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tv   The Early Show  CBS  January 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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back here bright and early at 4:30. >> on monday. >> yeah. >> we're taking off for the weekend. >> have a great weekend. good morning. digging out. as much of the east coast recovers from the latest blast of snow and ice tens and thousands without power and seven dead and another storm is on the way and we will bring you the latest forecast and go live to hard-hit washington, d.c. obama opens up. the president answers youtube questions on everything from the war in afghanistan to the super bowl. we'll go live to the white house for the latest on his version of the fireside chat. and sheen's emergency. the tv star rushed to the hospital with abdominal pains as fans and coworkers grow concerned for his safety and his health "early" this friday morning, january 28th, 2011.
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captioning funded by cbs welcome to "the early show" on a friday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. we made it to friday. >> yes, we did. >> good to be here. a somber anniversary as we mark the anniversary of the "challenger" explosion. >> one of those experiences we all remember where we were on that day. this really is the first -- the world's first high tech disaster to unfold on live television. the images still emblazoned in everyone's mind. a horrible tragedy to see unfold like that in front of school children who were watching and christa mcauliffe, the first teacher in space. look back 25 years and one of those tragedies feels like it was closer than 25 years ago. >> it does. jeff glor will have that report coming up. also ahead this morning we can't stop talking about the snow because it won't go away. this morning for many folks, it is about the big dig-out
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especially in the northeast. yesterday's massive snowfall leaving an impact. the storm is now blamed for at least seven deaths. cbs news correspondent whit johnson is just outside washington in bethesda maryland with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of the many neighborhoods still without power and here is part of the problem. heavy what was once wet, now icy snow. it toppled trees and power lines and adding to what has been an unpredictable and dangerous winter. thousands are digging out this morning after being buried in as much as two feet of snow. this latest wallop is the east coast's eighth storm since december. >> tired of the snow. i want summer to come! >> reporter: new york saw 19 inches and philadelphia got 17 and boston about a foot. as all three cities are closing in on record seasonal snowfalls with two months to go in winter, the storm was deadly for at least seven people killed in weather-related incidents.
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two boston men narrowly escaped injury when heavy snow caused this roof to collapse on their car. this latest round turned the nation's capital into a parking lot. height of the storm 300,000 workers sent home two hours early inadvertently causing the massive tie-up and many forced to abandon their cars after stuck in the snow or giving up after hours behind the wheel. >> it was awful. i came up from charlottesville and cars are spun out all over the ramp. >> reporter: more than 200,000 homes and businesses remain without power. most in the d.c. area. utility crews are working nonstop to clear the lines and restore electricity, but some people could be in the dark well into the weekend. >> i was out shoveling snow trying to get the driveway done as it was coming down. then the power went out. >> reporter: at airports across the country, flights are expected to get back on schedule
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today, after passengers were delayed or stranded from the kns cancellation of more than 900 flights thursday. now power companies say they were prepared for this storm but many of their crews were slowed down in that same nightmare gridlock as everyone else. they do expect power will be restored to most people by late tonight. whit johnson, cbs news bethesda, maryland. for a check of other headlines let's join jeff glor who is over at the news desk for us. >> good morning. breaking news from egypt this morning. new clashes erupted between anti-government protesters and riot police in cairo. it is also reported this morning that police have arrested egypt's most prominent prodemocracy leader mohamed elbaradei. liz palmer is in cairo with more. >> reporter: i'm standing in the center of cairo. that is freedom square tahrir
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square behind me. we are hearing reports they were allowed to leave the mosques all over the city but heading to the center of town they were stopped by very heavily special forces police lines. the day began quietly. this is the sunday of the muslim world. by early morning, security forces were setting up across the city and internet and cell phone communication had largely been shutdown. the uprising has been organized by young, well-educated egypt egyptians like this law student who knew how to harness the power of social networking. the call to action for the massive demonstrations on tuesday went out to more than a million facebook users. the call was then massively repeated on twitter. >> and egypt was in one -- was in more than one and every 200 tweets on twitter. >> reporter: in the world? >> in all of the tweets in the world. >> reporter: this is the result. streets and squares filled with demonstrators demanding an end
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to corruption unemployment and the authoritarian government of hosni mubarak. this is tahrir square, freedom square where the demonstrators hope to march to and ringed with special forces police. we have just been told we have to move our camera from this vantage point so we can't take pictures of what happens to them when they arrive. outside cairo, some protesters were killed including one man in the desert shot as he ran. today's march looks as if it will draw more cairo's middle class youth. egypt's most diplomat nobel prize winner mohamed elbaradei are here. we are hearing reports that mohamed elbaradei, i mentioned in my report wasn't allowed to leave the mosque to lead the marches. he is being penned in there. we also hear some firing and i
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can smell ter gas and probably tear gas to control the groups of people. clearly the situation is very tense and is going to go on for many hours yet. jeff? >> liz palmer joining us live from cairo this morning. liz, thank you. in kabul, afghanistan, a bombing at a supermarket popular are westerners. at least eight people were killed there, among them three foreigners and a child. several embassies. saying it was against a u.s.-based security contractor. former president nelson mandela has left the hospital. the 92-year-old was admitted on wednesday suffering from an acute respiratory infection. cbs news correspondent mark phillips has more from morning from johan nanesburg. >> reporter: he has had a chest infection, officials said today, a serious enough illness for a man his age but not as bad as
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many feared. ♪ >> reporter: nelson mandela was taken to this hospital two days ago in johannesburg. officially for medical checks but when no other information was released the world press assembled and rumored spread that his condition was life threatening. south africa government provided a medical bulletin. >> he recently developed an acute respiratory infection. for which he received treatment and has responded very well. he's stable but will be watched closely ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: nelson mandela has been retired from public life for more than six years, but he is still so revered here as a father of a democratic south africa that news of his ill science drew crowds of well wishers. some like these schoolchildren were well aware of the debt they
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owe him. >> he has given me an opportunity to stand next to these guys and call them my friends and a few years ago, it would have been -- it wouldn't have been possible. >> reporter: nelson mandela's family says it appreciates all of the messages of good will it's received from around the world including from president obama and that the man they call madiba out of respect and affection left here joking and in good spirits. jeff? >> mark phillips for us morning from south africa thanks. in western michigan the search for a young mother missing on monday has ended in tragedy. it is reported this morning the bodies of 30-year-old amy hencely and another woman found by police yesterday a few miles from hencely's home. a man identified to be a cousin of henslee cousin is in custody. an icy reservoir in colorado. a boy fell in the ice. a firefighter didn't have time to get on his normal protective
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rescue gear so he went out on his belly. they both were pulled back and the boy is checked out and is okay. a gorilla in england showing he may be more evolved than his friends. he is walking upright on his legs. a video posted on youtube and made him an instant celebrity. it doesn't look real. he likes to stand up to see if his keepers are coming to him with food. 10 minutes past the hour right now. i do the same thing, walk over to the coffee cart in the morning and waiting for it. >> good morning to you, jeff! good morning, everyone at home. take a look at your national picture. middle of the country, absolutely gorgeous. high pressure reigning. two systems in the northern plains and northeast. we still dealing with some fog on the west coast. show you the radar picture. here is that one clipper in fargo. the other clipper around buffalo. the good thing about clippers, they move quickly and have sort
