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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have more than 120 stores and bring more than a million dollars a year in tax revenue to the city. it will also bring one other thing local residents need, jobs. >> hopefully there will be more jobs. there's a lot of people around here out of work and struggling from day to day and i think it would be good for the community. >> reporter: the mall will cover more than a half a million square feet. and already it has tenants that include banana republic, saks fifth avenue and nieman marcus to name a few. mark roberts is livermore city manager. he says the sales tax revenue will be a huge boost for the city in the current economic climate. >> so those dollars will mean that we'll be able to preserve services across the board in public safety, libraries, administration, all of those sorts of things it will help keep us providing those core services to the community. >> reporter: leaders hope the mall becomes a draw for residents from throughout the bay area and other local
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business owners hope those shoppers then stay to visit the local wineries or the historic downtown area. >> i do think it would bring business to the local area. >> reporter: robert armstrong owns the double barrel wine bar. >> livermore is becoming a destination. more business can only help. >> reporter: the city of livermore estimates that about 1600 permanent retail jobs will be created once this mall is completely open and opening is set in time for the holiday shopping season this year, just 1 1.5 months from now. back to you. >> worth the drive out there. all right, mark sayre, thank you. an important upgrade will expand the bay area's role in ship. the port of redwood city will get a face-lift this month. it will be a vital shipping and transportation hub. len
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ramirezreports. reporter: this is not the port of oakland or richmond. it's redwood city but silicon valley's seaport is almost a bay area secret. >> a lot of people are unaware that at least even a port here or we do the business we do. >> reporter: all of that may be about to change and big foreign freighters like this 800-foot ship which pulled in today from british columbia, are the reason why. >> big ships like this coming into the port of redwood city is redwood city's connection to the world in terms of shipping activity. >> reporter: mike says the port of redwood city is now gearing up to expand its role in bay area shipping. a $16 million renovation project is set to begin this summer to rebuild and expand its aging what arewharves. >> there's a continued demand for moving material through the port of redwood city to supply silicon valley industries and we want to be able to do that for many, many years in the future and in order to do that, we need a new modern dock. >> reporter: the port of redwood city is all about moving raw materials. ships unload gravel and sand for
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concrete, which become the building blocks for economic growth. >> it's extremely critical to silicon valley. this is the only south bay port this material --if we were not here, this material would have to be trucked from, say, richmond or from some inland areas, say stockton or sacramento. >> reporter: the port is also an export hub for recycled materials like scrap metals shipped to countries like china. right now due to the age and size of the port, redwood city can only handle one big ship like that at a time but when the >> there's hundreds of jobs in the port. >> reporter: len ramirez, cbs 5. a developing story out of oakland tonight. police have tased at least one person about an hour ago on 64th avenue. it's not clear what happened.
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police say they responded to an emergency call and it did not involve a shooting. again, this is oakland. we'll keep you updated. it has been almost 5 years since her son was shot and killed in san francisco. and now her fight to catch the killers is getting new attention. today elsah casillas along with investigators handed out flyers with a sketch of the suspects. they are canvassing the south of market area. that's where her son alberto was shot and killed after a confrontation inside club caliente in 2007. >> it's so hard when the anniversaries come and the birthdays and christmas, thanksgiving, all the holidays where that person is missing. and you could picture and see what they would be doing. >> a $250,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. in san jose investigators
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released the name of the city's first homicide victim of the year. police say 25-year-old lucas ricardo was shot while standing in the driveway of his home last night. so far, no suspects named. no clear motive for this either, police say ricardo was not affiliated with a gang. however, they are exploring the possibility that the shooting was somehow gang-related. community members gathered in oakland today to remember the life of a murdered 5-year- old boy. anne makovec with more on the funeral for gabriel martinez, jr. >> he was beautiful. everybody feels really bad. it hurts a lot of people. >> reporter: a tiny casket carries the body of 5-year-old gabriel martinez junior a little boy whose life suddenly ended a week ago. he was shot friday night on international boulevard. >> if you didn't know him you would know him because he would
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say, hey, i'm gabriel. play with me. >> usually playful. we own a ranch in american canyon. used to go over there wearing his little hat riding horses. >> reporter: no one has been arrested. the suspect is a black man in his 30s, 6 feet tall, medium build shorts, hair, light complexion wearing glasses and maybe a goatee. he was with a black woman in her 20s with long rare and red jacket. they took off in a silver american made car. >> shocking. let you know that people are evil. speak have no regard to life. >> gabriel is the third little boy killed by gun violence since august. 3-year-old carlos nava hit by a stray bullet in august being pushed in a stroller by his mother. november 28, one-year-old hiram lawrence shot in his father's arms outside a liquor store.
