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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 25, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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that's your weather, syd. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. enjoy this beautiful shot. we have a lot to be grateful for. we'll see you tomorrow. giving thanks. one day after a threatened boycott at the nation's airports fizzles, blizzard warnings in the west and millions may not make it home for thanksgiving. we'll have the stormy thanksgiving forecast. hero parents. a young couple risks their lives after a thief tried to steal their car with their baby inside. we'll hear their incredible story. parade day. the balloons are lined up as millions of americans get set to celebrate with loved ones this millions of americans get set to celebrate with loved ones this thursday, november 25th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning.
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happy thanksgiving from new york city where the stage is set for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you can see the balloons and floats all lined up ready to begin their 2.5-mile journey through the city of new york, as millions of people across the country watch. there you see some of the balloons inflated but resting before they make their trek. it's going to be a beautiful day. a little bit cold but not as windy and a good thing where the balloons are concerned and it's such a great thanksgiving tradition. good morning to all of you. i'm maggie rodriguez. >> too windy, they can't really let them elevate very much and a little harder to see. i have to say, for the first time ever as i walked across this morning at 4:30, there were people sleeping along the parade route. people walking with children at 4:30 this morning. >> yep. >> to get ready for the big event. never seen it. >> people up, as well, getting the turkey ready. watching the parade. a spectacular day. >> we have news to get to this morning. if you are planning on traveling
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today, better give yourself extra time because bad weather may be headed your way. a powerful storm already caused delays in parts of the west. cbs news correspondent cynthia bauers in chicago with a look at what travelers can expect this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving, harry. so many of us thought we were doing the smarter thing planning a trip by road this thanksgiving holiday when actually air travelers had it easier than did drivers. the lines moved smoothly and most travelers submitted to the full-body scans and pat downs despite a call to refuse. the long lines and delays that many feared never materialized. >> i got here probably an hour and a half earlier than i normally do and took about 30 seconds so it was really easy, no big deal. >> reporter: but folks driving to their destinations today face
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icy and snowy roads from a powerful winter storm that's moved through the upper midwest. parts of the dakotas could see freezing rain and a possible blizzard. winter weather advisories and blizzard warnings are posted. blizzard-like conditions could also reduce visibility making driving dangerous. >> a couple of cars in the ditch. we saw a haven't on the side. >> reporter: those pre-winter blizzards shut down parts of interstate 80 in wyoming wednesday and i-15 in northern utah. wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour reported in northern colorado. freezing rain and drizzle in iowa coated roads with a light glaze. traffic was backed up for miles when trucks had difficulty climbing hills and had to top to put on chains. at least three people died in weather-related crashes across the state including a person that died when a tanker truck and car slided on an icy bridge. on the east coast, wind gusts
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topping 40 miles per hour slowed air traffic at busy airports such as newark and laguardia. but most everywhere else flights were close to on time. it is going to be a weekend to huddle up in large parts of the country because this storm left behind a cold calling card. negative 25 in stanley, idaho. temperatures in oklahoma city, for example, yesterday dropped from the mid-70s to the 30s. getting colder here as we go along, harry. >> got to bundle 7. cynthia bowers, happy thanksgiving, thank you very much. here's maggie. this thanksgiving morning, the annual 84th macy's thanksgiving day parade this morning. i'll be heading out there shortly to broadcast it live here on cbs with dave price but first a sneak speak at the preparation from seth don't waiting for the festivities to begin. good morning, seth. >> reporter: that's right. me and everyone else already waiting here. good morning, maggie. not your typical scene, of
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course, for a thursday morning. usually this part of new york city would be packed with rush hour traffic. today, all we can see is a lineup of floats here down the west side of central park west. and instead of having cars parked, there are little turtles on carts, crawfish on rockers. this, of course, in anticipation of the 84th annual thanksgiving day parade. gets kicked off here at 77th street on new york city's upper west side and wind down through columbus circle and then times square and everyone knows and will end up in front of macy's at harold square. of course, the big attraction here, the 15 giant character balloons and those balloons as you know are just enormous. they can be 70 feet tall. that's about six to seven stories. as you mentioned at the top of the show, of course, wind is a big factor. today, the forecast is relatively light wind. just about 5 miles per hour. so things are looking pretty good. they have to ground the balloons once it's up to about 23 miles
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per hour. so plenty of room there so far today and looks pretty good. not just balloons, of course. there are 1,600 cheerleaders, 27 large floats which are what are lined up, central park west behind me. guess how many clowns, 800 clowns. so the 15 character balloons, the big draw and so much to watch and a lot of people will be watching. 3.5 million people are expected to line the parade route. another 50 million people are expected to watch it on television. and maggie, one other thing. a little note, when they first introduced helium balloons in 1927, they would release the balloons after the parade. let them up into the sky here over new york city. and offer a reward the story goes, offer a reward for anyone that found them. that, of course, does not happen today. there's excitement here and the thanksgiving festivities are well under way.