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of light snow. in the northeast, charleston, 1 to 2 inches and trouble spot buffalo and syracuse 1 to 3 anchs and when you consider what we have so far thgis is nothing. 1 to 2 around minneapolis and 2 to 4 in the thanks so much. that is your latest weather. now over to chris. good morning. >> thank you. president obama opened up on the internet yesterday holding a
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town hall meeting on youtube and answered questions on topics from the war on drugs to valentine's day. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has that story for us this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. if you thought you would like to ask the president a question you're not alone. when youtube put out a reason to ask the president questions and called for questions, they got more than a million responses! >> welcome back to youtube. >> reporter: when the president opened up to the barrage from the public questions were less political and more personal. like what is he giving michelle for valentine's day? >> actually, the thing that she wants is time. so we always try to get a date night out on valentine's day. >> reporter: he was asked his pick to win the super bowl. >> critical question. >> reporter: mr. obama is running for re-election and he went with the politically safe answer. >> now that the bears have lost, i got to stay neutral and may the best team win. >> reporter: ever since 1933 when franklin delano roosevelt
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used the media to deliver his fireside chats. >> i want to talk to the people of the united states about banking. >> reporter: john f. kennedy held the first televised live news conference. >> the united states government is satisfied. >> reporter: the presidents have embraced the newest technology to get their message out. the obama team has used social media tools from the very beginning of his presidential campaign. thursday's forum did talk on serious issues. >> mr. president, military -- >> reporter: one question why u.s. troops are still dying in iraq and afghanistan came from a military mom. >> in afghanistan, we have al qaeda and its allies and it is my job, as president, to make sure they can't launch another 9/11 against us. >> reporter: this is the president's third youtube q answers a. like the last time the mantle of the questions were will legalization of marijuana. >> i am not in favor of
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legalization. i am a strong believer that we have to think more about drugs as a public health problem. >> reporter: and when he was asked about the toughest thing about being president, mr. obama gave the same answer that most previous presidents have given and that is that he lives in a bubble. he's not free to take a walk or leave the house. chris? >> one of the downsides of the office. cbs's bill plante at the white house for us thank you. we want to turn our attention now to the economy. the dow jones industrials average is up around 12,000 for the first time in three years. jobless claims however jumped unexpectedly last week. so when you look at these two sides does it mean the economy is getting any better for the average american? to help give us the bullet points here is cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis. we spoke yesterday about the dow coming up about 12,000 a little bit and you told us we should
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expect it to come back down a little bit. >> here is the thing. the jobs numbers as you mentioned are not great. and they continue to be not great. there is that culprit as well as housing not being in a great place but having some forward momentum. the issue right now on wall street is how far we have come in a very short period of time. if you look at where the dow was just two months ago, it was actually a thousand points lower than where it is right now. that thousand-point jump typically, speaking is a thing you'll see and then you'll see a pullback in the market. traders will tell you, listen i've seen stocks go a long way. i'm going to take what is known as some profits which means i'm going to sell some stocks and i'm going to get back in the market once things come down a little bit. so for the average investor what that basically means we could see a bit of a pull-back here in the near term. it's one of the reasons why we may not have seen a big surpass that 12,000. >> ts not a bad sign if you're looking at this or if you're watching for your 401(k). it means traders are being a little bit more cautious which, at the end of the day, is good for all of us right?
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>> well, that's what you would like to believe. >> right! >> that it is good for all of us. i think what it ultimately means you're 401(k) it could go down in the near term but people need to be -- the average investor should be thinking about investing for the long term not i'm getting in and make thousands of dollars tomorrow. has is what traders try and do but the average person has to think about it over the long haul. >> for the next few decades. it's also corporate earnings season. the report cards as they call them. there's some interesting news coming out from some of america's major companies. >> there are. it's interesting because it's what it means for us as consumers in the future. proctor proctor&gamble say commodity prize are rising. the maker of tide may have to increase its prices to pass the costs along to consumers and make money for itself. netflicks is a great example of a company has 20 million scribers now and showing the american consumer is willing to spend money on decisionary
7:17 am
things like movies because they are looking for a little bit of that. they are willing to spend a little bit of money, but on the flip side of that microsoft sees softness for the market for personal computerses. amazon the world's largest retailer online is showing thot all retailers are created equal. they didn't do as well with their online sales this holiday season as many were expecting. >> we did see ebooks are outselling paper back books and perhaps spending more -- >> it's just amazing to think about a sign of the time that ebooks on amazon can outsell paperbacks. 105 ebooks to every 100 paperbacks sell online. still head this morning on "the early show," charlie sheen is back in the hospital. this time people say it's only a hernia. we will have the latest on his
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welcome back. coming up, charlie sheen, rushed to the hospital again. this timepl being. welcome back. charlie sheen sent to the hospital we're going to bring you the very latest on this condition. just ahead on "the early show." >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the home depot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. is paint's got: and that's a number one rating. it's a paint and primer in one -- so it goes on bold, and looks even better. it means getting more done -- in half the time. and it means the shade you see on that swatch -- ends up on that wall...
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just ahead this morning on "the early show" we are marking today the 25th anniversary of the "challenger" disaster. >> it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. san jose will soon have a new police chief. the city manager has selected interim police chief chris moore for the position. that means anthony batts another finalist will remain police chief of oakland for now. the city council could approve moore as early as next week. the golden gate bridge may soon get rid of its human tolltakers. a board could decide today whether to replace people with electronic toll collection. under the plan, videocameras would record license plates to bill fastrak users. it would save about $19 million over 8 years. and the investigation into the san bruno blast is going public. the state public utilities
7:26 am
commission plans to hold public hearings. so far no date has been set. the commission president said there will be a public clearinghouse for all documents related to the deadly blast. traffic and weather coming right up. stay with us.
7:27 am
good morning from the traffic center. let's start off on the altamont pass where traffic actually is
7:28 am
improving just a little bit. some slight delays as you work your way westbound from the altamont pass to 680 but overall just a 16-minute ride. still busy through antioch, westbound 4 slow from a street to somersville. golden gate bridge traffic picking up a bit. extra volume on the southbound side and we are dealing with fog advisories on some of our bay area bridges including the golden gate bridge and the carquinez bridge. that's traffic. let's head to robert with your forecast. >> we are bookended by fog. the fog advisory is in place. as we take live look from our mount vaca cam, look at all that tule fog pushing in from the central valley but we are getting a double whammy because we are getting fog coming from the coastline. it's going to be incredibly slow to clear. so we'll look at temperatures 3 to 8 degrees cooler than just yesterday. 66 in warmer areas but a radical change for the weekend. showers for saturday and sunday. then clearing on monday. we rebound back to the mid-60s.
