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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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in just one hour, we say goodbye to 2011. thousands gathering along the waterfront right now but will they be able to see the fireworks. good evening. many are saying good riddance to 2011. hundreds of thousands of revellers are waiting for the
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countdown on embarcadero where 2012 will be welcomed with a fireworks display. don is here with more. >> nice combination coming together which may bring out a record crowd. a clear night so you may be able to see the fireworks for a change. it's free. so folks are coming from all over the bay area to watch what's called the best show in the bay area. as the year 2011 was fading away, people gathered along the embarcadero to kiss it off and welcome in 2012. with 2012 expecting, it's a good party. the orchestra was rehearsing
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today. the program to begin at 8, the concert at 9, and folks could get on stage and dance. the director oliver tile says not really. >> everything in the symphony is for everybody. it's our centennial season and we were founded a hundred years ago as an orchestra for the entire community and this is one of the events where people come out to celebrate the new year in style. it's one of the more elegant events. >> reporter: back here on the embarcadero we asked those waiting for the fireworks their hopes for the new year. >> good health, great new year, and just the best for my family. >> for people who are unemployed to find a job, for the economy to improve, for people to be able to care for their family. >> better economy. better -- more jobs for people. >> reporter: and this man says he hopes everyone gets home safely. in fact he says his law firm
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will pay up to $35 for your cab ride from your bar and restaurant to home. >> our law firm will pick up the tab. >> reporter: the deal is with veterans cabs and mr. burg says they expect it will cost his firm up to $20,000. >> don, happy new year from us at the station where you are out in the cold. >> reporter: same to you, thank you. >> thanks. we still have a little less than an hour to go until midnight but in new york 2012 is already two hours old. the crystal ball with more than 30,000 lights descended on time square at 9:00 our time. as many as a million people filled the streets to bring in the new year. it was followed by fireworks and
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a ton of confetti. disney, australia, launched 2012 with a spectacular fireworks display over the harbor. fireworks were launched from seven skyscrapers and bargeses. the show cost $6.5 million. in taiwan tens of thousands gathered in front of the 101 building to celebrate the new year. the display of 30,000 fireworks lasted over three minutes. it marks the beginning of the 101st year of the republic of china, taiwan's formal name. this is the first photo of the recovered squirrel monkey believed stolen from the san fransisco zoo early friday morning. vandals cut through a back gate and made two holes into the mesh surrounding the monkey enclosure. the 17-year-old monkey was
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missing. the monkey was found. banana sam is in good health, say zookeepers. >> he looks good. he was shaken up. he was definitely very hungry, very thirsty, and trembling, but he looks good considering the circumstances. >> banana sam won't be on exhibit for a while. he needs to recover and the exhibit is closed for renovations but he'll be back on view when the exhibit reopens. san fransisco police are trying to untangle the events after a machete attack that left one woman dead and another behind bars. police were called to a home on johnston avenue late last night. they found two women who were attacked and one died. the second was treated and released. police found a machete-like weapon in the house and thought it was a home invasion but they believe the second woman, sagal sadiq was the attacker.
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they don't know what the relationship was with the victim or the motive. a lot of people in oakland are hoping next year will be less violent, a 5-year-old boy was shot and killed last night. he is the third young child lost to gun violence since august. he was with his family in east oakland when shots were fired at a taco truck. parents are pleading for the violence to stop. >> reporter: another tragedy in oakland. another innocent child killed. >> ever since i heard in the news i can't stop crying. >> reporter: family friends of the young shooting victim gathered where it happened. they lit candles, prayed, and shed tears over a life cut short. >> he played with my baby. i know him since he was little. i know his family. they're good people. >> reporter: 5-year-old gabriel martinez, jr. was standing near his family's taco truck shortly after 8:30 last night when shots rang out. he was the only one hit.