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maggie? >> thank you, seth. i know that they used to put address labels on the balloons when they released them so they know where to send them when they found them. >> 34th street. >> exactly. >> thaed get $100 macy's gift card which back in the day -- even thousand is worth something. >> here's more headlines this morning. good morning. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to all of you at home, as well. it is a tense morning yet again in north and south korea with threats of more violence. after tuesday's shelling of an offshore island. south korea's parliament met for an emergency session earlier today and we're just learning south korea's defense minister has resigned following charges that the response to the north korean attack was too slow. cbs news correspondent celia hatton joins us with more. >> reporter: south korea's president bowed to remember the victims of the artillery barrage but is standing up to the north, vowing to send more troops to the island that was attacked. on the other side of the border, north korea warned it will
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launch second and third strong physical retaliation if, quote, south korean warmongers carry out reckless military provocation. this, as the u.s. and south korea are scheduled to hold joint military exercises with the aircraft carrier "george washington" sunday in the yellow sea. 70 miles south of the yeonpyeong island. ferry services resumed to the island today allows residents and the media to finally see the damage for themselves. the pentagon says that 175 shells were fired by north korea during the artillery battle but only 80 landed on the island so it's incredible to see the destruction that was done during this time. south korean troops are now cleaning up the area. the current tension will be much more difficult to sweep away. celia hatton, cbs news, yeonpyeong island. not long ago, tom delay was one of the most powerful men in congress. yesterday a jury found the
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former house republican leader guilty of giving $190,000 in corporate money to candidates for the texas legislature. he plans to appeal. >> i'm not going to blame anybody. this is a abun abuse of power, miscarriage of justice, and i still maintain that i am innocent. >> delay will be sentenced next month. he faces at least seven years in prison. game watson that admits to killing his wife on their honeymoon is coming back to the u.s. his wife tina drowned while sue bah diving in 2003. prosecutors suspect he planned the killing in alabama, possibly to collect on her life insurance policy. those caffeine-fueled alcoholic drinks will soon be gone. the government says four loko and similar drinks should be off shelves by mid-december because
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they stopped producing or shipping them. last week, the food and drug administration sold four companies it can cause a wide awake drunk and potentially very dangerous. at least four states banned the beverages. president obama is spending a quiet thanksgiving at the white house with his family. but last night the obamas were out volunteering at a food pantry in downtown washington where they gave up turkey dinners to families with the trimmings. thousands of miles away in afghanistan, a cbs news correspondent mandy clark reports, the u.s. military is making sure thanksgiving is not just another day on the battle front. >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: for a moment, at least, giving thanks in a war zone, it started early for american troops in afghanistan. a 10k turkey trot brought hundreds out at 5:00 a.m. >> have fun with my friends. >> that's all there is to do in afghanistan on thanksgiving. ♪
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>> reporter: but in an only in afghanistan moment, a thanksgiving parade with pilgrims carrying guns, yes, even penguins were armed and there was a lot of christmas mixed into the floats. from the hand-carved decorations to the yams and pies, organizers to make the troops feel as close to home as possible this thanksgiving. >> i had turkey and ham. and also finished it off with some pecan pie. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador carl eikenbury visited the wounded. private young was injured. >> obviously be nice to be hom
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>> and that is your latest weather on this thanksgiving morning. back over to maggie.
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>> thanks. turning to the economy, some promising signs this holiday season for shops and stores. the national retail federation is expecting consumers to spend just under $700 on holiday gifts which is an increase of over 2% from last year. joining us is ceo of an advisory group, a retail consultings firm. good morning. >> good morning. >> better retail forecast. why is that? >> i think we have had more newness to the product assortment. we have had more traffic in the stores and consumers spending power is more given the high savings rate. >> that's wonderful. so it really did pay off for the retailers to start the sales so much sooner this year in hopes of driving consumers into the stoerts. >> exactly. there's more excitement to the product. there's more newness out there. whether it's a sweater that people want or an ipad. there's a reason to shop. >> are retailers taking advantage of their multiple
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platforms? you can have a store and a sale online, you can kind of combine in it a way that they haven't been able to do in years prior. >> exactly. this is the first year and it seems as you said taking advantage of that platform. e-mailing, sending them items to their e-mail addresses that they know they're looking for and bringing them in the stores. >> i know that that's one thing that gets know go to a particular store versus another is a coupon on e-mail for a store. i'll be inclined to do that. that's smart. >> multi-channel shopping is the wave of the future. >> what are the item that is are popular? >> ipads, e readers, footwear. along with jewelry. >> jewelry. so luxury items? discretionary spending kind of back? >> it is. been back for a few months. on trend apparel is working and after need-based apparel, consumers feel better about their economic situation. >> that's a great sign. so that means that they're not
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buying what sorts of things anymore? >> means they're not buying the need-based items, some of the need-based items, denim jeans, not faring as well as the on-trend items and also seeing some toys doing well, too. like that doll that happens to be doing well. >> lalaloopsy. you can't find it anywhere. >> i hear it's sold out. >> it is. are we going to see sales for months and months like we have in prior holiday seasons or shorter lived? >> i think you will see the sales but planned and the mark-down rates less than in the years past. >> mark-down rates are less. that's important. >> we have seen some friends and family events that used to be 25% and 30% off and now 25% off. consumers need to shop early. what will happen is inventories are little bit fuller than last year but not unending. >> okay. good to see. dana, thank you. >> thank you. >> i know you are working later today so i hop you don't spend too much time at the office. >> thank you.
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have a nice holiday. >> same to you. thanks. coming up, an attempted carjacking caught on tape. wait until you hear what the parents did to save their baby who was in the backseat. on a much lighter note, the other thanksgiving tradition, we'll talk football with the host of the nfl today, james brown. and do you really have to get up early for tomorrow's great shopping deals? we'll give you the facts and dispel the myths about black friday here on "the early show." power deals for power santas.
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well, on most thanksgivings we manage to convince some great chef to join us here in "the early show" studio. >> today is no exception. thomas valenti of west is here, cooking for us and cooking at the restaurant too? >> busy, busy.
7:20 am
>> really busy? >> busy. like the busiest day of the year. >> no kidding? >> in manhattan. >> i wouldn't think that. >> well, you're going to cook here for us so we can -- people who are at home, who are sitting there saying, well, maybe there might still be a little indecision out there about things to do and properly prepare your bird as it were. >> well, you know. it can be daunting. we do it once a year. >> right. >> and even -- >> that's enough. >> for a professional, it can be daunting. we'll try to demystify it later on. >> can we talk about the best thing ever on thanksgiving, this right here, the drippings this and the -- >> for me it about the dressing and the leftovers and the extra gravy. >> and today -- >> and brussel sprouts. >> even teach me how to like and love brussel sprouts. >> it will happen. >> prtom valenti is here, we'll
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give you last minute turkey tips later on. stay tuned for that. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by macy's.