7:29 am
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♪ welcome back to "the early show." it is cold outside. although you can't tell from our friends on the plaza. plenty of energy out there. when it gets chilly you want to crank up the heat a little bit. >> not good. >> it's not good for you at all. maybe your parents were on to something when they said turn on a sweater i'm not turning it above 68! a new study that finds keeping warm in the winter could actually be making you fat. it gives a whole new meaning to that winter insulation. dr. jennifer ashton will tell us how keeping your home just a little bit cooler may, in fact, help you brurnurn some of those extra calories. >> now you know why i like to
7:31 am
keep it 58 in here. >> and i say welcome. you want to think about paying taxes? probably not but you have to. americans pay almost 200 billion dollars a year just to figure out how much we owe. we're going to try to cut that number down for you. rebecca jarvis is here to go over this year's tax changes and help you save money maybe in the process. we will get to that in couple of minutes. new concern this morning about charlie sheen the star of cbs' "two and a half men" is back in the hospital in los angeles and cbs news correspondent betty nguyen has the details. >> early yesterday morning, authorities responded to the home of actor charlie sheen after unidentified woman called 911. sheen rushed to the hospital suffering from severe abdominal pain and moments later his father was seen arriving at the hospital. sources close to the actor say he has a hernia in his stomach.
7:32 am
>> symptoms of highatal hernia. >> reporter: the actor has had a history of hernia problems but neighbors told the website tmz they heard loud partying at sheen's residence overnight. it's not the first time the actor has found himself in a bad situation. sheen has had past issues with substance abuse that led to several stays in rehab dating back to 1990. in february he entered a facility in what his publicist called a preventive measure. >> charlie has been getting into trouble for years from when he was, you know, part of the "brat pac." >> thursday marks his third health issue in the last three months. in october admitted to the hospital after an incident in new york. two weeks ago he was treated for
7:33 am
an ear infection after a weekend in investigatas. >> i think wow this is a troubled guy who needs some sort of help. >> reporter: one of the most concerns about sheen's trouble past is his father martin. >> he doesn't know what to do. he has begged begged his son to get help. he is distraught. apparently charlie says he has no troubles. >> let's go! party train is leaving. >> reporter: his cbs series "two and a half men" not shooting this week and remains the hottest comedy on television. sheen is the biggest and best paid actor. on wednesday, his co-star jon cryer poked fun at sheen's problems. >> i check tmz every day so know if i have to go to work at all. >> reporter: he could require
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>> just ahead, turn down your thermostat and lose weight. >> a new study shows more heat
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s in this morning's "healthwatch" can your term that the make you fat? a new study says yes, it can. dr. jennifer ashton is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning. the theory when it's cold we tend to stay inside and crank unthe thermostat and make it warmer and we exercise less. we eat more. in fact, this british study suggests that that is true. we do ten to stay inside and our metabolism goes down. we don't burn as many calories and the number on the scale goes up. >> the theory it's so comfortable in this nice warm environment i don't want to do anything else but eat? >> couple of theories. yes, you're sitting on a sofa and not as active if it's not as cold outside and you can get out and move more. >> the study looks at something called brown fat which is a fat that is not necessarily that bad? >> it's a hot topic, pardon the pun.
7:39 am
we are born with brown fat and because babies can't shiver so it burns a lot of calories and keeps us warm. when you're not exposed to cold if you don't use it the brown fat, you will lose it. you will make less brown fat, burn fewer cal isories at rest. >> if i'm sitting at home and want to lose weight do i freeze myself out of my apartment? >> i probably won't be able to stand it. they have done research where dressed people in light clothing in 63 to 66 degrees fahrenheit temperature and found that over time, they burned about 100 to 200 extra calories a day. might not sound like much but over a couple of weeks that adds up to 3,500 calories which can actual a pound. if you can handle mild cold temperatures your body can generate more heat. basic metabolism and burn more calories. >> a little shivering is not bad if you turn blue.
7:40 am
other tips you have? >> the temperature, it is an exciting area of research but not the whole picture. number one, obviously, you want to stay active. even though it's cold outside, when it's safe, as long as it's not too icy, move, go for a walk and even do some jogging. during the winter, you're not exposed to sun. your mood can suffer. that can cause you to turn on to more comfort foods and more impulsive eating and try to avoid that. the other interesting thing, chris, which is really funny is that people who tend to wear baggy or loose clothing during the winter just because they don't feel great, it's cold they tend to eat more. then when it gets to spring summer, you need to put on the bathing suits or more body revealing clothing you have a lot of extra pounds you have to deal with. >> don't warm up with too much food and watch out with the big baggy clothing because you're cheating yourself and the whole active thing. i think that is where i find a lot of people i know they don't want to work out because it's so many layers to get there and it becomes -- >> that's right. the temperature is an area of
7:41 am
ongoing research. we will hear more about it in the future. >> dr. jennifer ashton thanks. good to see you this morning. up next, tax talk. look at the changes in the tax laws and help you get your forms done correctly. that is the key. this is "the early show" on cbs. "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by campbell's. it's amazing what soup do. "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. [ female announcer ] all you need for sensitive skin. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. and has powerful stainlifters to help get your whole wash clean. it's all good. >> man: getting across town to a job interview is stressful enough without being late. i want guidance that takes me where i need to be without any problems along the way.
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7:45 am
the end of january. >> you're probably already seeing some. i've actually received a couple of those in the mail already from my bank account, credit card companies, and i'm getting the stuff for tax time. people want to make sure they're putting it together. but they do have three extra days to file. that's not an excuse to basically backtrack, but april 18th is the tax filing day this year, and that's because april 15th is emancipation day, it's a federal holiday, and so and then comes the weekend, so they have three extra days. >> for folks in massachusetts, it's also patriots day. >> there you go. >> so let's take a look then, as we talk about some of these changes that came in at the end of the year. what are some of the biggest changes to filing and things we need to know about? >> well for nonitemizers who took the standard deductions there's three of them in 2010 that you're not going to be able to take anymore, this year. one of them is real estate. real estate tax deductions, that standardized deduction for
7:46 am
non-itemizers is gone. new car deduction, that is also gone. as are disaster loss deductions. so these are the things that, if you filed as a non-itemizer in 2009, you would have just gotten a standard deduction and you would have received some back. you're not going to get that this year. >> another important thing to know for anybody who took advantage of the home buyer tax credit in 2010 this is going to dictate how you have to file your taxes. >> yeah. it's a really important point, erica. because if you took the tax credit which is $8,000 up to $8,000 for new buyers $6,500 for people who have already purchased homes who purchased a new home in 2010 they have to file by snail mail. they cannot e-file. so make sure if you want that deduction, that you be pretty significant, make sure that you do it by snail mail. >> there you go. and do it early so you're not waiting in line with all those people at midnight. >> exactly. april 18th. we'll be there to cover you. >> for a lot of people the next big thing to worry about is not just what's changed but how am i going to do my taxes.
