast side down and if you soak that in the water change it every 30 minutes that's the quickest way to thaw it. >> what's the craziest question you have gotten? >> well, again, has to do with thawing. and one year a man called and wanted to know what to set his dial at high or low? i wasn't quite sure what he meant. he said his turkey was wrapped up in his electric blanket in his room and should it be on high or low? a real funny call. very creative callers we get. and, of course, weather don't recommend that. but it was a fun call. >> all right. another question, to stuff or not to stuff? >> great question. absolutely it's fine to stuff.
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a lot of people love that stuffing in the turkey itself. we recommend the stuffing the turkey right before put out it in the oven and make sure that the center of the stuffing reaches 165. >> how important is a thermometer? >> very important. then you know for sure the turkey is done and also prevents you from overcooking it. when you overcook it that is what tends to dry it out. >> what should the temperature be on that thermometer? >> 180 in the thigh and 170 in the breast. >> okay. sue, thank you very much. sue smith with butterball hotline. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you, to. >> 1-800-butterball. call that or you can go upon line to birth er inthey are also on facebook and twitter. >> that's where everybody is on those social media networking sites. here's a look outside at the bay bridge. talk about crystal clear this
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morning. it is another clear morning. it is another cold morning! we do have a freeze warning in effect as well as a frost advisory. it should be a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine expected. but bundle up if you are heading out and maybe driving to friends and family. you want to make sure that you might have to warm up the car. you might have to. it's chilly out. freeze warning in effect for the north and the east bay valleys until 9:00 this morning. frost advisory for the san francisco bay and for the santa clara valley. the difference between the two, freeze warning for areas that are expecting temperatures below freezing for four hours or more. frost advisory areas that are expecting temperatures near freezing for two hours or more. temperatures in the 20s and and the 30s. what's the difference between the two? that way i let you know. 31 in santa rosa, 33 vallejo, 34 san rafael. 45 san francisco. but it is 39 degrees in sfo.
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39 in pacifica. 32 redwood city. 33 san jose. 36 in fremont. 36 in oakland. and 33 in concord. 38 degrees in livermore. another cold start to the day. another cool and chilly afternoon with temperatures across the bay area essentially in the lower to the mid-50s. no major spread in those temperatures. the sierra forecast, plenty of fresh powder. today mostly sunny skies. mid-30s, tomorrow high clouds in the lower 40s. chance of snowfall returns to the sierra. that's going to be saturday. and winds will be gusting around 45 miles an hour. so take that into consideration if you are thinking about heading up for the weekend. seven-day forecast, more sunshine across the bay area tomorrow, rainfall for us saturday again snowfall for the sierra. sunday a mix of sun and clouds. monday, tuesday, wednesday, plenty of sunshine. sydnie, i don't know if you can hear it or not but there's a lot of banging going on down her and that's our turkey
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dinner being set up. so i know you love that as much as i do. just wanted to let you know they are here and setting. >> we get up so early so we start celebrating and we are ready for the big turkey this early-morning in the morning. >> it's exciting. >> yeah. my tip, tracy, if you are cooking a turkey. >> what's your tip? >> go to save go to safeway. they have a two-hour turkey recipe. what's great if they have leftover turkeys the grocery stores -- i'm going to wrap -- usually they have sales on the turkey and you can cook one for the weekend. >> good idea. >> thank you. i'm told to wrap, talking too much. i'm getting excited about that turkey. 6:20. elizabeth is off but let give you some information on public transit for this thanksgiving. in san francisco, the muni system is running on a sunday schedule. bart is also on a sunday schedule so the trains will start rolling in about an hour and 40 minutes at 8:00. also on a sunday schedule,
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caltrain, santa clara county vta, and in the east bay a.c. transit. then on the peninsula, samtrans is offering limited service today and thanksgiving means no service for the ace train or any of the ferries on san francisco bay. i used to walk across the golden gate every thanksgiving morning. that's a nice way to start the day. 6:21. let's take a look at today top stories. there is shopping to be done today the day before the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. among the big name stores that are actually open this morning you can go to sears, kmart, wal- mart supercenters, gap, banana republic and old navy. silicon valley pioneer apple has bought 98 acres of land to expand the campus at its world headquarters in cupertino. the new property off homestead road has been used for decades by another silicon valley giant, hewlett-packard. but hp plans to move out of that site. it wants to consolidate in its hometown of palo alto. and south korea's president is vowing to boost security around five of the country's