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249 bucks. there's a couple in missouri that has a lot to be thankful for today. they were the victims of a carjacking. their baby was inside this car, the mother had just strapped her into the car seat, turned her back for one second and look what happens. a thief gets inside the car and starts to drive away. but these parents sprang into action in a big way. and they avert disaster. the thief never saw -- never expected, i'm sure what was coming. they saved their baby and we're going to have the full story for you ahead this morning. >> that's coming up on "the early show." your local news is next.
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it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year at glide memorial church in san francisco. they have carved enough turkeys to serve 5,000 meals to needy. and they could use more help. cecil williams says donation are down some 20% this year. meanwhile demand for help is up 30%. many of those asking for assistance are middle class people who have lost their jobs. a year old murder case getting new attention in hayward. there was a vigil last night for tom cunningham. he was gunned down in front of his daughter last year after their dog sniffed the man who shot him. police think they know who killed cunningham but they don't have enough evidence for an arrest. a reward is being offered in an effort to get that evidence.
7:26 am
and apple is expanding the campus in cupertino. the company told the mercury news its current 57 buildings are bursting at the seams so apple has bought 98 acres from hewlett-packard. hp is leaving for its palo alto headquarters. tracy will have your holiday weather in just a moment. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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well, here's a look outside this morning. it is clear, full of sunshine, but also quite cold. this is a look out toward the bay bridge this morning. current temperatures, are you heading out bundled up because you're going to visit friends or family? temperatures in the lower 30s in santa rosa. 33 in napa. 33 in vallejo. mid-30s in oakland and fremont. 33 in san jose. 33 in concord and 38 degrees in livermore. san francisco, the balmy spot this morning with 45 degrees. here's a look at our five-day forecast. more sunshine expected tomorrow. chance of rainfall moves into the bay area on saturday, also means a chance of snowfall for the sierra. sunday a mix of sun and clouds. and monday, tuesday, wednesday, plenty of sunshine with temperatures warming up to the lower 60s. that's a look at your forecast. ,,
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it is a holiday, already i had four e-mails alerting me to online sales today. >> which is effective. people should sign up for those
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so you get the e-mails, the texts. they'll feed you codes and you'll know things that other people don't know. they want you to know that, share with your friends, your sister, so you're all in on it. >> you could beat the crowds. we heard this is the busiest shopping day of the year. is that true? >> it isn't the biggest shopping day of the year. it is the saturday before christmas. this year, it will be online monday the 13th, so right now free shipping pretty widely available on the internet. >> for most men, their busiest shopping day is christmas eve, if my dad is any indication. >> that's 40% of people. >> regina, thanks. have a great holiday. good luck. hope you get some good bargains. >> thanks. >> stay with us, we'll be right back. okay, which picture for the card?
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street, what is that, 78th street there. and then the behind shot is one of the original buildings of the natural history museum. >> 77th. >> thank you. and there is good old snoopy coming right around the corner. >> he's my favorite. >> the red baron this year, right? >> snoopy and the red baron that's his flight costume. >> last year we went to the inflating of the balloons. it is a huge sea of people. what a cool experience to be able to go and watch them being blown up and lined up and ready to go. >> the best part about it is if there is any doubt about the weather on thursday, you can go on wednesday night and years ago, when our kids were little, little, little, we lived in the neighborhood, we would go over and walk around. >> get up close. >> that's almost better than the parade. >> it was easy. now the secret is out. there is no secret. >> they funnel you through, they're piping music through. it is wild. >> the key is to know someone who lives along the parade
7:49 am
route. >> and go to their apartment to watch it. >> that's where i was last night. looking out over the window like that. >> next year i'm going to come over. is that okay? >> there's the turkey. >> we're doing holiday etiquette this morning. we're talking about whether or not you should invite yourself along. >> i think as long as you bring a nice hostess gift, it's okay. >> i'll ask that question too. and whether or not you should be late. >> and if you spill your hostes we'll help you get the stain out. >> and figure out how to feel better too with dr. jennifer ashton when we come back. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics
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with an emachine laptop for just $198.
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it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. happy thanksgiving, everyone. it is thanksgiving day and charities all over the bay area are trying to make sure the homeless have a warm holiday meal. one of the biggest event is at glide memorial in san francisco which expects to serve 5,000 dinners today. several food banks are in need of more denation because of high demand. thousands of people are in downtown san jose to run or walk off the big meals. it's the sixth annual turkey trot. a fundraiser for charities in the valley. there is a 5k and 10k course that extends to the rose garden. the start and finish lines are
7:56 am
at arena green near hp pavilion. one of the bay area's biggest thanksgiving day traditions is the annual big bone game in san jose. the football game features the city's oldest public high schools two of them, lincoln and san jose academy. the game is named after the trophy a steer bone that a student found in his dad's butcher shop back in the '50s. on the sidelines for san jose today will be matt blea who survived a life-threatening injure sustained in last year's game and he is now on the coaching staff for the bulldogs. kickoff at 11:00 at city college. >> thanksgiving day weather in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,
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. our forecast for this morning, here we are down in san jose. it is a clear and crisp morning now near the santa clara valley and temperatures this morning are pretty cold. not cool, but cold. 33 napa and vallejo, 31 santa rosa, 43 san francisco, mid- 30s in oakland and fremont. 32 in concord, and 32 degrees in fairfield. 38 in livermore. here's a look at our five-day forecast. plenty of sunshine through the afternoon with highs today in the 50s. more sunshine friday. saturday a chance of showers moving into the bay area. but after that, we are high and dry. sunday a mix of sun and clouds expected. and monday, tuesday, wednesday, plenty of sunshine. do note we also have a chance of snow showers for the sierra but for today, the tahoe forecast, plenty of sunshine.
