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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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location secret but it will be sometime between 10 and noon so if you know a b. of a. branch, start snooping around. >> caption colorado, llc . . good morning. the race is on. as president obama kicks off a string of west coast fund-raisers for the 2012 election, a new cbs news poll finds gop voters are still searching for the right candidate. so who counts their list of choices at this point? we'll take a look. bomb squad. authorities in colorado searching for a suspect after finding a pipe bomb and a propane tank at a denver area mall, on the 12-year anniversary of the columbine attacks. is there a connection? we'll bring you the very latest on that investigation. and meet the family. kate middleton's parents lunch with the queen on the eve of her 85th birthday while the princess-to-be prepares for her honeymoon with a london shopping spree. "early" this thursday morning, april 21st, 2011.
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and good thursday morning to you, nice to have you with us here on "the early show," i'm erica hill. >> and i'm chris wragge. it was a late night for the president out on the west coast yesterday. updating his facebook status, meeting with the facebook people yesterday. also raising some campaign cash on the west coast. big money night. but it's also going to be a little while, as we're now starting to see things take shape, before we know exactly who's going to take him on next. >> there's so many questions about who will be going up against the president in that election. but before we can get there we need to look at who folks even like at this point. so we begin this morning with a brand-new cbs news/"new york times" poll just out this morning and if these results are any indication, the race for the republican nomination is, frankly, as wide open as ever. cbs news correspondent jan crawford is in washington this morning with more on these numbers, what they could mean, of course, not only for the republicans but also president obama. jan, good morning. first of all, as you look at
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this, the iowa caucus just about ten months away. we know donald trump is getting a lot of the headlines, but who are potential voters really excited about? >> well, erica, good morning. that is a key question. i mean, obviously, to succeed in politics, you've got to have motivated supporters. so we asked voters to name those candidates that they were most enthusiastic about and what we found is that a majority, 56% of the voters, are not fired up about anyone right now. those numbers show voters either don't know the candidates, or they're still looking for someone else. >> we also looked at two, as we're trying to figure out where people's loyalties may lie. we looked at the favorability ratings for some of the folks who were out there who you just listed have the. mike huckabee, 54% favorable, payton 51%, newt gingrich and mitt romney tied at 42%. donald trump just 35%. the important thing for these people would be translating that favorability into support. how do they make that happen? >> well, i mean, obviously these numbers are very good for mike huckabee. but remember, we don't even know if he's going to run for president yet.
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so i think that they tell us that the field is wide open. and there are clues in this question, too, that people just want more information. because just because someone's high on that list of favorability, like the people that you just said, doesn't mean the voters don't like him. now look at these numbers that we got in this poll. tim pawlenty, former minnesota governor, signaled he is running for president, has a 20% favorability rating. but 78% of the people say that they just don't know enough about him. so, again, voters are looking for more information. and some of the people that you mentioned, erica, like donald trump, have high unfavorables with republican voters. donald trump is viewed negatively by republican voters 32% unfavorable. that's higher than sarah palin and newt gingrich. the unfavorables who are in the 20/25%. >> interesting to see those numbers. especially because we're hearing
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so much about donald trump and hearing so much from him. is he seen as even being a serious candidate, jan? >> well, you know, that's the big question. because obviously he's gotten so much attention lately. and we asked that question, not just of republicans, but, you know, all voters in general. and of donald trump, let's see what we have here. 72%, 72% of all voters in general do not believe he's a serious candidate. i mean, obviously we're just getting these numbers, erica, and among republicans, even the most republican majority, they don't take him seriously as a candidate. >> we will be watching that. also, of course, we'll be watching the numbers about the tea party. i know we asked about that. 29% don't have a favorable view. 43% say they haven't heard enough about that one, either, so they may need a little more information there. jan, always good to have you with us to help break this down. >> thank you. >> it's interesting, when you see all of these numbers, because there are so many names floating out there in the ether, some of them getting more at tngs than others, and how that translates into how people are really feeling about that.
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>> and so many like we've talked with mike huckabee in the past, just kind of waiting in the wings before they really jump in. let's talk a little bit more about what is going on with this whole political spectrum right now. let's bring in cbs news chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation" bob schieffer. bob, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> one of the things erica and jan touched on briefly was the tea party movement. the impact that the tea party movement had during the midterm elections. now that we're talking presidential politics, will it have the same effect, do you feel? >> well, i think the tea party is a force to be reckoned with. there's absolutely no question about that. they may not be as strong a year from now as they are right now, but, you know, the tea party had a lot to do with who wound up in congress this year. i think they are still going to be something that's going to have to be dealt with. these candidates cannot disregard the tea party. i guess that's the way i would put it. >> bob, you figure the tea party and the numbers we just talked about with jan, what do you make of the current field of potential republican candidates out there? >> oh, well, i think the fact
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that more than half of the republican voters are not excited about any of these candidates, i mean, at this point, that is really a stunner, erica. and i think it's one of the reasons that you're seeing some of these more exotic candidates like donald trump getting, you know, the attention they're getting. because, you know, they have name recognition. but the other part, i would stress this morning is, you don't want to take these numbers all that seriously right now. i look back at where the race was in 2007, at this point, before the 2008 election, which barack obama was elected. you know who was leading the republican side then? rudy giuliani. he had a two-to-one lead over john mccain. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton had a big lead over barack obama. so, we're still very early in this game. >> yeah, that's one thing that we can definitely say for sure. so much will change.
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especially over the next couple of months. bob, let me ask you this question, though. looking at the field of potential gop candidates as we see them now, is there a candidate or candidates that the white house would worry about running against at this point? >> i think it's too early to say who they would be worried about running against. i don't think it's too early to say who they'd love to see. i think they would -- they would, you know, their prayers at night would include please let donald trump be the candidate. please let sarah palin be the candidate. you know, sarah palin has a large following among a certain demographic group. but let's not forget, when she was governor of alaska, she quit. and, i mean, you can just see a candidate who quit an office that she held. she was governor of basically one of the smallest states in the union, and stepped down. you know, you can just see in a debate somebody saying, governor, if the going gets tough, will you quit?