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he was taken off life support in december. >> tragic. what does this society do if they don't take care of their children? just a tragedy. >> reporter: today it's all about gabriel, the little boy no one will forget. >> he was a good boy, gone too soon. >> reporter: oakland police believe the little boy wasn't the intended target, just that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. other bay area headlines now, san francisco police have arrested two men believed to have fired several shots from a building in the soma neighborhood. neighbors and police heard gunfire around 11:00 last night near 9th and bryant streets. some roads and parts of a freeway were shut down for several hours. nobody was hurt by the gunfire. and the men gave themselves up just after 1:00 a.m. ford motor company will open a research lab near stanford university over the next few months. workers there will look for new
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ways to integrate phones and other personal devices in cars. ford also wants to develop safety systems that alert drivers when they are approaching another vehicle. public transit in silicon valley is getting a high-tech upgrade. on monday, the vta will roll out hybrid express buses. they are tailor-made for the system's express routes, which have fewer symptoms and typically carry passengers for longer distances. the new buses will have more comfortable seats, foot rests, reading lights and even free wi- fi. a bay area lawmaker goes before the judge. her shoplifting plea and her unusual reason for why she did it. well, when the rain, rain goes away, some bay area businesses get drenched with dollars. how our dry spell can cause it to pour profit. the opening ceremony for mavericks. and why surfers took a moment to form their circle in the water.
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another freight train in northwest indiana today. it take a look at this mess. a freight train rear-ended another freight train in northwest indiana today. it caused railcars to jackknife into a passing third train. amazingly only two crewmembers were hurt and they are expected to be okay. it's not clear yet how fast those trains were going. east bay lawmaker mary hayashi was sentenced today in a shoplifting case involving a high-end department store then outside the courtroom, her attorney offered a rather unusual explanation for the crime. christin ayers on the medical condition the attorney says is to blame. >> reporter: first she said she carried thousands in merchandise out of a san francisco store because she was distract by a cell phone call.
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now her lawyer says it was because she had a brain tumor. that coming out in court today: she had been facing felony grand theft charges. instead today she pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. she didn't speak to reporters but the lawyer said the tumor was benign but may have affected her judgment. she was arrested in october outside the nieman marcus in union square. she had $2,500 worth of women's clothing that had not been paid for. her plea means that she will not do jail time. she was sentenced instead to three years' probation. she will also have to pay a $180 fine and stay at least 50 feet away from that nieman marcus store in union square. >> reporter: she said i'm confident with the close of the proceedings she will continue
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to ably serve her constituents with the same talent and passion she has displayed throughout her time in office, according to john perez, state assembly speaker. so if there was a question whether she would be back to the assembly after this that's now put to rest. >> christin, did the attorney when he was outside the core -- is she getting medical treatment for this condition? did he offer any explanation? >> reporter: he didn't go into detail about that but said it was a benign tumor and that she was now recovering. he also said they had experts examine her who confirmed this information about this possibly affecting her judgment. >> i'm sure constituents want to know. thank you. the dry start to winter is a real problem for sierra ski resorts. but the lack of rain has other businesses drenched in dollars. don ford on how companies that normally scale back for the rain ee season are now cashing in. >> reporter: there is one word
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to describe this winter's weather. dry. perfect weather for many small construction companies to work outside. no rain delays or mud to work around. ken winfield says, usually he is laying off crews due to winter rain. this year all 20 of his team are still working. >> normally right now we would be working some people a few days a week whenever the weather was appropriate. this year they are all working. >> reporter: such as special stains and coatings on this house or this fence and landscaping. all finished early. throughout the bay area, good weather means more paychecks are intact with more people employed longer. >> life is good and better than it was. >> premium today? >> yes please. >> reporter: other small businesses like this car wash are seeing a big surge in business. steady business. manager joe martinez says sometimes 1,000 cars a day business. >> weather makes the big
