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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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thou. the march has begun to shut down the port of oakland. we want to show you as it is happening, on the right side of your screen, these are live pictures from chopper 5. as you can see, hundreds are marching that mile and a half to the port of oakland. on the left side of your screen, it is the emergency operations center, in oakland, as we await to hear from city officials. we are awaiting we believe from either the mayor, jean quan, or the police chief, acting police chief howard jordan. we know the protesters are part of a larger movement that is happening along the west coast. it is coordinated demonstration. at the major ports and this is the second time that we have seen this. in just two months. >> and this is really kicked into gear. rather quickly. about 5:00, there was about 50 people at the west oakland bart station and congregating, getting ready to go and once the bart train started, people commuted in and now as you can see, several hundred people are marching their way from that west oakland station, and as
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grace said, about a mile and a half to the port of oakland. unter hutson is on the ground at the port right now to tell us what is going on right now. because that's where all of the folks are going. >> reporter: good morning, frank. we are live at the terminal at the port of oakland. one of the main reasons why this protest is even happening. we will show you live pictures. pretty calm this morning. i've seen some oakland police patrolling the area, but for the most part, pretty calm and trucks are getting ready to unload the cargo at the various terminals but the protesters are marching down this area and we know they're their way. the protesters say their aattempting to block several ports along the west coast, oakland being one of them and doing so to highlight what they call the poor working conditions at the port. and also because some of the companies don't have to pay certain taxes or worker compensation by not using unionized employees. there is some controversy this morning. some of the big unions are not backing the protests like they
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did on november 2. they say that shutting down the port actually hurts some of the 99 -- 99%. and some of the protest rers fighting back saying we have to bring about change to the american work force and some people have to make sacrifices to change the big picture. that's the message. we're live at the port of oakland. waiting for the protesters as they work their way through. and we will give you the latest throughout the rest of the morning. frank, grace, back to you. >> is there a police presence there as these folks are working their way there, probably just a mile away now? >> reporter: as i mentioned, we've seen some patrol cars drive through the area. but as of right now, there is no extra security. in fact, on friday when we were out here reporting, some of these private companies had private security parked out here but we don't see that this morning. like i said, business as usual, but that could all change as these protesters make their way through. >> okay. live for us at the port of oakland, thanks. >> it could change within minutes. we want to go to gil diaz in west oakland at the bart station there. that's where the protesters started early this morning.
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gil? >> good morning. yes, things are a little quieter here at the west oakland bart station right behind me. the protesters did leave about 25 minutes ago. and we've been showing you the aerial shots of chopper 5. and this is the beginning of the march. they're headed northwest on 7th street. towards the port. an hour ago, it was probably 50 protesters and it swelled to more than 500 of them. and as for a police presence, frank you were asking about that this morning, we did see about a half dozen squad cars following the crowd with their lights on. now, many of these protesters are holding up picket signs, supporting the long shore union. and that union having a labor dispute right now. but some bringing their own signs, one young woman from college, a college student, had her sign saying please lower my tuition. and one big difference between today's march, and the first one on november 2, is that there is little support this time from the union, as well as
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for the officials, in fact one wans to focus less the long shore union because it is in a labor dispute. but some people are saying why are they doing this and trying to cripple the port when the 99s work at the port. and one protester said that it is a fair argument, but still, he says something had to be done today. >> people need to realize something. no matter where they work, or whatever they do, they are part of the control of the system. so yes, it may disrupt their work, but by doing that, it will give a clear message to people that are in power, the 1% and the 2%, that no matter what, we will stand up against them. and prevent them from their cruelties and injustice. >> and even though we may be expecting a press conference with mayor jean quan, she did write a letter, an open letter to protesters. and today you hope to shut down
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the port of oakland. the rest of the 99% of oakland wonders. why and even though some residents here support the occupy movement this morning, one resident says it is a hassle because she was late for work. she didn't want to drive to bart from here because she wanted to avoid the crowd before heading off to work. yet, this is the first of three planned marches. the one just happened. another one at 3:00 this afternoon. and leading from frank agawa plaza. and another one, the final one at ak this evening. also leaving from the west oakland bart station. back to you. >> a quick question. the man with the mask that you spoke with. did he say why he was hiding his identity and why he wanted to give out this message to the public? >> he didn't tell us why he wanted to hide his identity. although he did say his name was anonymous. i think a lot of them are just trying to not be recognized by the media. and in case police want to go after them. but it seems like they're not going to be violent. i didn't flow what he was scared off. -- i didn't know what he was scared of.