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that's the kind of thing you hope you get to run against. now, all of that could change. but, right now i'd say those are the two they'd love to run against. >> bob schieffer, thanks. one thing is for sure, it will make for some interesting talking points over the next ten months. bob in washington this morning. thanks. of course, on "face the nation" be sure to join bob, he'll be hosting a round table of freshmen senators, coons, blumenthal, kirk. that happens right here on cbs. now to the investigation in colorado after a pipe bomb and two propane tanks were found at a mall in littleton on the 12th anniversary of the columbine massacre there. police called it disturbing and joana canals of our station is in littleton with the latest on this situation. good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. investigators have watched the surveillance tapes. they now are calling a man a person of interest, a man that they saw on those tapes. they say that he might have seen something and might be responsible for planting some of the explosives. investigators released that
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surveillance picture of the man who's described as a white man with graying hair and a silver mustache. he was seen entering a door to the mall. that the public doesn't use. the pipe bomb and propane tanks were found nearby. this whole thing started with a fire call. the fire was quickly put out, and that's when crews found the materials. police evacuated the mall. when police were asked about a connection to the columbine anniversary, they said they wouldn't rule anything out. >> we're not ignoring that. the date is significant to colorado's history. but it's not something we're dismissing at this time. >> the jefferson county sheriff's office is now asking for anybody who has information to call, and we still don't know if they will be letting people in to the mall today. back to you, chris. >> joana canals in littleton, colorado, for us this morning. thank you. now here's erica. >> chris, it didn't take long for changes to come after first lady michelle obama's plane had to abort a landing earlier this
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week because of an air traffic controller's mistake. cbs news correspondent whit johnson is at washington's reagan national airport this morning. with the very latest on that. whit, good morning. that, of course, happened on monday night. both the first lady and dr. jill biden, the wife of the vice president, were on board. what is the thought at this point? what changes are we seeing now this morning? >> well, erica, good morning to you. some big changes. but it's first important to point out that the first lady and dr. biden were never considered to be in any serious danger at any time. but, still, this is another negative incident, and a big one for the faa on top of everything else. but they're responding quickly with a big rule change. now, the first lady or the vice president, whenever either one of them are on a flight, that flight will be handled by an air traffic supervisor, not just an air traffic controller. this is the same requirement for any flight carrying the president of the united states. erica? >> so upgrading that there. separately there was an incident on wednesday, two planes were forced to land after so-called
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bird strikes. what happened in those incidents? >> yeah, erica, scary incidents. two of them, the first one happened yesterday, a flight, a continental flight from houston on its way to las vegas struck a bird, was then forced to turn around, make an emergency landing in houston. then, a few hours later, a similar incident on a flight from orlando to london. same thing. hit a bird, forced to make an emergency landing on that flight. passengers said that they could hear a lot bang, and they could smell a nasty fuel odor. in both cases the flights were able to land safely. but nice incidents, these bird strikes, actually happen quite frequently. an average of 26 per day. but most of the time nothing serious or anything dangerous ever comes of it. still, pilots are instructed if there's any concern to go ahead, bring down the plane, land it safely out of an abundance of caution. that's exactly what they did in these two cases, erica. >> whit johnson, thanks. >> all right.
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time now to go to jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us this morning. hi, jeff. >> chris, good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home, as well. we begin here with the latest on libya and the most brutal recent fighting recently has been in the rebel-held city of misrata in western libya. yesterday, gadhafi's forces killed two western journalists, including an oscar-nominated documentary maker. cbs correspondent allen pizzey is live aboard the ionian spirit which is leaving misrata. allen, good morning. >> good morning, jeff. well, as you can see behind me, there are a lot of people on this ship. there are about 1,000 migrant workers from north africa, bangladesh, pakistan, other places being evacuated on this ship from misrata where they've been trapped for many weeks. and in the hold of the ship, down in the cabins normally reserved for passengers, are 50 to 60 seriously wounded people who've been taken from the hospital in misrata. they're being taken to benghazi for further treatment. now that's necessary, because the hospital in misrata is overrun.
7:13 am
they're having to do triage in a tent in the courtyard because the main hospital had to be evacuated, it's too close to the front lines and too dangerous. so they've got to move people out as fast as they can. as soon as they're stabilized, if they can get them on ships like this, they do. the fighting in misrata is sporadic. yesterday when we were there it was considered a light day. there was a fair amount of shelling, but not that heavy. casualties nonetheless still came in. and funnily enough, when you drive around misrata, there are areas that look almost normal. there are people out in the streets, small markets, actually traffic jams. but, no area is really safe, as we know because there were two journalists killed yesterday. two others wounded. they were out on the front lines. indeed, we were fairly close to them, but the shelling was not where we were. we were lucky. they weren't lucky. but it was a random shelling that killed them, jeff. >> all right, allen pizzey in misrata this morning. allen, thank you very much. by the way, those journalists who were killed, extraordinary
7:14 am
war journalists tim hetherington from britain and chris hondros, a photographer and american. in texas this morning, firefighters hope that cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and possible rain will finally help them there. fires stretch from one end of texas to the other. cbs news correspondent seth doane is in north central texas near one of the most destructive fires this morning. seth, good morning to you. >> good morning, jeff. that's right. the real story here today is the weather. you may be able to see the mist all around me this morning. last night, we received several scattered rain showers as well. that has gone a long way to helping firefighters battling this blaze. take a look at what they are up against from outer space. you can see these massive wildfires. we are close to one of the largest and most active
7:15 am
wildfires. it's consumed around 150,000 acres so far. it is just 25% contained. you think about those big numbers, and you can appreciate how important -- what an important role mother nature plays in battling these blazes. the cooler, wetter weather yesterday helped to kind of tame those flames. you didn't see the huge flames you saw earlier in the week. we were told by officials, the danger still exists. seth doane, mineral wells, texas.
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>> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. chris and erica, we continue to talk about severe weather. we just need it to move a little bit further south so that eastern texas can get some of that rain. so our fingers crossed. >> mary, thanks. >> still to come here on "the early show" this morning, a former rutgers student is charged with a hate crime after streaming live, intimate video of his roommate who then killed himself. we're going to look at the new charges in this controversial case. >> then we will shift gears a bit here as we look at the royal celebration at westminster abbey. not a wedding today, but a birthday. a very important one. stay with us. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] look outside. it's grow time. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year. trees and shrubs to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers placed in just the perfect place. let's spend less, but plant more. what do you say we plant a weekend, water it, and watch a summer spring up? more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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they're a social currency with endless possibilities. just ahead, a grand jury weighs in on a tragic suicide. it is impossible to forget the heartbreaking story of a young
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rutgers student who jumped off the george washington bridge last fall after his roommate allegedly streamed live video of his most intimate moment with another man. >> on wednesday prosecutors announced a 15-count indictment against that roommate. we're going to look at the charges and what they could mean if he's convicted. just how much jail time could today ruin ravi face. we'll be right back. this is the "early" show here on cbs. this portion of "the early show" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. one look, and it's easy to see why his rings are worn by hollywood's biggest stars. now you can have a neil lane ring for the star in your life. introducing neil lane bridal at kay jewelers. - this scrollwork is a vintage technique, very intricate. - each hand-crafted ring is an original neil lane design with diamonds hand-selected by kay. neil lane bridal: the newest reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america.
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the board that oversees caltrain will hold a special session this morning... and is expected approve fare hikes ases in parking fee the board that over sees caltrain will be holding a special session this morning. it is expected to approve fare hikes and increases in parking fees. it's all part of the transit service's plan to reduce its deficit estimated at $30 million. the plan will likely not include reducing the number of trains or closing train stations. board members have hinted that they will be able to finance the current level of service for at least another year. president obama wrapping up his bay area visit that included a stop at facebook's headquarters in palo alto. there he took part in an online town hall meeting moderated by facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg. after a local fundraising event this morning, the president will head to reno, culver city and los angeles. we'll take a look at
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call me. good morning. well, if you're commuting in and around san francisco on city streets, expect some delays south of market this morning. the presidential motorcade is make its way through. president obama is in town. so expect delays on market
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street and just south of there until about 10:00 this morning. bay bridge, it has been a roughly morning commute. unfortunately at the bay bridge. we had a stall and then we had an accident. everything is now clear but a couple of people have been coming into work have been saying, it was bad this morning heading into san francisco. so it is backed up into the macarthur maze. metering lights are on. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with a check of your forecast. >> elizabeth, we have showers early on this morning that are tapering off an moving out of town. the weather continuing to improve, leftover clouds near san jose. but i think as we head toward the afternoon, we are going to sneak sunshine in between those clouds and bringing us some mild temperatures outside in most spots well inland into the upper 60s in the warm he is spots, in toward san jose, 67 degrees. 67 concord. a lot of 60s inside the bay, 50s and breezy at the coast. next couple of days should be dry looks like through friday. over the weekend, though, more clouds moving in chance of showers north, temperatures mild, drying up and warming up toward the middle of next week.