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friends say the gunman was waiting for his food order when he pulled out the weapon. police don't have a motive. >> it's a baby. >> reporter: by many accounts the martinez family is well liked in the community. and called hard working. >> i working and i tell every time be careful be careful because right here a lot of stuff. >> reporter: gabriel is the third child shot and killed in oakland since august. over the summer 3-year-old carlos nava was shot less than a mile from last night's shooting and another toddler was in the line of gunfire and died after being struck in the head. just weeks shy of his second birthday. members of this community can't believe another family has to bury their child. >> i could have been in the taco shot when this happened and my daughter could have been shot. people should just stop the violence. >> reporter: in oakland,
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elizabeth winger, cbs 5. >> police are looking for a suspect. police describe him as an african american man in his 20s with glasses and a goatee. he was accompanied by a woman friend. they got away in a light colored four door sedan. victims like gabriel martinez were remembered today. people gathered to place crosses at a church. 110 people were killed in oakland this year this. is the eighth year this memorial has been held. a third night of arsons has southern california on edge tonight. for the past two nights 30 vehicles in and around hollywood have been torched and exploded. all of the cars were fire bombed and in some cases burned the apartments above them. tonight six new incidents one of which set a car port on fire. and local law enforcement have called upon the federal
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government for help. the first head to head contest of the 2012 presidential election takes place on tuesday. the new poll shows the front runner still in the lead, but a back. the pack candidate is surging. >> reporter: the new poll confirms santorrum surge. >> we hope to get the country turn around. >> reporter: this holiday weekend the time is running out for the g.o.p. hopefuls to win over undecided voters. >> phoning to ask for your vote. >> reporter: that means working the house and criss-crossing iowa. >> we need a positive solutions oriented campaign. >> reporter: in sioux city mitt romney ignored his g.o.p. rivals.
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>> the battle for the soul of america is going to begin on tuesday evening. >> reporter: the poll released saturday night shows romney in the lead followed by ron paul and rick santorum. looking at the survey, santorum catapulted to second place. this couple drove down to make up their mind. >> i'm hoping to find someone who express the republican ideas and convince independents to come over. >> reporter: the coalpeters are leaning toward santorum. >> we want to meet the candidates. >> reporter: they haven't made their final decision and say they likely won't until they caucus tuesday night. . still to come, ringing in 2012 with a race.
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mostly clear skies out across the bay area this evening with temperatures ranging from the mid-30s in the north bay into the mid to low 50s around the bay. we'll look for a lovely evening here with fireworks, mostly clear, patchy fog developing in the morning hours, and then we'll go sunny and mild for the rest of the day. your dry forecast coming up next.
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. three, two, one. [ cheering ]. . cheers, confetti, a laser light show and balloons helped ring in the new year in beijing. they gathered in front of the 600-year-old royal temple. low wage workers in san fransisco will ring in the new year with a raise. the city which has the highest minimum wage in the nation will be the first to break the $10 mark. but not everybody is happy about the pay like. why the business community says the increase will hurt their bottom line. >> reporter: low paying workers in san fransisco were getting the highest wage in the country.
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but this breaks a barrier. >> is that a ridiculous sum for a minimum wage. >> no because the cost of living is very different throughout the country. here it's high. so minimum wage of $10 is not high compared to the cost of living. >> reporter: many san fransisco employers say this is no time to be forcing a pay raise. restaurant owner dan schroeder says the increase will come out of his bottom line. >> especially in this nickel dime economy, it's not like we can raise our prices. it's a recession. you raise the prices people go elsewhere. >> reporter: steve fauk, the president of the chamber of commerce, says the city's high minimum wage has cost jobs. >> for the most part, employers of lower wage workers are doing more with less. there are fewer servers in restaurants, fewer employees in
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hotels. >> reporter: still, san fransisco's unemployment rate at 7.8% is well below california's 11.3% and robert wright says there's no evidence that a minimum wage destroys jobs. >> it's true that if everybody in america was willing to work for $1 an hour we'd have more jobs. but who wants those jobs? >> reporter: a recent poll shows 67% of americans favor a minimum wage of $10 an hour but as 2012 begins, only here in san fransisco will minimum wage workers be getting that much. . all right. let's check in with the weather. a lot of folks out there waiting for the fireworks. will they see them? >> they will, indeed. >> yay! >> even as we speak, almost clear skies out there. a lot of moon light reflecting on the water and high thin clouds over the bay area at this
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hour. we'll see more clouds by sunup but for now the fireworks should go off without a hitch as far as the weather is concerned as we see again a lot of people starting to show up on the embarrack daro. partly cloudy in the morning, patchy morning fog, otherwise dry and mild here through the next week. it looks like the new year will begin much like the old one, with a dry pattern in place across the bay area and again we have another spare the air alert up due to a stagnant air pattern here. high pressure over the area means sinking air and not much mixing in the upper levels of the add moss fear and the quality takes -- atmosphere and the quality takes a hit. the fog will warm things up in the northern valleys, low 40s, upper 30s. in the bay, mid to upper 40s
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right now we're in the mid-50s for temperatures outside. lovely evening here. for new year's eve a mass of clouds off the coast but it's all going by to our north. we may catch the tail end of some of this which will bring clouds to the area but not looking for rain out of this as begin high pressure builds off the coast and then moves inland over the next couple of days sending the approaching systems well to our north, leaving us with cool nights and warm days until the clouds increase to warm things up in the overnight hours. also, we can see that december ends on a dry note. the third driest december on record for san fransisco. the second driest december on record in other cities. there's a look where we should be. definitely way behind normal for this time of year which means no much snow in the high country. mid to low 60s across the bay for tomorrow, we'll on the warm trend into the beginning of the
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week. cool slightly by mid-week as we see more clouds move in to the area, as you can see we continue the dry trend here for the foreseeable future right into next weekend. don't see anything that looks like rain out there at this time. nor do i see much for next week, either. so that means it will be great football weather once again over in oakland. mid to low 60s under sunny skies tomorrow, nothing to complain about there. >> nothing at all. >> except may be the score. >> let's hope not. >> that forecast is coming up next. >> i wish i could. i wish i knew what was going to happen in that game. basketball on the last day of the year, stanford, cal, and the warriors in action and nothing cooler than seeing a snowmobile and motorcycle flying through the fog. one record was set, one was not. that's coming up in sports.