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but i think he is part of the culture of being anonymous and standing up for yourself. >> worried about the backlash. gil, thank you. >> as you might imagine the streets in oakland are a bit of a mess when it comes to the complete. especially in the west oakland area. let's kick it over to elizabeth and find out what is going on. >> reporter: we will go right out to chopper 5. it sounds like the marchers are basically going down 7th street right now. as you mentioned, they have left the west oakland bart station and headed toward the port. and that is near 7th and maritime. that distance is about a mile and a half. so this is likely going to take them at least a half hour or so. and you can see there is a large group. so that street is pretty much blocked off. these are rolling closures, for a while, the northbound 880 ramp to 7th street was blocked by police. so again, protesters, the police presence, and there is a lot of -- some protesters presence and police as well closer toward the port. we can actually see them there. with their picket signs. this is just an ongoing situation. we expect delays, possible closures throughout the day actually. we can let you know, bart was
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never impacted, even though there was a cloud gathered there for a while. there are 57 bart trains, all on time. that is traffic. back to you. >> i think we will take a look at weather as well. we're seeing some showers as you're stepping outside this morning. cool conditions also sitting in the 40s as we take a look at high def doppler. you can see some of that wet weather across the bay. and as far north as santa rosa, down to the bay. and a look at san jose, you can see some of that moderate rainfall indicated by the yellow on your screen. the bay clear right now. at least not picking it up on doppler. but as we move to the north, we're going to see some -- we did see some more moderate showers earlier but it looks like light showers right now. and i will tell you how long you can expect to see that wet weather a little bit later on in the show. back to you guys. >> okay, thanks very much. now to a developing story. this morning, uc berkeley is trying to decide if it is safe to open up a large classroom and research building that was
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the site of a diesel spill. it happened over the weekend. now, the spill happened saturday at stanley hall and crews have been working to clean up the toxic mess. the building is supposed to house final exams sometime this morning as well. about 1700 gallons overflowed from a storage tank saturday as fuel was being transferred to a different tank. the fuel is used to power an emergency generator for the building. it leaked into storm drains and surfaced in a creek on campus, sending out some noxious fumes. >> it is like a bunch of kerosene lan teres, it smelled like, poured out basically, a lot of kerosene fumes. or gasoline fumes. it is really pungent, kind of makes you -- gives you a headache. >> the state and local agencies are monitoring the spill. because some of it could travel from the creek into the san francisco bay. the coast guard as a precaution has set up absorbent booms to block the diesel. if it does begin to seep into that marine environment. time now is 6:08.
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[ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. back live now, you can see the protesters working their way from the west oakland bart station. that started quietly this morning. around 5:00. about 50 or so congregating. it is now ballooned to well over 200. and highly organized. and they are getting close to the port of oakland right now. that's where they are going. as a number of protests today by the occupy movement, up and down the west coast oakland it is one of those target spots as well. we're also monitoring another situation, a live look inside where mayor jean quan and the acting police chief howard jordan will address the media about this march and the city of oakland. and that's coming up shortly. and once they start speaking,
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we will bring that to you live. >> grace? in the meantime, the president is trying to turn u.s. economic problems in his favor. hoping to convince voters that he is the best choice to turn things around. and in an interview that aired on cbs's "60 minutes" yesterday, the president says republicans have not come up with realistic solutions. >> do they think that cutting taxes further, including on the wealthy, cutting taxes on corporations, gutting regulations, do we think that that is going to be somehow more successful? >> he says does he think they will be more successful? the president said his administration saved the u.s. auto industry, and prevented a great depression. but he admitted it will take more than one term, and likely more than a presidency to get the economy back on track. 6:13 now. some accusers are set to testify today, or rather tomorrow, in a preliminary hearing for jerry sandusky. he is the former assistant
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football coach for penn state university. who is charged with sexually assaulting 10 boys. a local newspaper now reports conflicting stories now from this man assistant coach mike mcyeary who claims he witnessed jerry sandusky assault a boy in a campus shower stall in 2002. a family friend told the harrisburg patriot news mccreery told him back then he didn't actually see the assault but rather saw the boy peer out of the stall and then jerry sandusky leaving that stall shortly afterwards. and penn state former head coach joe paterno is recovering in the hospital now, from falling and breaking his pelvis. the 85-year-old won't need surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. paterno also undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for a treatable form of lung cancer. paterno was fired from penn state in the wake of the child sex abuse candle next month. rocky waters ahead for alcatraz, derailing plans for a
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big event. a college hoop game ens in bage brawl. the stiv punishment for both teams as these two teams went after one another. coming up. ,,,, or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion
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to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them,
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take a look at cho here is a look at the top story. we're following this morning. take a look. this is chopper 5. in oakland. anti-wall street protesters gearing up for a protest this morning. they're on the way to the port of oakland. and other ports up and down the west coast. and started small.