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and good morning. bottom of the hour here on "the early show" here on cbs. welcome back, everyone, i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. we've been reporting for months on rutgers university student tyler clementi who killed himself after learning his private moment with another man was streamed online for other students to watch. >> there was national outrage, as you remember. a lot of people started talking about bullying, as well, in the wake of this tragedy. this morning tyler's roommate is accused of hate crimes, facing 15 criminal charges. we're going to take a look at the very latest on this troubling case. first, we want to get to jeff glor, for a quick look at some of the other headlines we're following this morning. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. in the news this morning the fbi
7:31 am
is searching for a person of interest in a colorado bomb plot that might be linked to the anniversary of the columbine rampage 12 years ago. a pipe bomb and propane tanks were found in a mall yesterday not far from columbine high school in littleton, colorado. police have released a photo of a man caught on surveillance tape. "three cups of tea" author greg mortenson faces new trouble this morning. cbs news has learned a memo from external auditors for his charity group, the central asia institute, shows that mortenson might owe more than $23 million in back taxes and penalties for,
7:32 am
now to the latest on a suicide at rutgers university in
7:33 am
new jersey. now officially described as a hate crime, you remember how a freshman killed himself last fall after his intimate encounter with another man was shown online. his former roommate now faces 15 criminal charges that could lead to ten years in prison. cbs news correspondent elaine quijano is at the rutgers university campus in new brunswick, new jersey for us this morning. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. you know, the suicide of tilen clemente last fall touched off an outpouring of emotion here at rutgers and across the country. now prosecutors say there are new details about what happened in the days before clementi's death. seven months after rutgers university freshman tyler clementi committed suicide, the prosecution's 15-count indictment against his roommate dharun ravi includes charges as serious as witness of evidence tampering and bias intimidation, elevating it to a hate crime. >> the idea here is to send a message that we take this seriously. these are criminal actions, and they warrant criminal charges.
7:34 am
>> reporter: clementi jumped off the george washington bridge last fall, after ravi and his girlfriend molly wei allegedly streamed live video of his sexual encounter with another man online. and described it on twitter. on september 19th, ravi wrote, roommate asked for the room till midnight. i went in to molly's room and turned on my web cam. i saw him making out with a dude. yay. followed by this message on september 21st. yes, it's happening again. prosecutors say ravi knowingly targeted clementi because he was gay. and tried to mislead the investigation by erasing text messages and telling friends not to cooperate. in a statement, tyler clementi's family said, the grand jury indictment spells out cold and calculated acts against our son, tyler. the case sparked national outrage, and attention, prompting lawmakers to introduce new anti-bullying legislation. >> passing some sort of legislation like that would send a message across the nation that you can't engage in this type of
7:35 am
activity, and not end up, you know, suffering some type of consequence from it. >> reporter: on campus wednesday, news of the charges received a mixed reaction. >> what the two kids to tilen clementi was definitely wrong, morally. but the charges, i think -- i think the judge will end up throwing a lot of them out. >> i don't acare with clementi's lifestyle, but i do agree that there needs to be some kind of justice brought to the situation. >> reporter: now, if he is convicted of the most serious bias charge, dharun ravi could face five to ten years in prison. meantime, prosecutors say charges against molly wei were not presented to the grand jury. attorneys for both wei and ravi had no comment. chris? >> elaine, what has rutgers university done, if anything, if the wake of this tragedy? >> we talked to rutgers officials sand they say they have a number of initiatives in place, including one they're going to be starting this fall. that's when they will start offering to upper classmen a gender neutral housing option in
7:36 am
three residence halls. basically what that means is upper classmen are going to be able to choose a roommate that they know of any gender. also officials say that just this past weekend they have a charity kickball tournament in honor of tilen clementi. officials say that clementi's parents were there. and that the event raised some $6,000 for anti-cyber bullying initiatives on campus. >> cbs' elaine quijano at rutgers university for us this morning. thank you. let's bring in cbs news legal analyst jack ford to talk a little bit more about this case. good morning to you. last time we talked we weren't sure if prosecutors were going to basically pursue the acting with bias charge, the hate crime charge. how does this now raise the level of seriously with the 15 counts against dharun ravi? >> it's a big deal now. if i'm a defense attorney i don't like seeing that. the reason is when you put the bias motivation, in new jersey it's not a separate crime. what it does is it enhances the penalty. the possible penalties for the other charges. here the invasion of privacy charges are what are called
7:37 am
third and fourth degree crimes. maximum from nothing to five years. but, there's a presumption for a first-time offender, third and fourth offenses that you don't go to jail. the bias kicks it up to a second degree offense and that's important, because now not only have you coupled the exposure up to ten years, as elaine told us, but there's now a presumption, not mandatory, but a presumption, even if you're a first time offender, if you're found guilty, we don't know what's going to happen, presumption that you do go to jail. so it changes the complexion of the case dramatically for the defense. >> because this is a first time offense, though, how likely is it that he does go to jail? or do you see -- i'm sure his attorneys are going to want to plead this down. >> first thing you do if you're his lawyer you try to negotiate something that gets you out of that second degree range. because if you can put together something in the third or fourth degree it gives you the ability to argue to the judge, this was a horrible tragedy, an enormous lapse of judgment on my client's part but he doesn't belong in jail. and you have the legal presumption that says he doesn't belong in jail.
7:38 am
if you can get rid of that somehow, the defense attorneys, that's a big one for you. >> also involved in 15 charges, witness tampering and tampering with evidence, like we saw in elaine's piece, went out of his way to talk to prospective witnesses. went out of his way to try to delete text messages. how does this hurt him? >> that's a big surprise and it hurts a lot. because if you have a judge on the fence saying, well, you know, should i put him in jail? he is a first offender, i know this is a terrible situation. i know somebody died. even though it's not directly related criminally. if i'm a judge and i'm seeing that somebody's charged with obstructing justice with tampering with evidence, you could see a judge saying, you know what? ordinarily i probably wouldn't put you in jail, but you went beyond this and now i'm seriously considering it. so it's not good at all for the defense. >> what about the other students involved, this holly wei? >> that's interesting. we're not hearing anything except the fact that they didn't present the charges which suggest to me, former prosecutor, former defense attorney, she's probably not cooperating with the prosecution in this case and they're going to hold back and see how it plays out and see what happens with her case. >> terrible case. >> awful tragedy. >> jack, good to see you this
7:39 am
morning. up next here on "the early show," eight days until the royal wedding as we switch gears here and kate middleton goes shopping. guess where her parents went? it's big news and we're going to tell you. this is "the early show" here on cbs. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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one week from tomorrow, prince william and catherine middleton will walk down the aisle at westminster abbey. that is where this morning another royal celebration is happening. cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter is outside buckingham palace this morning. she joins us with the very latest. victoria, good morning. good afternoon where you are. it's sort of two in one this morning at westminster abbey because there's actually a religious ceremony that's happening today. but it's also the queen's birthday. >> yes. the queen turns 85 today and i think it's kicking off what promises to be a spectacular ten days for the royal family. she did attend at maundy thursday service at westminster abbey this morning commemorating the last supper between jesus and his apostles.
