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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 31, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a record robbery and kidnapping turns into a wild chase through one bay area city. the collateral damage left behind. a baby. too much. >> a 5-year-old boy shot and killed standing near his family. the search for a motive and the gunman. ask for your vote. >> a fight to the finish in iowa. the critical group of voters that candidates are fighting to win over. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a 911 call about an attempted kidnapping turns into a high-speed car chase across much of san francisco. it all started around 2:00 this afternoon when someone called police to report a
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kidnapping and stolen laptop in soma. half hour later officers spotted a suspect car in the tenderloin and began chasing them. they ended up on highway 101 and into the bayview district. the suspect hit a man in a wheelchair, hit three cars. police caught up with the two suspects in ingleside and took them into custody. well, people in oakland are trying to come to terms with the gun violence that has claimed the life of another child. this time a 5-year-old boy. he was with his family in east oakland last night when shots were fired. 110 people have been killed in the city this year. this afternoon, family, friends and church leaders gathered at a memorial. they placed crosses at the saint columbia catholic church. one was dedicated to the memory of the little boy. elizabeth wenger with more on the life cut short.
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>> reporter: another tragedy in oakland, another innocent child killed. >> i couldn't sleep last night ever since i heard in the news that he was dead. >> reporter: family, friends of the young shooting victim gathered at 55th and international where it happened. they lit candles, prayed and shed tears over a life cut short. >> he played with my baby. i know him since he was little. [ crying ] >> i know his family. they're good people. >> reporter: 5-year-old gabriel martinez, jr., was standing near his family's taco truck when shots rang out. he was the only one hit. the gunman was waiting for the food order when he pulled out the weapon. no motive. >> supposed to stop that. it's a baby. too much. >> reporter: by many accounts the martinez family is well liked in the community. and called hard working. >> come and working and i tell every time he be careful because right here a lot of stuff. >> reporter: gabriel is the
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third child shot and killed in oakland since august. sew the summer 3-year-old carlos nava was fatally shot less than a mile from last month's shooting and last month another toddler died after being struck in the head weeks shy of his second birthday, members of the community can't believe another family has to bury a child. >> i could be eating at the taco truck when this happened and my daughter could have been shot. you know? people should just stop the violence. >> reporter: in oakland, elizabeth wenger, cbs 5. police are still looking for a suspect. witnesses tell police it's a black man in his 30s with a goatee and he was accompanied by a black woman. most of the republican presidential hopefuls are making a last-minute blitz through iowa before tuesday's caucuses. danielle nottingham is in des moines where the state's undecided voters could determine the outcome next week. danielle. >> reporter: ann, this race has been unpredictable from
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the start and the candidates who the media used to ignore are finding themselves the center of attention. it's the final stretch before tuesday's caucuses in iowa. rick santorum's campaign strategy delivered a last- minute stadium. >> we felt we gave them a strong message and bold plan to get this country turned around that the people of iowa would respond. >> reporter: this holiday weekend, time is running out for the gop hopefuls to win over undecided voters. >> going to ask for your vote. >> reporter: that means working the phones. >> love to have your help. >> reporter: and crisscrossing iowa. >> we actually need a positive solution's oriented campaign. >> reporter: mitt romney is focusing on the first two states that kick off the primary season. >> thank you for being here this morning. >> reporter: he started saturday in new hampshire before ending his day back in iowa. a strong finish in iowa could give new life to a candidate's
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campaign. recent polls show mitt romney and ron paul are leading the pack but the win is still up for grabs. one family drove an hour to meet rick santorum to help make up their minds. >> i'm looking for somebody that can express the republican ideas and convince independents to come over. >> reporter: the polls are leading toward santorum. >> we are trying to meet some of the candidates to see the confidence we have in them. >> reporter: they haven't made their final decision either and say they likely won't until they caucus tuesday night. amend they have just a few days to make -- and they have just a few days to make that decision. >> let me ask you about the des moines register poll that came out a few minutes ago. what is it showing? pretty influential. >> reporter: right now, it shows mitt romney holding on to his lead. ron paul is second and rick santorum finishes in third. but the poll was taken over a
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four-day period and if you look at the last two days of polling, rick santorum jumped to second place and he is just a few points behind mitt romney. so again, this race is still very unpredictable. rick santorum still riding the surge in iowa so it's no telling who will come out on top on tuesday. >> danielle nottingham, thank you. joining me now is cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. we just heard that the undecideds are still undecided. a poll shows romney might be able to win. if you are a democrat, who do you want to win this? >> if you are barack obama and you are look be at this primary, the person you don't want to see coming out of this with a win is mitt romney and you're glad that jon huntsman is written off because those are the people who are likely to attract core voters that barack obama will be going after in the fall, independents. barack obama's people know very well that in 2012, ann,
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the demographic profile of the new voters coming in will not include a lot of young voters like in 2008. so it's going back to a kind of a traditional campaign year about independents, slightly older middle class voters. that's why obama is focused on the middle class. the truth is romney's resume' and jon huntsman's position on issues have traction with independents. so people you don't want to see are those people. who you would like to see? michele bachmann, rick perry, love to see rick perry and probably wouldn't even mind seeing ron paul because although i find him very entertaining and interesting intellectually he is going to be too wacky for some voters. barack obama would have a field day with him. >> the democrats want somebody less moderate, how would they stack up maybe a mitt romney against obama if he ends up being that candidate. >> very good question. i think the answer is that it depends not just on whether or not romney can get the nomination. that's still remains to be seen. winning in iowa and new hampshire doesn't portend winning in the south where
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people look at the fact that he is a mormon is a problem. the other thing that the republican party needs to do is develop a message that will deliver the knockout blow to the president. the president is going to be focused on the middle class. the republicans right now are mostly running on the premise that they are against obama but they haven't said what they are for. we are waiting to see after iowa what that is. >> new hampshire is coming up. thank you, joe. ringing in 2012 with a raise. the bay area city where the minimum wage is about to break a barrier and why some businesses worry it could backfire. the preparations under way right now for the bay area's most glamorous new year's eve party. and around the bay here this evening, we see temperatures in the mid-50s for most locations. we're headed for another cool evening here as mostly clear skies will result in a little patchy frost possible in some of the north bay valleys. we'll look for mid to up 30s there. continued dry and mild into the new year.