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difference. you know? when it gets sunny out people want to wash their cars. >> reporter: joe glad to keep his folks employed, too. he has a message for meteorologist roberta gonzales. >> hopefully, she can predict some good weather for january. so that we can be just as busy. if not busier! >> reporter: eventually, it will rain again but our weather department says that you have at least ten more days of this beautiful weather before the weather changes. in albany, don ford, cbs 5. >> come, dana. did you wash your car? i did my part. >> i'm going to because that will definitely have an impact on the weather. >> gang up on her. >> you heard what don ford said. he said at least 10 more days, right? i have been conferring with different computer moved else that usually argue with one another and i have two in agreement that we have a storm out there for january 16th. now, one wants to bring it into the bay area, bringing some good amount of rainfall, the other one not quite certain as of yet perhaps diverting it
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well to the north which many storms have been doing. so there is hope on the horizon speak of horizon. it's a chopper 5 flying high in the sky above hayward and san leandro due west. today we had a temperature span of 57 degrees in kentfield and about 62 degrees in gilroy. not much of a span there. if you are heading out on this friday night, we currently have a few high, thin cirrus clouds. tonight 33 in santa rosa and napa valley and santa clara valley. 36 in fremont. we are talking about 40s around the central bay. partly cloudy skies tonight with a few clouds drifting in from a storm that is to the north of us. chilly conditions. then tomorrow sunshine but increasing winds during the afternoon hours. clear skies less wind on sunday. in fact, on sunday, we could see near or record warmth right here in the bay area. now, tomorrow's temperatures
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will be a couple of degrees warmer than today but still seasonal from the upper 50s and low 60s at the beaches to 60s across the central bay. mid-60s at best in our inland areas. winds rotating to the north during the afternoon hours. and then some locations 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the extended forecast calls for offshore flow it kick in on sunday and monday. a few clouds increase on tuesday. otherwise, it is a dry weather pattern through this time next week. and that indeed is your pinpoint forecast. allen? >> all right, roberta. thank you. there is action, drama but most importantly the big thrilling waves of mavericks draw some of the boldest surfers to half moon bay this time of year. in fact, this afternoon they paddled out during the opening ceremony. patrick sedillo with more on one of the most dangerous surfing contests in the world.
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>> it's mainly for us and the community at half moon bay. >> reporter: they came early. some of them will be too young to remember. the mavericks surf competition, the window opened today with a ceremony and prayer circle. >> this year, we want to do it on a big wave day so we could get all the big wave surfers here. there will be a prayer about this place. >> reporter: they are here to see the 24 competitors kick off the event but on the day of the competition they won't be allowed on the beach. two years ago, the surf got so rough, spectators were almost swept out to sea and last march the sport claimed the life of a hawaiian surfer. before christmas, mavericks waves overwhelmed movie star gerard butler. today he described the two wave holddown that nearly killed him saying it was hairy and a close call. >> it was a little choppy, tough conditions out there. >> reporter: despite losing his arm in an accident in 1993, jeff keeps going in but it's not for everyone. >> i wouldn't recommend anyone surfing here unless they are very experienced. >> this is life and death. and i'm not qualified to do
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that. >> reporter: mark brown agrees. even though he is a surfer himself, he is just here to watch. >> you have to be an avid life long surfer who does it on a daily basis. that's not me. >> reporter: the contest will take place sometime between now and march 31 when the conditions are best and the waves are highest. surfers will have just 24 hours notice. reporting from half moon bay, patrick sedillo cbs 5. big waves up and down the coast. this is southern california, the same weather system bringing the waves to mavericks producing these swells all the way down to mexico city. high surf advisory for the l.a. beaches. could create dangerous riptides pulling swimmers out to sea. the delay leaves people with a bad taste in their mouths. food stamps not getting to those in need fast enough. so what is the holdup? >> don't kill me, don't kill
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me. i got a daughter. i said, [ bleep ] you. pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> someone broke into his bay area home. did he have the right to shoot? tonight a look at your right to self-defense.