7:43 am
and she submitted the maundy thursday purse. it's a tradition that dates back to the 13th century. although back in the day the sovereign was expected to wash the feet of the poor. thankfully the queen does not have to do that this morning. and next time we see her it will be at westminster abbey for the big day. >> quite a big celebration. for folks who aren't familiar give us a little recap, you talk about what they used to do for maundy thursday, handing over money. it has to do with alms for the poor in many ways, correct? >> that's right. it's the queen acknowledging the poor that basically what they've done for their communities, for the churches, back in the days they used to give clothes and food, and they would wash the feet in tribute to jesus washing the feet of the apostles. that is a tradition that doesn't happen anymore. but it's really just honoring their commitment to their community. >> it coincides with her birthday. first time i think that ever happened for her. yesterday there was a little lunch, which was actually rather big news. tell us about that.
7:44 am
>> it was big news, erica. there's a couple of newspapers with egg on their faces this morning because they were reporting with outrage that the middletons were not going to meet the queen before the wedding day. it turns out the queen and prince philip did host carole and michael, kate's parents, to lunch at windsor castle yesterday. there were a few members of the household present. it was a private affair, but one royal aide did tell us it was a very warm atmosphere, very jolly. and the ice has been broke an head of the big day. >> which is very nice. so no one has to worry anymore about that. talk about egg on the face, saying they're never going to eat as they're sitting there having lunch. there are more pictures out this morning of kate out and about shopping. >> yes, kate is definitely getting her honeymoon wardrobe together. she was spotted back on the king's road. she was wearing a black dress by her favorite designer. it's interesting that she was budget shopping, but she was wearing a 400 pound dress. but looking fabulous all the same.
7:45 am
she is keeping her allegiance to the british, but she was in whistles this time and no doubt the folks at whistles are getting ready to sell out all their inventory today based on kate. >> must be interesting to walk around and behind you have things announcing your wedding as we saw in that one picture of kate. there are also reports out that kate and william visited princess diana's grave. >> one newspaper is reporting that this morning. clarence house are not going to comment on this. they said it would be a very private matter if, indeed, it did happen. but it makes sense that william would want to take kate to the final resting place of his mother. they're thought to have gone last week to althorp, which is the spencer family estate, has been since the 16th century, and they went on a boat over to the island and visited diana's final resting place, as well as the two trees that william and harry planted following her funeral. >> victoria arbiter, always a pleasure. i'm glad the weather is holding. looks like another beautiful day in london. thanks. >> fingers crossed, erica. >> to catch up on all the royal wedding news logon to our website at
7:46 am
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in a couple minutes we're going to talk about bullying in the workplace. kind of like what you do to me. >> oh, stop! . >> no, i'm kidding. >> it's the other way around. >> if you were to look at some of the numbers of people who are bullied the age groups i think it's really going to surprise a lot of people. a new study has been done and some of the numbers are staggering. >> you think it's kids at school. but in all honesty this is happening on a regular basis. we're going to help you out. >> exactly. new study, new statistics when we come back. >> take note wragge. [ male announcer ] april is lookin' doubly dee-licious
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a pricey breakfast with the commander in chief this morning in san francisco. president obama is raising money for his re-election campaign. and supporters are pay dollars to take p a pricey breakfast with the commander-in-chief this morning in san francisco. president obama raising money for his re-election campaign and supporters are paying up to $35,000 to take par in the event at the saint regis hotel. oakland police questioning a man in connection with a series every sex crimes near lake merritt. police say of matches the physical description of the suspect in a series of sex crimes in the past few months, recently two days ago. no arrests yet. and this morning, caltrain's board is expected to approve fare hikes and parking fee increases. they are trying to reduce the deficit of about $30 million. but officials likely will not have to reduce the number of trains or close any stations at
7:56 am
least for the next year. traffic and weather coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
[ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. good morning. all right, we have some areas of congestion out there, westbound 237 if you're heading towards silicon valley. just kind of stop and go, no big accidents. actually traffic in san jose just started to get slow here in the last 15 minutes in the
7:58 am
northbound lanes. 20 minutes from 101 to cupertino. mass transit commuters, bart, ace and muni is reporting no delays, but the vallejo baylink ferry they are having to use shuttle buses instead because of mechanical issues. once again, lawrence is right behind me. he is so excited to get on air. >> let's go! let's talk about the weather, elizabeth! we had showers around th -- around the bay area this morning. right now a couple of clouds this morning. it's looking good as we see drier conditions for the remainder of the day now. by the afternoon, temperatures moving well into the 60s in many spots inland. 67 degrees in concord, 65 in livermore, 67 in san jose. at the coast, breezes pick up in the afternoon. could be gusting pretty good toward the afternoon out toward the beaches. next couple of days looking dry and nice a couple of passing clouds. more clouds over the weekend, slight chance of showers to the north. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
now, that is a picture. that we can all now, that is a picture that we can all take with us as we begin our day on a thursday. no matter how miserable it may be where you are this morning, although i hope it's not, close your eyes later today, think of that picture. find your moment of zen. welcome back to "the early show." >> i don't like it, i love it. >> oh. >> i love it. >> erica hill along with chris wragge, who loves those blue skies. good excuse to get outside. and a good excuse maybe to pry your kids away from the tv. >> yeah, come on. >> we talk so much about how kids are watching too much tv, "early show" not included, of course. how bad can all that tv time really be?
8:01 am
there's some new research out this morning which shows children who watch a lot of tv are showing physical signs of issues that could actually lead to heart disease, it could lead to stroke, there are developmental issues as well we need to talk about. we're going to check in this morning, get you a little bit more concrete answers on why it is the tv that's doing this. we'll check in with dr. jennifer ashton. and some sound, concrete, real-world advice for you from dr. jennifer hartstein, our psychologist, about how you can deal with this and put it into practice in your own family when you try to limit the viewing. >> you don't see as many kids out playing baseball and football in the parks. >> time to get out and go. >> also ahead, whether you a bully or a victim as a child, you might assume we just kind of grow out of those roles. a new study finds that more than 25% of workers say that they've been bullied on the job. so, we're going to speak with one ceo about that surprising response and what you can actually do about it. some really interesting numbers from this study. you're going to be amazed at
8:02 am
some of the percentages that exist out there. >> i think a lot of people say, okay, it's not just me. jeff glor is standing by at the news desk with a look at some of the headlines we're following on this thursday morning. >> erica hill just keeps knocking people around here in the studio. >> stop. >> you talk about -- >> and i told you if you keep talking like that, i will cut you. >> good morning, guys. good morning, everyone at home. the fbi this morning is investigating a pipe bomb and propane tank found at a colorado mall, an incident that might be linked to the anniversary of the columbine rampage. surveillance camera images were released of a person of interest. you can see him right there. the devices were found yesterday at southwest plaza mall in littleton after a fire broke out there. police evacuated the mall. >> going to walk out these doors right here and they just told us to go to that exit, to the exit right where the fire was, behind me. so we opened the door, there was smoke and then there was two security guys or cops or whatever, said you guys have to get out of here. >> the mall is near columbine high school. the anniversary of the school massacre was 12 years ago yesterday. >> we're not ignoring that.
