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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  January 9, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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a constituent meeting yesterday. charges have been filed against the suspect in the shooting. karen brown has the latest from tucson. karen? >> reporter: ann, friends of the suspect are now painting an even more disturbing picture. they say that loughner had yet another contact with congresswoman giffords just a few years ago at their community college. they say he threw out an antigovernment question at the representative and wasn't happy with her response. i can also tell you that folks continue to come here to the hospital to show their support for the victim and now we've learned more about what they went through through the 911 tapes. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> there's a shooting. >> the anguished screams on a 911 call capture the chaos after a gunman opened fire at a town hall meeting held by representative gabrielle giffords. >> we need more than one ambulance. there's more than one person down. >> reporter: mourners continued
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to pile flowers and stuffed animals in front of the tucson hospital where many injured in the shooting are recovering. congresswoman giffords remains in intensive care on a ventilator, but doctors are encouraged by her ability to follow simple commands. >> when you get shot in the head and a bullet goes through your brain, the chances of living are very small. >> reporter: the gunman, identified as 22-year-old oig 3 was chad with five federal crimes, including attempted assassination of a congress person and accounts of first degree attempted murder. after it was determined he was the cab driver who drove loughner to the grocery store where the town hall meeting was taken place. investigators searched the home where loughner lived with his parents. inside a safe they found a letter congresswoman sent loughner back in 2007 thanking him for attending an event. they also discovered an envelope apparently signed by loughner that had the phrases,
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i planned ahead. my assassination and giffords on it. members of the tucson congregation began mourning crystal green killed in the attack. >> i don't know what my son's going to do without his best friend. >> reporter: loughner will make his first court appearance tomorrow in phoenix. local authorities are now looking into a possible connection between a suspect and an online white supremacist group that matches what is seen on this website. the group says there is no connection. they do not promote violence and have never had a subscriber with the suspect's name. reporting live in tucson, arizona, i'm karen brown. ann, back to you. >> so, karen, authorities are still struggling with determining a motive in this. it's still not clear why he fired all those shots? >> reporter: that is absolutely right, ann. you know, i think that's sort of what everybody is looking for at this point, the entire
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country, as we all go through this. everyone is just wondering why. how could this happen? the sheriff confirmed that he had a troubled past, that he has a criminal record. most of his friends say he was having some mental problems, but how do you go from that to doing what happened, right? so at this point, they are combing his computer. they're trying to retrace all of his steps that led up to yesterday. they hope they will be able to piece together a motive. >> karen brown in tucson, thank you. one of the victims killed in the tucson shooting was a federal judge, 63-year-old judge roll was at the battle over immigration. in 2009 roll received hundreds of threats after he allowed a lawsuit filed by illegal immigrants to go forward. we have more coverage of the tucson shooting spree on the home page of our website, a violent weekend in san
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jose claimed the lives of three men in two separate shootings. police think the two incidents may be related. don joins us from san jose to sort it out. >> reporter: police received a call from someone inside the mexcali club. police found three men down and two of them were dead. a shooting or possibly shoot- out here at the nightclub distributed to a particularly violent weekend in san jose. >> i know we had a total of two incidents this year, 2011, and we've had four deaths. we've also had the jewelry store individual that we're acontributing to the 2010 statistics even though he died in 2011. >> reporter: police arrived about 8:30 saturday evening to find a nightclub packed with people amid chaos and quite a bit of hysteria. >> we located two males inside the nightclub. one of them was a 20-year-old
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hispanic male adult, i should say in his 20's. the second one was a hispanic male adult in his 30's. both of them were pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: john posada lives in the area. >> nobody got up, you know. because you know, during the holidays, they were shooting up these rockets and everything else, you know. >> reporter: then early today, a new development. two blocks from the club, a man was found dead in an suv. police believe he's also connected to the saturday night shootings. but how? >> that's a good question. right now, quite honestly, anything is possible. we really need to figure out who was the aggressor, who was trying to flee. quite honestly, it could be either. >> reporter: police have only a vague description of the suspects. three or four hispanic men. a neighbor who said her name was olivia had this reaction. >> it's sad to know what happened. especially, we're all family around here, you know. we don't know what happened, really. >> reporter: police say they