6:18 am
highly organized. around 50, around 5:00. well over 200 right now. and they haven't managed to shut down the oakland port yet. many truckers say they don't support this move. and a live report coming up in short order. but this is costing a bit of a ?a snafu in you're computing in that area. >> they gathered at the west oakland bart station this morning and they have been walking about the mile and a half distance since then toward the port of oakland and it it looks like they have pretty much arrived right there. this is where 7th turned into middle harbor road. for a while there were rolling closures on 7th street. but again, that should have wrapped up. for a while, they had to temporarily block the northbound 880 off-ramp to 7th street as well. there is a police presence. so again expect delays if you're computing around the port of oakland. it is never impacted bart. we were concerned about potential delays there by the west oakland bart station, so even though there was a large crowd gathered at one point, 57
6:19 am
train, actually more than 57 are all running on time. so the west oakland bart station, not impacted but again, we will continue to follow that developing story near the port of oakland and out to benecia now. we are also following this. an injury crash and for a while doing traffic control in this area and eastbound 780, right by 680, apparently there were injuries involved again. so lanes blocked. and we're not sure about the extent of the delays. but watch out for that. and in the meantime a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, usually they turn the metering lights on, 6:15 to 6:20 when they turn them on and likely not the case yet. you can see the drivers moving okay in this middle fast track lane, and that will likely change here any minute. there was a stall reported earlier, and i had mentioned that, right before the pay gates. and that is now clear. we saw the tow crew come and go. right now, just minimal delay, heading out toward the bay bridge. that is traffic. for a check of your traffic. here is kristy siefkin. >> thanks, elizabeth. waking up to wet weather through the bay area.
6:20 am
scattered through most of the bay and moderate rainfall in other locations. we take a look at high def doppler. and the wet weather up from santa rosa through parts of livermore and seeing some mix of rain and actually maybe a dusting of snow in the diablo range today. and the temperatures on the cooler side. in the 40s this morning. and certainly seeing some cloud cover as you're stepping outside. and then this afternoon, warming up into the 50s. and not going to see a whole lot of sunshine, continuing to see the cloudy conditions, and maybe even seeing a chance of rain into the afternoon. and this area of low pressure sliding down to the south and that means the majority of the wet weather is going to be seen to the south of us. and the bay area is going to pick up a little bit of rainfall today, maybe a few hundredths of an inch. highs this afternoon will look like this. 57 for redwood city and for mountain view. and san rafael topping out at 55. cooler at the coast. in pacifica. and 54 there. and same story for livermore. 54. and fairfield at 56 today. and now you see we will dry out for tuesday, same story for wednesday and a chance of wet weather back in the forecast, on thursday. and good news is, for friday
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and for your weekend, we are going to see mostly sunny skies. and those temperatures are bumping up a few degrees into the low 60s. in our warmest spots. that's a look at your forecast, back to you. >> 6:21. the latest battle for control of alcatraz island is under way. organizers and national park officials are haggling over the role alcatraz will play during the 34th america's cup race. the park service submitted 22 pages of comments and concerns about the environmental impact on the golden gate national recreation area. alcatraz is part of that. the san francisco planning commission will consider the environmental impact on thursday. and an amazing story of survival after a surfer goes face to face with a shark. so apparently this guy was riding waves near australia. and then out of nowhere, a shark jumped out of the water and came right for him. steven king was thrown in the air. he suffered some minor bite marks on his leg as you can see. his board took the brunt of it.