8:03 am
the date is significant to colorado's history. but it's not something we're dismissing at this time. >> that incident in 1999 left 12 students, one teacher and two gunmen dead. joo libyan government troops this morning are slamming the rebel-held city of misrat ta. rebels say that mortar fire in misrata killed at least three fighters. the fighting in misrata also claimed the lives of two journalists. tim healtherington from britain co-authored a drama called "restrepo" about afghanistan. he and american photographer chris hondros died yesterday by a rocket-propelled grenade fired by gadhafi forces. following an error that led to monday's aborted landing at andrews air force base, the faa says first lady michelle obama's
8:04 am
plane will be handled only by air control supervisors this morning. there's a new poll out this morning for republicans in the 2012 presidential election. the cbs news/"new york times" poll asked republican voters which candidate they feel enthusiastic about. 56% said no one. mitt romney got the most support with only 9% followed by mike huckabee, donald trump, newt gingrich and sarah palin. down to 4% there. this morning, president obama is in san francisco where last night he spoke to well-heeled supporters and raised $700,000 for his re-election campaign. earlier yesterday mr. obama made a live town hall appearance on facebook. he was joined by the ceo mark zuckerberg who was unusually well dressed yesterday. >> my name is barack obama and i'm the guy who got mark to wear
8:05 am
a jacket and tie. thank you. >> zuckerberg, the world's youngest billionaire, is rarely seen wearing anything but a t-shirt and hoodie. new controversy for users of iphones and ipads. british researchers say they found the latest igadgets store information on users' location, potentially making it available to anyone who can access the mobile device. no comment yet from apple. and finally, a wild celebration in madrid last night after real madrid won spain's national championship. you see, they drop the trophy that they were carrying down the street and then it got run over by a bus. the trophy is now broken. fans were excited but then also stunned. they say they're going to fix that trophy, and get them a new one. five minutes past the hour. katie couric has a preview of
8:06 am
8:07 am
>> this weather report sponsored by 21st century auto insurance. the same great coverage for less. >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by 21st century auto insurance. the same great coverage for less. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now here's erica. >> mary, thanks. just ahead, we all know too much tv can turn your kids into overweight couch potatoes. plus they get that blank look on their face and they don't listen to you anymore. now there's new evidence that there could be a much more
8:08 am
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in this morning's "healthwatch," tv, kids, and heart disease. new research shows children who spend a lot of time watching television or playing conpewter games, screen time basically, show higher risk for future heart attack and stroke. joining us with more are joining us with more, dr. jennifer ashton and dr. jennifer hartstein. . we know we should limit our kids' time in front of the tv. but this study shows a real potential for serious health risks. walk us through what they found. >> basically this study looked at tv screen time and changes or narrowing in the blood vessels in the eye, which is used as a substitute for what may be going
8:12 am
on later in the heart, looked at about 1,500 kids 6 to 7 years of age, surveyed their parents about their tv screen time habits and their exercise habits and then took pictures of the tiny blood vessels in the back of the eye. these are retinal vessels and measured them. and found that those children who spent more time in front of the tv screen had a greater narrowing of the diameter of those blood vessels. >> so later in life, it could lead to heart issues. >> correct. this is a future risk but basically when you talk about the diameter of the coronary artery or artery supplying the heart of a child, we're talking about something the size of a strand of spaghetti. it can result in changes in blood pressure, about the equivalent of ten points higher. again, for future risk, this was a significant finding. >> we've talked a lot, too, and
8:13 am
a number of studies have shown developmental dangers when it comes to tv viewing. >> some of the things to think about is too much tv can lead to a lot of school-related problems. it can lead to a shorter attention span. it actually demonstrates slower language acquisition in many of these kids. violent tv can lead to some aggression and weight gain because they're sitting around. one really interesting study showed the development of the brain can be impacted by all of the overstimulation of tv leading kids to be less patient, more impulsive, have a much harder time because they think life should be rapid fire. it impacts their ability to sit in school and learn what they need to learn. >> you've mapped out the dangers. what is it specifically about the television screen that could affect what the brain and the arteries in the eye -- >> they're not exactly sure. there was something different about staring passively at a tv screen as compared to, let's say, playing a video game or
8:14 am
reading a book. but it's also about not being active and not doing exercise. again, it's a combination of both of those factors. again, this study was significant because we've known that there are behavioral impacts and consequences to children sitting in front of a tv screen too much. but now for the first time in children, it's really showing the physical consequence that is go along with those. >> what's the best way to start limiting your child's time, especially if you need to now cut back because your kids are used to four or five hours? >> you want to have no tvs in bedrooms. the less access they have to it, the more you can monitor it. secondly, you may want to consider a weekday tv ban. it may create chaos in your hus. if you can do that, you can monitor it even greater. show them the right way to handle things. and especially with these younger kids, discuss what
8:15 am
they're watching, make sure they understand it. watch with them. pick public access tv, pbs, all the kinds of shows that you really know what's going on. >> and lastly, importantly, most parents of young children know, no tv for kids under 2. sometimes when you have more than one child, it's hard to do that. what's the absolute max if there is going to be tv during the day? >> anything with a screen, no more than two hours. bottom line, as we all know and we've heard, it bears repeating, watch tv less or watch less, move more. it's incredibly important. >> great to have both of you with us. thank you both. just ahead, your school days may be over but there are still plenty of bullies out there. we'll take a look at the growing problem of workplace bullying and also let you know what you can do about it. yush watching "the early show" on cbs. by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete
8:16 am
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8:17 am
it just takes somebody having the idea, well, bullying doesn't just happen on the playground. in a survey of
8:18 am
more than 5,000 workers, more than one out of four said that they'd been bullied on the job. joining us now to talk about bullying at work is mary lou quinlan, ceo of the marketing company, just ask a woman. >> good morning, chris. >> lots of different studies done on this. one study in particular we pulled out some elements that we thought were most important. let's get right to it. because we do have quite a few here. we're going to talk about gender and age here and what victims did it. but let's start with something in regards to gender. now it found that women reported a higher incident of being bullied. 34% of women surveyed said they felt they were a victim of bullying compared to just 22% of men. why with women, one-third reported just -- just i mean with the men only being like 20%. >> well think about a bully. a bully needs a target and generally that target is someone farther down the food chain. unfortunately there are more women who are less senior so they make a bigger target. i think also women have radar that can pick up the unseen subtle bullying signals. so that sensitivity probably
8:19 am
raises the concern. >> is that what you think sometimes it is a little bit more sensitivity rather than just kind of being overt bullying? >> it can be. i think today's bullying is actually a little scarier. it's not the screaming in the conference room. it's the sabotaging of ideas when no one else is there. that's a little scarier. >> the age factor, i thought that this was very eye-opening. it shows that those age 55 and older, and those age 24 and younger reported 29% identical numbers there being bullied. the two highest percentages of any of the ages surveyed. why were these age groups so popular? >> it didn't surprise me because they're really the most vulnerable. if you think 55 and older, unfortunately in this economy, they're the ones who are most fearful of the pink slip because the opportunities aren't there. so they are a target. also 24 and under it's a confidence issue. they maybe don't know any better and think that's the way you're supposed to be treated in the workplace. not true but they're still new. >> with some of the older folks you mention the sensitivity of potentially getting a pink slip. does it also come to a point
8:20 am
where they say it's not worth the battle at this point? >> yes. they've seen enough battles. who needs one more conflict. i'd rather just keep the job and put my head down. >> another interesting finding in the study was how people actually handled the bullying problem. some of the numbers, 47% of all workers reported bullying confronted their bully directly. of those people, 43% said the problem would stop. 13% said that it worsened. and 44% said everything stayed just about the same. so, let me ask you this, does this make a good argument for confronting a bully in the workplace? >> i still say do it. your self-esteem needs it. a bully sees weakness and it will only get worse. you can either suffer in silence and have a stomachache or just stand up and take it. >> do you take a big chance, though, by confronting -- i mean in the workplace it's a little different than the playground. the playground you can get into a fight. you do that in the workplace and the ramifications are a little bit different. >> you don't treat it like a playground. this is work. you've got to treat it like a work assignment. >> in other words, human
8:21 am
resources, you can go to h.r. says here 28% of those surveyed said they took their matter to the h.r. department. of those, 38% said that measures were taken to resolve the problem. but an alarming 62% said that nothing was done. shouldn't companies -- isn't it incumbent upon them to make sure if a complaint is registered that they do something? >> you'd think so. but really, h.r., they're not the whole monitors of the schoolyard. their job is to keep the company balanced t d and successful. they're going to defend whoever is bringing money in. it could be the bully is farther up and is a revenue generator. >> they're still working for the company. >> remember that. >> something to keep in mind. as a career businesswoman you've seen firsthand a lot of these situations play out. you say that being bullied in the workplace, what is the first thing that you have to do to try to end it if you are on the receiving end of some of this treatment? >> well, first thing is you have to get the facts. because it's an emotional feeling. you might want to scream or you might want to have a big die raid of your own.