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islands after an artillery attack by north korea. much of yeonpyeong island is destroyed and abandoned after this week's attack flattened homes and businesses. the north is threatening additional attacks if the south carries out any more military action. 6:22. coming up, it's an oldie but goodie. what more and more stores are doing just in time for black friday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for holiday gifts. more and more retailers a just because you don't have credit doesn't mean you have to pay cash up front for holiday gifts. more and more retailers are going back to the days before plastic. on the consumerwatch, julie watts reintroduces us to an oldie but goodie. reporter: fewer and fewer people will be paying with plastic this holiday season. >> my mom and dad told me not to do credit. so that's the smart thing, right. >> i don't like putting anything on credit cards anymore. >> reporter: so back by popular demand, layaway. >> now the consumers are becoming more savvy about credit cards and more reluctant to spend money on interest rates, layaway has gotten more appealing and based on consumer desire, layaway has come back. >> reporter: marketing expert kathleen cusick says many retailers got rid of layaway with the advent of their store credit cards.
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but now more consumers want to return to the days before finance charges. >> there's very little financial risk to consumers using layaway. what layaway does is force consumers to save and pay in increments to get something that they really want. >> reporter: and stores like kmart, sears, marshalls and toys 'r us are happy to oblige. but buyer beware. there are restrictions. initiation fees range from $5 to $10 depending on the store. and then there's the down payment, anywhere from 10 to 20% up front. >> if you can't afford it, putting it on layaway won't help. >> reporter: gene o'neil with better business bureau warns, be careful not to treat layaway like credit. you can get into the same problems. and make sure to read the fine print. >> you need to find out what those layaway policies are because what could turn out to be a very nice thing that you're going to be able to buy a gift that you couldn't have afforded could backfire on you. >> reporter: on the
6:27 am
consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. some things to remember when you sign up for layaway this holiday season. make sure you know what happens if your layaway item goes on sale or if you miss a payment. if you decide you don't want the purchase anymore, some stores will keep your deposit. so ask. 6:27. it is a law that sparked protests and marches in one state. this morning, how california could be next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kohara. juliette good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. it is thursday, november 25th. i'm sydnie kohara. juliette has the morning off. well, for some people, it is not too cold to go shopping. they don't have to worry about a turkey and so they are going to get a head start on black friday. some major stores already have opened their doors. let go to sharon chin. she is in union city at one store that's already seeing some customers this morning. sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, it's nothing like black friday either inside or in the parking lot. there are a few dozen cars here but just some people taking advantage of the fact that wal- mart superstores open 24 hours today. i want to show you the people who are braving temperatures in the 30s, possibly having scraped their windshields just to get here. some are getting a jump-start on their holiday purchases and
6:31 am
others, they have just come for the convenience of having a store open today and gotten necessities like medicine or groceries. >> actually, i'm supposed to make dessert for tomorrow foreign thanksgiving. so just got to make it all up for them. so i had to come up with something unique. >> reporter: it was just convenient to have a store that's open? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: any good deals that you found in there? >> i got some older -- some of the halloween candy still hanging around but it's going to actually take part to it because i'm making a turkey cookie so it's going to be more for the kids. so... >> reporter: and here are some of the stores open for business today. wal-mart super store opened 24 hours, regular wal-mart stores will open at midnight. kmart opened at 6 a.m. to 9:00 tonight. sears opened at 7 a.m. to noon. and this is the first time sears has been open on thanksgiving day in its entire 124-year history. and for the gap, banana republic and old navy, most of
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their stores open around 8 a.m. now, we are still outside here awaiting a man that i saw come in at 5:00 this morning from castro valley with his pajamas on saying that he was here with his wife because he wanted a tv. he has not come out yet. he was last seen at the back of the store with a tv in his cart so there must be some deals going on inside. >> here's what happens. his relatives were watching our show and they heard us say that and they probably called him and said, okay, they are waiting for you to come out in your pajamas so he is probably waiting. >> reporter: i don't know. i have not seen him come out but there are some shoppers like that who are in there. >> well, it's a good idea. if you are not on kitchen detail or not waiting for the football game, this is a great time to beat crowds. sharon, thanks very much. sharon chin in union city. it is 6:32. you are waking up to another day of cold temperatures. let's go to tracy humphrey with a look at your thanksgiving forecast. >> hey, thanks, sydnie.