7:47 am
you do them yourself or do you get some help? >> well, this year has been a year of many changes for lots of people. i mean the standard changes are, if your employment status changed. if your child status changed and you're claiming more dependents. if your marital status changed. these are all reasons why taxes can get more complicated. we're going to be here on "the early show" holding your hand. you can do this on your own. i file my taxes on my own every year. so we'll hold your hand. you can do it on your own. but if you feel overwhelmed it's also good to turn to somebody you can trust, an accountant or a website. there's a number of them out there you can use. >> and you also say it's important to look on the irs' own website. >> the irs will allow you to e-file if you want to e-file directly through them. about 95 million people last year filed their taxes online. that's a pretty seamless way to do it. assuming you're not going for that tax credit for the home buyer. >> there you go. we'll look at alled things as you said, you are going to be here throughout the tax season. >> we're going to hold your hand. >> helping all of us get this done. we'll look forward to that. i'll be calling you, as well. >> absolutely. >> just ahead, what makes for an
7:48 am
awkward pause? why is it awkward? are you getting a hint? it's awkward. we'll tell you why. you're watching "the early show." on cbs. [ female announcer ] all you need
7:49 am
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7:51 am
no one likes an awkward silence. no one. but now, get this there's a psychologist who tells us why these moments when that conversation comes to a halt are so uncomfortable. and here's what's fascinating to me, that someone actually studied this, and then came up with these findings. they're groundbreaking. >> awkward pauses. >> awkward pauses feel awkward because we need to feel like we're part of something. we have social needs. that a flowing conversation will bring to us. the need to belong. for self-esteem, for self-validation. i never would have guessed that's what made it awkward is that you wanted to belong.
7:52 am
>> not at all. what a genius. disruptions to the natural flow of conversation trigger a primal fear of rejection causing people to feel emotions like distress anger, hurt and fear and they say that happens within four seconds. >> the magic time is four seconds. if a pause is four seconds or longer, that's when it becomes really awkward. >> have you guys ever noticed someone you're interviewing, when you stop sometimes, you ask someone a question and then you just kind of wait for their answer. >> they talk more. >> because they want to fill the void. >> that's right. >> you know what i would give for a pause? >> in life or in -- >> that's your cue to -- >> oh, stop. extremely awkward. >> right. >> it's funny, though i was at an event last night, gentleman comes over and starts talking to myself and two other people that i was with and literally was a conversation stopper and i just had an uncomfortable moment of looking to the gentleman i was with and going, you know move the shoulders, please talk. it's a little unnerving.
7:53 am
>> like that.
7:54 am
7:55 am
it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. san jose's interim police chief chris moore will likely get the job permanently. city manager has reportedly select him and it's up to the city council whether to confirm her choice. moore beat out one other finalist, oakland police chief anthony batts. it looks like the first major initial public offering in silicon valley this year. mountain view-based linkedin announcing yesterday it plans to start selling stocks to the public. the online professional networking service is worth an estimated $2.5 billion. no date for the ipo has been set so far. linkedin was founded in 2002 and now has 90 million members worldwide. and it's time to crunch the numbers after volunteers
7:56 am
yesterday conducted their annual count of san francisco's massive homeless population. 2009 count was 6500. san francisco's required to conduct that count to get about $18 million a year in federal funds to support homeless services. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and re nts. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. in san jose we have brake lights northbound 101 from hellyer further along. slow and go speeds on 280, as well. extra busy for the commute also because we are seeing lots of fog in the south bay. in fact, i can't even show you our camera. you can't see the roads. that's our live look at 280, very fogged in this morning. elsewhere on the peninsula 101 slow and go also northbound into san francisco. live look right now at the central freeway and you can see lots of fog just covering the roads. that's a look at traffic. here's robert. >> it is not a double whammy weather-wise as an official term but it certainly is what we're experiencing out in our skies. we're seeing fog push in from the coastline. it is just completely banked in. san francisco, the peninsula, inside the bay, banked in, in fog. also inland and the north bay as the fog advisory is in effect through 10 a.m. the rain is coming in on
7:59 am
saturday and throughout the day on sunday. clearing on monday.
8:00 am
that's right. they are ready to go here on a friday morning. did you see that? there are reindeer. >> i know. oh, wow. life after santa. >> my friend has asked me -- i don't know if your kids wonder this. what do they do in the offseason? now if you're watching, you know that rudolph and friends come by the plaza. >> it's a big, big season next december. got to get ready. takes months and months of preparation. good morning. welcome back to "the early show". i'm chris wragge along with erica hill and all our reindeer on the plaza. good to have you with us. a beautiful friday morning.
8:01 am
now, we all know what's happening on april 29th correct? >> april 29th? rings a bell. >> oh, right. >> rings a bell. >> that's right. it's the big day. the day that prince william and kate middleton will get married. however, it's also the day that this english couple -- >> not that one. >> that one. >> we're going to speak with darrell and vicky and meaned out how much a royal distraction they expect for their wedding. i think they chose the date first. the royals then glommed on. they may have something. >> they may win for the battle of the anniversary. >> also ahead, on a much more serious note if you go back 25 years on this day major shock for america and for much of the world. on january 28th 1986 so many of us were watching as the space shuttle challenger exploded shortly after takeoff. all the americans were killed including the first teacher -- the woman who was to be the first teacher in space, and that is one of the reasons that so many were watching. school kids watching from all over the world.
8:02 am
we are going to take a look back at that fateful day. also speak with the widow of challenger's commander. i bet we can all remember where we were. >> absolutely. >> right now let's go inside and get a check with jeff glor over at the news desk. >> good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. we begin here in egypt where aebt government demonstrators and police are battling the streets of cairo for a fourth straight day. the clashes erespected after morning prayers. you're looking at live pictures right now as police go out into the streets here. demonstrators flooded out of mosques ahead headed for the capital's main central square. they were met a by massive police force using water canons tear gas. egypt's most prominent leader mohammed el baradai has not been allowed to lee a mosque there. >> reporter: we're witnessing an extraordinary scene. this is a bridge over the nile river. we are on the downtown side where the marchers want to get to. originally the police tried to
8:03 am
block them on the far side of the bridge but they have been in retreat as more and more marchers poured to the foot of the bridge. the police have been trying to hold them at bay with tear gas. it hasn't worked. the police are now setting up barricades on this side of the bridge and it's turning into an ugly standoff. the kind of standoff that being repeated from reports we hear all over the city. jeff. >> liz palmer in cairo this morning where they have tried to block all internet and cell phone access. there is relief in south africa this morning. former president nelson mandela is out of the hospital. the 92-year-old mandela was discharged this morning after two days of treatment for what doctors call an acute respiratory infection. mandela will remain under close observation as he recovers at home. >> here in this country a tragic end for a story we've been following. the search for a young mother of two reported missing on monday in southwestern michigan. the bodies of 30-year-old amy hensley and another woman, 36-year-old tonya howerth were
8:04 am
found today by michigan state police just a few miles from hensley's home. both women had been shot multiple times. their bodies were buried near a mobile home where dogs led police to a pool of blood yesterday. the mobile home is owned by the suspect in this case. his name is junior beevey, and he is a cousin of hensley's husband. police say he knew both victims well. it is believed they left her house with him willingly. he is now under arrest. he will be arraigned later today on two charges of murder. this morning ford motors announced $6.6 billion in earnings last year. it is ford's highest profit in more than a decade. volcanos in asia this morning in southern japan. one volcano sent ash 10,000 feet into the air, and a nearby airport was closed. indonesia's mount bromo spewed ash above 18,000 feet. that forced several airlines to cancel flights. both volcanos are part of the ring of fire in the pacific.