8:22 am
waste of time. put it aside and get the pattern, keep notes. make sure there's nor than one time so it wasn't just a one-off. >> how much evidence would you say you need to actually build your case? >> i'd look for at least two or three occurrences before i decide that it was personal. i'd also be sure i could get some witnesses. >> you say that also, that confronting the bully is a key to making them stop. but how do you best communicate with someone who is stubborn or potentially ignorant? >> i think the best way to defuse, especially the ignorance, but even the anger, is to walk in in an atmosphere of mutual respect. at least try the, i'm sheer to be successful, and so are you. so let's just put it on the table and you're going to have to knock it off. >> all right, mary lou quinlan, thank you. some good advice. we appreciate it. you can see the full results of that bullying survey on our website, stay with us. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
has one more stop in san a it is 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5, i'm sydnie kohara. president obama has one more stop in san francisco this morning. it's a fundraiser breakfast at the saint regis hotel. price tag, up to $35,000. after that air force one will take off from sfo about 10:45 this morning. a planned treasure island transformation could take a key step forward today. the $1.5billion development would include thousands of residential units, high-rise, transit and shopping area. the planning commission set to vote on the proposal tonight. and looking for street parking just got easier in san francisco. starting today, the city is using sensors and smartmeters to give you realtime parking information in several neighborhoods. drivers can log on to or download a new
8:26 am
phone app. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. we have a new problem now southbound 880 approaching alvarado. traffic there very sluggish. it sounds like one lane is blocked so very slow, speeds under 25 miles per hour. but you can see from our sensors it's stop and go from highway 92 in the southbound lanes. san mateo bridge, this is fine.
8:28 am
problem-free all morning across the span. bay bridge kind of a different story. it has been backed up into the macarthur maze since before 7:00 this morning. we had a couple of different incidents on the upper deck so right now metering lights are on. all lanes open. everything moving fine except for we have a big backup before the pay gates. backed up to the maze. lawrence has the forecast. >> we have showers early this morning. clouds starting to part just a bit around the bay area. we are sneaking some sunshine in between. overlooking san jose right now, you can see a few clouds continuing over the mountaintops but hey, going to be a nice day outside as we'll bring more sunshine in and try and warm up the temperatures. looking very nice inland today upper 60s in many spots inland 68 degrees in napa, about 67 and partly cloudy skies in toward san jose. breezy conditions out toward the coastline mainly in the 50s. next couple of days i think at least through tomorrow we are looking good. just a couple of passing clouds, otherwise lots of sunshine. temperatures staying fairly mild. over the weekend not a big change in temperatures. but we'll see more clouds coming in. a slight chance of showers to the north, drying out on monday. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show," bottom of the hour here in new york, new york. you're looking at live pictures of central park. looks pretty good right now. decent day here on the east coast. hopefully it's a nice morning wherever you happen to be waking up right now. chris wragge along with erica hill, jeff glor and marysol castro. as we know, if you follow golf, or if you don't follow golf, you probably know this anyway, it's been a rough year and a half for tiger woods. >> if you walk by a newsstand. >> he hasn't won a tournament in probably almost two years now. it's been awhile. but you know who has? there is a woods back on top of the leader board. his niece. look at that swing. effortless.
8:31 am
cheyenne woods plays for wake forest and over the weekend she won her conference championship by seven shots. >> whoo, wow. >> runs in the family. and she is here to talk with us and talk all about that victory. i'm talking a seven-shot win in her conference championship. that is eliminating the field on about the eighth hole right h there. we're going to talk to her and see what her uncle's up to and giving any golf advice. >> any tips from uncle tiger. also ahead this morning, i mean ladies, how did we ever live without spanks? >> i don't know. >> i'm going on record, greater invention ever. they help suck you in, smooth you out, make us look way better than we do underneath our clothes. we all love them. get this, though, we are moving on. >> smooth you out? >> a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. >> i'm fine. >> here's the thing, we're going to continue to fool you. not just with what we're putting underneath our clothing but now there is clothing that has the shape wear built in. >> nice. >> it's sort of one-piece. it makes life so much easier.
8:32 am
and you look good. >> mm-hmm. >> we'll show you all those tidbits. and the ones that we're hiding just ahead. >> you just wait until you have to spare spanx. >> they make them for men now, jeffrey. >> chris has them. look a
8:33 am
>> thanks so much. now to your -- back to your latest weather now over to chris. >> marysol, thank you very much. imagine taking up golf when your uncle is tiger woods. that is a lot to live up to. but cheyenne woods deals with it just fine this past weekend as a matter of fact. the wake forest university student won the acc conference, that's the atlantic coast conference, women's golf championship and she joins us now from winston-salem in north carolina. the home of wake forest university. cheyenne, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> oh. let's talk about this victory. i mean, was it -- first of all,
8:34 am
biggest victory for you to date? >> yeah, definitely. this is probably the biggest win of my whole career. it was very exciting the whole weekend, being out there with my team and representing wake forest. so it was a really good win for me. >> the demon dekes, arnold palmer one of the famous alums. you've got this really smooth, effortless swing. where uncle tiger he just fires at the ball. how is your game different than tiger's? >> tiger is definitely a lot more powerful and aggressive, i think. i'm a lot more calm and steady throughout my whole round. but if i have to make those clutch shots then i think i can. so i guess if i have to pull a little bit of tiger woods-type play out, i can. >> how much has it been, i don't want to say, a hurdle or an obstacle for you, but every tournament that you've shown up at i'm sure since you first took up the game with the last name woods, with everyone knowing, she's related to tiger, how much added pressure has that been for you? >> a little bit. because i've had to deal with it
8:35 am
since i was about 10 years old. but growing up, playing golf with the last name, i've gotten used to it. so now it doesn't really -- doesn't really faze me at all. i'm used to it and i can play my own game and not worry about the expectations or what people are saying. >> at what age did you know that you had it? i know tiger, was he 2 or 3 years old when he was on the merv griffin show and swinging away with his dad. when did you first know that, you know what, i can play, too? >> probably not until i was about 10 or 11 and i started playing national tournaments. and i won my very first national tournament when i was 10 years old. then i knew i could compete with all these other people and i guess try and make my way to be like tiger. >> you won by seven shots. that is very tiger-like. and i know he sent out a tweet because he was watching online. your success. what exactly did he say? >> he just said that he was very proud of me, and told everybody that i had won by seven shots. the acc title. and i was really surprised by that.