7:59 am
♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
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we are definitely in a parade state of mind here this morning as preparations get under way for the big thanksgiving day spectacle. dave is going to be along, and maggie, too, to talk about all that's going to be happening there today. new floats and what the weather is going to be like and whether or not the wind is going to die down enough to let those floats really fly. so we've got a lot of parade coverage coming up. welcome back to "the early show." i'm harry smith. maggie and dave are in times square. coming up in this half hour, the
8:01 am
great, great granddaughter of etiquette legend emily post is here with some timeless thanksgiving advice. lizzie post is going to help us deal with six different scenarios that you might end up having to confront at some point during the day today. and we will help you through it. also, erica hill asked a class of third graders what they're most thankful for on this holiday. and their answers are both hilarious and heartwarming, and we'll get to that in a couple of minutes, as well. first, though, erica is at the news desk with the check of the headlines. >> happygiving again. last-minute travelers heading out to the celebrations this morning but if you find yourself in the dakotas, you could be getting to dinner late. the storm that already punished the north is causing trouble in the northern plains. we are watching holiday travel in chicago this morning. good morning. happy thanksgiving.
8:02 am
>> same to you. woe to those americans who thought driving to grandma's or wherever is easier flying because they ran into a major roadblock in the form of weather. it struck large parents of the mountain west such as colorado, utah, idaho, wyoming, dakotas. whiteout conditions forced closure of several interstates. fargo has gotten 14 inches of snow in the last couple of days. icy conditions led to traffic accidents and fatality in and around des moines yesterday. it will still be icy today. the storm is still moving to the east from little rock to indianapolis. there will be storms and threats of tornadoes pushing into new england. the good news is this, if you manage to make it there this thanksgiving weekend, getting back should be a heck of a lot easier. for drivers, they're most thankful to get there so they can eat and relax. have a happy thanksgiving.
8:03 am
>> you, too. thanks. this morning south korea's defense minister is quitting two days after that deadly attack by north korea. there are new pictures from island. they said it was a sea of fire. they promise to send more troops to to the island while north korea is threatening new attacks. former house. leader tom delay said he will appeal his conviction for money laundering. we are in washington this morning with the latest. good morning. >> erica, good morning. he was once one of the most powerful lawmakers on capitol hill, but after a texas jury found him guilty wednesday, tom delay is now fighting just to stay out of preson. the former house majority leader remained defiant after his conviction. >> this is an abuse of power. it's a miscarriage of justice. and i still maintain that i am innocent. >> reporter: nicknamed the hammer on capitol hill for his hard-knuckled style, delay was a
8:04 am
accused of funneling money in illegal campaign donations to seven republican candidates for office in texas in 2002. delay denied any wrong doing. outside of a memorable run on "dancing with the stars" in 2009, he pretty much stayed out of the spotlight. >> thank you. >> reporter: he left congress in 2005, stepping down after being linked to disgraced lobbyist jack abramoff, though no charges were filed in that case. delay called yesterday's conviction political and promised to appeal. >> it is what it is. and we will carry on. and maybe we can get it before people that understand the law. >> delay is currently free on bond. he faces anywhere from seven years to life in prison. erica? >> whit johnson in washington this morning. a few airline passengers decided to take a stand against evasive security screenings by leaving little to the imagination. one woman in los angeles went to the airport in her bikini. she was planning to opt
8:05 am
8:06 am
this weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. and now here's harry. >> in this morning's "healthwatch" talking turkey about turkey, does it make you sleepy? is white meat better than dark meat? healthier, that is. dr. jennifer ashton is here to separate turkey fact from fiction. good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> turkey fact or fiction. turkey induces sleepiness. >> that's the big myth going out there, right? everyone talks about amino acid that is contained partially in turkey. it's a myth. you would have to consume 40 pounds of turkey, harry, to get enough to really make you sleepy. so what does make you tired on thanksgiving, probably having a large meal, then sitting on the
8:07 am
sofa watching some football, being just at home during the week when you're normally out doing things and a little busier. >> a little sip of wine maybe. >> exactly, the wine can contribute. and high carbohydrates. >> it's not that? >> it's not. >> you're smarter already. >> people all over america is going to be have been this conversation today. >> this is what it's going to be about. >> all right. another turkey, fact or fiction. white meat is better than dark meat. >> everyone is worried about what they're con supervising. i want people to know, don't worry about what you're eating today. worry about the other 364 days of the year. when you do compare white meat and dark meat, they are almost identical. the dark meat is a little more nutritious but along with the nutrition, a little more fat and calories. it's become it comes from the part of the bird that actually does a lot more of the activity
8:08 am
so it has higher myoglobin in it. >> you are good at this. >> thank you. >> i'm impressed. >> i'm glad. >> i'm kind of mr. thanksgiving and i was not up to speed on either of these. turkey, fact or fiction, question number three. fasting before the big meal is not a good idea. >> that is fact. now, you've heard us say it before, especially my big motto is in versus out. you don't want to worry about the little calories but the net balance over a long period. people say if i eat one meal and that's the only calories i take in during the day that's got to be better than eating many and then that one meal. that's actually true. however, people who tend to really fast before thanksgiving mentally and physically are more prone to overeating because mentally we're seeing, oh, my gosh, i haven't eaten the whole day. you want to sit down and consume everything in front of you. also, it does take a while for the brain to register what's hit the stomach.