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have a lot of people to interview, a lot of information to sift through before they decide what happened and who's responsible. ann? >> thank you. well, in san francisco, a total of three men were stabbed at two nightclubs this weekend and police found two victims early this morning in front of the temple nightclub on howard street. the extent of their injuries is not known. police are looking for three suspects. now, the spired victim was stabbed -- third victim was stabbed yesterday. he is expected to survive. a suspect has been arrested in that case. while walking, a woman is grabbed, dragged and then punched. what you won't find along this bay area street the witness says makes it so dangerous. he's only been police chief of san francisco for a year and a half. now, he's the city's new district attorney. what's ahead for george castone and who will fill his spot. coming up. weather center, we're final seeing sunshine around the bay
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man who attacked a woman while she was walking down a mount view street last night. the 27 year-old says she was near stanford avenue when the man grabbed her and dragged her to a nearby dirt lot. the attacker repeatedly punched her in the face and ran off when she screamed for help. neighbors say they need more lights in the area. >> this street usually at nighttime is really dark, so i suggest they put like a streetlight here, because you can't see anything at nighttime, so it's really dangerous. >> the woman was treated for minor injuries and allowed to go home. the motive for the attack is not known. before san francisco mayor gavin lives office tomorrow he had one last surprise up his sleeve. today he appointed police chief george gascone as district attorney. linda is in san francisco to explain how he decided on george. >> reporter: it was a big
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industrialize, not only for george gascone but even the mayor himself says she was shocked at his choice, because as late as yesterday afternoon he was thinking about six or seven other people to fill the spot of district attorney. 24 hours ago, his name wasn't even being considered. the mayor had only called the now former police chief to his office for some advice on who the next d.a. should be. >> as i was listening to him, it became clear to me that he was the choice. >> reporter: within three hours, george gascone said he accepted the job, because he believes he can still work for public safety. >> we're going to have to figure out ways to bring the criminal justice together in a different manner than we have had in the past. and i believe that i can offer something through this role that will be somewhat unique in having the understanding of policing and the career that has been incredible to me, and one that i love and is really
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part of my identity. >> reporter: gascone is a lawyer. he passed the bar in 1996. he's only been chief for a year and a half. he leaves the post in the midst of some controversy. in the past few weeks, officers have been involved in the shootings of a wheelchair bound man and a mentally ill man in his home. in both cases, the suspects lunged at police with a knife. gascone right-hand man he brought with him from los angeles, jeff godown will now be the acting chief. >> i believe the command staff in place today is capable, and i believe that it will take the department to the next step. also, i don't plan to be very far. i'm looking for a different relationship between the d.a.'s office and the police department and i think that will be one of continuous collaboration and continual development of policing in san francisco. so i'm gone but not completely gone. >> this is my last act as mayor of san francisco. as for the mayor, he calls this decision one of his biggest and best ones, and he now leaves
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office with a heavy heart. >> i want to just thank all of you for the privilege of a lifetime. this has been an honor unimagined, and i am grateful for this moment in time. >> reporter: mayor will be sworn in as lieutenant governor tomorrow in scrak cra men toe. in the meantime, the pick of the next chief will go to the interim mayor to be, ed lee, as well as the police commission. ann? >> linda, any inside discussion right now whether the interim chief could end up being the police chief? >> reporter: i asked him if he would accept the job, and of course, he said he would. but whether his name is even in the candidates list, i don't know. i couldn't get any of the commissioners to give us any hints. >> all right, thank you. >> okay. one year later, a progress report from haiti and how it's recovering from the earthquake. and is it going to be another chilly work week? lawrence is up ahead with our pinpoint forecast. approach
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the first anniversary of the ea more suffering and uncertainty in haiti as the island nation approaches the first anniversary of the earthquake. wednesday marks one year since the quake struck killing more than a quarter million people and triggering a deadly cholera epidemic. a new report says reconstruction has barely begun and there won't be enough money to complete all the projects. i can't find it in me to complain about the weather now. we've got it pretty good. >> we have some sunshine out there today. >> yeah. >> temperatures still cold. highs still running in the 40s and 50s, but at least the fog was gone. for the most part tonight, except for patchy fog, we're
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going to see mostly clear skies and that will lead to very clear temperatures. mostly clear skies out there. of course, we've been socked in a with fog the better part of the last six days or so. finally catching a break from the foggy weather. we've got changes in the works. maybe a few storm conditions return to the bay area. nothing major. we could get a little bit wet. today, includes moving across the sky. high pressure moving into the bay area. as it does we'll see dry area at least another day and things begin to change again. tonight, patchy fog developing in some of the valley. a frosty start inland and tomorrow afternoon, more sunshine. temperatures will still be cool, 40s and 50s, but a few degrees warmer than today. numbers outside right now, pretty impressive. it is already 37 degrees in napa this hour. 36 in fairfield. owing only going down from here. some very chilly temperatures. some of the numbers running down in the 20s for overnight lows. if you plan on heading around the state, watch out for the fog in the central valley.