8:36 am
and my whole team and i were looking on twitter and really excited. >> there is a striking resemblance between the two of you. do you look down the line and say, on the lpga level i would love to match the success that uncle tiger has had on the pga level? >> yeah, definitely. who wouldn't want to have the success of tiger? but i definitely can't compare myself to him, because he is a very elite athlete. and there's only one tiger woods. so, i'll just try and do my own thing, and try and succeed as much as i can, and play my own game. >> you know, you talk about there being only one tiger woods. that goes without saying. but you know, tiger hasn't won in 17 months. and you've won two titles in that period of time. who who's giving who the advice now? >> you know, when i was texting him, i tried to tell him, you know, i did win the acc title. he didn't, and then i also told him that i am about to get my degree. which he didn't. but then, you know, he came back
8:37 am
at me and told me he still has four masters. so in the end he, you know, trumped me and everything. >> yeah. he does have those 14 majors. but it was good of you to at least point out a few things that you have that he doesn't. it was wonderful to talk to you this morning. >> thank you. >> our congratulations to you on your success. we cannot wait to see you on the lpga tour. and who knows, annika sorenstam, she played on the pga tour. is that something you might consider one day? >> you never know. i would like to succeed first on the lpga and then see where it goes from there. >> all right, cheyenne, thank you so much. as we all know traveling can be stressful, even when everything goes as planned. but throw any sort of wrench into those plans like a canceled flight or a hotel that looks like a crime scene and you're really in trouble. that is when we call in our travel detective, peter greenberg. you've been checking out some viewer complaints. and you're going to help us resolve some of them. or at least -- >> actually we are. >> give the ways to do that.
8:38 am
first we want to check in with darrell, who's joining us via skype from texas. darrell, you had a problem with a canceled connecting flight on your way back from vacation. what happened? >> we were returning from cancun to san antonio, when we landed in sunny houston, we were advised our flight was canceled because the crew was not available, and we were booked on a flight the next morning. we chose a rental car, and i submitted the continental for reimbursement and then i learned that it was weather-related and they had no responsibility. my question, what are the passenger rights in this situation? >> well, you know, weather is the big, i hate to use this, a gray area. because airlines will use weather as an excuse not just where you are, but where the plane is coming from. the plane could be coming from nebraska and you're in new york and it's a beautiful, sunny day in new york. oh, we have a weather problem. in this case that wasn't the issue. the issue was crew availability. and tlemp he should have been reimbursed. we contacted continental
8:39 am
airlines. continental gave them a refund for the portion of the ticket they couldn't use, about $35 each plus gave them $75 vouchers each for the inconvenience. that more than covered the cost of the car. but the bottom line is the lesson here is that you have to be your own best detective. when somebody says it's weatherry lated. find out where the weather is. they didn't say that in this case. they said it was crew related. therefore they were entitled. >> that was the lesson there. check on the weather. from the air now to the sea. this next one comes from sheila from great neck who wrote in, she was on holland america's seven-night cruise to alaska, but my room, she said, had a faulty smoke alarm that kept going off at all hours, i requested a room change but was informed that was not possible. she lost four nights of sleep, wrote several letters to the company, denied any compensation. she feels she deserves. what is she actually to entitled here? ed last thing you want is a sleepless cruise. >> the only reason why you're in the cabin, i hate to say to people who are fans of the love boat, you're there to shower and
8:40 am
sleep. she couldn't sheep. she was entitled to something. the problem with the cruise lines is they'll always try to give you, what? vouchers. >> voucher to come back. >> for your next crude. that's not the issue sheer. she wanted some compensation on the cruise. so they offered her, i think, like $100 voucher against the next cruise or shipboard credit. that's useless. way contacted holland america, got her a $400 refund. >> wow. there you go. >> it worked. >> the lesson there is it always pays to bring in peter greenberg. sue as mapleton in illinois is about to learn that. she said she bought travel insurance. which is something people struggle with. she purchased tripmate insurance for the trip to mexico. her mother was sick but her travel agent said nothing to worry about, you've got the insurance. they go on the trip, two days into her trip she said my mother took a turn for the worse and i flew home. tripmate denied the game because my mother's hospitalization commenced before we left. does she have any rights? >> she does. this is the gray area, again. insurance companies always try
8:41 am
to figure out timing as to whether or not you had a pre-existing condition. she bought the insurance before the trip, she bought the insurance before her mother had a problem. we contacted the shoorn company, they're now reopening the claim with the medical record. because this is something where she didn't do anything intentionally to defraud the insurance company. that's why she bought the insurance. >> the other thing she happened, she needed it in the end. >> yes, she did. >> peter, good to have you with us. as i'm sure the folks at home are happy about. actress emily van camp is best known for her roles in the tv seer kwis "ever wood" and "brothers and sisters." this sunday night she comes to the screen in "beyond the blackboard" as a new teacher at an unorthodox and troubled school. >> this is a list of things i can need so i can do my job. the first items are basics, books, lights, desks. then there are secondary items, art supplies, science equipment. maps. things like that. >> i'm the personnel director. it's my job to hire teachers.