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i saw people yesterday with hats on and gloves. and you don't usually see this in san francisco but it was cold yesterday and it is cold again this morning. 33 degrees in napa. 31 in santa rosa. 34 in san rafael. 33 in vallejo. 33 in concord. 38 degrees in livermore. looks like we are going to tie a record low today in oakland. another record low for the oakland area also had one yesterday morning. 36 in fremont. 33 down in san jose just above freezing. 32 in redwood city and 45 degrees in san francisco which looks pretty nice compared to all those 30s and let's not forget pacifica at 39 degrees. so how long is it going to be this cold? at least through 9:00 this morning. that freeze warning will be in effect for north and east bay valleys and the frost advisory for the san francisco bay and the santa clara valley. temperatures again this morning pretty cold. frigid, bitter cold temperatures and if you have any plants outside you want to keep it might be a little too late right now but if you have pets, never too late to bring them in. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast.
6:34 am
we have more rainfall and even some snow showers moving into the area for the sierra that is. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast in just a bit. back to you. >> thank you. great news for skiers. tracy, thanks very much. it is 6:34. charities throughout the bay area atrying to make sure that the homeless have a warm thanksgiving meal on this holiday. anne makovec joins us now from san francisco, which has a sizable homeless population to feed. anne, good morning. it looks like they are already there. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. there's a lot of work to be done before they feed about 5,000 people here. i'm at glide memorial which is on ellis and taylor here in downtown san francisco. we have got hundreds of volunteers coming in and out throughout the day. you can see over here they are chopping vegetables, they are chopping up turkeys over on the other table. everybody getting ready to do their part to make sure everybody has a nice thanksgiving dinner. we are talking all of the fixins here with the turkey and several groups coming in and here's edward, kind of a
6:35 am
reluctant interview ee, to talk about why he decided to give up time this morning. how's it going? >> pretty well. it's a little early but it's fun. >> reporter: why should somebody consider doing this? why are you enjoying this? >> oh, well personally i really enjoy volunteering. but this is a good way to like give back to your community, you know? and yeah. >> reporter: okay. very good. edward, thank you so much for that. and thanks for all the volunteers who are coming out here. of course, glide is always looking for people's help. 365 days a year they actually give 3 hot meals a day to anybody who needs one. you can find out more on here's the rundown for today's festivities. they are serving breakfast right now from 7 to 8:30 a.m. then thanksgiving dinner quick turnaround there from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then at 10 a.m., there is a big celebration going on in the church and that is huge, music, packed house, a lot of fun here at glide. sydnie? >> all right.
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if you have not heard the glide choir, you are missing it. anne, thank you very much, anne makovec in san francisco. and if you have a lot to be grateful for, plenty of people need your help. the need is up and donation are down. food banks in the bay area need your help this thanksgiving. joining us on the phone this morning is linda mckeever with open heart kitchen. linda, good morning. tell us a little bit about open heart kitchen. >> reporter: open heart kitchen serves over 200,000 meals a year in livermore, pleasanton and dublin area. >> how big is the problem? you're seeing people that are not just people from low-income families? >> no. currently right now, our largest community that where he feeding is the unemployed, the newly unemployed, and the underemployed. it's a huge increase in that area in particular. >> when we talk about the changing face of hunger you mentioned those families, are you seeing more kids? >> oh, absolutely.