8:09 am
>> facing the plant right in the plate. last but not least. the truth about turkey, we've understood all of that so far. is there one last thing to make sure we have a heality than itt thanksgiving day? >> number one, enjoy your meal. when you sit down to enjoy your thanksgiving dinner, you want to actually eat slowly and enjoy it. watch your food that can trigger heartburn. anything that you know upsets your stomach, stay away from it. lastly, after your big meal, don't lie down. that can increase your risk of indigesti indigestion. get up. help clean up the kitchen or if you're lucky enough to avoid that task, take a walk around the block. >> don't laugh at me. dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. it's n . up next, from unruly kids to uninvited guests, what to do mannerswise here on thanksgiving uninvited guests, what to do mannerswise here on thanksgiving day, when we come back. - before sayinrds, there's one word every man should know.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
we would all like to think of ourselves as the perfect host or guest, for that matter, on thanksgiving. but sometimes things just get out of hand. here with advice on dealing with several sticky situations is the great great granddaughter of emily post, etiquette expert, lizzie post. good morning. >> good morning. >> on a day like today, all the meticulous planning and all the cooking and all the preparations, sometimes things can go awry, and the good host will be able to handle it. here is your first, first sticky situation. >> all right. >> you've got the guest list, all of a sudden some of your guests show up with uninvited guests. bring extras. my cousin larry and his family are here from paducah, what do you do? >> you welcome larry and the family from paducah right into the home and make sure you get someplace settings all ready and together for them and you try to accommodate them as best that
8:14 am
you can. beforehand, though, it is best if your cousin who invited larry and everyone from paducah would call and say, hey, i have some unexpected guests. i can't make it. then you as a host can say, oh, no, we would be happy to accommodate them. if you do that kind of host/guest dance, everyone will feel comfortable and no one will feel imposed. >> so if you're doing the rsvping and all that stuff, as the host, good to check in a couple of days. you're good to go, we're happy to see you, blah, blah, blah, that way if there are any surprises -- >> exactly. rsvp is not dead. use it. >> use it. the other situation, we talk about this a lot, and there are so many kids these days, even adults, that have all kinds of food issues. what do you do about that? >> you definitely -- it is the guest's responsibility when they rsvp to say to their host, hey, i'm allergic to something. my father for instance is allergic to northern tree fruits but only when they're raw.
8:15 am
so if he shows up, he let's somebody know, you know, i'm allergic to this. i'm happy to bring a dish. or if he gets served something unexpectedly, he will say, i'm sorry to pass, i a v. have an allergy. >> what about the family from paducah showing up, what if you think you're going to run out of food? >> employ family hold back, fhb. let the immediate family know, take smaller portions. send that teenager who just got the driver's license out for an extra thing of potatoes or something like that if you need to. always good to know what takeout places are open. >> crucial question. >> yes. >> you're sitting down. beautiful centerpiece. all is well. there's an unruly child at the table. >> it's not yours. >> not yours. >> it's not yours. >> thank goodness. >> you can speak to the child. you can see, you know, jimmy, we do not put our feet up on the table. you know, as best you can. you cannot discipline or punish
8:16 am
the child. if the behavior doesn't stop the solution is to ask the parents what to do, could you please control him. a little touchy, right? >> last but not least. the guests arrive late. what do you do? dinner is supposed to start at 2:30 and there -- it's 2:45. >> 2:45. if it was supposed to start at 2:30, it's 2:45, you've waited an obligatory 15 minutes, it's okay. let the late comer join in as soon as they get in. try to save them a little extra food. >> and welcome them when they get there. >> absolutely. so glad you're here, an hour late. >> lizzie post, thank you very much. hope you have a that it thanksgiving. what are some kids thankful for this holiday? wait until you hear what they told erica, when we come back. to keep in balance after 50,
8:17 am
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8:19 am
countdown to the parade is on this thanksgiving morning. of course, we know the holidays about more than just watching the parade or enjoying your turkey. it is about giving thanks. so recently i visited some third graders to find out what they're thankful for. with the craziness of the holiday season, it is easy to forget why we gather to celebrate. >> are you working on that? >> reporter: easy until you step back for a minute.
8:20 am
when i was offered the chance to visit a class of third graders in montclair, new jersey, i couldn't resist. knock knock. >> come on in. >> reporter: hello. hi, miss santos. i'm erica. there we go. and came armed with a special assignment. so you can write what you're thankful for and draw a picture of it too. hoping we could all learn from this lesson. what color would you like? blue? and remember what and who makes thanksgiving so important. >> i'm most thankful for my education and friends and family. my friends really help me live life. >> this is grace, she's the first one i met here. >> reporter: for lila, friends make all the difference. and clearly hold a special place in her heart. >> i drew a gem next to each one, because they're gems. >> reporter: for evi, it is the
8:21 am
turkey and its unusual effect. >> when i eat turkey, i start standing up and dancing. >> reporter: really? no tryptophan here. >> this is my dog dusty. also my guinea pig named peanut. >> reporter: pets made it on to several lists in miss santos' class, including the stuffed kind. >> that's my teddy bear. >> reporter: but what matters most to these third graders -- >> that's me, my brother, my mom, and my dad. >> reporter: -- is family. what makes you thankful for them? >> because if i didn't have a family, i would feel really sad. >> reporter: nearly every child carefully drawing the people closest to their hearts, their world beautifully illustrated on paper, their loved ones together as they will be on thanksgiving. >> they respect me. we have fun together. we work together as a team. >> i'm thankful for a lot, and my family. >> reporter: when you say i'm thankful for love, what do you mean by that? >> i'm thankful for my family
8:22 am
to, like, really be there. >> reporter: janie is grateful for her older sister beth and her cat buddha. but most of all -- >> i'm grateful for everything. >> reporter: and i'm grateful for today's lesson. third graders are such a fantastic age. we want to thank the school for letting us come in. and the place mats, they were making to send off to a nursing home. >> wow. really sweet. really, really sweet. so did it make you think about what you might be thankful of? >> i'm there with him, friends and family. and especially today, i'm extra thankful, my older son's 4th birthday. happy birthday, westin. >> today? >> yes. i get an extra little surge of love when i think about what a special day it is this year. >> it is hard to be surrounded by all the activities and the shopping segments we do and we're talking about food and everything else and at the end of the day, it is, you know, who is the most important in your life? >> yeah. >> if you can take a couple of minutes today to give some