6:22 am
>> i'm probably the luckiest guy on two legs at the moment. unbelievable. >> lucky would be if he hadn't been attacked by the shark at all. it is all perspective. >> lucky all right. >> and he says the scariest part of the whole thing is that hours after the attack, he then saw some kids playing in the water, at the same beach. luckily no other attacks had been reported. >> apparently the shark took a bite of the board and spit it out and said you don't taste good. >> good thing he got the board. >> it is where they always go away. and never keep attacking. one little snip and then see ya later. 49ers fall a little bit short down in arizona. why the loss could be one of the biggest regrets of the season. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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of oakland. here's a live look. th back live, occupy oakland marchers have reached the port of oakland, the mile and a half from the west oakland bart station. you can see, they are trying to clog up the entrance there. and they arrived just moments ago, and oakland mayor jean quan set to speak around 6:30 and as soon as she steps up to the podium, we will have it for you live. in the meantime, we will bring you a little bit of sports. there was a heated cross-town rivalry that turned violent on
6:26 am
the basketball court. take a look. >> this is during the weekend game between the university of cincinnati and xavier. you can see fists flying. this is nine sections left in the xavier blowout. eight players from the two teams have been suspended. some of them from multiple games. we heard from the coaches earlier, they were very upset and they say very embarrassed about their players' behavior. >> i can only imagine. in the meantime, i think maybe our meteorologist lawrence, i can hear him crying. >> he is in mourning right now. everybody in the bay area is. it was not a good weekend for the two teams. the raiders found out why the packers are so good and undefeated at 13-0. green bay ran all over oakland yesterday. beat them up 46-16. and the 16 came late by the way. and now the second place in the as of west, behind tim tee bow who won again, and denver is hot right now and 49ers did not have much luck in arizona. they should have won the game. the cardinals had the go-ahead
6:27 am
touchdown in the fourth quarter early. and that was. it the niners could not answer the bell. lose 21-19. tied with new orleans for the second tede in the nfc. although they -- seed in the nfc. although they hold the tie- breaker, which means a first round bye and at least one home game during the playoffs. >> that's not such a big thing but the raiders are saying they may be out of the playoffs. they will need a little help. >> we will have to see. 6:27. the solyndra collapse led to dozens of layoffs but there is still hope for the new opportunity right here for some of the former employees. we're continuing to follow live pictures of the march which are about to shut down the port of oakland. protest verse just arrived there. we will -- protesters have just arrived there. we will tell you what effect they're having. we have team coverage. i'm unter hutson live at the port of oakland awaiting protesters as they make their way toward the terminal. the very latest just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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k mallicoat. time is good morning. it is monday, december 12. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. a busy morning. especially in the city of oakland. we continue to follow a developing story there, and all up and down the west coast this morning, right now marches have begun to shut down a number of ports, including the port of oakland, on your right side of your screen. live pictures from chopper 5.
6:31 am
protesters who have gone the mile and a half now, they're mile at the port of oakland and occupy protesters met early this morning, and they left the west oakland bart station about a half an hour ago, and they are now at the port, a number of streets have been shut down, in the area, as well. >> and of course, this is part of a larger movement that is happening up and down the west coast, all the way up to vancouver and down to los angeles, and on the left side of the screen, we are waiting for oakland mayor jean quan, as well as the acting police chief howard jordan to address the situation. and they were supposed to speak at 6:30. we are awaiting their report. coming up. in the meantime, we want to check in unter hudson on the ground at the port to tell us what is happening there right now. >> reporter: gorp -- good morning, grace. where we're at, there are no protesters to be seen yet but we know they're on the way. we have seen oakland police patrolling the area. otherwise, no extra security. it looks look business as usual this monday morning.
6:32 am
and the trucks are lined up ready to unload the cargo at the various terminals. the big question is why they're occupying the port and occupy protesters say the shipping companies are raking in billions in traffic and the employee conditions are continuing to get worse and the employee benefit rights are continually eroded. this serm nal is partially owned by -- this terminal is partially owned by goldman sachs, receiving billions in bailout money and the employees say we're part of the 99% and we're part of the ones being hurt. >> and we spoke with protesters who are firing back and saying if there is going to be change, everybody has to make sacrifices. >> a lot of people are already hurt by the mortgage crisis, by the crimes of the banks, by the wars, and we need to take control of our country back. and in that process, there will be sacrifices. some of the sacrifices will be decided by the people who make
6:33 am
the sacrifice, and some will be by others. and we're sad about that. >> reporter: now, the big union voted against supporting this morning's blockade. but they will not stop any individual members from joining in. and now, again, we are live here at the port of oakland. at the terminal here, ssa terminal at the port of oakland waiting for protesters to come down and we will bring you the latest. >> back to you. >> live pictures from chopper 5. it looks like they're very, very close. have had you any sight of these protesters? and how deep into the port are you? where are you located? >> we are about -- in the 1700 block of middle harbor road. which is the main stretch here, it is tough to see, because you can see these trucks are blocking the road view. so it is hard for me to see from the vantage point where i'm standing where the protesters are. but i can hear the choppers up above and like i said, i have seen more police patrolling the area. so i'm expecting them any time.
