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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 30, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. this is how one teacher spent his spring break. what it finally took for someone to find him after being trapped four days in a ravine in the oakland hills. just done it all. >> tonight an unlikely new opponent of the death penalty. >> i would make it left wing. >> this man sentenced so many people to death row, they called him the hanging judge. why he says it's just not worth it anymore. and good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. a bay area teacher will have plenty to tell his students when they go back to school after spring break. >> the teacher spent most of this week trapped in his car after it plunged more than 100
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feet down an embankment in the oakland hills. robert lyles on what caught the attention of a park ranger that led to the man's rescue. >> reporter: the boulevard is known for two things. its distance and grizzly car plunges over the side and few drivers survive. that's why jim's plunge fits the title, miracle on grizzly peek. >> i feel extremely lucky i could help this guy and i'm so happy that he is okay. >> dave was patrolling grizzly peek boulevard around 10:30 this morning when the nine year veteran ranger noticed something peculiar. so peculiar, he knew he had to race into the deep. >> i ran down the hill, about 200 feet and there was a guy in the car. and i opened the door and he
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was okay. >> not just any guy. the man behind the wheel, jim wright. >> the teacher at north gate high school. >> a popular biology and zoology teacher at the high school in walnut creek. he just started spring break on monday. that's what makes this crash crazy. he has been at the bottom since monday morning. that's when he vanished, his wife linda reported him missing monday night. with no cell phone, there were no calls for help. so wright spent four days and four nights without food or water hoping to be noticed. so when he was reached op the fifth day -- >> he said hi. >> hey. >> it's going to be all right. >> it's pretty rare to have something this involved. >> so involved oakland fire says it took at least an hour just to get rescue 200 feet down. but wright survived with only minor injuries. neighbors think they know why.
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>> he hikes a lot. >> he does outdoor activities. this may have been a reason he would survive well. >> he may have survival skills that most people don't have, yeah. >> now the popular biology teacher lives in this home. now originally reported that he had suffered some kind of medical crisis and that led to the crash. but backing off of that, saying he was unable to get out of the car on his own accord. whatever the reason after being life flighted to highland hospital, the hospital tells cbs 5 tonight he has been released from care. reporting live, i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. san jose police officers have offered to take a 10% pay cut. the city has been asking for cuts from all of its unions to close a $115 million budget gap. today's concessions could save the jobs of 150 officers, but even with the pay reduction,
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the city could lay off more than 100 officers. means a significant lifestyle change for many of my colleagues and maybe myself. it means a relocation to a less expensive house. >> we hope the proposal can evens out. >> on monday, the san jose city manager will unveil a budget that is expected to ax 600 city jobs. mayor is owning oaklanders to vote for a partial tax increase or she will gut services. the mayor said employee unions will have to agree to wage concessions and if not, most libraries will close. police will be furloughed, and everything from senior services to public works will be slashed. >> that's how bad the budget would be if we get no additional contributions from
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employees and if we get no additional taxes. >> that would be horrible for this community. this particular branch has a very large radio. >> the mayor says the city is asking employees to distribute 10 to 15 percent and if that happens, there would be 20 officers added to the police force and no cuts to libraries or public works. in oakland friday and saturday nights are the worst time for shootings and murders involving the city's teenagers. elizabeth cook shows us, starting tonight, the city is trying something that has been tried before. 15-year-old marvin lee knows what can happen after dark on a friday night. >> the parents leave and they have parties. gang wars and things like that. >> you can't come in the party. why can't i come in?
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well, you don't have an invitation. look what you have. somebody shot somebody or what have you. >> the violence often starts with groups of teening hanging out with nothing to do. starting tonight, the safe friday, safe saturday's program will keep the rainbow wreck center open until midnight. houston is the director of the rainbow rec center. >> i don't know. it's the devil's workshop. if a kid don't have anything to do, he'll find something to do. >> the creek center it located in the middle. now inside the rec center is safe as long as there's supervision. the people who work here it's going to take more than longer hours to make an impact. >> you think by keeping it open late are going to encourage kids to put down the guns? >> i'm hoping it will give them something else to do besides hanging out in the streets. >> the goal is to open more
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facilities that can stay open late. marvin says spending every day at the rec center has helped him. >> stay out of trouble, instead of shootings. in okayland, cbs 5. >> the mayor says the city isn't spending extra money on this program, so to make it work, they rearranged people's schedules and pooled resources. >> other headlines, two men were harass ago teenage girl this afternoon when one of them grabbed her and she pepper sprayed him. the pepper spray affected two other passengers and the driver all had to p treated at the scene. police question the men who were harassing the girl, but then ran. the girl planned to file charges. >> here's something you see, not every day. volunteers for the national park service moved the n irk ke
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missile to half-moon bay for an air show this weekend. nike will be a cold war defense weapon that will fly higher and faster. that one obviously disarmed. and drivers, your pain is chevron's game. reported 6.2 billion-dollar first quarter profit. that's up 36% jump from a year earlier. other major u.s. oil companies are also seeing record profits. >> possible white house contender donald trump touched on the prices of oil and gas while giving a speech in las vegas littered with swear words. >> they want to go in and raise the price of oil because we have nobody in washington that sicks back and says you aren't going to raise that price. we go to afghanistan. we go to iraq. we build a school. we build a road. they blow up the road.