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i'll have your forecast coming up next.
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strike again tonight. overnigh authorities in hollywood are worried an arsonist could strike again tonight. overnight someone set 13 fires mostly in north hollywood. a day earlier there were two dozen fires. many of them in carports and garages. several cars were burned. no one was hurt. but a man had to be rescued. firefighters will be stationed around l.a. tonight as authorities ramp up efforts to catch the arsonist. there is a $60,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. san jose police are trying to untangle the events surrounding a machete attack. police were called to the home on johnston avenue last night. inside, they found two women who had apparently been attacked. one woman died from her injuries. the second was treated at a hospital and released. police found a machete-like weapon at the scene. at first they thought it was a home invasion. but investigators now believe
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the second woman 40-year-old sagal sadiq was the attacker. however, they don't know what her relationship with the victim was or the motive. sadiq has been booked on suspicion of homicide. the director of the fine arts museum of san francisco has died. john buchanan, jr., died yesterday after a battle with cancer. during his five-year tenure, attendance reached all-time highs. mayor lee says unhis direction the city museums were the finest in the world. john buchanan was 58 years old. san francisco already has the highest minimum wage in the nation. and tomorrow the city will be the first to break the $10 mark. minimum wage will increase to $10.24. that's nearly $3 more than the federal minimum wage. experts say the new wage is not all that high compared to the cost of living in san francisco. but some business owners say the wages rise will hurt their
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bottom line. >> especially in this nickel and dime economy it's not as though we can raise our operations. it's a recession. if you raise your prices, people go elsewhere. >> the cost of living is very different in different places around the country. in san francisco, it is very high. and so a minimum wage of $10 an hour is not at all high relative to that cost of living. >> much more on this story coming up on the cbs evening news. and coming up, the big tune-up before the fireworks. the bay area gets ready to ring in the new year.
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the area has been packed since here's a live look at times square in new york city.
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though area has been packed since midafternoon. more than a million people are expected tonight there to watch the crystal ball drop. that will be followed by several thousand pounds of confetti raining down. it is already 2012 in some parts of the world and here you can see a few of the spectacular celebrations that are taking place from dubai to moscow to beijing. don knapp is in symphony hall in san francisco where preparations are under way for the party in the bay area. >> reporter: that's right. we suppose by now most people have made their plans for how they are going to spend this new year's eve. but there are still some really nice options available including the one here at symphony human. ted and i were inside a while ago and saw them putting on the final touches including tuning up the big band they call the orchestra. the san francisco symphony's new year's eve masquerade ball is billed as the most glamorous chance to ring in the new year. this afternoon they were being rehearsed by conductor michael
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frances with a violinist. it begins at 8 with drinks, 9:00 the concert and at 10:30, folks can dance on stage. it may sound like upper crust but not really. >> everything the symphony does is for everybody. actually it's our centennial season this year and we were founded 100 years ago as an orchestra for the community and this is one of those events where everybody comes out to celebrate the new year in style. it's one of the more elegant events. >> reporter: tickets are still available and will be at the door until about 8:00 this evening. prices range from $115 to $195 apiece. there are lots of other events around the bay area of course, big ee haven't at hotel and little events in communities and big events at hotels. even the uss hornet at the former alameda naval air station. there are certainly some less expensive options including that big one for free that's going to entice about 200,000 people to watch the fireworks
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at the embarcadero at midnight. if you are going out tonight, get a free ride on public transportation. some public transportation. muni, caltrain and santa clara vta are all waiving fairs. trips on bart won't be free but there will be extra service tonight and trains will run until 3 a.m. all right. jim bernard, we saw the crowd out there at times square. it's going to be fairly warm by their standards. how about for us. very warm by new york standards and we see nothing but high clouds across the bay now. could be patchy fog forming in the early-morning hours after th -- after the fireworks. partly cloudy, cool through the evening. patchy morning fog, dry and mild through the week which means our new year's will start much like the old one ended as we look for high pressure prevailing across the west. once again keeping us high and dry here through the week. we do see a "spare the air" alert up for tomorrow again. that high pressure system
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resulting in a stagnant air pattern not much mixing in the atmosphere. air quality in the north bay will be worse. moderate throughout the bay area and likely with us into the beginning of the week, as well. we'll look for our lows tonight again cool in the north bay valleys. mid- to upper 30s there. back at the water we expect mid- to low-40s with high, thin clouds and patchy fog forming in the early-morning hours. clouds offshore but again that high pressure system should keep them going by to our north. we saw some rain clip far northern california here this week. otherwise mostly dry across the state. high pressure back in control here rebuilding across the west that will keep the storm track to our north. we may get some clouds from it come midweek on wednesday. could bring a few showers down to the north bay. but for the most part look for partly cloudy conditions with cool nights and warm days here through the week into next weekend where we see continued dry conditions. we'll look for highs tomorrow again on the warm side mid- to
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low-60s for most locations. back at the beach even there they will see some low 60s here as once again the seven- day forecast brings low patchy fog in first thing in the morning continued warm with a slight cooldown through midweek and that slim chance of a few showers in the north bay on thursday. otherwise, high and dry into and through next weekend. right now let's check in with gary with our sports highlights for today. >> all right, thanks a lot. hey, coming up in sports, the best of they said it. the top sound bites of the year and don't miss these. college hoops. highlights after the break.