6:34 am
>> okay, live at the port of oakland, waiting for the protesters to come on down. >> that's where the protesters are ending up. of of course, they all began about a mile and a half away at the oakland bart station. >> gil diaz has more from the protesters early this morning. they are gone now. but he joins from the starting line, for lack of a better word. gil, good morning. >> reporter: yes, this is the starting line, frank and grace. and even though it is a little quieter at the west oakland bart station, there is still a lot of protesters arriving late. and the organizers of this march seem to be very prepared because those late comers are being then put on the buses, and will is one bus on 17th and then busing them directly to the port. a few minutes ago, there was probably six buses along 7th street. and one left standing. so they are very prepared this morning. but yes, it was a big turnout. they weren't quite sure how many would turn out. but take a look. a lot of them showed up. when we arrived at the station around 4:30, there were probably 50 of them. but it ballooned to hundreds of
6:35 am
them, and you can see on chopper 5, all through this morning, you can see there were hundreds. and i would say more than 500. and there are more of them showing up. especially now they're being bussed. many of them are holding picket signs, supporting the long shore union. and the long shore union is in a labor dispute in washington state right now. and some are here, holding other picket signs and they're here for other reasons. for example, one wanted more access to education. one college student reporting her sign that said, please lower my college tuition. now, not all of the protesters are from the bay area, and it turns out a lot of them came from far and wide to be here this morning and some coming from humbolt and shasta county and one came all the way from southern oregon and we asked her why she wanted to be here today. >> it is important for everyone to take part in this. if is important for everyone to stand up. and be heard. and be part of the change that is coming. and we are here to be part of
6:36 am
it. >> now, even though we are expecting to hear from mayor jean quan this morning, at a press conference, she did have an open letter to the protesters. she wrote, the port of oakland is not the home of the 1%. rather, it generates over 73,000 jobs. in the region. and it is connected to more than 800,000 jobs across the country. and just to let you know, the union leader also has told us that the union has not voted to support the march. back to you. >> in the meantime, we are waiting for the mayer to come out and speak any minute now. thanks, gil. and also, a bit of a traffic problem, obviously in that west oakland area, let's check in with elizabeth and find out what is cooking on that front. >> thanks, guys. we will go back out to chonner 5. as you saw -- chopper 5. as you saw, a really large crowd gathered several hundred people at the port of oakland. they did travel from the west oakland bart station, and took off on foot around 5:30 this morning and they have just arrived on the scene. you can see a large police presence as well. it look like they are trying to
6:37 am
block them from getting into the port itself. we're not sure what success they have had so far but in the last 15 minutes or so, they have arrived there. this is near 7th and player time. and close to where 7th tuns into middle harbor road. for a while they were actually rolling closures along 7th street. they had to partially block the northbound 880. 7th street offramp for a while as they made their way from the bart station. but again, right now, it looks like just those city street closures in and around oakland. the port of oakland. so developing story, we will continue to watch that. in the meantime, i want to tell you quickly about one accident. just reported in san francisco. and southbound 101. at cesar chavez. and it sounds like there are several lanes blocked, an accident involving three cars and a big rig. so more traffic coming up. in the meantime, let's get an update on your forecast. here's kristy siefkin. >> thanks, elizabeth. waking up to wet weather on a monday morning and scattered showers throughout the bay area and as we take a look at high def doppler, we can see exactly where that rain is falling right now, as we zoom in and we can see down into parts of san jose, that system is just moved a little bit to the north, and sunnyvale getting some wet
6:38 am
weather right now and as we make our way farther to the north and to the west, and seeing some showers, through hayward and parts of danville and wet weather as well. and to the north, seeing some raindrops as well. and petaluma getting rain right now. we will continue to see a chance of showers into the afternoon. and i will tell you, when we expect to see the storm taper off later in the show. but right now, back to you. >> thanks, christie. 6:38 now. on to the other developing story. a large building at uc berkeley is closed at there hour because of a diesel spill that happened over the weekend. and the spill happened saturday, at stanley hall. and crews have been working to clean up the toxic mess since yesterday. and this is just in time for the first day of final exams at the campus. 1700 gallons overflowed from a storage tank on saturday. this was as the fuel was being transfored to a different tank. the fuel leaked into storm drains and the surface of campus sending out noxious