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number of people applying fr a snafu is holding up some applications for food stamps in california. of jesus just as the number of people applying for help is at an all-time high. some people say it's taking longer than it should to get them. julie watts with a look at what's behind the delays. >> reporter: it appears to be a major bureaucraticc blunder. >> reporter: this appears to be
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a major bureaucratic blunder. counties are being overwhelmed with a record number of people in need of food stamps while at the same time, there's a new system for those processing the food stamp applications. >> reporter: well, obviously we reporter: she doesn't want to show her face on tv. but this woman we'll call susan does want you to know what it's like to be unemployed and hungry. susan emailed consumerwatch last week saying she applied for benefits four months ago. but she couldn't get through on the phone. >> i would get stuck on hold for hours at a time. >> it's been tremendously difficult. >> reporter: the county's department of benefits services says part of the problem is a flood of new food stamp applications. the other part? the county switched to a new way of processing those applications last may. >> been a very huge learning curve for clients and staff. one of the most challenging aspects of this is the uncertainty of the work flow. >> reporter: among the changes, clients can now apply for benefits online and there's new computer software. but the biggest change, the system is now run like a call center where the first available
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caseworkers helps a client rather than the old system where the same caseworker stuck with a client from start to finish. >> a few people did get overlooked. >> reporter: but advocates for the poor say it's more than a few. they estimate there could be thousands of processing problems in the 18 counties utilizing the new system. as for susan, consumerwatch made some calls and her application was processed the next day. she got four months of retroactive food stamps worth about $800 but there's still no telling how many other susans are still hungry and waiting for their food stamps. >> it's been very difficult. >> reporter: now, federal law requires that states and counties process those nonemergency food stamp applications within 30 days. so people who face delays like susan can request a hearing and if it's determined it was an administrative problem they are entitled to retroactive benefits from the first day they apply.
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new have a consumer problem, give us a call at 1-888-5-helps- u. good news, remember tyrone? we brought you his story yesterday. he was one of the hundreds of victims whose information was stolen via skimmers at lucky supermarkets. his bank higher one refused to reimburse the $500 crooks stole from his account. it took some convincing on our part but today, the bank's violent personally called tyrone and agreed to reimburse him fees and all. >> bravo, they did the right thing. with some convincing. >> we do what we can. you turned the tables on an armed intruder but did the bay area home owner have a right to open fire? tonight the castle defense. the two countries are not on friendly terms but when an iranian fishing boat was seized
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by pirates, guess who rushed to the rescue. police doing a welfare check shocked by what they saw! the filthy findings inside a home with young children. ,,,,,,
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to your head. but you have here's a scenario. an armed intruder breaks into your homage points a gun at your head but you have the opportunity to shoot him. would you pull the trigger? should there be consequences? yesterday, we introduced to an elderly marin county man who did shoot first. joe vazquez on how far you can go to protect yourself, your family, your home, joe? >> reporter: it's like the expression no jury would convict. in fact, in most cases a self- defense like this one, you'll never see criminal charges. most cases. but not all. the holidays may have been a little happier for those -- jay leone says he did what he had to do to survive. >> i got him right there first. i went pow. >> reporter: right in the head. >> then he moved, pow. pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: after a burglar busted in his front door and held the 90-year-old at gunpoint, leone tricked the gunman into letting him go to the bathroom. that's where the world war ii
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veteran had standard his gun. the burglar shot first, then pleaded for his own life. >> i looked him straight in the eye. don't kill me, don't kill me. he says i got a daughter. i says [ bleep ] you. pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: leone shot the burglar three times. he was clearly defending himself. but could he face criminal charges? >> not at all! why? the intruder come in pulled gun on his head. >> reporter: this neighbor heard the gunshots and realizes they barely missed her. of course, she doesn't think her neighbor should be in trouble with the law. >> you need to wait to be shot first and then be dead and then what? >> in some states you must retreat. >> reporter: cbs 5 legal analyst paul henderson says in some states, homeowners can be criminally charged for shooting an intruder instead of running away. not in california. here we have the castle doctrine. >> if you are in your residence or in your castle, your home or domicile, you do not have to retreat if there is an intruder
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in your home. you may use deadly force to defend yourself before you have to run away or hide or try and lock the door or get away from that person. >> reporter: henderson says the castle doctrine also aprice in the case of sarah mckinley of oklahoma. she is an 18-year-old mother with an infant. on new year's eve, two men were trying to get inside her home. she had a shotgun. and when she called 911, she asked for advice. >> i have two guns in my hands. is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door? >> you have to do whatever you have to do to protect yourself. i can't tell you that you can do that. but you do what you have to do to protect your baby. >> reporter: she ended up pulling the trigger and killing one of the intruders. the second intruder said the two men knew that her husband recently died in fact on christmas day of cancer and