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doesn't look as thick as it's been. high country, looking good. how about tahoe? yeah, we've got a lot of sunshine coming your way. a great day to do skiing tomorrow after some bitter cold temperatures. overnight low of 40s degrees. then a chance of snow returns to the sierra nevada as we head into tuesday and wednesday. looks like a few more storms rolling in. you can see it off the coastline. right here looks pretty impressive. high pressure out ahead of it. that's giving you the break and some cool air beginning to make its way in from the gulf of alaska. helping to drive the air out a bit. chilly temperatures out from the bay area. overnight lows dipping way down. places like santa rosa maybe down in the 20s. 29 in fairfield. 29 in liver more and 35 degrees in san jose. highs tomorrow, 50s for the most part. warmer temperatures in the south bay and out toward the coastline again. inland 40s and 50s there. i think the north bay, you're going to see a mixed bag. you'll see 40s and 50s as well. a little warmer than it has been, but you'll bring on a
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jacket tomorrow to keep warm. it's going to stay cool for the better part of the day. it looks like we'll warm things up as the storm system approaches the coastline. i see some showers possible as we head into tuesday, maybe left over on wednesday morning. then another one moves in come thursday. none of these look like huge storms, but it could get wet. then it looks like we'll dry things out come friday and saturday, and more rain next sunday. here's sports. in oakland, his career could be over. michael vick versus aaron rogers, a showdown of two of the leagues best, next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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today as the eagles hosted the let's face it. michael vick has had more come backs than betty white. he needed one more today as they hosted the green bay packers. michael vick playing his first playoff start as an atlanta falcon. it was aaron rogers who had the career day. a diving james jones. 14-0 packers. the eagles come back in the third. michael vic a strike to jason for the 24 yard touchdown. then 7:40 to play. aaron rogers tosses an innocent looking screen pass to brandon jackson and he has a convoy. 16 yard score. again, down by 5. a chance to win the game. michael vick and in the end zone, but williams there to end
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the ballgame and packers defeat the eagles 21-16 to advance to a matchup with the atlanta falcons. vick will be seen next in the probowls. kansas city up 7-3. ray rice with the touchdown with 19 seconds left in the first half, baltimore up 10-7. he completes just nine passes for 70 yards and three interceptions at the chiefs turned it over 5 times. landry does his best impression, making everybody miss at good field position and flacco takes advantage of the short field. he's got boldin in the back of the end zone. baltimore scores 27 unanswered points to blow out the chiefs 30-7. they'll take on the steelers next week in
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pittsburgh. >> offense. >> totally, passing yards, record for first down. how about that offense? [ cheers and applause ] >> what did the defense do? >> five take aways. >> can you imagine baltimore on the 49, superbowl. brother versus brother. fantasy land. next sunday it will be round three. on sunday the seahawks and bears followed by the jets and patriots also playing each other for the third time this season. raiders star connor back suddenly a free agent. he didn't meet incentives because his numbers dipped last season, although he didn't allow a touchdown. today's contract was voided and he will become a free agent based on the terms of that contract. he was due to make 16.8 million dollars in 2011. the former can be signed. the raiders are not allowed to use the franchise tag on him. he could be gone.
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nba rolled into l.a. driewr drury had 8 points. griffin had double figures in points and rebounds for a franchise record 23rd straight game. l.a. closed the first half in an 18- 4 run. davis gave 3-points. 17 points, 11 assists. clips starting the season 5 and 21, but they won 7 of the last ten. after his rejection on the one end, it's al on the other for a throw down. they beat the warriors. good news, home safe will play its next at home. stanford in arizona. this game was supposed to be played yesterday but delayed today by the tucson shootings. stanford. arizona too good today. cardinals down by 8 with a minute left. jones drives, seals the deal with this layup.
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stanford loses by 10. suffering their first back 10 loss. how about the shot of the year in the world of bowling. he didn't mean to do it. neighboring lane, and hit the pocket for a perfect strike. you try that a million times, you will never repeat that, right? he was competing in a team usa event. strike of course, did not count. kim one-on-one tonight with the new head coach. herschel walker, one of the greatest@lights i think in -- athletes i think in u.s. history will be on the show. he's of course fighting now in mixed martial arts at 49, he has a new career, along with his heisman trophy, his bobsled, his usfl career. >> he's interesting to talk to, too. >> he's an amazing story. he's a great scholar and still does 2000 situps a day to this day. >> we will see a challenge on game day. thanks, drew. as we mentioned earlier, this week marks the first
6:57 pm
anniversary of the devastating earthquake that ravaged haiti. eight organizations continue to help the people there recover. there were some things done so victims can regain their dignity. i want to show you some of the memorials taking place to remember the victims of the shooting spree in tucson. all that and more tonight at 10:00 on the cw. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next. our latest news and weather is on have a good night. ,,,,,,,,
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