8:05 am
finally, a final note for that piano perched on a sand bar in florida. yesterday a towing company took away from a baby grand piano. "miami harold" says it was hired from a musician. he and his 10-year-old son wanted to rescue that piano after seeing it on the news. they planned to clean it and then put it in their living room. the day before a teenage art student admitted he was the one who put that piano on the sand bar where it became a viral sensation. it is five minutes past the hour.
8:06 am
8:07 am
zoonl thank you so much. thank you your latest weather. erica, it's a cookie, and i think the royals should have it. >> bring some of those inside. we'll have a taste test. >> when prince william and kate middleton set the date this couple had already picked it for themselves. we will meet them just ahead, talk about their wedding of the century. stay tuned to meet darrell and vicki coming up. tains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it better and it lasts for 24 hours. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched.
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8:11 am
>> with this ring. >> reporter: it's a royal wedding no one wants to miss and few will. four billion people are expected to watch prince william and kate middleton say their "i dos" on april 29th. england's weather that time of year is typically mild making it the perfect choice for a spring wedding. darrell sabin and vicki moss chose the same one for their wedding. they never guessed they would share the day with the future king and queen. while they are making their way from westminster abbey to buckingham palace, darrell and vicki will be celebrating in cheshire. there won't be a royal procession or heads of state on hand. for the guests there to celebrate, it will be an event to remember. and the happy couple darrell and vicki join us this morning from their wedding site from cheshire, england. congratulations.
8:12 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> so, vicki, talk to us where were you when you first heard the news that prince william and kate middleton had chosen your wedding day to be theirs as well? >> he was just coming out of choosing which cake i was having for the day. my mum phoned me and told me the news. >> were you upset? >> was i upset? no, no. i thought it was really good. it just made it more exciting, and my mum was really pleased. >> it maybe confirms you have great taste in dates. darrell, what made you choose april 29th? especially it being a friday. >> it was just -- well it's five days after my birthday. we were actually going to go for the weekend before that, but we changed it last minute and decided to go for the 29th. it was just luck of the draw really. >> luck of the draw. and once you heard about it it doesn't seem like anybody was very upset. did you ever consider, though, a date change.
8:13 am
were you concerned about your guests being able to get to you? >> no, not at all. i think it just made it even more special and more memorable for us. we were actually pleased that we had chose thaen day. >> so you're going to have a nice intimate ceremony as i understand it. about 60 people there to celebrate with you. darrell, have any of them asked that you put up an extra tv so they can watch the other wedding that day? >> no. we've had nobody request that at the moment. maybe nearer the time somebody might ask for that. there will be a screen at the castle, so people can go and have a watch if they want to. >> which looks like just a beautiful setting for you. we can see some of it there behind you, and as we mention, it's a little outside of london. you are just northwest a little bit, avenue a little over three hours. once the news came out that you are also an april 29th wedding date darrell, has anybody come forward and offered you, i don't know, any freebies since you're sharing the date with the royal couple? zoom no not at all.
8:14 am
we're still waiting for the letter from the queen. i'm sure that will come through in the next couple of months saying that she'll foot the bell. that will be great. >> i think it's probably the least they can do. do you think they'll send you a gift? >> i hope so. >> would you send them one, or perhaps a card of congratulations? >> yeah maybe we will. i haven't thought about it because of all the preparation. my mind is sort of filled with all the things we're planning four wedding. now that you say that we might do it. >> i can't imagine why you would be planning your own wedding, vicki. what's on your do to do list, by the way, at this point? >> i think i have everything pretty much wrapped up now. over the last couple of weeks, just sort of doing the final preparations. i've just got to go and do my final fitting for my wedding dress. >> excellent. now you can enjoy this time as you lead up to your special day, and maybe since you're all done maybe you could share some tips with kate and will since they may have more planning to do.
8:15 am
>> yes. if she needs anything, just let me know. that's fine. >> there you go. can you do your final sittings together. it's mren a pleasure getting to know you guys this morning. thanks for checking in with us. >> thank you. thank you. >> thanks very much. >> best wishes for a wonderful day. darrell and vicki joining us this morning. just ahead, we are taking a look back and shifting gears a little bit on this friday morning as we recall the challenger disaster witnessed by millions. 25 years ago today. stay with us. this is ""the early show"" on cbs. go bold instead of the same old -- with chili's new $6 lunch break combos. choose from a house salad or hot, tasty soup. then pair it with a massive texas toast half sandwich,
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[ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a friday. pillsbury crescent pizza pockets. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. we're marking a tragic anniversary this morning. 25 years ago todayed space shuttle "challenger" exploded a catastrophe that was witnessed by millions around the world. jeff glor now is here with a look back. >> chris, how does anyone not remember where they were at that moment? the "challenger," it was 1986 11:39 a.m. so many were watching.
8:18 am
the first teacher in space. all of it unfolding on live television. >> liftoff of the 25th space shuttle mission, and it has cleared the tower. >> reporter: 25 years ago, "challenger" space shuttle left the kennedy center launch pad, just as 24 shuttles had before. >> we were so excited, shouting, jubilant. finally their launch. >> reporter: june scobee watched the liftoff firsthand. her husband dick scobee was the commander. this particular mission was routine in many ways. but more significant, in one. christa mcauliffe a social studies teacher from new hampshire was chosen to become the first teacher in space. >> good morning. >> reporter: through lessons, she'd bring the nation's students along with her. >> and i just hope everybody tunes in on day four now so watch the teacher teaching from space. >> reporter: that morning, schoolkids around the country were glued to tv sets. as a teacher and six astronauts
8:19 am
left -- >> three nautical miles. >> reporter: but just 68 seconds into the flight commander scobee uttered the last words anyone would ever hear from the "challenger" crew. >> "challenger" go with throttle up. >> "challenger" go with throttle up. >> reporter: reporter bill harwood was there. >> all of a sudden 73 seconds after launch that contrail sort of ballooned outward, and you saw this sense of debris flying through the air. >> obviously a major malfunction. >> we knew as soon as we saw the fireball the explosion, we didn't have a chance of getting the crew back alive. >> have a report from the flight dynamics officer that the vehicle has exploded. >> reporter: bob sieck was the head of shuttle operations. >> after the explosion, the control center it was just totally quiet. you could have heard the proverbial pin drop. and it lasted that way for minutes. >> reporter: across the country,
8:20 am
classrooms went silent, too. and down below, crowds of spectators, including christa mcauliffe's parents, watched in disbelief. the space shuttle, america's symbol of technical prowess, was brought down because cold weather had caused rubber o-ring seals in the rocket boosters to weaken and fail. seven people lost their lives, as a nation looked on. that evening, president reagan consoled the country. >> we will never forget them nor the last time we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved good-bye. and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of god. >> reporter: this summer 25 years after "challenger," the shuttle will make its last flight. and the program will officially come to an end.