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they were hoping there would be narcotics around the house. you know, allen, she is not going to face charges. neither is mr. leone according to the tricity police. >> i guess joe i heard if the intruder is inside the home, if they have entered the home, you have that right. pretty basic. >> reporter: different states have different applications and this is a growing trend. now they are talking about extending it to the porch and other areas outside the home so, you know, you have to check your laws in your own state. in california, inside your home, if you are protecting yourself, you don't have to run away. you can fire and use deadly force. >> your home is your castle. thank you, joe. the holidays brought more than just cheer to hundreds of thousands of people looking for jobs in december. ail new report showed better- than-expected hiring. alexis christoforous on how last month's gains could signal a new trend. >> reporter: the unemployment rate is at its lowest level in
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nearly three years dropping to 8.5% in december. employers added 200000 new jobs. these news was a boost for president obama, who said the economy is continuing to heal. >> we have made real progress. now's not the time to stop. >> reporter: chris boras hopes the hiring trend will help him find a job. >> you just got to get out there and put the word out there. and just let nature take its course. >> reporter: boras worked at a financial services company for 10 years before his position was cut in december. while jobs remain tight in that industry, most other major sectors were hiring last month. and for the year, the economy gained 1.6 million jobs. economists say the unemployment report shows real meaningful improvement. but it didn't make much of a mark here on wall street. the stock market reaction was lukewarm as investors worried that europe's financial troubles would overshadow the
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progress here at home. >> if you are upset, go into a deep recession it will affect our corporations. >> reporter: for now companies are showing the best hiring trend in over 5 years. >> people tell me when one door closes, another one opens along the way. and you have to trust that. >> reporter: even with december's gains, there are six million fewer jobs than there were before the recession. and economists say it could take years to catch up. alexis christoforous, cbs news, wall street. republican candidates heading into the final weekend before the nation's first primary, while all eyes are on hammonds right now, south carolina is become increasingly important. a new poll of south carolinians shows that front-runner mitt romney gained 17 points since last month. it was there today that romney continued his attack on president obama. >> what would happen if we elected someone without experience to the white house?
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now we know. >> rick santorum jumped 4% in south carolina into second place. former house speaker newt gingrich got knocked down to third. it appears joran van der sloot may plead guilty in connection with the death of a peruvian woman. today a court in peru granted the dutch citizen a five-day delay to decide how to plead. he says he is ready to confess to that woman's 2010 death but he doesn't accept the aggravated murder charges. van der sloot is also the prime suspect of american natalee holloway in aruba arrested twice in connection with that case but never charge. bags of rotting trash and drugs scattered around a home? police say two young children were forced to live in those conditions. a routine welfare check of the home in sonora in tuolumne county shocked the officers. investigators found spoiled food, piles of garbage, raw sewage and drugs in the home. the worst part? an 8-year-old girl and 4-month-
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old baby were living there with their fathers. neighbors are in disbelief. >> it's horrible. i would have called cps myself if i knew what was going on in there. >> i never thought in my wildest mind that something like that was going on down there. >> the girls' father juan herrera was arrested. the mother's involvement is being investigated. the two countries are not close friends. but when an iranian fishing boat was hijacked by pirates, it was the united states navy to the rescue. tara mergener has more on the rescue mission. >> reporter: the u.s. navy rescued a fishing boat from iran that had been taken over by suspected somali pirates in the northern arabian sea. this video from the military shows the operation in progress. commanders say 15 pirates seized the boat more than 40 days ago. the iranian fishing boat's captain issued a distress call
6:37 pm
and the u.s. responded. the pirates surrendered without a fight. >> we fundamentally recaptured the ship and took the pirates into custody and returned the ship to iranian control. >> reporter: the rescue effort came just days after iranian commanders took a bold stance against the u.s. threatening to close down the strait of hormuz and telling a u.s. warship sailing through the strategic waterway not to come back. in an interview for sunday's "face the nation," defense secretary leon panetta told bob schieffer the mission should sent a message to iran. >> it makes very clear to them that despite how much they often try to provoke us, that the united states in this kind of situation is going to respond as we should in a very humanitarian responsible way. >> reporter: the operation caps a week of growing tensions. after president obama signed tough sanctions into law designed to punish iran for moving forward with its nuclear
6:38 pm
program by making it harder for iran to sell oil. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. a police chase ends with a crash. the dramatic chain reaction collision and why police were after the suspects in the first place. >> and how fast does your memory start to fade? the bad news for all of us already way past 40. >> are you?