8:23 am
thought to that, maybe pick up the phone. >> yep.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
presence in silicon valley is getting larger. the it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. apple has bought 98 acres of land to expand its headquarters in cupertino. the new property had been used by hewlett-packard which is moving to palo alto. black friday is tomorrow but shoppers will get a head start after turkey dinners. several big name chain stores will be holding special sales today. sears, kmart, wal-mart supercenters, gap, banana republic and old navy are some of the stores that will be opening their doors today. and volunteers from the salvation army are businesssty delivering thanksgiving meals this morning. san francisco firefighters and police officers and members of the coast guard helped carve the turkeys. more than 4500 meals will be
8:26 am
delivered to local families. the goal is to help those who can't get out so they too can enjoy the holiday. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
our forecast for this morning it's still cold across much of the bay area. here's a nice live look in the san francisco financial district and boy, not a cloud in the sky. blue skies. clear conditions this morning. here's a look at your current
8:28 am
temperatures and that's where it gets interesting. we do still have a freeze warning in effect along with a frost advisory until 9:00 this morning. temperatures in our coldest spots 31 in santa rosa. 33 in napa. 32 in fairfield, also in concord. mid-30s in oakland and fremont. 34 in san jose. 32 in redwood city. and 43 degrees in san francisco. temperatures will warm up today. highs in the 50s with plenty of sunshine. more sunshine expected for friday. rain showers moving into the bay area for the first half of the weekend saturday. sunday leftover clouds. monday through wednesday as we move into the month of december, plenty of sunshine, filled with nice temperatures. starting to warm up ever so slowly. that's a look at your weather today. ,,,,
8:29 am
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8:30 am
the pilgrims are ready. the big bustle hat is out, so it must be thanksgiving. i don't think there were any giraffes at the first thanksgiving, though. you see the parade preparations here in new york city. a beautiful day for a parade. not too much wind, a little chill, just enough so it feels like thfrpanksgiving. not too much. >> these people are clapping because they want to stay warm. >> and it's working. >> happy thanksgiving. oh, man, i love this holiday. >> my favorite holiday. >> mine, too. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. coming up, we're going to be doing our own version of the
8:31 am
famous line, macbeth, out, out -- >> funny things you learn on a thanksgiving morning. >> we're going to show you how to deal with the most common holiday stains, those awful blotches that threaten to ruin your clothing or your carpet. we'll tell you how to get them out. >> also ahead, master chef tom valenti is here with last-minute tips for your meal. if you're just working on that turkey, you're a little worried if it's still frozen, rather good and rather important advice for you today on thawing, carving, stuffing, you name it, side dishes included as well. >> we're going to che
8:32 am
and there you go. just about 32 minutes past the hour now, now, here'sing harry. >> thank you, we are just minutes away from the start of the thanksgiving day parade here on cbs. nearly 4 million spectators are expected to line the parade route here in midtown manhattan. our own maggie rodriguez and
8:33 am
dave price have the best seats in the house right in times square in their usual perch. >> yu the president. >> morning, guys. dave, i have a very quick question for you. i hope you consulted your isobars this morning. >> i did. >> because we were a little afraid of maybe some threat of precipitation. will it be a wet or dry parade? >> it's going to be a dry parade. i think we're going to hold off this rain in new york city until 3:00 this afternoon. >> very good. >> so people have an opportunity to see the parade and then get on their way to grandma's house if they're along the east coast. >> i hope so because so many people, harry, as you noticed when you came to work this morning, are on the streets and have been for such a long time looking for a perfect day. it is a little chilly but luckily, it's not windy, so we should have a great view of the balloons, they should be nice and high and making their way over in a little while. half an hour, it gets under way. >> manhattan is its own little wind tunnel and the good news today, we have winds which are
8:34 am
almost camp maggie and i have been doing this parade and we've seen everything from snow and rain and warm temperatures. >> to about 70-degree day where everybody was wearing shorts and short sleeves on the parade route. >> yes. it's a near perfect day. as gorgeous day to see a parade in new york city. hopefully everyone will stay tuned and we reserved a place for you in our perch in times square. >> you have yet to visit us. i think this is the year. >> you have big dignitaries come there. bloomberg always comes. you have all -- that's for the big wigs down there. >> exactly. that's why we're inviting you. >> come on! >> now, let me ask you this, usually in the parade, there's at least a couple of now balloons and new floats or -- >> yeah. >> special features. >> yeah. >> what are we going to see this year that maybe we haven't seen in a while or have never seen before? >> you want to tell them about wimpy? >> yeah, i love wimpy. did you read these books, "diary of a wimpy kid" and then the movie? >> it was my memoir. >> it's about a kid who goes
8:35 am
through it in middle school. if you haven't red the book or seen it, i recommend it. he's going to be a larger-than-life balloon making his debut here. and kool-aid is going to be here. >> you want to tell them about dora the explorer here? >> she's here all the time but this year, she has a new float, it's christmas themed, an ode to dickens. she gets a look into the future to teach a list own. >> it's not just awe. there are lessons, lessons, lessons to be learned? >> it's a family event, harry. >> now, somebody was talking about buzz lightyear? is there something's about buzz lightyear being extra special or cool or nutty or is he just going to be in the parade? >> buzz lightyear is extra special any year he participants and i think he takes particular offense at that question.
8:36 am
buzzlight year -- is going for here, the red baron and all the floats. >> 50 giant balloons and 43 smaller ones and on top of that, all the floats that come along which are so beautifully decorated and they're such a labor of love for the people who start doing this. when today ends, they start planning for next year's parade. >> one more quick thing, harry, this is the first year cbs is going to be doing this parade in high definition so you're going to be able to see details on these floats and in these marches that you have never seen before. and it's going to be really, it's going to be a great, fun day. we've made it part of our tradition and, hopefully -- >> by the way, santa, hello, hello. >> when you see santa at the end, it's symbolic of thanksgiving ending and christmas here before you know it. >> it means we can start thinking about eating is what that means. >> that's exactly right. >> we'll look forward to seeing you kids out there on the parade route in just a little while. >> come visit us.