8:21 am
how america will physically get to outer space is up in the air. but for many the country's involvement in space exploration remains a passion, and a priority. >> space exploration must continue, or their lives are lost in vain. >> the future doesn't belong to the faint hearted, it belongs to the brave. the "challenger" crew was pulling us into the future. and we'll continue to follow. >> i should mention, june scobee is trying to keep that momentum going, as well. she's been running these "challenger" centers of her kids where they educate them in the sciences. they've been going for 25 years now. very successful program, to make sure that we stay up in space, that we keep pushing the boundaries. that we keep going to places that we haven't been to before. >> what a great way to honor her husband's memory. >> she's a brilliant woman. she's a wonderful woman. it was a pleasure to sit down with her. >> again we mentioned before it's hard to believe it was 25 years ago. you talk about one of the defining moments in u.s. history.
8:22 am
and, i saw a report that said within an hour of that tragedy, 85% of the country was aware of what had happened. and mind you, this was before blackberries, and cell phones for the most part. even laptop computers, word spread that quickly. i remember specifically where i was. >> all of us still in school? >> exactly. we were watching it. i was at high school here in new jersey, right outside the city here, we were watching, and that same, that feeling of just your stomach went right to the pit of your stomach and you could not believe the images before your eyes. >> and i also remember that after that and i'm sure a lot of people feel the same way, i remember watching it in class and then i remember being in the lunch room afterwards and there was this collective among the students, we all thought well what does this really mean? and what do you do now? because you've never witnessed anything like that before. >> and how many of those moments doou have in life by the way, where you know you remember it so vividly, there's not that many. >> "challenger" is one of them. jfk. it is for our generation the future generations we'll have 9/11. there are those signature moments in our country's
8:23 am
history. 25 years. hard to believe. quite the story, jeff. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" here on cbs. your local news is next. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network for no extra charge. so for a limited time, get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t?
8:24 am
yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ ♪
8:25 am
san jose's interim police chief it's 8:25. time now for some news headlines. san jose's interim police chief chris moore will likely get the job permanently. the city manager has reportedly selected him, now it is up to the city council to confirm her choice. moore beat out one other finalist, oakland police chief anthony batts. the board of the golden gate bridge district could decide today whether to phase out human toll collectors. the district's finance committee recommended the move to save more than $19 million over 8 years. under the plan, all tolls will be collected electronically starting next year. this morning, divers will be back out searching a canal in stanislaus county for any sign of a kidnapped 4-year-old boy. juliani cardenas has been
8:26 am
missing now for 10 days. so far, investigators have pulled 11 vehicles out of that water. none has been tied to the kidnapping. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us.
8:27 am
good evening good morning. a live look at the bay bridge where the metering lights are on, you can see traffic pretty backed up through there, at least slow and go from grant at this point. if you want to use the san mateo bridge instead, a little foggy but overall much better
8:28 am
ride. 14 minutes from 880 to 101. fog advisories in effect for the richmond/san rafael bridge, the carquinez bridge and the benicia bridge. so limited visibility as you cross the span. now, to the city we go in san francisco. we have an accident possibly blocking lanes at the intersection of howard and fremont. expect delays. stop and go 101 both directions through san francisco. and checking your drive in the south bay, a little foggy, 880/237. unfortunately we lost our camera but things are socked in. there that's a look at traffic. let's check your forecast with robert. thank you, the weather story is fog this friday. you should see coit tower but if you take one little faint look right there, that's the base of the tower, it's going to be difficult to see much of the sky today. the fog advisory is in effect through 10 a.m. as it clears we'll see a little bit of sunshine out there but temperatures much cooler than yesterday. 3 to 8 degrees cooler. 66 in warm areas. but saturday clouds come and so does the rain late day and
8:29 am
continues through sunday. a possibility of thunderstorms sunday.
8:30 am
♪ you cannot keep a good crowd down. not on a sflu cannot keep this crowd down. not on this friday. not on this plaza, my friend. welcome back to "the early show". >> who not be excited? >> people that have to work on the weekend. those are the people. you know? >> we feel your pain. >> when are you off on monday
8:31 am
we'll be feeling painful. just ahead this morning, as we all know it will be a very tough winter. so many people this morning still digging out from the snow. some folks without power this morning. you get the kids at home for all those snow days. you're pulling your hair out. you might need some pampering. we will get you a spa day without having to leave home. like a mini-facial for you. a lavender bath. tell the kids it's time to watch tv. >> put them in front of a long movie. >> seaweed wrap. show them that manicure real quick. take those gloves off. >> and the pedi. >> and the other thing you can do this weekend, the oscar no, ma'am nags just came out. we found out the ten movies that are up for the best picture nomination. well, guess what if you haven't seen any of them yet, we are going to give you ae ten-point plan on how you can see all ten of those movies over this weekend. >> great ones right there. king's speech. kids are all right. >> this morning we also have the legendary drink that has destroyed diets and led to intense love affairs.