6:39 am
fumes. >> it smelled like a bunch of kerosene lanterns that were poured out basically. a lot of kerosene fumes or gasoline fumes. it is really pungent you know, kind of makes you -- gives you a headache. >> state and local agencies are monitoring the spill because some of it could travel from the creek into san francisco bay. and the coast guard has set up absorbent booms to block the diesel if it does begin to seep into the marine environment. it is 6:39. the city of san jose is now stepping in to help workers laid off by the defunct solar company solyndra in fremont. kcbs radio matt bigler joins us live by telephone to explain what the city has to offer. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. yes, we're talking about both san jose and newark. both cities are offering these career fairs for former solyndra workers. they were laid off earlier this summer. we talked to john ruster with san jose's economic development office. and he says the re-employment services being offered include skill assessments, occupational
6:40 am
training, job postings, basically a chance to upgrade their high-tech skills. he is optimistic that former solyndra workers, about 1,000 of them, will be able to find new employment in manufacturing and green technology. >> the top 10 contract manufacturing firms, the top 10 largest in the world, are all located in and around san jose. so a lot of the jobs that solyndra employees were doing, they will be applicable for those kind of jobs, as well as with clean technology companies that are emerging as well. >> the career fairs are being held today, wednesday, and friday. and they are free. thanks to some assistance from the federal government. and space is limited. so anyone interested in attending is encouraged to register online. ahead of time. and meanwhile, solyndra continues to be investigated by the department of energy and the fbi. over how the company spent its half billion dollars federal loan guarantee. and the republican-led house
6:41 am
energy committee continues to release e-mails between the company and investors. the latest email shows that the company was in crisis mode. as early as may of 2010. that was just weeks before president obama's high profile visit. but good news today. for former solyndra employees. hopefully they're going to get some of the help they need to find new jobs. that's the latest, back to you guys. >> okay, matt bigler, live for us, thanks very much. time now is 6:41. well, we have all heard about cyber monday. but it is a big day for shoppers. we will tell you why, and what could be a big boost for our mi. >> mi -- our economy. >> the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. and the early numbers. not so good. a bummer monday so far. down 117 points. jason brooks will be along, live, in just a moment. we will chat with him about
6:42 am
today's numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 am
the market a happy monday to you, bay area. waking up to some wet conditions as you're stepping outside today. scattered showers throughout the bay area. and as we take a look at high def doppler, you can see some of the areas that are being hit right now. in fact, we will zoom in to
6:45 am
hayward, union city area and you can see some of the light to moderate showers. a little bit of yellow showing up there on our doppler. and we will continue to see these showers into the afternoon. we should dry out though by this evening. and cool temperatures as you're stepping outside this morning. 45 in redwood city. oakland, a a few degrees warmer at 48. and fairfield on the cooler side at 43. and santa rosa at 42. this area of low pressure is sliding to the south, and that's bringing the moisture to us right here in the bay. and the majority of that wet weather will be concentrated to the south of us. so parts of southern california, going to get a little built more moisture than what we are seeing today. our afternoon highs are going to be in the 50s for the most part. not a big spread today. 57 in mountain view. and san francisco at 56. and fairfield at 56. and concord in the mid-50s and same story for santa rosa. and now we will dry out by this even can and then tomorrow, as -- evening and then tomorrow as high pressure begins to build, the drier conditions and a little more sunshine and same store for wednesday. and take a look at thursday. we will see another chance of
6:46 am