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they blow up the school. we build another sun. we build another road. in the meantime, we can't get a school built in brooklyn. >> during his speech last night at his hotel, he also used an expletive to exlain how he was attack china. >> the atlanta braves have placed pitcher coach on paid admit straitive leaf. he yelled home phobic remoms at at&t park. >> it's important part of our coaching staff. he has done a terrific job, and you know, he would be the first to tell you that he made a mistake and he is going to pay the consequences. >> a father from fresno was at the game in san francisco with his wife and daughters when he says mcdowel shouted antigay slurs at three men nearby. the father says when he
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complained, mcdowell threatened him with a bat. a third of the world's population watched the wedding. in london right now, a full english break tas about to be served. manny is on the afterparty. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge turned into their evening attire. outside, a late night toast for the royal couple from well wishers. >> what's your hope for the royal couple? >> just to live happily ever after. >> prince harry's afterparty for the newlyweds. there's even talk of a british breakfast being served up at 6:00 a.m. for the die hards. it was a flawless wedding day. the bride wore alexander mcqueen with a nearly 9-foot
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train. cameras captured it all. even the private moments. as kate enters, her father asks are you okay? shy said yeah. at the alter, william tells his bride that she is beautiful. and jokes with his father-in- law. the streets of london were packed for the national holiday. many brits are inspired by a new generation of royals. >> we're going to have a young prince and young bride. >> the newlyweds are heading in a new direction. a spin in the convertible. a stun. one more he asked his bride. >> the second kiss was better than the first kiss. >> william's god daughter, this little bridesmaid just wasn't impressed. manuel, cbs news, london. >> you got a half million
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people yelling and screaming. of course a kid is going to hold her ears. >> may 125 marks the beta breakers and for 100 years, people have been drinking too much. police won't try to arrest a new one. but they will take them and unpack it. >> now a junk food is suddenly a super food. what has foodies doing an about face. >> the hanging judge after sentencing nine men to die. >> look left wing. >> why he is now in the crew said ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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unusual punishment. now, a judge the debate over the death penalty is well known. critics say it is cruel and unusual punishment. now a judge who has sent criminals to death row is adding his voice to those who say it's time for california to get out of the killing business. but not because he is concerned about the convicts. allen martin reports he is worried about the victim. >> they called him the hanging judge of orange county. a title donald mckarr tin is proud of for sending nine men to death row. >> i would make it to the left wing. >> he even keeps their pictures on his wall. >> he killed, raped,
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mutilated. >> among them, the freeway killer, randy craft linked to 60 murders. >> he has done it all. >> rodney accused of killing four young women and suspected of many more. sentenced to death in 1980. the judge left the bench nearly two decades ago, but expects to die long before most of the men he sentenced and that makes him mad. >> going through the charade that we are going to give the victim -- killing the killer, ain't true. >> last month he sent this letter, saying the state spent, quote millions of tax dollars in this meaningless and ultimately fruitless pursuit of death and urging the governor to end the death penalty. >> call the system a charade. >> antideath penalty groups like death penalty focus welcome the judge to their
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side. >> many people say we need the death penalty for justice and you can't put a price on justice. the truth is, you can put a price on the death penalty and it's extremely expensive. >> to house the 713 prisoners on death row, costs about $70 million a year. taxpayers also pick up the tab for both sides of their court appeals. prosecution and defense for another $60 million a year. death penalty opponents point out that california could save $1 billion over the next five years by commuting death sentences to life in prison without parole. believe it or not, it is far cheaper to keep a prisoner for life than it is to try to kill them. 175,000 less per prisoner per year. >> what we need to do is fix the system. michael of the criminal justice legal foundation says costs are skyrocketing because death penalty opponents rigged the system, causing delay after delay. >> indeed we spend more time,
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we should. we want to make sure we are doing the right thing. but five years shouldn't be enough. >> he points to timothy mcveigh. the federal court system took just six years to try, convict, and hear appeals before mcveigh was executed. and we would save money by adopting the same system in california. >> so we focus on guilt and not on procedural issues and not on technicalities. >> i would wait. there's nothing i can do. >> it's been 18 years since poly was kidnapped and murdered and his father has no doubt what justice deserves. >> he doesn't trust the system to keep killers behind bars for life without patrol. >> these are individuals we never want to see on the streets again. the first step towards giving them a possibility of getting back on to the street is to do away with the death penalty. >> it's an emotional issue and