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caught on camera from a city bus. police our robbery su a dramatic end to a police chase in oklahoma city caught on camera from a city bus. police were chasing four robbery suspects in a car when it ran a red light. the suspect's car was then hit by a truck and was pushed into two other cars. the suspects got out and ran. the were eventually caught. -- three were eventually
6:41 pm
caught. no one was seriously hurt. you might want to forget this after you hear it. age-related memory loss can start sooner than previously thought. you see, for years, the experts thought changes in our memory began close to age 60. british researchers have found mental and memory decline can begin as early as age 45. the 10-year study of 7,000 people found memory declines in younger people not as severe as in older people but they were definitely there. >> well, are you a healthy eater? apparently women who answer that question are often full of it. a new survey from watchmaker timex reveals women lie about their weight or eating habits an average of 9 times a week. that adds up to nearly 500 lies a year. come on. the most frequent lies are about portions. doctors say while lies may
6:42 pm
spare momentary embarrassment, they can distort our dietary habits. mularkey. who lies ? >> i'm way over 45. forgot that story already. someone in his hometown hit the jackpot. what it took for him to find out the big winner was him. from the cbs 5 weather center, let's head to one of the most beautiful places on earth. the high sierra where this weekend, sunshine mid-50s on saturday all the way to the low 50s on sunday. perhaps record warmth by monday, heavenly the biggest snowmaking machines in the world. and they are making the stuff because temperatures dipping into the teens overnight. northstar has still 16 to 20 trails open. and squaw valley big celebrations they say hey if you want to hike or bike come on up. the full pinpoint local forecast but here's kim with sports. >> all right. thanks, roberta. there's a new addition to the raiders front office. details coming up in sports. and hot civilians may have a new mascot for the rest of the season. hear from franklin the bulldog coming up.
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purchased in yuba city the y after christmas. the winner
6:46 pm
is just now claimi a mega millions ticket worth more than $330,000 was purchased in yuba city the day after christmas and the winner is just now claiming his prize. what took him so long? ben sosenko on the unlikely search and where it ended up. >> reporter: i'm here at the 7- eleven where this ticket was sold and this is the machine that actually printed the ticket but this incredible story of good luck almost was a yuba city disaster. >> i couldn't find it and i finally said, well, it's gone. >> reporter: that lottery ticket that jesse mcguinness misplaceds what worth $338,106. >> i saw the article yuba city someone hits mega millions and it gave the address of the 7- eleven. that's the only one where i go. >> reporter: the ticket remained unclaimed and he started to get the feeling he had lost the winning ticket. he thought he looked
6:47 pm
everywhere. >> i couldn't sleep. >> reporter: after searching for days, there it was. stuck to a box in his cupboard in his office in bakersfield where he spends half the month. jesse called home to tell his family the good news. >> we were freaking out. everybody started freaking out. >> sound like you're having a heart attack. >> reporter: he says he will pay off his debts and put upon any away for college for his three teenagers. but before he cashed in his winning prize, he had to stop by and see the clerk who sold him his first lottery ticket in two years a winner. >> i walked up to him and grabbed her by the arms and kissed her on the forehead and she said, you have the ticket, don't you? i said yes, i do. >> reporter: he just had a feeling so now i'm going to see if here in yuba city lightning strikes twice. in yuba city, ben sosenko, cbs 5. did somebody say lightning? are you feeling lucky? i am! because finally for the first time in weeks i'm taking a look at our computer models and it's giving us a hint -- a hint of
6:48 pm
some rain moving back into the bay area by january 15th or the 16th. but right now, let's go nuts outside. we have clear skies. it's friday night and temperatures into the 50s. highs today 57 degrees in kentfield to 62 degrees in gilroy. tonight, oh, did that go by quickly? tonight 30s and 40s across the board. 33 in santa rosa. we'll have clear it partly cloudy skies. tomorrow sunshine with increasing winds in the afternoon. those winds northerly 20 to 30 miles an hour. watch for the possibility of a wind advisory to be issued. meanwhile near or record warmth on sunday. here's the lowdown. the stats. san francisco right now 34% of normal as far as our rainfall is concerned. this time last year, at 128%, boy, some healthy totals. we do have the storms out there. they are stacking up. they are heading right into the pacific northwest. look at that right there. brought some rain to the extreme northwest quadrant to the state before it mixed out. boy, whistler, that's one of
6:49 pm
the spots it go if you want snowfall. okay, so windy on saturday with the passage of these fronts and disturbance through today producing mid- to high-level clouds. tomorrow temperatures easing upward, 60s at the coast, low 60s to mid-60s across the santa clara valley. rounding the central bay towards the eastern portion of our district up to 65 degrees in brentwood. otherwise, mid-60s in fairfield and also in vacaville. but again a gusty afternoon as far as those northerly winds are concerned. and then north of the golden gate bridge 56 in stinson beach it 56 in novato. the extended forecast warmest day of the weekend with a near or record warmth will be on sunday. sunshine on monday. partly sunny on tuesday. wednesday through friday, both days, we have nothing but sunshine in the forecast. again, we're talking about near or record warmth returning here to the bay area on sunday and with those warmer temperatures, there's also the
6:50 pm
possibility of a "spare the air" day going into effect. that is your pinpoint forecast. we have a busy weekend so we have more with kim in sports coming up.