rainmaking its way into the bay. good news is, as we look at the weekend, we are going to dry out and warm up. at least by a few degrees in those inland locations. and let's go over to elizabeth now and take a look at the wet roadways. >> yes, it has caused a couple of problems so far this morning. several spinouts on some of the on and off-ramps. one of the bigger issues right now. a slight location change, southbound 101 before interstate 80. an accident there, it is actually just cleared to the right shoulder. it was involving a big rig and what sounded like several other cars. there were lanes blocked. and right now everything off to the shoulder. we were seeing a little bit of slowing in our camera. in that general area. so watch out for that. otherwise we're seeing a lot of slowing this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. they turned the metering lights on around 620 or so and now we've got backups in all lanes. backed up toward the very end of the parking lots. maybe 10 minutes to get you on to the bridge. and then just your usual commute across that stretch. but again, as you can see it, is damp out there. kristy siefkin mentioned the rain showers outside. a live look across the golden
6:47 am
gate bridge. it looks a little bit better than earlier this morning. right now, a pretty good drive out of marin county. a live look at our traffic centers coming out of the altamont pass. starting to get busy. 27 minutes is your drive time across that stretch. you can see it starts to get busy toward livermore. and brake lights at the silicon valley ride already. it is a little early. westbound 237 leaving millipitas. it looks like that to stanger road. we had one earlier fender- bender on an off-ramp on highway 4 through antioch. it is now gone. now we just have the brake lights from antioch and continues to the pittsburg concord area. we will have a check of mass transit, coming up. >> and in the meantime, back to you. 6:47. europe's debt crisis driving the markets again this morning. >> stocks are heading south in the early going. let's check in with jason brooks with kcbs and cbs money watch .com. here we go again. >> and i will try to keep this quick. i know you have the mayor quan press conference coming up on
6:48 am
occupy oakland. the numbers are down considerably. amid worries about the debt deal reached in europe last week. moody's say it doesn't see anything new come out of it. most of it is old measures and it will put all of the measures of the european markets on review. intel this morning, lowering the fourth quarter revenue forecast considerably because of supply shortages of hard disk drives coming out of thailand. significant flooding has occurred there in the fall caused all sorts of problems and intel shares are down on that after the revenue is coming in at about 13.4 to $14 billion. and that is considerably less than what was expected. that's impacting not only chip makers but also companies that build pc's like hp and dell. looking at the stock market right now, the dow is dropping by 120 points. nasdaq is off by 38. and the s&p down by 15. back to you guys. >> and thanks, jason. we want to go back out
6:49 am
oakland, to the emergency operation center. >> mayor jean quan is about to talk to the media about occupy oakland in the march through the port of oakland and let's check in now with her live press conference. >> we will respond accordingly. thank you. >> good morning. my name is omar benjamin. i'm the executive director of the port of oakland. also joining me is pamela calloway, the president of the board of port commissioners. one week ago, the port of oakland sent a message to all of our stake holders throughout this region to keep our port open. this was in response to the call to shut down our port once again. we said it then and we say it now. closing the port is a bad idea. the port is connected to over 73,000 jobs in the region. and more than 800 jobs across the country. these are just not numbers. these are good jobs, held by real working people. and working families.
6:50 am
disrupting the port hurts them. it would also hurt our community, at a time when unemployment is high. and the economy is weak. the port of oakland is a public agency. led by volunteer public servants. appointed by our elected officials. it is our responsibility to keep our port open. and fully operational. that is why our goal today is to keep -- is to minimize disruptions to workers and working families that depend on the port of oakland. we will do so in a way that places paramount importance on everyone's safety and security. and which is respectful of everyone's first amendment rights. we have activated the port's emergency operating center. and we have integrated our work with the city's emergency operations center. we are in close contact with our terminal operators. shipping companies. and labor partners. and communities. we will be providing updates throughout the day.
6:51 am
thank you. >> good morning. in the 11 months i have been here the port of oakland has been one of our top priorities because it is one of the economic engines of our region, of our city. it is one of the places where blue collar workers in particular and the city, can get well-paying jobs. thousands of people work at the port of oakland. thousands more in agriculture and warehouse, and other logistics throughout the bay area, depend on the port of oakland. so we're working hard today to keep the port operations going, with minimum disruptions. we urge the demonstrators who are coming to the port to respect the rights of the 99% who are trying to work today. and to keep their protest peaceful. so far, it seems to be going well. and operations are minimally disrupted. and we hope that this will continue for today. thank you. >> that concludes our statements for right now.