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most californians still support the death penalty according to opinion polls. but the hanging judge of orange county says it's time for californians to decide between their emotions and their wallets. >> you could balance the criminal budget in the state of california if you eliminate the death penalty. >> allen martin, cbs 5. well, it's one of the most colorful, outlandish, and drunken races in the world. beta breakers. this year, biggest crackdown on boozers yet. race officials are saying the alcohol aspect has gotten out of hand. 26 ambulance calls last year for high school poisoning. now a creative new way some say to deal with those who get a bit too sauced. sobering tents. inside those tents participating will be gwynn coffee and juice physical they can sober up, and then they'll be sent home. >> well our little that are
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nonner here, you can't sweat like that, can you? >> there's a lot hydration going on. i'm not going to give you the outcome of that game. currently in san jose, the air temperature now falling into the 50s. san bruno 53 degrees. livermore to the east, right there at 60 degrees. it is going to get chilly overnight and santa rosa at 38 degrees. colder than that. 40s from willow glenn back into the valley, including coopertino and campbell. we now have our storm track diverted well to the north of the bay area. what are you looking at there? absolutely nothing. high pressure. key component clearing out our sky. anything north of san francisco, pretty seasonal into the 60s and 70s. and 63 degrees. oh maybe you are headed to the
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bay. it's the 38th annual fish fest. i know. those are not fish, those are llamas. big doings on there. your pinpoint forecast for your saturday, not as windy, but on the breezy side. north winds 10 to 20. number 64 to # 77 degrees. we are talking about -- the warmest day will be on sunday and really check this allot. by wednesday, when the worming trend peeks. nearly 90 in our inland areas. that's your dry pinpoint ,,,,,,,
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movie popcorn, because it was oil and that two decades ago, the food police were telling us to stay away from movie popcorn because it was supposedly popped in coconut oil and coconut oil was extremely dangerous. >> now you can find coconut oil in health food stores. cracks the story wide open. >> pastry chef of san francisco's range restaurant. is whipping up a coconut upside down cake, but instead of just butter, she mixes in coconut oil. doesn't the chef realize this fat is the devil? >> i do not at all. >> i think it's good. >> for decades, health professionals warn to stay away from coconut oil. it will give you a heart attack. i mean the stuff even looks like lard. but now health advocates say we
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should take a fresh crack at coconut oil. it's good for your health. coconut oil is found in health food stores and used in gourmet treats. >> yeah, we love it. >> cafe serves vegan fare. bakery manager, gregory. >> when it chills, it firms up and it is able to set our deserts. >> along with other raw foodies say this oil is a super food. >> we use it really because of the health benefits. >> benefits that include antiviral and antifungal properties. however, nutrition experts say the science isn't there. they do agree coconut oil has gotten a bad wrap and deserves an evaluation. it is still a saturated fat. >> if you use coconut oil because you like the taste of it, don't use it all the time. >> she says let them eat cake. >> it's not healthy, you know, but what i try to do is make a
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so they found themse tory tonight the sharks won three overtime games against the kings in round one. tonight they found themselves in familiar territory against the redd wings. the sharks trying to take a bite out of the detroit red wings. up 1-0 when the sharks finally get on the pass. fourth goal of the playoffs and once again, we go to overtime. >> back on it. to the net and score. ben. >> not a bad way to celebrate your 24th birthday. his first playoff call wins it
2:07 am
for the sharks. they take game one. >> sorry if you have been asked this before. there's so much media around here. what did the guys do? >> they were very excited. they know this is my first game, my birthday, and stuff like that. so it was a good reception. >> most of my birthdays i don't remember, by i'm sure he'll remember this one. >> can you think of any other present that compares to this one? >> no. i don't think anything is getting close to that. >> all the 49er fans that wanted a quarterback were bummed out, but they got their win today in the second round. >> the san francisco 49ers select colin keppernick. >> the niners move up, but this move does not signify the end of the area. >> with alex, though, it's
2:08 am
like we are rowing and not going to miss a beat. alex says building license to be the starting quarterback. >> with the 48th pick the raiders took, they took him at number 48. the giants road trip is continuing in washington. tim lincecum struck out 7. that was all the nats needed. jason throw as five hit shutout. they take the opener student dog. >> three or four game series with the first place rangers, back following the birth of his i am a sneeze whisperer. i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed.
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willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.


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