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their new general manager..a
6:53 pm
press conference is scheduld the raiders have named former packers director of football operation reggie mackenzie to be their new general manager. a press conference is scheduled for tuesday in alameda. mckenzie spent the past 18 seasons working with the packers. he played four seasons with the raiders in the 1980s. earlier this week hue jackson said he would have no trouble working with a new general manager. >> i'm pretty comfortable with who i am and what i am. you know? i don't -- i'm not going to get caught up in who we hire and bring in. i know how that works. people mention that, if you hire a gm he wants to bring in his own head coach. hey, if that's what mark decides to do, that's his right. i don't think that that's the case but that is his right. at the end of the day, whoever comes here i think is going to be somebody who wants to share the same vision i do which is winning a championship which is getting the organization back to being better than average because we should be and we can be. >> for many of the 49ers, this will be their first trip to the
6:54 pm
post-season in the nfl. for safety deshon goldson it goes back even further. he hasn't been to the play-offs since high school. >> post-season, never. this is my first one. i'm excited about it. i mean, we got a good chance. >> here's the scenarios for their opponent in the divisional round. if new orleans beats detroit, the 49ers will host the saints. if new orleans loses tomorrow, then the 49ers will play the winner of the giants-falcons game. the cal bears are having a good season so far sitting at 12-4 and secretly have their own mascot. and franklin is quickly becoming more popular than his owner. perhaps cal senior forward harper camp should be introduced as the golden bulldog. >> his name is franklin.
6:55 pm
you got to watch out around the chin and like side of his chin. you have to watch out. he gets really slobbery out there. he is like ha, ha, ha. >> he's my best friend. spends a lot of time with me. >> reporter: when you see camp on campus, us usually accompanied by his 50-pound furry companion franklin. the 2-year-old english bulldog has taken over as the honorary dean of haas pavilion or at least the cal basketball locker room. >> he lost to chase the baseball. he will be your best friend if you give him attention. >> i think franklin is an acquired taste. >> reporter: coach montgomery has a soft spot for frank just as much as the next guy. >> he is funnily. he waddles and slobbers. he is funny. you just laugh at him. >> you look at him, you wonder what he's thinking. but you don't know where to pet
6:56 pm
him without getting all wet and dirty but... he's fun. the kids like him. >> reporter: frank is the perfect companion for those long gym sessions. and although the dog technically belongs to both harper and his girlfriend jessica, camp still loves the attention on campus. >> actually told my on my visit he was like, yeah, if i don't have frank they don't say hi to me. they are like, where's frank at? that's like franklin. >> reporter: there is one rule camp has for his four-legged best friend. >> no number twos on tv, frank. >> rule number one. definitely. [ laughter ] last night one of high school football's top recruits is taking his talents to alabama but the decision didn't go over well with his mom. >> i got both schools here but i'm going to go [ indiscernible ]
6:57 pm
>> alabama! gets the number one safety in the country. >> there was not a lot of joy here. can i ask why? >> i feel lsu is a better place for him to be. lsu tigers number one. go tigers. >> where is the support, mom? hello? you know, it's really interesting because he said that he made his decision two years ago. so this shouldn't come as a shock to his mother. >> right. >> but that ought to be pretty interesting in the household on monday night when they play the national championship game with ls you. and alabama. >> no season tickets for her. >> i think she is going to be wearing some crimson tide gear. >> i hope so. she is his mother. >> that's the fastest bulldog i have ever seen. >> no layups. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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