8:32 am
yes, it's true. we're talking about the frozen hot chocolate made at serendipity 3 here in new york. we'll show you how to make it inside your own home. very relaxing weekend if you're not working the weekend. oh, you got the mixture right there? >> the magic mixture. >> oh. >> look out. >> all right. well, while we're mixing frozen hot chocolate, i'm going to talk a little weather. >> we're going to need hot chocolate. >> exactly. good morning, everyone. let's go straight to the map and show you what you have in store. we're keeping an eye on that clipper in the northern plains and that clipper in the northeast. fog starts to live just a little today on the west coast. moving forward, of course, we've been talking about the
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> thanks. that's your latest weather. now let's go inside and check in with chris. >> thank you. here's a great idea to beat the cold this weekend. catch up on all the oscar nominated movies that you haven't seen yet. i know it's a big challenge. especially with ten best picture nominees, but we have a great plan for you, and can you do it if you follow this schedule from riley jacobs senior editor of "us weekly." good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. >> this is going to be fun. i'm looking forward to seeing how we're going to manage it and get all ten movies in. we have ten best picture nominees. we have 48 hours. let's begin tonight, 8:00 p.m. this is your first movie. what do you recommend? >> we're going to start with "inception." you have have the guys over to watch this. it's on dvd. make sure you watch it on a big screen because this is all about the visuals, and women also love this movie. it's got leonardo decaprio there's ellen paige. this is a great visual masterpiece. >> now we move on to true story saturday, and you have to start the day off early, let's say,
8:35 am
10:00 a.m. showing of the king's speech. that's what we plan. >> that's right. this is only in theaters. it's good it take mom and dad, maybe your grandmother, maybe your in-laws you don't want to spend a lot of time with. it's a historical drama, of course, about king george xi and his stuttering problem. this is colin firth's performance. it's probably the most praised performance of the year. you have a quick moment to update your facebook profile, and then the social network. >> send out an invite to your facebook friends to see this one with you. this is available on dvd now, which is awesome. it is maybe the most buzzed about movie of the year. it's a frontrunner for best picture. there's jesse eisenberg. it is in many ways the most important manufacture of the year, too. >> social network ends at 3:00. you have a quick moment to stretch your legs. then we need to you get to a 4:00 showing of "127 hours." we. >> saved this until later in the
8:36 am
day. you don't want to have lunch or eat anything really around this movie because it's built for the squimish. take your hiking buddy to this. it's not for everyone. it's very adventurous. there's a lot of blood in it of course. it might make you a little nauseous. be careful about those snacks have you before the movie. >> when have you to cut off your own limbs, it can get that way. now it's time for saturday night. it's dark. quick dinner, and then it's time for yet another movie, and we're seeing "the fighter" is a great choes for late saturday night. >> it's your perfect saturday night movie. it's great for a double date. you have everything. you have boxing and you have romance. movies like that don't come along very oftening. you also have some of the most amazing performances of the year. you have christian bale, who is probably going to win the oscar. best supporting oscar for his crackhead dickey and have you amy adams and melissa leo who are both fighting for that best supporting actress prize. >> got to see "the fighter." we recommend you walk home if you can because you have been sitting all day. we move to sunday, and it's an early, early sunday. 9:00 a.m. showing of "true
8:37 am
grit." another movie that has a lot of nominations. >> it's only in theaters. you want to take any teenager in your life to this one. it's all about haley. she's this 14-year-old. she bosses around middle-aged men. she bossed -- tells matt damon what to do tells jeff bridges what to do. it's an empowering role for this teenager. she is the youngest oscar nominee this year. it's really an incredible performance from this girl who is now a star. >> yeah, we love her. okay. that gets you to 11:00 a.m. sunday morning. time to get the book club together. the kids are all right. maybe get a dvd and watch that one at home. >> that's right. my -- the woman who graciously walks my dog of day, honey, recently screened this manufacture, so it's available on i tunes. it's a very adult movie. you know it's about a lesbian couple whose kids go out and find their sperm donor dad. of course, there's annette benning, who is really the only competition for natalie portman to win the best actress oscar. it's an incredible movie. it is very adult though. not for kids. you have sex and nudity. very adult situations in it is
8:38 am
one. >> okay. the winter's bone really snuck on to the oscar scene the other day. not many people know a lot about it, but we're recommending a good 3:00 showing of winter's bone. >> yeah this is the one true indy in the whole batch. it's only made about $6 million. you want to take your punk rock friend to this. it's very gritty. you know it's about crystal meth cookers in the ozark mountains. this is not for everyone but jennifer lawrence, who is only 20 years old, got a best actress nomination. this movie has turned her into hollywood's current "it girl." >> that's your feel good story of your sunday. toy story 3, pop in a dvd and see this late in the afternoon. >> perfect for everyone from kids who are 70 to grandparents who are 7 -- kids who are 7 to grandparents who are 70. you know, you laugh, you cry. i have never met a single person that didn't love "toy story 2 3." >> you have nine movies in a day and a half. get the kids to bet by 8:00. get the sither there by 9:00 and see a showing of "black swan."
8:39 am
then you've hit them all. >> we've saved the best for last. you can take your artsy sister. it's a haunting story. natalie portman will never have a better role than this. she trained for a year as a ballerina training. it's an incredible performance. she's looking like the frontrunner for the best actress oscar. i found it incredibly haunting and shocking. my mother said it was shocking. you know there's really this movie affects people who go to see it. >> a ballerina thriller and at this point you probably, i mean put down more twizzlers or diet sodas than you can shake a stick at. thank you very much. that was a great ten-point play. we appreciate it. >> all those movies ten of them, what a weekend. now here's erica. >> i whan i'm doing this weekend. >> if the cold weather has got you down maybe you need a little pampering, but you are stuck in the house, you're in luck. style and trend expert maggie gallan has trips for turning your home into a day spa. these are easy things we can all do, too. you can sneak away from your
8:40 am
children for ten or 15 minutes and feel refreshed. >> if can i do it anybody can. >> the first thing you have for us is even when you are out and about, these are great things to keep with us because that dry, warnt air just -- i mean, it's like a constant assault. >> it really is. the summer has all kinds@- problems, but winter can be very damage so the first thing it s to add hydration. the evian facial mist these are really easy. these are my handbag essentials. you can spritz them on your face. even after you have done your makeup. >> i have never used one of these, bim i've always been curious about it. >> it's great when you travel. >> it's great on the plane. it's under three ounces. >> it immediately adds hydration. you are also going to need hydration after you use all that anti-bacterial gel on your hands. >> dries your hands like crazy. >> it definitely does. this is a great hand moisturizer. >> i'm only familiar. a lot of people know it comes in
8:41 am
a little metal tin. i'll just leave it down right there. this is a much more portable option. >> i like it too because you don't have to stick your fingers in it. what i love about it is it's double duty beauty. can you use it as fragrance. you can use it on chapped lips or knees and elbows. >> another thing that's great for dry skin some people think i don't want to take a bath. it's not good for me. dead sea salt can really help dry skin. >> one of the healing centers is in uz really at the dead sea, and it makes the most delicious lavender scent the sea salt. it will immediately soften your skin in your bath. you don't want to keep the bath water too hot at this point, but the lavender relacks you and creates an environment that is just the same at home as a spa. >> you also have an anti-fatigue leg cream. >> so if you're like me you're out there wearing high heels all day long. this is a great product. it's a red carpet favorite and a secret to how you can wear all those high heels because it was created by pan ob-gyn to
8:42 am
increase the circulation in the leg. >> you know what it's like in are pregnant, and your legs feel awful. >> it's also great to take with you when you are traveling on the plane. it's a great essential to keep the circulation going. >> i love it. i am sitting here and smelling these beautiful essential otherwise. these are sort of at home -- the first someone a massage oil. >> i like to keep an assortment of essential oils in my at home spa. i like the carrier oil. >> a bottle of canola oil? >> exactly. it helps with absorption. here we have lavender. >> that's very calming. >> we have cedar oil. >> you don't need a lot. you can do a couple of drops. every single time. then apply it into your bath or on your pressure points or have that special someone apply it for you as you lead into valentine's day. >> there's your evening all planned. you get your bath and massage oil. for a lot of people one of the biggest issues in the winter can be a dry scalp.
