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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  January 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. congratulations to governor mitt romney, winner of the 2012 iowa caucuses. >> a dramatic night in iowa as the caucus goes down to just 8 votes. unbelievable. >> crazy night indeed. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, it's january 4. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. let's get a quick check of traffic as we get started. >> not too bad this morning actually. no fog on the freeways, but we are dealing with some roadwork this morning so we'll have details on that coming up in a few minutes. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> partly cloudy skies out there now, looking good though by the afternoon. temperatures the warmest of the week well into the 60s. what can we expect the next couple of days? we talk about that in just a few minutes. 4:30 now. we begin with breaking news.
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a search for a gunman is going on now in san jose. santa clara county sheriff's deputies have set up a perimeter near moorpark at saratoga. they say that the suspect was involved in a vehicle stop earlier this morning. he took off on foot and is believed to be hiding in an apartment complex in the area. >> deputies are not letting anyone into this area until the gunman has been found. we have a crew on the way and we'll have updates throughout the morning as we get them. it is the closest finish in the history of iowa's presidential caucus. former bay state governor mitt romney edging out former pennsylvania senator rick santorum by 8 votes. unbelievable. as susan mcginnis reports this could be the beginning of the end for a couple of the other candidates. >> reporter: mitt romney barely squeezed out a win in iowa with rick santorum trailing just eight votes behind. >> we're going to change the white house and get america back on track. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor is
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pledging to keep the momentum going in new hampshire, where he holds a solid lead. >> game on! >> reporter: but santorum is also ready to compete following his surprising late surge in iowa. >> i have been to new hampshire 30 times and i have been been more times and done more events than anybody but jon huntsman and he cheats, he lives there. >> reporter: ron paul finished third but still considers himself a winner. >> we will go on. we will raise the money. i have no doubt about the volunteers. >> reporter: for some, iowa could be the end of their road to the white house after coming in a disappointing fifth, rick perry is heading back to texas to reassess his campaign. >> with a little prayer and reflection, i'm going to decide the best path forward. >> reporter: the rest of the gop pack is vowing to fight on. >> i'm convinced that the republican party will pick an heir of reagan, a committed conservative and somebody with a track record of changing
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washington. >> yeah! >> reporter: newt gingrich is hoping to jump-start his bid today in new hampshire. while michele bachmann is heading straight to south carolina. >> there are many more chapters to be written on the path to our party's nomination. >> reporter: she is gearing up for the first in the south primary there later this month. susan mcginnis, cbs news, des moines, iowa. and romney will campaign today in new hampshire. he is expected to get the endorsement of arizona senator john mccain, who of course won the republican nomination back in 2008. and be sure to stay here with cbs 5,, for the latest election updates. 4:33 now. in a developing story. san francisco police are waiting for a burglary suspect to come down from the cliff. the man spent the night on the eastern face of telegraph hill. this is near coit tower. the man landed on the side of the cliff around 6:30 last night and that's when an apartment manager saw him with two backpacks. the man jumped over a railing at lombard and kearney streets
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and ended up hidden in heavy brush on the side of the hill just below coit tower. >> this is the san francisco police department... >> we estimate it could be anywhere from eight to ten stories. it's thick brush. we don't know what's at the base of the brush whether it's enough to support an individual. >> if he decides to climb down himself, we'll have officers here to take him into custody and see if we can connect him with his residential burglary. >> police have offered to help the man down but he has refused so a couple of hours ago he asked him to turn off the spotlights but they have not. tough position there. six san jose police officers are recovering after their cars were rammed by a carjacking suspect. 27-year-old alejandro gonzalez is in jail. it took several officers and a taser as well as a straitjacket to get him under control. he is accused of punching a 68- year-old man and stealing his car and then ramming any police car he saw. >> one of our officers was
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injured trying to shield pedestrians in the crosswalk at alexander and alum rock. as this was going down he sees the pursuit, the mother and her children in a crosswalk. he puts his car in front of them. the suspect rams that police car. i mean, this guy got a little ridiculous out there today. >> there was a warrant out for gonzalez for failing to report to jail to finish up a 19-day sentence for petty theft. 4:35 now. an ole bay area jail has a meeting with a wrecking ball today. san francisco county jail number 3 is in the city of san bruno. it was built back in 1934 off moreland drive. a lawsuit filed in the '90s claiming unsafe conditions at the jail. a settlement of that suit forced the city of san francisco to build a new jail nearby. the old jail building has been empty since 2006, when the new facility opened for business. winter break is over for california legislators, who are due back in sacramento today. the biggest task is dealing with the state's ongoing budget