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. the warriors had a chance to end the year on a three-game winning streak they had to do it without ellis who is back in mississippi for his grandmother's funeral. currie after missing the last game back from an ankle injury. currie draining the three. he led golden state with 21 points. but the warriors couldn't throw it into the ocean. here is wright with another long miss leading to another easy bucket for the 6ers. williams had a game high 23 points off the bench and philly blows it out, 107-79. college hoops, st. mary's had a win over pepperdine in
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malibu. they improve to 13-2 this season. the bears hosting ucla, first half, cobbs sends it ahead, he'll take that one. lamb kept the bruins close, knocked down five 3s and scored a career high 26 points. second half all bears in this one. cal went on a 24-6 run. crab hit the three. led the bears with 20 points. all five starters in double figures. they shot 65% from the field and walk on junior thurman got in on the fun. the bears win 85-69. across the bay, dockins and the cardinals taking on usc. they held the trojans leading score mow jones to a season low 5 points. cardinals up five, bright gets free, he's behind the stripes so
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pops the three. game high 16 points. stanford sweeps the l.a. schools winning 51-43. on the women's said, stanford blew out ucla. the crab fight hunger bowl at at & t park had two teams hungry for a win. they have interim coaches. ucla has a 6-7 record. rice the honorary captain. prince is picked off by hawthorne and he returns it the other way. nobody in front of him. he says thank you i'll take it. illinois wins the bowl 20-14. what about utah, they were jumping for joy because they can celebrate in the pac 12.
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white wins in overtime. they beat georgia tech 30-27 in overtime in the sun bowl. and for those of you who cannot get enough of the bowl games, texas a & m beat northwestern, cincinnati won in the liberty bowl. and it wouldn't be new year's eve without jumps. levi lavalley set a new record shattering the previous record. madison would land safely but come up short for the motorcycle record. they jumped this one side by side and they did it in the fog. not done yet. everything you need to know about the raiders' playoff scenarios, it's not as simple as just win baby. the breakdown when we continue. omorrow, the
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they'll need . with a win tomorrow the raiders have a chance too get into the playoffs for the first time since 2002 but they'll need help. >> playoffs, don't talk about the playoffs. >> denver needs to lose to kansas or oakland can get in as
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a wild card. one issue that is not as xhicated is the raiders struggles with penalties. they are 12 yards away from setting a new nfl record. >> i don't know about the penalties all year because the coach stresses it. >> i talk about it all the time. i mean, i don't just talk, i yell, i scream. i threaten. i've done everything. i get a bunch of letters people telling me other things i should try, but those things don't work. >> we hung out. everybody i hear makes fun of it. >> holding, offense number 68 delay of the game, false start, offense number 87. pass interference, defense number 26. >> we don't know what number they're going to call.
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somebody got knocked. >> all the money goes to charity. one final reminder you can see the raiders and chargers tomorrow afternoon right here on cbs 5 followed by, of course, the fifth quarter. there you go. >> we'll tune in since this aren't any bowl games. >> bowl games are on monday and tomorrow right here on 1:15. watch that raider game. got to get that win. >> we do. we need it. we'll be right back.
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this world. their 'grail probe successfully entered the moon's orbit earlier
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tonight. a second probe is on oin it tomorrow. . scientists at nasa celebrated earlier. their probe entered the moon's orbit tonight. they were launched three months ago in a $496 million mission. nasa scientists man to study the uneven gravity field and asymmetry during this latest trip to our nearest neighbor. we leave you now with a live look at san fransisco's embarcadero where revellers are waiting to ring in the new year. thanks for spending your new year's eve with us and happy new year. >> happy new year.
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