6:52 am
we are also, i failed to mention are joined by the oakland police department deputy chief israel as well as deanna santana, city administrator for the city of oakland. we will now take a few questions. >> you're listening in live to the oakland mayor jean quan as she addressed the hundreds of protesters who marched from west oakland to the port of oakland, joining a larger group, up and down the west coast, trying to shut down these ports, and the mayor pointing out that this is a very important economic hub for the city. thousands of people depending on the port. and she is urging them not to shut it down. >> 73,000 jobs, just here in the region, and 800,000 around the nation, and they're asking for a peaceful protest. and hopefully not to disrupt that port in a big way. we have much more. >> i was going to say, it has been okay but they are expecting to go back out there this afternoon so we will have to see what develops throughout the day. >> that was the mayor's plea a moment ago and omar benjamin
6:53 am
the executive directer of the port as well. grace and i will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
ok, trevor where's the big dipper? over there! trevor is a space wiz and he's battling a brain tumor. he came to st. jude children's research hospital where our pioneering research helps save kids, with brain tumors across america.
6:55 am
how many stars are there? oh, that's easy... one... two... three... get outta here. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. go to st. or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass. 5,000,001... 5,000,002... get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. and just in the last half hour, hundreds of protesters have reached the entrance to the port of oakland. >> so far, the protesters have trying to prevent shipping activity for the entire day. and not only at the port of
6:56 am
oakland but up and down the west coast. this is the second time they've done this in a couple of months. part of a simultaneous demonstration. as i mentioned, 11 ports actually up and down the west coast. unter hutson on the ground. there at the entrance. with what is happening now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank, grace. we are live at the port of oakland. you can see the line behind me, these are trucks who are waiting to get to port 55 and 56, one of the term nams that the occupy protest movement is going to target and picket at this morning. but right now, you can see it is business as usual as these trucks line up waiting to unload and given instruction as to what to do next. what we're being told is that the protesters will plan to picket the area, put up a blockade and prevent these trucks from going in. because they know that this is one of the term nams where ships have come -- terminals where ships have come in this morning. why are the ports being targeted? many of the protest rers telling us why the parent companies are raking in billions of dollars, the working conditions at the ports continue to get worse. and benefits and rights are
6:57 am
being taken away. that's one of the reasons why they're targeting this area. this port actually belongs to terminal ssa, which is partially owned by the investment bank goldman sachs and we all know they received billions in bailout money from the u.s. government. and many of the truck drivers and some of the employees who work here say if these ports are shut down, it is the 99%, these workers, who lose money. and they're concerned about losing a day's pay. and the protesters are firing back and saying look if we bring about change, everybody has to make sacrifices. so we continue to wait, as these protesters make their way through middle harbor road, which is the main thoroughfare and right now you can see the trucks are lining up, trying to get through, and we will continue to bring you the latest throughout the day. back to you. >> thank you, live at the port of oakland. >> a few minutes ago you heard from the oakland mayor jean quan, talking about this very thing. the port possibly shutting down. >> she said the goal today is to minimize the disruption at the port. the port's emergency operating
6:58 am
center has been activated this morning as well. here is the mayor. >> so we're working hard today to keep the port operations going, with minimum disruption. we urge the demonstrators who are coming to the port to respect the rights of the 99% who are trying to work today. and to keep their protests peaceful. so far, it seems to be going well. >> this is not the first plea from mayor quan. yesterday, she asked protesters to reconsider their plans to close the port. clearly they did not. they are continuing and will continue throughout the day with another march planned at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> some hardy protesters out there. because it has been a little bit on the damp side, too. >> i don't see any umbrellas popped up quite yet. but seeing scattered showers throughout the bay area. high def doppler showing that and in fact some moderate rainfall in areas as well. temperatures this afternoon, not going to be too warm. sitting in the 50s for the most part and high 50s in the warmest locations and the wet weather persisting in the afternoon and chance of showers drying out tonight and seeing more sunshine tuesday and
6:59 am
wednesday as high pressure builds and look at thursday, that's where we might see another round of rain making its way to the bay area. good news for the weekend, we should dry out and warm up nicely. so looking to the weekend already. if you can't stand the wet weather today. >> thank you. and we will go live out to millipitas, northbound 880 and the westbound 237 connector ramp. some of the traffic lights are not working correctly. we saw kind of a bigger backup than we usually see. and typically this happens closer toward 7:00 in the morning. that's why you're seeing extra brake lights across that stretch. some of the traffic lights, apparently they're working to fix the problem right now. in the meantime, usual slow traffic headed to the bay bridge toll plaza. apparently it is already backed up to the macarthur maze. busy monday morning headed into stran right now. no major incidents but looking at a 20 minute wait. and bart, all trains are running on time. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. thank you for watching cbs 5 early edition. the next local update coming


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