8:43 am
it makes it tough to wear dark clothing. this can really help. >> it does help. the key ingredient is av cowedo oil and tea tree oil. what can youco is keep it in your shower, mix it up. you can also apply it to wet, damp hair, put a shower cap, on read a magazine, and after 20 minutes rinse it out, and not only is your scalp going to feel more moisturized, but your hair will be shinier, and it's a great scalp treatment at home, because it costs a fortune. >> plus, anything that gives you a little extra luster because your hair it takes its toll on your hair as well. some other options for diy spa time at home. >> exactly. the big trend in beauty is peels. people get nervous. they don't know what that means. in winter your skin is already dry. people get nervous about exfoal yags. actually, that's the best time. the doctors -- >> the dermatologists he does it all. last time we were talking about teeth whitening. >> now we're talking about skin. >> exactly.
8:44 am
can you do a body peel. it's gentle enough to do every day. the reason why you want to do it now is with the cold weather your skin is even dryer, and you want to release that dead skin and let the younger looking skin underneath. >> debtget rid of the old dead skin cells on top. >> you might -- it not going add any extra time to your routine. >> this works as a peel but it's also a self-takener all in one. >> buy now. >> exactly. >> it's an exclusive here today, but what's so great about it is it is a peel and it's an exfoliator, and afterwards it's a self-tanner. the color is going to go deeper into your skin and you can customize the color. >> lastly a couple of quick things. you have a nice calming comforting candle and a comfy throw. >> the reason why i love -- we have everything british, and this is an iconic brand.
8:45 am
again, customize it base odd your mood. there's grapefruit, red roses. put them together or separately and it really makes a great end to the day. between this and the movies the weekend is good. thank you. chris, over to you. >> no visit to new york city is complete without going to ser endippy 3 for its frozen hot chocolate, which is so famous even hollywood loves it. here to show us how to make it is the head chef joe. joe, great to see you this morning. >> great. great to be here. >> this is still no matter how many years pass a destination. if you come to new york city come to serendipity 3. >> we're celebrating 57 years in new york, and the frozen hot chocolate is more famous than ever. >> now when you got weather like this where it's in the 20s and we have all the snow you would think frozen hot chocolate would not be the first choice for a lot of people. >> you would think so but the reality is that people buy as
8:46 am
many frozen hot chocolates in the winter as they do in the summer. it's just a chocolate treat that makes people happy. >> who invented it? >> the three original owners came up with the drink. it was the 1950s. dacquiris were in. it doesn't have alcohol, but you can always add it. and, you know it was us waiting for the starbucks frap chinos and all of those other drinks. it wasn't an innovation. >> i also want to convey that this is a highly highly coveted recipe. heavily guarded, highly coveted. >> absolutely. >> what we're going to do is we're going to take a cup of
8:47 am
sugar, and you're going to help me with all 14 exotic cocoas. cocoas are grown from the cocoa tree 20 -- 10 to 20 degrees north and south of the equator in countries such as west africa some parts of asia madagascar, and they're all different. a lot of differences is dutch cocoa. dutch cocoa is processed with alcoli. >> aye got this. . >> it gets a rounder feeling. we mix this all in here. do you want to mix that in. >> sure. >> do we just tell people at home to go out and find as many different cocoa as can you? >> as many as you can. you have to use a variety of different cocoas. you have to use dutch cocoas and natural cocoas to get that full experience. it will never come out quite like -- >> put that in here.
8:48 am
we're going to add about three cups of crushed ice. >> uh-huh. >> and then we're going to pour it into -- going to give you a different -- >> you want to blend at least 30 seconds to make it smooth. you don't want any grittyness from the ice, and it comes out really, really well. i think we're -- >> three, two one. >> we're there. >> let's give it a shot. pretty good, huh? >> yeah. >> just going to pour that out. >> do that. and -- >> oh, look at that. >> we pour that into a huge goblet. >> holy cow. >> and we're going to top it -- >> this is where -- this is where we really -- we really
8:49 am
make our frozen hot chocolate special. a little whipped cream. >> a little whipped cream. >> you can add some different flavors. have you some different options here if you wanted to go that route. >> in the mix when you put all the ingredients, you can add pomegranite syrup and high anti-oxidant. are as berry. >> and you can eat it with a spoon or a straw. >> try the spoon first. >> let me try it with a straw. fantastic. i'm going back to the spoon. hmm. dynomite. really good.
8:50 am
>> really good. >> really, really good. a lot of folks at home are saying where can i get that recipe? can you go to our website. these recipes are right there. you can try this. i don't care how cold it is wherever. i can barely talk it's so cold. the thank you. >> thank you. >> i wish we could keep going as well. you're watchin to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ funny how nature just knows how to make things that are good for you.
8:51 am
new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with t g goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good.
8:52 am
that's massive right there. >> look how pretty. >> i do have to admit i got a little flustered there at the end of the segment. >> i didn't notice at all. >> this is that good. >> mary and i are adding extra protein to ours. >> peanut butter sauce. >> spectacular. >> jeff glor declared it luscious. and he's right. >> i think so. >> because you hadn't figured that out before you got here this morning. >> go to the website, get the
8:53 am
recipe. it's that good. cold day, warm day, it is just as good no matter what type of day you're having. have a wonderful weekend.
8:54 am
8:55 am
headlines... state utility regulators plan to it is 8:55 a.m., good morning everyone. utility regulators plan to launch hearings on the san bruno pipeline explosion they are promising quote a single easily accessible public process as well as a clearing house for all documents. no word when they will start. pg&e telling congress woman jackie spear it does not have records to back up pressure levels for hundreds of miles of pipeline. according to the chronicle they are unable to produce documents for 30% of its pipelines around the urban areas. a victims widow is taking legal action in connection with
8:56 am
a deadly plane crash. three colleagues from tefla motors died. her husband was a passenger and suing the pilot's estate at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before at a really great price. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. u-verse tv lets you record and play back your favorite shows in any room. and you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. maybe that's why u-verse tv is ranked "highest in residential television service satisfaction in the west" by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months plus dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards
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with a qualifying u-verse bundle. at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. at&t. good morning a new accident
8:58 am
san jose. at least one lane is blocked emergency crews are heading to the scene now. we are seeing slowing sensors in the northbound lanes at the quad loop parkway as well. coming out of downtown san jose, traffic not too bad fog an issue though. we couldn't see traffic a little earlier looks like there is some improvement in the south bay. several fog advisorys in effect for several bridges, carcenas, and benicia bridge it is backed up beyond the 880 over crossing. >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday a live look at telegraph hill shows a full view of coyt tower. fog banked in from the ocean and inland areas, a fog advisory is in effect until 10:00 a.m., once the skies cleared temperatures a lot cooler today saturday and sunday increase of clouds,
8:59 am
showers late day saturday and throughout day on sunday 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.


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