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deficit. they will be waiting for governor brown's plan to deal with a $13 billion shortfall over the next year and a half. lawmakers will also have to figure out changes to the state's primary election system and some new district boundaries which they used to redraw the new boundaries the first to be drawn by an independent panel. and president obama signed a new law that strengthens gas pipeline regulations. the legislation targets gaps in federal safety regulations made apparent by the fatal san bruno pipeline blast in 2010. the new law doubles the fine for safety violations to $2 million. a swedish construction firm says that it and two other companies have won a design built contract to extend the bart train system to north san jose. the company says the joint venture contract is worth $347 million. the three companies would plan and construct the extension center fremont's warm springs station to san jose's berryessa
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area. the 9.9-mile extension is projected to be finished in spring of 2016. california's high-speed rail system has hit yet another speed bump. an independent review board says the plan is not financially feasible and the whole thing should just be put on hold. the high-speed rail peer review group says moving ahead could leave california taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in the future. but the high-speed rail authority called the report "deeply flawed." let's get you out the door with traffic and weather. supposed to be like 70 degrees today. so why come to work, gianna, right? >> exactly. you know, come to work early, you'll beat rush on the freeways and then you can go home and enjoy this beautiful weather. heading to our maps right now, we are getting reports of a car fire westbound 80 at kid well. no word of any lanes blocked. actually possibly over to the right showed. chp heading to the scene. along the eastshore freeway and the bay bridge, a couple of cars in the cash lanes and again we are not dealing with fog right now on any bay area
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bridge. you should be okay across the upper deck into san francisco, no delays on the lower deck. later on roadwork scheduled on the lower deck of the bay bridge between the skyway and treasure island around 7 a.m. and extends to just about 1:45 p.m. they are going to be alternating between the right lanes and the left lanes. so maybe you will see a few delays later on this afternoon the and roadwork just wrapping april long 101 northbound at -- wrapping up along 101 northbound at embarcadero. so far, so good on the golden gate bridge out of marin county -- out of marin county. that's traffic. here's lawrence with the forecast. low clouds and fog and nice clear skies out there now for most parts of the bay area. a few clouds overhead and patchy fog into the napa valley but you get a sens of the ridge where it's at over california. going to crank up the temperatures around the bay area today. numbers near 70 degrees the warmer spots by the afternoon.
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still chilly in others. 39 degrees right now in concord. 41 in oakland. it's 39 degrees in livermore and 37 degrees in santa rosa. by this afternoon, we are basking in sunshine and temperatures as high as 67 degrees in mountain view, about 67 degrees in santa rosa. 64 in oakland. and about 65 degrees in livermore. just about everywhere you go today you will see plenty of sunshine and some nice temperatures by the afternoon. tomorrow we'll start to cool down a bit. more of a sea breeze kicking in, a few more clouds will drop the temperatures over the next couple of days. but over the weekend offshore flow returns warming up the temperatures. right now, nice and dry for the next five to seven days. guys, back to you. >> is it september? >> it's hard to believe. it's gorgeous. >> oh, my god. that just looks great. >> thanks, lawrence. 4:39. pain at the pump. why gas prices could skyrocket to five bucks this year. also ahead. >> with any parent, it's like the worst-case scenario. >> a bay area boy diagnosed
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with a deadly disease. why his ethnic background makes it difficult for doctors to diagnose him. >> why you won't find sticker shock here on your next starbucks coffee bill.
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gabriel martinez junior was standing near hi funeral services for a 5- year-old boy killed in oakland will be this friday. gabriel martinez, jr., was standing near his family's taco truck when he was shot last week. witnesses say the gunman was waiting for his food order when he pulled out a weapon. police don't have a motive or suspect. there is a $25,000 reward in the case. two bone marrow drives are set for a bay area boy diagnosed with a deadly disease. his unique ethnic background is proving difficult for doctors to cure it. 4-year-old kyle crawford has aplastic anemia. he could possibly live five to ten more years with aggressive medical treatment. a marrow match, though, a bone marrow match, could cure him. the crawfords have also learned that because their son is half