8:42 am
textbooks, dr. louis. >> dr. louis wants authorization from a principal. i don't have a principal. >> that's technically true. >> desks and lights require custodian's report. do i have one, technically? >> i'll bring this to the attention of the administration. thank you -- >> when? when will you bring it to their attention. >> at our next meeting. >> until their next meeting what do you say we poke around the closet here and see what we can use. >> emily van camp, good to see you. books, lights, desks. >> uh-huh. >> could you believe the situation that they did have to deal with back then? >> no. and you know, it's completely true. i mean, what you see in the film is really what she was sort of dealing with. it was -- it was horrible, to say the least. >> she was a teen mom. she had to deal with a situation like this with troubled kids in a school, basically, on the surface, could barely be called a school. what do you think were her biggest obstacles as you got to know her and know this character and look back at her store very? >> you know, i think one thing
8:43 am
that stacy mentioned to me and was in the film as well that her biggest obstacle in this -- in this situation was that she really was not prepared. she kind of had to get over this fear that she had of working with these children that were, you know, not like her, you know, much more comfortable environment where she came from. so i think that was the biggest obstacle. and i think there are many moments where she thought about quitting, and just going back to her very comfortable life and didn't. and i think that's a testament to her character. she's a really strong woman, and went through a lot to help these children, and -- >> it is an inspirational story. that's one of the first things you take away from this, just how strong-willed she was. just from the clip we saw of you playing there, i mean you were able to capture kind of the essence of this woman who, you know, had an agenda and knew what she needed in order to get things done. let me ask you, what was it like to be able to have her there, to be able to kind of, i guess, pick at her for knowledge, as to
8:44 am
what she really did go through back in those days? >> it was amazing. i will say, it was slightly intimidating when you're playing a person who's sort of there, and watching, and you know, the expectations there. it was very nerve-racking. but she was amazing. and i feel very lucky that it was her that i was portraying. >> as far as like -- i want to ask you kind of a big picture question. the whole acting career, started very young. >> mm-hmm. >> is it everything you thought it would be? i mean have you enjoyed yourself in this profession? >> oh, i love it. but it's not what people think. you know, people have this idea that it's all very glamorous. no. when i was shooting this movie, i was shooting for winter, as you can see, in 100 degree weather in albuquerque, new mexico in the summer. i mean, it's not glamorous. but it's wonderful. i'm very appreciative. >> along with that have you ever had anybody come up to you and say i remember you from way back then? because we have a clip from one of your early roles. >> oh, you do? >> we don't want to give it
8:45 am
away. but you were 14 years old. you portrayed a young jackie bouvier before she became kennedy onassis. let's take a quick look at a clip. >> doesn't she? is that what they call a bottle blonde? >> oh, i have not seen that, i mean, since that came out. how did you get your hands on that? >> you know what? the power of television. the power of cbs, we were able to dig around. >> that's amazing. >> we thought we'd give you a little, this is your life. congratulations on the way everything has gone. >> oh. >> people are familiar with you from a number of very popular series. >> thank you. >> what did you remember about that? anything you took away from that role? >> i remember that wig that i had to wear. >> that was a wig? that wasn't your real hair, then? >> no. i remember that. wow, i remember being so nervous. >> yeah. >> was that one of your first? >> it was one of mief first things, yeah. and just that, i had no clue what i was doing, didn't know how to hit a mark. but, yeah, i've been lucky.
8:46 am
>> hit a mark. thank you, for coming in and spending some time with us this morning. congratulations. >> thank you. >> very, very, very nice job. emily van camp, you can see hall mark hall of fame's "beyond the blackboard" this sunday night at 9:00, 8:00 central on cbs. now here's erica. >> chris, thanks. for millions of women, spanx, or some other form of shape wear, have become not just a fashion accessory but frankly a must for every outfit. and now looking slimmer could get even simpler. as spanx-like technology is being built into some of the clothes we wear. gretta monahan is contributing fashion editor to "health" magazine here with the scoop of shape wear. this used to be things we'd wear under our clothes. they're actually built in now? >> absolutely. i've been wearing spanx since the day i gave birth. even before that. honestly we pretty much have always known this category to be underwear or undergarments and it's a must for that to have your style in check. but now, fashion has actually
8:47 am
blended and married with the undergear technology, and now we can finally get all of these benefits in one look. >> this is fantastic. so let's start seeing just how we can change our lives. >> okay. >> our first model is mary. as we're look to look at office wear. >> yes. >> first of all this is mary in her before. >> yes. >> now mary in the after. talk to us about what she's wearing. >> mary's big issue was midriff and tummy for millions of women, myself included this is a major thing. so office wear is something we all have to depend on and what i love about this is she's wearing a nip/tuck linen skirt. as you can see the waist is higher. so basically that's meant on purpose in the design to smooth and to really come over that waist and then the inner garment built in to slim. now on the top, this is a yummy tummy top. both of these pieces are under $100. and the top has a liner and it's all smoothed in. even the ruffle detail is meant to help conceal and trick the eye.
8:48 am
and even her accessories. people ask me about accessories all the time. they distract the eye. these came from jcpenney. you put a pop of color up high and it draws the eye. >> the skirt gives you a really nice waite, too. >> smooth, and it doesn't hurt that that technology is all built in. >> no. >> you can't tell. that's what i love about it. >> that's our office wear. on the weekends, though, you want to be comfortable. but you still want to look good. and this tends to be a real challenge for a lot of women, because maybe you don't feel like putting on shape wear. >> i couldn't agree more. sometimes the big issue is i don't want to have two pieces. and that's why this category is busting at the seams. basically jeans. those are a staple on the weekend. that's our before. now let's look at our after on leah. got on these -- i'm so excited. these are the jeans that you're so excited about. >> yes, yes. these are your miracle body jeans. i use these a lot. her issue is actually her
8:49 am
thighs, butt and her hips. that's like a major issue. >> that's like every woman. >> and basically what they've done here is they have two times the spandex, three times the strength in the fibers so this is going to lift and shape and elongate the leg. you've got to turn around for a second and show the booty. >> looks good. there you go. >> the pockets, the dark washes, that's really where we want to be on jeans and straight legs. >> lastly we're going to look at renee, actually has on an evening dress. we've got the before picture, i think. >> that's renee before. >> now renee's got on this great little black dress, the lbd. >> renee's thing, she has pear shape which represents 80% of us the natural shape of a woman's body, smaller on top, bigger on bottom. this one has a slimming secret. this has an entire mesh piece built in to it, so that basically her column mesh slip is holding her in. also, you can take a look at that stud detail down the side. all of that fabric is pulled
8:50 am
over and wrapped. you get that ruching detail and trick the eye because it brings your eye over. do not go too long, that's going to make you look bottom heavy. >> or too short. you look great. all of you ladies look wonderful. gretta, always good to have you back. >> thank you, erica. >> we'll have more on our website at ,,,,,,
8:51 am
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president obama is at one last stop in san francisco this mornin good morning everyone, i'm frank maleye company, time for news headlines, president obama is at one last stop here in san francisco this morning, a fund raiser breakfast at the st. regis hotel. price tag $35,000 a plate. after that air force one will take off, and head torino where that motorcade. you may find out about a gas pipeline running through your neighborhood. they have sent business brochures to homes within 2,000 feet of those pipelines. it's in response to the explosion in san bruno. caltrans is closing two southbound lanes on 280 and the north and south connector ramp to 87 while crews remove some
8:56 am
of that graffiti there on the bird avenue train overpass. that is set to start in a half hour, wrap up around 2:30 this afternoon, traffic and your weather coming up on a thursday right after this. stay right there. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles com what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope.
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good morning, one lane blocked near avalon, a little slow as you pass the scene, 101 looks better, 880 to oakland is always backed up this time of the morning except for today, lighter than normal as you head up towards downtown oakland. usually there's that bottle neck just past the coliseum. it is slow too coming out of downtown san jose, slow as you come out of highway 85. and cupertino. >> had some showers early on today but now things are looking pretty good, skies beginning to break up and some sunshine between the low clouds, looking good over the city of san francisco. coit tower, some blue skies there. now working on that sunshine, temperatures going to be heating up into the 60s, upper 60s in the veil. 60s towards the coastline, the one big concern b some of those gusty winds developing in the
8:59 am
afternoon, more cloud coming in, at least a slight chance of showers to the north.


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