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three's, in their 74-45 win over pepperdine... the gaels down in malibu this afternoon st. mary's knocked down ten threes in their win over pepperdine improving to 13-2 this season. the bears hosting ucla. first half cobb to gutierrez for the lay-in 12 in the first half. jorge finished with 16. bruins close. cal led by one at the half. sec half all bears though. cal went on a 24-6 run and blew it open. crabbe with a three right there. he led the bears with 20 points. all five starters were in double figures. as a team cal shot 65% from the field. walk on junior had fun. the bears beat the bruins 85-
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69. across the bay, johnnie dawkins and the cardinal taking on usc. the stanford defense helped the trojans leading scorer mo jones to a season low 5 one of 12 shooting. second half cardinal up 5, bright gets free and hits the three. he had a game-high 16 points. stanford sweeps the l.a. schools. they beat usc51-43. kraft fight hunger bowl at at&t park had two teams extremely hungry for a bowl win. both schools have interim coaches. ucla has a 6-7 record and illinois had one since october 8. jerry rice the honorary captain. his son jerry junior is a receiver for the bruins. late in the third, ucla up 7-3. prince is picked off by hawthorne and returned it for the touchdown. illinois snaps a six-game losing streak and wins the hunger bowl 20-14. utah the only pack 12 team with something to celebrate. it's a good day for them.
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john white with the handoff on third and goal and fought in for the game winning touchdown in overtime. the utes come back after being down 24-10 in the 4th to beat georgia 30-27 in the sun bowl. every sunday we end game day with the they said it award for this week's best sound bite so here's a look back at the best they said it winners from 2011. >> i'm a man! i'm 40! i want winners. >> the message. first of all she looks really grumpy and her boobs are bigger. >> oh, my goodness. >> i want to go to disneyworld with my family. and nobody asked me on tv but that's where i want to go preferably free. >> dad, i'm retiring. he was like, how many points you got? like 28. he was like you dummy. if you hit some free throws like i taught you how to shoot them you would have had 30,000 points. >> drop to a party. i know what happens. smiling at the girls, smiling
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thinking she is in love with you. let me tell you something. if she ain't smiling back, time to go. >> insurance. >> i think that's a phenomenal idea just in case one day i wake up and someone is scissoring my face. >> lord, i want to thanker for my smoking hot wife lisa and my two children. we like to call them the little es. lord i pray a blessing drivers used from tonight boogedy boogedy boogedy amen. >> won't even fight me like a man after. so someone texts me his address i'll go see him wednesday at his house and show him what he really needs. he needs a frigging whooping. >> what's a pat ajuan? >> i watched "star wars" once and empire strikes back. i ain't seen nothing of that. known what a padawan s you didn't call me a bad name, did you? >> how will you celebrate this evening? >> uhm....
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you know just go home take a bath, chill out, and, you know, watch the game. [ laughter ] >> you know, i can't tell you, player. >> i go to school at a place where they discovered the vaccine for polio and created benadryl. i think that's more important than winning a basketball game. >> i have never been them barrassed. i'm hoping president williams doesn't ask me to resign after that. >> you need to be more like a dog. we don't need a bunch of cats in here looking in the mirror do, i look good i got me extra bands on my other shoes? -- be a dog. >> laugh >> dog. >> be a dog. >> yeah, those are always fun to see those. he is right though. if shaq would have hit some three throws he would have hit 30,000 points. >> i'm all thrown off. i'm saying tomorrow is the rose bowl. it's not tomorrow. it's monday. >> yeah. we have all nfl tomorrow which is going to be great. yeah. raiders, big game. >> they need to win and need a loss by denver to get in. >> we'll have the news in half
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hour. of course on >> caption colorado, llc
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