6:37 am
our largest growing program is our box lunch program. that particular program feeds children that are on the title i school programs during the lunch. they are left without on the weekends. we supply two nutrition meals for them to have over the weekend. that has gone over 1,000% this year. >> and tell me what you will be doing today. do you have any specific activities? >> we do. we have a senior program today that's specifically feeds low income seniors. that particular meal is made with no salt. very low in sugar so it doesn't interact with their medications. we have that meal going on today for them for thanksgiving. >> where is this happening? >> that's happening in pleasanton at 5200 case avenue at ridge view common senior center. >> what sort of donation are you looking for? is it easier for cash or food donations? >> well, cash is always wonderful. if they would like to give food donation, how we would like that is we would love to have
6:38 am
that in gift cards for the grocery stores so that we can buy local produce during the winter such as safeway or raley's or costco's. those are good gifts to give to the food banks and the food shelters. >> all right. linda, thank you so much for joining us on this thank. linda mckeever with open heart kitchen. and happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. it is 6:38. it's probably no surprise that this is the busiest day of the year for cooking fires. local firefighters have some tips on how to stay safe. above all, be alert. there may be a lot going on. whatever you're cooking, stay at home. keep an eye on the kitchen and use a timer. keep the stovetop clear of anything that might be flammable. and keep some lids handy. those are the best tools to smother any grease fires and also if you are planning to fry your turkey, be very, very careful. a lot of fires start that way. on this thanksgiving,
6:39 am
president obama is asking you to help others. in his weekly radio and net address, he said this is not the hardest thanksgiving america has ever faced but as long as many members of our american family are hurting, we have to look out for one another. he also called for bipartisanship in his holiday message. california's ballot in november of 2012 could include an immigration measure similar to the one in arizona. the man behind it is michael ericksson of belmont. he says it's based on the arizona law minus the elements that sparked protests and legal challenges. under his proposal, if an officer stops someone and has reasonable suspicion that the person is in the u.s. illegally, the officer can check the person's immigration status but doesn't have to. >> verification must occur in a timely manner and at the scene of the stop or detention. >> ericksson says that's to
6:40 am
prevent detainees from waiting long periods of time in jail cells. a proposition needs valid signatures from 430,000 registered voters to qualify for a statewide ballot in california. 6:40. things might seem a bit safer at bart stations throughout the bay area. the agency reported a 30% drop in robberies compared to this time last year. on saturday officers arrested a man accused of robbing people at the montgomery street station in san francisco. and then on monday three east bay men were caught. a year old murder case may be solved but the killer still runs free. a vigil to remember tom cunningham was held at the spot where he was gunned down one year ago last night. he and his daughter were out for ice cream in hayward when their dog sniffed a man on the sidewalk. that man shot cunningham in front of his 13-year-old daughter. >> i don't know how someone
6:41 am
could kill someone over something so stupid and small. [ crying ] >> and i just don't know what the world's coming to anymore. [ crying ] >> i miss him so much. >> they know who shot cunningham but don't have evidence to charge him. a $27,000 reward is offered as incentive to provide that evidence. gun control advocates plan to protest a toy drive in pleasant hill tomorrow. that group, contra costa open carry wants to protect the right to openly carry unloaded guns. under state law gun owners car openly carry their unloaded weapons as long as they are holstered and not near schools or government buildings. 6:41. just how smart are turkeys? coming up next, we're breaking down the brain of the bird. and it's taking a look -- taking a look at our bay bridge at the toll plaza on this thanksgiving morning, you can see very, very light traffic.
6:42 am
just a few people heading into the city. it will get a little more crowded later on in the morning. but for now, enjoy it. but here's some information ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on public transit for thanksgiving day. in san francisco, the m elizabeth is off today but let's give you some information on public transit for this thanksgiving. in san francisco, the muni system is running on a sunday schedule. bart is also on a sunday schedule. want to let you know the trains will start rolling at 8:00 this morning. also on a sunday schedule, caltrain, santa clara county vta and in the east bay a.c. transit. on the peninsula, samtrans is offering limited service today and thanksgiving means no service for the ace train or any of the ferries on san francisco bay. it is 6:45. let's go back to tracy and find out a little bit more about our holiday forecast. and also, tracy, going to let us know about what's what's happening in the sierra? >> yes. it's a long holiday for many of us. and many of us in the bay area love skiing or snowboarding. those type of western activities. and you know what? a lot of fresh powder out there. so this is the time to head up if you can.