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white and half chinese, the pool of potential donors is limited. >> with any parent, it's like the worst-case scenario. just like unbelievable, undeniable. it was just raw and we just -- you know, it was tearful. devastating. >> doctors say kyle's condition is so severe that he is running out of time. the two bone marrow drives will be held in san francisco and san mateo. we have posted more information under the links section of new this morning, san jose voters are expected to decide whether to keep medical marijuana rules adopted by the city council. those rules would limit the number of pot clubs in san jose and force them to grow all their marijuana on site. petitions have qualified a referendum for the ballot. 4:43. flying while intoxicated just as illegal as driving under the
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influence. and a 62-year-old pilot arrested at the petaluma airport yesterday afternoon for that incident. airborne chp officers spotted the plane flying recklessly at the north end of san pablo bay. they smelled alcohol on his breath after he landed in petaluma. and he was arrested. analysts say the gas prices could reach five bucks a gallon this year. president obama recently signed new sanctions against iran and now iran is threatening to shut down the strait of hormuz. in the past week gas prices have gone up 7 cents. starbucks is raising prices for the first time in nearly five years. >> if you get up this early, you need the coffee. the chain is increasing some prices by about a dime. that's in the northeast and most southern states. starbucks says the price hike is necessary to make up for higher costs for coffee beans and fuel. here in california, we already had that price hike. we're already paying it. >> we're already feeling it. >> we didn't get exempt. despite painful tuition
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hikes, three uc campuses offer the best value for higher education, ranking them in the top 10 for academic quality and afford afternoon. the university of north carolina chapel hill number one on the list of affordability, maintained that distinction for the last 11 years. uc-berkeley earns the highest rank among california schools followed by ucla and uc-san diego. >> you sure you got that right? i thought ucla was at the top above berkeley no is. >> never going to happen! [ laughter ] it could be a first for border security. how one canadian crossed into the u.s. using his ipad. >> plus, long lines, body scanners, bag checks, you know the drill. why airport screeners could get a lot faster for soldiers, coming up. and a lost world discovered under water. the cluster of new species all coming up. less fog around the bay area today, looking like the warmest day of the week, more coming
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jose. here are live pictures from the area. santa clara county sheriff's deputies have breaking news, a search for a gunman going on in san jose. santa clara county sheriff's deputies have set up a perimeter near moorpark in saratoga. you can see how much police activity is going on there. they say the suspect was involved in some sort of vehicle stop early this morning. he is believed to be hiding in an apartment complex at moorpark and saratoga in the area. the area is evacuated until the gunman is found. they are very busy this morning. we'll have more updates as we get them. we have a crew on the way to the scene in san jose. a german national is due in court today facings charges in connection with a rash of car fires in the l.a. area. harry burkhart was arrested monday. investigators say he was upset that his mother was being deported. court documents unsealed yesterday reveal his mother is
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charged with 19 counts of fraud in framing further, germany, accused of not paying for breast augmentation surgery, as well. and in new york, police say a man has confessed to five fire bombings of an islamic center and hindu center hit by molotov cocktails on new year's day. nobody was injured. investigators say the bombs were made with explosive liquids and starbucks frappucino bottles of all things. airport screenings are soon going to go more quickly for members of the u.s. military. president obama signed into law a bill to speed up the checkpoint process for servicemembers who are in uniform and traveling on orders. the law doesn't specify how the process should be changed but suggests putting them into trusted traveler programs where the lines are faster and people are pre-screened. it is a world without light. but it does have life. british scientists sent a remote vehicle thousands of feet down to the sea floor. this is near antarctica. amazing. hydrothermal vents keep it warm
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enough for new species even though it is totally dark. the new species include crab, starfish, barnacles and sea anemones. they may also have discovered a new type of octopus. >> love that story, cool. open ceremonies planned for the big wave surfing contest at mavericks. >> are you going down, lawrence? >> i'll be there! >> we call him the big kahuna here. >> you do. >> friday at 2:00. the ceremony -- you call him moon doggie. includes a traditional paddle- out and festival. the contest director expects some mighty large waves by friday. >> gianna loves the beach, too. >> i do. not surfing. that's my husband's job. i'll stay on the beach. all right. checking the roads right now, looking pretty good this morning. we're accident-free. we just checked in with chp. i take that back. there is a new wreck on 101 near bayshore so details on that coming up. they come and go quickly.