8:37 am
>> happy thanksgiving to you, erica, andrea and david and to all of you at "the early show." >> thanksgiving day parade moments away. starts at 9:00 a.m., 8:00 central, right here on cbs. now here's erica. >> few things put a damper on your thanksgiving is a wine stain or blotch on your shirt or your heirloom tablecloth. you're in luck. we have the ultimate stain survival guide which will help us today on thanks thanks and, frankly, any day. good morning. >> that's right. oh, yes, wine, it's such a killer of a stain. so, the first thing you want to do, honestly, as soon as you have a problem with it, and we have lovely stains here to show you, is put salt on it. >> i thought this was just an old wives' tale. >> it absorbs the wine. you're going to vac umit up and use a solution of one tablespoon, dish washing liquid,
8:38 am
one tablespoon, white wine vinegar with warm water and that's what you rub it with. >> after i vacuum up the salt. >> the next day after you let it dry, 3% hydrogen peroxide, wash it and it should be all clear. >> hydrogen peroxide is amazing for stains. i have to say. got that down. red wine is covered. gravy, the lovely, greasy gravy. >> it's so greasy and that's the secret here. what you want to do is find something absorbent in your kitchen, baking soda, corn starch, rub it on there and let that, it pulls the grease out. scrape that off and then use dryel, the dry cleaning solution you can put in your drier. take the sheets and work it in and pull it straight out. watch it in hot water, wash it in hot water. >> good for greasy pants. >> much more natural as well. >> it all comes back to it. cranberry sauce. if this gets on you, it's never coming out. >> this is difficult.
8:39 am
scrape off the sauce and then use shout right away, actually, and a solution after that, you're going to want to rinse it in actual detergent like one tablespoon detergent, vinegar, again, and you'll see, it's really starting to work. >> it's starting to come out. >> if there's residue there, pour, rub rubbing alcohol on it. and it really, it loosens it and pulls it out. >> perfect. >> this is cool water, though, with cranberry sauce -- >> otherwise it would set that stain. grease is hot water, other stains, colored stains, more cool water. chocolate. >> chocolate cake, lovely, always going to be around. now, chocolate here, you know what, the secret here is actually gonzo stain remover. people love this stuff. you can find it on the internet but really excellent stain remover. don't put it on a fabric, put it on a cloth, rub at it. >> blotting? >> you want to basically be, yeah, kind of going back and forth using a clean cloth.
8:40 am
you're really trying to pull it out, not rub it in. once again, hydrogen peroxide at the next day, see if you can get it out without it and into the wash it goes. >> keep coming back to my medicine cabinet. coffee can be tough because like a lot of these things, you may not notice it until the end of the day or next day. >> you want to treat stains as soon as humanly possible. the secret is once again, dish washingtoning detergent with water. you basically just put a couple squirts in warm water and really start to kind of work at your stain. very lightly. you don't want to ruin it but once again, with the cloth. if it's not working, funny little secret here, it's glycerine. now, glycerine you can buy on the internet but only way to find it in the drugstore, it's an enema but -- >> well, then. >> back to the drugstore, now, these little tubes, this is like fleet enema and you put it on and it loosens stains. you can use it on ink. it's great on berry stains. keep it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it out with warm
8:41 am
water and it makes stains disappear. >> there you go, that's amazing but i don't recommend you bring it up at a topic of conversation at thanksgiving dinner. just a little tidbit. candlewax. >> this is actually, what you want to do, the fun thing here is, you need an ice pack or ice and it hardens it. butter your napkins in the freezer. scrape it off with a credit card or back of a knife. then here's the secret. put that iron on. take a paper bag or clean piece of paper. >> oh, i see it. whoa. >> it actually absorbs the wax into the paper bag and so, keep working at itten until all the wax disappears. >> that's kind of fun. not that you need toot it just because it's fun. i love that. you always have great stuff for us. such a pleasure to see you. enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving. for more stain-fighting tips, go to our website. now, here's harry. >> all right, erica, thank you. if you're about to start cooking
8:42 am
your thanksgiving feast and you're starting to panic just a little bit, tom valenti is here to keep you calm. he's executive chef and owner of new york's west restaurant. always a pleasure to see you, tom. >> good to see you, harry. panic, always. we do it once a year. >> yeah, because people aren't used to all of the things they're trying to do, all the things -- maybe trying to accomplish a little too much in one day. >> well, the fact of the matter is is that you -- if you position it properly, you have several days. >> right. >> leading into the day because, face it, you only have so many burners, so many ovens in your house and, frankly, your guests don't want you shackled to the stove all day while they're having fun. >> what a radical concept to be able to socialize a little bit with your guests on thanksgiving. >> you think? >> what are you putting inside this turkey? >> i approach a turkey like a big chicken because i tend not to stuff it but what i am stuffing it with is herbs,
8:43 am
garlic, butter. i seasoned the cavity with salt and pepper as well as the outside. very simply, i took cloves of garlic, heads that i cut in half. >> put them down in the bottom? >> yeah, then tie it off. >> some people do the whole thing where they put butter inside the skin and all that. not necessary? you're more traditional way. >> it's kind of my approach and i think that there are so many variables. >> right. >> with cooking turkey whether it's frozen or if it's fresh. you know, the fda requirement is that it's cooked to 165 degrees. >> right. >> that's the safety place. >> sure. all right, so you tied this guy's legs up, throw a little just chicken stock? >> just a little chicken broth to get it going. and if you wouldn't mind, if you want to pop it into that oven. >> i'd be happy to. >> thank you. see you later, tom. >> b achlt a-bum-bum. advanced cooking.
8:44 am
i'll give you an example. here's the stuffing. what i did is the day before i browned the sausage, cut and toasted the bread. i toasted my pine nuts. i cooked my vegetables. >> how smart is that? this morning, there are people in kitchens even as we speak and the sweat is starting to pour down their brows because they're trying to accomplish all of this. >> calling in reinforcements. i was told that as many people may need to do on this thanksgiving when they realize they've got a lot on their plates, so that bring in some help. i'm here to work. >> i'm glad because i had to fall -- >> rally the troops. >> you want to add stuffing into our bowls. >> you did this ahead of time so you have to pour it together in the a bowl? >> putting it into a casserole and pong it into the oven. if you want to use this warm chicken stock. chicken stock on the stovetop somewhere is always helpful. >> you know what, when that doubt, throw in some chicken stock. that's right. seriously. >> now, moving to the next thing, stovetop management.