6:46 am
we'll take a look at your sierra forecast plenty of sunshine, mostly sunny, high mid 30s, clouds on tap for friday and plenty of sunshine. do note saturday a change in the wind. snowfall moving in and winds will be gusting up to around 45 miles per hour. so keep that in mind if you are thinking about heading up. closer to the bay area, boy, it's cold here. a freeze warning in effect for north and east bay valleys until 9:00 this morning. frost advisory for the san francisco bay and the santa clara valley. temperatures 20s and 30s. let's look at th temperatures. 33 in concord, 38 livermore, 36 fremont, 36 oakland, cold in redwood city with 32 degrees. 33 in san jose. 39 in pacifica. 45 in san francisco. check that out. the mildest temperature this morning. i know. that's not mild. 33 in vallejo. 33 in napa.
6:47 am
31 in santa rosa. 34 degrees in san rafael. so we will start off with another cold morning across the bay area. and for the afternoon, they are still expecting temperatures to be rather chilly. the lower to the mid-50s. but plenty of sunshine is expected. five-day forecast, plenty of sunshine today. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. saturday a chance of rainfall across the bay area which normally translates to a chance of snowfall for the sierra and that's exactly what is happening. sunday a mix of sun and clouds and monday, tuesday, wednesday, more sunshine expected. that's a look at your weather, sydnie. back to you. >> tracy, thanks very much. it is 6:47. right now people getting ready for the 6th annual silicon valley turkey trot. they better bundle up! 15,000 runners and walkers expected in downtown san jose this morning. this is a live look at the event. participants are encouraged to dress up and win prizes. all the money raised helps out three local charities. the trot also hopes to collect
6:48 am
50,000 pounds of food. start and finish lines are at arena green near hp pavilion and it starts in an hour. wonderful way to start the holidays. and this is the time of year turkeys make headlines for either being pardoned at the hours or wandering the streets and congesting the neighborhoods. so are turkeys really as stupid as some people think? that's today's good question from ken bastida. >> reporter: all right. we're talking turkey. come here, turkeys! [ gobble gobble ] >> come on. >> reporter: all right. we've all heard the stories about how stupid turkeys are. how if they stand out in a rain, they can actually drown from looking up. is that true or false? >> the truth is that they get saturated with water and into their feathers and that will -- they get pneumonia and die. >> reporter: so there is another saying they are not smart enough to come in out of the rain? >> that's right. >> reporter: true. >> that's true. >> reporter: being the broad
6:49 am
ski the general manager at santa rosa's willie bird turkey ranch says the truth is that turkeys have it kind of going against them from the very beginning >> you know where you're going tomorrow? [ gobble gobble ] >> i think they know , huh. >> reporter: a resounding yes. >> reporter: he says even his chicks if they are startled they will flock together and suffocate. how they don't escape right now? stupid. >> they're stupid. >> reporter: they're stupid. sorry. not the brightest bird around but we love our turkeys enough to take one home every year. so how stupid are turkeys? >> well, they are stupid enough to let an anchorman pick 'em up. greet all right. it willit's all right. it will all be over to tomorrow. >> reporter: go to and click on the icon to send me
6:50 am
your good. >> ken didn't tell you it pooped on his shoe. got him back 4500 meals will be delivered to needy families in the bay area. this is the salvation army's annual event. it helps homebound people so they can have thanksgiving dinner. >> we really look forward to this holiday thanksgiving event. it is an annual event for us our 60th annual thanksgiving day event at the san francisco harbor light center. >> volunteers from the san francisco fire and police departments as well as the coast guard helped carve all the turkeys. meal deliveries begin in 30 minutes. and once you're done with turkey and shopping you can settle down for some family fun. liam mayclem has the scoop on other events that will keep you busy. reporter: greetings, pleasure seekers. hope you're enjoying your thanksgiving. you'll enjoy it more if you indulge in some of these events. for starters let's talk movies. and cristina aguilera and
6:51 am
superstar cher come together on the big screen for burlesque. it tells the tale of a bartender on a mission to fulfill a dream. yeah, to become one of the burlesque dancers and singers. cher plays the diva. the mama to aguilera who triumphs in every, single scene. that's cher. but you know what? aguilera triumphs, as well. she is just incredible when she sings, i tell you, she will blow your socks off. burlesque is high on camp and energy. it shimmies and sizzles in almost every scene. see it with family and friends, the perfect escape for the holidays, burlesque. next head it the ice rink at the embarcadero. they will supply the skates. open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. good old-fashioned family fun on the ice. check the schedule for extended hours at the weekend. the rink is open right through to new year. all right. let head south, shall we, to