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northbound 280 through san jose, traffic very light. not a lot of cars on the road. good time to hit the roads. 880/237 a few cars making the connector but up to speed there. also towards the bay bridge off the eastshore freeway, still very light this morning, nice speeds, about 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are off. couple of cars in the cash lanes nice ride into san francisco. no delays on the lower deck now. later on, though, we have roadwork scheduled between the skyway and treasure island from about 7 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. so do plan for that. typically, we see some slight delays when that roadwork is in effect. here's live look at the golden gate bridge. and looks like traffic is moving along very nicely. yesterday we're dealing with a lot of fog but you can make out all the cars on the road. 15 minutes right now to go south 101 from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. so no snags there. san mateo bridge also looking good as well. here's a live look as you work your way across the bridge. those taillights headed towards foster city headlights towards hayward. no delays right now, 14 minutes
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to go between 880 and 101. now, when you hit 101, early- morning roadwork near embarcadero has been cleared. also, northbound 101 headed into san mateo. no delays there. did get word of an accident, 101 at bayshore, possibly on the off-ramp. so we'll see if that turns out to be anything. a live look at the upper deck of the bay bridge, traffic moving along nicely. everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. here's the big kahuna. >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> i kind of like the big kahuna. >> i think so. >> moon doggie, i don't know about that but big kahuna is great! [ laughter ] heading out today, lots of sunshine and it's going to feel like a beach day out there today. probably the warmest day of the week as high pressure is building in overhead. we'll continue to do so. and that means we are going to see some nice temperatures all the way to the coastline. some partly cloudy skies out there right now, couple of patches of fog in the natchez
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area but less fog than yesterday. so the sun coming up, warming up in a hurry. the warmest day of the week and looks like a nice weekend, too, as we are going to stay dry at least the next five to seven days and probably longer than that. out over the bay right now, yesterday we had the fog, today mostly clear out there and we have a meteor shower taking place. if you can sneak outside and check it out, 39 degrees in concord, 41 oakland, 39 livermore, 48 degrees in san francisco. still if you plan to travel around the state, dense fog into the central valley going to want to watch out for that toward sacramento and especially toward fresno. by the afternoon, that should lift, 60s into the central valley. 50s and 60s into the high country. high pressure will continue to be the story for today sending all the energy from these next storm systems well to the north so weigh stay mostly sunny these temperatures very mild running above the average for this time of year. and then looks like things will begin to change as early as tomorrow so enjoy it today. 67 the expected high in mountain view, 65 in san jose, 68 degrees in morgan hill and about 60 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures up in the
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60s, as well. 65 degrees in livermore, 64 in pleasanton. and about 62 in vallejo. inside the bay we'll find mostly sunny skies this afternoon, very comfortable temperatures for this time of year and no rain. looks like it's going to stay that way even though tomorrow we'll see another weak system slide by bringing with it more clouds coming in our direction. but after that, looks like things begin to shape up nicely over the weekend. offshore winds going to kickback in. we'll see those temperatures up in the mid-60s mild through the weekend and through the middle of next week looks like we'll stay dry. >> so tell our viewers, you are a surfer, are you not? >> i used to surf quite a bit. not right as much now. but when i was big kahuna, those were the days. >> tbk, huh? >> the big kahuna. >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> i hope it doesn't stick. >> i like moon dog yes, i am that's not going anywhere. the snowpack survey was conducted in the sierra yesterday. this man doing it had to search out a patch of snow.
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he had to hunt around. >> oh, man. >> the water content throughout this year is at 19% the average for early january. but we wanted to know will the lack of rain and snow end up hurting us later in the year? >> if it goes for two more weeks, it's unlikely that we'll be as full next year at this time as we are now. but we would still be in good shape. we wouldn't be any drought shape or anything like that. if it goes to another month, six weeks, two months, then it starts to take on different shapes and forms. >> all of last year's rain and snow certainly helped. at this point last year we were over 200% of normal. santa clara valley water district alone banked near 10 billion gallons. so we're okay for now. but got to come eventually. >> wait and see. the ipad may be the new tool travelers use to make it past u.s. border security. a canadian traveler forgot his passport at home on friday but he remembered scanning a copy of it on his apple device and said that was enough for
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customs officials to let him cross the border at vermont. a spokeswoman for u.s. customs has not responded to questions about this incidents. developer, innovator and now action figure? a chinese toy company immortalized the late steve jobs as a collectible figure. the toy is going on sale next month for $499?! that's really expensive! [ laughter ] >> the apple cofounder wears his iconic black turtleneck top and jeans. no word if his company will fire back at the toymaker for copyright infringement. >> who is going to unwrap that on christmas day next year? >> i don't know. the least suppressed city in america has sandy beaches, blue skies. ocean city, new jersey, the lowest anger and depression. it measured the collective well- being including emotional, physical health, behavior, work environment, access to food, shelter, healthcare and ocean city residents say the 30 miles
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of beach and surf, well, they kind of help, too. >> families come in with children, they like it bring their families here because they know it's a safe sedate boardwalk so people are happy. >> you can tell he as from new jersey. the poll named casper, wyoming, as the happiest town in the union. >> the unhappiest, springfield, ohio. >> really? >> yeah. >> looked it up. 4:57. traveling to san jose by bart? how soon that will become reality. >> police history is made at the iowa caucus. the photofinish, the big endorsement and who may be calling it quits coming up. and we continue to following breaking news out of san jose. we'll have the very latest on the search for a gunman. plus, a bay area suspect dangling off a bay area hillside. why police are in no hurry to get him down that and much more when grace and i come back on your wednesday.
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a search for a gunman in san jose. ara county sheriff we begin this morning with breaking news. there is a search for a gunman going on in san jose. santa clara county sheriff's deputies set up a perimeter near moorpark and saratoga. they say the suspect was involved in


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