8:45 am
for example, i'm making the mashed potatoes. i've done them ahead of time. i've got them in a double boiler which keeps it moist -- >> the other problem because if the potatoes are right on the fire -- >> yes. >> even if it's the lowest possible, they're going to get burned. >> they'll burn, exactly. what i did was, i put the potatoes in advanced, cooked them and to finish, adding warm milk. ols warm milk and finely cubed butter. it helps to emulsify so you've got those -- >> if you're not a real potato masher, because this is one of my areas of expertise, you don't mash them too much. >> lumps are good. >> texture. >> texture is good because the other part is, there's just the chemical makeup of potatoes, if you mash them too much, that's when it gets sticky. >> they get gummy and that is another reason why you cut the butt ner such a fine way. >> look at that. oh, that's -- you know what, those look really good. >> they're passing the harry test? >> yes, they are. >> you can do this and leave
8:46 am
them on a stovetop at a low flame for two hours. set that aside. this is done. it's in the oven. >> we're feeling much better about next thanksgiving already. >> i'm ready. >> all right. so what's the next order of business here? >> we've got some, we've got some finished gravy here. i'm going to pull the bird out and i'm going to put it over here. >> all right. >> now, you know, part of the quandary of the bird, aside from cooking, is -- >> that's kind of my biggest quandary, the making sure it's cooked part of the cooking. >> 165 degrees is what we're looking for. >> you tented this. >> i tented it. >> from the beginning or when do you tent? >> no, what i do is i traditionally start at a very high temperature, about 450, 465 degrees, to get that nice color, and then i'll lower the temperature significantly. so -- kind of rides gently and if it gets too dark, i'll put the tent up. >> slow and steady wins the race. >> a wise, wise tortoise.
8:47 am
>> normally, you would take this and take it off of the rack and -- you should always let the bird rest for what? >> good 20 or 30 minutes. what i've done here is, remember, i put those raw heads of garlic, what i do is, when i set to make my gravy, and i grab a couple of these puppies, stick them in there. i really, really helps the flavor. >> because they have been sitting down there in the drippings from the turkey. >> right. >> those garlic -- >> full of flavor. >> those are super garlic cloves. >> you want to give that a little buzz for me with that wireless hand-held mechanism? >> wow. >> press it on the top. keep it away from children. >> why'd you give it to me? >> nicely done. now, as far as presentation of the bird, we don't want to go against tradition, but quite often, it's sliced at the table. >> but it takes so long. >> it takes long and everybody's
8:48 am
sitting there with their knife and fork and they're like -- >> i also feel like you're opening yourself up at that point. >> you think street. >> there's a lot that could go wrong. >> you think? >> just a little. >> what we do as chefs is, we like to take it off the bone. >> i like it. >> and present it in such a way that when it hits the table, everybody can eat. >> yeah. >> and you are a professional. i would remind everyone at home. he is. you may want to go with his thinking. >> with the chicken stock, if you're worried about it being dry, ladle a little of it over the gravy and keep it in the obvious. >> go ahead and go to work. always appreciate you stopping by the show. >> pleasure to be here. >> i think maybe, if not for this year, people will keep notes for next year. >> i think so. we've got lots of them on our website. >> tom valenti, thank you so much. for these recipes, go to our website, that's we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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8:51 am
i want to give a shoutout to new york city and my friends and family at 101st in corona. >> a shoutout to my lovely ladies in my life, my mother, joyce, my wife, melissa, my two daughters, naema and traena. i love you. happy thanksgiving. >> i would like to send a happy thanksgiving to my family and friends in rhode island, in maine, massachusetts and wish you a wonderful holiday. >> want to say aloha and happy thanksgiving to my family, christina, caroline and tyler in hawaii. and my parents in california. i love you all. bye. >> something else to be thankful for on this day when we think about the things that we have so
8:52 am
much. >> all the men and women who are not able to be with their families. >> exactly right. >> so the breast is off. you're doing a little -- this is your restaurant style slicing. >> yes. it is a very defined seam to remove the breast. go online and get instruction for that. i think it is just a -- it is a nicer with a i er way to spend family and friends. >> yif you bring that out, you have to be able to nail it right there. it takes a long time. it takes a good 15 minutes to do it. >> we only do it once a year typically. so there you go. >> all right. tom, thanks again. thanks so much. have a great and wonderful thanksgiving, everybody. your local news is next. thanksgiving parade too.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. happy thanksgiving. all three cold weather shelters should be opened tonight. two were opened near downtown san jose but the armory in sunnyvale will open tonight. bart reports robberies in the transit system are down 0% from last year. recently, four robbery suspects have been arrested one caught at montgomery station, three others near the richmond station in the east bay. and good news if you will be in san francisco today. parking meters are free. and street sweeping fines will not be enforced. for details, you can check the city's website or call 311 for
8:56 am
more information. and the sixth annual silicon valley turkey trot is under way in san jose. we were there for the start of the race this morning. 15,000 people are running or walking to burn off the holiday calories. the event raises money for local charities and collects 50,000 pounds of food. we'll have weather around the bay area coming right up. ou feel ru or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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well, this morning, it started off pretty cold out there, bitter cold as a matter of fact. and here we are with clear skies. it's still pretty nippy here in san francisco, looking out toward coit tower. so for thanksgiving, your forecast across the bay area, mostly sunny skies. still pretty cold, though. temperatures in the 50s. and we'll have again the temperature range from 50 to 56 degrees. five-day forecast, plenty of sunshine expected today as well as tomorrow. but take a look at that weekend. chance of showers moving in saturday. sunday, a mix of sun and clouds. bomb and more sunshine monday, tuesday and wednesday. thinking about heading up to tahoe? be advised there is a chance of snow on saturday. enjoy your thanksgiving. have a great day.
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