6:52 am
san jose. plaza de cesar chavez park it's christmas in the park. it is a great holiday party. friday starting at 5:30, bring the whole family down there for that. up north now though for festival of lights, and washington street. that's main street in yountville, the place to be from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on friday. food and drink, tickets just a dollar. a whole load of fun. see the whole town lit up. don't miss it the festival of lights in yountville. that's it for liam's list. enjoy the rest of your weekend and i'll see you next time. cheers. thank you. one of the bay area's biges thanksgiving day traditions is the annual big bone game in san jose. the football game features the city's two oldest public high schools lincoln and san jose academy. the big bone game is named after the trophy. it's a steer bone that a student found in his dad's
6:53 am
butcher shop in the '50s. matt beltway will be there after he had a life-threatening brain injury last year's game. he is now on the bulldogs coaching staff. kickoff at 11:00 after city college. many people have their eyes on black friday but you can find a great deal today all throughout the streets in one bay area city. >> and we take a look at the golden gate bridge. this is pretty quiet at 6:53. going to be a beautiful sunrise though. ,, [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands? gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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their best... to make sure the homeless have a cornucopia of deliciou thanksgiving charities across the bay are doing their best to make sure that the homeless have a cornucopia of delicious food this thanksgiving day. let's go to anne makovec. she joins us in san francisco. >> reporter: anybody up there preparing thanksgiving dinner, this is what it looks like to prepare for about 5,000 people.
6:57 am
and here at glide memorial church, it's on ellis and taylor in downtown san francisco, hundreds of volunteers are preparing to feed thousands of people and about 300 families as well. one of these volunteers is her with us. why do you volunteers. i love the atmosphere. i love giving. i believe god has giving us something to do and whatever we can do to give back, that's what we do. >> reporter: telling the important to not only come on holidays. they are full of volunteers today for thanksgiving. a lot of people help on thanksgiving. but you come all year. tell me about that. >> that's just as rewarding as the holidays because you have to feel this from within. the power is from within. this is what you do when you have the time to do it. why not? >> reporter: and i have to mention lavonne actually used to come to glide as a client and is now here as a volunteer helping others. how is it to see the other side? >> such a blessing. it's so rewarding.
6:58 am
words cannot express the deepest feeling of the thing. it's something quite sentimental and this is how i -- >> reporter: lavonne, thank you so much for joining us. and for doing your volunteer work. if you want to help out or donate money, they are going to start serving thanksgiving dinner here again ellis and taylor at 9:00 in the morning. everybody is invited and they have a rousing church celebration at 10 a.m. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. if you are staying in the bay area for thanksgiving, this is a nice treat. you can park for free in san francisco. parking meters and street sweeping fines will not be enforced today. for details, check the city's website or call 311. that is good news if you have relatives in town and want to show them the city. apple has bought 98 acres of land to expand in cupertino. the newport off homestead road has been used by hewlett- packard for decades, the new
6:59 am
property. hp wants to consolidate in its hometown of palo alto and move out of that site. as we get ready to end this newscast we leave you with one last look at weather and tracy, it's a little chilly but a lot of people who love to ski -- people who love to ski will love this forecast. >> freeze warning and advisory in effect until 9:00 in the bay area. these temperatures are 31 in santa rosa, 33 napa and vallejo, mid-30s in oakland this morning. very cold just at or above freezing in redwood city and also in san jose. 45 degrees in san francisco. along the coastline in pacifica, 39 degrees. here's a look at our five-day forecast. moving into the seven-day forecast. more sunshine on tap for tomorrow. chance of rainfall in the "bay area saturday." sydnie mentioned snowfall. there is another chance of snow in the sierra saturday. but for today and tomorrow, absolutely beautiful. plenty of sunshine monday, tuesday, wednesday.


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